Ratchet & Clank HD

Ratchet & Clank HD Trophy Guide
Guide By: Harry94_ and wottagunn
There are 35 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (As per the Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Trophy Breakdown:
  • Offline: 35 (1 , 5 , 9 , 20 )
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate time to platinum: 20 - 30hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + grinding
  • Missable trophies: None, planets can be revisited
  • Glitched trophies: None known at the moment
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are cheats, not sure if it effects trophies though.
  • Difficulty affects trophies?: No difficulty trophies.


Ratchet & Clank is a Playstation exclusive franchise created and developed by Insomniac Games. The series takes place in a science fiction setting and follow the adventures of a Lombax called Ratchet and his robotic side-kick Clank as they travel through the universe, saving it from evil forces on a regular basis. The series is noted for the inclusion of many exotic and unique, over the top weapons and devices.

The first game in the series, titled simply 'Ratchet & Clank', was originally released in 2002. In the game, Supreme Executive Chairman Drek plans to take pieces from other planets across the Solana Galaxy and create one new planet for his people, the Blarg, whose planet has become polluted and uninhabitable.

The franchise has now, deservedly, been remastered in HD for the Playstation 3, with the inclusion of trophies and stereoscopic 3D capabilities.

The game is very good, if you enjoyed the PS2 game you will enjoy this one even more because it has trophies! I'm sure you'll enjoy going for the platinum as it isn't difficult and there isn't really any boring trophies. The 10 gold weapons trophy might take a while but it's fun going for them.


Step 1: Complete the Game

The first thing you want to do is just complete the game, enjoy it. You can go for Skill Points and Gold Bolts if you want and other miscellaneous trophies but don't get too caught up in it as you'll have to begin a second playthrough anyway. Reason is your Ratchet is too weak and you won't be able to complete most of the skill points because of it (you also won't have the necessary weapons etc), so it's best to leave everything till the second playthrough when you are more familiar with how the game works and other such things. By the end of this step you'll have both the boss trophies and other such miscellaneous trophies. If you decided to get all the bolts in this step, you'll have that one too.

Step 2: Challenge Mode (NOTE: Keep same save file)

Challenge mode is basically new game +, you keep all your weapons, bolts, health upgrades etc. Make sure you overwrite your previous games save rather than creating a new one, as doing so will reset your progress towards the 1,000,000 bolts trophy. A huge bonus for Challenge Mode is your bolt count increases x2, meaning you will earn twice the amount of your first playthrough. During this playthrough you will want to buy the R.Y.N.O which costs 150,000 bolts, which is a lot. The main objective of this step is to get all the skill points and gold bolts, getting all skill points will net you 22 trophies for just getting all 30. Most of them are easy, some of them like Jumper, Speedy and Careful Cruise etc can prove to be difficult, but if you practice on each of them they are doable. You will also want to focus on collecting 1,000,000 bolts, which is cumulative so you don't need to carry 1,000,000 for the trophy. The last thing you want to do is obtain all 10 of the golden weapons as these take a long time to get because of there price and the amount of time it takes to get all of them. At the end of this step you should have all the trophies, including the platinum. If for some reason you don't, continue to step 3.

Step 3: Clean Up

Missed out on a skill point? Didn't collect all the gold bolts? Well now is the time to go back and complete what you are missing. At the end of this step you will have your platinum, congrats!


[PS3T Would Like to Thank wottagunn and Harry94 for this Roadmap]

Gadget Master
Obtain All Ratchet & Clank Trophies (42) 

Like all other platinum trophies, earn all 34 trophies to unlock this one. Congrats!

Bolt Commando
Gather All 40 Golden Bolts throughout the game (4) 

Top Tip: Near the end of the game, you get an upgrade for your map (can't miss it, part of the story). This upgrade shows hidden areas on the map. Areas with a gold bolt are highlighted green, go to that location for the bolt area. That is why I recommend going for this trophy on your second playthrough, because this map upgrade will make your life a lot easier.

