Rage Trophy Guide
Guide By: Harry94
There are 61 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
- Trophy Breakdown: 51
- Offline Trophies: 49 (361021)
- Online Trophies: 2 (2) (4 co op trophies can be done in split screen so I listed these as offline)
- Approximate Time to platinum: 20hrs
- Missable Trophies: obsessive compulsive, Dev Graffiti, Gotta Have 'Em All, Master Chef, Rage Cup
- Glitched Trophies: Yes, see the Road Map
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1 (preferably 2, see roadmap)
- Do difficulty trophies stack?: Yes
- Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No cheats

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RAGE is a first person shooter set in the future. The world has been basically destroyed by an asteroid and has left a ravaged world behind. You emerge from an 'ark' which was designed to keep certain VIPs alive at the time of impact, only to walk into this vast wasteland to discover what humanity has attempted to do to rebuild the world. Other threats lie in the wastes like bandits, mutants and the authority. Its a free roam game but the game itself is very linear, the game is very similar to Borderlands. The platinum isn't too difficult, just a bit time consuming. Most the trophies will come naturally as you play, but make sure you follow a guide as you play.



  • Rage Cup: Make sure you dont do the final mission in capital prime before completing all the races, once you complete the last mission some races will become unavailable!
  • GLITCHED TROPHIES: A lot of people have reported trophies not unlocking once the requirement has been completed, collector cards going missing too. The trophies that are commenly reported as glitched are:

    - Rage Cup
    - Hat Trick
    - Demolition Man
    - Minigamer
    - ALL co-op trophies are somewhat glitched

    How to solve these glitches (if they occur):

    - Delete your game data (in game data folder)
    - Load up RAGE and decline the update/patch
    - Install RAGEs data
    - Quit back to XMB once you reach the menu
    - Load Rage back up then download the patch

    Once youve done these steps try and earn one of the trophies that glitched on you and it sgould pop. As for the co-op trophies just re play a legend of the wasteland and it should pop.

    Also the 2nd last co op mission is glitched which prevents you completing the level 70% of the time, the glitch is that both players cannot get on the elevator at the end, only one player can. This effects the complete all legends trophy (Antology ). Ways to get around this are:

    - Do the trophy in split-screen
    - Have the non host go on the 2nd elevator first
    - Dont let the host go anywhere near the 2nd elevator
    - Have both players charge onto the elevator when enemies are still on it.
  • LOCKED OUT LOCATIONS: Some places in this game become locked after you advance so far in the game, Please make sure to follow a guide for the Collectables as you play. Once a place is locked you can NEVER revisit that place again and if you missed out on a card or a schematic from a side quest in this place you have screwed yourself over in terms of getting 100% complete. These places are:

These are the only missable things in the game, if you have all of these then you have nothing to worry about:

- Dead City

Cards: You will only have 2 chances in the game to visit this area and there are cards here, first is called "Large Mutant" (Get this the 1st time you visit dead city) and you need an RC car to access it. The 2nd is called "Kraken" and the 3rd is called "Slime mutant". The last one is "Drone" and can only be obtained in dead city reverse.

Schematics: No missable schematics

- Authority Prison

Cards: There are 6 cards in the authority prison and this area can only be entered once, these cards are; "Power Supply", "Giant Mutant", "EMP Grenades", "Drop Ship","Captain Marshall" (needs a lock grinder!) and "shield guard"

Schematics: "EMP Grenade" is in authority prison and is missable!

- The Well

Cards: There are two cards that can be missed here; "mine" and "Valder".

Schematics: No missable schematics

- Outrigger Settlement

Cards: There is one card here than can be missed and that is "Janus Outrigger". You can glitch back in though, so this technically isn't missable. Credit to Zmasterz12 for the video below:

Schematics: Most in here are story related and cannot be missed, however the side mission for Ramos can be missed, this grants you "Adrenaline Overdrive". A lot of people just complete the mission and never turn in the quest for the reward! Makes sure you go back to Ramos after you complete the mission.

If you have all these cards and schematics then you have gotten all the missable Collectables! The rest can be collected at any time, however completing the campaign locks and blocks a few things such as races. When doing your 100% playthough do not go and complete the last mission called "Assault on Authority bridge", you will only want to enter this mission when you have 129/130 towards 100%. To save revisiting collect everything when you're at the locations.

Point of no return!: The point of no return in this game is when you have to assault authority bridge, you will know when this mission comes up from when you did your first playthough. Once you have completed this mission some races etc aren't there anymore which will prevent you from getting 100%. Make sure you only go and do assault on authority bridge when you have 126/130! This mission counts towards the total and theres a card and 2 jumps in the last area.



