Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando HD

Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando HD Trophy Guide
Guide By: wottagunn
There are 35 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty? 3.5/10 (As per the Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 35 (20 , 9 , 5 , 1 )
    • Offline: All
    • Online: None
  • Missable Trophies? None
  • Estimated time to platinum? 20-25 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required? 1+ Clean Up
  • Do difficulty trophies stack? No difficulties
  • Glitched trophies? None
  • Do cheats affect trophies? No cheats
  • Special hardware required? Not applicable


Ratchet & Clank is a Playstation exclusive franchise created and developed by Insomniac Games. The series takes place in a science fiction setting and follow the adventures of a Lombax called Ratchet and his robotic side-kick Clank as they travel through the universe, saving it from evil forces on a regular basis. The series is noted for the inclusion of many exotic and unique, over the top weapons and devices.

The franchise has now, deservedly, been remastered in HD for the Playstation 3, with the inclusion of trophies and stereoscopic 3D capabilities.

The second title in the series, 'Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando' or 'Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked and Loaded' (PAL), was originally released in 2003. The game begins with Ratchet and Clank being hired by the company Megacorp to find a small creature that was stolen from the company's labs. Ratchet finds the thief and returns the creature to Megacorp before learning that the creature, called a "protopet", is a dangerous monster which reproduces at amazing speed and that Megacorp is planning to market it to unknowing customers across the Galaxy. The duo must stop the protopet menace and save the galaxy.


Step 1: Play the Game up until Final Boss

During the course of this playthrough you will obtain most weapons and gadgets, and more importantly, bolts, which in turn will allow you to reach other areas and defeat enemies easier which will consequently help you in earning all other trophies and skill points.
Collect as many bolts as possible. There are a number of items in this game that require massive amounts of bolts to purchase, so try not to be wasteful. I recommend purchasing the Carbonox Armor, Minirocket Tube, Bouncer, Plasma Coil and Shield Charger as soon as you can as these will make everything a lot easier. You can upgrade any weapon by simply using it, but try not to stick to one particular weapon because eventually you will have to fully upgrade every weapon. Once you have upgraded a single weapon to its max, switch to another weapon.
Other than that, just enjoy the game and move on to to step 2 just before facing the final boss.

Step 2: Planet Specific Trophies + Challenge Mode

You should now be able to access all areas of the game, so focus on unlocking all Planet Specific Trophies. All of these trophies are tied directly to skill points, so every Planet Specific Trophy you earn gets you one step closer to completing all 30 Skill Points and unlocking the Super Skilled trophy. Refer to the Planet Specific Trophies section of the guide for details.
As a side note, when you visit each of these planets again, you may want to collect the Platinum Bolts located there to save yourself from returning later.
After wrapping these trophies up, go ahead and defeat the final boss and enter Challenge Mode.

Step 3: Skill Points

Now is a good time to focus on Skill Points. You should already have most of these. These can be found under the 'Special' menu. Refer to the Super Skilled trophy for details on obtaining all Skill Points.

Step 4: Collection Trophies & Clean Up

The main thing left now is to purchase and upgrade everything. Continue collecting bolts to unlock I Got Bolts to Trade so you can then earn Destruction Time . You will most likely need to find all 40 Platinum Bolts (Platinum Power ), purchase the R.Y.N.O. II (Now its time...) and max out your Nanotech (Nano To The Max ). Be sure to head over to the Megacorp Games and wrap up the challenges there too.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank wottagunn for this Roadmap]
Again, search the guide for details on how to earn each trophy.

He Went Commando
Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies (23) 

Earn all other Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy. Well done.

Platinum Power
Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts (5) 

Top tip: On Planet Damosel, you will find the Mapper. This device highlights secret areas on the map in green. These secret areas generally hold a Platinum Bolt, so go from planet to planet and visit all 'green' areas on your map to pick up all Platinum Bolts. This will make finding them a lot easier.

