WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Woody & Cauchy
There are 26 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated difficulty: 4/10.
  • Offline trophies: 26 (5 , 15 , 5 , 1 ).
  • Online trophies: 0.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 15 - 20 hours.
  • Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1.
  • Missable Trophies: Yes.
  • Glitched Trophies: None.
  • Do cheats disable trophies? Unknown.
Road Map

Introduction: Welcome to the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010. From what I’ve read this game represents the pinnacle of wrestling games to date. Not being much of a wrestling fan myself, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this game, especially having played WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. For those of you that are big time wrestling fans, you’re in for a real treat. For everyone else, sit back and enjoy the easy platinum. Please keep in mind that I’ve written the following road map to make getting the platinum as quick and easy as possible. This will largely make the game repetitive, and therefore, boring. If you want a challenge, you can modify the game accordingly.

Step 1: Modify your gameplay and in-match options. Do the following sub-steps:

  1. From the main menu, go to: OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY OPTIONS > MATCH OPTIONS > IN-GAME OPTIONS. Set DIFFICULTY to EASY, MOMEMTUM BAR CHARGE SPEED to FAST, and STAMINA SYSTEM to OFF. It doesn’t matter what the KICK OUT SYSTEM is set to, so pick whatever suits you. Push to save the changes.
  2. Once the game saves and you close the information window, you should be back at the MATCH OPTIONS sub-menu. Pick GAMEPLAY BALANCE OPTIONS > A.I. REVERSAL BALANCING. Set all of the bars to the lowest possible setting (i.e. all the way to the left). Hit to save.
  3. Once the game saves and you close the information window, you should be back at the GAMEPLAY BALANCE OPTIONS sub-menu. Pick DAMAGE BALANCING. Set all of the bars to the highest possible setting (i.e. all the way to the right). Hit to save.
  4. Once the game saves and you close the information window, you should be back at the GAMEPLAY BALANCE OPTIONS sub-menu. Pick GAME BALANCING. Set all of the bars to the easiest possible setting (i.e. all the way to the right). Hit to save.

Your game is now set for you to seriously kick some butt.

Step 2: Complete the Training Checklist. This step is intended to get you acquainted with the controls of the game and the gameplay mechanics. You’ll also be knocking out the “Developmental Graduate” trophy here. I’ve compiled a mini-guide for how to complete the training checklist pretty efficiently. Here is the link: Training Checklist Mini-Guide.

Step 3: Complete all of the “Create” trophies. The only create trophy that is really necessary at this point is the “New Superstar Initiative” one, but you may as well knock out the others while you’re here.

Step 4: Complete all of the Road to Wrestlemania stories. Be sure to follow this IGN RTW guide so that you don’t have to replay stories to get the one missable trophy: “Nothing More to Collect”. There are trophies for getting 10 wins by submission, getting 50 wins by pinfall and successfully performing 100 reversals. You should be working towards all of these tasks throughout your RTW stories.

Step 5: Play career mode. You will want to start career mode with your created character and continue with him/her until you unlock the “Career Growth” and “2010 Hall of Fame Nominee” trophies. Also, continue getting submission wins, pinfall wins and reversals, as needed.

Step 6: Mop up all remaining trophies. You’ll only have a handful left and you’ll want to consult the individual trophy guides for details.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Cauchy for this Roadmap]


There's nothing new here. Just get all the other trophies and this will unlock too.

Story Designer
Create an original story using WWE STORY DESIGNER Mode. (2) 
From the main menu go: WWE STORY DESIGNER > NEW. Now, follow these steps. Choose to edit the first date. Add a match. Accept it. Press to bring up a menu. Choose FINISH STORY. Select a save slot. Once the game registers your save, the trophy will unlock.
2010 Hall of Fame Nominee
Induct a Superstar into the HALL OF FAME (2) 
This is gotten during Career Mode. You should be using your created superstar so that you can simultaneously be working towards the “Career Growth” trophy. Also, to get to the title belts faster, you should try to get all your matches 5-star rated. In doing so, you will almost definitely unlock the “A Showman Like No Other” trophy along the way. Assuming you've progressed far enough into your career that you have obtained both the WWE belt and the World Champion belt, you'll be given the option to defend your title when you go to the next match. Defend your title three times and you'll be inducted to the hall of fame and unlock the trophy.
A Showman Like No Other
Have a total of 20 or more 5-star rated matches in your overall match history. 
Provided that you have used the settings that I've given in the road map, getting a 5-star rated match should be very easy. Just beat up on your opponent(s) a decent amount before ending the match. For reference, a match won by pinfall (or submission), having three signatures and three finishers, will almost definitely be awarded a 5-star rating.
Mickie James Story
Complete the MICKIE JAMES story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. 
You just have to complete the story to unlock this particular trophy. However, if you complete certain special challenges given for various matches throughout, then you'll unlock the associated collectibles. And these are needed for the “Nothing More to Collect” trophy. If you follow this IGN RTW guide, you won't miss any of the collectibles available. Just remember to look out for challenges and to save when it tells you to, otherwise you may have to play through the whole story twice. Also, remember to do submissions, pins and reversals whenever possible for the “Ask Him Ref!”, “Shoulders to the Mat” and “Technical Wizardry” trophies, respectively.
Edge Story
Complete the EDGE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. 

