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The Last of Us Trophy Guide
Guide By: Breadskin & TheFlyingToaster; AshtimusPrime (DLC)
There are 34 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated Platinum difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline trophies: 19 (5, 9, 5)
  • Online trophies: 5 (1, 2, 2) [ Online Pass Required]
  • Approximate amount of time to : 40-70+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, via Chapter Select
  • Glitched trophies: A large number of trophies are glitched at the moment. See the note at the top of the walkthrough.
  • Do trophies stack: Yes
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: Yes


From the creators of Uncharted, The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's latest new game. A survival horror action adventure, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2033. The world is plagued by a cordyceps fungi virus, turning humans into zombie-like creatures. You the player take control of Joel, a survivor who, due to unforeseen circumstances, must trek across a destroyed United States in order to escort a young girl named Ellie to a resistance group known as the Fireflies.

Trophy wise, Naughty Dogs does away the tradition of having a list composed of weapon kills related trophies as with their Uncharted series. Instead, not only are the trophies in this game significantly less in numbers from the usual amount for a retail game, a majority of the trophies in The Last of Us are collectibles related. Multiplayer trophies are also included in this list, in which you will have to spend a number of hours on it if you wish to obtain the platinum.

TL;DR - It's amazing go buy it holy shit.


**A note about glitches**

Some, if not all of the games trophies are somewhat glitchy at the moment. Basically the collectible trophies, end game trophies and potentially the bronze online trophies are all very glitched. As such, the best thing you can do to minimize any chance of your trophies glitching is to not download any patches for this game.

For the Single player it is recommended that you play offline, and don’t download any patches for now. Also, for the difficulty related trophies, at the end of the game make sure to sit through the whole of the credits. If they don’t pop for you delete the patch (if it was downloaded) and replay the last chapter, again sitting through the credits. For the collectible trophies, try to get all the main ones for the "Scavenger" trophy in one playthrough and on one save and try not to switch around saves during the playthrough. If they do glitch on you, there is a chance they will pop on a later playthrough from picking up a random collectible like some did for us. Other than that your best bet is to make back ups for your game saves, delete them and start fresh collecting them again.

Step 1 - Play through the game on any difficulty:

You need to play through the single player a minimum of 2 times to get all of the trophies. This is because survivor won't be unlocked for you until you have beaten the game once on any other difficulty. You can choose which difficulty you want to play on but Easy will obviously give you the easiest time, it also makes some of the other trophies simpler if you do them on this playthrough as opposed to your second one on Survivor difficulty. You can feel free to play on normal or hard if you choose to though.

As there are a huge amount of collectibles that you will need to collect, you can decide which playthrough you want to dedicate to collecting them. The collectibles are slightly easier on the first playthrough as you have to clear out certain areas of enemies. Also supplies are low and you don't want to run into a door on survivor that you can't make a shiv for. For this reason It's recommended you at least do shiv doors on your first run for "Master of Unocking" , and the rest of the collectibles if you wish to give yourself the easiest run to the plat. Everything is doable on survivor though if you wish to play for your first time without worrying about anything and fully immerse yourself in an amazing game. You just have to be aware that you need to be thorough in your search for supplies to open every door on Survivor, and not waste shivs on enemy clickers as there are occasionally collectibles behind these doors. All of the collectibles for "Scavenger" should currently be done in the same playthrough to minimise chances of it glitching on you, whichever playthrough it is that you choose.

As you should be doing on every playthrough, it is recommended that you take the time to explore each area and collect any and all collectibles/loot that you can find. This will help you find enough upgrade parts/supplements to work towards "Everything we've been through" and "For emergencies only" for maxing out Joel and his weapons. The optional conversations and Ellie's jokes can be done on either playthrough but they are pretty fun trophies to do on your first playthrough. The extra dialogue gives you more interaction between the characters, adding to the story in subtle ways. Doing both of those gets you "I want to talk about it" and "That’s all I got" .

The only other thing you have to do on this playthrough is enjoy the hell out of a masterpiece that Naughty Dog has created.

Step 2 - Play through the game on Survivor+ difficulty:

Once you've finally beaten the game, Survivor difficulty will be unlocked for you to play as a new game. Fortunately, rather than having to play through the game once on Survivor difficulty before Survivor+ is offered to you, there is a work around that you can do to start your second playthrough on Survivor+. Please refer to "The Last of Us - Survivor +" for details. Completing the game a second time using this workaround will unlock any and all of the other difficulty trophies beneath it; both completing the game and NG+ difficulty related trophies. Note that by using this "trick", you will also retain all of your upgrades for Joel and his weapons on this playthrough.

For a more detailed tips/information on Survivor difficulty, please see "No Matter What - Survivor" in the guide.

The main focus of this playthrough should be collecting supplements to max out Joel for "Everything we've been through" and also collecting as many parts as you can to upgrade all your weapons for "For emergencies only" . Also you should do any of the other single player trophies in this step that you didn't complete in the first such as jokes/conversations/collectibles.