Step 1 - Completing the campaign on Nightmare

First thing you will want to do is start your game on nightmare difficulty, this is the hardest difficulty in the game but it isn't as hard as some difficulties in other games such as Call of Duty. I just completed the game without bothering to collect the cards and do the jumps etc as I wanted to get the feel of the game and get used to what locations look like and you will also know at what points in the game you reach certain places. Therefore I will have done 2 playthroughs, you can do it all in one if you prefer but it's easier to get nightmare out the way and then start a new game on easy, YOU CAN DO ALL THE COLLECTABLES IN YOUR FIRST PLAYTHROUGH IF YOU WANT. It only takes about 10hrs to complete the game start to finish if you just do main campaign missions. Make sure you grab the Dev Graffiti room trophy too, read the trophy guide for more info regarding that trophy. By the end of this step you should have a difficulty trophies, all story related trophies, Dev graffiti and all most weapon trophies.

Step 2 - Collectables, 100% completion and other trophies

For this step you will want to start a completely new game on easy difficulty, the main trophy you will be going for in this step is Obsessive Compulsive which is to complete singleplayer 100%. You will already know what to do as you would have already completed the game once. Follow a guide for the cards, jumps etc as you go though the game, make sure your always following the card guide as places in this game get locked out as you advance in the story and these places have cards in them. Once a place is locked out you can never get to that place again. You will want to also perform all the jumps in the game, buy/obtain all Schematics and recipes, complete all minigames, complete all races, complete all side missions and all jobs posted on both walls. If you also haven't got any of the weapon trophies and other miscellaneous trophies from the previous playthrough you should do that now, read the trophy guide for my info on this. By the end of this step you should gave completed a mini games, got 100% completion (and all trophies that tie in with that one).

Step 3 - Co-Op and Multiplayer

There are 9 co op missions to complete in the legend of the wastelands mode, you can do these either in split screen or online. I preferred doing it in split screen as communication was better. So team up with a buddy, do the first legend 'Life in Prison' on nightmare then you can do all the others on normal difficulty.

You will now want to do the multiplayer part, unlike other multiplayer games the online trophies on this game take very little time, you just need to complete a road RAGE match and come first in one of them and that's it, multiplayer done. If you have followed all these steps you should have your platinum! If not continue to step 4.

Step 4 - Clean up

Missed out on some trophies? Now's your chance to go back to single player and get them. By the end of this step you should have your platinum!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Harry94 for this Road Map]

The Scorchers DLC


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Total Trophies: 10
  • Offline Trophies: 10 (1, 9)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3hrs for the DLC, 8hrs for the main game on Ultra Nightmare.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheats
  • Extra equipment needed: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes, you need to complete the base campaign on Ultra Nightmare.


Patch 1.02 is required to play the DLC. The Scorchers DLC is the first (but late) premium DLC for RAGE. It sees you partner with a woman called Sarah to figure out what The Scorcher clan are up to and how you can stop them. The DLC can be started at any time, if you have already complete the game a message saying about Hagar Caves will appear and give you a waypoint to those caves. If you are starting a new game they will become available after finishing the first mission in the game for Dan. The trophies aren't difficult, you'll get 9 of them in 2-3hrs as the DLC isn't very long. The most time consuming thing will be completing the base game from start to finish on Ultra Nightmare, which is a new difficulty which is part of the DLC. Overall it's not very difficult to get 100% but if you have already played the RAGE campaign a few times before, then it might get a bit tedious.


Step 1: Playthrough the DLC, get the misc trophies.

The first thing you want to do is complete the DLC, there are only 5 missions and all are pretty short. Along the way you also want to unlock the misc trophies which involve the Nailgun and playing the new gambling games in Wellsprings. See the Trophy Guide for more info on that. I advise you complete the first mission, get the 3 Nailgun trophies in the 2nd mission and then when you have to go to the Jackpot area in Wellsprings play the mini-games. That way you'll only have the Night Terrors trophy left.

Step 2: Complete the base game on Ultra Nightmare difficulty.

You have to start a completely new game for this trophy, the 'campaign' it is referring to is the main game campaign. Just like the difficulty trophies in the main game, this will unlock after completing the "Assault Capital Prime" mission. If you're having difficulty with Ultra Nightmare, then refer to the trophy guide for tips. You should now have 100% of the trophies in the DLC, congrats!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Harry94 for this Road Map]

Master of the Wastelands
Earn all 50 Trophies (17) 
Arts and Crafts
Construct 10 Engineering Items  

See Tinkerer

Construct 50 Engineering Items (6) 

Construct any 50 items in the engineering tab. Bring it up by pressing and then and until you reach the engineering tab.

