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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Trophy Guide
Guide By: MsFuruba
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Vote here!)
-Offline Trophies: 12
-Online Trophies: N/A
-Estimated Time To 100%: 30-35 hours
-Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1
-Number Of Missable Trophies: None are missable, as there is a scenario select option
-Glitched Trophies: 0
-Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes, for the Master of Destruction trophy, Hard mode must be completed with all S ranks
-Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: N/A

Important Links Used In The Guide:
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles HD Archive File Guide

NOTE: I've noticed upon playing this game that using the PlayStation Move results in the crosshairs being extremely shaky, making collecting Archive Files a headache and pulling off headshots near impossible. I'm unsure if this occurs to all, but when going for an S rank, I strongly recommend using the normal PlayStation controller. The crosshairs remain steady and auto-aim is on, meaning when close to an enemy, the crosshairs will automatically aim for the head.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and its sister game, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, are two on-rails shooters originally exclusives for the Wii. If you’re new to the series, what you’ll be seeing in this game are condensed (and sometimes tweaked) versions of three older Resident Evil games, and a brand new story to the series. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles HD holds the summarised versions of Resident Evil Æ, the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and a brand new story including Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine’s feats in Russia, related to Umbrella’s demise.

About the trophies. They’re relatively easy, as well over half are story-related. There are some weird requirements for some trophies, but keep at it. Being on-rails, obviously the game is strictly linear, meaning it’s pretty hard to miss the Archives and such.

I - Complete the game for the first time (Optional: Collect all Archive files)
Run through the game and enjoy it. There are four overall scenarios, three of which are based on elder games from the franchise; the Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and the Russia scenario with Chris and Jill set in 2003. Each scenario holds two trophies you will unlock naturally, as they are story-related. If you wish to save yourself practically another playthrough, you could collect all the Archive files and 'item files' here, if you are willing to have a guide at your side for the duration of your first playthrough. This is entirely optional, but if you wish to do so, read the next step before you begin. If not, play through the game like normal and when you finish the fourth and final scenario, move onto the next step. Also, make sure to finish all side-scenarios as well in this step, just to make sure you get all story-related trophies. Further information is provided in their respective trophies.

Trophies unlocked:
Man in ‘cuffs
Thirsty For Blood
Farewell to a Friend
Tyrant Disposal
Big Guy Wants To Play
The Fruits of Ambition
Taking One for the Team
The Final Curtain

II - Collect all the Archives
The archives are basically files scattered around the Resident Evil chapters. They contain paragraphs of story-related information, and for those of us who are enthusiasts of knowing everything in a game’s storyline, they’re good reads. There are quite a few to collect in each scenario, and require you to destroy an object. An Umbrella sign will appear after doing so, and by clicking the cursor, you attain the file. You must also collect the 'item files'. Not much is required aside from earning an S rank in the difficulties. To earn all 'item files' in a level in one go, finish the level on Hard Mode with a S rank. This will unlock all 'item files' for the level from all difficulties. You'll need to do this in the fourth step anyway.

If you did this in your first step like suggested, you can skip this and move onto the third step. If not, start up the chapters and collect the Archive files. Once this step is over, you’ve earned yourself a trophy and can move onto the third step.

Trophies unlocked:
Love Those Weapons
Archive Collector

III - Clear the Special Stage
The Secret Stage is a bonus level you will unlock after complete the game once. It is just a level where you must survive 10 waves of zombies without being hit. If you are hit even once, you’ll be brought back to the beginning. It can get tedious, but isn’t all that rough when you focus. Once you complete the stage, you will unlock Zombie Smack Down!. Check out the respective trophy for tips on how to clear the Special Stage, as well as more general information. Finish the Stage to quickly nab this trophy.

Trophies unlocked:
Zombie Smack Down!

IV - Getting the Infinite Anti-Tank Gun
To get infinite ammo in the required weapon for this trophy - the Anti-Tank Gun - you must complete all chapters and subchapters on Hard mode with an S rank. This can be tough, as a few simple screw-ups can result in an disappointing A rank.

But don’t worry, the requirements for actually getting an S rank aren't impossibly hard. In fact, your S rank runs have very basic requests, which will all be explained in the final trophy you shall require, Master of Destruction.

Trophies unlocked:
Master of Destruction

V - Clean Up (if necessary)
Missed a trophy? Feel free to get it now. Very soon you'll have your 100% to add to your library.