Step 3 - Play through New Game++ if needed:

This step is only required if you haven't finished upgrading all your weapons which there is a chance you won't have after 2 playthroughs, you can though if you're thorough enough with your looting. If you didn't you need to play a 3rd playthrough up to the point that you complete your last upgrade. For this playthrough you can lower the difficulty to whatever you choose if you don't want to keep playing on survivor. It's recommended for this step since supplies are more plentiful on lower difficulties.

Step 4 - Collectibles clean up, via Chapter Select:

If after two playthroughs you still haven't gotten all 141 collectibles in The Last of Us, grab the ones you're missing via Chapter Select. Don't worry if you don't know which collectible you are missing exactly, as the Chapter Select menu will let you know. It does not matter which difficulty you select.

Step 5 - Online:

Next you need to venture into the online portion of the game. You’ll need to survive as both factions to complete their journey, which basically requires you play a lot as each faction. The other two trophies will come naturally along the way. See "Hunter" for information about the online.

[PST Would Like to Thank Breadskin & TheFlyingToaster for this Roadmap]


Left Behind DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal opinion)
  • Trophies (all offline): 10 (9 , 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to completion: 2-4 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Chapter Select is available)
  • Glitched trophies: 2 - BFFs and Picked Clean
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, difficulty trophies stack
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available


Before you can play Naughty Dog's first (and only for The Last of Us) story-based DLC you first need to download Patch 1.06. Unfortunately this patch seems to reset to zero all the statistics listed in the main game's menu. The only statistics left untouched are the ones listed under Collectibles and the Conversations. It is unknown at this time if this affects any trophies for the main game. Just to be safe, make sure you don't install the patch until you have earned all offline trophies for the main game. Please see the following thread for the latest updates: LINK

Some users have also reported the DLC not installing. Please see the following thread for the solution to this problem: LINK

Once installed, you can access Left Behind from the game's main menu.

Step 1 - Complete the game and obtain all miscellaneous trophies

As with the main game there are four difficulty levels. Survivor is unlocked from the very beginning so you can play the game on this setting and potentially earn all 10 trophies in one playthrough. There are no character or weapon upgrades to be made and no New Game+ to choose after your first completion.

There are four trophies for completing the game on the relevant difficulty, two related to collectibles (artifacts and conversations) and four miscellaneous trophies that can be easy to miss first time round. These 4 should pop in this order, assuming you complete them successfully:

Brick Master
Nobody's Perfect
Angel Knives

Try and get the collectibles in one playthrough. As with the main game, some users have reported the trophies BFFs and Picked Clean not popping when they should be when they use Chapter Select.

Move on to Step 2 if you missed any trophies, collectibles or completed the game on a difficulty lower than Survivor.

Step 2 - Clean up

If your first playthrough was on any difficulty below Survivor then you will need to do another playthrough on that setting. With one playthrough to your name you'll be very familiar with the game and should have no problem completing the game in around two hours.

If you missed any collectibles or one of the trophies related to a mini-game, then you can use the Chapter Select feature to grab anything you might have missed. Make sure you create a separate save and not overwrite the original one, because overwriting the original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles.

- For the video guides.

[PST Would Like to Thank AshtimusPrime for this Roadmap]

It can't be for nothing
Platinum Trophy (72) 

As with other games, collect all other trophies to unlock this trophy. Congrats!

Look for the Light
Find all Firefly Pendants (11) 

Firefly pendants are a type of silver necklace/dog tag worn by firefly members. There are 30 of these pendants hidden throughout the the game for you to find. Unlike the others, firefly pendants are probably some of the better hidden collectibles in this game. As with every other collectible object in this game, firefly pendants glow and shimmer within the environment to indicate that they are objects that can be picked up. Firefly pendants appear as in the game.

They are often found hanging from trees (which you can throw a bottle/brick or shoot down to drop them), tucked away in a corner a ways off from your current objective, or found underwater during the water sections. In short, they are often hard to spot. The pick-up looks like the firefly symbol (see the trophy image for an example). They are covered in detail by chapter in the following guide (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

Endure and Survive
Collect all comics (3) 

Comic books serve as another collectible in this game. There are 14 of these comic books hidden throughout the game for you to find. As with every other collectible object in this game, the comic books glow and shimmer within the environment to indicate that they are objects that can be picked up. Comic books appear as in the game.

You will start running into comic books as a collectible during a cutscene at the end of Chapter 4. Ellie will be reading a comic book and complain about the “To be continued....” at the end. After this point you can find the rest scattered throughout the game for her to read. They look like a little speech bubble icon when you go to pick them up. Unfortunately, these comic books serve as just eye candy; you cannot read them. They are covered in detail by chapter in this guide (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

It was all just lying there
Find all artifacts (14) 

Artifacts serve as another collectible in this game. There are 85 of these hidden throughout the game for you to find. As with every other collectible object in this game, artifacts glow and shimmer within the environment to indicate that they are objects that can be picked up. Artifacts appear as in the game.

