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The Kitchen Sink
Throw everything at them, including...

This is the character specific trophy for Peacock. For this move you must drop every item on the opponent using her move Shadow of Impending Doom (+). Each item that drops must hit the opponent for it to count towards the trophy. Each variant of the Shadow of Impending Doom move drops at a certain coordination depending on which one you press.

Shadow of Impending Doom: Falls a set distance away from Peacock
Shadow of Impending Doom: Nearly full screen distance
Shadow of Impending Doom: Will always fall on the opponent and track them.

With that said the HP variant is the way to go for this trophy. Next, the items that drop are dependent on the level of the move, the level is determined depending on how long you hold the after you input it. When you perform the move a noticeable black circle will appear and as you hold it, exclamation marks will appear which will determine the level of the item being dropped.

Basically for the level 1 items you can simply input the command for the move and move on, however for the level 2 and 3 items you must hold HP until the respective amount of exclamation marks appears for the items you are looking for. If Peacock is hit during this charge the item will not drop and the shadow will disappear, however you can block and the item will still drop. Here is a list of all the items that will appear and that are required for the trophy:

Level 1 Item Drops:


  • Potted plant
  • Sand bag
  • Old boot
  • Tea cup (with a face)
  • Fish
  • Bowling ball
  • "Jippo" bottle

Level 2 Item Drops:


  • Loaded safe
  • Tommy 10-Tons
  • Andy Anvil
  • TV with girl from The Ring as played by Filia
  • TV with a Japanese emoticon face
  • TV with Avery
  • Ball and chain
  • Oil drum with a chicken inside (Final Fight)
  • Ms. Fortune head (with Japanese characters saying "Take it Easy!")
  • Kitchen Sink

Level 3 Item Drops:


  • Feta Fridge (Requiem for a Dream)
  • Elephant
  • Grand piano
  • Easter Island head (Gradius)
  • Hsien-Ko's Tenrai Ha (Darkstalkers)
  • Dio Brando's Road Roller Da! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

The rarest items to drop are the Level 2 Kitchen Sink and the Level 3 Dio Brando's Road Roller Da. The items that fall are completing random so you will have to continue doing this until each item as dropped. Once the final item has dropped, the trophy will unlock.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by andyscout
Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 12:48:43 AM

Drop all of Peacock's items on an opponent. The command is down, downback, back + any punch. Hold the button to charge. She can drop an item with no charge, one charge (one ! appears), or two charges (! appears a second time). The items do not need to all be dropped in the same round, you just have to have them all drop at some point. It is random which one drops.

No Charge:
-Medicine Bottle
-Flower Jar
-Bowling Ball
-Small bag

1 Charge:
-TV (Avery, The Ring Filia, ;A; )
-Spike Ball
-Super Fortune Head
-Peacock Friend 1
-Peacock Friend 2

2 Charges:
-Monster Fridge
-Ester Island Moai
-Spike Balls Barrage
-Steam Roller
(credit to Arcade-Fever for most of this list)

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