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Resident Evil: Revelations Trophy Guide
Guide By: KylieDog
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Difficulty: 7/10
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30+ hours
Offline Trophies: 49 (41, 5, 3)
Online Trophies: 2 (1, 1)
Online Pass: Not required
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 1 Campaign (2 recommended), Raid mode will require many repeat playthroughs
Missable Trophies: 15 (Surviving Deep Darkness, First Victim, Traces of Tragedy, Last Victim, Research Complete, Living on the Edge, By the Crosshairs, Bamboozle the Oozes, Die Another Day, Triple Play, A Packaged Deal, Rockets are for Losers, The Pool is Open, Dodge Master, Angry Fist)
Do Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Do Difficulty Trophies Stack: Yes for Campaign, No for Raid Mode
Glitched Trophies: None Reported so far


Resident Evil Revelations is third person shooter/survival horror game created by Capcom. Originally released on 3DS in 2012, the Resident Evil series 10th main entry is a prequel taking place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5 and see's Jill Valentine and her new partner Parker Luciani search a mysterious abandoned ocean liner in search for a missing Chris Redfield, star of several of the series games.


It is possible to get all campaign trophies in a single playthrough, however playing on Infernal difficulty will make several of the trophies hard to achieve. It is recommended you try to get them all in one playthrough but if some prove too hard then once you have beat the game, use New Game+ and switch the difficulty down to Casual and replay from the start to get any that you missed. There is no chapter select. However, you can make up to twelve saves so you can save in a separate slot to retry later if you wish.

Step 1
Beat the game on Infernal difficulty

Beating the game on Infernal first time playing may prove a challenge for some. There is always the option to play through on an easier difficulty first and use New Game+ to carry all weapons and upgrades with you to Infernal to make it easier. While playing your first time through you will want to work on achieving all missable trophies, these are:

Surviving Deep Darkness
First Victim
Traces of Tragedy
Last Victim
Research Complete
Living on the Edge
By the Crosshairs
Bamboozle the Oozes
Die Another Day
Triple Play
A Packaged Deal
Rockets are for Losers
The Pool is Open
Dodge Master
Angry Fist

Most of these are very simple to achieve regardless of difficulty, however By the Crosshairs requires you to kill an enemy that likes to flee after taking a set amount of damage and playing on Infernal will give the enemy much more health so makes killing it much harder, to give yourself an easier time save all grenades found during chapters 3 and 4, in chapter 4 you can try and stun lock the enemy using grenades so it will not run away. Saving in a separate save slot at the end of chapter 3 to retry this later or alternatively replaying New Game+ on an easier difficulty is recommended.

The other trophy that may be hard to achieve on Infernal is Rockets are for Losers as this requires you defeat a boss using regular weapons only and pass up the rocket launchers which are offered to you. This is still manageable on Infernal but for less skilled players the extra ammo used may be better off saved for the rest of the game.

The rest of the missable trophies are mainly collectables, require you to do something simple at the right time or offer the same challenge regardless of difficulty setting, please see those trophies guides for how to achieve them.

Step 2
Raid Mode

Raid Mode will require a lot more time than campaign. Aside from Dynamic Duo every trophy can be achieved offline in single player, though gaining S ranks especially on harder difficulties is made significantly easier if you play co-op online.

The difficulty trophies and S ranks for Raid Mode do not stack and each level and difficulty must be completed individually. Co-op makes this easier not only for gaining bonuses which give more points towards a rank, but also because for each person you complete a level with, another level will be altered with stronger enemies that give more points, making replaying those levels (solo or co-op) easier to S rank, although slightly harder to complete.

It is recommended you sign up to and link your PSN ID to make one trophy much easier although it isn't required to get the trophy.

You can find partners for Raid mode by using the Co-op partners thread here on PS3T.

[PST Would Like to Thank KylieDog for this Road Map]

Eye on the Trophy
Obtain all trophies. (16) 

If you get this then congratulations, you have unlocked every trophy for Resident Evil Revelations.

We'll Find You, Jill
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 1 - 3. 

Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy on the Chapter 3 end screen.

Get Us Out of Here!
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 4 - 6. 

Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy on the Chapter 6 end screen.