See "Mickie James Story".

HBK Story
Complete the HBK story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. 

See "Mickie James Story".

Orton Story
Complete the ORTON story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. 

See "Mickie James Story".

Brand Warfare Story
Complete the BRAND WARFARE story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. 

See "Mickie James Story".

Created Superstar Story
Complete the CREATE A SUPERSTAR story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. (1) 

See "Mickie James Story".

Nothing More to Collect
Unlock all the playable characters and bonus items. (2) 
You will unlock items as you progress through the various RTW stories. If you follow this IGN guide, you won't miss any of the collectibles available. Moreover, it tells you when to save so that you minimize the number of play-throughs. For quick reference, here is a link to a list of the collectibles and when they are unlocked, compiled by a member at our sister site: Unlockables Guide.
Face on the Big Screen
Convert a HIGHLIGHT REEL into an entrance movie. 

During one of your many matches, pause the game and choose “highlight reel”. From there hit to save the highlight reel. Now, when you’re back at the main menu go: CREATE MODES > CREATE AN ENTRANCE MOVIE. From the entrance movie main menu go: NEW > ADD VIDEO CLIP. Select your recently saved clip. When it finishes loading, go: COMPLETE > SAVE/EXIT. Give your movie a name then save it to a slot. Finally, when you’re back to the entrance movie main menu, select CREATE ENTRANCE MOVIE. Select the clip you just created and save it to a slot. When the game finishes encoding your clip, the trophy will pop.

Developmental Graduate
Complete the TRAINING CHECKLIST. (8) 

This trophy can be a pain primarily because no single character has all of the moves on the checklist. In fact, there are some moves that no characters have by default. The solution, of course, is to modify the move-set of characters as needed. Lucky for you, I've compiled a master guide for this trophy. Just go here: Training Checklist Mini-Guide. Follow it and you'll be in good shape.

Career Growth
Increase the overall rating of a CREATED SUPERSTAR to a 90 or above. 
You will be well on your way by finishing up the CREATE A SUPER STAR story in RTW. After that you want to play with your character in career mode. The attributes you can gain experience in and how to do so are as follows:
  • Grapple: Use grapple attacks.
  • Strikes: Use strike attacks.
  • Submissions: Get wins by submission.
  • Durability: I’m not 100% sure on this one, but I think this goes up by avoiding damage or recovering from getting hit.
  • Technical: Perform successful reversals.
  • Speed: Run around a lot.
  • Charisma: Taunt your opponent and do crowd-pleasing moves (e.g. signatures and finishers).
  • Hardcore: Use weapons and destroy props.
Check Out the New Threads
For the first part of this trophy, you will want to go (from the main menu) to: CREATE MODES > CREATE A WWE SUPERSTAR > EDIT. Select a created character then: EDIT > ORIGINAL > EDIT. Now, move over to the OTHER tab and select EDIT ENTANCE ATTIRE. Select YES when prompted to copy the current attire. Choose where to copy from. Now, FINALIZE and SUBMIT APPLICATION. The game will ask if you want to save the alternate attire. Enter YES. Give the attire a name and save it to a slot.

