Skullgirls Trophy Guide
Guide By: Setsuna
There are 16 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: ?/10 (insufficient votes) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Trophy Breakdown (Offline): 16 (11, 5 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Tutorial Mode, 8 Story Modes, Multiple Versus Matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats
  • Does difficulty affect trophies? No
  • Any needed accessories? A second controller is strongly recommended

Introduction to Skullgirls

Skullgirls is a highly anticipated fighting game title which has been under developed for a couple years, what started as a project by tournament player Mike "Mike Z" Zaimont became a big game under the development of Reverge Labs. The game is about various girls quest for what is known as the skull heart, the skull heart has the ability to grant a women's wish however if the one who grants the wish holds an impure heart they will be corrupt and become a tool of destruction known as the Skull Girl.

While the character designs come off as odd for many people the gameplay greatly makes up for it. The game features many similarities to various fighters with its tag team system as well as various features new to fighters such as hitbox display in training mode and Infinite Prevention System for the competitive players. The game also features the most hand drawn sprite work in a 2D fighter also making it one of the most visually appealing games yet.

As far as trophies are concerned the game gives players very vague descriptions for each trophy giving more meaning to "trophy hunting" when it was first launched however once each trophy has been figured out it becomes a fairly easy game to complete, the PS3 version of Skullgirls also features 4 unique trophies opposed to the achievements on the Xbox 360. The game also does not require any online play for the trophies.

Basic Controls/Team Mechanics

In this guide you will see different button icons for various punch and kick inputs. Following default controls here is what each icon means:

: Assist 1
: Assist 2

represents any of the 3 punches and represents any of 3 kicks. Any method within the guide displaying two of these means you must press 2 or 3 punches or kicks at the same time

Team Building

Similar to popular fighter Capcom vs SNK 2 a player has the option to select how many characters they want on their team opposed to be forced to play with 3 characters like in games such as Marvel vs Capcom. Depending on the amount of characters you have on your team factor into their HP and DMG output, while there reduction may be quite significant it may be well worth it when you have the ability to to use assist who can be used to fight match ups your other character can't handle as well as support your other characters with their assist move. Here is a chart that shows statistically the differences in HP and damage with each team amount.

Ensemble Selection

Normally in a tag team system like this such as Marvel vs Capcom a player is given 3 pre-set assists they can choose from however with the ensemble selection the third option is to set whatever move you want from the characters move list as their assist bringing more possibilities in overall gameplay. For a complete list of each characters move list as well as properties each move has as an assist as well as other gameplay mechanics within the game please refer to Shoryuken's Skullgirls Wiki.

Breakdown/Trophy Progression
Opposite to other fighters, for this game you will be highly advised to follow the steps as instructed below to ensure you conveniently unlock all your trophies without wasting any time as well as bring you up to speed on how to play the game. Unlike other fighters you are not required to play Arcade mode however it could be helpful for a certain trophy.

Tutorial Mode

Like most newer titles this game features a tutorial mode to help new players understand the gameplay mechanics of the game, what Skullgirls also does however is bring down universal fundamentals of a fighting game within its tutorial easily making it one of the best tutorials for a fighting game. You will unlock the following trophy as the end of this step:


Single Player/Story Mode

During this portion of the game you will be playing through every characters story mode, doing so now will not only unlock a trophy upon completing all of them but it will also unlock stages required for "World Warrior Princess" as well as colours that help contribute towards your selections in "Call the Wardrobe Department". You will unlock the following trophy as the end of this step:

Threads of Fate

Versus Mode/Character Specific & Miscellaneous Trophies

During this portion of the game you will be knocking out basically the rest of the trophies which consist of the vaguely description character trophies as well as a couple extras some exclusive to the PS3. When doing these trophies be sure to select different colour palettes and select "random" during stage selection so you can multi-task with progression towards the following trophies while you are getting all other trophies:

Call the Wardrobe Department
World Warrior Princess

When doing the other trophies be sure to utilize the Sparring Mode exploit detailed below which will make unlocking all the trophies much easier opposed to not have the exploit at all. During this portion of the game you will be unlocking the following trophies:

