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Skate 3 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Spikey654. DLC: TheManUtdFan + Techno Buu.
There are 69 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 37
-Online: 11
-Approximate amount of time to : 25+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


The Skate franchise returns with Skate 3. Black Box's latest edition takes a big focus on Teamwork this time around, which in turn makes for a more exciting and enjoyable experience. The story so far is that you're conquered San Vanelona, you're a legend who's written your name in Skate lore. Now, Reda takes you to Port Carverton, where your goal is to set up a Skateboard business and become a mogul in the industry. The whole point is to sell boards and get your name out there in this new city.

Simple natural progression through the Career mode is the key to getting most of these trophies. Only a few of them depend on online components in order to obtain. Remember, it's always good to practice using flickit controls and using the tools that Black Box has provided, such as the Trick analyser and the good old Trick Guide, in order to develop some good skill with this game's mechanics. Honestly, if you can develop good skills early on, it will really pay off later in the game.

Remember, if you are ever having trouble with challenges, you can always switch to Easy difficulty or play it online to make things easier. As long as you have the patience to cope with some of the tougher challenges, then this Platinum will be fairly fun and enjoyable to get.

Step 1: Getting Started and Selling Boards

After creating your skater, complete Coach Frank's skate.School as well as the tutorials for skate.Park. Once you have your bearings, you will start out in the University District, where you can start completing Challenges. These challenges will include everything like Films, Photos, Trannys, Hall of Meat, Deathraces, etc. It's up to you to complete them all in order to sell boards. The main goal of the game is to sell 1 million boards, so you should focus on just playing through all types of challenges to sell boards.

When you complete a challenge, it will count as "Owning" it, and you will get your board sales. However, if you wish to get extra board sales, you can go back and play these challenges online, as well as attempt to "Kill" them. You will get about 1200-1500 extra board sales per challenge if you do this, so it can add up quickly to your total. As you keep completing challenges, more of them will unlock all over Port Carverton, and they will get a little harder as well. If you are ever having trouble, just switch to Easy mode and play through the challenge.

Along, the way, you will be unlocking other trophies as well on your quest to sell 1 million boards. These include the 6 milestone trophies, pro challenges, trannys, GvR, Deathrace, and Hall of Meat Trophies, among others. Just focus on getting 1 million boards sold for now. Eventually, you will finally sell 1 million boards, and unlock the "Deck Peddler" trophy, as well as the "Dedicated" trophy after you beat all the challenges. You are now getting close to your Platinum.

Step 2: Killing Challenges and Miscellaneous Clean-Up

Now that you've sold 1 million boards and beat every challenge, it's time to go back and "Kill" 80 challenges that you've completed for the "Mass Murderer" trophy. You might have already Killed some of them on your first try, but most of them are pretty tricky, and will require you to go back and play them again. Just go to your "Completed" section in the challenges menu and choose a challenge and select "Try Killing It". This is probably the hardest part of them game, as it requires a lot of patience and quite a bit of skill. Even if you've played through the game long enough to develop some good skill, Killing some of the challenges can be pretty ridiculous.

Remember to keep a cool head through this part, even if it seems hard and tedious at some points. Switch to Easy whenever you want, and just keep at it. Eventually, you'll end up Killing your 80th challenge and getting your hard-earned "Mass Murderer" trophy. If you can get past this part, then it's all downhill from here until you're Platinum.

After Killing 80 challenges, just look and see which trophies you have left to get. These might be the Secret Trophies or maybe some simple ones you missed like "Mantastic Voyage" or "Don't be so Mayo", When you have unlocked these, it's time to move on to the Online trophies.

Step 3: Online

This is the final step on your road to the Platinum, and luckily, it's pretty simple and doesn't take too long. The online trophies are A LOT easier than Skate 2's online trophies, and none of them are much of a grind. Start by creating or joining a Skate Team and going for Team-based trophies like "Team Up", "Lot Pwners", and "Talking bout Team Practice". Then just focus on solo-based trophies like "You're Winner!" and "Sellout!". Remember to use the boosting thread if you ever need help.

Also, you should focus on the skate.Reel trophies at this time as well, like "Artsy-Fartsy" and "Constructive Criticism". Other online trophies like "High Five!" and "It Takes a Really Big Village..." will unlock over time. Once you have unlocked the last of the online trophies, your Platinum should pop as well. Congratulations!

Trophy Boosting Thread: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!) -


Overall, Skate 3 is a fairly easy Platinum to get, as simply playing casually through your Career will get you most of the trophies, and the online is not a big hassle at all this time around. Just remember, if things seem to get tough, always be patient and confident, because you will eventually get past the tough parts, whether it be by your own skill, or with the help of and online friend. Now go out there and Own Port Carverton! Good Luck!

[PST Would Like to Thank Spikey654 for this Road Map]


Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3-5/10 (Depends on Skill)
  • Offline trophies: 5 (2, 2, 1
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-3 hours (Depending on luck and skill)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, the game can be set on casual
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC was the first of three major DLC packs for Skate 3. This brings a new street contest, two new photo challenges, two new spots and two new lots to own. If you Platinumed the base game, then this should feel like more of the same to you and should mostly breeze through. If you couldn't Platinum the game or you did so a while ago then this may be a little trickier. However, with the tips contained within and practice you should manage it eventually. Note that there is some terminology you might not be familiar with if you don't know much about skating. The in-game trick list does a good job of showing tricks and defining lingo. In addition, you can do some of this online with friends.


Step 1 - Street Contest

You are required to win the street contest before you can advance in the DLC so do so first. This shouldn’t take more than one or two tries, especially if you use the tips below.

