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Prince of Persia Trophy Guide
Guide By: KingBroly, Aidan, Alpha826, olsen77 (DLC)
There are 61 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Road Map

+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.8/10
+ Offline: 51 (1, 3, 5, 42)
+ Online: 0
+ Downloadable Content: 10 (3, 7)
+ Approximate time: 15-20 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ to 2
+ Missable trophies: Combo Specialist, Precious Time, Some of the Light Seed ones, In Harmony, Sword Master
+ Glitched trophies: Combo Specialist, Light Seeds Master, Be Gentle With Her, Speed Demon
+ Cheats: No cheats

Original Trophy Guide: KingBroly's Guide

Prince of Persia is action/platforming game that isn’t too difficult and shouldn’t cause you too much difficulty. The action in this game is deemphasized when compared to previous Prince of Persia games and more attention is focused on the story and the development of the bond between the two main characters, the Prince and Elika. The game is fairly short and should take you just over one play through if you plan things out right.

The way to plan a run just over one play through is this. Save your game as often as possible. You want to have Elika save you fewer than 100 times to get “Be Gentle With Her.” Every time you fall (except when you have to in the game), reload your save and do the section that you fell again. Collect only enough light seeds to unlock all four powers in the game. After you defeat all four of the bosses and are ready to head to the temple for the final time, create another save file and save your game. Continue through and finish the game. After you complete the game, reload the second save that you made and clean up what you missed.
Alternatively, you can split this up into two play throughs; one for all the light seeds and one speed run. Doing the speed run second is recommended since you will know your way through the game and you will be familiar with all the puzzles and bosses. You can get “Be Gentle With Her” on either play through.

Part 1

There are a few trophies that you will get simply from playing the story. You don’t have to worry about them in the trophy list, because you’re guaranteed to get them if you finish the game. These trophies are “Into the Storm…”, “Wallrunner,” “Explorer,” “Climbing to New Heights!”, “Heal the Land,” “Savior of the City of Light,” the boss trophies, and “The End.”

Early on in your first run, you should focus on getting as many combat trophies out of the way. You can get “Block Master,” “Improviser,” and “Up Against It” before you even reach the temple. Once you’re through the temple, you can very quickly get “Compass” and “Sinking to New Depths!” out of the way. Start talking to Elika every chance you get to clear out the three conversation trophies, “Where’s That Temple?”, “Good Company,” and “Getting to Know You.” Over the course of the game, you’ll be building up the times Elika has to assist you in a jump for the “In Harmony” trophy. You can farm this over and over again in the spots where she has to help you, but this will also unlock while you’re going for all the light seeds. The choice is yours, spend the time doing one jump again and again, or get it as you progress through the game.

This is a good time to mention that you should start working on “Combo Specialist” very early in the game. A lot of people have trouble with this trophy. I would recommend printing out a list of all the combos in the game, and checking them off one at a time as you do them. If a combo gets blocked, deflected, or for some reason doesn’t result in a solid hit against an enemy, the combo doesn’t count and you’ll have to do it again. There are 63 combos in the game that you’ll have to do. You can start working on some of them as soon as your first encounter with an enemy, but some of the combos you have to wait to use until after you discover Elika’s power. Pay very close attention to what you have left to do and what you’ve done. If you use a printout of all the combos, mark the ones you’re not sure worked so you know exactly which ones you have to go back and do if you don’t get the trophy when you complete the list. This thread has a list of all the combos that you will need to do:

Combo Specialist Guide

Now you have to decide which order to the bosses. I chose to go to the Hunter first, then the Alchemist, followed by the Concubine, and ending with the Warrior. Why did I do it that way, because it goes from left to right along the map. Do them in any order that you choose. Whichever order you decide to fight them, make sure that you get the four boss special trophies out of the way in the first battle with each. The reason for this is that each boss gets more difficult each time that you face them. Do them the first time you meet each of them. With the Warrior, move the left stick left or right and hit X 20 times in the fight. For the Hunter, hit R2 when it pops up on the screen to deflect his attacks. You have to do this five times for the trophy. This is also a good spot to get “Deflect Master” if you want to continue deflecting the Hunter’s attacks. With the Concubine, don’t push circle. And in the fight with the Alchemist, don’t push X.