An Ensemble Cast
Instant Hair Dash
Real Circus Damage
The Kitchen Sink
Good Hunting, Commander
Getting A Head In the Game
My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You
Medical Board Will Be Notified
Toil and Trouble
Breaking the Cycle
Happy Birthday

Sparring Mode Exploit

When playing in a Versus match you can go into the menu by holding and in the menu you will see an option to turn sparring mode on or off. What this does is allow you and a second player to training with each other from the versus mode however through this you unlock trophies as if you were playing in training mode where you wouldn't be able to unlock trophies normally.

Using this exploit you can also use it as a way to build an instant 5 meters for certain trophies such as Medical Board Will Be Notified and revive to health of the characters by turning it on, then turning it off making this exploit the life saver for trophy hunters.

Conclusion to Skullgirls:

Skullgirls is definitely a must play game for casual gamers and competitive players alike. The game goes above and beyond in content that aids competitive players with features such as the hitbox viewer and have modes to keep casual gamers preoccupied as well. While this game was probably quite the journey for some during its first week or two it is now but a small quick task for those looking for immediate completion.

 [PS3T Would Like to Thank Setsuna for this Roadmap]

Threads of Fate
Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions. (2) 

For this trophy you must clear each characters story more scenario, upon playing Story Mode for the first time you will only have 6 of the 8 characters light up and ready to play however the other two characters, Valentine and Double, Valentine will be unlocked after completing every other scenario and Double will be unlocked after completing Valentines. Whilst playing you can skip the scenes and dialogue by pressing .

When playing story mode you can do everything on Sleepwalk difficulty. Even on the easiest difficulty the A.I is a bit of a hassle as they will still perform some basic chains as well as respond to certain moves correctly. For example A.I Filia will use her anti-air attack Un-go if you try to jump in on her sometimes and Double will use her level 1 Blockbuster Bandwagon Rushdown in response to you using an unsafe move. It would also be advisable to play with the default 99 seconds so that you can deal with Bloody Marie without losing because of constant chip damage, however if you are good with passively attacking Marie you can set the timer to 30 seconds and deal roughly 25% of damage on her, enough so that Marie stays in her first stage and you can just block the rest of the match.

Fighting Bloody Marie

Bloody Marie is the final boss in each story mode scenario and arcade mode playthrough, Bloody Marie is the Skull Girl of the game. A lot of players seem to have trouble fighting Bloody Marie their first time around but most of the time catch on to her antics pretty quickly and adjust accordingly. If you are still having trouble against her here is a general overview of how to fight her and what to expect from her.

General Strategy:
While chains and combos don't seem to be a viable option against Bloody Marie you can however spam and as well as certain Blockbuster supers from each character such as Filia's Gregor Samson and Cerebella's Diamond Dynamo which have focused multiple hits and take advantage of their raw unscaled damage.

Blood Marie's hitbox is the small flame behind her physical body which throws a lot of players off the first time around so aim for that flame opposed to Marie's body. Against Marie you will have to fight her aggressively when you are in on her, however when she starts using her projectiles you will need to have enough patience to block and wait it all out despite the chip damage you will be taking. She has 3 "stages" throughout this fight which give her more abilities per stage. During each stage transformation her body will break down with a blue smoke exploding around her body, this smoke can hurt you so make sure you are blocking out of range when this happens.

Marie's tools
Marie will in the first stage will afloat in the air thanks to the skulls surrounding her body, she will throw small skull heads at you as well as a large skeletons vertically. The small skulls don't pose too much of a problem but be aware that if a small skull and a large skeleton were to come not to long after each other, the stun from the small skull will last long enough for you to get hit by the large skeleton which will result in high damage so block when possible and keep your eye out. She will also occasionally summon a pile of skeletons to grab you if you are idle on the ground so keep an eye out for that as well.