The Queen Zenobia
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 7 - 9. 

Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy on the Chapter 9 end screen.

The Storm is Gone
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 10 - 12. 

Story related and cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy on the Chapter 12 end screen.

The Dark Forest
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Casual difficulty or higher. 

See The Vestibule of Hell.

The Shores of Purgatory
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Normal difficulty or higher. (1) 

See The Vestibule of Hell.

The Vestibule of Hell
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Infernal difficulty. (10) 

This may be tough for some if you do not decide to do this as part of New Game+. There more enemies, you get less ammo and health items, enemies have higher health and they do more damage to you. Learning the dodge ability is vital, you can dodge by pressing Up or Down+ as an enemy attacks. The trophy should pop after the end credits scene.

The final boss seems to be especially hard for a lot of players, to make the fight significantly easier use the M3 shotgun. Attach the best extra damage and critical upgrades you have, the double shot upgrade and finally either autoloader if you have it or if not the largest extra magazine size you have. Aim for the heart when exposed and it will stop the attacks with one press of the trigger, even during the final stage of the fight.

Surviving Deep Darkness
【CAMPAIGN】Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once. (2) 


This sounds hard but has a simple trick to it, aside from not dying. If you die the game will ask if you want to continue, say no and the game will return to the main menu. Simply click on campaign and click continue and it will load the last save point before you died. The trophy should pop after the end credits scene.

First Victim
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 1 hidden hand print. (1) 

See Last Victim

Traces of Tragedy
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 15 hidden hand prints. 

See Last Victim

Last Victim
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 30 hidden hand prints. (3) 


Hidden throughout the game are hidden handprints only visible by using the Genesis scanner, to aim it hold and then press and hold to scan. You'll get a tutorial for using the scanner during episode 1.

If you miss a handprint you may be able to backtrack to it, even in another chapter. However some are in places you only visit once and if you miss it you'll need to get it in New Game+. All handprint trophies should pop a few moments after you scan the print, if they do not then you missed one or failed to fully scan it. You should know if you fully scanned a print as it says "Handprint scanned" and the print should vanish, even when using the Genesis scanner. If you miss one you can get it the next playthrough on same save file, you do not need to repeat the ones already scanned.

Text location guide: Hidden Handprints

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video guide
【CAMPAIGN】Scan an enemy for the first time. (2) 

Story related and cannot be missed. You'll be given the Genesis scanner during a flashback in episode 1 and will be forced to use it in a tutorial. The trophy will pop a few moments after the scan.

Research Complete
【CAMPAIGN】Scan all enemy types. (4) 

Use the Genesis scanner to scan all enemy types. It should be noted some enemies can be scanned multiple times and you receive a bonus each time until they turn white when viewed with Genesis, turning them white is not required for a scan to count towards this trophy, one full scan that awards a bonus is enough. It is best to scan each new enemy the first time you encounter it, as some are only seen once, or are uncommon. If you miss one you can get it the next playthrough on same save file, you do not need to repeat the ones already scanned.

The enemy list is as follows, beware as some are spoilers:

  • Ooze (standard Ooze)
  • Ooze Tricorne (fires projectiles)
  • Ooze Pincer (two large claws)
  • Ooze Chunk (blob on legs that explodes)
  • Globster (Beach blob)
  • Wall Blister (pods on walls, ball with arms and legs)
  • Fenrir (Wolf) Scan the small and large ones just to be sure
  • Scarmiglione (sword and shield) Scan just a pair of walking legs also, to be sure.
  • Draghignizzo (Boss encountered on observation deck) - Only one of this enemy
  • Hunter (Green lizard type enemy)
  • Farfarello (Similar to Hunter, turns invisible)
  • Ghiozzo (small mutant fish)
  • Malacoda (Giant snake type parasites) Scan them during first part of episode 11 boss fight, only chance
  • Rachael (Infected woman)
  • Scagdead (Fat, Buzz saw hand)
  • Sea Creeper (water enemy)
  • Jack Norman (Final boss)
B.O.W. Hunter
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 150 enemies. 

This will come naturally while playing, I received it during Episode 3. Trophy will pop on 150th kill.

