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Sniper Elite V2 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Leicester_Lad_93
There are 42 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4.5/10 (Personal Estimate) Difficulty Poll
Offline: 37 ( 22 12 2 1)
Online: 5 (3 2 3)
DLC Trophies: None
Approximate Time to Plat: 12-25 hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 (+ Chapter Select)
Number of Missable Trophies: 0 (All trophies can be acquired through Chapter Select)
Glitched Trophies: Potato Masher (see below)
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies: No cheats
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes, you must beat the game on Sniper Elite Difficulty.
Online Pass Required: No

Potential Potato Masher glitch: For me, the Potato Masher trophy did not unlock despite the stats counter showing that I had more than 100 explosive kills. Do not worry though, because the trophy did unlock after I had obtained a few more explosive kills.

Road Map

Step 1 – Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty
This step will net you a significant amount of the trophies for the game, as eleven of them are story related and are obtained by playing through and finishing all chapters. The Sniper Elite trophy will also unlock after completing the entire game on Sniper Elite difficulty. As well as the story related trophies, there are a range of combat-specific trophies that are very hard to miss, so you may also obtain some of these during this step.

Sniper Elite difficulty is a fairly challenging experience. Enemies will spot you very easily and will attempt to rush your position to flush you out of cover. You will also die quickly from enemy fire if you are shot. As well as this, the shooting is more difficult as bullet drop, wind, and lung capacity all have to be considered when shooting. For general tips on beating Sniper Elite difficulty, please refer to the description for the Sniper Elite trophy.

The trophies are cumulative and will carry across multiple playthroughs and via Chapter Select, so don’t worry if you fall just short of a target for any specific trophies. Because of Chapter Select, you can return to a level at any time, and thus do not need to worry about missing any trophies.

It is your choice whether or not to use the guides provided to acquire all of the collectibles (37 bottles and 100 gold bars) on this playthrough as well. You can also attempt to obtain any of the four chapter specific trophies too if you wish, however please bear in mind that these trophies can be obtained via Chapter Select on Cadet difficulty after finishing the game, which will be much easier.

Step 2 – Clean Up via Chapter Select
Now that you have completed the game on Sniper Elite, you can reduce the difficulty to Cadet and mop up any remaining trophies. If you didn’t already in your first playthrough, you will now want to go through each chapter and acquire all of the collectibles in each, obtain the chapter specific trophies, and work towards the rest of the combat related trophies.

You will notice some farming opportunities in the game where you can get a few kills towards a trophy, let yourself die, and then restart the checkpoint to get the kills again. Don’t worry about doing this if you need to, as all of your actions are saved whenever you die. Each mission has a counter which indicates the number of collectibles that you have found. You can also refer to the Stats page in the Extras section of the Main Menu to see your progress towards the combat trophies.

When you have finished everything in Single Player, you will be ready to move on to the Online Co-Op.

Step 3 – Co-Op
I recommend that you find a partner here as random players can be unpredictable and uncooperative. There are just five trophies that you need in the Co-Op, all of which are fairly straightforward. The only mode which may be slightly difficult is Bombing Run. All of the trophies can be obtained on Cadet difficulty and in a Private Lobby, so I recommend these parameters to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Please refer to the individual trophy descriptions for how to obtain each one.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Leicester_Lad_93 For This Road Map]

Platinum Trophy
Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper (11) 

As always, collect every other trophy in the game for this shiny Platinum trophy!

Front and Center
Get a scoped headshot over 150m (5) 

This is virtually impossible to miss and will probably unlock for you early on in the game without you even trying for it. As a general rule in the game, always aim for the head to guarantee a one hit kill. There are several story related points in the game where you will be situated in a high area sniping down on enemies that are easily 150m+ away from you. In any one of these situations, simply get a headshot while scoped to unlock the trophy. You can actually get this trophy right at the beginning of the game, as shown in this video:

Mousetrap Fuse
Use a trip mine to kill an enemy who is trying to assault your position (4) 

This is unlocked by an enemy soldier advancing to assault your position and running into a trip mine that you have set. Trip Mines are very handy for placing across doorways or at the top/bottom of stairways to make sure you are not flanked whilst you are sniping. You should be using them often in the game. There is an easy opportunity to get this trophy in the first chapter, shown in this video:

Ear Plugs
Snipe an enemy while your rifle fire is masked by a loud sound (3) 

This trophy is unlocked by shooting and killing an enemy whilst there is a loud noise elsewhere in the environment to mask the sound of your shot. Examples include speakers, bells, rocket testing, bombs going off etc. You will know when one of these noises will mask your shot as a flashing white symbol appears in the top right of the screen. Opportunities for this trophy are plentiful throughout the game, and it is hard to miss. The video below shows the first chance to obtain this trophy, in Mission 3 (Mittelwerk Facility)