Gold bolts are the collectables in this game, there are 40 spread across all of the levels. They are well hidden and some are hard to reach. You use them to buy gold weapons too, 4 bolts allows you to buy a new weapon out of the 10 available. Here is a list of how many are on each planet (planets that aren't listed don't have any gold bolts on them):


  • Planet Novalis (3 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Ardia (4 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Kerwan (3 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Eudura (1 Gold Bolt)
  • Blarg Station (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Rilgar (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Umbris (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Battalia (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Gaspar (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Orxon (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Pokitaru (1 Gold Bolt)
  • Planet Hoven (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Oltanis Orbit (1 Gold Bolt)
  • Planet Oltanis (4 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Quartu (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Kalebo III (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Veldin Orbit (2 Gold Bolts)
  • Planet Veldin (3 Gold Bolts)

Please refer to the following guide by benjamin1802 for a walkthrough of every Gold Bolt location - Gold Bolts & Skill Points Guide

Master all 30 skill points (10) 

Skill Points are extra little challenges within the game that unlock bonuses for you and are found under the 'Goodies' menu after defeating Chairman Drek for the first time. They will appear hidden and will only give you a location and hint on how to obtain them.

There are 30 skill points in the game to complete, 20 of them are trophies in the game so you will have majority of them by going for other trophies. I will list a guide here for the 10 that aren't trophies, for a guide for the other 20 read over the trophies that say This is a skill point. Here's the guide for the other 10:

Planet Aridia

Swing it!

Complete the swing shot course without touching the ground

The swing shot course is in the factory area. You can only go for this skill point once you have the swing shot gadget from Planet Kerwan. When you get to the room with six grappling points, latch onto one and then turn in the air and quickly latch onto the other target. You will know if you have done it right as it will say skill point obtained.

Planet Kerwan


Shoot a blimp

One of the easiest skill points. On Planet Kerwan there's a big blimp with an ad on the side that floats around above the buildings. What you need to do is first locate it, then use the Visibomb gun or Devestator to take it out. The Visibomb works better because the blimp is often too far away, but if you stand at the Gadgetron Vendor and wait for the blimp to pass over you, the Devestator will be able to lock onto it and destroy it. As soon as it explodes, the skill point will be obtained.

Planet Batalia


Complete the grindrail course without taking damage

You need to complete the grindrail without hitting any mines and barriers. For the mines you want to time your jumps perfectly to jump over them, or use the flamethrower to safely destroy them. If you reach the very end with the soldier and don't get hurt, you will unlock the skill point. If you get hurt, you will have to get to the end and teleport back to the start.

If you do the course once and destroy some mines, then immediately attempt the course again, the mines you hit will not be there. This means you will have less things to avoid thus making this skill point a little easier.

Accuracy Counts
Shoot 1 small ship with the turret

Upon completing the mission on Batalia, you get access to a turret at the end. Simply enter the turret and look for the little orange ships flying around, as soon as you see one you will want to spam shots in the direction it is heading and hopefully you will destroy it. I managed to get this just by shooting the blarg ships, acidently shot a small one. The skill point will unlock shortly afterwards if you successfully hit the ship, if you miss just find another one.

Planet Gaspar


Destroy five transport ships

Go to the turret at the start by the land sharks. Once in it simply aim into the sky and shoot down any 5 ships that fly past. You will need to give each ship a little bit of a lead because the turrets bullets travel slowly. Once you shoot down five ships the skill point will pop.

Planet Pokitaru

Alien Invasion

Shoot 3 Blarg Ships

Flying through the air on this planet are jet like ships (ones that shoot you when you are in the jet yourself). What you want to do is use the Visibomb Gun and fire it head on into the path of one of the jets, no point chasing them are they are faster than the Visibomb rocket. Upon destroying three of them, the skill point will unlock.

Planet Hoven


Shoot 5 helicopters with a weapon other than the turret

Easiest place to get this trophy is at the very start by your ship, as there is a path of helicopters flying along. I recommend you use either the Devastator or the Visibomb gun to destroy them. It's easy enough, the helicopters don't fly too fast. Upon destroying five of them the skill point will unlock.

Planet Oltanis

Blast 'Em

Shoot 3 fighter jets

Fighter jets are the main things in the sky on this planet, they look like black modern day jets and just fly in the sky around you. Easiest way to get this is just to stand by your ship and fire the Visibomb gun into the air and aim to hit the jet head on (you cannot chase them as they are too fast). Upon destroying three of them, the skill point will unlock.