Step 2 - Photo Challenges and Own the Spots.

Next you should do the other small challenges around the map. Again these shouldn't take long at all but for locations and tips, see the guide below.

Step 3 - Own the Lots

Finally, do the 'Own the Lots' featured in this DLC, which is by far the longest step. You can do them in either order but personally I'd recommend doing the Street one first as it's a bit easier. Once you have done these, congrats on your 100%!

[PST Would Like to Thank TheManUtdFan for this Roadmap]


Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream DLC:

Trophy Difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 7 (2 and 5)
Approximate time to 100%: 1 hour
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Number of missable trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[PST Would Like to Thank Mecha Buu for this Overview]


San Van Party Pack DLC:

Trophy Difficulty: 3.5/10
Offline: 9 (6 and 3 )
Approximate time to 100%: 1 to 2 hours depending on skills.
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Number of missable trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[PST Would Like to Thank Mecha Buu for this Overview]

Platinum Trophy
Earn all Skate 3 Trophies (10) 

You know how it's done here.

It takes a really big village...
Reach community board sales target (5) 

You will get this trophy once the entire PS3 Skate community as a whole sells a certain amount of boards. Hopefully, EA will release more info on how many board sales we need, but for now, go out there and contribute to the cause!

Park Apprentice
Complete the skate.Park tutorials 

Go to the "Training" section in the challenges menu and complete these 5 challenges:

Connect the Pipes
Hubba Builder
Make Your Mark

Takin 'em to the limit
Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate.Park 

You can get this trophy really easy after you beat the Monster Contest (see "Beast Unleashed"). Go to your challenge map--> Locations--> skate.park--> stadium full-->teleport. Then just press + to unlock the trophy. Follow this video:

Thanks to cbkste for the video

Constructive Criticism
Rate 5 skate.Parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos (4) 

Press and go to the Create section in the menu, then select skate.Reel. You will then be given options to view videos, photos, or skate.Parks. Watch videos and view photos, then press to bring up the ratings system, where you can choose between 1-5 stars, and press to rate it. For skate.Parks, download a Park and choose to skate in it. Then just press and choose "Rate Park". The trophy will pop after you rate 5 each of videos, photos, and parks.

Please note you MUST have the "Skate Share Pack" (which you get with a new copy of the game) in order to get this trophy (Thanks to TriangleOffense for info). If you don't have a Skate Share Pack, please visit the following link to use a recentley-discovered loophole to this trophy (also thanks to TriangleOffense)

Loophole Link:

**Please note that the Skate Share Pack is now free on the PlayStation Store and can be downloaded for no charge.**


Artsy Fartsy
Upload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks (2) 

Anytime during the game, press the button to enter Replay Editor. Here, you can create clips and take photos (with ) to upload to Skate.reel. Please remember that for photos, you must upload them from your saved content page, since they don't upload automatically, to do this just go to Career --> Create --> skate.Reel --> "My Photos". For Parks, you must go to the University and use Park Editor to create and upload your parks.

Please note that use must complete all the Skate.park tutorials before you can create skate-parks. (See "Park Apprentice").

Please note you MUST have the "Skate Share Pack" (which you get with a new copy of the game) in order to get this trophy (Thanks to TriangleOffense for info). If you don't have a Skate Share Pack, please visit the following link to use a recentley-discovered loophole to this trophy (also thanks to TriangleOffense).

Loophole Link:

**Please note that the Skate Share Pack is now free on the PlayStation Store and can be downloaded for no charge.**

Create a Logo and put it on your Skater (35) 

Got to EA Skate : EA Games and click on "Launch Graphics Creator" to create your own graphic for your skater. Once complete, click "Send to Game" to send it to your game. If you find the graphics creator a little too confusing, you can always just browse through pre-made graphics to send to your game as well. You must put it on a customizable T-shirt for it to unlock.

3 Moveable objects used in a single sequence 

You must use the Object dropper for this trophy. Press + to go to Object Dropper, and go to Props->Benches and Barriers-> select a long safety barrier. Spawn it, then duplicate it twice so there's 3 altogether. Then just grind all 3 of them to get the Trophy. Here is a video to help you out.

Thanks to cbkste for the video

Mantastic Voyage
3 manuals in a single sequence 

To Manual, slightly hold down the . You can then do something easy like manual, flip trick, manual, flip trick, manualy, flip trick. Just make sure it's all in the same sequence and the trophy will unlock.

Don't be so Mayo
Land a Miracle Whip (Superdude body flip) (1) 

In order to do a Superdude Body Flip, you must ollie and then hold the and buttons and press . Your skater will hold his board over his head. While he does this, press up on so that he flips. If you successfully land it, the trophy is yours. A good place to do this is the Chan Center, at the Stadium Bank Spot. Just activate the spot and you will start up on a building, ollie down the building and pull off a Miracle Whip to get the trophy.

Thanks to Roosterteeth for the video. 

100% Pure Adrenaline
Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds 

To do a Spread Eagle, you must first Bail from your board using +++ all at the same time. Once you are bailing, hold down so your skater does a Spead Eagle. Here is a video to show you a great location to get this trophy:

Thanks to wtmxwl3 for video.

Employee #3
Earn your second career teammate (1) 

Once you sell 50,000 boards, you will unlock your second career teammate and this trophy.

Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned 

To do this, just complete every challenge in the game, it doesn't matter if you Own or Kill it or do it offline or online, as long as you have completed it. There are 160 total challenges that you must complete, and you can check your progress in your skate.Profile.