Platinum Bolts are collectible items hidden within the game. Many of them are tricky to find and require certain gadgets in order to reach. Platinum Bolts, once found, can be traded with Slim Cognito for weapon modifications that give extra effects and damage. Here is a list of how many are on each planet (planets that aren't listed don't have any gold bolts on them):

  • Planet Oozla - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Maktar Nebula - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Barlow - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Endako - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Feltzin Space System - 1 Platinum Bolt
  • Planet Notak - 3 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Siberius - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Tabora - 3 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Dobbo - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Hrugis Cloud - 1 Platinum Bolt
  • Planet Joba - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Todano - 3 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Boldan - 3 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Aranos - 1 Platinum Bolt
  • Planet Gorn - 1 Platinum Bolt
  • Planet Snivelak - 1 Platinum Bolt
  • Planet Smolg - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Damosel - 2 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Grelbin - 3 Platinum Bolts
  • Planet Yeedil - 2 Platinum Bolts

If you need help finding a particular Platinum Bolt, then see below

Please follow the link for the locations of all Platinum Bolts. It is an old walkthrough, but it has all the correct information within - Platinum Bolts Locations

For those of you that prefer videos, MythicalFlop has provided these video walkthroughs.

Super Skilled
Attain All 30 Skill Points (21) 

Skill Points are extra little challenges within the game that unlock bonuses for you. Some of them can be quite tricky, but they are all a lot of fun. Skill Points can be found under the 'Specials' menu. They will appear hidden and will only give you a location and hint on how to obtain them. Complete all 30 of these challenges to unlock this trophy.

There are 30 skill points in the game to complete, 23 of them are trophies in the game so you will have majority of them by going for other trophies. I will list a guide here for the 7 that aren't trophies, for a guide for the other 23 read over the trophies that say This is a skill point. Here's the guide for the other 7:

Maktar Nebula


Bust up the Maktar Resort

You must destroy almost everything on this planet to get this Skill Point. This includes all lights, cameras, TV's, slot machines and everything in between. It is best to attempt this once you have the Box Breaker, as it will make this a lot easier, but it's still possible to get it without it. There are two paths leading from your ship that have breakables on them; to the right and left. Take both of those paths and destroy everything possible. Eventually you will earn the Skill Point.

Planet Endako

Destroy all breakables

Bust up the Circular City

You must destroy almost everything on this planet to get this Skill Point. The main things here to destroy are street lights, which are not only on walkways but above you on walls too. It is best to attempt this once you have the Box Breaker, as it will make this a lot easier, but it's still possible to get it without it. Be sure to cover all corners of the city and eventually you will earn the Skill Point.

Planet Notak

Planet Buster

Destroy the large floating globe

From your ship, take the path left through the tunnel. At the end will be an open area with a large globe spinning in the middle. Using your Mini-nuke, double jump and fire a few nukes at it. The globe will blow up and you will get your Skill Point.

Planet Dobbo

Old Skool

Kill all enemies with only the weapons from Ratchet and Clank 1

This includes the Visibomb, Walloper, Bomb Glove, Tesla Claw and Wrench. You need to kill all enemies in both the main level and the facility (via the teleporter near your ship) with only R&C1 weapons. Just stick to using the Visibomb and Teslaw Claw and you should be fine. Once you've killed the last enemy, the Skill Point will unlock.

Dukes Up
Defeat the mech with only melee attacks

Defeat the Thug Leader using only melee attacks (). Just keep at him and you should be fine; this is not too difficult. If you need health kill any one of the many helicopter buzzing around.

Planet Joba

How Fast Was That?

Get a time of 2:27 in the hoverbike race

Very similar to the "Speed Demon" trophy and Skill Point, except on a different track. Take the shortcut on the far right in the muddy area and you will save at least 5 seconds per lap. Choose Challenge 3 for this. After getting a time under 2:27 for three laps, the Skill Point will unlock.

Planet Todano

Nothing To See Here

Destroy all Megacorp rockets during the tour

There are a total of 4 rockets that you must destroy. All four are located at the start of the level during the Megacorp tour. Simply use your wrench to destroy all four to unlock this Skill Point.

Destruction Time
All Weapons, all fully upgraded (21) 

This is a Skill Point.