Once again, as expected, Capcom do not include a Platinum in their HD remake. Nonetheless, this addictive game has a nice set of trophies and the game is worth the purchase both for people who want to relive the action and those who have never played the game, or on that note, any game in the franchise.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank MsFuruba for this Road Map]

Man in 'Cuffs
Meet a man in handcuffs.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the first Train Derailment chapter (the Resident Evil Æ storyline). After meeting the criminal, Billy Coen, S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team rookie Rebecca Chambers will reluctantly team up with him. You will unlock the trophy at this time.

Thirsty For Blood
Defeat the blood thirsty monster.  

You will earn this in the final Train Derailment chapter (the Resident Evil Æ storyline). After encountering the Queen Leech, or ‘Queenie’, you will be thrust into a battle with the monster. Pick up all the items you find in the areas you fight him in (for the duration of the fight, you’ll find only one Green Herb, so be careful) and basically unload all your strongest weaponry. Dodge when needed. If you focus and follow the guidelines, you’re pretty much set for the battle. After defeating it, you’ll finish the Resident Evil Æ scenario and you shall unlock this trophy.

Farewell to a Friend
Put a friend out of their misery.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the first Mansion Incident chapter (the Resident Evil storyline). About halfway through the chapter, you will come out onto a balcony. As well as finding a few items out here, you will find the corpse of a team mate, Forest Speyer. He rises, reanimated as a zombie, and you have no choice but to kill him. He takes a few more hits than other zombies, but ultimately poses no difficulty. After killing him for good, you will unlock the trophy.

Tyrant Disposal
Take out the all powerful Tyrant.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the final Mansion Incident chapter (the Resident Evil storyline). At the end of the chapter, you’ll discover the Tyrant was tailing you ever since the labs, and its current aim is to stop your escape. The boss fight can be quite rough as the creature is relentless; it’ll constantly charge towards you and slash you with its left arm, which can really beat you down. He can also take massive leaps and slash downwards, so shoot his left arm in both occurrences. When he picks you up, shoot as much as possible to make him drop you. Soon, you’ll gain access to the Rocket Launcher, so use this to finish him off for good. You’ll unlock the trophy soon afterwards, and will have finished the Resident Evil scenario.

Big Guy Wants to Play
Turn the tables on the Pursuer.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the final Raccoon’s Destruction chapter (the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis storyline). When you think you’re safe - you’re not. The ‘Pursuer’ is Nemesis, and he is a pest. It also doesn’t help that he has a Rocket Launcher at his disposal. Anyway, tips and tricks for fighting him? There aren’t any. Just shoot, shoot, shoot. When he picks you up, shoot his head like crazy. In fact, for the duration of the battle, shooting at his head is the best tactic. A few times he’ll attack you through the ground with tentacles. Even then, continue shooting him. Like with the Tyrant from the first scenario, grenades work surprisingly well against Nemesis. In the end, you will defeat the ultimate ‘Pursuer’, Nemesis, earn the trophy and end the scenario.

The Fruits of Ambition
Draw the curtain on Sergei's ambition. (2) 

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the second Dark Legacy side-mission in the Umbrella’s End scenario (the new Russia storyline). All in all, a very easy fight. Shooting the orb on his chest does a fair amount of damage, but hitting the orb on his back makes his health drop twice as fast. You could get over half his health down in one try. His attacks are weak and predictable, on top of that. If you want to make this battle even easier, find your way to the 'treasure trove of weapons' in the maze prior to the battle to bag yourself over 1,000 bullets of machine gun ammo. It'll last you the duration of the fight. Check out Love Those Weapons for details on how to find this place.

Taking One for the Team
Witness a comrade's sacrifice.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the second Nightmare side-mission in the Mansion Incident scenario (the Resident Evil storyline). As you come to the end of the second Nightmare side-mission, you'll encounter the signature massive snake of the original Resident Evil, Yawn. You'll be chased down by him for a while, until you go to the library. You'll then engage in battle with him. Watch the following cutscene and you'll unlock the trophy afterwards.

The Final Curtain
Put an end to the secret organization.  

This is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will earn this in the final Umbrella’s End chapter (the new Russia storyline). A quick note before hand, Submachine Guns are waiting around the room, for your convenience. In the initial fight scene, shoot for the pulsing part in his middle area and try your best to deflect the rockets. In the next part, you must shoot out all the pulsating circles around him. When one fades, start shooting the others. When all are out, he’ll drop down and the fight shall continue. Avoid the lasers and tentacles T-A.L.O.S will throw at you. After you finally put them down, you’ll earn the trophy and complete the final scenario of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles HD.