Same as Arts and Crafts however this time you need to construct 50 items. Constructing items can be anything in engineering and you can only construct items when you have a recipe/Schematic. Once you construct 50 items the trophy will unlock, you can check you progress in the statistics section of the menu.

Passive Aggressive
Get 3 kills with a single Sentry Bot  

The schematic for the sentry bot can be bought in wellsprings for $175 in Coffers shop. Once you have it find or buy the parts for it. I got it during Bash TV as the mutants are weak. Its very easy even on nightmare to do this. You can get this trophy easily at any time in the game where there's 3 enemies together, the sentry bot is awesome. Credit to Powerpyx for the vid.

Three Birds, One Bomb Car
Kill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb Car (4) 

During bash TV in the first room there are lots of mutants, deploy your RC car bomb and drive it into the 3. If you dont get it here though theres plently of other places in the game, for example; in the mission shrouded bunker you will come to a part where theres one set of stairs and about 3 enemies hiding below. Set your RC car up and then boost it down the stairs as quick as you can to avoid it being shot and then detonate between the 3. You may get this as you play through the game though without realising. Here's a video made by Powerpyx showing us how it's done:

Keep 'Em Coming
Get 5 kills with one deployed Sentry Turret (4) 

You can buy a schematic at Janis Supplies in Subway Town for the Advanced Turret, or you can buy the regular one in Wellsprings if you feel you can do it with that one. Parts can be bought here to. The best place to get this trophy is in Mutant Bash TVs first room, but if you don't get it here, wait until the mission "Blue Line Station" as there are loads of places to get it doing that mission. Here's a video by Powerpyx showing us how it's done:

Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars (6) 

You will get this by just playing the game. Make sure you buy or construct them so you always have some you can use. If you haven't got the trophy by the end of the campaign you can keep replaying Mutant Bash TV over and over again on your next playthrough. Use the advanced versions for better results.

Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent (5) 

This trophy carries between playthroughs

This is very very easy and in my 2 playthroughs i'd say i did this over 30 times. There isnt many places in the game where authority enforcers are about. The best place to do this is in 'authority prison'. When you have to complete the liberate captain Marshall mission. Once Marshall has been freed from his cell you have to make your way further though the mission, eventually you will come to a huge open area with enforcer officers and a turret you can man, clear the area of enemies. Now you will want to save your game and wait for the drop ship, man the turret and then shoot the guys who drop out. Only one bullet needs to hit them. Youll know if you got the trophy as the officer will start going crazy in the air. Other locations to get this trophy:

- Authority Prison
- Return to the ark mission
- Dead City Reverse
- Assault on authority bridge

Credit to GT News for the video:

Silent But Deadly
Stealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker Crossbow (1) 

This trophy carries between playthroughs

A stealth kill is a kill where you kill somebody without them being alerted or them not seeing you. It needs to be a headshot to one hit kill them but it depends on the enemy. Do this 10 times and the trophy will pop. You should try this trophy on bandits, mutants and other weaker enemies as it doesn't work on tougher enemies such as enforcer officers. These kills also count in co-op mode towards your total.

Hat Trick
Kill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled Enemy  

You get mind control darts for the striker crossbow and the schematic to make them once you accept the mission "Secret Delivery" from Dr Kvasir about half way through the game. The bolts allow you to control enemies for a short period of time and then detonate them. There are lots of places to get this trophy in the game, whenever you find yourself in a tight space with 3 enemies, take it to your advantage to get the trophy. Here's a video by Powerpyx showing where and how he got the trophy very easily in Mutant Bash TV:

Get 10 Headshot kills with the Wingstick (1) 

This trophy carries between playthroughs

I found this really easy, the blade basically guides into their head anyway. If your using wingsticks you will get this just by playing. If you dont have it and you've finished the story just keep replaying bash TV and aiming for headshots with the wingsticks. These kills also count in co-op mode towards your total. Its a headshot if:

A) It cuts their head off.
B) Gets stuck in their head.

Open Minded
Get 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle  

This trophy carries between playthroughs

You will obtain the sniper early in the story from Dan Hagar when you have to clear the road blockade. The scope is already being held really steady so you dont need to hold your breath or anything, just line up the crosshair with their head and shoot. Do this 10 times and the trophy will pop. Kills acquired in co-op also count towards this trophy.

Perform all 18 Vehicle Jumps  

You will know when there is a jump as one of those authority drones will be there floating and you need to jump into it for the jump to count. Use a good car and get a good line up for the jump, use boost aswell. The jumps can only be done in cars.