Team Challenges(33)
Getting Started(6)
Hall of Meat(20)
Own The Lot(11)
Own the Spot(16)
Team Promos(20)
Street Contests(9)
Tranny Contests(9)

Party at the Penthouse
Win both Maloof Money Cup contests 

You must beat both "Maloof Street" and "Maloof Vert" to unlock this trophy. Just find them in the challenge menu and enter them to start playing.

Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest 

After you have completed all of the team promotional films and photos (see "Overexposed"), you will unlock a bunch of new trannys and street contests, including the "T-Mobile Pier Party" contest. Simply beat it to unlock this trophy.

Employee #2
Earn your first career teammate 

Once you sell 15,000 boards, you will unlock you first career teammate and this trophy.

Beast Unleashed
Win the Monster contest 

You unlock the Monster Contest after you have sold 1 million boards (see "Deck Peddler"). Simply win this contest and you will get the trophy.

Deck Peddler
1 Million boards sold 

You will get this over time. You sell boards by completing all kinds of challenges. You can earn even more boards by "Killing" challenges and also completing them online. This is the final Milestone (Milestone 6) that you can reach. Once you get this trophy, the Monster Contest will unlock (see "Beast Unleashed").

GVR Champ
Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest 

You will unlock the GvR Contest after you have sold 600,000 boards. Just beat it to earn this trophy.

Making a Buddy Call
Call a Skater to come skate with you 

Once you have unlocked a pro skater or career teammate, Press and go to "Call Skater".Then just choose the skater you want to call and the trophy will unlock.

Talking bout Team practice
Play in a 6-player Team Freeskate session (141) 

You must be in a Skate Team to get this trophy. Once you join a Skate Team, go to your Online Challenge Map, go to the Team tab and select "Join Team Lobby". Then just invite 5 other people who are in you team into the lobby and the trophy will pop.

You're Winner!
Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge (2) 

You must be by yourself to get this trophy. Go to your Online Challenge Menu and select "Versus". Then select if you want to do a quick match or custom match. I suggest you do a custom Hall of Meat match, as it seems to be one of the easier games to beat. The trick to Hall of Meat is to land in a cannonball and start rolling and pressing to "push" yourself across the ground. This will give you a lot of extra points. Once you choose what game you want to play, you'll will be matched up with other skaters to play against. Just win the challenge and the trophy will pop.

Complete an Online Career challenge (1) 

Any time you see a challenge that says "Playable Online" it means that it's possible to hook up with someone online to play the challenge with. Most of the challenges are playable online, and it's highly recommended that you play as many of them online as you can since it gives you extra boards towards "Deck Peddler". Any time you do a challenge that is playable online, just choose "Play Online" and it will match you up with other skaters. Then, once you are all in the lobby, just start the challenge, complete it, and the trophy will pop. Choose an easy challenge so it's not so hard, and you can also use the boosting thread if you don't want to match up with strangers.

Throw Down
Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge 

Please see "Lot Pwners" for info on how to get this trophy.

Team Up
Be part of a team with two or more skaters 

For this trophy, just join a Skate Team that has two or more people on it. Then go to the Team's profile page in the game and the trophy will pop.

Lot Pwners
Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot (3) 

You must be in a Skate Team to get this trophy. Enter a Freeskate lobby and invite a teammate to join you. Then go to Online Challenges and select a ranked "Custom Match". Choose Own the Lot as your match and you will soon be matched up with other skate teams. Just win the challenge to get this trophy, as well as "Throw Down".

High Five!
Win any 5 Ranked Challenges 

This counts for any of the various gametypes that you play through and win, such as Own the Lot, Domination, Hall of Meat, Deathraces, etc. These can be done by yourself or with your skate team. Just win 5 of these challenges (Make sure they are Ranked!) and you will get the trophy.

Is that all you got?
Own all challenges 

You must complete every available challenge throughout your career to get this trophy.These include photo/film shoots, deathraces, trannys, Hall of Meat, etc. To "Own" a challenge you just have to complete the objectives given to you. In some challenges, it's possible to go back and "Kill" them by completing tougher objectives (see "Mass Murderer") Check your progression in your skate.Profile: Career.

Team Challenges(33)
Getting Started(6)
Hall of Meat(20)
Own The Lot(11)
Own the Spot(16)
Team Promos(20)
Street Contests(9)
Tranny Contests(9)

Speed Demon
Win the final deathrace 

There are a total of 9 deathraces found in the world. You must complete the "Final Mountain Race" to unlock this trophy. Some tips:

1. Play on normal or easy difficulty, you gather speed much quicker and it is harder to fall.

2. Tight trucks and soft wheels help you manuver better at high speeds, but don't make them too tight.

3. Make sure you ollie on hills so you gain a lot of speed when going down.

In Stereo
Complete Coach Frank's skate.School Tutorials 

Coach Frank has 11 total training courses that you must complete. These range in everything from basic flickit moves and grinds, to more advanced things like darkslides. If you skipped when you first started the game, just go to the challenges menu and select "Training" Once you complete all 11, the trophy will pop.

Thanks to Roosterteeth for the video.

Beat the 'Thorax Crunch' Hall of Meat Challenge 

This is the final challenge for Hall of Meat. You must complete all 19 of the other Hall of Meat Challenges to unlock "Thorax Crunch". Once you have unlocked it, just complete it to unlock this trophy. There are a lot of objectives you must complete in this challenge, so follow this video guide if you need help:

Thanks to SMGCLAN4PS3 for the video. 

