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Hot Roller
Rock & Roll – Get 50x multiplier

This was the most annoying trophy for me, getting a 50x multiplier means you have to hit 50 green rocks while avoiding all the hazards on the screen. You are using the accelerometer in this mini game to control a ball like asteroid and your only defense against hazards are purple bounce pads which have the same effect in this mini game as in the Disc Slide. All I can say is it requires a lot of practice and you'll get it eventually, I got to 45-47x multiplier 5 times before I got this trophy. One tip I can give (although I never used it) is to use the button as a "break" function on your asteroid (it's really a reset for the equilibrium) but make sure your Vita is centered so it doesn't throw off your equilibrium when you start to tilt again.

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 Comment #1 by Kyo28
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 @ 02:37:34 AM

Interesting tip that helped me get this trophy:

When you're down to your last few (3 or so) green asteroids, make sure you destroy the remaining ones close to the purple bumpers. That way your green meteorites stay close to the purple bumpers, leaving you ample choice to destroy incoming enemies if you're overwhelmed.

The same goes for the bumpers. When down to your last 3 or so, make sure to destroy the next one close to your green meteorites so that the new bunch of bumpers spawns closeby the green meteorites.

Basically, keeping your bumpers and green meteorites in close proximity of each other drastically decreases the difficulty.

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Europe February 22, 2012

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