Fuel Tank
Destroy a tank by sniping the fuel supply (1) 

This is another trophy that is difficult to miss. Tanks and some armoured vehicles have shiny red caps on their fuel tanks. Simply shoot one of these caps to destroy the vehicle. Your first opportunity for this trophy is in Mission 2 (Schonberg Convoy). When the tank comes around the corner, simply shoot the fuel tank on its rear. Here is a video to show you:

Silent but deadly
Covertly kill 25 unaware enemies 

For this trophy you essentially need to kill 25 enemies who are unaware of your presence. There are many chances for you to obtain this trophy in the game. The best way to get this trophy is to go for silent kills with the Welrod (Silenced Pistol). Stealth kills by snapping necks also count, and so do Sniper Rifle kills that are masked by environmental noises (see Ear Plugs.)

Snipe an enemy through his eye (2) 

This is another trophy that you will have to try very hard to miss. It basically involves sniping an enemy through the eye socket. As you will need to be getting 100 headshots for the Head Honcho trophy, the chances are that at least one of these shots will go through the eye and unlock this trophy for you. The video for Front and Centre shows an early opportunity to obtain this trophy.

Go the Distance
Get a cumulative sniped kill distance of a marathon (10) 

Again, this will come through natural play. The total distance required is 42’195 metres. That sounds a lot, but it will come about half way through the Single Player story so there is no need to worry about it.

Iron Lung
Hold your breath for a cumulative time of half an hour (2) 

Holding your breath is where you press and hold while scoped to steady your aim, zoom in slightly, and on lower difficulties, bring up a red marker on your target. I got this trophy towards the end of my playthrough. Just make a habit of holding your breath before taking a shot, even if you don’t need to.

If you don’t have this by the time you have finished going for the other trophies, just select any mission on Cadet difficulty and farm it. Go prone to recharge your breath quicker and just hold your breath until it runs out. Let it refill and repeat until the trophy unlocks.

Potato Masher
Kill 100 enemies with explosives (6) 

*Potential Delayed Glitch* Grenades, Trip Mines, Standard Mines and Dynamite kills all count towards this trophy. Blowing up vehicles to kill enemies may also count, however this is currently not confirmed. When you finish a level, the explosives that you picked up will be lost and you don't get to keep them for the next level, so you might as well use them. There are some good points in the game to farm this trophy should you need to do so. The video below shows a particularly good one:

World Record
Get 506 cumulative sniper kills (3) 

Simply get 506 kills by Sniper shots only. When you die, the kills you got will carry over, so they should build up quickly on Sniper Elite difficulty. This will certainly unlock by the time you have completed the Single Player and Co-Op.

Gung Ho
Snipe 100 moving targets (7) 

A moving target is an enemy who is running. In this state, he will not be aiming or firing his weapon at all. Please note therefore, that if he is shooting at you then it won’t count towards this trophy, nor will it if he is strafing whilst shooting at you. If you have killed a moving target, it will often notify you of this on screen. ("Moving Vital Hit" for example.)

Head Honcho
Get 100 sniped headshots 

100 headshots should come quickly. By the time I had finished the Single Player and Co-Op, I had 388 scoped headshots. On Sniper Elite difficulty, remember that you have to aim slightly above the top of the head depending on the range to score a headshot to compensate for the bullet drop.

Jungle Juice
Find and snipe all the hidden bottles throughout the game (6) 

Find all of the 37 bottles scattered throughout the game. You need to shoot the bottles with your Sniper Rifle in order to "collect" them. Every mission in the game has at least one bottle to find. On the Mission Select Menu, it will tell you the number of bottles featured in each level as well as and how many you have obtained. Here is an excellent video guide:

Gold Rush
Find and retrieve all the stolen gold bars (5) 

Find all of the 100 gold bars in the game. You collect these by walking over them. Every mission with the exception of the Prologue has at least one gold bar in it. On the Mission Select Menu, it will tell you the number of gold bars featured in each level as well as and how many you have obtained. Here is an excellent three part video guide:


Pass the Buck
Get a sniped ricochet headshot (18) 

This trophy will probably not come through natural play, and is actually quite tricky to obtain. With a scoped shot, you need to bounce a bullet off of an object (floor, wall, car etc) and then the bullet must hit the enemy in the head. This video shows an excellent place for the trophy (if you fail, just select "Restart Checkpoint" and try again.)

Double Dose
Snipe 2 people with one shot (3) 

For this trophy you have to get two kills with a single bullet. The bullet must pass through the first enemy and continue on to hit and kill another enemy behind him. This trophy may come through natural play, however if it doesn't, then follow this video guide for an excellent place to try for it during Mission 2. If you fail, then select "Restart Checkpoint" and try again.