Living on the Edge
【CAMPAIGN】Stop an enemy bullet with your knife. (3) 

There is only one enemy that fires bullets, the Ooze Tricorne but they are fairly common. Simply hold while it takes aim at you and you'll likely stop the projectile. To make it slightly easier look slightly to the left of the Tricorne so the knife is a bit more between you and the enemy. May take a few attempts but it's fairly simple to do. Trophy will pop after a few moments.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

By the Crosshairs
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat Rachael before she gets to the cafeteria. (3) 


This trophy can be very hard to get on Infernal difficulty, it is recommended to make a separate save file at the end of chapter 3 so you can replay chapter 4 at will and try to get this. Alternatively there is an auto-save just before your chance to kill her so if you fail to kill her in time you can quit game and select continue from the main menu to retry.

Rachael is the woman you see killed earlier in the game, you will find yourself retreading your path from earlier to find her body and a key she has. Only when you reach where she died you find she has mutated and will attack you. There are 4 chances to kill her before the cafeteria, in the corridor you first see her mutated form she will attack, when walking past some showers she will come from behind you, in the corridor through the next door and lastly in the corridor through a door after you go down some stairs. She will retreat through a duct after taking so much damage each time. If you do not defeat her in the final place I just listed either quit game and select continue to try again, continue on if you made a separate save file so you can do it later or as a last resort retry in New Game+ on an easier difficulty, Casual would be best.

First time though it can be hard to have enough firepower to defeat her, especially on Infernal. The best tip I can give is to save all grenades you find until this encounter (this means do not use them on the Scagdead fight during episode 3 which is quite tough). By using grenades you can knock her over and give yourself time to shoot her, then grenade her again and so forth to stop her retreating into a duct. While she is knocked over sniper rifle shots to the head work great. Shooting her legs can cause her to fall over also.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video
Bamboozle the Oozes
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots. (6) 


Use a sniper rifle to do this, as you'll find from when you move onto Raid mode it shows hit detection, hitting the head with other weapons is inconsistent and even animations which suggest the head was hit are false.

Simply aim for the head and shoot. A good enemy to do this on are Ooze Tricornes as they stay still while aiming at you. This must be done during campaign. Trophy will pop on the 10th.

Die Another Day
【CAMPAIGN】Evade a Scagdead's instant-death attack. (5) 


Scagdeads are the enemies that are large, fat and have a buzz saw on their arm. The first one you encounter is on the Promenade Deck, when on the Promenade Deck you'll have to lift up a metal fence with your partner, the game auto-saves here which is perfect. The Scagdead is in the room just ahead, if it kills you and you're going for the Surviving Deep Darkness trophy then choose not to continue and then on main menu select continue from the campaign menu.

To dodge the instant death attack stand directly in front of the scagdead, when it shakes its mouth into the air it will thrust its mouth forward, if that mouth catches you then you will die, so when you know the thrust is coming press Up and you should dodge, the trophy took about a minute to pop up for me but for others it may pop after a few moments only.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video
Triple Play
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 3 enemies with one shock grenade. (2) 


The perfect place to do this is Episode 5 in the Bilge Block. At one point Jill will use a lever to turn off a pipe with steam bursting from it on a lower floor of the same room, you'll then make you way through the lower half of the room, exiting to a ladder and find a large set of gears on a wall in front of you. You'll need to descend a set of stairs into a water filled room with mutated fish enemies.

*Do not kill the fish enemies*.

Instead run to the far end of the water filled room and ascend a set of stairs on the left, at the top of these stairs is a wooden box, break it with your knife to find a shock grenade. Equip it immediately. All the fish enemies you ran past should have followed you and will leave the water and follow you up the stairs, wait for a bunch of them to group up and press to throw the grenade at them and you should easily net 3 or more kills. Trophy will pop immediately.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

A Packaged Deal
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Scarmiglione as a whole without killing both parts of its body separately. 


Scarmiglione are the enemies that look like they have a sword and shield attached to them. The first one you encounter is in a sterilisation chamber but you encounter several more in the laboratory.

There are two ways to get this trophy. The first is to use a sniper rifle and only aim for the head, if you take too long or miss it may rupture into a pair of legs. If it blocks your line of sight with its shield aim for the legs so it lowers the shield, then quickly aim for the head and fire.