Spot Monopolist
Own all of the spots 

If you are having trouble finding spots, just go to the menu and go to "Online Challenge Map"--> Team--> Spot Battle and select a Spot and set up a private game. Then just quit the game and you'll go back to career right at the Spot! Remember, you just have to "Own" them, not "Kill" them. Here is a list of all the spots in the game:

Aletown Alley
Arbor Lege
Concrete Playground
Drainage Dith
Ender's Stair
Grinds of Destiny
Library Exit
Park This
Planter Madness
Rock Blocks
Stadium Bank
The Kink
The Ninth Dimension
The Wall
Wrong Hole

Thanks to Roosterteeth for the videos.

All your base are belong to you
Unlock the Team HQ 

Once you sell 50,000 boards, you will reach Milestone 2. Reda will call you about a new Team HQ in the Industrial Area, and this trophy will pop.

Employee #1
Start your team 

You must complete all of the "Getting Started" challenges to unlock this trophy. These include:

Movin' on Up
This is How We Do It
PCU Tour
Shingo's Turn
Get Your Trick on
DIY Skate Park

Beat the film ender 

Simply beat all 12 Film challenges to get this trophy. These include:

Ditch Hits
Easy as 1, 2, 3.
Gaps of Solitude
Rail on the Roof
Ripple Thread
Rip That Line
Rooftop Madness
Solar System
The Fan-table-ous
Tour de Stade
Very Metal

A Dynasty Is Born
Fully staffed your team 

In order to pick your fourth and final teammate, you must sell 600,000 boards. After you pick your last teammate the trophy will pop.

Mass Murderer
Kill 80 challenges (5) 

This is the hardest trophy in the game, and will come over time. In order to "Kill" a challenge, you must do more than is asked when you first accepted it. You will have to go back and retry every challenge after owning it so you can see the "Kill" objectives. These are harder than "Owning" objectives, so some challenges might be pretty tricky. Don't be afraid to switch to easy difficulty if you are having trouble, because killing some of these challenges can be ridiculous. There are a total of 83 Challenges you can "Kill" in the Career. Here is a list of all the "Kill-able" challenges in each category:

Films 12/12
Hall of Meat 19/20
Own the Spot 16/16
Pros 9/19
Races 9/9
Thrasher Photos 9/9
TSM Photos 9/9

Use DJ_BLACK_SHEEP's Challenge Guide if you are having trouble killing challenges:

The Consumate Pro
Complete all pro challenges 

There are 19 total Pro Challenges you must complete for this trophy. The trophy will pop after you beat the last one. The challenges are as follows:

Benny Fairfax - 1-up
Dennis Busenitz - Race

Joey Brezinski - 1-up

Danny Way - Jam
Josh Kalis - Film
Rob Dyrdek - Follow

Andrew Reynolds - Film

Chris Cole - 1-up

Chris Haslam - Follow

Lakai Demo
Lucas Puig - Film
Mike Carrol - Follow

Nike SB
Eric Koston - Film

Lizard King - Film
Lizard King - Follow
Terry Kennedy - Film

John Cardiel - 1-up

Dan Drehobl - Photo
Darren Navarrette - Film

King of Kings
Win the sreet and tranny ender contests 

For this trophy, you must beat all 8 contests from both "Street Contest" and "Tranny Contest" challenges. After you have done all 8 then the DC ender challenges (DC King of the Street and DC Kind of the Bowls) will unlock. Beat these and the trophy is yours.

Lot Monopolist
Own all of the lots (2) 

These unlock as you progress through the game.In order to "own" a lot you must complete all the objectives or challenges found in that lot. Just complete all the challenges to own it. There are 11 total Lots to own, and when you own the final one, the trophy will pop.

Black Box Park
Campus Entrance
Carverton Memorial Park
Chan Center
New Factory
Rippon Towers
Super Ultra Megapark
The 'Burb-a-tron
Maloof Money Cup

Sexiest Skater Alive
Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher 

Before you get the cover shots, you must complete 8 photo shoot challenges for each magazine. After that, you unlock the cover shots. Then you just have to complete them to get the the trophy:

TSM Cover
Jump the Shark

Complete all Promotional Films and Photos 

This trophy relates to all of your "Team Challenges" that you must complete. These can all be found at the top of the challenge menu and you must complete all 20 of them to unlock the trophy. They are as follows:

5 Team Ad Photos:
Ad Photo 1
Ad Photo 2
Ad Photo 3
Ad Photo 4
Ad Photo 5

5 Team Billboard Photos:
Billboard Photo 1
Billboard Photo 2
Billboard Photo 3
Billboard Photo 4
Billboard Photo 5

10 Team Films:
Team Film Part 01
Team Film Part 02
Team Film Part 03
Team Film Part 04
Team Film Part 05
Team Film Part 06
Team Film Part 07
Team Film Part 08
Team Film Part 09
Team Film Part 10

Employee #4
Earn your third career teammate 

Once you sell 300,000 boards, you will unlock your third career teammate and this trophy.

Secret Trophies
Trick Spammer
30,000 point line  

Go to "Locations" on your challenge menu and teleport to the Super-Ultra Mega-Park. place a mark at the top and just head down the entire Park. Make sure to use or to push up ramps for more air. Just do a lot of 540 spins, Christ Airs, Superdude body flips, No-foot-air, etc. This will rack up a TON of points to your line. Follow this video (credit to PureLegit):

10,000 point trick 

Go to "Locations" from the challenge menu and teleport to the Observatory. Head down the road a bit until you see the University Ditch (this is the area where you did the "Ditch Hits" film challenge). Set a marker at the top and start heading down the Ditch. You will pick a lot of speed really quickly, so make sure you trucks are tight enough to handle it. Every time you hit a huge gap, just do some 540 grab spins to get a lot of points and a x3 multiplier. This is also a good area to get "Trick Spammer" if you are having trouble at the Super-Ultra Mega-Park.

