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Master all 30 skill points

Skill Points are extra little challenges within the game that unlock bonuses for you and are found under the 'Goodies' menu after defeating Chairman Drek for the first time. They will appear hidden and will only give you a location and hint on how to obtain them.

There are 30 skill points in the game to complete, 20 of them are trophies in the game so you will have majority of them by going for other trophies. I will list a guide here for the 10 that aren't trophies, for a guide for the other 20 read over the trophies that say This is a skill point. Here's the guide for the other 10:

Planet Aridia

Swing it!

Complete the swing shot course without touching the ground

The swing shot course is in the factory area. You can only go for this skill point once you have the swing shot gadget from Planet Kerwan. When you get to the room with six grappling points, latch onto one and then turn in the air and quickly latch onto the other target. You will know if you have done it right as it will say skill point obtained.

Planet Kerwan


Shoot a blimp

One of the easiest skill points. On Planet Kerwan there's a big blimp with an ad on the side that floats around above the buildings. What you need to do is first locate it, then use the Visibomb gun or Devestator to take it out. The Visibomb works better because the blimp is often too far away, but if you stand at the Gadgetron Vendor and wait for the blimp to pass over you, the Devestator will be able to lock onto it and destroy it. As soon as it explodes, the skill point will be obtained.

Planet Batalia


Complete the grindrail course without taking damage

You need to complete the grindrail without hitting any mines and barriers. For the mines you want to time your jumps perfectly to jump over them, or use the flamethrower to safely destroy them. If you reach the very end with the soldier and don't get hurt, you will unlock the skill point. If you get hurt, you will have to get to the end and teleport back to the start.

If you do the course once and destroy some mines, then immediately attempt the course again, the mines you hit will not be there. This means you will have less things to avoid thus making this skill point a little easier.

Accuracy Counts
Shoot 1 small ship with the turret

Upon completing the mission on Batalia, you get access to a turret at the end. Simply enter the turret and look for the little orange ships flying around, as soon as you see one you will want to spam shots in the direction it is heading and hopefully you will destroy it. I managed to get this just by shooting the blarg ships, acidently shot a small one. The skill point will unlock shortly afterwards if you successfully hit the ship, if you miss just find another one.

Planet Gaspar


Destroy five transport ships

Go to the turret at the start by the land sharks. Once in it simply aim into the sky and shoot down any 5 ships that fly past. You will need to give each ship a little bit of a lead because the turrets bullets travel slowly. Once you shoot down five ships the skill point will pop.

Planet Pokitaru

Alien Invasion

Shoot 3 Blarg Ships

Flying through the air on this planet are jet like ships (ones that shoot you when you are in the jet yourself). What you want to do is use the Visibomb Gun and fire it head on into the path of one of the jets, no point chasing them are they are faster than the Visibomb rocket. Upon destroying three of them, the skill point will unlock.

Planet Hoven


Shoot 5 helicopters with a weapon other than the turret

Easiest place to get this trophy is at the very start by your ship, as there is a path of helicopters flying along. I recommend you use either the Devastator or the Visibomb gun to destroy them. It's easy enough, the helicopters don't fly too fast. Upon destroying five of them the skill point will unlock.

Planet Oltanis

Blast 'Em

Shoot 3 fighter jets

Fighter jets are the main things in the sky on this planet, they look like black modern day jets and just fly in the sky around you. Easiest way to get this is just to stand by your ship and fire the Visibomb gun into the air and aim to hit the jet head on (you cannot chase them as they are too fast). Upon destroying three of them, the skill point will unlock.

Planet Kalebo III

Heavy Traffic

Complete the grindrail course without taking damage

Similar to the "Jumper" skill point, it's also about the same difficulty as that one too. There is the same obstacles as the previous course, except this time there is cars on the track which can hurt you. When your on the straight rails with the mines and cars, always use the center rail until a car approaches, then jump to either side of the ones with mines on as cars don't travel on the mine rails. Again, to avoid the mines either jump or use the flamethrower to destroy them. When using the flamethrower just keep tapping it when a mine is ahead of you, you cannot miss. Complete it whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you get hurt, kill yourself or wait until the end. Skill point will unlock at the end if you lost no health at all throughout the course.