Zombie Smack Down!
Clear the special stage. (4) 

Clear the game once (including all side-scenarios) and you’ll unlock the special stage. You’ll face 10 waves of zombies, all of who die with one hit. Unfortunately, if you’re hit, just once, you’ll be plummeted back to Wave 1 too. Keep vigilant, and be wary of your surroundings. The zombies are quite fast, and attack relentlessly. Focus is the main thing, really. Upon reaching Wave 10 (and successfully killing them all) you’ll receive this trophy.

Here’s some tips for the game:

- Each round has two sections. The first will have zombies run directly for you. The second depends on how many you kill in the first, for example, kill seven in the first, and you’ll only have three to deal with in the next.

- Each enemy only requires one kill. Nonetheless, for safety’s sake, shoot them in the head. On multiple occasions, the zombies didn’t die with one shot and I was caught off guard.

- The spots where enemies appear are limited when they peek over the fence. Thus, if you grow accustomed to their spots early, you'll soon be able to actually predict where they'll appear next.

- This is important: the only way to kill the final zombie is by a headshot. You can do this while it's getting up, I killed it before it got a chance to rush for me. Once it's dead, the Stage is finally over.

Archive Collector
Collect all archives. (4) 

Archives are basically files with important story-related information. For most, they are unimportant. For others, they are nice reads. There’s quite a few to find, and if you went through the game the first time without finding any, it’ll require another playthrough to get all of them. I have compiled a guide to help you find these archives, which you can find here.

Love Those Weapons
Find the treasure trove of weapons. (2) 

Near the end of the second Dark Legacy side-mission, you'll enter a maze. Which directions you take are entirely up to you, but to get this trophy you'll need to take specific ones. Either way, you'll need to go to this room anyway to get an Archive File.

The directions in the maze for the second Dark Legacy scenario are as follows:

  • Take the middle
  • Straight ahead
  • Left
  • Straight ahead
  • Left
Master of Destruction
Get the all powerful weapon. (7) 

Basically, for this trophy, you need to get unlimited ammo in the Anti-Tank Gun. Getting unlimited ammo has to be bought; however, the option to buy this has to be unlocked. To do so, you must do the tedious task of getting and S rank in every section and scenario on Hard Mode. Getting it on Normal or Easy won’t do; you need to do this on Hard Mode.

The criteria for attaining an S rank is as follows:

- CLEAR TIME: Obviously, killing enemies faster makes the clear time lower, getting you closer to an S rank. Therefore, Critical Hits and Clear Time go hand in hand; if you kill more enemies with headshots, enemies will die faster, make the Clear Time lower. Time is reasonably lenient and this criteria shouldn’t pose a problem unless you’re really slow at killing enemies. Also note that if you die, the time from where you respawn to get to where you were is added to the total time, meaning it is highly recommended that you do not continue if you die. It’s just not worth the risk.

- ENEMY HITS: Basically, your kill count. This counts every zombie, animal and boss. Sometimes when fighting enemies, the player will run away/leave before you get the chance to kill everything. Because of that, you need to use a steady mix of all your firearms to kill everything as fast as possible. Also, use environmental hazards; like cars or canisters. Shoot them enough times when enemies are close to kill a few at once, rather than picking them off one by one.

- CRITICAL HITS: Critical Hits are just basically headshots; try to kill every enemy with a headshot, as this’ll help you with your Clear Time, keep you from dying (because you’re killing enemies faster) and save ammo for that weapons that have it limited. This isn’t too tough because generally, every zombie you encounter only requires about two or three headshots. A great way to pull off headshots is to pause the game then adjust your aim while in the menu. When you unpause, the crosshairs will remain in the same position, meaning you get as long as you want to make sure you correctly perform a headshot.

- OBJECTS DESTROYED: Don’t think this needs too much explaining. In every level, there are objects which can be destroyed, for no exact purpose. Boxes, lights, cabinets, books, benches, you name it. Anything besides enemies is practically breakable in this game, and is quite a random criteria. When aiming around and the crosshairs go white, it means you can whittle away on the object until its destroyed, or destroy it in one go. As long as you constantly move around the screen with the crosshairs and shoot when needed, this is a pretty easy thing to do.

- FILES OBTAINED: Another self-explanatory criteria. There are a few files in every section, and simply collecting them all is required. The good thing here is, once a file is obtained, it stays with you and carries across all difficulties; it is permanently obtained. Meaning, if you collect all files as recommended in the roadmap before doing your Hard Mode S-rank run, you’ll be assured of a permanent S rank for this criteria. Follow this guide for my guide of file locations of all main scenarios and side-missions, and check out the Archive Collector trophy for further information on files in general.

Game Info
Cavia Inc.


US June 26, 2012
Europe June 27, 2012
Japan January 22, 2013

Players: 1-2
ESRB: Mature
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