Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Trophy Guide
Guide By: Lurkki91
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Note: Platinum will become unattainable by the end of February due to server shutdown!

-Estimated trophy difficulty: -
-Offline: 40
-Online: 11
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25-50 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: 0
-Glitched trophies: None, except online is a mess
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are no cheat codes
-Is online pass needed for trophies?: There is no online pass for the game

Trophy Breakdown: 1 2 8 40

Ridge Racer: Unbounded
This game is an arcade racing game similar to Burnout, FlatOut and Split/Second. It's key elements are drifting and driving aggressively. The game has 5 different race types: Domination Race, Shindo Race, Drift Attack; Frag Attack And Time Attack. The player starts as a new gang member of the Unbounded gang in Shatter Bay. Completing events, collecting awards and almost everything makes you go up in rank. Online trophies are difficult as most of them require 8 players. That means skill, luck and probably boosting are needed. Single player is somewhat easy except for some Time Attacks, that can require dedication to achieve 3 stars.

Step 1: Career
Complete the career. Race through every event and collect the 3 stars from each. Dominate every district by completing every event with at least one star. Make your way towards rank 30, but don't worry if you don't reach it yet. You will have to dominate 50 challenge events online so start it as fast as you can. Some challenges last for 24 hours and some for 1 hour, so I'd suggest to try to win three every day.

Step 2: Online
Create a track with the listed requirements and publish it. Win 50 multiplayer races and do the 8-player challenge trophies. Search for custom events that give you an easy way to get many frags, targets, jumps and points. Finish the 50 challenges among the days you play this game.
Online trophies - glitched or not, will be challenging:

Clean up
If you have missed any of the awards, just check the progress in the main menu and see how to get it. If it's a target, see the list at the end of the guide. If you need more Domination Race wins, create a short track that you can win fast. Then just repeat it. There are many custom event related trophies for example Award Hogger, Creative Destruction and Dealing with Rage Issues so check the guide for good levels to obtain them. There are also many skill/luck related trophies such as Interceptor, Bombardment and Drift to Win you might have missed so complete the trophy set by getting all those too.

[PST Would Like To Thank Lurkki91 for this Road Map]

Platinum Trophy
You’ve earned all Trophies (12) 

Get every other trophy in the game.

Learning The Ropes
Complete Domination Race tutorial. 

You will get this even before completing the first level.

Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races. 

Get 3 stars in 20 Domination Races. You can replay the same races for the wins. Frag opponents, destroy targets, drift and drive fast to refill your boost again and again. Boost is used to frag other racers and drive faster.

Race Dominator
Finish 1st in 50 Domination Races. 

Get 3 stars from 50 Domination Races. You can create your own events or play custom events online if you get tired of the Story Domination Races. Each race award you get completely refills your boost.

Finish 1st in 150 Domination Races. (1) 

Get 3 stars from 150 Domination Races offline or online. Creating short tracks and replaying them is a fast way to get more wins. You can make obstacles in advanced creator that will stop AI but not you. An example of this:
Custom City: DOMINATION 1 (by simboes)

High Flyer
Get 10,000 m/yd of total Airtime. 

This will come soon enough. Just blast through the city targets and go for jumps in time attacks.

Super Drifter
Get 50,000 m/yd of total Drifting. 

This is easy too. Drifting is essential when going through corners so just drift on every sharp turn. There are also Drift Attacks to gain more yards.

Tail Chaser
Get 35,000 m/yd of total Chasing. 

You get points from chasing (or drafting) when you are close enough to the car in front of you. Just like in other racing games nowadays, its useful.

Drift Master
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Drift Attacks. 

Get high enough a score to reach the points target of the evens known as Drift Attacks. You get points for drifting and have a limited time to reach the target. Use cars which have good acceleration and drifting stats. I found the Gremlin to be very good at this, but people have different styles so experiment on this.
Note: First lap gives you extra second for every 10 meters you drift. Second lap gives one second for 20 meters.

Frag Master
Get three domination stars from all Shatter Bay Frag Attacks. 

Reach the frag target by fragging as many racers/cops as you can. Your boost fills very quickly, so don't wait too long before using boost. Every target you destroy gives you 5 seconds more time, so plan your routes carefully to get the highest profit out of them. Disabling the cinematic camera can help in this race type.

Can’t Touch This
Finish 1st in 10 Domination Races without crashing or getting fragged. 