Thanks to MrSmugz for the video.

Did Somebody Get a Boo Boo?
75,000 point bail 

A really easy place to get the trophy is during the 'Bridges of Meat" Hall of Meat Challenge. Just bail right after you jump off the ramp and start racking up points. Remember to press to "Push" your body forward to get more points.

Thanks to Roosterteeth for the video.

Extreme Grindage
Perform a 100 meter or 300 foot grind 

An easy way to get this trophy is after you beat "Hall of Meat - Meat in Training". You'll be on top of a huge hill with a rail that's about 500 feet long. Just ollie and grind it and by the time you reach the bottom, you'll get the trophy. Here's a helpful video:

Thanks to Roosterteeth for the video.

Gone Viral
Catch the Skate Flu (2) 

This is a Viral trophy, meaning you will get it when you play online with somebody who already has it. Just play online until you get it, or use the boosting thread if you aren't having good luck.

DLC: Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 5
Money Cup Master
Win the Maloof NY Contest   

This is the first thing you'll do in the DLC. If you don't know how this works, you face off against 5 other AI skaters at the same time in a three round contest. After each round you get 5 points for first, 4 points for second all the way down to 0 points for finishing last. The winner is the skater with the most points at the end, meaning that you don't need to win every round for this trophy. The rounds are broken down as followed:

Round 1: Grinds

Self-explanatory. The only way to earn points is by grinding. You have 1:30 to get as many points as possible. The way I do this is just go straight and grind the rail and the ledge, then at the bottom I grind the long crescent. Just make sure to trick onto and off everything and you should get a good amount of points. Then teleport back to the start then repeat until the time is up. Since everyone is doing this at the same time, be careful of collisions with other skaters, especially at the start. Try to get at least 6000 points. It's random how well everyone else performs but 6000 seems to be enough to win most of the time. It's possible to be beaten and it's also possible to win with less.

Round 2: Best Trick

All you need to do on this one is do a single trick that beats everyone else's. You have as many attempts you can fit into 1:30. In addition you have no multipliers to help you out but luckily it's an even slate. The way I did it was darkflip (holding down while doing a trick) while spinning onto the rail directly in front then flipping off, this gave a good score. Another way I managed high scores is on the ledge in front of the rail, where I did a little tweak (move in any direction) before landing and tricking off. If you are good at landing into manuals, this will basically guarantee victory if you do it well enough. Try to get over 800, as this seems to be the max I have seen the AI go.

Round 3: Jam

This is nearly identical to round 1, except anything goes. Still, I recommend going for a similar approach to the first round, as grinds are usually the best way to go in flat competitions but you can also do random tricks inbetween to boost your score and multiplier. Again, 6000 is a suitable target to aim for.


  • No AI skaters are consistent over replays of the contest or more importantly over different rounds. In 2 attempts winning all rounds, the next closest person was 8. You can therefore safely finish second or higher each round, unless the same person wins a round more than once. If you win at least one it'll be very hard to lose.
  • You can't restart or you'll start at round 1 again. Therefore only restart if you’re doing poorly in the grind round. As implied above, it is not the end of the world if you don't win a round.
  • I'm not entirely sure how the AI works. They may be designed to the players skill so the better you do the better they do to compete. Like I've said before though, it seems to be random because as I've had times I've done well and they come close and times when they do really badly despite me doing well.
Maloof Street Slayer
Complete the Maloof NY Street OTL  

An OTL (Own the Lot) is a series of tasks in a certain location, ranging from tasks you may get in photo challenges to a list of tricks you must do within a certain time. The Maloof NY Street (Called Maloof Money Cup NY in-game) has 6 tasks. Below is a breakdown of each with tips.

Maloof NY Accumulation - You'll need to get 12000 points in 3 minutes in and around the globe. This isn't too bad providing you get a x3 multiplier quickly by doing tricks and you do tweaks, no foots or even backflips if you're good enough. Don't repeat the same trick as you'll get less points each time for it.

Bank to the Future - This isn't too bad. You'll need to grind 3 different ledges in as many minutes. You don't need to do them all in one go. The trickiest one is the second as you need to grind to the end and it's quite long. As long as you get a good speed and a stable grind (such as the board being parallel with the ledge) you should make it.

Pathway Bush Gaps - Easy. Just get the timing good enough and you should gap each one with ease. Again you don't need to do all at once and you can slightly pass through the bushes and get away with it.

Tailblunter - This is one of the trickier ones, you'll need to do a tail, nose or blunt slide on 3 of the marked ledges. Your best bets are tail or nose slides, where you need to grind using just either end of the board. You'll need to move your board 90 degrees in mid-air to do this correctly. There's also a way to 'cheat' this, stand right by a ledge with the board in your hand, jump () and get on in mid-air, you may end up grinding this way.

Maloof Manual Madness - This can also be a bit tricky. What you'll need to do is jump on the pad directly into a nose manual (lightly press ) then transition into a normal manual (lightly press ) then trick off at the end. You won't make it if you go too fast, I suggest only pushing twice on the run up.