Artifacts is a pretty general term for the types of things you’ll be picking up. It pretty much covers everything else that isn’t a pendant, manual, or a comic. Artifacts vary from notes, maps, voice recorders, maps, etc. It is recommended that you take the time to read and examine each piece of artifact that you collect, as they add a lot on the backstory of the world before the apocalyptic breakdown, or during it. The pick-up icon for these looks like a note/piece of paper. They are covered in detail by chapter in this guide (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

I got this
Find all training manuals (5) 

Training manuals serve as another collectible in this game. There are 12 of these hidden throughout the game for you to find. As with every other collectible object in this game, training manuals glow and shimmer within the environment to indicate that they are objects that can be picked up. Training manuals appear as in the game.

Training manuals grants Joel bonuses to the items that he can craft. They boost things such as adding extra durability on your shivs, extra radius on bombs, and so on. Training manuals look like a small yellow book icon when you go to pick them up. They are covered by chapter in this guide (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

Found all collectibles (23) 

As you can probably tell from this game's trophy list, a majority of The Last of Us' trophies are from collectibles. There are many types of collectibles in this game, a total of 141. Collecting all the collectibles for one type unlocks you a trophy (see below), collecting all four types will unlock you this trophy. It should be noted that while the game is pretty generous at throwing out checkpoints, picking up a collectible does not automatically trigger a save until you reach a checkpoint. So with that said, you should always be careful and make sure to recollect and double check the collectibles you’re picking up in an area after you die.

Also note that collectibles are saved on Naughty Dog's servers, so progress for all collectibles carries across all difficulties. What this means is if you collected a majority of the collectibles on your first playthrough and then proceed to collect the ones you are missing on a completely different difficulty, it'll count towards your progress and unlock you your trophy if you've collected everything.

Warning: As of right now however certain trophies including this appear to be glitchy. So it's recommended you do them all on one playthrough without patch 1.01 downloaded to minimise the risk.


  • 85 Artifacts (See "It was all just lying there" for details)
  • 30 Firefly Pendants (See "Look for the Light" for details)
  • 14 Comic Books (See "Endure and Survive" for details)
  • 12 Training Manuals (See "I got this" for details)

You can view how many collectibles you are missing through Chapter Select. Unfortunately, you cannot see which ones you are missing individually in the Chapter Select menu. To check and view which ones you are missing individually, you can do so by rummaging through Joel's backpack.

All of the collectibles are covered chapter by chapter in this guide to help you on your playthrough (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

Let's gear up
Craft every item (4) 

Crafting is a pretty key mechanic in this game. As you explore each area in the game, you will find supplies that you can pick up. In addition to ammo amongst other things, these items can usually be found in desk drawers or cabinets (which you can interact with ), in deserted residences, or especially inside shiv doors. These can be combined together once you have enough of each to create other items. Initially, only the recipe for First Aids will be available to you. Recipes for the other items will become unlocked and become available to you as you progress through the game. The earliest you can get this trophy is the beginning of chapter 5, when you get the final recipe by picking up the smoke bomb.


You can craft items anytime in the game by opening up your backpack with , or selecting an item you wish to craft with the D-Pad. Note that you can only carry a maximum of 3 items of each type.

The types of items you can craft are:

  • Melee Upgrade - Any Melee Weapon + Blade + Binding
  • Shiv - Blade + Binding
  • Health Kit - Rag + Alcohol
  • Molotov Cocktail - Rag + Alcohol
  • Bomb - Blade + Explosive
  • Smoke Bomb - Explosive + Sugar

This trophy is easy enough and should come naturally in your first playthrough. Simply craft each item at least once to unlock this trophy.

Master of Unlocking
Unlock all shiv doors (12) 

Shiv doors are doors, or rather rooms, you will come across in the game. Just as they are described, shiv doors can only be opened by having a shiv in your inventory. Although they aren't exactly collectibles, they serve as treasure rooms since as you are probably aware by now, supplies in this game are realistically scarce. They are almost always worth opening on all playthroughs as they contain good loot such as upgrade parts, supplements, ammo, and the occasional collectible.

There are 13 of these located throughout the game and they need a shiv at full durability to be opened. On Survivor difficulty, supplies are a lot rarer so you’ll want to save your shivs for these doors if you want to open them all, as opposed to wasting them on enemy Clickers. You'll also have to be pretty thorough in order to find enough parts to make a shiv for each door. This is why it would be beneficial to open them all on your first playthrough on a lower difficulty, so it’s not a big deal if you miss one on future playthroughs.

For a full list of the shiv doors see here (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

Everything we've been through
Fully upgrade Joel with supplements (11) 

Supplements, or drug enhancements, are what you use to improve and enhance Joel's efficiency in combat. Throughout the game you will find supplements scattered around. They come in the form of drug prescription bottles within buildings, or as plants if found in the outdoor areas. Supplements appear as in the game, and they come in increments of either 5's or 10's.

Once you have picked up enough of these, you can use them to "purchase" upgrades for Joel. As with everything else, the upgrade menu can be accessed through your backpack via .

Survivor Upgrades:

  • Maximum Health: 50 > 100
  • Crafting Speed: 25 > 30 > 50
  • Healing Speed: 30 > 40 > 50
  • Weapon Sway: 50 > 100
  • Shiv Master: 75 > 150 (upgrading this is not required for this trophy)

Note that upgrades vary slightly on the different difficulties, upgrading listening distance won't be available on Survivor for example. But, this is compensated for as the prices vary slightly.