During the second stage Marie will drop down to the ground and start to use shadow figures and undead soldiers to attack you in her addition of attacks. The shadow figures are fast and can do either a vertical dash across or an upper cut shoryuken-style from below you however it is easy to identify them as they show up behind Marie before they attack so you can be prepared. The undead soldiers, however, come out in a flash, and one of which will shoot you out of the air if you try to do any jump ins thus limiting you to mostly run ins.

During the final stage she becomes airborne again and is reduced to a skeleton of her body and the flame of the skull heart. She loves to move away from you when you try to jump in on her with your heavy normals and at the same time she will use all her tools from her previous forms but faster to keep you at bay. Added to this she now summons a skeleton from the ground which will explode on contact making it harder to recklessly run in. Get in on her fast and finish it as soon as you can before you die of chip damage.

Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you. (1) 

For this trophy you must complete all of Mrs. Victories lessons in the Tutorial, the majority of which start with your basic movement, normals special attack and various game mechanics and then it goes over universal offensive and defensive fundamentals for a fighting game. The offensive and defensive fundamentals can be a hassle since they require a player to have good reactions and a sharp eye but with enough focus anyone can complete each of these lessons. Here is a list of all the chapters and lessons you will run through with Mrs. Victoria:

Chapter 1:

  1. Introduction to Movement
  2. Introduction to Defense
  3. Basic Attacks
  4. Advanced Movement
  5. Special and Blockbuster Attacks
  6. Team Dynamics

Chapter 2:

  1. Defending Against Mix-ups
  2. Punishing
  3. Hit Confirmation
  4. Mix-up Offence
  5. Throwing

Chapter 3:

  1. Basic Chains
  2. Advanced Chains
  3. Cancelling into Special Attacks
  4. Air Chains

Chapter 4:

  1. Advanced Techniques
  2. Cancelling into Air-dashes


Offensive and Defensive Tutorial Tips
Starting in Chapter 2 and up some lessons will have to perform consecutive mix-ups, block mix-ups and hit-confirms so if you mess up you have to redo your 3 consecutive for that specific action. Needless to say a sharp eye and complete focus will be required to get this down and there isn't much to say for a majority of them such as the hit-confirms and offensive mix-ups besides that. For defensive and punishing mix-ups, if the A.I ever does an overhead it is usually at the very beginning of the block string so watch out for that. Besides that first move, everything is usually a low and you can just hold for the rest of it and then response depending on the lesson.

Teching grabs in this game also seems to have a strict timing compared to most other recent fighters so if you find yourself getting stuck, don't feel too bad about mashing the input to tech the grab if you have to if you need to pass this lesson.

Chain/Combo Tutorials
For whatever reason the game decided to layer the move-set for chains behind the character sprites thus making it hard at times to see the list. An easy solution to this is to push the A.I to the corner doing so they will not only make it easier to read the chain but the chains and combos in tutorials and trails such as this are much easier in the corner.

Besides that if you're having trouble with a specific chain, first practice them in small portions until it is in muscle memory and then perform the full thing when you are ready.

Words are fun - expand your vocabulary. (3) 

For this trophy you must perform multiple combos (approx 60) with different hit counts at the end of the combo. At the end of each combo, depending on the hit count, a different word will appear under the hit counter displayed on the screen. For example a 26 hit combo gets you Vexing while a 27 hit combo gets you Trite so even a one hit difference will get you a different word, at least for the first 80 hits.

While it may sound intimidating to perform that many chains with a different hit count at the end of each them, there is actually a much easier way. Using the Sparring Mode Exploit you can utilize Doubles Blockbuster Super Catellite Lives (+). Bring your A.I opponent into the corner and then use this move afterwards spam or inputs and stop once you have reached your desired hit count. This may a bit tedious trying to stop at the right point for a new word but even so this shouldn't take more than a few minutes. You can use the Combo Fanfare List on Shoryuken's Wiki to cross off which ones you need, to make it easier to keep track of what hit counts you should be aiming for.

Additional Alternative Methods:
When doing this you can play in a team of 3 and in that team include Parasoul and Peacock and make use of either of these supers:

  • Peacocks Argus Agony: +
  • Parasouls Inferno Brigade: +

Both moves do roughly 20+ hits so various chain hits and then ending it with the characters Blockbuster super is about 10 free words right there.