Planet Kalebo III

Heavy Traffic

Complete the grindrail course without taking damage

Similar to the "Jumper" skill point, it's also about the same difficulty as that one too. There is the same obstacles as the previous course, except this time there is cars on the track which can hurt you. When your on the straight rails with the mines and cars, always use the center rail until a car approaches, then jump to either side of the ones with mines on as cars don't travel on the mine rails. Again, to avoid the mines either jump or use the flamethrower to destroy them. When using the flamethrower just keep tapping it when a mine is ahead of you, you cannot miss. Complete it whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you get hurt, kill yourself or wait until the end. Skill point will unlock at the end if you lost no health at all throughout the course.

Veldin Orbit


Kill all the enemies in the fleet while using the hologuise

This is a pain, as you can't let the robots see Ratchet, only the hologuise Ratchet. What you want to do is walk around most of the factory in the hologuise so the robots don't see you, wave at them to open doors etc. For the robots that are stationary you will want to kill them while you are hidden away with the Visibomb gun, that way they won't see you. For the ones that walk a desired route, you will want to have the hologuise on then go up right behind them and hit them with the wrench. There is one robot who you can't avoid, just quickly kill him before he activates the alarm. You can also do this upon returning to the factory Skill point will unlock at the end if done correctly.

Ratchet, King Midas
Obtain all ten gold weapons (6) 

Go for this trophy on challenge mode to make things easier for yourself

The gold guns are basically just guns that are gold and do a lot more damage. You buy them from the secret area on Gemlik Base (Olantis Orbit), you need to beat Qwark before you can access this area though. You can also buy them in the secret area on Planet Novalis too, here's how to reach those shops:

For the one on Oltanis Orbit (Gemlik Base), you need to have defeated the boss here first. At the very end if the mission there is a runway with a massive tower next to it. What you want to do is go towards this tower entrance. You will notice there is no entrance at the bottom, but in this area you can wall jump all the way up the tower to reach the gold weapon shop (the wall jumping takes a while). For the one on Novalis, they can be purchased via the teleporter near you ship once you have defeated Drek.

Every 4 gold bolts you get, another 1 out of the 10 available gold weapons can be bought from either of the two secret shops. You will need a total of 250,000 bolts and all 40 Gold Bolts in order to purchase all ten, which are as follows:


  • Gold Blaster - 20,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Bomb Glove - 10,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Decoy Glove - 10,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Devastator - 60,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Glove of Doom - 20,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Mine Glove - 10,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Morph-O-Ray - 20,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Pyrocitor - 30,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Suck Cannon - 10,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts
  • Gold Tesla Glove - 60,000 bolts and 4 Gold Bolts

Upon buying the 10th gold weapon the trophy will unlock.

Drek This!
Defeat Chairman Drek (7) 

Story related, cannot be missed

Chairman Drek is the final boss in the game, you fight him on the last level on Planet Veldin. Boss fight Walkthrough below:

R.Y.N.O Strategy

First Form - Drek uses several different attacks; he will shoot out missiles, which can be easily avoided, and fire exploding flame bombs, which again can easily be avoided.
First up, swing to the platform Drek is on using your Swingshot. Use the R.Y.N.O here to finish this form of Drek in just a couple of shots.

Second Form - Drek's second form is a lot like his first, except Drek will have a new attack: he will throw mines. The mines will chase you if you get close to them, but you can attack them with your wrench without taking damage, but be careful because he will still be attacking you with his original two attacks as well. Take out the R.Y.N.O and after a few shots he will retreat to the third and final platform. Go from piece to piece again and get out your Swingshot. Be aware that the last platform will break away without you even touching it.

Final Form - Drek has another new attack, in which he sends out Drones to attack you. He will also commence a countdown at intervals during this fight. When this happens you will have to jump and slam down on the lock in the middle of the platform; this will stop the countdown. Immediately shoot Drek with the R.Y.N.O. When the counter gets down to about ten seconds, slam the lock down and Drek will chase you with a heat ray. Just continue blasting him with the R.Y.N.O and he will flee after a few shots. Keep attacking him until he does the countdown again. Slam it down and keep at him with the R.Y.N.O and he will set the timer yet again. Hit the timer and finish him off with a few more shots.

Normal Strategy

First Form - Use the Blaster first up and hit him as many times as you can. He will begin his volley of attacks, and once he is done get up close and hit him with a Visibomb. He will break the platform you are on and will eventually go to the next. Chase him by jumping from piece to piece of the platform until you need to use your Swingshot again.