This trophy is straightfoward and a lot of fun to achieve. You must obtain every weapon in the game and then upgrade each one once, so the weapon icon turns orange. These weapons can also be upgraded to Mega and then Ultra in challenge Mode, but that is not required for this trophy. To upgrade a weapon you must simply use it to defeat enemies. Below is the cost of each weapon and what it upgrades to:

  • Lancer (start with it) -> Heavy Lancer
  • Gravity Bomb (start with it) -> Mini-Nuke
  • Chopper (5,000) -> Multi-Star
  • Blitz Gun (15,000) -> Bltiz Cannon
  • Pulse Rifle (20,000) -> Vaporizer
  • Mini-Turret Glove (25,000) -> Mega-turret Glove
  • Seeker Gun (5,000) -> HK22 Gun
  • Synthenoid (65,000) -> Kilonoid
  • Lava Gun (25,000) -> Meteor Gun
  • Bouncer (100,000) -> Heavy Bouncer
  • Minirocket Tube (50,000) -> Megarocket Cannon
  • Spiderbot Glove (15,000) -> Tankbot
  • Plasma Coil (150,000) -> Plasma Storm
  • Hoverbomb Gun (120,000) -> Tetrabomb Gun
  • Sheepinator (found) -> Black Sheepinator
  • Shield Charger (100,000) -> Tesla Barrier
  • R.Y.N.O. II (1,000,000)
  • The Zodiac (1,500,000)

The Clank Zapper is not needed for this trophy.

Mutation Complete
Defeat Mutated Protopet (2) 

Defeating the Mutated Protopet, the final boss, will conclude the game. Impossible to miss.

Unfortunately, the Mutated Protopet does not pose much of a challenge. If you have the R.Y.N.O II this will be over very quickly. If you don't have it, you can still defeat the boss without too much difficulty.

Make sure you have the Megarocket Cannon, Heavy Bouncer, Shield Charger, Plasma Coil and Megaturret Glove all with full ammo, and at the very least the Electrosteel Armour (Carbonox is best if you can afford it). Having as much Nanotech as possible helps too.

Swingshot over to the Protopet when you're ready. The Pet has one main attack; rolling. It will immediately roll towards you, so strafe to avoid it, and keep away from it while firing the Megarocket Cannon and lowering its health. The Charge Boots are helpful too in avoiding it's rolling attack. Occasionally the Protopet will smash the floor open. When it does this, some Troopers will appear, but just ignore them because they will do little damage to you and most of the time they are killed by the Protopet anyway. While this is happening put out some Kilonoids and Megaturrets, and activate your Shield Charger whenever it runs out. Once you've taken down some of the Protopet's health, it will eat some objects and shoot missiles/bombs/fire at you. Just keep your distance and keep moving to avoid these. Simply keep up your attacks of your most powerful weapons and soon enough the Protopet will be defeated.

Credit goes to NovaDon130 for the following video.

I got bolts to trade
Collect 2 Million Bolts (28) 

Note: Use one save file only. If you choose to save on a new game file, your bolt progress towards this trophy will reset. You will still retain the amount of bolts you had in-game, but the trophy tracking will not see it this way.

Collect 2 million bolts. This is cumulative if you retain the single save file. After defeating the Mutated Protopet, the game will propose that you enter 'Challenge Mode', make sure you choose to play it. You will be at the start of the game again, but you will have all the weapons, bolts, Skill Points, Platinum Bolts and Nanotech, as well as your Charge Boots, Mapper, Box Breaker and Armor Magnetizer that you earned from your first playthrough.

There are a lot of changes made to Challenge Mode. Enemies are extremely strong, and you can now upgrade weapons to Mega and Ultra variations. Your main concern here though is the "Bolt Multiplier". When you kill enemies in Challenge Mode, the Bolt Multiplier will go up. You can see the Bolt Multiplier in the top right corner of the screen. It will start at 1x, and the maximum it can reach is 20x. When you're hit by an enemy, the Multiplier will go back to 1x. If you can keep it at 20x you will earn huge amounts of bolts, making 2 million bolts a very achievable goal.

Please note that Arena Challenge rewards increase tenfold too, with The Impossible Challenge rewarding you with 2 million bolts if you complete it.

Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on Planet Joba (16) 

This is a Skill Point.

I recommend tackling this with an upgraded Wrench, a good amount of health, and great armour (Carbonox if possible). Your task here is to kill every enemy on Joba without getting killed yourself. Note this excludes the arena. The stationary turrets throughout the level (not your miniturret glove) CAN be used to kill enemies and will not void this trophy. So if you kill most enemies with said turrets, and the remaining with your wrench, you will still unlock this trophy.

Credit goes to RatchetAndClank45 for the following video.