In either the first fight with the Alchemist or with the Concubine, you’ll want to go for “Sword Master.” The 14 hit combo has to be done straight through with no pauses, blocks, or other screw ups. Doing the combo with these two is recommended because the Hunter is more likely to block your attacks and you can’t directly damage the Warrior. To make it simple for myself, I wrote out the button sequence on a piece of paper and set it on top of my TV. You can pause it in the middle of the combo if you need to remind yourself of the next set of buttons to push. Like everything else, further details can be found in KingBroly’s trophy guide.

Once you’re on your way to your first area, you’ll begin to encounter the generic Ahriman soldiers. They spawn with what looks like a tornado of black goo. There are two trophies that involve the killing of these soldiers, “Speed Kill” and “Throw Master.” You can start with either, it really doesn’t matter which one you do first.

Once you defeat all four of the bosses for the fourth time, create an extra game save so that you can go back after the game is over and pick up the light seeds and do the timed runs. If however you would like to play through the game a second time, then ignore this paragraph.

Once you’ve defeated all four of the bosses, it’s time to head back to the temple and face off with Ahriman. After you reimprison him, Elika will sacrifice herself to keep Ahriman locked away. This is the point in time when you will get “Precious Time” if you stand there holding her for a minute.

Part 2

Now that you’ve finished off the game and received “Be Gentle With Her” and “The End”, it’s time to go and reload that second save file that you made (if you don’t want to go through the game again). Now is the time to finish finding the light seeds, do the four timed runs, and clean up any miscellaneous trophies that you may have missed. Alayes has provided videos of each timed run that are posted in the trophy guide. There’s nothing difficult about them, but they do require an extensive amount of platforming and it may take you a few attempts to memorize the sequence. Remember, to get “Light Seeds Master” you need 1,001 light seeds, not the 1,000 that are in the areas where faced the four bosses. This means that you will have to go through the game to completion in order to get that final light seed. Some people have encountered a glitch here that prevents them getting the 1,001 light seeds. I don’t know that anything can be done other than starting the game over.

Alternate means

The alternative method to this 1+ play through method is go through two separate times. The first would to collect most of the trophies and get all the light seeds, all the timed runs, all the combat trophies, and the few miscellaneous ones. The second run would be your speed run collecting only the light seeds that you need to unlock all of the powers. This order is better since the first run will familiarize yourself with the game and learn all the puzzles and how to fight the bosses. There won’t be any surprises so you can go through the game as quickly as possible. You can save often in either play through to get “Be Gentle With Her.”

Even if you are going for two play throughs, read through the methods in Part 1 to collect most of the trophies, and follow KingBroly’s great trophy guide for more details and Alayes’s excellent videos for specific trophies.

Version 1.01 Addendum

With the addition of the version 1.01 patch, the trophies "Be Gentle With Her" and "Speed Demon" have become a little glitched, but in a good way. It seems that the downloading of this patch resets your stats, so you may receive both trophies after the credits complete even though you have gone over the requirements for them.

Epilogue Road Map

The epilogue has some slightly more difficult and longer platforming sections than the rest of the game. It's possible to do this in one play through. The Epilogue isn't so long that you can't get the speed run trophy. You can get the speed run, "Born Dead," and all the Frescos in one play through, but you'll be cutting it pretty close. I'll post both methods and you can choose whichever you want. I did it in two play throughs. My second time through was to collect all of the Frescos and my final time was about 1 hour, 45 minutes (although, keep in mind that I knew exactly how to do everything and what to expect). Not collecting the Frescos my first time, was about 1 hour, 20 minutes.

The first method would be to try to get everything in one play through. If you want to try this, you'll have to save quite a bit for three different trophies. I'd recommend that you save after every long platforming section. The first of three is "Born Dead." There are seven soldiers in the Epilogue that you will have to kill before they spawn. If you don't get to the spawning soldier quick enough or fall on the way to the soldier, reload and try again. Most of them are pretty easy, but there are a couple of difficult soldiers to get to. The second trophy is "I Need a Hand or Twenty." This is the same as "Be Gentle With Her" from the main list, but you have 20 to work with instead of 100. The third is "No Time to Waste." Again, it's like "Speed Demon" from the main list. Save a lot for those three, follow the video posted in the guide for the Frescos, and the rest of the trophies will come by playing through the DLC.