Maloof NY List - This one is the main event. You have 5 minutes to do 10 things on a list. Only four show up at once, when you do one another one unlocks and so on. Below is a list of what you need to do with tips:

  • 1000pt Grind - Do this with the one below. Go to the Maloof Edge OTS place and grind that ledge to the end and gap off, if you get 1k points + that's two birds with one stone. Try to get a multiplier beforehand to make it easier.
  • 1000pt Gap Off the Side Edge - See above
  • Grind Around the Bank - Easy, directly to the left of the start point.
  • Footplant a Hubba - Just after the bank above, Ollie onto the Hubba and hold + to footplant it, might take two or so goes.
  • Grind Over the Grate -The grate is right at the bottom, this is easy enough.
  • Do a Darkslide - Darksliding requires you to hold while flipping onto a grind so the board is upside down. You'll need to trick off again to avoid crashing, easier on rails.
  • Hit 3 Rails without Bailing - This needs to be done without bailing once, even if it's on something else inbetween. You can get off your board manually though. Go to the spawn marker and grind the rail in front. Get off, climb the stairs and grind the other rail down. Lastly turn right and grind the rail nearby.
  • Do a Bluntslide - This one is the make or break here, as it's the only one where luck is involved. See the in-game trick list to see what this looks like. You may get this randomly jumping on rails if you're lucky. You can sort of cheat this similar to the method for 'Tailblunter', as if you're lucky you'll do a noseblunt instead of a nose grind.
  • Step Up the Bottom Hubba - This isn't too bad, it just needs a little bit of speed and good timing but if you jump too early you won't make it, too late and you'll crash.
  • Gap the Central Manny Pad - This one can be a little tricky at first. Start at the pad you footplanted, go down the ramp nearby then down the one to the right of the gap you needed to do. This should give you enough speed to do the gap. If you are close, you can also give yourself a boost by footplanting near the end.
Maloof Tranny Monster
Complete the Maloof NY Tranny OTL  

This is similar to the Street OTL but in the secret Skate Park. The tasks are:

Vertical Vibrations - You have 3 minutes to get 40,000 points around the park. This sounds tricky but the trick is to just turn around and go backwards and forwards between two half pipes, fitting as many tricks such as fingerflips, no foots, tweaks and backflips in as you can. You might fail once or twice but it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of it.

Bridging the BLAOW! - All you need to do is do one gap, marked by arrows. You'll need to know how to pump half pipes (grab the board while going down halfpipes, see the tutorials for more help), as otherwise you won’t get enough speed.

Hip that Line - First go down the ramp slowly and perform the transfer. Don't go too fast or you'll land hard and won't get enough speed for the step-up. When you manage enough speed, go for the step-up. You can still make it with average speed but you'll need impeccable timing and luck. After this, just grind down the rail. You don't have to do them all in one go.

Vert Tag-O - You'll need to 'tag' 10 spots in 3 minutes. Tagging will occur by either grinding the rail the arrows point at, handplanting the quarterpipes ( while riding up it), or just jumping into the arrow. None of these are hard.

Permission to Transfer - Pretty easy. Just jump into the quarterpipe, then gap the place shown, making sure to do a one foot over it (+ for example)

Quartered List - Trick List. 5 minutes to do 12 objectives.

  • 4.0m Air - This one, despite being first, is the make-or-break one here. Not much advice I can give you other than going back and forth between two opposite quarterpipes to gain air, this is down to luck too. If you get it, you're mostly sorted.
  • Grind the Low Bank Rail - Easy, it's to the left of the spawn point, where the OTS was.
  • Gap Across the Inset Quarterpipe - Go up to where you started 'Hip that Line' and turn around. Go full speed and jump across at the last second. Try not to accidentally grind the rail (although this might get you something else).
  • Do a 180 No-Foot - Easy, the first thing I always do. Do a No-Foot by grabbing the board and holding , you can do this wherever you get enough air, even when jumping from your spawn position.
  • Grind Up and Down the Angled Wedge - Near the rail mentioned above. You'll need a decent amount of speed, all you’ll need to do is jump on (preferably from the right), and hope you have enough momentum to go straight back down when you reach the middle.
  • Grind the Inset Quarterpipe's Rail- See above but grind the rail instead.
  • Do a 540 Fingerflip -Pretty simple, a fingerflip is doing a boardflip while grabbing it, get enough speed going up a quarterpipe, do a fingerflip and spin, you should get this one.
  • Gap over an Extension - These are the things directly opposite the spawn point on top of the quarterpipe, get up to that area by going up the quarterpipe anywhere other than where the extension is and holding forward, then jump back off over the extension.
  • 2,000pt Grab Trick - This one can be a little tricky. If you use the same method as for 'Vertical Vibrations', you should rack up a 2,000pt trick eventually.
  • Handplant the Skinny Edge - This is near the angled wedge. You'll need a decent amount of speed, go up the skinny edge and hold .
  • Do a 720 - Not that bad when you know how, get a decent amount of air and hold both sticks in the same direction (left or right). You might land awkwardly but it'll still count if you got enough.
  • Gap the Arch - Again not bad, you just need a bit of speed and will gap it no problem.
Picture Worth a Thousand Curbs
Complete both Maloof NY Photo Challenges  

These are really easy so you shouldn’t have any problems. You should see the first one immediately after the contest, then the second one nearby after completing the first.

The first one just requires you to jump over the bins, and grab ( and/or ) in midair. You should get this first time no problem. The second requires you to jump onto the platform, land in a manual (hold lightly), hold it across the platform then jump off. This might take a couple of tries depending on how good you are at landing into manuals but nothing too daunting. The trophy will unlock after completing the second photo challenge.