Nano To The Max
Max out Nanotech Upgrades (7) 

For this you will have to fill in all 80 Nanotech slots. You start with 4, killing enemies throughout the game will get you another 66 of them, and the final 10 need to be found/collected. A great location to get Nanotech from enemies is the ice fields of Grelbin.

Nanotech Locations

For those of you that prefer videos, Clangor64 has provided these video walkthroughs.

That's Impossible!
Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games (11) 

This is a Skill Point.

The "Impossible Challenge" appears in the Megacorp games once you have completed all other challenges. It is a 60 round challenge finishing with the Megapede boss in the final round. You will face tougher enemies the further you go, with the later rounds throwing out some serious baddies. I highly recommend you attempt this right before defeating the Mutated Protopet/entering Challenge Mode. At that stage you should have a lot of Nanotech (max is best), some great armour (Carbonox preferably) and a lot of upgraded weapons. I suggest you have the Tesla Barrier, Megarocket Cannon, Heavy Bouncer, Mega-turret Glove, Kilonoids, Plasma Storm and Blitz Cannon upgraded as much as you can, as well as the upgraded wrench.

In the early rounds, use weaker weapons and the wrench. Ammo can be picked up around the arena when it is needed. As the challenge goes on, up the ante by switching to your stronger weapons and using the Tesla Barrier. Try and save the Tesla Barrier, Megarocket Cannon and Plasma Storm ammo for the final rounds, especially the Megapede boss in the final round.

If you have a lot of difficulty completing this, you can return once you have the R.Y.N.O II. This will make this challenge easier, but do this before Challenge Mode because the enemies will be a lot tougher if you leave it.

For your efforts, you will be awarded with 200,000 bolts (2 million in Challenge Mode), a secret skin, the Skill Point "That's Impossible!", and this silver trophy.

If you would like to see how it's done, BigKlingy has provided this video.

Nice Ride
Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship (3) 

This is a Skill Point.

To purchase items for your ship, you must exchange Raritanium at Slim Cognito's Ship Shack. The Ship Shack becomes available after you see the commercial for Slim Cognitos at Canal City, Notak. You will need a total of 290 Raritanium in order to purchase all upgrades, as follows:

  • Triple Boost Acceleration Engine (15)
  • Fusion Laser Cannons (30)
  • Electro-Mine Launcher (10)
  • Mega-Mine Launcher (20)
  • Fast-Lock Missile Launcher (20)
  • Torpedo Launcher (10)
  • Multi-Torpedo Launcher (20)
  • Advanced Shielding System (20)
  • Ultra-Charge Shielding System (40)
  • Nuclear Detonation Device (60)
  • Hyperspace Warp System (45)

Member Linkinito has provided this method of obtaining Raritanium quickly - Easy Raritanium

Bolted Down
Collect 1 Million Bolts 

See the "I Got Bolts to Trade" trophy.

Midtown Insanity
Grind the train rails without taking any damage on Planet Damosel (1) 

This is a Skill Point.

This one is easy. Use Synthenoids/Kilonoids while grinding so they can kill all of the Protopets for you. Having your Shield on works wonders as well, because you will be able to take a few hits but not receive damage. With the Shield Charger and Kilonoids you shouldn't even have to use your wrench on any Protopets. Follow this and you should get this on your first attempt.

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade in the Arena using only the wrench (4) 

This is a Skill Point.

This is easier than it sounds. You must defeat Chainblade using only the wrench. With a fully upgraded wrench (level 3, unmissable over the coarse of the game) you can kill Chainblade in seconds and he will not be able to strike back. Just run in and hit him and he will fall within 10 seconds. Remember, you must use your wrench ONLY.

Please refer to this video by BigKlingy.

Now its time...
Obtain R.Y.N.O. II (10) 

The R.Y.N.O. II is the best weapon in the game (and the best in the series in my opinion). It can be purchased at the Gadgetron Store on Planet Barlow for 1,000,000 bolts during your first playthrough, in Challenge Mode it is available at all vendors. You will most likely purchase this in Challenge Mode. To use it, simply hold down to fire a volley of missiles at everything on the screen. It can defeat bosses with ease and kill normal enemies with one missile.

Obtain the Zodiac Gadget (4) 

This is the so called "best weapon in the game". Once fired, the screen turns white and everything dies, which to me removes the fun from the game. Anyway, you can obtain this on Planet Aranos for 1,500,000 bolts in Challenge Mode. It only holds 4 ammo, and each refill costs 10,000 bolts!