Second Form - I suggest using the Devestator and Blaster on this form of Drek. Watch out for his mines and missiles combo, as you will have to dodge all of those mines as well as the missiles. If he uses a flame bomb when there are mines on the ground, the mines will be destroyed which only helps you. Keep at him and dodge his attacks while focusing on him. If you get low on ammo, purchase more through the Gadgetron PDA. Eventually he will retreat to the third and final platform. Go from piece to piece again and get out your Swingshot. Be aware that the last platform will break away without you even touching it.

Final Form - You will need as much health here as possible, preferable 8 health circles. Immediately start shooting Drek with the Devestator/Blaster. When he is throwing bombs get close to him and use the Tesla Claw, it will be your best friend in this final stage. Stick close to Drek, jumping over shockwaves and using your thrustpad to avoid the missiles. All the while keep at him with the Tesla Claw. You will need the Gadgetron PDA here. When Drek sends out the drones, switch back the Devestator. There are grind rails around this platform so feel free to use them to avoid a few of his attacks, while firing the Devestator at him. Repeat this process, while slamming down on the countdown button, and Drek will eventually go down.

Trophy will unlock shortly afterwards, you now want to accept challenge mode.

Member lukey52 has provided this tip for defeating Drek:

For what it's worth, when I get to Drek I had 1 bolt so couldn't buy stuff had to make do with what was dropped.

I found the Pyrociter to be a total beast. Simply wait for him to fire out the 4 explosives and after jumping each wave unload into him. The first 2 sections take literally 1 minute and save all your ammo for later.

Even in the final area it's still possible to do the same thing. I only needed to use the Devastator once he was only ever keeping distance from me. The entire fight lasts a few minutes at most.

Beat the hoverboard challenge in less than 1:35 on Rilgar (33) 

This is a skill point.

This is the most difficult Skill Point in the game and will require some practice. Do tricks on ramps to gather boost, and use that turbo whenever you run out of boost from the boost pads. Hit every boost pad you can and jump corners rather than waiting them out.

Please see these videos.

Ultimate Animal
Obtain the R.Y.N.O. (2) 

The R.Y.N.O is considered an illegal weapon in the Ratchet world and the regular vendors don't sell it. The only way to buy it is travel to Planet Rilgar and find the Shady Salesman. Speak to him and a cut scene will appear and he will speak of the R.Y.N.O and Clank will explain more about it. You then have the option of buying it off of him for 150,000 bolts.

There is no way you are getting that kind of cash early on. I recommend buying it on challenge mode as you won't have to grind credits as much. As soon as you buy it the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards. See Bolt Collector for money making tips.

Unlock Sketchbook
Attain 15 Skill Points to Unlock Sketchbook in Menu 

Simple enough, you need to complete 15 out of the possible skill points to achieve this trophy. The sketchbook shows concept drawings of the game, a nice feature. If you want, go for the easier ones for this trophy, but it will come naturally as you go for the Skilled trophy anyway. Upon completing 15 skill points the trophy will unlock, you can check how many you have gotten on the menu.

Refer to Skilled for a skill point guide, also the trophies that say This is a skill point count too.

Obtain all regular weapon gadgets (5) 

There are 14 weapon gadgets in the game to buy (you start off with 2 of them; the wrench and bomb glove). Most are bought from Gadgetron Vendors but some are found in missions. I have listed the 14 in price order:

  • Blaster - 2,500 Bolts
  • Pyrocitor - 2,500 Bolts
  • Taunter - 2,500 Bolts
  • Mine Glove - 7,500 Bolts
  • Glove of Doom - 7,500 Bolts
  • Drone Device - 7,500 Bolts
  • Decoy Glove - 7,500 Bolts
  • Walloper - 7,500 Bolts
  • Devastator - 10,000 Bolts
  • Visibomb Gun - 15,000 Bolts
  • Tesla Glove - 40,000 Bolts
  • Morph-O-Ray - Found during the story
  • Suck Cannon - Found during the story
  • R.Y.N.O. - 150,000 Bolts

Once all are obtained, the trophy will unlock.

Nano This!
Upgrade to Ultra Nanotech (1) 

The ultra upgrade can be bought late in the game for a price of 30,000 credits, this is the maximum amount of health you can have in the game, which is 8. To get this upgrade, you have to first complete the mission on Planet Orxon as Ratchet (you will previously do it with Clank to get an info bot). At the end of the mission there will be the Nanotech Vendor, this is where you buy the upgrade. There's two options, the standard one which costs 4,000 bolts (Buy this for the other trophy), and the ultra one which costs 30,000. If you have that much at this point then buy it, but you will most likely just have to save up and buy it on challenge mode or buy it at the very end of the game if you save for it. If you want you can leave here and come back later via the teleporter by your ship to save you a lot of time and effort reaching this area again. Trophy will unlock after buying it.

