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The Cave Trophy Guide
Guide By: Darth_Krid
There are 20 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated 100% difficulty: Trophy Difficulty Rating (3/10 Personal Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (20)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5
  • Number of missable trophies: Most trophies are missable. See Introduction below.
  • Glitched trophies: None (If you have an Asian PS3, 4 trophies are glitched: Win-win-win-win-win-win-win, Redemption, Corruption and The Whole Story) - *All fixed with Patch 1.01*
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No difficulty settings available
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes available
  • Additional accessories required: None

The Cave is a platform/adventure PSN game created by Ron Gilbert (the mastermind behind the Monkey Island games) and developed by Double Fine Productions. The basic premise of the game sees 7 different characters from all walks of life converge on a mystical Cave; the depths of which seemingly holds the objects of their deepest desires. However, all is not as it seems…

The two most striking elements of the Overview are the number of playthroughs and the amount of missable trophies. Since you can only take 3 characters into the Cave at the start of the game, coupled with the fact that you need to obtain the “good” and “bad” ending for all 7 characters, means that you will need to playthrough the game at least 5 times. Each character has his/her own unique section in the game, but other non-specific areas are duplicated on repeat playthroughs.

At the end of the story, you will have a choice between a "good" and "bad" ending. To obtain the "good" ending, return the Object of Desire that the Gift Shop clerk gives you by talking to him 3 times with . To obtain the "bad" ending, simply take the Object and walk out of the door. For more detailed information, see Redemption and Corruption.

As for the missable trophies; if you’ve looked at the trophy list, you’ll see that they’re quite unique and especially vague. All trophies can be earned in repeat playthroughs, but there’s no “level select” feature, so if you miss a trophy near the end you’ll have to play the game through again (which can take up to 2 hours).

The trophies themselves are not too difficult, except for maybe Who Wants to Live Forever, which requires you to not die at all during a playthrough. However, this is easily overcome with an XMB-quit and a fairly friendly checkpoint system. The collectables in this game take the form of cave paintings, of which there are 8 for each character, plus 2 each for the good and bad endings. To check which cave paintings you have uncovered, press and then select "Cave Paintings". Flick through the different characters with or . At the end, the two individual paintings for each ending will branch off (with the "good ending" being above the "bad"), meaning you can check which ending you have already achieved for each character in case you forget.

Note on Glitched Trophies: Unfortunately, some users have reported a serious issue at the end of the Adventurer's level where you have to climb up a ladder and jump onto a ledge. The Adventurer will not grab onto the ledge like other characters, thus making it impossible to complete the game with her. This issue has only been found on Asian PS3s, as the issue seems to relate to the Asian control scheme of swapping for . Luckily, Patch 1.01 has fixed this issue.

For more information on this issue, please this thread on the official Double Fine forums: Impossible to clear The Adventurer’s part on PS3

Due to this glitch, the following trophies are unobtainable if you have an Asian PS3:

The Whole Story

Furthermore, your controller must be set to "Controller 1" when you are playing, otherwise no trophies will unlock. Make sure all USB and Bluetooth devices attached to the PS3 are removed or switched off.


Step 1 - Playthrough 1: Hillbilly, Knight and Time-Traveller (All “Good” Endings)

As this is your first playthrough, you should use it to obtain as many miscellaneous trophies as possible and to memorize the solutions for the Gift Shop, Mine, Zoo and Island sections (as these are not specific to a certain character and will be the same every time) to reduce your time spent on subsequent playthroughs. Also try and get all the cave paintings for the three characters.

The choice of characters for this playthrough is specific, as it is the only combination that will allow you to obtain the Weight of the Beast trophy. When you are in the Carnival, make sure you visit Xavetar the Fortune Teller’s booth with all 3 characters to start working towards Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies.

At the end of this playthrough, return your Object of Desire to the gift shop clerk by pressing 3 times in front of him, then walk through the door and climb up the ladder.

At the end of this playthrough, you should have the following trophies:

Well Done
Royal Buffet
Weight of the Beast
Fire In The Hole
Smells Like Team Spirit
To Soothe A Savage Beast
Creamed Corn
What You Always Wanted

Step 2 - Playthrough 2: Hillbilly (“Bad” Ending), Scientist and Adventurer (“Good” Endings)

Steps 2 and 3 are interchangeable, but this is the order I did it in so I’m listing this as Step 2 for continuity. This playthrough should be much quicker now that you know how to solve most of the Cave’s puzzles, and the two new characters’ specific areas are probably the most simple puzzle-wise.