That said you will need to go into New Game+ to max out Joel. You should definitely make sure you save shivs for the shiv doors when you can on both playthroughs, because as we've mentioned several times, they always contain nice loot and usually a nice amount of supplements.

For emergencies only
Fully upgrade all weapons (26) 

You’re introduced to workbenches pretty early in the game. These are dotted throughout each chapter and can be used to upgrade your weapons using parts. Work benches are the only time you will be able to upgrade your weapons. Upgrade parts can be found just pretty much anywhere and everywhere in this game, coming in increments of 1's, 5's, 10's, 25's, and 50's. Salvageable or upgrade parts appear as in the game. You will need a total of 2,510 parts to get all of the upgrades.

As with supplements, to completely max out all your weapons you will need to at least venture into a New Game+, which you should be doing anyway for the New Game+ completion trophies. If you are thorough enough in your exploring and looting, you should be able to wrap this up sometime during the later half of your second playthrough. If not, you will have to go into a third and play until you get enough parts. As a result of this you might want to leave some of the early weapons until last (eg. 9mm, Revolver etc.) so that you don't have to wait till later in the game to get other weapons before finishing them (Thanks diagnonsense for pointing this out).

Keep in mind however that even if you have enough parts to upgrade a weapon, a lot of the upgrades will require various tool kit levels. As you may have noticed in the upgrade menu, some upgrades have a requirement; these are the tool kits required. Although tool kits are somewhat a collectible in the game and must be picked up in order to unlock the next tier of unlocks for you, they appear in locations that are relatively hard to miss. The max tool kit level is 5 but there are more than 5 tool kits to find in case you do miss some. These do carry over to New Game+ so you won’t have to pick them up again.

Here is a list of the different weapons/upgrades and their costs:

-Weapon Holsters (purchasing these is not required for this trophy)
Pistol: 75
Long Gun: 75

-9mm Pistol (Chapter 2)
Reload Speed: 15 > 20 > 25
Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 40
Clip Capacity: 15 > 20 > 30 > 40

-Revolver (Chapter 3)
Reload Speed: 15 > 20 > 30
Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 40

-Shorty (Chapter 6)
Reload Speed: 15 > 30
Fire Rate: 30 > 40 > 50
Clip Capacity: 20 > 30 > 40 > 50
Recoil: 20 > 30
Spread: 20 > 30 > 40 > 50

-El Diablo (Chapter 7)
Reload Speed: 15 > 25
Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 50
Clip Capacity: 30 > 50
Armour Piercing: 75 > 75

-Hunting Rifle (Chapter 3)
Reload Speed: 15 > 30
Clip Capacity: 20 > 40
Scope: 25 > 35
Armour Piercing: 75 > 75
Power: 60

-Shotgun (Chapter 4)
Reload Speed: 20 > 30 > 40
Fire Rate: 15 > 40 > 50
Clip Capacity: 15 > 30 > 40 > 50
Recoil: 20 > 40
Range: 30 > 50

-Bow (Chapter 4)
Reload Speed: 30
Range: 20 > 30 > 50
Draw Speed: 20 > 30 > 50

-Flame Thrower (Chapter 8)
Reload Speed: 20 > 40
Range: 40
Power: 60

Total Parts Required: 2,510 parts

For reference here is a list of tool kit locations if you wish to use it (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

I want to talk about it
Engage in all optional conversations (31) 

Throughout the game there are many occasions where you can engage in conversations with allies or objects in the world. There are 37 of these in total that count towards this trophy. There are actually more of these conversation pop ups that you will run across in the game, but aside from the 37 required ones, these do not count towards the trophy. Note that there are a couple of "conversation prompts" where a conversation icon won't appear to notify you (eg. the darts). You will still however need to interact and trigger these conversations as they count towards the trophy.
You will know an optional conversation can be triggered when a prompt appears overhead your allies.

It can seem confusing at first but luckily for you the complete list of the conversations that count towards this trophy can be found here (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

No Matter What - Easy
Complete the game on Easy 

See "No Matter What - Survivor" for details.

No Matter What - Normal
Complete the game on Normal 

See "No Matter What - Survivor" for details.

No Matter What - Hard
Complete the game on Hard (25) 

See "No Matter What - Survivor" for details.

No Matter What - Survivor
Complete the game on Survivor (19) 

Please see "The Last of Us - Survivor +" for details in how to play your second playthrough on Survivor+ difficulty.

Survivor is the hardest difficulty offered in The Last of Us. It won’t be unlocked from the start so you will need to beat the game on any of the other difficulties first. Some of the main things that make survivor more difficult are the fact supplies are a lot rarer and enemies have better hearing/awareness when you try to stealth. Also note that the Listening ability is disabled so you can’t "view" or "listen" on nearby enemies through walls. Enemies generally go down in the same amount of hits as Normal for example, and there aren’t more enemies added to areas. '

Please refer to our Survival Guide for some general tips to keep in mind when playing on Survivor. Included in the guide are also some strategies on how to get through some of the harder sections in the game on Survivor difficulty.