Alternatively, at the end of chapter 7 you run when through the Hold, there is a rocket launcher in the Hold, either pick it up then or you can pick it up during the next chapter. Save it for the sterilisation room and when one attacks you in there just quickly aim for the floor and shoot the RPG where it is standing.

Rockets are for Losers
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Malacoda without using a rocket launcher. (1) 


Malacoda are giant parasites that look similar to snakes. You first encounter them when playing as Chris during an on rails boat section. Where you achieve this trophy though is playing as Jill during the chapter 11 boss fight. There will be several Malacoda to fight and the chopper pilot will throw down rocket launchers to use. Simply do not use the rocket launchers and use your regular weapons to kill them. I had to kill all of them before the trophy popped, despite the trophy description being singular.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video

The Pool Is Open
【CAMPAIGN】Swim in the Solarium. (4) 


During Episode 3 you will enter the Hall, make your way to the 2nd floor and a side passage leads to the Solarium. Inside the pool will be contaminated so you cannot swim in it yet, to clean the pool find the door with a puzzle required to enter, inside is a pump control, activate it. That is all you can do for now.

In Episode 4 return to the Solarium and you will find the pool clean. Simply swim in the pool and the trophy will pop.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video
Dodge Master
【CAMPAIGN】Dodge 20 times. (1) 


You can dodge by pressing Up or Down+ as an enemy attacks. Any enemy type is good for this, can use 20 different enemies or the same enemy 20 times, the trophy will pop the twentieth time.

Angry Fist
【CAMPAIGN】Land 10 fully charged physical attacks. (1) 


When attacking enemies they will sometimes become stunned and stop attacking/moving, when this happens you can perform a physical attack by getting close to them and holding when prompted. If you hold down as long as possible it will automatically melee when fully charged. Using machine guns on Ooze is a good way to stun them, as is using the Daze weapon upgrade which increases stun chance.

Another enemy that is easy to stun are Hunters, the green lizard enemies mostly seen during Parker and Jessica flashback episodes. If you shoot one as it leaps forward it will stop mid leap and land in a stunned state. Just make sure no other Hunters are close enough to interrupt the melee attack charge period. Trophy will pop on tenth fully charged attack.

First Circle Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm. 

See Seventh Circle Traveller

Midland Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench. 

See Seventh Circle Traveller

Seventh Circle Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss. 

You simply need reach the end of all 20 stages on the respective difficulty, you will need to complete Chasm before can do Trench stages, and Trench before Abyss. It doesn't matter if a stage is completed solo or in co-op, either count as complete and are not separate in counting towards the trophies. Co-op will make this easier and is recommended, especially on Abyss difficulty. Ghost ship does not count for either difficulty.

First Circle Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm with an S rank. 

See Seventh Circle Overseer

Midland Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench with an S rank. (1) 

See Seventh Circle Overseer

Seventh Circle Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss with an S rank. (4) 

You need to score an S rank on all 20 stages on the respective difficulty, you will need complete Chasm , Trench and Abyss stages all separately, getting an S rank on an Abyss stage will not grant S rank on the Chasm or Trench version of that stage. It doesn't matter if a stage is completed solo or in co-op, either count as complete and are not separate in counting towards the trophies. Co-op will make this easier and is recommended, especially on Abyss difficulty.

There are four bonuses that will help you to score S ranks and it is recommended you try to get them, getting them in co-op is certainly easier also. The bonuses are:

Genocide - Kill every enemy in a stage.
No damage - Take no damage at all during a stage
Low level - Complete a level while lower than the recommended level, you can lower your level on the character selection screen if needed, can return it higher at will also.
Holy Trinity - Get the three above bonuses.

A fast completion time and high accuracy also give a bigger score, but have no related bonus. Alternatively if you're higher level you can forgo the bonuses unlike lower levels and get a fast completion time, high accuracy and low damage will be good enough to earn an S rank since you'll be so powerful enemies do not pose a threat at all.

