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Prince of Tides
Complete the Enemy Tides Challenge.

The enemy tides challenge can be found in the main menu & it is unlocked after you complete the main game. The enemy tides challenge is basically a survival challenge where there will be 8 waves of enemies all of different strengths. All you have to do for this trophy is survive the 8 waves by defeating all of the enemies. For more information read below to see what enemies each wave brings:

Wave 1 – Here will be mostly sand enemies along with a few that are shielded. There will be a second lot that spawns after you defeat the first load of, these will be the same enemies again.

Wave 2 – You will start this wave with a lot of flying bugs attacking you, defeat these and some sand enemies will spawn.

Wave 3 – This wave purely contains flying bugs.

Wave 4 – This is an easy wave but the toughest one so far. You will have 2 sets of enemies to defeat, the first set will have some sand enemies and a big brute (not sure what these enemies are called). The second set of enemies will have another brute & the sand enemies will change to the shielded ones.

Wave 5 – This wave contains two sets of enemies again. The first that spawns will contain normal sand enemies along with an armoured brute. The second lot to spawn contains another armoured brute and some new enemies you haven’t had so far. They are slightly harder than the normal sand ones but carry no shield so they are still easy to kill.

Wave 6 – Some normal sand enemies will stand in your way here along with the upgraded but unshielded ones.

Wave 7 – You will face the tougher unshielded enemies here along with some flying bugs.

Wave 8 – The final wave!! This will contain the tougher unshielded enemies once more along with a Titan.

Please see below for a few tips on what’s best when fighting what enemies and any other useful info.

Enemy Tips:

Sand Enemies – One or two power attack moves on these enemies will cause them to die very quickly.

Tougher Unshielded Enemies – A couple of normal attacks along with the power attack will take these out easily.

Shielded Enemies – Use once to kick these away and open them up to a normal sword attack. Press twice to kick them to the floor & from then on kill them with the finishing lunge by pressing .

Flying Bugs – Any sword move works easily here, I would preferably use the power attack to kill atleast 6 or more in one swing.

Brutes – Simply hit these with any sword attack. Try luring them into a wall to make them dazed for a little while which will allow you to get a few easy attacks off.

Armoured Brutes – The only way to damage these is with the power attack. You can once again lure these into a wall to daze them for a short amount of time.

Titan – Simply use any sword attack. Get the titan's health down until it falls onto one knee & then do an aerial slash attack to finish it off.

Other Info:

– It’s not increasingly difficult like it says it will be, so just take your time & try to save health where possible.

– You CAN'T reverse time when in this mode. So again try to save health where possible, don’t rush and don’t be afraid to use your block. Also try to roll a lot, if an enemy is about to attack you but you roll into it then this will stop the attack and you won’t lose any health.

– Power Sword makes this mode very easy (more than it is already). Just charge your attack and let rip, rinse & repeat. This attack makes light work of normal sand enemies and the flying bugs.

– When fighting with the brutes or the titan try to let them do the work for you. When they attack you they don’t care for any other enemies, therefore they will kill whatever gets in their way. Use this to your advantage and always try to put some enemies between you and them.

– Press to use the armour power. By using this your attacks seem to do more damage whilst you take none. This basically means you are invincible for a short amount of time, so try using this on the bigger enemies.

– Search the surrounding area for a lot of vases to smash. They contain health spheres which will replenish a small amount of health & is very useful when you’re running low.

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Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US May 18, 2010
Europe May 28, 2010
Japan June 24, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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