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Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Trophy Guide
Guide By: Thiagoft_55 & Rawra
There are 13 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated trophy difficulty: ?/10 (Personal Rating: 5.5)
- Offline: 13 (1 3 9 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100%: 100+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable trophies: 0
- Glitched trophies: 0
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes available



Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is a F2P Puzzle game for the PS Vita which makes use of the Vita's front and rear touchscreens and motion sensor to add another level of gameplay (and addiction) to the familiar Gem puzzle games. It brings you a lot of bonuses and totems to make your gameplay unique and fun.


Road Map

STEP 1 – Learn the basics of the game and save crystals until Level 70

In this step, you will be learning how the game works and how to earn various bonuses throughout the game. It is recommended that you save your crystals until Level 70, because when you max every power up and totems, it will increase your chances of getting Nuclear Blast moreso than if you try it right at the beginning of your playthrough. This can be a bit tedious at times, but as you have to play 100 hours for Denizen anyway, you wont be losing your time. If you want you can spend some of your crystals, but dont go crazy and spend all of them together. Save them for later.

Here, you will be able to obtain most of the game's trophies. I would suggest starting off by playing a match and not going for any combinations so you can unlock Bad Luck. Then, you can keep on playing until you level up and earn the Good Start trophy. On your way to level 70, you will get Destroyer, Expert Matchmaker, Sandstorm and Darklord. After you learn how the game works, you will be able to greatly improve your score and be likely to reach 1,000,000 points. This will unlock the Scoremaster trophy.

If you want to earn more crystals, try to submit a Top 3 score on the weeks tournament. The amount awarded will be higher if you have a lot of PSN friends on your list.

After this step, you should have:

Good Start
Expert Matchmaker
Bad Luck
Armed to Teeth
Dark Lord

STEP 2 – Getting Nuclear Blast, playing until you have 100 hours and clean up

You should now have enough crystals to go for the Nuclear Blast trophy as well as any others that you may still need. For Nuclear Blast, I recommend using Lightning and Dynamite bonuses, and the Purple Totem. For more information regarding this trophy, check the trophy guide. After (or before, you can choose which one you want to get first) getting Nuclear Blast, go for the Precious Rain trophy. It is recommended that you use the Green Totem and the Added Crystals bonus for this trophy. You can also add damage bonuses such as Dynamite or Lightning. However, if you don’t have these yet, then feel free to continue using the same bonuses from Precious Rain, for the Artful Master trophy.

After this, you will only require the Denizen and Fortunate Son trophies. You can track your progress towards these by going to the Main Menu and selecting "Leaderboards," "Statistics," and finally, "More." For Denizen you just need to keep on playing until you reach a total time of 100 hours. For Fortunate Son, you will need luck, and this can take more than a year if you get only 200 crystals on the minigame everyday. For more specific information about all the trophies, please refer to the trophy guide.

After this step you should have:

Precious Rain
Artful Master
Fortunate Son
Nuclear Blast

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Thiagoft_55 & Rawra for this Road Map]

Score 1000000 point during one round. 

For this trophy, you need to score more than 1,000.000 points in a single round. When you get the basics of the game and learn to play it well, you should get this by going for the other trophies. If you want to get this out of the way faster, I would recommend using the Purple Totem, Green Totem, Dynamite and Lightning bonuses.

Good Start
Earn enough experience to level up. 

You will get this when you play the game for the first time. You just need to reach Level 2 for the trophy to unlock.

Precious Rain
Get 25 Crystals from one combo. 

The best method to get 25+ Crystals in one combo is to use the Green Totem and the Added Crystals bonuses (both recommended to be at Level 4 but can be done at lower levels.) You can also add damage bonuses such as Dynamite or Lightning to aid you. Always keep matching blocks to allow the combo to build up, as letting the blocks fall will end it. Keep continuing the combo with the bonuses activated and you'll get this trophy in a few attempts.

Destroy 100000 tokens. (1) 

You will get this trophy whilst working towards 100 hours of playing time. You will destroy at least three tokens for each combination that you achieve, so this will come quicker than you may think. Personally, I got it by Level 44 with only 12 hours of gameplay.

Expert Matchmaker
Make a match worth 10000 points. 

Chances are you'll get this trophy on your way towards 100 hours of playing time, but if you're having trouble, then use the Profit Crystals bonus which gives 800 points per Gem. You can combine this with a destructive bonus (such as Dynamite) and you'll get 10,000 in no time.

Use Score Frenzy 100 times. 

You will get this trophy on your way for the 100 hours. For this one, you need to activate Score Frenzy 100 times. To activate it, you need to fill up the bar which is on the left of the board.

Artful Master
Reach 10x points multiplier. 

In order to activate the multiplier, you need to fill up the bar on the right side of the board y collecting Crystals. When the bar fills up completely, the trophy will unlock at the end of the game.

Bad Luck
Earn no Crystals during the round. 

For this trophy, just start a game and don’t do any combinations. Just wait until the game ends. It will unlock at the end of the game.

Fortunate Son
Win 250000 Crystals in daily bonus minigame. (3) 

You need to get 250,000 Crystals on the daily bonus minigame, which is based completely on luck. The maximum amount you can win is 100,000 crystals, but the chances of this is extremely rare. The minimum prize is 200 crystals, so it will probably take a while until you reach the required amount of 250,000. To see the total number of Crystals that you have, go to the Main Menu and then select "Leaderboards," "Statistics," and finally, "More."

Spend 100 hours playing. (11) 

The trophy is self-explanatory. You need to play this game for 100 hours. To see how many hours you have accumulated, enter the Main Menu and select "Leaderboards," "Statistics," and finally, "More." You will be able to see how many hours you played there.

Armed to Teeth
Get all bonuses, totems and slots upgraded to maximum level. 

Simply keep playing the game until you reach Level 70 to max everything. You can use crystals to upgrade bonuses/totems but I'd recommend saving all of these crystals until after Level 70 to make Nuclear Blast much easier.

Dark Lord
Activate Dark Mode 10 times. (8) 

Dark Mode is activated at the end of a game if you've activated both Score Frenzy (keeping a combo going, and making quick matches fills up a sand bar, reach the top and Score Frenzy is activated) and Kickout Mode (matching six of the same block.) You should eventually get this when working towards the 100 hours of playing time.

Nuclear Blast
Destroy every token present on game board. (3) 

This is a truly luck based trophy so to increase your chances of clearing the board, it's best to use both Lightning and Dynamite bonuses, and the Purple Totem (all Level 4.) Aim to make matches of four to add bonuses to the board, or match consecutive purple blocks to add extra bonuses and try to avoid matching the bonuses for as long as you can so as to build up your bonuses (keep refreshing the board until it's quite full.) All you can really do after implementing these tactics is to hope that you clear the board. This will likely take many attempts, so save all the crystals you can.

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US April 10, 2012

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone
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