Beyond the Veil
【RAID MODE】Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship. (2) 

Ghost ship is the ultimate Raid mode challenge, though you can play it anytime you like it is recommended to only try at high levels due to the extreme challenge. Before attempting this it is wise to spend BP upgrading your character to carry more ammo, grenades and herbs and also maximum damage reduction as each is extremely rare on this stage. Having powerful weapons with high level upgrades and playing in co-op to half the challenge is recommended.

You will want to head to the bow of the ship where you will face several waves of enemies until finally an exit emblem will appear, after this emblem is one final boss. There are several routes to take and the choice is yours. Using Rachael can give a small benefit in healing supplies as she slowly heals over time, you may prefer one of the other characters or costumes bonuses though. Using the knife to kill the first few rooms of enemies and save ammo is a good tactic.

While weapon choice is a personal preference, a pistol, Python, and M40A1 combo is a good loadout to use. You will want as many upgrade slots as possible on them. While extra damage and critical upgrades are fine for regular levels, on Ghost Ship due to the lack of ammo and herbs you will find you will want to make use of Ammo Magnet and Fertiliser upgrades, or you can swap Fertiliser for Fangs. Bottomless Pouch to regain grenades can help also. The Burst upgrades for double or triple shots will greatly increase your damage over time output. Cornucopia for the pistol is highly recommended for reasons listed below.

As a recommended route I suggest fighting until you use the first elevator then in the large elevator room swim down and to the Hold, from here through the door that leads to the Sterilisation Chamber, down through the Laboratory and into the back route that leads to the Side Deck. The benefit of this route is if you fail the stage then you will still have possibly unlocked several rare and useful weapons or weapon parts that can help you on the next attempt.

The real challenge of this stage is the black Norman as the final boss, all weapons do very little damage to him normally and all do similar amounts regardless of the weapons damage stat so using the pistol which will have lots of ammo is recommended. He rarely exposes his heart unlike the regular version. The best tactic is to kite him around the metal crate, if you stand near the corner of it with him on the other side he will usually run into it trying to run in a straight line to you. It will take a long time to grind his health down, however every now and again he will go into a rage mode and release purple mist. During this time hitting the weak point on his upper back will do high damage, if you have Magnum and rifle ammo remaining, then this is the time to use it. Stay at full health for the entire fight as his attacks will usually instantly kill you otherwise. If you kite him using the crate correctly he should almost never get a hit on you though.

On Your Way
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 5. 

See Top of my Game

Moving on Up
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 10. 

See Top of my Game

Reaching Higher
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 20. 

See Top of my Game

Raising the Bar
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 30. 

See Top of my Game

Meteoric Rise
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 40. 

See Top of my Game

Top of My Game
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 50. (3) 

As you progress through Raid mode your player level will level up, it is possible you will have this by the time you get S ranks on all stages or kill 10,000 enemies for the respective trophies. If not replay the later numbered levels over again as they reward large amounts of experience. For an easier time that rewards less experience lower your level to below 17 and replay Trench Stage 2. Using the Medal of Courage upgrade on your weapons means you can lower your level even more for more experience without your damage becoming too weak. Playing solo rewards more experience also.

One for Each Minnesota Lake
【RAID MODE】Defeat 10,000 enemies. (2) 

This will take a long time, go for S ranks on all stages, level 50 and clear Ghost Ship first. The easiest way after that is to pick a stage on Chasm difficulty and just replay it using high level weapons for 1 hit kills.

That'll Leave a Mark
【RAID MODE】Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit. (2) 

When you are high level and have a high level sniper rifle, magnum or Muramasa, replay the first stage on Chasm and you will likely score a 100,000 point damage hit. To increase your damage you can aim for the head and use the charge shot and critical hit upgrades.

Alternatively when your level is mid to late teens buy a rocket launcher from the store and replay level 1 on Chasm and shoot an Ooze, in the head if you can. The second Ooze you see that is eating a dead guy is an easy target. Press start and retire if it doesn't work so you get your rocket launcher back and try again.

Dynamic Duo
【RAID MODE】Land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time as your partner. (30) 

Due to the high health enemies have in Raid mode you'll see a lot more of them stunned than during campaign. When playing co-op and an enemy is stunned you and your partner both need run up close and hold at the same time, you'll both automatically melee the enemy at the same time providing your timing was right.

