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Yakuza 3 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Dedemaru
There are 45 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Courtesy of Yadilie


- Estimated Difficulty: 7 out of 10.

- Approximate Time: 70-90 hours.

- Offline: 45 Trophies.

- Online: 0 Trophies.

- Glitched Trophies: None.

- Missable Trophies: None.

- Minimum number of Playthroughs: 2

Step #1 - Play through the game on Hard. It's not that much more difficult than Normal and this will let you unlock EX Hard mode. During this first playthrough you can either do all/majority of the substories/minigames or you can wait until you beat the game to go into Premium Story Mode.

Step #2 - After you beat the game it will create a Clear Data Save which allows you to continue from where you left off in Premium Story mode and lets you do all 101 substories, clear up all 16 Minigame challenges, and finish up the Coliseum Tournaments. Go into Premium Story mode and finish off the rest of the substories and mini games. This will be the biggest time chunk in the game, seeing as how some of the mini games can be really tricky to complete. **If you start a Premium New Game using the Clear Data that save will have everything wiped besides your items, equipment, and levels. Mini games, substories, and all the other items on the Completion menu will be back to 0.

Step #3 - Beat the game on EX Hard. This will be easier than you think seeing as how if you finish up the substories you get a gun called The Golden Pistol. 800 ATK and Infinite bullets make short work of every type of enemy.

Step #4 - Clear all the Ultimate Skill modes. *Remember you only have to beat 34 of the 35 challenges. The Ultimate Challenge 5 unlocks after 34 are beat and you just need to play it, win or lose, and the Achievement will unlock.


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Yadilie for this Roadmap]

Substory Dabbler
Complete 10 substories. 

See "Sub Story Completionist"

Substory Fan
Complete 30 substories. 

See "Sub Story Completionist"

Substory Enthusiast
Complete 50 substories. 

See "Sub Story Completionist"

Substory Addict
Complete 80 substories. 

See "Sub Story Completionist"

Substory Completionist
Complete all substories. 

Sub stories are side missions found around Ryukyu and Kamurocho. You'll net ten, thirty, maybe fifty missions easily. However, the rest will take some dedication. As most of you know, some sub stories were cut from the North American version. Also, some of these sub stories are missable (google it). I'm sure you know missable means no trophy, so here are the missable sub stories....


Chapter 4: A Trip Before Marriage: This one was actually CUT from the game, so take some time to relax and forget about this one.

Chapter 4: Love Letter In A Bottle: When you get a chance in chapter 4, head to the beach out front of Sunshine Orphanage. You'll see what looks like a piece of trash floating near the fishing rod. Pick up the bottle and the quest begins. Piece of cake. EDIT: Okay, so apparently this shows up again in chapter 10. If you missed it in chapter 4, keep an eye out.

Chapter 6: Dotting the Eye: Dotting the eye should be done once you arrive in Kamurocho with Rikiya. After doing a few activities with Rikiya, he'll mention finishing his viper tattoo. To initiate it, head to the Divine Dragon tattoo parlor in Pink Ally.

Chapter 6: Girl From Back Home: This one starts when you're with Rikiya a second time, after arriving in Kamurocho. At one point, you'll drop him off at New Serena and eventually go out with him again. To initate it, head to Asia, the stripclub.

Chapter 12: The Couple Who Wouldn't Learn: This mission has also been cut from the NA version.

Don't forget to do these stories. If not, you'll be hitting yourself later on. As for the rest of the stories, a lot of them are mundane, boring tasks. Every once in a while you'll come across a unique sub story, like acting in a movie or a batting challenge, but most of the time they consist of fighting a set of enemies. Keep in mind that some sub stories are only activated when you do a certain act many times or something along the lines of that. For example, if you score 1200 points in the batting cages, you'll get a new sub story. I know it's cruel for them to hide missions like that, but whaddaya gunna do, eh?

Check out Onitsuka's substory list here

Bounty Hunter
Apprehend all hitmen. 

In chapter 5 or 6, you'll meet Ibuki of the HLA. He'll bring you back to his headquarters and from then on out, you'll have access to Hitmen missions. Hitmen missions increase in difficulty as you progress through them, but also get more and more lucrative. Hell, the very first mission starts out at 70,000 reward.

Key Collector
Open all the lockers in the top row in both Kamurocho and Downtown Ryuku. (1) 

Okay, this bad boy can be a pain. You only need to open the top row of each set of lockers [1-10], but it seems like the single digit locker keys are the hardest to find. You shouldn't have much trouble finding keys in Ryukyu. Make sure you check every street and inside every store. When you're done that, there are two or three back at Sunshine. When that's done, go back downtown and start using to look in trees, above awnings, etc. Your cat is butt-ass ugly. That's where it gets difficult. Rinse and repeat when you get to Kamurocho, though it should be harder since the city is bigger. As for the 1-10 keys, they are as follows....