Don't crash or get destroyed by other racers in 10 Domination Races in total. The screen will turn black-and-white when you get wrecked.

I Just Want to Sing!
Finish 1st in 20 Domination Races with 0 frags. 

Don't frag/destroy any other racer in a Domination Race. Play clean for 20 races in total. You can repeat a short track over and over again if needed.

Drift to Win
Finish 1st with 2,000 m/yd of total Drifting in any 8 player Domination Race. 

Select a 8 player Domination Race and use a lot of drift. You have to win too, but it's not hard. You can create a 5-lap custom event if you can't seem to get this done in Shatter Bay.

Fanboy's Revenge
Win an 8 player multiplayer race with the Crinale. 

Crinale is unlocked in the last event of the game. It can be used online before that if the track has the right car class with Crinale in it.

Frag Capacitor
Frag 10 racers in one race. 

Destroy 10 racers in one event. Hitting them while using boost frags them right away, but if you see an opponent with low health bar, you can ram him/her on the side at high speed to get a frag too. Blasting through Explosive Trucks, Gas Trucks and Concrete Trailers will send a shockwave that will destroy nearby enemies and count as frags.

City Demolisher
Destroy 10 city targets in one race. (1) 

You can create your own city, which has at least 10 targets in it and blast through all. Add more laps to make it easier. Shatter Bay Domination Races called Posh Destruction and The Survivors have 10 targets in them.

Cause $10,000 worth of collateral damage in one race. (1) 

This can be very hard without a proper event focused on this. I suggest searching a city called "Trophyfarmin" by kaipa in world cities. Choose the event called Demolisher.

Frag any racer a total of 10 times while drifting. 

When you see opponents on your front going through a corner, you can drift and use boost at the same time. Sometimes if you hit them well, boost is not necessary to take a car out.


Frag a total of 10 racers while airborne. (1) 

Use your boost on the air or before the jump and hit an opponents car on the air. It must be done ten times. Disabling cinematic camera may help on this to let you see where you are flying. It can be hard, so make sure that you don't quit a race if you see the award for aerial takedown. You can make a level with many ramps side by side but even with that it's more about luck.

Play the events (Frag Attacks and Time Attacks) with police cars as many times that you get this. Should come without trying.

Flashing Fury
Frag a total of 200 police cars in Frag Attack events. 

Play the events (Frag Attacks and Time Attacks) with police cars as many times that you get this. Should come without trying.

Public Enemy
Cause $100,000 worth of collateral damage in total. 

This will also come without paying too much attention towards it. Just crash through everything that breaks. Make custom tracks with lots of stuff to make it faster or search for "stuffy" levels online.

I Know You!
Frag same racer three times in one multiplayer race. 

When playing a multiplayer race, frag the same opponent three times in one race. It is easiest in one vs one game. You can invite a friend and he lets you frag him three times if you don't get it with randoms. Also if someone is "away from controller" at the start, you can reverse and ram him as much as you like.

Not Easy Being Mean
Frag 20 cars in one race. (1) 

Search world cities for "Trophycity" by Greensulotion200. Choose the Domination Race called 20 cars. My score below is from that race. Or if you don't have access to internet on your PS, make your own highway with many explosive trucks. simboes made a track where you can get this too.

Nothing but Wreck
Frag 200 racers in total. 

Destroy 200 racers across all game modes. Fastest way to do it is to play Frag Attacks over and over again. It will pop anyway during your normal career playthrough.

Frag a racer just before the finish line. 

Stay close behind to your opponents. Save your power for the last meters and hit your opponent just before the finish. Many opponents who are at the first place have an annoying habit of using their boosts just before finish too, so it might be best to stay at least 3rd when trying this..

City-Wide Destruction
Destroy 100 City Targets. 

Drive through the target with power boost on, and the car breaks through the wall.

Mechanic's Nightmare
Get your own car destroyed 100 times. 

If you're not a professional at this game, then this will pop in no time.

Boost Scrooge
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without using boost. 

You must'nt use boost on a multiplayer race and still win. That means no shortcuts unless someone else blasted them for you. Try to avoid being fragged because it will be hard to come back to the competition without boost. I suggest boosting. Not the above boosting, the one you do with online trophies that are hard.

Finish 1st in 50 multiplayer races. 

Win 50 online races versus other player(s). You can pick a super short track and replay it with a friend for faster victories.