Heal Your Chi
Collect 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora (8) 

This is a Skill Point.

You must collect all 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora. This is not necessarily hard, just time consuming. Having the Mapper really helps as it shows the location of all Crystals. Be sure not to skip any areas, and use the map to track your progress. Use the hovertank to get around a lot quicker.

This process is great for earning bolts and upgrading weapons too. Each crystal is worth 1,000 bolts. The Minirocket Tube, Synthenoids and Blitz Gun all work well here.

Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from robots on Planet Damosel (1) 

This is a Skill Point.

In the first room of the bank are four robots. To get this trophy, you have to make sure they all survive the attack from the Protopets and the robots. Use Synthenoids and the miniturret glove to avoid any friendly fire (killing the civilians yourself). You can finish off the robots with the Plasma Storm as it will not hurt the friendly robots. This may take you an attempt or two, but it shouldn't pose much of a challenge.

Credit goes to BigKlingy for the following video.

More Vandalism?
Break all breakables inside Megacorp Store on Planet Oozla 

This is a Skill Point.

Do this once you have the Box Breaker gadget. You must destroy everything inside the Megacorp Store. Just use the wrenches overhead smash every couple of steps (+) and everything around you will smash to pieces. Before long, you will have a lot of bolts and this trophy.

Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Play slot machines until you win 300 bolts and the skill point (3) 

This is a Skill Point.

Scattered over the Maktar Resort are slot machines. Each slot has five symbols, one of them being the 'BAR' icon. To unlock this trophy, you need to get three bars. It will take a lot of tries, and you have the chance of destroying the machine in the progress if you hit 3 yellow rings. When you've finally got three BAR's, you will unlock this trophy along with 300 bolts.

Robo Rampage
On Planet Dobbo, destroy every building in the city during the boss battle. 

This is a Skill Point.

During the battle with the Thug Leader, you have to destory every building in the city to unlock this trophy. This is really easy to do as most buildings will be destroyed through the fight itself, and the Thug Leader will destroy some too. Before defeating him, just do a once-over to make sure all buildings are gone. You may get this without even trying.

Bolt Scavenger II
Collect 100,000 Bolts 

See the "I Got Bolts to Trade" trophy.

Speed Demon
On Planet Barlow, get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race (7) 

This is a Skill Point.

To get this one, you have to complete three laps in the Hoverbike Races in a time under 2:10. Attempt this in Challenge 3 as the shortcuts will be opened, which saves you around 3 seconds per lap, and the other racers won't attack you. If you take the shortcut on the right, you should get this trophy without too much trouble.

Credit goes to BigKlingy for the following video.

Prehistoric Rampage
Shoot down the pterodactyls on Planet Oozla 

This is a Skill Point.

From your ship, simply look into the sky and shoot down the four pterodactyls with your Lancer or Pulse Rifle. This is the first possible trophy to earn in this game.

Museum Tour
Gain access to the Insomniac Museum (11) 

The Insomniac Museum is a secret area within the game. Inside are developer commentaries, concept work that didn't make it in to the game, a design-your-own weapon station, and a puzzle, among other things.

There are a few ways to gain access to the Museum. One way is to go to Boldan. From your ship, head south into the building with the thugs. Turn left in this building, and you'll be in a little park. Straight ahead from the doorway you came from is a dry fountain with an inactive teleporter on top. This teleporter only becomes active once a day, at 3.00 am. If you look south from the fountain you'll see a big clock that displays the time. Simply change the internal clock on your PS3 to around 2:55am and load up the game. Head to Boldan and make your way to the fountain. Wait until the big clock on the clock tower is at 3.00 am. A bell will chime, and the teleporter on top of the fountain will become active. Use it to warp to a small room. Here will be some thugs that you will kill. Use the second teleporter here to warp to the Museum. Another way to enter the Museum is to simply select it via the Shortcuts menu once you have obtained all 30 Skill Points.

Be a Moon Child
Mine all 101 crystals in the ice fields on Grelbin 

This is a Skill Point.

This is very similar to the "Heal Your Chi" trophy. Here you must collect all 101 Moonstones in the ice fields of Grelbin. Having the Mapper really helps as it shows the location of all Moonstones. This will take some determination and quite a bit of time. The ice fields are full of Leviathans and Yeti's, two of the toughest enemies in the game. Scour the fields using your map and kill all enemies with the best weapons you have (the R.Y.N.O II, Plasma Storm, Megarocket Cannon and Bouncer work well). Be thorough and eventually you will collect all 101 and earn this trophy.

