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Secret of Agrabah
Find and drink from all hidden fountains

The secret fountains are hidden throughout the game, there are 10 to find in total. These fountains increase your health bar by a small amount every time you drink from one. See the list below for the location of each:

1 – During the game you will come to a room where you will have to drop down into where a group of enemies are at the bottom. After you have taken care of these enemies you will have to make your way to the top where a save point is located. Go past this save point through the doorway and head to the left where a pile of rocks are stacked up. Climb these rocks and drop down ONCE on the other side, if you look on the wall beside you there is a hole in the wall. Just head through this wall to find your first hidden fountain.

2 – The next one isn’t until you get past the palaces defence system puzzle, shortly after you have completed it you will enter a huge area which is outside. You will know it’s the correct room because enemies will attack you here, there is a square platform in the centre, there is also a health fountain in one corner and a save point in another. Make your way up this section until you get to a small room where spikes are on the floor. You need to wall run and jump to the ladder that is in the middle of this section. Climb the ladder and jump the next gap to the left, there is a sand cloud just around this corner & just above is a hole in the wall where this hidden fountain is.

3 – The next is located after the small boss battle that is inside the castle, you will be back in the same room where you first started this section. Once the battle is won you will be outside the castle, your objective is to head down to the bottom where you will find a lever. Once you are here pull the lever and enter the doorway. Back inside the castle you will need to pole swing quite a lot of times to reach the top and land on a platform, here will be a doorway to your left or a ladder to go up to another platform. You want to take the doorway, the hidden fountain is inside there.

4 – This is found immediately after you obtain the first powerful sword. So once you have picked up your new sword wall run back to the ledge where you came from and smash open the weak iron door. Go down the stairs a little bit & you will see a crack in the wall to the right hand side, smash the wall open with your new sword and find your hidden fountain inside.

5 – There is a section in the game that requires you to balance across small narrow walls, there is also flying bird enemies in this section that try to attack you when you are near them. Complete all your balancing parts and wall run parts after that until you end up wall running over the massive bronze gate with the orange symbol on it. When you land on the next section there will be a few barrels and a pressure switch on the floor. Ignore this pressure switch and instead smash the barrels, behind these barrels is a weak wall with a slight crack in it, break the wall and enter the new doorway to find the next hidden fountain.

6 – This is just after the cave area where you had to jump from a lot of icicles in a row. You will emerge into a blue room that has water at the bottom of it. This room contains a lot of ledges and ropes to jump onto. Make your way through this section until you get to the very last rope. You can tell when your on the last rope because there is a bright light shining down from the ceiling above you, you would of also had to jump on 3 ropes in a row just to get to this one. Instead of climbing the rope look to the right and you will see a hole in the wall, swing on your rope and jump into this hole. Watch out for the blades at the bottom & look upwards at the poles, you need to climb up the wall and swing across these poles all the way to the left hand side. As you land on the ledge you will see the wall is slightly cracked, break open the wall and head inside for your 6th hidden fountain.

7 – This isn’t found until you meet up with Farah once more, you will eventually come to a library & your objective in this room is to move the mirrors around. As you go up through this area you will climb a ladder, at the top of this ladder is some spiky pincers. Climb up the wall and grab onto the beams then make your way to the left to drop onto the platform. You can go left here to a mirror in the middle of the room or straight ahead past some spinning spiky discs, you want to go straight ahead. Time your wall run so you don’t fall & reach the platform on the other side, you will know when you have the right platform because there is something glowing on it. Go past the glowing object and you will see the wall behind it is cracked. Break open the wall and head inside for your next hidden fountain.

8 – The next fountain is quite a long way away, it isn’t until you come to a huge prison area. Make your way to the bottom of this are, do this by constantly wall running and pressing the switches on the walls. As you reach the bottom a lot of enemies will attack you so take care of them however you wish. Next you will need to move a box from one side of the room to the other to open a small door, go through this door and just along the right hand wall is a weak part. Smash this open and go inside to find your hidden fountain.

9 – Shortly after the prison area is your next fountain. You will have to make your way up a torture room until you are once again back outside the castle, take care of the enemies that will attack you here. Now you are required to press a few switches to open a gate which leads to a bridge. Cross the bridge and enter the doorway at the end, the path to the right is blocked by some fallen stones so take the left path. After a few turns you will be facing a wall that is cracked quite a lot, smash the wall as normal and enter for the hidden fountain.

10 – This is found just after you have collected the most powerful sword. Go out of the section to the right and swing on the poles to reach the enemies, kill these however you like. Now normally you would need to go up to continue with the story, but if you move over to the right of this platform and drop below you will see some small brown ledges. Drop on to the ledges & eventually on to the brown beam that runs underneath the platform. Continue along this beam and jump up into a secret area underneath, in this room is a brown door, just run over to it and smash it open to find your last hidden fountain in the game.

NOTE: Don't worry if you found a fountain and then died. Finding a fountain acts as a checkpoint so you won't need to go back and find it if you do happen to die.

If you prefer something a tiny bit more helpful then you can always follow the video below instead:

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by Silwok
Sunday, October 02, 2011 @ 01:11:53 PM

This trophy jipped me :( Found all 10 but didnt get it, ieven ticked em off as I went along :(

 Comment #2 by barriebar17
Monday, October 03, 2011 @ 06:57:59 AM

Exact same thing happened with me today. Follwed the guide en videos, ticked them
off one by one. Got my sand clouds trophy. But when I found the last fountain no trophy :(

 Comment #3 by kamijordan
Thursday, January 05, 2012 @ 02:51:38 PM

I found them all :) easy trophy :)

 Comment #4 by Darklurkr23
Friday, January 06, 2012 @ 10:39:16 AM

Damn thing glitched for me too! Son of a bitch I don't want to play this boring shit again!

 Comment #5 by kamijordan
Friday, January 06, 2012 @ 09:31:54 PM

you just need to get the last one... try to save at near the last fountain spot... if you don't receive the trophy get out of the game a reenter

 Comment #6 by Blood79
Friday, January 20, 2012 @ 04:08:11 PM

glitched for me too >:(

 Comment #7 by H1DD3N
Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 08:03:56 AM

how do i get the sixth one? I dont have poles in my corridor

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