The other method is to break it up into two play throughs. The first play through, you can either go for the speed run/less than 20 deaths or go for the Frescos/soldiers. The Frescos and killing the soldiers are the part of the Epilogue that will take the most time, so combining them with the speed run could be more difficult. For both play throughs, make sure that you save a lot for "I Need a Hand or Twenty" and "Born Dead."

[PST would like to thank olsen77 for this Road Map]

Unlock all trophies. (6) 

Self Explanatory.

Completing the Canyon. (2) 

You get this Trophy within 5 minutes of playing the game.  Cannot be missed.

Use the Compass. (3) 

You get this by pressing the button for the first time when Elika joins you.  Cannot be missed.

Heal the Land
First Healing. 

You get this for having Elika heal the first land you come to.  Cannot be missed.

Saviour of the City of Light
Final Healing. 

You get This Trophy after you perform the final healing. Check your Map to see which locations you are missing.  Cannot be missed.

Explore every part of every region. 

You get this by visiting every dot on the map.

Block Master
Block 50 attacks. 

In order to block, hold . Just keep holding until you get the Trophy. It's that simple.

Deflect Master
Deflect 20 attacks. 

When prompted to hit on screen in combat, do so. Do this 20 times to get the Trophy. You can also get the Hunter Special Trophy at the same time while trying to get this.

Alayes provides us with a video on how to get this Trophy. You can click the link to watch it in HD.


Sword Master
Perform 14 hits in one combo. (6) 

Try this combo: | |

My advice is to break it down into these 3 parts, part one containing 4 hits, with parts two and three containing 5 hits. After each part you can pause it and go over the next part, as pausing does not break up the combo.

Alayes provides us with a video on what it should look like. Click the link to watch it in HD.


Be gentle with her
Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game. (8) 
CAUTION: If you have already beaten the game and start a new game to get this Trophy, use a different save slot as overwriting an old one will carry over Death totals as well as Fertile Grounds healed.

General Tips:
- Save as often as possible
- Reload old saves after dying at inopportune moments
- Make safe jumps
- Only go for Light Seeds you know you can make (Remember, you only need 540 to beat the game, but 590 is guaranteed) and if you make a save before the Final Area and don't save over it, you can come back later.
- 1.01 Glitch - Apparently by downloading Version 1.01, the game resets your Death total, making this Trophy easier to get if you are unsure of how many times you've died. I'm still unsure of all the specifics, though.
Use the environment against an enemy. 

You get this by knocking an opponent into a pillar. Try this on the concubine: Position her near a pillar, using sword attacks to push her into it and causing it to break.

Up against it
Win a wall mini-game in combat. 

Lure an enemy close to a wall, then switch positions to get them against it. Knock them up against the wall and continue to hit them. This Trophy is easy to get on the first enemy you face in the Canyon.

Ruined Citadel Runner
Run from the Sun Temple's Fertile Ground to the Fertile Ground in Windmills in 5 minutes. 

Alayes has provided a video on how to get this Trophy. Click the link and watch it in HD.


Vale Runner
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Construction Yards and Heaven's Stair in 6 minutes. 

Alayes has provided a video on how to get this Trophy. Click the link and watch it in HD.

Royal Palace Runner
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Royal Gardens and Coronation Halls in 4 minutes. 

Alayes has provided a video walkthrough on how to get this Trophy. Click on the link to watch it in HD.


City of Light Runner
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Tower of Ahriman and City of Light in 7 minutes. 

Alayes has provided a video walkthrough on how to get this Trophy. Click on the link to watch it in HD.


Warrior Special
Dodge the Warrior's attacks 20 times in one battle. 

Try your best to get this trophy the first time you fight the Warrior.

When the Warrior attacks, just pull back, or move it to the left or right on the Left Stick and hit to dodge his left arm. Continue to do this until the Trophy unlocks.

Alayes had provided another video on how to get this Trophy. Click on the link to watch it in HD.


Hunter Special
Deflect the Hunter's attacks 5 times in one battle. (1) 

Try your best to get this trophy the first time you fight the Hunter.

You deflect an attack by pressing when prompted. If you're having trouble, watch his movements, and you should learn them quickly. Do this 5 times and you should get it.

*See Deflect Master for video*

Alchemist Special
Defeat the Alchemist without using the acrobatic attack. 

Try your best to get this trophy the first time you fight the Alchemist.