Veldin Orbit


Kill all the enemies in the fleet while using the hologuise

This is a pain, as you can't let the robots see Ratchet, only the hologuise Ratchet. What you want to do is walk around most of the factory in the hologuise so the robots don't see you, wave at them to open doors etc. For the robots that are stationary you will want to kill them while you are hidden away with the Visibomb gun, that way they won't see you. For the ones that walk a desired route, you will want to have the hologuise on then go up right behind them and hit them with the wrench. There is one robot who you can't avoid, just quickly kill him before he activates the alarm. You can also do this upon returning to the factory Skill point will unlock at the end if done correctly.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by conquerator2
Monday, May 21, 2012 @ 04:36:48 PM

This platinum will be tricky :-) Thats what I wanted from this collection! A liitle challenge with a great game is always nice!

 Comment #2 by hyousai
Monday, May 21, 2012 @ 09:39:03 PM

This shall be...bothersome. The worst one will be the one for getting the really fast time in the hover race...which is apparently another gold trophy.

 Comment #3 by digiboy123
Friday, May 25, 2012 @ 04:29:29 AM

I always got these skill points in the PS2 days. It'll be like old times.

 Comment #4 by Moshuadeath
Thursday, August 09, 2012 @ 03:23:12 PM

My game's been messing up all the way through, like I'd be walking on a magnetized roof normally and able to use my weapons but not able to jump off or I'll fall through the map on almost any given moment on Novalis. On top of that, all of my skill points have been unlocked and I received no trophy :C UBER SAD. I don't want to start on Going Commando until it's complete but I don't wanna start a new game Dx

 Comment #5 by Moshuadeath
Thursday, August 09, 2012 @ 05:47:14 PM

It magically fixed itself by the way haha. The final boss Drek, right before you battle him there is a Gadgetron Vending machine and a teleport pad, I took the pad and all of a sudden it popped :p no idea why.

 Comment #6 by Nemesis15
Thursday, August 23, 2012 @ 07:37:09 PM

I personaly counted all the skill points and keep coming to the number 29 no matter how i counted it is always 29 does anyone knw why

 Comment #7 by Hoop
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 11:27:58 AM

Is there a way to check these?

 Comment #8 by eder
Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 02:29:41 PM

OMGWTF i hate this now even though i got the original three and beat them all i haven't even got 2 grab all of the skill points a few here and there but others hell naw if anybody has gotten all of the skill points show us how so we don't go all frantic tossing the controllers down hard to the floor so please if u find a video tell us for all three games cause i believe that there are skill points in 2nd and 3rd games if not CREATE 1 so that way we won't be able to acting like dummies not to mention telling us on how to do this and that and please for every single fan of this series have a better quality so we can see what to do and such reason cause it difficult 4 some like me

 Comment #9 by Hoop
Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 12:16:48 PM

After you've completed the game the first time they appear in the "goodies" tab.

I used this to get them, there quite easy. No need for controller breagage ;)

 Comment #10 by kamijordan
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 11:25:24 AM

hey guys, here are two vids showing all skill points. here ya go

Part 1:
Part 2:

 Comment #11 by Markkh90
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 @ 06:37:56 PM

Sneaky is best done when you have beat the game, you will only have to kill the dogs and 2-3 guards that's it

 Comment #12 by Suga Bear
Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 11:41:14 PM

Hover board race trophy on rilgar is simple. You must cut all corners and hit all the boosts. Hit the very last boost not the 2nd to last boost. Do not do any tricks to get boosts in your meter it wastes seconds. watch closely at the last part and follow the patterns

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