The Last of Us - Easy +
Complete the game on Easy + (1) 

See The Last of Us - Survivor + for details.

The Last of Us - Normal +
Complete the game on Normal + (4) 

See The Last of Us - Survivor + for details.

The Last of Us - Hard +
Complete the game on Hard + 

See The Last of Us - Survivor + for details.

The Last of Us - Survivor +
Complete the game on Survivor + (91) 

To get the game thinking you're on a Survivor+ run without having to finish the game once through Survivor difficulty, do the following:

  1. Delete any patches you have installed (Patch 1.01 as of writing this)
  2. Start a New Game+
  3. Complete Chapter 1 of the game, Hometown
  4. As soon as Chapter 2 begins (20 Years Later), pause the game and save. Exit to the main menu
  5. Choose Chapter Select and select the first chapter "Hometown"
  6. Notice you can now select Survivor difficulty? Select it and play the game from this point on to the end.

Credits to Johnwess from GameFAQs for discovering this method, and LG17 Booda in bringing it to our attention.

With the exception of your weapons (which you will have to pick up again), you will retain all of your upgrades from your first playthrough. Meaning any weapon upgrades you've made with upgrade parts or supplements used to increase Joel's survival skills, will carry over. Completing your second playthrough using this method will also earn you this trophy, as well as all the difficulty trophies under it (meaning all the regular and New Game+ trophies).

Survivor + should not pose too much of an issue especially with your upgraded guns and training manuals.

That said all the tips for Survivor still apply to Survivor+. Please See "No Matter What - Survivor" for more details.

Knowing the Basics
Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find match (10) 

The online has 2 game modes. For this trophy you simply need to win each of them once. See "Hunter" for more information about the online.

Supply Raid - This is pretty much your traditional Team Deathmatch. 4v4 first to 20 kills.

Survivors - If you’re familiar with Uncharted then this is basically Elimination. It’s 4v4, first to win 4 rounds. Each round puts the tasks to each team to eliminate the other with no respawns on death.

Build your clan to 40 people in Factions (37) 

In the online you have to first pick a faction to align yourself with and then build the clan up in numbers. For this trophy you need to hit 40 survivors in your clan. Your clan needs a certain number of supplies to remain fully healthy each day (each MP match). This number varies depending on how many people are on your clan, so you need a lot more supplies per game to keep a large clan healthy. Exceed the the target each round to make your clan grow.

Supplies are in game. You earn them by picking them up off of falling enemies that you either killed or assisted on the kill. Also the number of parts you earn during a MP match (basically your score for everything you do in the match) is converted to supplies at the end of a match. These are converted regardless of whether or not you spend them on mid round upgrades or ammo so feel free to spend them all.

See "Hunter" for more information on the multiplayer.

Complete the Firefly Journey (62) 

See "Hunter" for details.

Complete the Hunter Journey (44) 

The online portion of this game is called "Factions". You start by having to align yourself to either the Firefly or Hunter faction. This alignment is permanent until you either complete the multiplayer journey with that faction or your clan gets wiped out and you fail. The multiplayer can be a little confusing at first but you can mostly just play normally if you want to and not worry about other things except the missions that pop up.

For this trophy the main things you need to know are that you must have at least 1 survivor at all times in your clan or you fail. The main risks of failure come in the form of missions that threaten the population of your clan. You will initially run into missions that can improve the population of your clan with no risk and 60% population risk missions; both of which you can really just ignore. The missions you should worry about are the 100% risk ones. You will run into around 5 of these 100% population risk missions. From our experiences with the multiplayer, the exact days as to when these 100% risk missions occurs varies, but they always appear during the following weeks:

  • Week 6
  • Week 8
  • Week 10
  • Week 11
  • Week 12

You cannot fail these or you will fail the Journey. You must survive for 12 in game weeks (1 match = 1 in game day so a total of 84 matches).

The missions require you to complete challenges within 3 in game days (3 matches). You should save the easiest missions for when there is 100% risk (see Faction Missions spoiler tags for recommended missions). If you do end up about to fail one of these missions and have your clan wiped out you can quit to XMB from the game and it won't count as a day, giving you another chance to finish the challenge (Credits to heartagram_62 for figuring this out).

Skipping Days: I don't like recommending this too much as it may hamper the experience for others, but it is currently a method that allows you to get through the multiplayer quicker. By leaving the game from the pause menu, you can skip a match while progressing the Journey by a day. Doing this consistently will cause your clan to get hungry/sick and eventually die so you have to play periodically after every few skipped matches. Also you still need to complete the important missions that come up (specifically any that pose 100% risk to your clan population). You can keep your clan numbers hovering low in the single digits as when you do play games at this number, it will rise significantly allowing you to skip the next few at least. (Credits to DeGarmo2 for coming up with this idea).

As for the game mode to play it's largely down to preference but as a recommendation Supply Raid is more consistent. The games are a bit quicker in general and It's easier to work towards certain mission goals etc. Sometimes in Survivors you can have a game be over before you know it and not really see many enemies if your team does all the work. This is just a preference though and if you find the opposite works for you then you can go for that.