Bolt Collector
Collect 1,000,000 Bolts (71) 

Note: Use one save file only. If you choose to save on a new game file, your bolt progress towards this trophy will reset. You will still retain the amount of bolts you had in-game, but the trophy tracking will not see it this way.

This is the only real grinding trophy in the game, you need to collect 1,000,000 bolts over the course of the entire game. This trophy will take the longest amount of time to achieve. You will most likely get this on your second playthrough as you go for the gold weapons, R.Y.N.O etc. For money grinding tips see a few methods below:

Planet Quartu (Robot Factory)

Located on the robot facility planet, upon landing on the planet go to the far left across the swingshot targets above the broken bridge. Walk all the way around to the shop area and then to the big circle on the floor which allows you to transform into big clank. What you want to do is play the arena over, over and over again. It's a very boring method but in an hour you can get around 100,000 bolts.

Planet Rilgar (Blackwater City)

You can only do this on your first visit here, before you beat the actual hoverboard race. What you want to do is go and start the Hoverboard race for the first time. Gather all the boxes and at the end of the third lap make sure you don't finish in first, if you do them the boxes won't come back the next time you play the race. This method can also be applied to the other hoverboard race later in the game. Not as good as the first method, still a good earner though.

Those are the only real grinding methods. You will need around half a million bolts to buy just about everything in the game, you will need to grind the other half a million and that will take a long time. Trophy will unlock whenever you have collected a million.

There is a glitch in the game that allows you to earn infinite bolts. Refer to the following video by BenGun to see how it's done. Using this method you will need to leave your PS3 on for roughly 16 hours to get the required bolts.

All Qwark'd Up
Defeat Captain Qwark's Ship 

This is referring to the boss fight on Oltanis Orbit, Gemlik Base, it's at the very end of the level. This boss fight sees you flying the fighter jet ship that Ratchet can fly, you are against Captain Qwark in his bigger, and better ship. For a Walkthrough see below:

It's not difficult to destroy his ship, but the fight takes a while to finish. The main objective is to shoot out the engines on his ship, so start off by shooting one of them. At first Qwark will just fire easy to avoid missiles, you can destroy them easily with the machine guns. Once an engine has been destroyed he will lay mines down, best way to avoid it is spin in circles or just shoot them. Destroy another engine and he will start firing missiles from both sides of his ship at you, avoid them by circling around or just shoot them. Keep shooting him and then he will activate his shield and run off, leaving elite jets for you to destroy. Just use the machine guns on them to take them out easily, avoid their shots the best you can. Now you are back fighting Qwark, you just want to fire everything you have at him to quickly destroy him (shooting any area on the ship will cause damage), keep doing that until his health reaches zero. Qwark will be seen falling to the planet below on the cut scene, boss fight is done.

Trophy will unlock shortly after defeating him.

Lombax Magnetic
Obtain the Magneboots 

Story Related, cannot be missed

These are obtained on your first visit to Planet Orxon, when you are playing as Clank because Ratchet needs the 02 mask to breath on this planet. Simply go through the level as normal, eventually, near the end of the level you will reach a room with them in and you have to get them to complete the rest of the level anyway, so they can't be missed. Trophy will unlock shortly after picking them up.

Hit Me More!
Obtain the Premium Nanotech upgrade 

During your second visit to Planet Orxon, you will be playing as Ratchet and not Clank. What you want to do is get the Nanotech Vendor at the very end of the mission (will reach the vendor for the story, so it's not hard to find). Once you get there operate the vendor and buy the premium one for 4,000 bolts (if you collected all boxes in the level you should have this total). Simply buy it and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards. If you don't want to buy it right now you can always come back to this room later via the shortcut tunnel near your ship.

These are not the droids you're looking for...
Obtain the Persuader (2) 

At the end of your first visit to the icy Planet Hoven you will obtain some Raritanium. Take that Raritanium back to the sewers on Planet Pokitaru and give it to the scientist. In return he will give you the Persuader, which will unlock this trophy.

The Persuader is an illegal black market device that gets you between a 20% and 25% discount at all Gadgetron Vendors, which is a huge saving. Unfortunately this discount does not apply to the R.Y.N.O, because that is not purchased at a Gadgetron Vendor.