An example of how you could do this would be with Parasouls Inferno Brigade, take the chain that was given to you in the tutorial for example ( > > > > > ). With this chain what you can do is take off certain parts and special cancel it into her Inferno Brigade so you could do > Inferno Brigade and then > > Inferno Brigade and then so on adding the rest of the chain at the end.

An Ensemble Cast
There may be no I in “team,” but there is in “variety.” 

For this trophy you must use a certain amount of different assists as well as playing with different team amounts a certain amount of times. When selecting a character within a 2 or 3 person team, a player has 2 pre-set assists and then the custom assist slot. What will really net you the trophy is utilizing that custom assist selection where you can input any move as a custom assist. Not only to special moves work as assist but normal moves as well such as a regular input.

Because the move list is absence within the actual game, you can view each characters from Shoryuken's Skullgirls Wiki. Click the picture of the character near the top and it will redirect to that character's information and below it will highlight each of their move-sets, as well as special properties some of their assist have.

During each of your matches simply play them out regularly (do not hold and back out to the character select screen right away), once each match is over then go back to the character select and select your characters and new assist again and repeat this process until your trophy has unlocked. You may have to use at least each characters pre-set assist and then a certain amount of custom assists from a certain amount of other characters.

While you are doing that you must also play using certain team counts multiple times and make sure you play each match from start to finish. Also remember that with a second controller it counts multiple times if you're doing a 3v3 match for example, because of the second controller you will get credit for it twice and this is also applies to the the custom assist for the trophy as well. A good note to keep in mind is whenever you see "Saving" the top right hand corner of the screen where the trophy pops, it means that progress is being saved towards something which is more than likely this trophy.

Here is a summary of what you have to do for this trophy:

  • Play 10 matches using a team of 3 members and using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them.
  • Play 10 matches using a team of 2 members and using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them.
  • Play 10 matches using a character individually.

When playing the matches of 3 and 2 member teams, remember to back out to character select during each match so you can pick new ensembles to count towards the total for that portion of the trophy.

Instant Hair Dash
Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils. 

This is the character specific trophy for Filia. For this trophy you must Air Dash Cancel (ADC) roughly 60 times with Filia. To ADC you must launch the opponent into the air and then hit them with any of Filia's air normals (except for and ) and then double tap forward () which is a successful ADC. An easy way of doing this is to launch the opponent in the air with and then hit and from here ADC into another , if Filia is roughly still at the same height she was at during the first it means you successfully did the ADC.

Another way of confirming you did an ADC with Filia is with her jumping . When Samson does two claps in the air, after the second clap you can quickly double tap forward () and if you see Filia glide across, you have successfully done the ADC.


Real Circus Damage
And now, for the main attraction... Grappling! (2) 

This is the character specific trophy for Cerebella. For this trophy you must perform any of her command grab moves a combination of roughly 50+ times between them. Here is a list of here of Cerebella's command grab moves:

  • Diamond Drop: +
  • Merry Go-Rilla: +
  • Excellebella: +
  • Grab Bag: jump +
  • Ultimate Showstopper: 360 motion +

Obviously the easiest one you should be doing is Diamond Drop and Merry Go-Rilla both of which are easy standing command grabs. The difference between the two is the distance of the grab. Diamond Drop is for opponents right up next to Cerebella while Merry Go-Rilla is for opponents spaced a bit forward away from her.


The Kitchen Sink
Throw everything at them, including... (1) 

This is the character specific trophy for Peacock. For this move you must drop every item on the opponent using her move Shadow of Impending Doom (+). Each item that drops must hit the opponent for it to count towards the trophy. Each variant of the Shadow of Impending Doom move drops at a certain coordination depending on which one you press.

Shadow of Impending Doom: Falls a set distance away from Peacock
Shadow of Impending Doom: Nearly full screen distance
Shadow of Impending Doom: Will always fall on the opponent and track them

With that said the HP variant is the way to go for this trophy. Next, the items that drop are dependent on the level of the move, the level is determined depending on how long you hold the after you input it. When you perform the move a noticeable black circle will appear and as you hold it, exclamation marks will appear which will determine the level of the item being dropped.