Remember to get all the cave paintings, the fortunes for the Scientist and Adventurer, and the “good” ending for both too. Get the “bad” ending for the Hillbilly by walking straight out of the door and up the ladder when you have your Object of Desire. You should earn the following trophies on this playthrough:

Walk Like An Adventurer
Hazardous Work Environment

Step 3 - Playthrough 3: Hillbilly (any ending), Monk and Twins (“Good” Endings)

This playthrough is just like the last one. Obtain the last two fortunes and “good” endings, as well as the miscellaneous trophies for the new characters. You should earn the following in this step:

Such Bad Children
Embrace Impermanence
Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies

Step 4 - Playthrough 4: Knight, Adventurer and Twins (All “Bad” Endings)

This playthrough should be used as your “postcard” playthrough. Take the postcard from the display in the gift shop at the beginning, and carry it all the way through the game with you until you get back to the gift shop at the end and place it back on the display. Don’t forget to also obtain the “bad” endings for all three characters. This step will earn you:


Step 5 - Playthrough 5: Monk, Scientist and Time Traveller (All “Bad” Endings and “Who Wants To Live Forever”)

All being well, this should be your final playthrough. By now, you should be able to practically run through the game without having to think about the puzzles. Therefore, this should be your playthrough where you focus on not dying. The three characters I have chosen for this playthrough have the least risk associated with their respective sections. Even if you do die, you can quit to XMB and reload the game again from the last checkpoint, which is never too far.

Last of all, remember to get the final three “bad” endings, which will net you that trophy and also the last cave paintings needed for that trophy. By the end of this step you will have the following trophies and 100%:

Who Wants to Live Forever
The Whole Story

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Darth_Krid For This Roadmap]

What You Always Wanted
Reached the bottom. 

This trophy is pretty self-explanatory. Simply complete the Cave with any of the characters. This will unlock as soon as you climb up the long ladder at the end. Choosing the “good” or “bad” ending doesn’t matter; this trophy will unlock either way.

Who Wants to Live Forever
Nobody died. (5) 

This is probably the toughest trophy in the game. You have to get all three characters to the end and up the ladder without dying. I recommend saving this until your last playthrough when you have full knowledge of the Cave’s different areas and how to solve the puzzles quickly. Furthermore, I recommend using the Monk, Scientist and Time-Traveller for this playthrough, as those characters’ specific areas have the least risk of death associated with them.

Throughout the game, I found that the main source of deaths was falling from too great a height. The game unfortunately has a lower threshold of falling distance than most platformers, which means that you need to carefully jump down ledges and always use the ropes and ladders available to you. It requires a certain amount of patience and it is tempting to rush, but in the long run it will take far less time to tread carefully as opposed to replaying whole sections because of a stupid death.

Thankfully, this trophy can be manipulated by quitting to XMB if you die. Reload the game and select “Continue” and you will start at the beginning of the section of the Cave in which you died.

Stole. (1) 

See Remorse for more details.

Remembered it's wrong to steal. 

At the beginning of the game, you will have to collect three trinkets to give to the Gift Shop clerk. Once you do this, before you go through the door and begin the Cave Tour, take a postcard from the “Postcard Display” by going up to it and pressing once to dislodge it, and then again to pick it up. Then drop down the shaft past the door with the postcard in your hand. This will net you Shoplifting.

As for Remorse, you have to take the Postcard through the whole game with you until you get back to the Gift Shop right at the end. Once you get there, go up to the Postcard Display and press to return it to its original place. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty simple. Try and assign one character as the “Postcard Carrier” to avoid confusion, and only pick something else up with that character when it is absolutely necessary. Every time you finish a section of the game, check that you have it before you follow the “Cave Tour” signs and drop down to the next section.

If you use the Save & Quit function and load up the game again, your character will still be holding the Postcard unless you saved whilst the character holding the Postcard was on a rope or a ladder. If this happens, the Postcard will be lost and you will have to start again. If you advance so far through a section that the other two characters teleport to your location, if one of the characters left behind had the Postcard, they will still be carrying it.

Everyone reached the bottom. 

Self-explanatory: complete the Cave once with all 7 playable characters. The choice of ending does not matter. The characters you must finish the game with are as follows:

  • Adventurer
  • Hillbilly
  • Knight
  • Monk
  • Scientist
  • Time-Traveller
  • Twins
Saw the good in everyone. 

For this trophy, you must obtain the “good” ending for all 7 characters. To do this, you must return your Object of Desire to the Gift Shop clerk. After you go through the “Employees Only” section for the second time and retrieve the three replacement trinkets, talk to the clerk and he will swap the trinkets for your Object of Desire. However, instead of walking through the door and up the ladder, talk to him again three times with . Eventually he will take the Object of Desire back, leaving you empty-handed. Walk through the door and up the ladder and you will receive the “good” ending for that character.