*ALL credit goes the ThePatrick*

= Use first-person camera to spot


ONE: In the southwest corner of Kariyushi St. and Market, on a white/green striped awning.

TWO: Inside Aqua Sky

THREE: Inside the Weapon Van

FOUR: On the second floor of the market inside the arcade. Once you reach the top of the stairs, look up at the fluorescent light bulbs.

FIVE: Across from the Monorail Station is Ryukyu Trust Bank and Ebisu Pawn Shop. Look up in the tree out front.

SIX: Directly west of the Monorail Station is a river. Investigate one of the pillars to find the key.

SEVEN: Atop the wooden fence on the south side of the road out front of Sunshine Orphanage

EIGHT: Inside Ryukyu Nights

NINE: In the alley running off from Ryukyu on the west, near Awamorigura, in between two planters.

TEN: On a chair inside Smile Burger


ONE: In the middle of the path, right at the entrance to the side alley running east from the Club Sega on Nakamichi St.

TWO: To the west of the Coin Lockers, up on a wall above the yellow "No Littering" signs.

THREE: In the middle of the street on the ground on East Taihei st., near the entrance to Karai (Korean Noodles)

FOUR: In the empty space across the street from Park 3, up on the wall at the end, between two outside unit air conditioners

FIVE: On a tree in the northwest corner of the plaza at the base of the Milennium Tower's south side

SIX: Behind New Serena, on top of the brick wall near the blue vending machines

SEVEN: Inside Club Sega in the Square in front of the Theaters

EIGHT: On the floor inside M.E.B.

NINE: Inside the Parking Lot at Shichifuku, on the pipes on the north wall by the No.7 parking space

TEN: On the ground on the southern alley running off to the west from Pink Street, near the Divine Dragon tattoo parlor.

Gourmet Aficionado
Order the most expensive item(s) in all restaurants. 

This will be difficult if you don't keep track of what you buy. Track down each restaurant and bar using the legend on your map, in both Tokyo and Ryukyu. The most expensive items are never too expensive, so don't worry about money. If you have the choice of ordering a drink then a meal, buy the most expensive of each. Also, if a store has two items of the same price, buy both. A good tactic I used was carrying around worms. Fill your inventory with them and make your way from one restaurant to another. When you get full, you can eat a worm and lose some health. That way you won't be turned down due to not being hungry.

You must go into the following stores with a copy of "Tokyo Ishun" magazine for their most expensive items.

- Smile Burger: Kamurocho

- Gelateria

- Sushi Gin

- Kanrai

- Kyushu No. 1 Star

Also note that Pronto has both a day menu and a night menu. When you reach chapter 12, you can access either at anytime. So if you're trying to get this before chapter 12 you have to stop by Pronto during the day and the night.

HEAT Action Pro
Finish 50 battles with HEAT actions. 

Fairly simple. For people who don't know, a HEAT action is when you're glowing funny colors and the badguys go boom in slow motion! In other words, when you get your HEAT gauge up high enough, you can tap to perform special techniques. I started this from the beginning, at that point you don't have many HEAT actions. I found it easy to take the last guy in a brawl, grapple him and bring him near a wall or bike rack and hit . Keep in mind, a heat action will kill any non-boss character through most of the game.

Legendary Champion
Claim victory in all Coliseum tournaments. 

This is time consuming. You're gonna have to do a lot of fighting in a lot of matches. Tag matches are included. Just keep fighting and as you progress, new tournaments will emerge for you to pwn. You must beat each tournament 3 times to unlock the next. Except the Bomber GP which only needs one victory. It's pretty straightforward. For those having trouble finding all of the tag match partners, here is some help...

- Maxim Soldadov: You'll find him right out front of the coliseum after you defeat him inside.

- Bruce Ebinuma: Go the Earth Angel, a bar in the Champion District, and talk to the two guys in the back. Bruce will arrive and you can talk to him. You must win 50 battles on the streets and have beat Bruce in the coliseum.

- Daiji Hiyama: After defeating Daiji in the coliseum, and breaking 50 weapons in street battles, you'll find him in Smile Burger.

- Keigo Jinno: You'll find two guys in Mach Bowling. Talk to them, fight Keigo and he'll be waiting for you next time you're come to the coliseum. Talk to him again and he's set.