Basically for the level 1 items you can simply input the command for the move and move on, however for the level 2 and 3 items you must hold HP until the respective amount of exclamation marks appears for the items you are looking for. If Peacock is hit during this charge the item will not drop and the shadow will disappear, however you can block and the item will still drop. Here is a list of all the items that will appear and that are required for the trophy:

Level 1 Item Drops:

  • Potted plant
  • Sand bag
  • Old boot
  • Tea cup (with a face)
  • Fish
  • Bowling ball
  • "Jippo" bottle

Level 2 Item Drops:

  • Loaded safe
  • Tommy 10-Tons
  • Andy Anvil
  • TV with girl from The Ring as played by Filia
  • TV with a Japanese emoticon face
  • TV with Avery
  • Ball and chain
  • Oil drum with a chicken inside (Final Fight)
  • Ms. Fortune head (with Japanese characters saying "Take it Easy!")
  • Kitchen Sink

Level 3 Item Drops:

  • Feta Fridge (Requiem for a Dream)
  • Elephant
  • Grand piano
  • Easter Island head (Gradius)
  • Hsien-Ko's Tenrai Ha (Darkstalkers)
  • Dio Brando's Road Roller Da! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

The rarest items to drop are the Level 2 Kitchen Sink and the Level 3 Dio Brando's Road Roller Da. The items that fall are completing random so you will have to continue doing this until each item as dropped. Once the final item has dropped, the trophy will unlock.


Good Hunting, Commander
A good commander knows how to wield her forces effectively. 

This is the character specific trophy for Parasoul. For this trophy you must use any combination of her different moves that summons an Egret Soldier a total of 100 times. Here are the following moves that summons an Egret Soldier:

  • Egret Call: (charge) +
  • Egret Dive: (charge) +
  • Egret Charge: (charge) +

Egret Call is a quick shout as an Soldier appears on the edge of the screen. Using this move brings Parasoul back into a neutral state thus making this version great for attack chains to cut your recovery to make move-sets that were previously punishable, safe on block. Egret Dive summons a Solider in front of Parasoul who jumps out and protects Parasoul from any projectiles. Egret Charge will summon a Solider on a motorcycle who will attempt the grab the opponent the drag them across the screen.

All of these moves are what are known as charge attacks. Generally with charge attacks you hold the direction pad in the opposing direction of where your character is facing and after a short charge (roughly 1-2 full seconds), you can release it by pressing forward and the corresponding button for the move you are using. Some players don't like having their character moving backwards the entire time during the charge so alternatively instead of holding for the charge, hold which will put Parasoul in a crouching block position also allowing her to stay right in place.


Getting A Head In the Game
Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off your shoulders. 

This is the character specific trophy for Ms. Fortune. For this trophy you must have Ms. Fortune headless for an accumulative time of roughly 1 hour (more or less). To detach Ms. Fortune's head you must one of her two moves:

  • Cat Strike: (+)
  • Cat Spike: jump (+)

Cat Strike is a grounded move where Ms. Fortune will take off her head and roll it at the opponent, Cat Spike is an airborne move where she takes it off and slams it against the ground. After you have the head detached you can simply leave the game on and come back in an hour to your trophy, don't forget you can turn on Sparring Mode to give yourself infinite time.

My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You
Sometimes you can take it, and sometimes you just want to lash out. 

This is the character specific trophy for Painwheel. For this trophy you must absorb damage with any of Painwheel's various attacks that have Hatred Guard properties and deal that damage back at the opponent. After you have dealt a large accumulative damage of roughly 100,000 points of damage or more with the Hatred Guard, the trophy will unlock.