Saw the darkness in all our hearts. 

For this trophy, you must obtain the “bad” ending for all 7 characters. Follow the same process as in Redemption, except when the clerk gives you your Object of Desire after trading in the trinket, simply walk through the door and up the ladder with the Object in your hand. Do not talk to him again.

Below are the seven Objects of Desire for each of the seven characters. Make sure the specific character is carrying this object with them when you climb up the ladder to ensure they get their respective “bad” endings.

  • Adventurer - Treasure idol
  • Hillbilly - Pink teddy bear
  • Knight - Excalibur
  • Monk - Lotus blossom pedestal
  • Scientist - Bag of money
  • Time-Traveller - Greatest Employee Of All Time trophy
  • Twins - Box of rat poison
The Whole Story
Collector of forgotten dreams. (3) 

This trophy will likely be the last one you earn. To unlock it, you need to unlock all Cave Paintings for all 7 characters. There are 12 for each character: 8 to be found in the Cave, and 2 each for a character’s “Good” and “Bad” endings.

None of the Cave paintings are hard to find at all. In fact, only one might cause a little bit of trouble and that’s one in the Twins’ level, where you must pull down a bookshelf to expose the painting behind it. The Paintings are in the same location every time, but change according to the characters you are playing as. For example, in one playthrough, a Cave Painting may be related to the Knight if he is in your party, but in a subsequent playthrough it may be related to the Scientist if she is in your party.

The Cave Paintings themselves are blue symbols on the wall, with the symbol related to the character in which they depict. If a Cave Painting represents a character in your party, then anyone in your party can activate it by pressing in front of it, even if it is not that specific character. However, if you didn’t choose that character at the beginning of the game, you will have to wait until another playthrough to activate it. Below is a list clarifying the different symbols of the Cave Paintings as they relate to each character:

  • Adventurer - Ankh
  • Hillbilly - Teddy bear
  • Knight - Sword in a stone
  • Monk - Meditating monk
  • Scientist - Atom
  • Time-Traveller - Infinity symbol
  • Twins - Pair of coffins
Well Done
Sacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor. (2) 

When you first visit the “Employees Only” section of the Cave, there is a puzzle which requires you to lure the Crystal Cave Monster from his lair by throwing a hot dog onto a spike in the pit in front of him. Instead of solving the puzzle correctly, simply jump over to the other side of the pit with any of your characters. The Monster will immediately breathe fire over your character and the hot dog at the same time, killing yourself but earning you this trophy in the process!

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Royal Buffet
Where did the King go anyway? 

This trophy can only be earned in the Knight’s story.

Once the dragon escapes and burns the castle, he will eat the Princess. You have to pick up the “Bloody Amulet” that she drops and return to the King. After this, you must solve a puzzle to pull Excalibur from the stone. Once this is done, talk to the King and he will congratulate you and run off to find his daughter.

Once the King runs off, instead of exiting to the left and continuing into the Cave, follow the King to the right. Go back up to the Princess’ room in the tower and watch a scene, after which you will earn this trophy.

Weight of the Beast
The scale reveals a baleful figure. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Hillybilly’s story.

Firstly, to earn this trophy, you must select the combination of the Hillbilly, Knight and Time-Traveller at the start of the game. Then, once you reach the carnival, you need to find the wrench, sledgehammer and barbell. Equip these 3 items with each of the 3 characters (it doesn’t matter who carries what) and stand on the pressure pad on the “Guess Your Weight Machine”. Press the button with and the attendant will guess your weight as 666. The trophy will subsequently unlock.

Bear in mind that you must attempt this before solving the puzzle and getting the “Carnival Ticket” from the machine, otherwise the attendant will have closed the ride, forcing you to reload the checkpoint.

Fire In The Hole
3 die by the Miner's hand. 

Once you reach the bottom of the mine, you will meet the aggressive Miner. He will throw a Bucket, Spade and Can of Creamed Corn down in front of you, followed by a constant stream of exploding dynamite. Gather all three characters together and just before he throws another stick of dynamite, move your characters next to where the dynamite will land. For this trophy to unlock, all three characters must die at the same time.

Remember to do this trophy before sending all three mine carts down to him, as by that point he won’t throw dynamite anymore.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Walk Like An Adventurer
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Adventurer’s story.