- Masayuki Hatae: You must play five full rounds in the batting cages. He'll be there when you do. That is unless the pro baseball player is there (he'll arrive if you get 1200pts in the hard cage).

As you progress, beat more new opponents, and win tournaments, the point exchange will get more new, cool items for you to exchange points for.

Make a mod weapon. 

All the weapons and items you've been finding/collecting will finally come to use. The weapon store (not van) in Ryukya (next to the Ryudo Family Offices) finally allows you to do something with all that weird shit you couldn't find use for. Buy or find DVDs so you can learn how to put together new weapons with found materials.

NOTE: You don't have to be carrying the specified items to make a modded weapon. For example: If you wanna make a "Shixt Shooter" (TM, me) and you need a Shotgun, a piece of horse shit, and a clothes hangar, you don't need those items equipped. When making a modded weapon, you can access your hideout's inventory. Keep that in mind.

Blogging Debut
Have your first Revelation. 

You'll run into Mack, the Revelation guy, right before leaving for Kamurocho. He'll approach you and make you film some crazy old lady on a scooter, with your phone. The objective is to take three pictures, using quick-time events, and choosing one of them to learn a new move. Your trophy will come with this first, practically unmissable, Revelation, so don't fret. However, from then on out, you'll get emails from Mack informing you about new Revelations scattered around the city. You'll get an email with a hint and a location. Find that person, go into . This will start a cut scene. Take your pictures and then choose the correct picture in the end. This can be confusing, but if you mess up, don't worry. Simply go into a store, come back out, and that idiot/crazy person is ready to go once again.

mode and press
Path of the Warrior
Encounter all the masters. 

The three masters are Yonashiro, Komaki and everyone's favorite black japanese shutterbug, Mack.

- Yonashiro, you'll encounter through the story, before you leave for Tokyo. He'll have three things to teach you, Nunchaku, Tonfu and Kali Sticks. He can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing.

- Komaki is available after you complete a mission for some bums in Tokyo. You'll get a letter from him handed to you once you complete the mission "Ryugujo Revived". This mission can be found behind Millennium Tower. Komaki will teach you all of his secret techniques. They're all pretty helpful, so he's one master you're gonna wanna complete.

- Mack is your pain-in-the-ass trainer. You won't actually *encounter* him until the fifth chapter. In chapter five, Tokyo, you can find him over by Purgatory on Park Blvd. He'll tell you he wants to show you someplace that's in Purgatory (You'll find out what Purgatory is at some point in the main quest). Go into Purgatory and he'll have some running techniques to teach you. This is your encounter with him.

- Inner Fighter 7is an arcade-esque game that can teach you new essence moves. You'll find IF7 in the south-eastern area of the Champion District. In a small alley, you'll see a Doc Brown looking scientist. Speak with him and your "encounter" will be had.

Hat Trick
Get a hat trick in darts. 

I found this to be one of the easiest mini-game specific tropies. I'm sure some others will see eye to eye with me, and some others won't. For those people, this is what I found successful... Kazuma's hand is key. Raise his hand so his index finger and thumb are just slightly above the bullseye. Keep in mind that you do NOT need to get all three in the black. They just have to be in either black or red, the more likely hit. With his fingers just slightly above the bullseye, pull back on and push forward, in a faster motion than you pulled back. NOT too fast. The throw can be tricky. You just gotta get a hang of it. Remember, you don't wanna pull all the way back and you don't wanna push it all the way forward.

Break Ace
Get a break ace in Nine-Ball pool. 

To "break ace" you must get the nine ball into the hole when you're breaking in pool. For those who don't know what breaking is, it's the very first shot in the game. When all the balls are together in a diamond shape and someone shoots the white ball into them, that's breaking. The objective is to get the nine-ball into a socket while you break. Okay, I just got this trophy and this is what I did... while breaking, I moved the ball over to the right so it aligned with the purple ball, the second one in the diamond (to the right of the ball in the front). Then I lined my shot up with that purple ball and shot with full force. I got three balls in, including the 9 ball. If anyone else has any tips, please share them.

Karaoke King
Sing all songs at karaoke. 

This is a piece of cake. Throughout the game, at several Smile Burgers, you'll find dates. Take these women out and choose karaoke. This is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Though on the dates you can't choose which songs to sing, they won't always be the same ones (unless you take the same girl out twice). Once you're done dating, head over to a karaoke place alone and you can complete the others. There are only 6 or so songs and the game isn't much of a challenge. This is an easy bronze.