Each attack with Hatred Guard has a certain amount of hits of super armour attached to it if you hold the button for a period of time after the input, for example the following normals have the respective amount of armour:

Enmity Nail: 1 Hit
Revulsion Shank: 2 Hits
Fury Sledge: 3 Hits

With this said the amount of armor from is what you want to utilize, the amount of armor it gets depends on how long it has been charged. Now even knowing this, the trophy will still be tedious so you want to make use of Painwheel's Blockbuster Hatred Install (+) which has the following effects that helps towards this trophy:

  • All Hatred Guard moves have one additional hit of armour.
  • Damage absorbed by Hatred Guard gets reduced with a 75% multiplier and the returned damage gets increased with a 110% multiplier.

Painwheel will take less damage from the impact of the attack AND deal more damage back during the counter hit of her attack, as well as an additional hit of armour added to what the move already has. Even knowing this, it can be tedious with normals that don't so much damage. An easy move you can abuse is Cerebella's which does 1,125 unscaled damage, repeatedly absorbing the damage with Hatred Guard and countering with it from this can probably net you the trophy after 100 reps however this is still a tedious amount.

If one has the ability and do so you can utilize the assistance of a second controller added with the Sparring Mode Exploit. This may be a bit difficult for one person to do on their own but it is possible against Cerebella. Whilst in the Sparring Mode settings you want Cerebella to be about 1/3 of the screen away from Painwheel. Once you have distanced yourself correctly with Cerebella, use her Blockbuster super Diamonds are Forever (+). During the animation in which Cerebella digs her hands in the ground immediately hold with Painwheel and if done correctly Painwheel should absorb the damage from the boulder and counter hit for 4,000-7,000 against Cerebella, depending on how well you were positioned. What makes this difficult is not only do you have to switch between controllers relatively fast, the distance between Painwheel and Cerebella has to be within a certain range and you have to react with Painwheel at the right time, however despite this it makes the procedure a lot easier. A stage good for measuring the distance would be Class Notes (which is the tutorial stage and probably the training mode stage as it displays the boxes to help show the range in moves for players)


Medical Board Will Be Notified
Your opponents aren’t the only ones under the knife. (2) 

This is the character specific trophy for Valentine. For this trophy you must revive one of your downed team mates as well as hit the opposing character roughly 50+ times with Valentines level 5 Blockbuster Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina ( + or ). Obviously this can only be used in a team of 2 or 3, because of the large meter cost the probability of performing this in an actual match is very slim. For the move to work, Valentine must be right above or slightly to the side facing the downed team mate. If you are playing with a team of 3 and both team mates are downed in the same area, only one character will be revived depending on the buttons inputs for the Blockbuster.

Because of the high requirements this can be quite tedious and we can't exactly do this within Sparring Mode because it will revive our downed team mates, however we can still utilize the effects of Sparring Mode to build meter right away for this multiple times, having a second controller is highly advised for this.

Set Up for Grinding Medical Board Will Be Notified

First make sure you are running a 3 person team against a 1 person team, doing so well reduce the health of your team as well as give you a strong beatstick on the opposing side to quickly make quick work of one of your allies. Make sure Valentine is the first selected character, the next two do not matter just know that you will be switching between Valentine and your second character throughout the process. For the opposing character you can pick someone such as Cerebella who can do 1,000+ dmg with either of her heavy normals.

Now at the start of the match turn Sparring mode on and off to give yourself the 5 bars you need to use Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina, switch in your second character and proceed to have Cerebella kill her off. Once Valentine comes in make sure Cerebella is right next to your downed ally and use Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina, if done correctly it will blow back Cerebella and revive your ally.

Now for the tricky part. Switch in your revived ally and proceed to kill her off with Cerebella while she's at her 33% health and as you kill her off, quickly pause into the menu and turn Sparring mode on and off. If done correctly the character you just "killed" will still be alive with a low amount of red health but you will have the 5 meters for Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina. Sometimes this may not be successful and if that is ever the case it doesn't take that long to kill off a character with Cerebella.

Rinse and repeat this process until your trophy has unlocked.