Where's My Money?
Complete both Maloof NY OTS Challenges  

OTSs (Own the Spot) are when you are given a specific spot and you are required to hit a certain points total off a single trick there without the help of multipliers. In both of these cases you need to exceed 900 points.

Maloof Edge - From where you start in Maloof, head towards the big cylindrical structure in the North West. You should discover this on the way. The only real way of getting the total is by grinding the black ledge. You can realistically use either side, the left side is easier to get onto but harder to stay on, and the right side vice versa. Either way, try and do a grab trick ( or while pushing in any direction) when tricking off and you should hit 900 in no time. Personally I got 1448 using the right side which is more than enough.

Money Banks - From Maloof Edge, continue towards the cylindrical structure and enter it from the east side, then keep going straight until it’s discovered. Here you have two options, the ledge on the left or the rail on the right. Either option is possible but I highly recommend sticking to the edge. The main reason for this is if you jump off a little early, most of the time you'll land into another grind which will net you a few more points. I also did a grab trick onto the initial grind but be careful as it is easy to wipe out. My personal best with this method was 1624.

DLC: Danny's Hawaiian Dream
Cost: 6.99 Trophies: 7
Danny's Demo Machine
Complete both demos 

Complete both demos for this trophy.

Danny Way’s Street Demo
Challenge: Stoke the crowd with 7,500 points.
Keep doing tricks until you have over 7,500 points.

Danny Way’s Tranny Demo
Challenge: Stoke the crowd with 15,000 points.
Keep doing tricks until you have over 15,000 points

Lei it on the Line
Complete the 'Touch and Go' and 'Gazebo Film' Challenges 

Go to Photo and choose Touch and Go.
Challenge: Footplant to Cross the Water.
Footplant the wall with + , + , + , or + to cross the water.

Go to Film and choose Gazebo Film.
Challenge(s): Gap Up Over the Flowers, Gap Down Over the Flowers, and Grind Down the Stair Set.
Jump over the first set of flowers and on your way to the second set, jump over those as well. And grind either stair rail on your way to finish the challenge.

Street Locals Only
Complete the Danny Way Street Path 

Finish Danny’s Way’s Street Plaza OTL.

List of challenges:
Transfer Tramping
Reach the target score of 20,000 (Keep doing tricks).

Plaza Line
Gap to Manual the Flat (Jump and manual the flat)
Gap the Stairs into the Bank (Jump over the middle plant and land on the bank)
Gap from the Bank to the Grind (Jump over the grass and grind the rail)

River Rail Ransom
Grind all 6 rails.
Laser Tag
Transfer all 15 spots.

The Big Kick
700pt Trick off Bank Down the Stairs (Flip trick off the bank and land on the rail for extra points.)

Danny Street List
1,500pt Grind (Try to gain a 3x for a better score)
Gap the Double Bush (Jump over the bush on the side of the Long Ledge)
Grind out the Long Ledge (Grind either side of the ledge to the end (right in front when you start))
Gap the Banked Planter (On the left side of where you start, jump over the planter)
Gap the Long Stairs (Jump over the stairs or grind the stair rail)
Use the Kicker to clear the Planter (In front of the stairs gap, use the kicker to grind the planter side)
Grind the Bridge Rail (Grind either side)
Beam plat in the Garden (In the circle where you see four trees inside of it, push + , + , + , or + while skating on the ground)
Grind across the Gazebo (Go behind the gazebo until you see a kicker in front of it. Use it to grind the gazebo to the end. Grind carefully as your arm can hit the beam and stop you from grinding)

Argh! Flying Monkeys!
Complete the 'Jungle Step' and 'Danny's Mega Gaps' Challenges 

Complete both challenges for this trophy.
Go to Photo and choose The Jungle Step.
Challenge: Make the Step-Up.
It’ll take a couple of tries. Just gain the speed you need and jump up to the platform.

Go to Film and choose Danny’s Mega Gaps
Challenge: Clear the First Gap, Gap the Huge Step Up, and Gap into the Snake Run.
Jump over the first gap and go down to the small entrance on the right to jump over the huge step-up. The last part can get a little tricky so steer left from the small hump and have enough speed to jump over the final gap.

King of the Jungle
Complete the Danny Way Tranny Path 

Finish The Dream Track OTL

List of challenges:
Reach the target score of 20,000 (Keep doing tricks).

The Secret Tunnel
Enter the Tunnel (Steer to the tunnel on the left)
Gap into the Pool (Jump into the pool)
Finish with a 540 off the Pool Wall (Jump off the pool wall and land a 540 spin)

Mega Snake Snack
Jump over all the spots.

540 Christ-Air the Gap (In the air, hold + or + (depending on stance) while doing a 540 spin and land it)

Danny’s Tranny List
Do a Rocket-Air (Hold Down before you tap down L2 and R2 while in the air)
Do a One-Foot 540 (In the air hold + , + , + , or + and spin)
Body-Flip the First Hit (Frontflip or backflip the first gap)
Gap to the Super Mega Bank (If you take the left direction after the first gap, you’ll see arrows on the left side of the jump. Take it and land on the same direction you’re in)
Gap to the Semi-Super Mega Bank (Same as the previous one, but on the opposite direction)
720 Tweak Grab (Tweak a grab while doing a 720 spin)
Make the Final Step-Up (After you jumped over the Super Mega Bank Gap (left side area), jump over the bush to land in the mini park straight ahead)
Do any Quad-Flip (Hold a flip (Kick or Heel) until it says quad)
7000pts Trick (Keep doing tricks with a 3x when you have good air)
Finger-Flip the Underpath’s Step-up (If you take the right direction after the first gap, do a finger flip trick while jumping over the next gap)
No-Foot the Snake Maw Gap (After you jumped over the under path gap (right side area), do a No Foot or Christ Air over the final gap)
Do a Lateflip Dark Catch (Hold and kickflip in the air)