Again, this process is fantastic for earning bolts and upgrading your weapons. Each moonstone is worth 3,000 bolts.

2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
Defeat B2 Brawler without a scratch (6) 

This is a Skill Point.

As the description states, you must defeat B2 Brawler without taking damage. Attempt this when you have some powerful weapons, as it will make this a walk in the park. There are several methods to do this, such as using mega-turrets, the R.Y.N.O II, the Zodiac, the Minirocket Tube, the Tetrabomb Gun or the Plasma Coil.Just fire away with any of those weapons and he will fall in seconds.

Please refer to this video by BigKlingy.

Operate Heavy Machinery
Destroy 10 robots on Endako using the cranes 

This is a Skill Point.

You have to kill 10 enemies with the cranes which is fairly simple to do. At the first crane, drop the block on all of the Sweeper Bots. Then at the second crane, pick up the Laser Bot in the first room and use his laser to take out all robots in this room. That should be 10 and will pop this trophy.

No Shocking Developments
Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage on Planet Boldan 

This is a Skill Point.

Although this can take some practice, it's pretty easy to do. Grind the power cables east of the city all the way to the end without getting hit. If you know the course, this should not be much of a challenge.

More Bolts?
Collect 50,000 Bolts 

See the "I Got Bolts to Trade" trophy.

You can Break a Snow Dan
Blow up the snowman on Siberius 

This is a Skill Point.

This is beyond easy. From the start, follow the path and you will very shortly encounter some spider bots that come out from a garage. Walk behind that garage to find the snowman and hit it with your wrench to get this trophy.

Bye Bye Birdies
Kill 12 birds on Planet Joba (1) 

This is a Skill Point.

You must kill 12 of the purple birds found on Planet Joba. The birds on land fly away when you get close to them, so kill them from a distance. There are 4 on the bridge near the beginning, 6 on the ground after the first building, and quite a number more near the grind rail leading to the arena. Use any weapon to kill them, though the Vaporizer works well. If you scare off all the birds, try and pick them out of the sky. The Visibomb works well for this.

You're My Hero
Protect all tourists on Planet Todano from the squirrels (2) 

This is a Skill Point.

You will notice a group of tourists at the very beginning of Planet Todano that will occasionally be attacked by squirrels while taking their tour. Your job here is to protect them of the squirrels by killing them before they get to the tourists. Use weapons such as the miniturret glove to avoid killing the tourists yourself. If all the tourists make it to the end of the tour, you will get this trophy.

The best way to do this is to run ahead of the pack and kill all squirrels with any weapon you want. Once all are dead, return to your ship and follow a new tour group. This tour group will not get attacked by squirrels because you have already killed them all, so simply follow the group to the end of the tour and your trophy will unlock.

Credit goes to BigKlingy for the following video.

Try to Sleep
Turn 16 Squirrels into Sheep on Planet Todano 

This is a Skill Point.

You must have the Sheepinator to get this. After getting it, leave Planet Todano and come back, that way all of the squirrels will respawn. You will have to use the Sheepinator on at least 16 squirrels. A lot of them are found in the very first area where the tourists are, and more are found on the mine fields. It should be easy enough to find 16 squirrels and turn them into sheep. Do note that this does not have to be done in a single visit to Todano. You can turn 5 squirrels to sheep, and then return at a later time and get the last 11. It is cumulative.

Moving Violation
Shoot down 14 ships on Snivelak 

This is a Skill Point.

You have to shoot down 14 ships in the sky. A good place for this is near the first Megacorp Vendor. Behind the vendor is the support for the bridge, walk around to the back of that support and aim your Lancer over the lava. This is a main flight path for the ships and they come in quite close to you. Simply shoot down 14 of them to get this trophy.

Yay Carbon
Obtain Carbonox Armor (8) 

The Carbonox Armor is the best in the game, absorbing a massive 90% of all damage inflicted to it. It is obtained on Planet Grelbin for 1,000,000 bolts. I highly recommend you purchase this armour as soon as possible.

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Idol Minds


US August 28, 2012
Europe June 08, 2012
Japan September 06, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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