Very Sucky
Obtain the Suck Cannon 

Story related, but can be missed (unlikely)

At the very end of the mission on Planet Eudora, you will reach a building with three robots in it. At the back of the room is the Suck Cannon. You need to just walk into it to pick it up, a short cut scene will play and the trophy will unlock. If you missed it or just didn't pick it up, you can return to Planet Eudora anytime and just go back to this building to retrieve it.

Secret Trophies
Twisted Hoverboard
Do a "Twisty" McMarx" in the hoverboard race (14) 

This is a skill point.

You can only do this after placing 1st in the race at least once, because tricks are blocked out until you do so. In the hoverboard race at Blackwater City, take a boost and hit a ramp. In the air, hold the left analogue stick to the left and hit , , , and in any order to do a Twisty McMarx. You must make sure you do all four moves needed in the trick, and if done properly a skill point will have been obtained and the trophy will unlock shortly after doing it too.

TechStep has provided a handy alternate method for this trophy:

Seems silly but a lot of people talk about how easy this was, but sadly it took me a bit take it out. Instead of holding the stick left, hold the D-Pad "UP" and hit the buttons in any sequence. You will flip forward instead of left... i found myself flying off the track holding left too many times getting it down correct.

Destroy all streetlights in Oltanis (3) 

This is a skill point.

There are 22 streetlights throughout the mission, you need to destroy all of them without dying to get this skill point and trophy (if you die you have to start them all again, it's easy to die on this level). If you have the Visibomb Gun you can do this very easily, just fire the remote missile towards the lamps and the explosion will destroy it and multiple ones with it, by far the easiest way. But if you want the gold bolt too you may as well do it this way. Firstly, let's start at the very beginning of the level. There are 8 streetlights around your ship, hit them with the wrench to destroy them. Now go down to the next area where there is another 4 streetlights, that brings the total to 12 destroyed so far. Now, you will see a taxi, you will want to ride it up to the next level to access more streetlights. The first level has 2 streetlights to destroy, bringing the total to 14. Now use the swingshot to get to the platform above this one to destroy two more of them, bringing the total to 16. Get back in the taxi to head back down again to take you do the remaining lights.

This is the hardest part now, chances are you will screw up here at least once but just learn from your mistakes. The course here leads to a gold bolt at the end, you have to travel across all of the moving swingshot targets and platforms to reach the rest of the streetlights. Once you reach the square platform, destroy the two here to make the total 18. At the very end of the course are the last 4, which brings the total to 22 and unlocks the trophy and the skill point.

Girl Trouble
Defeat Blarg Station Alien Queen using only the wrench! (12) 

This is a skill point.

To defeat the Queen using the wrench, simply do a 1-2-3 wrench attack. Approach the Queen from her side before hitting her with your wrench, or she will hit you with a reflex attack making this a lot harder. Hit her a few times, and she will turn to face you. When she is turning run to the opposite side of her and hit her again. Repeat this process as necessary.

When she sends out the frogs, hit them with a normal wrench attack. Eventually two larger lizards will attack you. Simply jump and press to do an overhead smash, as two of these will kill each of them.

Eat Lead
Use a Sand Mouse to destroy all the tanks on Batalia (3) 

This is a skill point.

Firstly, Batalia is the level with the rain and destroyed city. Secondly, if you don't know what a sand mouse is, it is the little robot that clank can tell what to do. You need have the Sonic Summoner in order to summon the mouse. I advise completing the entire level but ignoring the tanks, this way the mouse will not be distracted by other enemies. The mouse is found at the very start of the level near you ship, it is on a upper ledge by the building on the right. There are 4 tanks on Batalia, so not many. Firstly bring the mouse down and allow him to kill the first tank, now let it kill the other one on the other side of the bridge, that is two destroyed. The last two tanks are at the fort area near the end, an easy way to reach it is bring the sand mouse in the taxi with you to reach it quicker. The mouse has a timed life so be quick, but if it does disappear then just go and get another one. Once the sand mouse has killed all 4 tanks the skill point and the trophy will unlock.

Hey, Over Here!
Lure an enemy into a forcefield on Orxon (1) 

This is a skill point.