Cooking Off
Snipe a grenade on an enemy's webbing from 100m (1) 

This is a trophy that requires you to shoot a grenade on an enemy soldiers' waist from a distance of at least 100m. Once shot, the grenade will explode and kill the enemy. In my whole playthrough I got three of these through luck. If you don’t get it, then use the method shown in this video on Mission 2:

Make Every Bullet Count
Complete a level with 100% accuracy, using only rifles (8) 

This trophy should be done together with Hide and Hope. You need to complete a mission using only your Sniper Rifle, and make sure that you do not miss with a single shot. The easiest mission to do this on in the Prologue because it is short and doesn’t have many enemies. It is ok if you hit an enemy that does not die – as long as the bullet doesn't miss then you will be fine. Another great video showing this as well as how to obtain Hide and Hope is shown below:

Hide and Hope
Complete a level without being shot a single time (2) 

For the video walkthrough, use the same video posted above for Make Every Bullet Count. This trophy requires you to finish a mission without getting hit once. This sounds difficult but can quite easily be done on the Prologue. Please note that the damage you receive from the explosion when crawling through the debris does not negate this trophy.

Trainee Sniper
Escape the German assault 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Prologue.’

This will unlock right at the end of the Mission. As the trophy pings you will be watching a short cutscene of planes flying over the area.

Novice Sniper
Stop the convoy 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Schoneberg Convoy.’

This will unlock when you snipe the explosives that you planted on the front of the car.

Apprentice Sniper
Destroy the V2 Facility and escape to safety 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Mittlewerk Facility.’

This will unlock right at the end of the Mission, after you have blown up the facility and escaped through the gate.

Journeyman Sniper
Hold off the Russian advance 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Kaiser-Friedrich Museum.’

This will unlock right at the end of the mission, after you have successfully retreated from your vantage point from where you blew up the bridge.

Skilled Sniper
Stop the execution 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Opernplatz.’

This will unlock mid-mission when you snipe the executioner who is about the shoot the target.

Pro Sniper
Collect intel from the church and make it out alive 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘St. Olibartus Church.’

This will unlock at the end of the mission, after you have finished the shooting inside the church and have escaped out of the front doors.

Expert Sniper
Eliminate Müller 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Tiergarten Flak Tower.’

This will unlock mid-mission. When you reach the top of the tower, you will snipe Muller through a hole in the wall.

Master Sniper
Uncover Wolff's plan (1) 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Karlshorst Command Post.’

This will unlock towards the end of the mission. You will need to kill Wolff, and then retrieve the plans found on his body.

Veteran Sniper
Discover the location of the V2 launch site 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Kreuzberg Headquarters.’

Towards the end of the level, you will see a small cutscene showing a map being burned in a fireplace. You will pick it up to reveal the locations, and unlock the trophy.

Feared Sniper
Destroy the V2 rocket 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock during ‘Kopenic Launch Site.’

This will unlock at the end of the mission. You have to snipe the fuel tank on the side of the rocket as it is about to launch.

Legendary Sniper
Prevent Wolff from escaping 

Story Related and cannot be missed. Will unlock at the end of ‘Bradenburg Gate’ when you have finished the game.

At the very end of the game, Wolff will try to escape in his car. Shoot at him to start a cutscene showing your bullet hitting him and the car flipping over. The trophy will pop just before Sniper Elite (if you are playing on Sniper Elite difficulty.)

Sniper Elite
Complete all missions on highest difficulty (10) 

This trophy is unlocked for beating the game on Sniper Elite difficulty. It will unlock as the credits begin to roll at the end of ‘Bradenburg Gate’.


  • Cover is your friend. You should always be in cover popping out to shoot rather than standing in the open. Never pop out of cover in bloodshot.
  • Always loot enemy bodies. It can be tedious, but the ammo and equipment found can be very helpful.
  • Try and keep stealthy for as long as possible. Going loud can bring many more enemies to the fight.
  • When you are in a building, always leave Trip Mines on as many entrances as possible.
  • Learn where enemies spawn, especially snipers. If you die, you will have a big advantage next time knowing where the enemies will spawn. Snipers can sometimes be identified by the light reflecting off of their scopes.
  • Stay as far back as possible! Sniping is much more likely to be successful than using an SMG.
  • If you wound an enemy to the point where he is crying out for a medic, don’t finish him. Other enemies can be flushed out trying to rescue him, making them easy targets themselves.
  • If you are on a roof or other unshielded areas, then go prone. Not only does this make you a smaller target for the enemy to aim at, it will also refill your breath more quickly.
Get Off the ground
Kill everyone in the convoy from ground level, except for Kreidl (6) 

