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Time and Eternity (EU & NA) Trophy Guide
Guide By: MsFuruba
There are 30 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Vote here!)
  • Trophy breakdown: 30 (17 / 6 / 6 / 1 )
    • Offline trophies: 30
    • Online trophies: 0
  • Estimated Time To : 30-50 hours
  • Minimum Number Of Playthroughs: 2
  • Number Of Missable Trophies: Winning Record, Case Closed (Ch. 1), Case Closed (Ch. 2), Case Closed (Ch. 3), Case Closed (Ch. 4), Lunch Master, Gallery King.
  • Glitched Trophies: No known glitches.
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes, the story must be completed on Normal for Winning Record.

Welcome to Time and Eternity! Known in Japan as ?????????? (Toki to Towa ~Toki Towa~), Time and Eternity is a Japanese role-playing game with fully animated cutscenes and for the first time in a video game, fully animated gameplay. Toki, a young princess, is looking forward to marrying her fiancé, Zack. However, on the day of the wedding, a band of assassins crash the celebration and attack the groom. In a bid to discover who killed her husband, for what reason and how to prevent the assassination, Toki, accompanied by Towa and her pet dragon whose body is now inhabited by Zack's soul, travel six months before the wedding and have limited time to solve the crime before it happens.

The in Time and Eternity is extremely easy, and for a J-RPG is also a rather short one. Thankfully, all locations for chests, Memory Sites, and Sub-Quests are pinpointed on the map from the beginning of the game onwards, so you won't need to keep any checklists or guides handy. You also have a second mandatory playthrough which you can use to pick up anything you missed first time around.

I – Play the Game on Normal until the Final Boss
Initially, before starting the game, you'll be given a list of options. Make sure to set the difficulty to Normal. Keep it as so for the duration of the first playthrough. When you lose a battle in Time and Eternity, you can retry the battle again with no penalties from the beginning, however the game gives you the option to lower the difficulty to Easy. Do not choose this, and pick Normal instead. If the difficulty is lowered to Easy even once, you'll be locked out of the trophy for the rest of the playthrough unless you reload the save.

Things that will be important to you in this playthrough are as follows:

  • Sub-Quests: Sub-quests are basically side-missions in the game and there are many to do in every Chapter. In the town overworld, press and small menus will appear near areas which you can travel to, which will often contain a small exclamation point in a blue bubble. This denotes a side-mission. These can be found in free-roaming areas as well. These hold the only true missable trophies, please read Case Closed (Ch. 4) for further details.
  • Meals: You can only receive meals after Drake learns to talk, so you won't be able to start collecting these until midway through Chapter 1. It can be hard to focus on these in this playthrough because Memory Sites and events at home rapidly increase the Love Points meaning you can surpass the required Points and lock out the initial Meals, so feel free to leave this until the second playthrough. Progress of collected Meals in your first playthrough carry over into your second playthrough as well.
  • Memory Sites: Denoted by a heart symbol on the map. The most uncommon of the collectibles, these cause an event to occur, and often involve you choosing one of two available answers as a response to a question. These go hand in hand with the gallery images required for Gallery King as specific answers must be chosen to unlock the images for a select few.
  • Treasure Chests: Denoted by a golden miniature star on the map. The most common of the collectibles, they appear in the form of stone containers and can hold weapons, accessories, or a form of item. Simply approach and open them up.

These are basic summaries of what you'll be picking up on the field. Each explorable map has at least one of these, so make sure to open up the map with when you first enter an area and check out how much you're dealing with. It's recommended that you make a point of dealing with collectibles first and perhaps picking up any Sub-Quests as you search for them. Deal with the Sub-Quests after, then finally proceed with the story-related quests. The reason for this, is simply that all Sub-Quests are Chapter-related so if you go on to Chapter 2 before finishing all of the Chapter 1 Sub-Quests, you can't access them for the rest of the game. So it's better to be safe than sorry, and deal with the missable quests first.

Much like the events at Memory Sites, there'll be events at Home as well. When you see a heart sign above either Toki or Towa's symbol at the top of the screen, it means there's an event available. These become available as you raise Toki and Towa's Love Points through battling. There are important gallery images to be earned here. For the correct answers to all of the questions, please read Gallery King.

