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Tecmo Bowl Throwback Trophy Guide
Guide By: OnceFallen
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: N/A
- Offline (Breakdown): 10 (8, 1, 1)
- Online (Breakdown): 2 (1, 1)
- Approximate Amount of Time to 100%: 7-10+ Hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 2 Preseason Games, 1 Season & 1 Online Ranked Match
- Number of Missable Trophies: None
- Glitched Trophies: None
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No Cheats

It's one of the most classic and greatest games of all-time brought back to life and revamped for the PS3! Tecmo Bowl is a very fun and addictive side scrolling football game. The game can be played in either a new "3D" type mode with enhanced graphics or in its classic "2D" NES type graphics for a retro feel. If you've ever played Tecmo Bowl before, it will feel classic, but if you haven't, it won't take long at all to pick up and be able to run with easily. The only trophy that will most likely give you problems is Return to Sender. Other than that one, the rest should be easy if you follow the tips in the trophy guide!

Note: You can skip Steps 1 & 2 and try to complete those trophies during Step 3 (Season Play), but it might be harder depending on the teams you face during it so it's up to you which you decide to do.

Step 1: Play a Preseason Single Player Game
- Set up a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). During the game, you want to focus on your passing trophies, sacking the QB, making a 60 Yard field goal and the kickoff return one. After you finish the game, you should have On the Spot, Blind Sided, When Pigs Fly, Better to Receive... and It's Good.

Step 2: Play Your Second Preseason Single Player Game
- Set up a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). This time though you want to do only running plays the entire game and focus on getting one of your backs over 100 Yards rushing. Once you win the game, you will get Razzle Dazzle and QBs are Overrated.

Step 3: Play a Single Player Season
- Play through a single player season and win it all. This will get you Tecmo Bowl Champ. If you missed any of the other offline trophies, try for them during this run as well.

Step 4: Play an Online RANKED Game
- Play an online ranked game against someone (if you need help, use the Trophy Boosting Thread) and make sure you win by 18 points or more. This will give you Who's Next? and Complete Domination.

Step 5: Clean Up
- At this point you should have all the trophies, but if not, go back and finish up any of them that you are missing. After you get them, sit back and enjoy your 100%!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank OnceFallen for this Roadmap]

On the spot
Complete a pass (single player, no All-Star teams) 

Just complete a pass in any single player, non-All Star teamed game and the trophy will pop.

For tips, see "Better to Receive."

Can't catch me!
Gain 20 yards with a running play (single player, no All-Star teams) 

See "QBs are Overrated."

Blind Sided
Sack the opponent's Quarterback (single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). When on defense, keep selecting as your defensive play and select the top back defender (furthest away from the QB near the top). When the play begins, move towards the center of the screen in case it's a run play, but if it's not, then just move to cover the closest open receiver. After a while of selecting the same play, the computer will do that play and you will get an automatic sack from your players, causing the trophy to pop!

Note - Another possible method to try if you want to do it more manually (it will take a little experimentation to get it exactly right, but it does work):

Pick a running play to defend (doesn't matter which). Now, push "X" to highlight your middle nose guard (the one lined up over the ball). When the other team snaps the ball, jog SLIGHTLY down and to the right (southeast) and then toward the QB. Nine times out of ten, you will rush right past the center and get a clean shot on the quarterback. Super easy sack AND it should help out greatly when playing season mode in racking up a lot of wins.

Credit to OldSnoova for this info.

Tecmo Bowl Champ
Win a single player competition Season (2) 

Start a single player competitive season and make it to the playoffs, and then win completely, plain and simple. If you lose during the playoffs or quit during it, you will have to restart from the beginning (unless you backed up your save, which is highly recommended as the computer gets SUPER cheap as the season goes on, especially in the playoffs). After you win the Super Bowl, the trophy will pop!

Note: I've read that if you lose 2-3 games in a row at the end of the season (as long as you are going to make the playoffs), the computer kinda "resets" its difficulty and the playoffs are a lot easier. I have not tested this, but I've seen it in quite a few places so it might not be a bad thing to try if you are having problems in the later rounds.

When pigs fly
QB passes for more than 300 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). Keep passing the entire game until your QB reaches 300 Yards and the trophy pops.

For tips on how to get the most passing yards, see "Better to Receive.."

Razzle dazzle
Same RB runs for more than 100 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). Keep running with one of your running backs until they reach 100 Yards rushing and the trophy pops.

For tips on how to get the most rushing yards, see "QBs are Overrated."

Better to receive...
Same WR catches for more than 150 yards during a match (manual, single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). Keep passing to one of your receivers until they get 150 Yards and the trophy pops.

Easiest way I found to do this is when on offense, keep doing the pass play and always try to get it to the receiver at the top of the screen. If he is open, wait until the defenders start to come in on you before throwing for maximum yardage on the throw and then zig-zag up and down the field to avoid defenders. If one gets close, move in the opposite direction (especially if they start the diving motion to tackle you). If by some chance he is not open, switch to the next receiver who is in the middle of the screen and complete a short pass to him (he should be open if the other guy isn't). Occasionally you will get sacked no matter what with the play, but you can easily make up for it with the next pass or two.

Who's next?
Win a ranked online match 

See "Complete Domination."

Complete domination
Win a ranked online match by 18 points or more 

Play an online RANKED match against anyone and make sure that you win by 18 points of more. If you are having problems with this, use the Trophy Boosting Thread to find a person to boost with and after you finish the game, the trophy will pop!

Return to Sender
Score a Touchdown on a kickoff return (single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Atlanta (You) & New England (Comp). Select to receive if you win the coin toss (normally the computer will elect to kick if it wins) and if not, restart and try again. Once you receive the ball, start off by leading the other team to your defenders by moving around the screen in a zig-zag type pattern and try to get past the majority of the defenders. Once you get past them, keep zig-zagging to avoid getting tackled until you make it to the end zone.

QBs are overrated
Win a match without using passing plays (single player, no All-Star teams) 

Setup a preseason game between Kansas City (You) & New England (Comp). In the game, only do run plays (kicks/field goals are alright as well, just no passes) for the entire game. I find the run play gives you the best results against them as you can normally get off 5-20+ yard runs pretty consistently.

It's good!
Make a 60 yard field goal (single player, no All-Star teams) 

Get to your opponent's 42-43 Yard line and run out of bounds. On the very next play, select "field goal" and make sure the arrow is as close to the middle as possible (it can be a little off as mine was slightly to the left/up and still made it). Once the ball clears the goal posts, the trophy will pop!

Game Info
Tecmo Koei


US June 01, 2010
Europe June 02, 2010

Players: 1-2
Online Players : 1-2
ESRB: Everyone
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