Later into this level, there will be big mutant crabs, these are the enemies that will be led into the force field. You will eventually reach a force field (giant red barrier), where on the other side are sleeping mutant crabs. There is also a Swingshot target above this forcefield. All you need to do is equip the taunter and then use it near the barrier, the crabs will wake up and run towards you, ad the barrier will kill them. The trophy and skill point will unlock shortly afterwards.

Strike a Pose!
Stand between Al's Roboshack Statue's legs on Kerwan (1) 

This is a skill point.

After you have gotten the helicopter upgrade for clank, exit Al's shop and continue along the level until you reach the lift, go up, kill the enemies and go up the second lift. Once at the top of that lift, go left and onto the ledge, look down and you will see Al's shop with the statue of him on the roof, jump down using the helicopter upgrade to guide yourself onto the roof. Now just simply stand under the statue, Ratchet will pull a slightly funny pose and the trophy and a skill point with unlock shortly afterwards. This is the first possible trophy to obtain in this game.

Vehicle Bombardier
Blow Up 10 Vehicles on Eudora (1) 

This is a skill point.

Easy skill point and trophy. As soon as you get on this planet you can go for it. Look up in the sky and you will see a variety of robots carrying massive logs and some not. What you will want to use is the Blaster to destroy them, it's easy as the ships fly very slowly. So just line up the shots to destroy one of the robots/vehicles, easy. Upon destroying 10 of them the skill point and trophy will unlock.

Cluck, Cluck
Turn a tank into a chicken on Rilgar (5) 

This is a skill point.

You need the Morph-O-Ray gun before you can attempt this trophy, which you will not have access to the first time you visit Rilgar though, the gun is obtained at the end of the mission on Planet Oltanis. The tanks are the things that look like tanks and are spraying green gas about the place. This trophy sounds hard but it really isn't, firstly you will want to do this with one of the tanks that is out in the open so you can flank it (or one where you are at a higher area so you can jump on top of it). Then just fire the Morph-O-Ray until the bar on the right fills right up to the top, thus turning the tank into a chicken. Another easy way to get this skill point and trophy is to wait until you get the 02 mask as the tanks gas cannot effect you, therefore you can just stand there and spray it until it turns into a chicken. Trophy and skill point will unlock shortly afterwards.

Destroy Captain Qwark training robot on Kerwan (1) 

This is a skill point.

Very easy trophy. Planet Kerwan will be the first planet you fly to, it's the metropolis type planet with the flying cars. As soon as you land you will see two turnings, one right and one left. Take the left route and you will reach the training ground. The first time you visit a cut scene will occur with the Qwarkbot. You will need to return to this location once you have either the Devestator or the Visibomb Gun, as all other weapons are too weak. With either of those weapons in hand, simply shoot the Qwarkbot to destroy it and unlock this trophy and a skill point.

See the guide here for a guide: CLICKY

Take Aim
Destroy a fighter or bomber on Novalis (1) 

This is a skill point.

Another easy trophy and skill point. What you want to do is look up into sky and shoot either a bomber or a jet. The jet is a black jet like ship and the bomber is a larger version of it. Equip the devastator or visibomb gun and aim at the sky and shoot in the stream they fly. It may take a few shots but you'll eventually hit one of the two and unlock the trophy and skill point.

Destroyed three flying transports on Aridia (1) 

This is a skill point.

Transport ships are the big flying ships that look like today's trucks/lorries. What you want to do is look up for a line of where the ships travel, wait until you see a transport ship and shoot it with one of your guns (I recommend the devastator as it's easier, or the Blaster). They explode with one shot so it isn't hard. Upon destroying the third one you will unlock the trophy and the skill point.

On Gaspar, blow up all Blarg destroyers (3) 

This is a skill point.

This trophy occurs on Planet Gaspar. The first thing you want to do is fly to this planet, once getting out of your ship at the start, turn around and walk to the edge of the cliff. You will notice a little path, go down this to reach another path which leads to a lava area. You now need to go across this lava area by jumping on the metal islands in the lava. You will notice the first Blarg Ship now, it's attached to a fuel pump. Shoot the pump with any weapon to destroy it. Now look on the other side of the ship you just destroyed, there is another ship. Do the same as before to destroy it. You now need to move to the second island by navigating the lava, once you reach the island just kill the enemies here and move to the third island as there is no ships here. Once you reach the third island, go up the slope to reach the third ship (look down to see it), use the devastator to destroy it. Now go to the highest point and use the heli glide to reach the forth island. There are 2 ships on this island to destroy, adding the total to 5. Once you have destroyed the two, a path will clear so you can reach the final 5th island. There are 4 ships on this island attached to fuel tanks, destroy them all and that is all 9 destroyed. The skill point and trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

Shoot a Scream through the sniper hole on Orxon (1) 

This is a skill point.