More in-depth detail on all these trophies can be found in the trophy guide. Remember to stop before going on to fight the final boss, and then you can read Step II. By the end of this step, you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Flawless Victory
Case Closed (Ch. 1)
Case Closed (Ch. 2)
Case Closed (Ch. 3)
Case Closed (Ch. 4)
Personal Memories
Lunch Master
Treasure Hunter
The Simple Rich Life

II – Complete the Marriage Endings
By this point, Moebius should be at the Kamza Plaza, and you can initiate the final battle with him whenever you wish. Note that this is essentially the end of the game so make sure to do everything you need to before progressing. Note that the only things that carry on to your next playthrough is money, Gift Points and learned skills, so sell off everything once you reach the end of the game for a lot of helpful money for your next run. When you're ready, go ahead and enter the final battle. Halfway between battles, you'll have to make a decision between Toki and Towa. This decides which ending you'll get. After choosing one, proceed into the next battle and complete the game. You will now get an ending with whichever girl you chose, and earn their respective trophy. Now reload your clear file and choose the other girl. You will get their ending and trophy, but this time make sure to save on your file after the credits. After that, you're free to move on to the final step:

Ultimate Ending
Supreme Ending
Winning Record

III – New Game+ Speedrun Clean-Up
Now that you've completed the game once, all that's left is to get the Special Ending. To do this, you must balance the Affection meter. This is available from when you meet Towa onwards. You can worry about this when you reach the end of the game, though, and until then it's essentially cleaning up anything you've missed or have yet to earn. Use this valuable time to earn any trophies you missed the first time around or pick up any gallery images you perhaps picked the incorrect answer for at first, however do note that the final gallery image will be earned after you get the ending for this playthrough. You probably have most if not all of the trophies listed below. Aside from that, simply rush through the game to the best of your ability. Balance the Affection meter before proceeding to the final boss (please refer to Miraculous Ending for details on how to do this). Then, finish the game. If successful, you will witness the Special Ending, earning you both Miraculous Ending for the ending and Gallery King for attaining the final gallery image that goes with it. These should be your final two trophies for the as long as you earned the following as well:

Chain Novice
Chain Master
Chemistry Novice
Chemistry Master
Combo Novice
Combo Journeyman
Combo Master
Overwhelming Victory
Ultimate Blessing
Supreme Blessing
Godly Blessing
Royal Blood
Ultimate Love
Supreme Love
Miraculous Ending
Gallery King
Eternal Timekeeper

[PS3T Would Like to Thank MsFuruba For This Roadmap]

The Simple Rich Life
You obtained 15,000 chronos. (2) 

You'll require 15,000 chronos (money) for this trophy. You earn money from completing main quests and Sub-Quests, and chronos can be found in treasure chests as well (although in very low amounts). This is a rather easy target to amount to and you may even get there naturally if you refrain from purchasing from stores (although this is not recommended), however if you wish to earn this trophy quickly, save your game and sell off all of your items at the end of Chapter 1 (or simply whenever you wish to earn the trophy). Once you get it, reload the save so you can keep your items, should you wish to keep them.

Godly Blessing
You unlocked every single gift. 

You'll need to purchase all Gifts for both Toki and Towa. Gifts are basically skills and techniques in battle. Completing Sub-Quests and main story Quests grants you GP (Gift Points) which will let you purchase these Gifts. During your first playthrough you will unlock almost every Gift so it's just a matter of cleaning this up in your New Game+ playthrough; it's almost impossible to reach the end of the second playthrough and still need more GP with the amount you earn first time around. This will unlock along with either Ultimate Blessing or Supreme Blessing, depending on whose Gift you unlock last.

Ultimate Blessing
You unlocked all of Toki's gifts. 

You must purchase all of Toki's specific Gifts. Please read Godly Blessing for further details.

Supreme Blessing
You unlocked all of Towa's gifts. 

You must purchase all of Towa's specific Gifts. Please read Godly Blessing for further details.

Winning Record
You cleared the game on Normal without changing the difficulty once.  

This trophy is missable.

If you follow the roadmap you will earn this trophy after your first playthrough. You must finish Time and Eternity from start to finish on Normal, never once changing the difficulty. The game in itself is very easy, so finishing it on Normal should be no problem whatsoever, however here are a few tips to get you started:

  • The importance of Peppers: Peppers are an item you occasionally earn as rewards from Sub-Quests. These can allow you to change between Toki and Towa whenever you wish and are a once-off use. Never sell these and always keep them as they could be handy in case you need the other personality for a Memory Site or the other personality would be more suitable for a certain boss battle, and so on.
  • Spend your Gift Points wisely: You earn Gift Points from battles, story Quests and Sub-Quests. You can unlock useful new abilities and leveling opportunities with them such as new weapon skills, buffs, debuffs and elemental magic skills in the Gifts tab of the in-game menu. Purchase what you deem to be the most useful techniques first or ones which will help you in your current situation.
  • Too weak for a battle? Do Sub-Quests!: Doing Sub-Quests is a great way to earn a little more EXP. You should generally have no problems doing this in your first playthrough as you'll have to do all of these anyway.
  • Master the battle system: The best thing about Time and Eternity's battle system is it's very easy to master. It's all about reaction time and reflexes. You can easily come out of a boss battle unharmed if you learn to time your dodges and attacking correctly. Remember that Toki's best attribute is her efficiency in using the rifle whereas Towa's is her efficiency in close-quarter combat.
  • Instant return to Home and World Maps: All out of healing items and running low on health? Perhaps you just don't want to have to fight through all those enemies to return to the entrance? Thankfully, there's two items to solve that; Condor Wing and Dragon Wing. The former transports you back to the World Map and the latter returns you back Home immediately. Note that you can't use the Dragon Wing for the first half of Chapter 2 until you find your way back to Kamza.
  • Take advantage of Waypoints: Waypoints are the green diamonds you find floating on the field, marked as green dots on the map. All are inactive when you first enter a field, however turning them on results in you being able to travel around the map rather than running. There's almost always one at the entrance as well, so make use of Waypoints to your advantage.
You visited every single Memory Site. 

Memory Sites are denoted by a heart sign on the map. For this trophy you need to find all of them. Once you reach one and interact with it, it'll play a cutscene with either Toki or Towa, and there'll more than likely be a question in the conversation. Usually the answers don't matter, but for the Memory Sites in Panela Isle, Hateful Forest and Wicked Forest, you must choose specific answers to earn gallery images for Gallery King (please read the description for that trophy for the correct answers). Sometimes Memory Sites are exclusive to one of the two girls, in which case you can either wait until you level up and return there (make sure not to progress too far in the story if you do this), or use a Pepper to change personalities immediately.

Personal Memories
You took part in every single one-on-one conversation with Toki and Towa. 

Much like Memory Sites, there are conversations you can have at Home as well, and for this trophy you need to participate in every separate conversation available for both Toki and Towa. These, too, are denoted by a heart sign above Toki or Towa's symbol at the top of the screen at Home, meaning there's a conversation required for the trophy available to see. Raising your Love with the girls makes more of these conversations available so you'll earn this on the way Ultimate Love and Supreme Love. If you have the required amount of Love but the conversations are not available, do not fret. Story progression is another factor for these so just continue on with the story and check back later. Do note that these conversations have choices to make too, some of which are required for Gallery King also, so make sure to read that trophy description for the correct answers.

Lunch Master
You received every single meal from Toki and Towa. (3) 

This trophy is missable.
Note that you cannot start collecting Meals until Drake learns to talk in Chapter 1.

As you raise your Love with Toki and Towa and hand in Sub-Quests, there's a high chance that either girl will give you a Meal when you leave Home. So to trigger these chances, hand in a Sub-Quest, go home, save (in case you don't get the Meal you need) and then leave. If successful, a cutscene will trigger and you'll have a random chance of getting a Meal from whichever girl you're playing as. There are three set Love requirements to earn these different Meals; 0-49, 50-99, and 100+. If you receive all but one Meals from the 0-49 restrictions and move on to the 50-99 Meals, you've officially locked out the chance of getting anymore 0-49 Meals and will have to wait until the next playthrough. Because of all the Sub-Quests, battles and Memory Sites you'll be partaking in in your first playthrough, it might be a bit difficult keeping up with all the Meals. In which case, it is much easier to do this in the New Game+ playthrough, where you can collect them at your leisure. Meals you collect in the first playthrough will still be counted for the trophy in the second playthrough, as it is only required to be on the system data. Knowing this, there's a useful trick that can be used; when going for a Meal, save before doing so as recommended and if you get the one you want, save on a different file, then reload the original file so you can continue earning Meals. Since the progress for the trophy is tracked via the system data, you can infinitely use this trick to get all Meals for each phase, thanks to orthmann for this excellent tip. The requirements and names of all Meals are as follows:

Love 0-49:

  • Fine Meal
  • Huge Fine Meal
  • Toki's Fine Meal (Toki exclusive)
  • Towa's Fine Meal (Towa exclusive)

Love 50-99:

  • Special Meal
  • Huge Special Meal
  • Toki's Special Meal (Toki exclusive)
  • Towa's Special Meal (Towa exclusive)