Don't use the acrobatic button when facing this boss.

Concubine Special
Defeat the Concubine without using grab. 

Try your best to get this trophy the first time you fight the Concubine.

Don't use the grab button when facing this boss.

Light Seeds Finder
Collect 100 Light Seeds. 

This cannot be missed if you beat the game.

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Collector
Collect 200 Light Seeds. 

This cannot be missed if you beat the game.

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Provider
Collect 300 Light Seeds. 

This cannot be missed if you beat the game.

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Locator
Collect 400 Light Seeds. 

This cannot be missed if you beat the game.

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Harvester
Collect 500 Light Seeds. 

This cannot be missed if you beat the game.

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Hoarder
Collect 600 Light Seeds. 

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Gatherer
Collect 700 Light Seeds. 

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Accumulator
Collect 800 Light Seeds. 

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Protector
Collect 900 Light Seeds. 

*See Light Seeds Master

Light Seeds Master
Collect 1001 Light Seeds. (4) 

You are required to get at least 540 Light Seeds in order to beat the game. Here is a youtube video that is the beginning of a playlist, detailing each area's Light Seeds, spanning 40 episodes. By clicking the video, you can view the playlist in more detail.


Speed Kill
Kill 10 generic enemies before they spawn. (3) 

You kill an enemy before they spawn. You can do this if you're quick getting to them on the Platforming section before them. Before they spawn, hit when you're on the platform near them. Do this 10 times for the Trophy.

Throw Master
Throw 10 Soldiers of Ahriman into pits. 

You have to kick an enemy off any ledge. Get an opponent's back to the edge, then attack to send them into the abyss. Do this 10 times for the Trophy.

Assassin View
Find the Assassin's view. 

Alayes provides us with a video on how to get this Trophy. You can click the link to watch it in HD.


Titanic view
Find the Titanic View. 

Alayes has provided a video on how to get this trophy. You can click the link to watch it in HD.

In Harmony
500 coop jumps. (1) 

To perform a coop jump, you first press to perform a jump, then you press to have Elika help you with a secondary jump. Find a good place to farm this one and you'll be fine.

Precious Time
Take one minute to think. (2) 

Caution: This may be a spoiler.

The last time you hold Elika in your arms, do not do anything for a minute, and the Trophy should unlock.

Alayes has once again provided a video of when and where you can get this Trophy. You can click on the link and watch it in HD.


Where's that Temple?
Talk to Elika. (1) 

*See Good Company

Getting to Know You
Get to know Elika by talking to her. (1) 

*See Good Company

Good Company
Learn about the world, and Elika's history. (1) 

You can talk to Elika using when an icon appears in the lower-left hand side of the screen. Constantly talking to her for 20-30 minutes will get you this and the previous two Trophies.

Climbing to New Heights!
Find the highest point in the world. 

Caution: May be considered a spoiler

Alayes has provided a video on where and how to get this Trophy. Click on the link to watch it in HD.


Sinking to New Depths!
Find the lowest point in the world. (1) 

Alayes has provided a video on how to get this Trophy. Click on the link to watch it in HD.


Speed Demon
Finish the game in under 12 hours. (3) 

This doesn't seem that hard given that it took me 9 hours to beat the game with more than 100 deaths, trophies and around 600 Light Seeds.

- Use multiple save points in case you want to master specific areas (You can have up to 10 separate saves)
- Don't use the anytime conversation mechanic a lot, or at all
- Don't go for all 1001 Light Seeds
- 1.01 Glitch - Apparently by downloading Version 1.01, the game will reset your in-game time, making this Trophy easier to get if you're close to that 12-hour limit.

Combo Specialist
Find every combo in the game. (16) 

PringlesForAidan has provided a walkthrough on how to get this Trophy:

See here for a complete list of Combos: LINK

There are some issues that can cause combos to fail to register:

There's a few things that can cause the combo not to register.

If the enemy dies during the combo it might not register and if they (or you) hit the edge of the platform and you get the animation that you see from doing that, then it won't register either (same with if you enter the corruption surrounding you in some fights and this can be very annoying with the longer combos).

Also, once you've done the last combo then the trophy won't pop until the enemy you're fighting is killed.

Credit to Xander45 for this info.