Toil and Trouble
A sesquidecemvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously. (1) 

This is the character specific trophy for Double. For this trophy you must perform a combo multiple times (about 30 times) with Double that has her going through an imitation of every other character in the original cast. Double has a variety of moves that that imitate other characters normals. Below is an easy corner combo that fulfils this task :

> > > > > jump > >

Keep in mind that the timing after the chain starter is extremely strict so feel free to mash after the initial hit and then proceed with the combo. Keep in mind that the chain is relatively fast so you will have input the normals just as fast. Also be wary of the hitbox of the victim in question for this combo. The hitbox for characters such as Filia, Cerebella and Double are pretty weird opposed to the other characters so doing this against a character like Valentine will reduce the chances of dropping it.


Breaking the Cycle
Retaliate against repetition. (1) 

For this trophy you must activate the Infinite Prevention System mechanics of the game. How this is activated is when a repetition of the same move is being performed on an opponent, when the opponent becomes surrounded with a purple like smoke they can press any button and it will burst your character away from them.

An easy way of activating the Infinite Prevention System is with the assistance of a second controller, use Doubles Blockbuster super Catellite Lives (+) with the opposing controller against yourself, make sure you are pushed in the corner. Spam with the other controller which will imitate Fila's standing LP as well as have the Ms. Fortune heads continuously jumping forward toward the opponent until finally you have the option to burst for your trophy.


Call the Wardrobe Department
Make dozens of costume changes. (2) 

For this trophy you must select different colour palettes for each character as well as finish the match in each palette. You must use roughly 60+ different colours for this trophy. At the start of the game players have 6 palettes already unlocked for each character however this will not be enough even if you use all 6 palettes on each character. There are 4 unlockable palettes for each character, the conditions to unlock them are as follows:

  • #7: Complete Story Mode with that character
  • #8: Complete Arcade Mode with that character
  • #9: Win a total of 25 matches with that character in Versus (offline/online)
  • #10: In the controller screen screen when going into a local versus match input the following buttons ( > > > > > ) this will unlock everyone's 10th colour.

When selecting colours keep in mind you have shortcuts, by simply pressing one or a combination of the face buttons it will give you a certain colour. Below are the shortcuts for each palette:

  1. LP
  2. MP
  3. HP
  4. LK
  5. MK
  6. HK
  7. LP+MP+LK
  8. LK+MK+HK
  9. LP+LK
  10. LK+MP

Alternatively you could also just press to view which colour you want to set. Keep in mind that, with the use of a second controller, any colours used on the 2P side will count towards your progress so playing a 3v3 match with different palettes is 6 palettes towards the trophy each match. This trophy will unlock at the start of the match with your final palettes used.

World Warrior Princess
Wander the world... unintentionally. (4) 

For this trophy you must play through every stage through Random select in Versus matches. Keep in mind that some of the stages must be unlocked through Story Mode and one must be unlocked through finishing all of the lessons in the Tutorial so be sure to leave this trophy for last, after the modes mentioned have been completed. Here is a list of the stages correlating to the trophy:

  1. Medici Tower
  2. Maplecrest
  3. Class Notes
  4. Lab 8 (Empty)
  5. Lab 8
  6. Little Innsmouth (Night)
  7. Grand Cathedral (Empty)
  8. Streets of New Meridian
  9. Little Innsmouth
  10. Grand Cathedral
  11. Final Atrium
Happy Birthday
You got a present! (1) 

For this trophy you must kill two characters at once or in terms of the fighting game community, get a "Happy Birthday" which is a commonly used term for Marvel vs Capcom 3. To kill two enemies at once you have to be fighting a team of at least 2. Pick Peacock on a solo team against any two characters of the cast, weaken both characters so they have only a sliver of health. Now have the opposing player call out their assist and at this time use Peacock's Blockbuster super Argus Agony (+ ) as the assist comes out and kills off both characters for your trophy.

Keep in mind some assist like Filia's Un-go has invincibility on start up making it a tad hard to hit her when she comes out so to be safe use a character's assist such as Cerebella's to ensure you hit them both.


Game Info
Reverge Labs
Autumn Games


US April 10, 2012
Europe May 02, 2012

Players: 1-2
ESRB: Teen
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