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Liberate Parker Sector. 

Story Related, Cannot be missed

Before you start any missions, we recommend visiting the Upgrade Table and buying the Salvage Collector Upgrade. This is found in the building that's directly in front of where you start after finishing the Tutorial Level:

After buying the upgrade, stop by the garage and stock up on ammo from the Locker on your left (or right depending on which angle you look at it from):

If you need an ammo refill or want to change weapons then look out for the Red Faction Crates, these are represented by a white square with a black mark on it on the Minimap:

Your first mission is called "Better Red Than Dead" and is marked by a red flare near the entrance to the base. This first mission shouldn't pose too many problems as all you have to do is flatten an old Red Faction base (in reality it's just 1 or 2 buildings) but doing so will attract unwanted attention from the EDF so be prepared. Once the building(s) are/is destroyed you will be ordered back to base where the mission will end.

This mission is shown on the map as a yellow diamond with a black fist in it: (all RF missions are shown with this icon). You need to protect Sam as the leader of the Red Faction feels she's walking into a trap. When you arrive at the spot where Sam is, she will call you and say she's under attack so get your best weapon out and start killing. After her attackers are dead, Sam will tell you to follow her to where an ambush is about to take place against the EDF. When you get there, she will tell you that a convoy is heading your way and to set some charges on a nearby catwalk. The best place to set your charges is on or near the blue Hydrogen Cylinders. You will only have a few seconds to prepare so be quick. Time it right and you will kill most of them in one go, you can mop up with the Assault Rifle as needed. The Martian Tea Party trophy will pop shortly after this second mission ends.

To completely liberate this sector, you will have to reduce the EDF Control gauge to zero and complete the third and final Red Faction mission. The easiest way to break the EDF's hold is to flatten all the Priority Targets in the Sector and do the Guerrilla Actions as well.

Start Your Engines (Liberation mission):

For this mission you have to destroy 12 Sensor Towers and keep the EDF occupied whilst the Red Faction move their Convoy into Dust Sector to start up a new base. Destroying the Sensor Towers is easy, just smash through them with your RF provided Armoured Truck but you will have a lot of soldiers and Armoured vehicles on your tail so be careful.

The trophy will pop shortly after destroying the final Sensor Tower. Liberating Parker Sector will unlock the Rocket Launcher and the Level 1 Armour so buy them ASAP!

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