This trophy can be unlocked near the beginning of the Adventurer’s level, once you scale the pyramid and come down the other side. Once you enter the pyramid proper, move to the right and you should see two ladders next to each other. Take the second ladder up a short way until you see a ledge with a wall painting showing three Egyptians walking (). Stand all three of your characters in front of the mural, and they will imitate the walking action, which will unlock this trophy.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Such Bad Children
Broke things. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Twins’ story.

This trophy is extremely simple. Once you enter the Parent’s Bedroom in the Twins’ level, jump on the bed three times and it will break, earning you this trophy.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


You can also earn this trophy by knocking over the bookcase in the living room, behind which is a Cave Painting. Thanks to Dancing Mad for confirming this.

Smells Like Team Spirit
Everyone is gross. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Time-Traveller’s story.

During the Time-Traveller’s level, use the time machine to take all three characters into the future. At the bottom of the museum, there is a “Dinosaur Exhibit”, which makes your character smell like a dinosaur when you push the button with . Stand all three characters directly in front of it and push the button, which will unlock this trophy.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


To Soothe A Savage Beast
Captured crusty melodies. 

During the Zoo level, you will be required to fix a broken tape recorder. Once you do this by placing a charged battery inside it, go to the shack to the left of the one the Huntress is standing outside. There will be music playing from a speaker. Drop the Tape Recorder by pressing and it will say “Tape Recorder (Recording)”. Wait a couple of seconds, then pick it up again with . Drop it again and it will play the tune, which will unlock this trophy.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Hazardous Work Environment
Slipped, where wet. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Scientist’s story.

Inside the Nuclear Launch Facility, on the third level down you will come across a yellow “Slippery Floor” hazard sign. Instead of warning you about a wet floor, this sign actually creates one. Pick it up with either or and move it closer to the edge of any ledge in the area (the one you found it on is easiest). Then take a couple of steps back and run towards it. Your character will slip and fall down to the level below, which will net you this trophy.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Embrace Impermanence
Broke bridges. 

This trophy can only be earned in the Monk’s story.

Firstly, you must make sure you keep hold of the feather that you are given at the start of this level. There are two small red bridges that you must break in this level, which is done by standing on a bridge with all three characters, with one holding the feather. The first bridge must be broken to continue with the game, so you will get this naturally.

The second is slightly more complicated. Make sure to take the Feather all the way with you, through the trials, until you have to ride the three magic carpets up to the top of the temple. Once you start going up on the carpets, move all three characters onto the carpet on the right. Eventually near the top, past the three Objects of Desire, you will see an alcove with a rope hanging down. Quickly jump onto that ledge with all three characters and climb the rope. Stand on the bridge at the top (with the feather in hand!) and the bridge will break, sending you crashing into the water below along with unlocking this trophy.

If you don’t have the feather, the bridge will not break and you will have to kill yourself to ride up the carpets again.

The following video shows how to earn this trophy. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Creamed Corn
Food-based destruction. 

There are two “Cans of Creamed Corn” in the game, both of which must be destroyed to unlock this trophy. The first is practically impossible to miss, as the Miner throws it down along with the Bucket and Shovel. He always throws dynamite down at you after this, which destroys the Can.

The second requires a bit more effort. Near the end of the game, you will be in the Island level. There will be a section where you need to set off a chain reaction of explosions with barrels to destroy some rocks. Before you do this, go all the way to the right to the edge of the sea, where you should find another Can next to a “Box of Crackers”. Pick up the Can and take it left with you and place it directly next to the barrel under the rocks keeping the water in the pool. Then light the first barrel and set off the chain reaction, which will cause the Can to be destroyed.

The following video shows how to destroy the second Can of Creamed Corn. Thanks to Admiral Vic:


Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies
Peered into everyone's fate. (3) 

This trophy is a bit of a pain, as it requires three playthroughs with the Hillbilly. In the Carnival, you will come to a section where you must use Xavetar the Fortune Teller to solve the “Wheel of Misfortune” puzzle. Once you put the Fuse in the Fuse Box next to Xavetar, his booth will light up. If you press in front of him with a certain character, he will say a prophetic line about them. You must do this with all 7 characters, so as you can only take 2 at a time with the Hillbilly, you must do 3 playthroughs.

One very important thing to note is that you must speak to Xavetar with every character before obtaining the Carnival Ticket from the Wheel of Misfortune. If you get the ticket, his booth will be closed and he won’t say anything, forcing you to either quit to XMB and re-do the whole Carnival section again or do a whole new playthrough.

Game Info
Double Fine


US January 22, 2013
Europe January 23, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-3
ESRB: Teen
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