Wasteland: 11 jumps
Eastern Wasteland: 7 jumps

The last 2 jumps can only be accessed upon completing the 2nd last mission "Assault the Authority Bridge". Credit to Powerpyx for the video.

Gotta Have 'Em All
Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through (8) 

This trophy is missable!

There are a total of 54 Playing Cards in the game. A few of them are missable, so you will want to follow the video guide below WHILST going though the campaign as certain places get locked out later in the game. For a list of all the missable cards, please refer to the Road Map. For locations of all the cards please refer to the video below. Credit to Powerpyx for the video:

Master Chef
Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through (5) 

This trophy is missable!

There are 19 schematics and recipes. Most schematics are obtained via the story and you can buy a lot of them. Some you will get from side missions. Make sure you follow the video while playing. Please see the roadmap for a list of the missable ones. Make sure you buy the regular version before the advanced versions of the Sentry Bot, Sentry Turret and Wingstick! Credit to goTHA83 for the vid.

Hardest Deck
Beat Teague's hardest Deck (4) 

This game is called RAGE Frenzy, you will want to select the hardest difficulty when starting a game with her. Your best bet at getting this trophy is to try it when you have lots of cards so you can construct a very good deck. It's a simple game and I found it easy to learn and plat. Teague can be found in Fez Bar in Subway town select the 'hard' option when talking to her. Heres the deck GoombaSquisher used and its very helpful, you should beat her first time using this method:


I recommend having this deck (I won 5 times in a row but it requires cards that you get late in the game):
1. Giant Mutant
2. Large Mutant
3. Slime Mutant
4. Kraken
5. Drop Ship
6. Enforcer
7. Shield Guard
8. Shrouded Minigun
9. Gearhead Jet
10. Captain Marshall
11. Valder

The game relies a bit on the luck of the draw. You know you're in good standing if you have many high damage ranged cards drawn and you're taking out her cards as she draws them (if you kill'em quick, they won't get a chance to damage your cards). Also, remember that cards with the "dashed arrow" damage symbol are "ranged" cards and can attack any target (except when there's a vehicle), so use that to your advantage by killing cards that can attack and cards that are weak first.

Roll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones (18) 

Tombstones is a game which you play on a holographic board, there is a sheriff in the middle and 4 mutants on each side of the board, you have 4 turns and if you haven't rolled 4 crosshairs in total by the end of roll 4 you lose. The annoying thing about this trophy is it is all luck based, theres no skill involved just luck of the dice. To get the trophy you must role 4 crosshairs on your FIRST ROLL, this shouldn't take too long but as I said it's luck and it could take ages. This mini-game can be found in Wellsprings, press on the holographic board near the Outfitters to play.

Just a Flesh Wound
Complete the final round of 5 Finger Filet (30) 

One of the hardest trophies in the game, you may have already know of 5 finger fillet as you can play it in Red Dead Redemption. For those of you who don't know, 5 finger fillet is played by putting your hand face down on the table and spreading your fingers apart. You then stab in between your fingers in an arc, example: I start on the left hand side of my little finger, work my way across to the thumb and then come back again. To play this game you must enter the bar in Wellsprings and talk to the man sitting at the table with the knife, he will only appear once you have completed a few main missions for wellsprings. To unlock this trophy you will have to complete the hardest round, round 5. All rounds before this are easy but the last one is just crazy. This round has no pattern and it's entirely random unlike the other rounds which had a pattern. The best advice is to practice, practice and practice some more. Once you've gotten the hang of five finger fillet you should be able to complete the final round, be prepared for a few hours of this. Powerpyx has made a video showing a perfect way how to get the trophy easily if your having trouble doing it normally:

Complete the final round of Strum (8) 

Strum is a mini-game which is found on the top floor of subway town, strum is a minigame where you play a banjo and repeat the A.I's played notes. The computer will play notes, then you must play the notes back using , , and . If you do this by memory it is hard to remember all notes in the last round, thankfully you can write down the notes on paper as there is no time limit! Use this method if you don't want to waste time on this mini-game. At the end of each note that appears, pause the game and then write the note down on a piece of paper. Rinse and repeat until you've completed all the rounds.

Win all Minigames (6) 

To "win" all minigames you just have to complete the first round of them and then cash in, the minigames are:

- Tombstones
- 1st round of Five Finger Filet
- 1st round of Strum
- Rage Frenzy (any difficulty)

You also have to complete the minigame, "Wingstick Mastery" TWICE which can be found by talking to the girl next to the garage (Loosum Hagar). This trophy is cumulative and carryies across playthroughs.