Pure Racing Blood
Finish 1st in any 8 player multiplayer race without fragging anyone. (2) 

Don't frag any of the 8 players and come to the finish line first. You can still blast through walls.

My City
Publish a city. 

Go to my cities in main menu and create your own city with 5 events (advanced creator have to be used in one of them). After you are ready, publish it. this way you get all of these three trophies.

City Creator
Publish a city with 5 events. 

To make five events you must create a city first and then add an event for every spot.

Getting Creative
Create a track that uses Advanced Editor. 

Use the advanced editor in one of your basic events. Add something by pressing .

World Domination
Dominate 50 challenge events. 

Press "Dominate the World" on main menu and pick one of the three challenges shown on top. Get at least one star in 50 different events. The challenges have a certain time limit, after they are replaced with new ones. To get Domination points you have to get a better score than the creator of the event. These points are rather useless at the moment.

Dominate 10 challenge events. 

Press "Dominate the World" on main menu and pick one of the challenges there. Get at least one star in ten events.

Award Collector
Get all Race Awards. 

You can track your race awards in "Progress" on the main menu. Race awards start straight after the city target awards. A list of these in the end of the guide.

Unlock the Nakamura Racer '70. 

Reach rank 22 (Terminator) to unlock this car.

Garage Hoarder
Unlock all cars. 

Reaching rank 30 will unlock the last car of the game. You need to beat the last level in Ghost Bay to unlock the Crinale too.

Complete the Shatter Bay career. 

Unlock and play every event in Shatter Bay.

Unbounded Gang Member
Reach rank 10. 


Ultimate Dominator
Reach rank 30. (1) 

This is not so far away than it sounds. Anyway, if you get done with the events in Shatter Bay before getting this, there will be custom events created purely to help players reach the rank faster.
Custom City: XP VILLE, TROPHY CITY (wicked-monkey)

Model Citizen
Finish in top three without causing any collateral damage. 

Don't hit any trash can, lamp post or anything else breakable. A short custom event with 4 opponents is the best way to do it.

Award Hogger
Receive 20 awards in one race. 

Easiest way to obtain this is to make your own track with many targets, jumps and stuff. Then add many opponents and laps. You can also play someone else's event. (like mine called Sorkka in a city called Helsinki)

Creative Destruction
Destroy 25 targets in one event. 

Again use your own creativity or play someone else's track with many targets. You have to destroy 25 in one race and they can be the same ones (for example 5 explosive trucks). Custom City: TROPHY HUNT, HELSINKI

Dealing with Rage Issues
Destroy all targets and frag 5 racers in one race. 

Destroy all of the targets in one race and frag 5 opponents. If you're not getting this, put many laps on to one of your own Domination Races.

Shattered Bay
Destroy one of every City Target in the game. 

Check city targets in the "Progress" on the main menu. A list of the right levels where to find a certain target on the end of the guide.

Time Lord
Get three domination stars in all Time Attack events. 

Race under the time limit on every Time Attack. Use fast cars and learn the track inside out. Mastering Time Attacks really requires a decent amount of time put in them. I myself am poor at them so I make videos of them. Try to search from youtube. I will add videos of the hard ones if I ever beat them.

Fragging Ball
Multiplayer. Frag 10 cars in one 8 player Domination Race. 

This is very hard without boosting. You should have many laps and enemies to win this trophy playing with strangers.

Domination Incarnate
Dominate all districts in Shatter Bay. 

Have at least one star in every event of the Shatter Bay. The game informs you every time you dominate a district and you see which ones are dominated next to the name of the district. Some events require more points to unlock than others.

Race Master
Finish 1st in every Shatter Bay Domination Race. 

Get three stars from every Domination Race in Shatter Bay. Getting three stars form every race can be hard, but finding the most suitable car for every event is important. Try to get as close to the 1st place as possible within the first three boosts. Use shortcuts, frag opponents and gain more boost. Many times the first player is far ahead of the others so be sure to catch up with him before it's too late.

Best In The World
Win all 5 events in any 8 player City Domination match. 

Start a City Domination Match by adding a city to the pool in the Domination Races multiplayer lobby. Beat 8 players in all of the events one after another. Making sure nobody leaves in the middle is impossible and that's why I recommend boosting.

Game Info
Namco Bandai


US March 27, 2012
Europe March 30, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Teen
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