Love 100+

  • Lovely Meal
  • Huge Lovely Meal
  • Toki's Lovely Meal (Toki exclusive)
  • Towa's Lovely Meal (Towa exclusive)
Treasure Hunter
You opened every single treasure chest. (1) 

As with any RPG, there are treasure chests which can be found in nearly every explorable field in Time and Eternity. These are denoted by a miniature gold star on the map, and are extremely common compared to other collectibles. No guides are required to find these for as long as you constantly refer to the map (which you open with ) you will clearly see their locations, and they are quite hard to miss. However, this is just one treasure chest which can be rather easy to miss if you don't pay attention; near the end of Chapter 3, in Draquoise's Garden. The treasure chest is right next to the save point to the right as you enter, and therefore the star on the map is pretty much invisible.

Gallery King
You unlocked every single gallery image. 

This trophy is missable.

For this trophy you need to unlock all 11 gallery images available in Time and Eternity. One is unlocked by earning the True Ending, whilst the remaining ten are earned by choosing specific answers to the questions given at certain Memory Sites (required for Travelogue) and one-on-one Home conversations (required for Personal Memories). There will be an event when you reach a Memory Site and as Drake you'll have to choose one of two options. If you choose the wrong answer there is no way to fix it or go back aside from reloading your save so make sure you choose the right one when you must. The correct answers to the events at Memory Sites or at Home are as follows:

Panela Isle:

  • Toki: “Let's rest here!”
  • Towa: “Is she embarrassed...?”

Hateful Forest:

  • Toki: “I'll become a cushion!”

Wicked Forest:

  • Towa: “I'll chuck it away!”


  • Toki: “Let's clean the roof!”
  • Towa: “Vacuum the living room.”
  • Toki: “Let's try the medicine.”
  • Towa: “Rip the shirt off!”

Once you earn the final two events at Home in Chapter 4, that will conclude collecting gallery images until you earn the Special Ending in New Game+, and will also earn you the Personal Memories.

Overwhelming Victory
You won 20 battles in a row without taking any damage. (3) 

For this trophy you'll need to win 20 battles without taking any damage in a row. This may seem like a difficult task but due to the general easiness of Time and Eternity's battle system, this is a very easy trophy to earn, and you can actually earn it in the very first playable area in the game, Kamza Forest. After talking to Makimona after the opening cutscenes to the game, you have a marker set to the right path (the left path holding a chest). Leading to this split is a long, narrow, overgrown path.

There are two enemies that spawn in this area; Golems and Stray Golems. The former are the opponent shown in the automatic tutorial battle, which have 369 health and rarely attack. The latter have 700+ health, constantly use an earthquake move and are the stronger counterpart. However, in the narrow path after the starting area and save point, Stray Golems tend to never appear. Saving as often as you want (reloading does not affect the trophy), run forward and back along this path and when you encounter a Golem, spam the button to use Toki's rifle attack. This should kill the Golem in just a few shots, before it gets a chance to react. Save as necessary to record the progress (every 2-3 battles if you so wish) and repeat as necessary to earn the trophy.

Flawless Victory
You won a battle without taking any damage. 

This trophy is story-related and impossible to miss. When you first enter Kamza Forest at the very beginning of the game, there'll be a tutorial battle against a Golem. It will not attack for the duration of the battle and you must kill it to progress. The trophy will unlock soon after.

Combo Master
Combo, combo, and combo again! You successfully executed 20 combos in a row. (3) 

This may sound difficult but it's actually very possible to unlock this naturally should you take on an opponent with only melee. Go against a preferably slow-moving enemy with high health and use Towa's basic three-hit combo (, , ) however stop after the second hit. Hitting the third time initiates a long pause which unfortunately ends the combo. Pause, and use Towa's initial Skill, Shrouded Moon (uses 50SP) then repeat. You may find it easier to make use of the time manipulation skills for this, so press to bring up that menu. Once you hit 20 Combos, the trophy should unlock.

Combo Journeyman
You successfully executed 10 combos in a row. Keep up the good work! 

Please read Combo Master for further details.

Combo Novice
You successfully executed your very first combo. 

Please read Combo Master for further details.

Chemistry Master
You pulled off 4 different kinds of Chemistry. 