Secret Trophies
Into the Storm...
Enter the Canyon. (1) 

You get this Trophy in the first 5 minutes of playing the game.  Cannot be missed.

Unlock Elika's Saving Ability. 

You get this Trophy early on in the game after Elika saves you for the first time.  Cannot be missed.

Now who's the Hunter?
Kill the Hunter in his Lair. 

You get this Trophy after you defeat the Hunter for the final time.  Cannot be missed.

Death of a Warrior King
Kill the Warrior in his Fortress. 

You get this Trophy after you defeat the Warrior for the final time.  Cannot be missed.

Death of a Concubine
Kill the Concubine in her Palace. 

You get this Trophy after you defeat the Concubine for the final time.  Cannot be missed.

Traitor's End
Kill the Alchemist in his Observatory. 

You get this Trophy after you defeat th Alchemist for the final time.  Cannot be missed.

From Darkness... Light!
Reimprison Ahriman. 

You get this near the end of the game by defeating the final boss.  Cannot be missed.

To be continued...
The End. 

You get this Trophy for beating the game.  Cannot be missed.

DLC: Epilogue
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 10
All the Frescos
Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue. (1) 

There are 10 Frescos that you have to reach in the Epilogue. The Frescos that you’re looking for are rectangular in shape. You just have to touch them or run across them for it to count as being “reached.” Dying immediately afterward without landing on another platform will also make the Fresco not count. A couple are a little tricky to get to, but here’s a video that shows all of the locations.

Details for reaching all the Frescos are in this thread put together by gaol: Fresco Locations -

A Fresco of Light
Reach one Ormazd's Fresco in the Epilogue. 

Reaching any of the 10 will get you this trophy. See All the Frescos for a video will all the locations. The first one that you will probably reach is towards the beginning of the Epilogue. Elika stops and talks about her ancestors are buried here. As the camera pans around, there will be the first Fresco over an archway.

Born Dead
Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn. (6) 

This is the hardest trophy of the Epilogue, and possibly the entire game. Remember what you had to do to get the Speed Kill trophy. There are seven of these generic soldiers that you have to kill. The key to this is saving often. The platforming sections are longer than in the main game before you reach any of these soldiers.

Note: You won’t get this trophy until after complete the Epilogue, not after you kill the seventh soldier.

Bouncing From Here to There
Complete the puzzle with rebound in the Epilogue. 

This is a puzzle in a very large room where have to move platforms around in a specific sequence. The puzzle is pretty easy to work out and you can’t miss it if you play through and finish the Epilogue.

Leaving the Storm
Complete the Epilogue. 

Finish off the Epilogue. It’s pretty short and shouldn’t take you more than two hours.

The Best Offence is Good Defence
Defeat any enemy of the Epilogue by only starting a combo with a Deflect and Counter-Attack. (1) 

The best place to get this is in the final fight with the King. When you start to push him towards the throne, this is the only time in this fight you can get this trophy. Once you’re at the point where you’re about to push him against the throne, deflect one of his attacks and then counter-attack. During the cutscene after the fight is finished, you’ll get this trophy.

Change Once, Then Die
In the Epilogue, defeat the Shapeshifter with only one shape change. (1) 

The Shapeshifter is the "new" enemy that you’ll be facing in the Epilogue. I put new in quotes because the Shapeshifter just changes between the Warrior and the Hunter. He starts as the Warrior and once you kill him, he changes into the Hunter. After he changes into the Hunter, you have to quickly finish him off before he changes back into the Warrior. Use the same attacks and strategies that you used against both in the main game.

Secret Trophies
What Once was There
First use of Energize in the Epilogue. 

Energize is the new power that you get in the epilogue. This will come automatically. You can’t miss this trophy playing through the Epilogue. There will be a cutscene that shows the new plate being activated, and you should get this very shortly after.

I Only Need a Hand or Twenty
Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue. (2) 

This is just like Be Gentle With Her. Save a lot and reload when you fall, and you’ll have no problems getting this.

No Time to Waste
Complete the Epilogue in less than 2 hours. (5) 

This sounds difficult, but it really isn’t too difficult. I got this in under two hours even with going for all the Frescos and killing all the soldiers. If you don’t get it on the first playthrough, then just play through it again. You’ll know all the puzzles and you can avoid all the Frescos saving some time.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US December 02, 2008
Europe December 04, 2008
Japan January 22, 2009

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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