Lead Foot
Win a Race in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed

Races will become available once you reach wellsprings, speak to slim in the racing kiosk and you can choose a race of your choice. The races are very easy even on nightmare, if you have played other driving games in the past you should have no trouble winning. You will get this automatically in the story when you do the Mutant Bash sponsored race.

Rage Cup
Win all Races in the Campaign (4) 

Much the same as winning a race but this time you need to win all 26 races main across the wasteland. Starkys grill race and monarch race also count for this trophy. The two locations in the for races are, Wellsprings and Subway Town. Once you complete all 26 the trophy will unlock. You cannot enter a race if you dont meet the requirements e.g. Rockets. To gain racing certificates outside of races you hace to do the bounty missions for Sally and the guy in subway towns Fez Bar. I've compilled some tips below for each different event. Some races you can only enter if you have rockets on ALL your cars. Some races can only be entered in the buggy and you need rockets on the buggy. Same applies for the other cars.

Races and Rocket races: These are simple enough, you race 3 laps around a circuit. The regular races you only have the miniguns but in the rocket races you have rockets. There wont be a need though for you to damage the other racers though as you'll beat them by miles.

Rocket and pulse rallys: I hate these ones, the objective is to collect the rally points in the arena (Blue lights) before the other racers. The objective is to reach a combined score of 50 points in total. You get 5 points for capturing a point and 3 for destroying another racer. The last few i found a little difficult but once you get the hang of the few places the rally points spawn it will be easy. Try to keep rockets on you at all times. 2 shots to a enemy car usually destroys them.

Demolition Man
Destroy 100 Enemy Cars (3) 

This trophy will come over time, once you get the minigun upgrade from Wellsprings you will be able to start going for this trophy. Enemy cars are all over the wasteland and they don't take much firepower to take down. Destroying cars in races counts for this trophy too and you will be destroying lots of cars in the Rocket Rally events. Your best off doing this earlier in the game when the enemy cars aren't as armoured. This trophy is cumulative and carries over between playthroughs.

It's Good!
Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATV (8) 

Each field goal is cleverly hidden off Ravines, you will need to use the ATV to 'score' at each of them by flinging yourself off the handlebars. You must hear the horn noise for it to count. It's easy to watch a video for this. If you ever misplace your ATV it will go back to your garage in Wellsprings or Subway Town. Here is a video made by Powerpyx which shows all the locations:

To do this, drive very fast into an object and you will be flung off.

Run over 10 Mutants (3) 

During the mission "Assault on Authority Bridge", there's exactly 10 mutants when you are going through the process of blowing the door up. You can run over mutants in cars. Some races involve mutants so you can run them over during them and it counts towards the trophy. Norbu in Subway town gives you a quest that involves 7+ run-overable mutants so you can get it here to.

Ghost Buster
Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Ghost Hideout".

The very first mission Dan Hagar gives you, you will be told to clear the bandits out of there hideout. Upon exiting the hideout the trophy will unlock.

Waste Management
Complete Wasted Garage in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Wasted Garage".

This mission is given to you by the mechanic in the Outrigger settlement, you are told to go get some parts which he doesnt have to fix your buggy. You must clear out the garge of bandits and collect the parts.

Complete Mutant Bash TV in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Mutant Bash TV".

This is the gameshow and is given to you by JK Stiles, you have to complete 5 rounds in the arena facing against mutants and a Kracken at the end.

It's Alive!
Complete Dead City in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Dead City".

You will be tasked to get an upgrade for you defibrillator from Dead City, the mission is given to you by Ksavir. The place is riddled with mutants, there's a few big guys too and you fight a huge boss at the end.

Wellness Plan
Complete The Well in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "The Well"

In Wellsprings you will be tasked with killing all the bandits in the well who are trying to sabotage the water supply. Basic enemies here, only bandits.

Complete Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Shrouded Bunker".

You wil be tasked to clear out the bunker to destroy the RC Car Bomb stashes, you will be facing off against armoured enemies but they aren't that hard to kill.

ytiC daeD
Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign (2) 

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Dead City Reverse".

You will be tasked to get the research notes from the Dead City, there is hardly any mutants this time and only Authority Officers (some of them are snipers) so not very hard.

Jail Break
Complete Authority Prison in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Authority Prison".

You will be tasked to break out the resistance leader Captain Marshal who is being held captive by the authority, only Authority Officers are in here and they aren't hard to take down if you use the right ammo.

Vault Assault
Complete Gearhead Vault in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Gearhead Vault".

You will be tasked when you first get to Subway Town to kill all the Gearheads because of the prices they are charging for electricity. You will find at the end that you will not complete the mission tasked, don't worry this is meant to happen.

Power Struggle
Complete Power Plant in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Power Plant".