Fowl Play
Get a turkey while bowling. (1) 

This can be quite difficult. I'm sure we've all got a turkey or two in Wii Sports or GTA IV, but Yakuza isn't that simple. I recommend you take a few steps to the right or left when preparing to throw your ball. Let's use right as the example. Take a few steps to the right and line your shot up so when you throw it will turn to the left a little before it hits the pins. At the right angle, you can hit the core of the pins and get yourself a strike. You wanna aim towards the first and third pin. Three strikes in a row equals turkey. Make sure you choose to do 10 rounds when playing a game.

Tag Hoarder
Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in cee-lo, cho-han, koi-koi and oicho-kabu. 

The game you're gonna wanna play here is Cho-han. Cho-han starts out with you being able to bet 200 tags and makes you choose odd or even. After a certain amount of earning, you'll be able to guess what one of the two dice will read. I recommend always choosing 1. It seems it comes up more than any other number. After some more winning, you'll be able to guess both dice, bet against the house and bet up to 1,000 tags. I recommend sticking with betting on one die and choosing 1, with a bet of 300 tags. If you win, you can challenge the house. Based on your winnings and whether you feel comfortable enough, challenge the house and choose odd or even. You'll double your winnings. This is probably the easiest way to get this trophy.

Chip Hoarder
Earn a combined total of 10,000 points in poker, roulette and blackjack. 

"This one is easy to get, buy 1000 chips(100,000 yen) and bet 500 on red and 500 on black thay way you will always get 1000 chips back and you will get the trophy in no time. To get the 100k back buy a gold plate with the chips and sell it to ebisu pawn" - Credit to Mixem.

Pro Gamer
Complete trophy conditions for the games in the arcade. Get 10 stuffed animals in UFO Catcher, and get a high score in the shooting game. (1) 

Mini-game Master makes this trophy look like a little girl. This one will give you much less grief than Mini-game Master. UFO Catcher can be either easy or hard. I believe it depends on the animals in the machine at the time. The bigger the doll, the less it likes you. Stick with the small guys. The small Piyo-chans (ducks), are easy targets. Once you knock them on their face, at the right angle, they shouldn't be a problem at all. Kura-chan, the anime girl doll, is also easy picking, as are the Beary Bears. The ones I had trouble with are the cats. Try and find a UFO Catcher with some diversity. If you don't like the selection or if you mess up all the dolls, go see an employee and they'll put new dolls in. As for Boxcelios, this takes some practice, but can definitely be mastered. My first tip is to hold instead of tapping it. This will release rapid, non-stop fire. You won't get the high-score unless you kill a majority of the ships by their sweet spot. To do this, but yourself a little bit above the ship. When that ship rises, which it will, you'll automatically kill it by hitting it's sweet spot. Don't get frustrated with this game. Patience is key.

Skilled Hitter
Hit 2 panels with one ball in the Hard game at the batting cage.  

I found this to be easy. Ever since I got this trophy, I've been hitting two panels at a time, non-stop. The key is the crosshair. You want to align the crosshair with the edges of the panels. What I found easiest was to put the cross hair at the edges of 2, 3, 5 and 6. That way you have a chance to hit either 2 and 3, 3 and 6, 2 and 5, or 5 and 6. This increases your chances. Make sure you don't swing too early. It has to be just right.

Power Driver
Hit a 350 yard drive in Competition Mode in golf. 

I got this one without trying. During chapter 4, I believe it is, you meet up with an import political figure in Ryukyu. It's part of the main story and it's the first time you go to the golf course. The key is to just get the strongest shot. Let each meter hit the top of the bar and right on the notch for full power. You're going to whant to do this on the first hole, because I think it's the longest. You can retry your shot as many times as you'd like, so when you finally get it, you can progress in the match.

Big Tuna
Catch a tuna. (2) 

You're going to want to get shrimp for bait. Empty your inventory and hit up the public market Downtown and fill up on shrimp. Others will detest that worms can do the job, but don't risk wasting time, unless you want to. So fill up on the shrimp, head back home and save. Go right to the fishing pole and start fishing. You're going to want to keep trying until you see fish around the 120-150 zone on the map. This is where you'll find Tuna.

NOTE: Don't forget to pick up trash on the beach every time you stop and start fishing.

Minigame Master
Complete all minigames. 

This one is trouble. It involves perfecting and completing every mini-game Yakuza has to offer. It's probably the most time consuming trophy in the game, next to "Sub-story Completionist". For help and tips on this trophy, visit this thread here.

Ultimate Challenger
Play all rounds in Ultimate Skill mode after beating the game. 