After the second Gadgetron Vendor, follow the path on the left to a building. Exit the building after shutting down the forcefield and jump up the floating platforms, passed the crabs, to find a pipe in the wall on your right. Look through this pipe with your Blaster and shoot the sleeping scramer (little blue creature) on the other side to unlock this trophy and Skill Point.
Be sure not to wake him or he will leave.

Buried Treasure
Find and destroy all the crates in the ocean on Pokitaru (2) 

This is a skill point.

This is a pain to get, because of the fish that eat you in the water (if you attempt before completing the level, which you shouldn't be doing). Complete the level first and then the fish won't be there. The crates are scattered all over; some are close to your ship, others are further away to the left of the area. Swim towards the TNT crate to initiate the explosive sequence, this will destroy all the crates in that collection. There are 3 collections near the ship. Once all those three are destroyed you will want to go near the waterfall which isn't too far away. There is the final collection here, do the same as you did previously to destroy them. If done correctly, it will say you have completed a skill point and the trophy will unlock too.

Score 4500+ on a hoverboard race on Kalebo III (4) 

This is a skill point.

To reach a score of 4500+ you will need to do the best tricks as often as possible. To do tricks you must hold in any direction and press the shoulder buttons ( ) in any order. If you do the same trick twice in a row, you will get less points from it, so mix it up as often as possible. To make sure you get the 4500+, you can purposely run yourself off the track near the first ramp that jumps you over water. This will reset you back before jumps so you can continue doing your tricks.

Your score is tallied at the bottom of your screen, so you know how far off 4500 you are.

Pest Control
Kill all Anklebiters on Planet Hoven 

This is a skill point.

Simple enough, at the start of this mission you want to go straight and down the path where the pine trees are in the snow. Once down there you will notice enemies that pop out of the ground, these are Anklebiters (they are clustered together). As for weapons to use, I recommend the Pyrocitor, Suck Cannon or R.Y.N.O (this will make it very easy). What you want to do is kill all of them, then wait for another wave of them and do the same. There is about 5 waves of them, so don't move on with the level until it says you have unlocked a skill point. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards too.

Sitting Ducks
Destroy all cargo ships in the base on Orbital Oltanis (1) 

This is a skill point.

This is the area in space where you need the 02 mask to fly to (mission you fight Captain Qwark on). There are 8 stationary cargo ships parked up throughout the mission, and the only way to destroy them is by using the Visibomb Gun. 7 of the ships can be destroyed from the Gadgetron Vendor location, whilst one of them has to be destroyed in the large room where you fight the ground birds and fire guards. Trophy and skill point will unlock after destroying all 8 of them.

Careful Cruise
Traverse the water region without losing any health on Veldin's Orbital Station (5) 

This is a skill point.

A real pain this one is, one of the more annoying skill points (and trophy) to get in the game. On the level where you are on the orbital station, right at the start (below your ship) is a water area which has many obstacles that will hurt you, such as mines and electric rings. To make things worse, there's a timer counting down until the whole pool gets electrified and killing you instantly, so you can't go slowly. You need to complete the whole section from start to finish without losing any health. The main worry is the rings as they are often closer than they appear. You will eventually get used to how it works though and get the trophy + skill point.

Going Commando
Kill 10 elite guards with only the wrench on Veldin (1) 

This is a skill point.

The first level is on Planet Veldin, there isn't any elite guards on the planet yet though. The final mission brings you back to Planet Veldin and there will be tall Elite Guards which you have already encountered on previous levels, they are lanky guys with jetpacks that have powerful guns. The easiest way to get this trophy is to simply run at them and hit to jump then to do an overhead smash. Two of these attacks will kill an Elite Guard. Do this on every elite enemy you meet and you will get this trophy and skill point easily. They is way more than 10 of them in this level. This trophy/skill point is cumulative, so if you die after killing 8 you will only have to kill another 2 to get the trophy.

Trophy + skill point will unlock upon killing the 10th elite guard with a wrench.

Game Info
Idol Minds


US August 28, 2012
Europe June 27, 2012
Japan September 06, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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