After the failure in the Gearhead vault you will be tasked to go directly to the power plant and divert power to subway town. The place is riddiled with traps and gearheads. The final part you have to kill the gearhead boss, hes easy if you use wingsticks against him and pop rockets

Complete Jackal Canyon in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Jackal Canyon".

You will be tasked to get the data from the risen ark in the Jackal Canyon, you will be facing off against Jackals who are very similar to bandits, some have crossbows, guns, clubs and ranged attacks.

Mutie Blues
Complete Blue Line Station in the Campaign  

Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock once you complete the mission "Blue Line Station".

One of the first missions in Subway Town requires you to clear the train station of mutants, theres hundreds of mutants here so be warned. At the end there are 2 Krakens that ambush you. This is a good place to get the weapon kill trophies.

Bringin' Home the Bacon
Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the Campaign (2) 

Some find this hard, but there is a way to get $600 easily, in the last room there is a boat with tentacles wrapped around it with 3 lights on it, shoot the lights from right to left, a green fish type thing will appear in the bottom left, shoot it for $200. you can repeat this 3 times. When you a fighting in the arena use wingsticks and combat shotgun (or double barrel), these are one hit kill on the mutants so it keeps your accuracy high. Accuracy counts towards your final score so try not to miss anything. Also, try to complete it under par time. The first time you play this there are 5 rounds and whenever you play it again there are only 4. I advise to save before you go into the arena your first time and if you don't get $750 reload your save. Credit to JayLJohnston for the video:

Mr. Oddjob
Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through (4) 

There are a total of 9 jobs on two Job Boards in the game. One is in Wellsprings near the outfitters store and the other is in Subway Town on the wall opposite the bar. The Job Boards will get updated as you go though the game with side jobs. You have to complete 5 of these jobs to get the trophy to pop.

Wellsprings: 6 Jobs (You need to complete all missions up to leaving wellsprings for subway town in order for them all to appear).

Subway Town: 3 Jobs (Complete up to the 'assault the authority bridge' mission and also the 'abandoned distillery' side mission for all 3 to appear on the board).

Dev Graffiti
Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room (4) 

This trophy is missable!

The Developer Graffiti room is located in the abandoned distillery, which is in the eastern wasteland. In subway town once you have completed the first main mission for the mayor, Dietrich will become available who will give you the side mission that will take you to the abandoned distillery. This is the ONLY time you can access this room, so make sure you go to the room while your here. The job board mission in the distillery doesnt let you access the main area, so make sure you get it from the side mission. Refer to the video for the location in the distillery and the mission recipent:

Credit to Powerpyx for the video.

Hey, not too rough
Finish the Campaign on any difficulty  

Complete the campaign on any difficulty - see RAGE Nightmare.

Hurt me plenty
Finish the Campaign on at least Normal difficulty (1) 

Complete the campaign on at least normal - see RAGE Nightmare.

Finish the Campaign on at least Hard difficulty  

Complete the campaign on at least Hard - see RAGE Nightmare.

RAGE Nightmare
Finish the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty (7) 

This trophy requires you to complete the whole game start to finish on nightmare. Nightmare isn't as hard as the likes of COD's Veteran but it can be challenging in places. The best advice I can give you is to take cover wherever possible, cover will save your life plenty of times. Try not to use your firsts on enemies or get up close and personal with them as they will only whip your ass. If you stock up on hundreds of bandages and grenades then its so easy. Heres some tips:

Bandages - Always have bandages on you, these are a saviour on nightmare, these work like health packs and restore your health upon use, you get the schematic given to you early on in the game so make some bandages whenever you get a chance.

Supplies - make sure you have always got an RC car bomb and lock grinders and EMP grenades on you as some cards require you to have these items in order to reach them. There also useful in nightmare.


Obsessive Compulsive
Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign (34) 

This trophy is highly missable!

This is the most annoying and longest trophy in the game you have to complete it 100%. The reason this is hard is some places in the game seal up and are inaccessible when you advance though the game. So please make sure you follow a collectibles guide while your playing! Missing just one card can mess up your whole playthough up so remember to have some other saves in case you mess up. You should have 126/130 before going any where near the 'Assault the Authority Bridge' mission, reason for this is there are two jumps in that final area and a collector card on the bridge itself, Completing the authority bridge mission will block out 80% of the games activitys so make sure you go to it at 126/130! There's 130 tasks and you can check your progress for this in the stats screen by pressing then moving to the corrosponding tab with & . You can travel back to wellsprings from subway town at any time if you've missed something. In the resistance base theres a front door, go through here and speak to the man to travel back to wellsprings. Use this checklist I made to make sure you get 100% completetion:

The Legend Begins...
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland  


Simple enough, complete the first Legend which is called "Life in Prison". The trophy will pop on the score points screen at the end. If this trophy glitches on you, see the Road Map on how to un-glitch it.