Ultimate Skill mode is a game type that is unlocked when you beat the game. There are several categories and each has ten rounds that get progressively harder, with specific conditions, ie: beat 3 men without losing HEAT, race around Tokyo, etc. A skilled combatant can get far in game types like Melee, but they will definitely challenge you in the later rounds. Complete every round of each category to get this trophy.

Testament to Strength
Beat the game on Extra Hard. 

This is self explanatory. Complete the main-quest again on Extra Hard difficulty. You MUST complete hard mode to unlock Extra Hard. So if you played on Normal your first time around, you're gonna have to play again two more times.

Marathon Runner
Run 42,195km. (1) 

This one's easy. Don't take taxis, just walk everywhere. You'll get this is no time, so don't fret over it. Some people are saying that they get it later than 42,195km, so don't panic if it doesn't come right away.

Walking Bank
Accumulate 10,000,000 yen. 

Ten million yen is a lot of money. You must have it all on you at once. I recommend doing as many side-missions and random encounters possible. Sure the random encounters get annoying and you just want to run from them, but some pay out thirty to fifty thousand yen. Most importantly of all,


They pay out more than anything else and as they get harder, they become more lucrative. The coliseum isn't the best place to find cash, however when you've finished it completely, the money adds up. Also, find a gambling game that you're good at and win away. There are items out there that help you win at certain games, like the Lopsided Cigarette. Using those items helps a lot with gambling. At the end of the game, you will get 2 million yen. It's a nice boost. Just keep trucking along and not spending and you'll find this trophy.

Secret Trophies
Platinum Trophy
Earn all other trophies in the game. (1) 

It's gonna take you a long time, but you will eventually get this if you dedicate yourself to it. It should be a very rewarding Platinum, since there is so much grinding involved. Keep your head up and you'll get it in no time.

Majima Defeated
Defeat Majima in Chapter 1 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Rikiya Defeated
Defeat Rikiya in Chapter 2 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Tamashiro Defeated
Defeat Tamashiro in Chapter 3 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Hasebe Defeated
Defeat Hasebe in Chapter 4 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Mysterious Foreigner Defeated
Defeat the Mysterious Foreigner in Chapter 5 Bronze 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Kanda Defeated
Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Majima Defeated Again
Defeat Majima again in Chapter 7 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Lau Ka Long Defeated
Defeat Lau Ka Long in Chapter 8 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Fuma Defeated
Defeat Fuma in Chapter 10 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Mine Defeated
Defeat Mine in Chapter 12 

Story-related, can't miss it.

Thank You! -YAKUZA 3 Team-
Beat the game 

Story-related, can't miss it. You'll get this trophy once you complete the game. It's essentially a thank you trophy for buying and completing the game, from the staff.

Careless Dragon
Knock over 100 people 

This one is easy. I made a detailed thread with plenty of tips on this. Visit it: here
Basically, what you want to do is knock over 100 civilians walking in the streets of Ryukyu or Kamurocho. The thread link basically states the best way to go about doing this is to follow these steps:

- Find and old/hunched over citizen

- Approach them from behind

- Perfectly align your shoulders with theirs

- Run over them like a snow plow

It make take a few tries to get used to it, but once you get a hang of it, this is the fastest and easiest method. It works on all citizens, but I find the hunched over elderly people fall easiest.

People Watcher
Initiate 10 battles using first-person mode 

An easy one. While strolling around town between missions, survey your surroundings. If there is a man up ahead, standing still, he's most likely gonna come after you. From a distance, hit and focus on him. He'll freak out and come after you. Proceed to lay the smacketh-down on his ass and you're golden. Repeat 9 more times and you're bronze.

Compulsive Vandal
Break 100 weapons picked up in battle 

Another easy secret trophy. Using weapons you bring into the battle don't count. You must use props from the city or weapons dropped by the enemy. Break 100 of them and the trophy is yours. Don't go out of your way to get this, it will come overtime if you use the weapons.

Pick up 5 pieces of trash on Sunshine Beach 

See "Master Enviromentalist".

Master Enviornmentalist
Pick up 30 pieces of trash on Sunshine Beach 

The easiest way to grind this one is to use the fishing rod. Go the beach, click on the rod and say you want to fish. When it asks you again whether you wanna fish or leave, leave and the beach will be refreshed. Rinse and repeat 29 more times. The list of trash is as follows...

- Empty wooden box

- Empty white box

- Empty soda can

- Broken Umbrella

- Twig (stick)

- White

Boxes that have contents are NOT considered trash... I know, bs, right?

Game Info
Amusement Vision


US March 09, 2010
Europe March 12, 2010
Japan February 26, 2009

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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