Faction Missions:

  • These missions usually happen once every week, sometimes twice (In game week = 7 multiplayer matches). These vary in their consequences to your clan. Sometimes the results will determine how many new people join your clan. More often It's how many will die to an attack or disease outbreak.
  • You get to choose which mission you go for each time. There are a set number of missions such as getting downs, executes, downs with specific weapons etc. Each has 3 tiers (eg. 3 downs, 6 downs and 9 downs) and you have to achieve the best one you can within 3 matches. The higher tier you get the better result for your clan.
  • You can pick the same ones more than once, for example you can pick the challenge to get downs with your favourite weapon. Each time you pick them though the tier requirements go up for next time making them harder to achieve, so you shouldn't go too far focusing on just one mission.
  • Save the easiest ones for later in the Journey when there are missions that pose 100% risk to your clan.

Some easy missions include:

  • Downs - incapacitating enemies
  • Executions - finishing off enemies that are in incapacitated status
  • Marks - aiming with a weapon and marking them in-game with for all your teammates to see
  • Downs with a specific weapon
  • Failure in these can get you wiped out. Pick harder ones on missions with no consequence, such as one that only have a positive outcome (Your clan gets new member and the tier you achieve just determines how many).

Gameplay Tips:

  • It’s a Naughty Dog game but don’t approach the online thinking It’s Uncharted, or the majority of other shooter for that matter. It plays similar to the single player in that things are slower paced and more calculated.
  • Supply points are marked on the map and you should use them when you can. If you can get the items to craft a Molotov or bomb it can be an insta-kill if you land it. Look for supplies and make use of the craft function.
  • Move slow. Sprinting makes you show up as a big red dot on the radar. You can jog while standing up though to move a bit faster and not show up on the radar.
  • A limited variation of the listen function is in the MP. Use it with to spot enemies through the walls, enemies will show up even if they're crouch walking (unless they have the survivor skill that negates it). This is something I've noticed playing the MP, that other people don't use this feature very often so you should take advantage of that.
  • Enemies need to be downed and then executed to secure the kill. While down, a player can be revived by his teammate. Running up to a downed enemy and executing with triangle gives you a better execute and more supplies but puts you at risk so only do it when there isn’t the chance of other enemies being around. Otherwise it’s better to just shoot them again while downed to secure the kill.
  • It can be fun to bait enemies with revives by downing their teammate and leaving them till help arrives, but don’t let the kill get away as you can crawl slowly when downed.
  • Make good use of mid round upgrades. As you earn supplies in each game you can purchase upgrades from you backpack or while waiting to respawn. Things like Armor, or a special weapon like the shotgun can be big advantages so don’t forget about them. You can also upgrade your starting weapons to have better fire rate/reload speed etc, and if you are ever low you can always buy ammo for any of your guns.
  • Make sure you loot enemy bodies to get extra supplies etc. Again these are the that show up in game. They show as blue dots on your map as well.
  • Don’t forget the “Mark” tool. When aiming press to mark enemies and increase your score. It will also let your team know their location and you'll get credited with "Mark kills" if an ally kills them.
Secret Trophies
That's all I got
Survive all of Ellie's jokes (25) 

Starting from Chapter 5 and onwards, there will be moments in which Ellie will attempt to lighten the mood by pulling out her joke books to tell you some jokes. There are 5 instances where Ellie will do so, and these are triggered the same way you trigger the optional conversations with the prompt.

For this trophy, you need to trigger each of these events and listen to her jokes at each location. There are 4 in Chapter 5 and 1 final one later on in Chapter 6. For a list of each location see the following guide (Credits to Wozamil):

The Last of Us Collectibles Guide & Shiv Doors/Optional Conversations/Joke locations

DLC: Left Behind
Cost: 14.99 Trophies: 10
Don’t Go - Easy
Finish Left Behind on Easy 

Self-explanatory. Complete the game on Easy and this trophy will pop. See Don't Go - Survivor for gameplay tips.

Don’t Go - Normal
Finish Left Behind on Normal 

Self-explanatory. Complete the game on Normal and this trophy will pop. See Don't Go - Survivor for gameplay tips.

Don’t Go - Hard
Finish Left Behind on Hard  

Self-explanatory. Complete the game on Hard and this trophy will pop. See Don’t Go - Survivor for gameplay tips.

Don’t Go - Survivor
Finish Left Behind on Survivor (3) 

Anyone who has completed Survivor in the main game will find this familiar territory. Because you will be playing as Ellie, there are a couple little changes you will need to make to your tactics. Ellie has a very limited arsenal and cannot upgrade any weapon or use supplements to upgrade areas such as health and faster crafting. For this reason you will be using your switchblade and bricks most of the time.