Complete all Legends of the Wasteland (17) 


There are 9 Legends in total that need to be completed for this trophy, you can complete them all on normal to make it easier for you. You can do this online or in local split screen. You can do the missions by yourself if you really want to using 2 controllers as there really not that hard. Trophy will unlock when you complete 'A New Toy', The legends are listed here:

- Life in Prison
- Season 1: Pilot
- Water Service
- Trophy Hunting
- Rusty's Resupply
- Unwanted Guests
- Extermination
- Grab and Go: GLITCHED You cannot always get 2 people onto the 2nd elevator rendering this legend uncompleteable 50% of the time see the quote below for DP_89s method of solving the glitch:

Quote from Dark_Phantom_89:

I have a theory with regards to the lift glitch in co-op. As we know, it sometimes won't let Player 2 in. A potential solution to this is to let Player 2 enter first followed by the host but this sometimes doesn't work either. After being hit by the glitch today in co-op, I came up with an idea. I theorised that the game won't register people on the lift until all enemies on there have been killed. When you encounter the Heavy at the end, I suggested that we both run straight into him and onto the lift whilst he is still on it. It's suicidal I know but it worked, and we were both able to get on the lift without any problems at all. Then we just spammed Rockets and the Shotgun and took him down.

- A New Toy

This trophy may not unlock upon completing all the legends, if this glitch happens to you then please see the roadmap for a solution.

A True Legend
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty (6) 


Some may find this hard, I got this on the very first legend "Life in Prison". The key to succeeding is to take things slowly, there's no time limit so take everything nice and slow, search rooms for bandages and ammo. Try not to waste your defibs as you only get two of them, if you go down try and get your partner to revive you. Only use a defib as a last resort. "Life in Prison" is a fairly easy legend to do, most the enemies are easy to take down as there's lots of cover, watch out for the big guys though and the fight at the end. Best way to take these guys down is to shoot the fuel tank on their back or aim for headshots.

if this trophy doesnt unlock then consult the roadmap for a solution.

No Room for Sidekicks
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland without any player(s) becoming incapacitated  


Again I did this on the first legend "Life in Prison", put the difficulty on Normal, take it slowly and use cover at all times. Be very careful of grenades. Incapacitated means when you are down and can't move. Remember theres no time limit so just take it nice and slow. If you're struggling on 'life in prison' then choose a different legend that your good at.

If this trophy glitches on you, see the Road Map for how to fix it.

Fresh Meat
Complete a public Road RAGE match (10) 

Very easy, go into a public multiplayer Road RAGE game and complete the match. Trophy will pop at the end of the match. Complete Road RAGE matches in the multiplayer section.

Get first place in a public Road RAGE match (47) 

Just come in First place to get this trophy. The trophy will pop at the end of the match. This can be a pain as lots of people are a high level and have the good cars, but dont worry you'll get it at some point. I got this during the deathmatch game mode, it's the easiest one.

DLC: The Scorchers
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 10
Night Terrors
Finish the Campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty (12) 

Note: This means the main game campaign, not the DLC missions.

Ultra Nightmare is just a slightly harder version of Nightmare, not really a challenge at all. The best advice I can give you is to take cover wherever possible, cover will save your life plenty of times. Try not to use your fists on enemies or get up close and personal else you will die very quickly. If you stock up on bandages and grenades then it's easy to do. Here is some general info:

  • Bandages - Always have bandages on you, these are a saviour on Ultra Nightmare. Bandages work like health packs and restore your health upon use. You get the schematic given to you early on in the main game so make some bandages whenever you get a chance. The schematic is obtained after completing the "Where's Juno" mission. Bandages can also be bought for $15.
  • Pop Rockets - You can grind out money in wellsprings to buy loads of parts to make pop rockets for the shotgun. These are one hit kill on pretty much every enemy in the game, very useful for Ultra Nightmare.
  • Nail Gun - This is rewarded to you by Sarah upon finishing the "Hagar Caves" mission. It has 3 ammo types; Nail, Rebar and Railgun Slugs. All of them are very powerful and ammo is fairly expensive for it though but the gun is useful against a lot of enemies. Ammo can be bought from all of the general stores.
Cavernous Stumble
Complete Hagar Caves in The Scorchers job path 

Story related and cannot be missed

This is the very first mission in the DLC and is activated by going into the door at the back of the Hagar settlement. You will fall through the floor upon entering and a woman called Sarah will defend you against some mutants. Simply make your way through the cave killing mutants until you reach Sarah again.