Legendary Find
【RAID MODE】Obtain a super rare weapon. 

See Legends Are Made, Not Born

Legends Are Made, Not Born
【RAID MODE】Obtain all super rare weapons. (6) 

There are three super rare weapons to obtain in Raid Mode, they are the Pale Rider, Drake and Muramasa. The Pale Rider can be found in the shop very rarely at all levels, the Drake and Muramasa are extremely rare item rewards you will get randomly by finding items throughout the levels, or killing small blowfish enemies you sometimes find.

For a much easier time you can use to gift yourself the items. By signing up and linking your PSN ID you can use the 'Present Code' section to gain all three super rare weapons, once you use each code you need send them to your game via the options on the website.

The codes for each weapon are:

raymond - Drake
bioterrorism - Pale Rider
originaleleven - Muramasa

After sending them to your game launch the game from the XMB while signed into PSN and you will see the items registered on the starting screen after it checks with You'll get the trophies right then and there.

Note: These codes have expired for now, however Capcom have in the past reactivated expired codes so give them a try and if they do not work you can always try them at a later date.

Shop 'til Ya Drop
【RAID MODE】Spend 1,000,000 BP in the store. 

You will gain BP each time you finish a stage in Raid Mode, to earn extra BP try to earn the four bonuses as you play. Simply buy weapons, weapon upgrades, character upgrades or refill supplies with your BP and when you reach one million spent the trophy is yours.

The Unbroken Thread
【RAID MODE】Acquire No Damage Bonus for the first time. (1) 

You gain a No Damage bonus by completing a stage without taking any damage, healing back to full health does not count. Play stage 1 on Chasm difficulty, there are very few enemies and the stage is short. It is very easy to accomplish a No Damage bonus even at player level 1. Play the level once to memorise where enemies are if needed, one or two can get a surprise hit.

【RAID MODE】Clear a stage at 5 levels lower than the recommended level. (2) 

On the stage selection menu you can see the recommended level for a stage. Either pick a stage that is recommended 5 levels higher than you or go to character select and press to lower your level (it can be raised again the same way). I suggest doing this in co-op or if going to attempt it solo pick a mid-high recommended level stage and go 5 levels lower, it is easier doing that then trying a 5 level difference at lower levels. If you decide to do this in co-op your partner must also be at least 5 levels lower than recommended.

Three is the Magic Number
【RAID MODE】Acquire Trinity Bonus for the first time. (5) 

There are three bonuses to earn before hand and getting all three in a single round will award the Holy Trinity bonus also, these are:

Genocide - Kill every enemy in a stage.
No Damage - Take no damage at all during a stage
Low Level - Complete a level while lower than the recommended level, you can lower your level on the character selection screen if needed, you can return it higher at will also.

Even though the low level requirement states to be below the recommendation you can still complete it as the actual level it states, still awarding the Low Level bonus and allowing you to earn Holy Trinity. I suggest doing this trophy on stage 1 either straight away or lower your level in character select to 1. The low enemy count benefits you also. To earn Bonus Demi-god you will require several Trinity bonuses.

Bonus Enthusiast
【RAID MODE】Acquire 10 bonuses. (4) 

See Bonus Demi-god

Bonus Ace
【RAID MODE】Acquire 50 bonuses. 

See Bonus Demi-god

Bonus Legend
【RAID MODE】Acquire 100 bonuses. 

See Bonus Demi-god

Bonus Demi-god
【RAID MODE】Acquire 150 bonuses. (1) 

There are four bonuses to earn at the end of each stage.

Genocide - Kill every enemy in a stage.
No damage - Take no damage at all during a stage
Low level - Complete a level while lower than the recommended level, you can lower your level on the character selection screen if needed, can return it higher at will also.
Holy Trinity - Get the three above bonuses.

Simply aim to get these as you play, 150 of them will likely come naturally. If not just look at the icons next to stage name to see which are missing certain bonuses and replay levels that you are missing icons on. To make it easier on yourself when high level you can play the Chasm and Trench difficulties to make earning the bonuses less of a challenge.

Game Info


US May 21, 2013
Europe May 24, 2013
Japan May 23, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Mature
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