  • Always maintain a stealth approach whenever possible. It's a lot easier to sneak behind an enemy (carefully tilt the ) and press to instantly kill them with your switchblade, then it is to try and shoot your way through an area.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of a brick. When you come across your first real combat test you don't have any bullets and the enemies are coming straight for you. Throw a brick against the first enemy and whilst it's stunned, run up to it and press to kill it with your switchblade. This first enemy will drop bullets for your gun. Always aim for the head to conserve ammo and kill with one shot.
  • The brick can also be an effective melee weapon. Press with a brick equipped to melee an enemy.
  • Don't run straight towards human enemies. It makes you an easy target for them to fire at. Fire at them or preferably, try and get behind them for a sneak attack.
  • If you're spotted or overwhelmed, run away, find cover and try to sneak to other areas of cover. The enemies will always head towards where they last saw you so make sure you stay on the move to stay ahead of them.
  • Listening mode is disabled on Survivor. If you're going for a pre-Survivor playthrough then you'll easily learn the locations of enemies and when they'll appear. Don't worry if you jump straight into Survivor though. The game doesn't throw anything particularly difficult at you and you should find Survivor an appropriate challenge without the need for Listen mode.
  • The bow makes a welcome return so use this when you have a clear shot. The bow is silent, can kill an unsuspecting enemy with one shot and most importantly you can recover your arrows (assuming one didn't break on impact). This is especially useful as ammo is very scarce.
  • As well as ammo, supplies in general are very scarce. Search every corner of every room and corridor to find as many supplies as possible. During my Survivor run I was only able to make one First Aid kit and one Molotov (these two items use the same supplies, so you could make two of either one). Prioritise First Aid kits as you will be needing them more, although small health snacks can be found to replenish small amounts of health.
  • There are no Shiv doors in Left Behind so don't save any scissors you find, use them to make a Bomb instead. I didn't feel the need to make a Smoke Bomb so don't waste any explosive materials on crafting one.
  • There will be a number of times where an area will contain both human and Infected enemies. The game is littered with bottles and bricks so use these to your advantage. Throw one of these to lure any Infected enemies to human enemies and enjoy the show! Whilst they're fighting each other, you may see an opportunity to make a run for the exit.

The difficulty trophies stack so completing the game on Survivor will unlock all the lower difficulty's trophies. These trophies will unlock after the game's credits have rolled.

All optional conversations found in Left Behind (7) 

Possible glitch
Some users have reported that this trophy doesn't pop when it should so when using Chapter Select, ensure you create a separate save and don't overwrite the original. This is because overwriting your original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles. Try and get them all in one playthrough to avoid any issues.

Throughout the game there are occasions where you can engage in a conversation with Riley or make a comment on an object. You will see a prompt to initiate the conversation, pf which there are 14. If you miss one, you can use chapter select to recover it.

See Picked Clean for a text guide of their locations.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Picked Clean
All Left Behind collectibles found (2) 

Possible glitch
Some users have reported that this trophy doesn't pop when it should so when using Chapter Select, ensure you create a separate save and don't overwrite the original. This is because overwriting your original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles. Try and get them all in one playthrough to avoid any issues.

Described in game as 'artifacts', the collectibles are notes and recorders that are intended to add some background to the game's story and characters. The first three collectibles are story-related but the rest can be missed. Luckily you can use Chapter Select to collect any that you miss. The Chapter Select screen lists how many artifacts there are in each chapter and how many you have collected.

See below for a text guide of the locations of both the artifacts and the optional conversations (see BFFs for additional information). The guide is listed in the order that you will come across both.

Chapter 1 - Back in a Flash

  • Combination Note - Story-related. When you first get control of Ellie, head up the escalator to the second level and head towards the pharmacy. Inside and behind the counter on your right you will find this artifact.
  • Pharmacist's Note - Story-related. The previous artifact leads you to the store next door. Once inside, head to the back of the store and search the corpse and this note will drop.
  • Pharmacy Key - Story-related. Same as the previous item. Search the corpse and you will get the key.
  • Salon Note - When you first make your way to the helicopter you walk through a snow-covered nail salon and will come across a corpse just before you exit. Search near the corpse for this note.

Chapter 2 - Mallrats

  • Wanted Poster - As Riley talks about Marlene, you will duck under some wooden boards covering a doorway and enter a kitchen/diner. This artifact is on the table near the large television.
  • Conversation #1 - Soon after Riley asks about Ellie and her friends, you'll turn a corner and see a Firefly emblem on the wall just before you enter the laundry room. This is the first conversation.
  • Conversation #2 - When you go down the first escalator inside the mall, turn right and stand in front of the Hawaii poster.
  • Conversation #3 - From the last conversation, walk down the hall to the left of the central benches. To your right will be a poster of water guns.
  • Conversation #4 - After walking down the second escalator, Riley will turn around and ask you about Winston.
  • Conversation #5 - To your right will be Winston's tent. Head inside and towards the bookcase at the back with the stack of papers.
  • Conversation #6 - Leave the tent and walk straight ahead to the horse saddle on the bench.
  • Conversation #7 - In the Halloween shop, walk straight ahead to the other side of the store and look at the glass of fake eyeballs.
  • Conversation #8 - Follow Riley to the Dracula mask and respond to her after she puts the mask on.
  • Conversation #9 - In the middle aisle there will be a goblin mask. Put this on and then head to Riley to initiate the next conversation.
  • Conversation #10 - Back near the entrance of the store there is a skull-type magic 8-ball. Approach the skull and press the prompts to ask it a question. Do this eight times (until Riley comes over).
  • Warning Note - After following Riley down some stairs, take the first left into a room once you enter the corridor as Riley continues forward. This note will be on the desk.