For the second half of this trophy, you will want to go (again from the main menu) to: CREATE MODES > CREATE A WWE SUPERSTAR > SUPERSTAR THREADS. Choose the person you want to edit. (Batista is first.) Then select NEW. Change the color of the elbow pads, then choose SAVE. Give the costume a name and the trophy will pop, once the game saves.
Finisher of the Year Candidate
Create a dive finisher, in Create A Finisher mode, and use it in a match (single player only). 
From the main menu, go to: CREATE MODES > CREATE A FINISHER > NEW FINISHER > DIVING. Make the finisher to your liking, then save it. Now, from the main menu, go to: CREATE MODES > CREATE A MOVE-SET. Choose a character you want to give the dive to. (I chose my created character.) Go to SPECIAL MOVES > CREATED FINISHERS. Select the finisher you want to swap out, then replace it with your recently created one. Hit ACCEPT CHANGES to save. Now, go use that finisher in any match of your choice. The trophy will unlock shortly after you complete the finisher.
Ask Him Ref!
Win 10 matches by submission (single player only). (2) 
You enter a submission hold by pressing when your opponent is down or when you have them in a strong grapple hold. To win a match with a submission, you have to hold the submission long enough for your opponent to tap out. This usually takes 10 to 15 real-time seconds. Keep in mind that this trophy keeps track of your wins by submission over all game modes. So, you should be working towards this trophy during your RTW stories and your career mode.
Ahead of the Pack
Win as tentative Champion from start to end in CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE. (single player only) (2) 
Note first that this trophy can be obtained while getting the “And STILL champion…” trophy. However, that trophy requires that the game be set to legend difficulty. Don’t worry though; legend difficulty isn’t that much harder than easy, provided you have all the other settings set as outlined in my road map. See the “And STILL champion…” trophy for how to set up the game and a strategy on how to win.
Royal Rumble Specialist
Win a 30-man ROYAL RUMBLE as the first entrant without changing Superstars (single player only). (1) 
As usual, the following strategy assumes you have the game settings as described in my road map. From the main menu, go to: PLAY > ROYAL RUMBLE > 30-MAN ROYAL RUMBLE. I chose John Cena, because he’s pretty highly ranked and because he was the first player that showed up. Make sure his entry order is set to 1 (one). During the match do the following:
  1. Running grapple in the up direction.
  2. Turn-buckle dive.
  3. Pick up your opponent (i.e. hit ).
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 until you have your finisher built up.
  5. Throw your opponent into the ropes so that they hang from them over the apron.
  6. Walk up to them and activate your finisher (i.e. hit ).
  7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 for each character.
If you do this properly, you should be able eliminate each character before the next character enters the ring. This is kind of boring, but it’s very easy.
And STILL Champion...
Defend a Title in a Championship Scramble match on Legend difficulty (single player only). (2) 
If you follow the setup and strategy given below, you’ll also unlock the “Ahead of the Pack” trophy along side this one. Assuming you have the game set-up as outlined in my road map, you only should have to change the difficulty setting. To do that, go (from the main menu) to: OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY OPTIONS > MATCH OPTIONS > IN-GAME OPTIONS. There you should change the difficulty to LEGEND. Now, back at the main menu, go to: PLAY > CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE > 20 MINUTE. Choose WWE CHAMPIONSHIP with Randy Orton. Select Randy Orton as the character you’ll play and make sure his entry order is set to 1 (one). Now, choose whoever you want to be the other four characters and you can have them come in what ever order you like. To make things really easy, you can even create four new characters just for this trophy. As long as you just created them, their stats will be awful, which means you’ll pummel them quite handily. Once you’re in the ring, be sure to quickly get a pin or submission on the very first guy you’re up against. You should be able to easily do this before the third computer player joins the fray. Once you get the pin, you will be the tentative champion. The remainder of the battle, you want make sure that nobody else gets a pin or submission because that will cause you to loose your title as tentative champion, and in turn, void the chances of you getting the “Ahead of the Pack” trophy. You can ensure that nobody steals your title by doing two things: breaking up pins and submissions before the ref counts them out or flooring the ref so he can’t count them out. If you manage to keep the other players from getting a pin or submission the entire 20 minutes, this trophy and the “Ahead of the Pack” one will unlock after the match. By the way, if this isn’t the last trophy you unlock before the platinum, make sure to set the game back to easy upon unlocking this trophy to make getting your other trophies easier.
Shoulders to the Mat
Win 50 matches by pinfall (single player only). (2) 
You get a pinfall by pressing down on when your opponent is floored. You’ll win the match if the ref counts to three while you have your opponent pinned. This trophy keeps track of pins over all game modes. So, you should be working towards this trophy when going for the RTW stories and during your career mode.
A Grappling Machine
In one match, perform all 16 STRONG GRAPPLE moves on your opponent (single player only). (2) 
A strong grapple is performed by holding , then pressing either up, down, left or right with . Once locked into a strong grapple, let go of and press either up, down, left or right with again to perform a move. Since there are four initial strong grapple locks (one for each direction) and each has four different moves associated to it (again one for each direction), there are a total of 16 strong grapple moves. For this trophy, you will have to all of the strong grapple moves for a given character in single match. Note that you don't need to finish the match.
Secret Trophies
An Original Design
Create an original image using the PAINT TOOL. 
From the main menu go: CREATE MODES > CREATE A W SUPERSTAR > PAINT TOOL. Now, pick an empty canvas and create any image you like on it. (I just changed one pixel.) Save the image and the trophy will pop once the save registers.
New Superstar Initiative
From the main menu go: CREATE MODES > CREATE A WWE SUPERSTAR > NEW > FROM SCRATCH (or if you prefer FROM TEMPLATE). Change whatever settings you like then choose FINALIZE under the OTHER tab. Submit your application and the trophy will unlock once the game saves.
Intermediate Technician
Succeed at a cumulative total of 50 reversals (single player only). 

See "Technical Wizardry".

Technical Wizardry
Succeed at a cumulative total of 100 reversals (single player only). (2) 
When your opponent attacks you, you will often have the option to counter the attack by pressing just as the icon flashes on the screen, usually above your head. These counter attacks are reversals. I found the easiest way to get reversals was to get close to my opponents and wait for them to strike, which they do most of the time. However, rather than wait for the icon to appear, I looked at the opponent and for their strike animation to begin. Just after it starts is when the icon will appear.

Game Info


US October 20, 2009
Europe November 06, 2009
Japan January 28, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1-6
Online Players : 1-4
ESRB: Teen
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