This is a chapter specific trophy that can only be earned in Chapter 2 (Schoneberg Convoy). When you have to halt the convoy carrying Kreidl, do not shoot anybody from your position except for Kreidl himself. Then get up and run down to ground level and kill the soldiers. I recommend trying for this trophy on Cadet. If you fail, then select "Restart Checkpoint" and try again. Here is another excellent video guide:

High and Mighty
Wipe out the Elite Russian Sniper Team from the rooftops (4) 

This is a chapter specific trophy that can only be earned in Chapter 9 (Kreuzberg Headquarters). You will get to a point in this mission when a cutscene will play. After a near miss, you will be prone when you regain control of Fairburne. You will then need to kill all of the snipers scattered across the rooftops. Here is a perfect video walkthrough showing you the locations of the snipers:

Fish Tank
Send the tank into the river by blowing up the bridge 

This is a chapter specific trophy that can only be earned in Mission 4 (Kaiser-Friedrich Museum). This trophy is very simple. When the three tanks are driving across the bridge, simply shoot the explosive packs you placed earlier to blow up the bridge and send the tanks into the river. If you fail, simply select "Restart Checkpoint" and try again. Here is a video guide:

Kilroy was Here
Make it through the tower to the winch room without being spotted (3) 

This is a chapter specific trophy that can only be earned in Chapter 7 (Tiergarten Flak Tower). This trophy consists of you remaining stealthy through a portion of this mission. You can kill enemies, and a soldier going into a suspicious state is fine as long as you kill him before he alerts the others. If the alarm is raised, just restart the checkpoint. Please use this excellent walkthrough:

Target Spotted!
As a spotter in Overwatch, tag 50 enemies (21) 

This trophy can only be obtained in Co-Op. In the Co-Op menu, select Overwatch and invite a friend. When you are both in the lobby, one of your names will have a crosshair next to it whilst the other will have a pair of binoculars. Whoever is going for this trophy needs to have the binoculars.

When in the mission, equip your binoculars with then hover over enemies and press to spot them. A red arrow will then appear over their head. This will alert your partner to them so he can shoot them. Do this as much as possible during the mission(s). After 50 enemies tagged by you have been killed by your partner, the trophy will unlock.

Target Eliminated!
As a sniper in Overwatch, snipe 50 enemies tagged by your partner (26) 

This trophy can only be obtained in Co-Op. In the Co-Op menu, select Overwatch and invite a friend. When you are both in the lobby, one of your names will have a crosshair next to it, the other will have a pair of binoculars. Whoever is going for this trophy needs to have the crosshairs.

Now it is your turn with the sniper. When your partner tags an enemy, shoot them and this will count towards the trophy. Only kill enemies that have been tagged if possible.

Bedpan Commando
Resuscitate your partner in coop 10 times (12) 

This trophy can only be obtained in Co-Op. To revive a partner, you should be playing Bombing Run (as you need to complete 10 of these missions for a trophy anyway.) When your partner gets badly hurt, they will go down not being able to move but having the ability to shoot with their Pistol. When this happens, you will have 60 seconds to revive them before they die and the mission ends. Run up to them and hold to revive them.

If after getting the other Co-Op trophies you do not have this trophy, you can easily farm it. Simply let an enemy kill you or your partner, perform the revive, and then let them get shot down again. Repeat until it unlocks.

Bomb Happy
Survive 10 Games of bombing run (35) 

This trophy can only be obtained in Co-Op and may take a little while. There are 3 maps to choose from (Command Post, Kopenich Launch Site, Kaiser-Friedrich Museum). To complete a game of Bombing Run, you need to collect the salvage and bring it back to the vehicle you are repairing. Just pick your favourite map and keep replaying it until the trophy pops.

Career total of 50 shots on explosives (5) 

This trophy is for simply shooting 50 explosives. The resulting explosions do not need to kill an enemy. Explosives include Mines, Trip Mines, Dynamite, Explosive Barrels, Vehicle Fuel Tanks, Grenades on enemies' waists etc. This is also a very easy trophy to farm should you need to do so. Simply place all of your Dynamite and Mines in a row (far enough apart so they don't set each other off once shot) and step back. Shoot them all one by one, restart the checkpoint and repeat.

Can Do!
Complete all co-op Overwatch Missions (20) 

There are three maps to complete (Opernplatz, Schonberg Streets and Kreuzberg HQ). Simply complete all three as either the spotter or shooter and the trophy will unlock. The maps can be completed on any difficulty, so I suggest playing on Cadet to make it easier for yourself.

Game Info
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US May 01, 2012
Europe May 04, 2012
Japan August 09, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Mature
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