Master of the Mega Gnar
Beat Danny Way in the Final Contest 

Danny’s Tranny Contest
First Run: Best Trick (Do the best tricks while in the air of the first gap)
Second Run: Jam (Keep doing tricks)
Third Run: Solo Run (Three rounds of beating Danny’s 20,000+ score)

The Ownly Way
Complete both Danny Way OTS Challenges 

Danny’s Pool (In the middle of the Super Mega Bank, go left as you're facing the final ramp)
Own: 750 points

Garden Rail (In the middle of the Super Mega Bank, go right as you're facing the final ramp)
Own: 900 Points

DLC: Party Play
Cost: 6.99 Trophies: 9
I Own all the Classics
Complete the 'Twin Spires' OTS Challenge 

Location: (Art Gallery area)

Get a score over 900.

Bump and Grind
Complete the 'Bump Riser' OTS Challenge 

Location: (Marraffa Skatepark area)

Get a score over 650. 

2 Wheel Rainbow
Complete the 'Over the Rainbow' Photo Challenge 

Challenge: Manual Over the Rainbow.

Just do a manual over the rainbow.

Flippin' Loopy
Complete 'The Corkscrew' Photo Challenge 

This challenge can be tricky and it may take you numerous tries. Try pushing ( or ) 2 or 3 times and pump yourself (hit the right stick up before you jump) up the first loop and quickly steer yourself slightly to the left to avoid flying off after your first loop or lose control of your skater.

Modern Major-Manual
Complete the 'Modern Manual' Photo Challenge 

Challenge: Gap to Manual Across the Ledge.

Another tricky challenge. It’s best to do one push to gain less speed and steer yourself to the gap and ollie-to-manual across the ledge.

Complete the 'Gallery Gap Line' Film Challenge 

If you’re having trouble gapping over to the 1st ledge, pull out a large kicker from the object dropper before you start the challenge and move it around until you put it at a good spot to help you jump to the ledge. And for the second ledge, jump and grind it.

Slow and Steady
Complete 'The Art of Rail' Film Challenge 

Grind the rails in any way possible. As for the last one, do a 180 spin to a rail grind.

Stair Maestro
Complete 'The Quintessential Stair' Film Challenge 

Challenge: Gap the Stair Sets.

Jump over the 5 sets of stairs.

Complete the 'Marraffa's Skatepark' OTL Challenge 


Tranny Trench

· Score over 20,000 pts

Keep doing tricks in the area that’s circled around you.


Gap Challenge:

Raffa’s Transfers

· Transfer to the Pocket bowl

· Transfer the Hip

· Transfer to the Lower Bowl

Remember to push and pump yourself to transfer over each spot.

Loop Line

· Rock the Full Loop

· Transfer Over the Rail

· 540 Transfer the Rise

Push and pump for the loop and repeat to transfer over the rail. For the rise, do a 540 spin while in the air.

Grass Trap

· Grind the Ledge

· Gap the Grass

· Manual Revert on the Disc

· Grind the Ledge Over the Grass

Grind the ledge in front of you and ollie over the grass. Ollie to manual the disc and do a revert with the left stick while you’re on it. Last grind the ledge next to the grass.


Tag the Spots:

The Midas Touch

· Grind the Golden Rails

Grind the 8 rails.

Solo Shot:


Fingerflip 360 the Hip.

Do a 360 fingerflip (Hold L2 or R2 while flicking the right stick as if you were performing a flip move) on the hip.

Tricky Triangles

· Gap to Grind the entire Triangle

Jump from the first part of the triangle and grind on top of the other triangle to the end.


Trick List:

Skatepark Gauntlet

- Gap the Extensions (Where you start, you’ll see a brown ramp in the bowl. Try to ollie and grind the middle rail between the ramp walls.)

- Transfer the Steeped Spine (You’ll need to gain speed and quickly pump yourself over the spine.)

- Gap Over the Loop (It’s best to start on the top of the bank behind the loop. Try to jump as far as you can and grind the edge of the loop. If you have this and grind the loop in the list, you’ll be able to get both done.)

- Do a 540 Fingerflip (Self explanatory. Do a 540 spin while holding down a shoulder button and flicking the right stick.)

- Lateflip Over the Golden Mid-Rail (Do a flip trick in the air while transferring over the yellow rail.)

- Grind the Loop (Same as the loop gap. If you have both challenges in the list, you can get both done at the same time.)

- Transfer to the Lower Bowl (Push and pump yourself over to the lower bowl (the transfer next the golden rail ramp).)

Grind the Nub Extension (Grind on the nub in the lower skatepark area.)

- Do a 720 (Start from the top of the bank behind the loop to gain speed and pump for air while spinning. Best tip is to hold both analog sticks in the direction you’re trying to spin to make it faster.)

- Transfer to the Shallow Bowl (Easier method is to go around the bowl and gap from there.)

-Tailslide the Far Golden Rail (Located at the lower skatepark. Flick the rights stick as if you were performing a shuvit as you make contact with the rail.)

-3,500 pt trick (It’s best to try this while aiming for a 720 spin if that’s in your list. While you’re trying or not, try to gain a 3x to earn more points.)

Game Info
EA Black Box
Electronic Arts


US May 11, 2010
Europe May 14, 2010
Japan December 16, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-6
ESRB: Teen
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