Chemistry is when you use two different types of magic spells in a short period of time and cause a 'chain reaction' of sorts. There are four possible types of Chemistry, as listed below:

  • Fire followed by Thunder
  • Ice followed by Earth
  • Earth followed by Fire
  • Thunder followd by Ice

These can create all sorts of useful debuffs on the enemy which can greatly help during battle. The easiest way to do this would be to first purchase the Dragon Master Gift, which costs 1,500GP. This handy Gift makes Drake automatically follow up with a Chemistry-causing elemental attack when you use magic. Equip the Skill 'Dragon of Insight' when you unlock it in the menu and initiate a battle. Immediately use that Skill as the battle starts, then use the weakest form (50SP version) of whichever elemental attack you wish. The enemy should be a vibrant colour of whichever element you used. If successful, Drake will immediately follow up with the necessary element and cause a Chemistry. Repeat with all elements for the trophy.

Chemistry Novice
You pulled off your very first Chemistry skill. 

Please read Chemistry Master for further information.

Chain Master
You completed a triple Chain attack. (3) 

Chains are essentially combos except they are exclusive to the magical kind. For this trophy you just need to do three Chains with elemental attacks. Essentially, you can just use two weak forms of the elemental attacks (for example, Frost and Bolt, both of which cost 50SP) and you will cause a Chain. This must be executed three times. This trophy should most definitely unlock naturally as you play the game.

Chain Novice
You completed your very first Chain attack. 

Please read Chain Master for further information.

Secret Trophies
Eternal Timekeeper
You obtained every single trophy. Good job! Thanks for playing! 

Congratulations on saving your wedding and earning the Time and Eternity !

Miraculous Ending
You unlocked the special ending. Enjoy a long, happy life with Toki and Towa! (3) 

For this trophy you'll need to unlock the Special Ending for Time and Eternity. There are very specific requirements to do this, first let's breakdown what you must do to be able to aqcuire the Special Ending:

  • You must be playing on New Game+.
  • The Affection meter must be exactly in the centre.
Requirement Breakdown

New Game+
New Game+ is unlocked after you finish Time and Eternity once and save your file. In doing this you unlock this new mode which carries over your money, Gift Points and previously-learned abilities. However, all of your stats and levels will revert back to default settings. So, once you complete the game once, save, then on the main menu choose New Game+ and set the difficulty to 'Easy' (unless you messed up your chance at getting Winning Record in your first playthrough, otherwise you're free to use whichever difficulty you wish). There's no alterations in the game itself aside from the things that have carried over and the fact you have the possibility of getting the Special Ending. Since you'll be speedrunning, however, you'll be severely underleveled in boss fights. However, you don't actually need to grind. An easy method to win virtually any fight in the game as long as you have the Dragon Master Gift is as follows; use the 'Dragon of Insight' skill on the battlefield and use any or all of the following elemental attacks to initiate Chemistry: Bolt (enemy cannot use magic attacks), Frost (enemy cannot approach), Flame (enemy's physical defence and damage is lowered), and Stone (causes the enemy to be burned every few seconds).

Affection Meter
The Affection Meter becomes available when you first meet Towa, and can be viewed by pausing the game with and checking the Affection tab. There'll be a long thin meter and depending on how much you play with one character, it will slowly tip to their respective side; for example, if you played as Toki when the meter is in the direct centre, in time, the pointer will slowly begin to move towards Toki's side. Playing as Towa then afterwards will slowly make the meter go back to the centre, and eventually towards her side. The requirement for the Special Ending is to have the Affection meter in the direct centre. You'll know this if the pointer and the meter is flashing brightly. You'll have to do this just before the final battle, and when you're confident, go ahead to the final boss (the Affection meter will be unaffected by this battle regardless). To actually centre it, however, visit Memory Sites or partake in Sub-Quests, which balances it easily. Doing the first half of the final boss battle against Moebiusdrake and using the break in between to balance the Affection Meter is not an option, as all Sub-Quests and Memory Sites, etc. except for treasure chests disappear once you do this. Finally, don't worry that fighting Moebiusdrake as one of the girls will unbalance the Affection Meter; as long as you enter the first half with it balanced it'll remain so for the second half.

So when you have the Affection Meter in the direct centre on your New Game+ playthrough, proceed to fight the final boss and if done correctly, the Special Ending will follow. Note that whichever girl you choose in the ending is irrelevant as long as you have fulfilled these requirements.

Ultimate Love
Toki's 'Love' level is higher than ever! Now it's time to... (2) 

Throughout the whole game, both Toki and Towa will have a stat called their 'Love'. Press to bring up the menu, and in the Status tab, check the right column. You can view the amount of Love Points they have here. This is simply how high their affection towards Drake is. There are multiple ways to raise Toki or Towa's Love stat, which are: fighting as them in battle (raises their Love by 1), or viewing Memory Site/Home events with them (raises their Love by 10-15). As you can see it's extremely easy for this stat to skyrocket in your first playthrough with the amount of events you'll see so there's a massive chance these trophies will unlock in your first playthrough, or be very close to the required amount by the end. If you're in the case of the latter, simply fight a few battles (having Drake heal you is a surefire way to earn Love Points) until you surpass 200. However this shouldn't be the case.