Chapter 3 - So Close

  • Atrium Note - Head under the walkway opposite of the stairs that you jumped from to start this chapter. This note will be in the corner near a shutter.
  • Generator Note - This is on top of the generator that you need to activate as part of the story so is very hard to miss.
  • Atrium Recorder - Once you've restored power, head up the escalator but turn left at the top instead of right towards the helicopter. The recorder is inside the tent.

Chapter 4 - Fun and Games

  • Conversation #11 - Approach the horse on the carousel.
  • Conversation #12 - After the carousel ride Riley will give Ellie a joke book. Keep telling jokes until you are no longer able to.
  • Conversation #13 - After you have told all the jokes, head to the photo booth that Riley mentions. BFFs will pop once you interact with it.
  • Kitchen Note - There is a kitchen on the opposite side of the carousel. Head inside and find the note on a counter behind a wall (turn around and face the carousel).

Chapter 5 - The Enemy of My Enemy

  • Crew Photo - After leaving the helicopter and entering the next big room, head to the room on the right, before you jump over the barrier. The Crew Photo is located near a corpse.
  • Duct Recorder - When you're walking through the vent, follow the blood trail to find another corpse. The final collectible is next to him and Picked Clean will pop once you pick it up.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Secret Trophies
Nobody's Perfect
Played Jak X Combat Racing (4) 

Possible glitch
When using Chapter Select, make sure you create a separate save and not overwrite the original one. Overwriting the original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles.

After the carousel ride you'll head up another escalator and in to Raja's Arcade. To the back left of the arcade will be a racing game based on Jak X Combat Racing, a previous game from Naughty Dog. Simply press to play the game and the trophy will pop.

Make sure you do this before you go to the machine on the right side of the arcade or you will miss the chance to get this trophy and will have to return via Chapter Select.

Here's a video showing its location:

Angel Knives
Defeat Black Fang without getting hit (2) 

In the back right of Raja's Arcade, after getting Nobody's Perfect, there will be another arcade machine for you to play with. In a classic fighting game style, you play as a character called Angel Knives and must defeat your opponent Black Fang without losing any health. To do this you just need to hit the button prompts as they appear on screen.

Most of the time more than one button will appear and you will need to press them in order. A bar underneath the buttons shows you how much time you have to press them. If you mess up, pause the game and select "Restart Encounter" to start from the beginning. You can pause the game as each button prompt appears to give yourself more time to get ready if need be. The prompts start off as follows:


repeatedly tap


+ +

After this last prompt it seems to change, there could be five to eight more prompts and they are all different. This could be random with each playthrough or it could depend on what difficulty you are playing on. As mentioned, pause the game if you feel that you need extra time to get ready to press the buttons.

When you've depleted Black Fang's health you will be given the chance to 'finish' your opponent:


Here's a video walkthrough:

Win the water gun fight (2) 

Possible glitch
When using Chapter Select, make sure you create a separate save and not overwrite the original one. Overwriting the original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles.

Late in the game Riley will hand Ellie a pair of water guns and the two of them will challenge each other to a fight. Similar to a real gun in the game press to 'reload' (pump) the water gun, to aim and whilst aiming to fire. Press and hold to fire a continuous stream.

First you and Riley will be trying to soak each other. In the bottom left of your screen you will see a 'soak level'. You'll lose if your level fills up first. Don't worry though, this does not count towards the trophy.

Afterwards you'll play a best-two-out-of-three hunting game. Ellie will count to five whilst Riley runs away. Once Ellie is done counting you will need to find Riley and quickly shoot her to win the round. There are no soak levels here, whoever gets shot first loses. You must win the hunting game to unlock the trophy.

The fight is pretty straight forward. Just be quick to fire when you see Riley and make sure that you hold and not just press it whilst aiming. Make sure you have a fully pumped gun. If you're not playing on Survivor you can use Listen Mode, but Riley rarely gives herself away so easily.

The game saves after each round so you won't be able to select "Restart Encounter" to try again. Aside from restarting the entire chapter, you can make a separate save at the beginning of each round and just reload it if you lose.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Brick Master
Win the brick throwing contest (2) 

Possible glitch
When using Chapter Select, make sure you create a separate save and not overwrite the original one. Overwriting the original save may wipe the progress you have already made towards any collectibles.

After leaving the Halloween store Riley will challenge Ellie to a brick throwing contest. Your goal is to smash every window on the red car below you, using several bricks that can be found behind you. Pick up a brick with , aim with and throw the brick with to smash each window. There are 7 windows to smash in total.

  • From your starting position, smash the back window.
  • Move along the walkway to the next opening and throw another brick at the next two windows. These will be the two right side windows
  • Move to the next opening and smash the front window and the rooftop window.
  • Move to the final opening and smash the final two, which will be the two left side windows.

If you don't win, the game will autosave so you won't be able to Restart the checkpoint and try again. Aside from restarting the Chapter, create a separate save before you start throwing bricks and just reload if you need to try again.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Game Info
Naughty Dog


US June 14, 2013
Europe June 14, 2013
Japan June 20, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Mature
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