Plans Refined
Complete Refinery in The Scorchers job path 

Story related and cannot be missed

I advise you unlock the "Wall Hack" and "Rebar Pie" trophies during this mission.

This is a fairly short mission and won't take you very long to do. All you have to do is go to the refinery and steel the plans for something called "Firestorm", which you find out is a flying gunship.

Thrash Canyon
Complete Bash Canyon in The Scorchers job path 

Story related and cannot be missed

This is just like in the main game game but this time Mutant Bash has changed a bit. There is 6 rounds, 5 where you use your weapons and the last being one where you use a turret. Simply fight your way through each arena of mutants until you complete it and get your ticket to Oasis.

Fired Up!
Complete Scorcher Base in the The Scorchers job path 

Story related and cannot be missed

This is the final mission. You have to fight your way through the scorcher base until you reach the final boss, which is the firestorm gunship. In the room with the gas and flames you want to pick the crystal up on the right stone switch and place it on the left stone switch to open the door. See this thread for additional help with the Gas room: CLICKY

When you are fighting the boss you want to shoot the planks off the side of the ship using the Rocket Launcher, then shoot the engine core to damage it. For the next part you have to shoot the blue thrusters on the bottom of the ship, I used the sniper. This will then cause it to lose power and crash. Periodically Scorcher troops will be dropped in so take them out ASAP. Rescue Sarah and you'll be taken to your trophy room in Wellsprings.

Lucky Charms
Bet and win on Green in the Roly-Poly minigame (3) 

Note: You have to complete the first two missions in this DLC until you can get access to the minigames. Your best off saving before as well so you don't lose all your money.

At the entrance/exit to Wellsprings go straight forwards and you will see a sign saying 'Jackpot ->'. Follow that arrow down the alley to reach the mini-games. Speak to the woman at the end of the room by the roulette table to play. All you have to do is keep betting on the green number 0 until you win. The minimum bet is $5 and there is only one 0 on the wheel. Just keep playing and betting on green until you get it, purely based on luck.

Win with a Four of a Kind in the Video Poker minigame (6) 

Note: You have to complete the first two missions in this DLC until you can get access to the minigames. Your best off saving before as well so you don't lose all your money.

At the entrance/exit to Wellsprings go straight forwards and you will see a sign saying 'Jackpot ->'. Follow that arrow down the alley to reach the mini-games. On your left as you come in are some Poker arcade machines, go up to one and press to play. To get the this trophy you need a 4 of a kind, that means 4 Jacks or 4 Queens etc.

This is again based on luck but what you want to do is as soon as you start look at your cards, if there isn't a pair just keep pressing to go through the 3 rounds. If there is a pair or more you want to press on them to 'Hold'. This will add the other cards in your hand to the deck and give you some more but keep the cards your holding. All you have to hope for now is you get the remaining cards to get the 4 of a kind. This all based on luck but the higher the card number, the more chance it has of coming up.

Wall Hack
Kill 2 enemies with one Railgun Slug shot through a wall (4) 

Note: Equip the Railgun Slugs for the Nailgun by either doing it in the armoury by pressing or by holding and changing ammo types there. It also has to be a wall, not just any object as confirmed by Terminator.

I highly advise you get this during the 2nd mission "Refinery" as I'm not sure where else you can get it. If you do miss it all you have to do is start a new save file in a new slot, complete the first mission for Dan then you can do the Hagar Caves mission to get the Nailgun which is required for the trophy. As soon as you enter the Refinery, you want to go into the little area next to the curving corridor and aim at the cracked wall. You will see two enemies facing each other, a 3rd will then walk in front and line up with the guy on the right. As soon as they line up fire the gun and it will kill both. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

Rebar Pie
Pin an enemy to a surface with a Rebar ammo shot 

Note: Equip the Rebar ammo for the Nailgun by either doing it in the armory by pressing or by holding and changing ammo types there.

This can be earned pretty much in any mission. What you want to do is find and enemy that is in cover by a wall. Crouch by them and aim the Nailgun at their chest area or head. Hopefully the shot will pin their whole body to the wall or their head to the wall, either way the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

Rite of Passage
Complete Wellspring Tunnels in The Scorchers job path 

Story related and cannot be missed

To reach the Scorcher base you have to go through the underground tunnels in Wellsprings to reach them. The area is filled with Mutants and a new type of mutant with a crab like body. Fight your way through the mutants until you reach the base

Game Info
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US October 04, 2011
Europe October 07, 2011
Japan October 06, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2-4
ESRB: Mature
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