Supreme Love
Towa's 'Love' level is higher than ever!Now it's time to... 

You must surpass 200 Love Points with Towa. Please read Ultimate Love for further details.

Royal Blood
Toki, Towa, and Drake have all reached level 70. (2) 

This trophy requires you to reach Level 70 with Toki, Towa, and Drake. All three characters level up equally so you don't need to worry about leveling each character separately. This may sound like a grind but thankfully leveling up in this game is a very easy task. You will easily reach Level 60+ through simple story progression and completing Sub-Quests in your first playthrough, where it is best to get this trophy out of the way. Knowing this, you can just grind out the last few Levels in a very short time. As you near the end of the game, there is a prime spot to grind, in Chapter 4. Undertake the Sub-Quest, The alley at twilight, from Schrodinger in the Back Alley of Kamza, which requires you to battle 5 Twilight Thieves. Apply the 'Bookworm Charm' item (available from the Kamza shops for 700 chronos), and kill 4 of these Thieves, but now move to the edge of the map to leave the area to cancel the Sub-Quest. Return to this area and the game will ask if you would like to re-attempt the Sub-Quest. Accept, and repeat the process until you reach Level 70. Using the item, you can earn 1,200 EXP from each Thief, totaling at roughly 4,800 EXP per run, meaning a guaranteed level up every time.

For efficiency in battle, however, equip any gear you have that makes your Magic Attack as high as possible (a Magic Attack stat of 650+ works wonders). Also, equip the Magic Boost skill and a 50SP elemental attack (preferably Flame). You don't need to worry about healing as Drake will do it automatically once per battle when your health is low, which is more than enough. When in battle, use Magic Boost to increase elemental attack damage, then use Flame. If successful, you should deal 30,000-40,000+ worth of damage on the enemy.

Ultimate Ending
You married Toki. 

For this trophy you need to get the normal ending with Toki. You should be getting this in your first playthrough. To trigger this ending, all you have to do is choose Toki when given the chance in the final few cutscenes before the final boss. Then, proceed to fight the boss and afterwards, you can enjoy Toki's ending. Although there are two separate endings in this playthrough, it is possible to get them all at once. You can simply save before going into the final boss against Moebius, choose one girl and earn the trophy, refrain from saving and simply reload the save to do it again with the other girl, earning you Supreme Ending for Towa as well.

Supreme Ending
You married Towa. 

Please read Ultimate Ending for further information.

Case Closed (Ch. 1)
You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 1. 

This trophy is missable.
Please read Case Closed Ch. 4 for further information and a breakdown of Sub-Quests.

Case Closed (Ch. 2)
You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 2. 

This trophy is missable.
Please read Case Closed Ch. 4 for further information and a breakdown of Sub-Quests.

Case Closed (Ch. 3)
You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 3. 

This trophy is missable.
Please read Case Closed Ch. 4 for further information and a breakdown of Sub-Quests.

Case Closed (Ch. 4)
You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 4. 

This trophy is missable.

The Sub-Quests in Time and Eternity are extremely basic and usually require you to either defeat a certain enemy or collect a material for the recipient. Sometimes they are as simple as going to someone and speaking to them. Here are the main types of Sub-Quest in Time and Eternity:

  • Fetch Quest: The recipient will ask Toki and Towa to find a certain material or item, sometimes held by enemies or indicated on a certain field's map for pick-up.
  • Bounty Quest: The recipient will ask Toki and Towa to kill a certain amount of enemies in a specific field. When the required amount are killed, Toki and Towa must report back to the recipient. Later on in the game, the recipient will ask them to kill a boss, or even multiple bosses.
  • Rendezvous Quest: The recipient will ask Toki and Towa to speak to a certain person. This is usually the entirety of the Sub-Quest and is the easiest form of Sub-Quest.
  • Delivery Quest: The recipient will ask Toki and Towa to deliver an item to a certain person, sometimes these people can be found in fields rather than towns.

These are the basic forms of Sub-Quests in the game whilst there are a few unique requests here and there. As you progress you'll be asked to do more difficult or daring things, which if you find problems with, just comes down to acquainting yourself better with the battle system.

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