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Guide By: OnceFallen
There are 8 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
-Offline (breakdown): 8 (4 Bronze Trophy, 2 Silver Trophy, 2 Gold Trophy)
-Online (breakdown): 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 30 Minutes
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 (One of each game)
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
Packaged along with the Sly Collection is a set of minigames associated with the game (to some degree I suppose). These games are all Move compatible, but do not require you to have the Move to play them as a regular controller works as well (and in some of the games, actually better than a Move controller would). Mainly the games are target shooting related with small variations and a "racing" type one. The trophies associated along with these games are all play & score related. All of them are EXTREMELY easy and should pose little to no problem to complete in a very short period of time.

Step 1: Unlock All The Mini-Games
The first thing you need to do is unlock the 3 locked games. In order to do this, you must first play all 3 titles. You do not have to beat them, just play through each of their "prologue" levels and beat them to get the trophies associated with doing so. For part 2 & 3, you just need to finish the prologue itself, but for part 1, you have to start the next mission before it unlocks.

Step 2: Play Each Game Once
Play one game of each mini-game to get "play" trophy for each and to get a feel for each one. While playing them, make sure to try to get the "score" related trophies associated with each one as they are very easy and shouldn't be much of a problem even on your first try. After you play a game of each mini-game, you will get Treasure Hunter, Trained Student, Where Is Penelope? & Interpol Rookie.

Step 3: Clean-Up
Doubt you will need this step as the point challenges for each game are very easy, but if you are missing a trophy here, go back to that game and get it now. After you have all of them, enjoy your 100%.
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Treasure Hunter
Play Treasure Snagging! 

In order to unlock the "Treasure Snagging!" mini-game at the menu, you must first play Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves (After I finished the prologue, it was unlocked). After it's unlocked, just start a game of it and the trophy will pop!


Move it!
Score 5,000 points in Treasure Snagging 

In the mini-game, coins will fall from the top of the screen. You must put your crosshairs on the coin, hit the button to activate it, then tilt the controller backwards towards you (it will give a demonstration on screen) to obtain that coin and 500 points. During the game, a star will fall as well that you will want to make sure you get (in the same method as the coins) as it is worth 1000 points. Just get 5000 or more points by the end of the game and the trophy will pop!


Trained Student
Play Guru Dart Shooter 

In order to unlock the "Guru Dart Shooter" mini-game at the menu, you must first play Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves (After I finished the prologue, it was unlocked). After it's unlocked, just start a game of it and the trophy will pop!


Pink Hippo Mash
Score 6,000 points in Guru Dart Shooter 

In the mini-game, your goal is to hit the enemies with your dart shooter while avoid hitting the Guru. There is a picture at the start of the game to show you who is who. Once the game starts, just use your crosshairs to shoot () all the enemies that pop up on the screen (each is worth 250 points). Occasionally a red bat will fly across the top of the screen and is worth 1000 points if you hit it. Just keep shooting everything while avoiding the Guru's until you get 6000 points. Once you do, the trophy will pop!

Where is Penelope?
Play Bentley RC Race (2) 

Just play a game of "Bentley RC Race" and the trophy will pop!

Remote Controlled Turtle
Score 8,000 points in Bentley RC Race (1) 

In the mini-game, you will control an RC helicopter that you must navigate through "rings" while avoiding depth charge type mines scattered throughout the air. Each ring is worth 200 points, while every mine you hit will take away 100 points and destroy your helicopter (hitting objects around the screen will destroy your helicopter as well), causing you to disappear from the course for a second. At the end of the "race", there is a checkered flag ring that is worth 1000 points. Keep going hitting all the rings and avoiding all the mines until you get 8,000 points or more. Once you do, the trophy will pop!


Interpol Rookie
Play Interpol Target Practice 

In order to unlock the "Interpol Target Practice" mini-game at the menu, you must first play Sly Cooper And The Thievius Racoonus (After I finished the prologue and started the next case, it unlocked). After it's unlocked, just start a game of it and the trophy will pop!


Carmelita Crime Crunch
Score 7,000 points in Interpol Target Practice 

This is very easy as I missed the entire first target sequence and still almost doubled the required points needed by the end. In the mini-game, your goal is to shoot () the target on screen with your crosshairs. If you can hit the target in the absolute middle of it's hole, it will give you additional points, so try to hit there, but don't waste time lining up shots just for that reason. Just follow the target around the screen and keep shooting it until you get 7,000 or more points. Once you do, the trophy will pop!


Game Info
Sanzaru Games


US November 02, 2010
Europe November 26, 2010
Japan January 27, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-4
ESRB: Everyone
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