Plants vs. Zombies (Vita)

Plants vs. Zombies (Vita) Trophy Guide
Guide By: CyanideHappiness
There are 43 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated difficulty - 4/10 (vote here)
  • Estimated time to - 20-30+ hours (Highly depending on luck with certain trophies)
  • Trophy overview - 43 (1, 2, 12, 28)
  • Offline - 43
  • Online - 0
  • Minimum number of plays - 2+ story, 20 challenges, 1 survival play, 40 endless-survival waves and clean-up.
  • Missable trophies - None (See step 1 for more detail)
  • Glitched trophies - None that I've encountered.
  • Does difficulty affect - No difficulty settings.
  • Cheats disable trophies? - I'm not sure, if someone would verify it I would greatly appreciate it.


Road Map: 


Plants vs. Zombies is an addictive tactical puzzle game that will make you think outside the box by using a huge array of different plants to stop the Zombies from eating your brain. With a huge assortment of games and puzzles from stopping the Zombies on the Homefront in story mode, to vase smashing puzzles so you really can't go wrong. Cute, challenging and slightly sadistic, let's get rooted and sink our teeth in because this won't be a short one.

Step 1- Play through the Adventure mode for the first time:

Start off by playing through and finishing the Adventure mode which consists of 50 stages, 10 per set. Doing so will unlock all other side-modes needed for trophies. You will most likely earn a lot of the trophies in this step so long as you check the guide regularly for what you need. Also note that once you've unlocked all 5 wedges of grass you can go for "Close Shave".

Note - After completing the story you will have unlocked the Zen Garden. Make sure to keep your plants updated as you need to fully grow 10 of them and it's best to spread it out over the course of the other steps.

Don't worry to much about missing a lot of trophies, though, as we will be playing through a second time with all of our plants making life that much easier. Once this step is done you should have earned the following:

Home Lawn Security
Crash of the Titan
Soil Your Plants
Close Shave

Step 2A - Grinding out coins for now (optional but highly recommended).

Okay, before starting Adventure a second time I suggest grinding out at least 100,000 coins using the Coin Boosting method. If you don't know the method, use the video under the Master of Morticulture trophy.

After getting 100,000+ coins, go buy the 9-plant and 10-plant slots. You're going to want these as during the second Adventure run there's always a few slots taken up by Crazy Dave by his "suggestions" and having the extra slots will make it that much easier. Feel free to buy any plants you might be missing if you'd like. They might come in handy.

Step 2B - Adventure mode 2nd run.

After getting all of your slots it's time to tackle the Adventure mode one more time. This time, you're going to want to check the guide for specific trophies such as "Good Morning", "Grounded" and any others that can be mopped up during story. The same tactics you used during step 1 should apply here except for the fact that you might need to make due with less plants sometimes due to Crazy Dave's pre-selected plants.
After this step you will have earned:

Second Life
Master of Morticulture (if you did decide to continue grinding money and plants)
Penny Pincher
Don't Pea in the Pool (if following the coin boosting method)

Step 3 - Mini-games.

Now comes the major part of the trophy process. Here we will be completing all 20 mini-games and will also be able to earn a majority of the trophies without even trying. Check the specific trophy descriptions to see where and how to earn each one.

Mini-games - The mini-games are in no way hard. Yes, some might take a few tries, that's a given but there shouldn't be a challenge that actually has you stumped.

There are plenty of videos put up on YouTube if you're struggling to complete a specific one, so don't fret too much over them. After this you should have earned:

Beyond the Grave

Note - I'm not going to list any other trophies you would have earned from this step as they are completely random varying on a players tactics.

Step 4 - Zen Garden, Tree of Wisdom and more money grinding. Yay!

Zen Garden - Here's the most boring part of the grind towards this platinum. I hope you've been keeping up with your garden as you need to fully upgrade 10 plants. We must also collect all Zen Garden plants available. This means playing each type of yard over and over to collect the presents which drop the plants.

Tree of Wisdom - First off, to access the Tree of Wisdom you have to buy it off Crazy Dave for 10,000 gold. After it's purchased go to Extras and head in. You will first be given 5 packs of fertilizer for the Tree. Each pack grows the Tree 1 foot meaning we will need to buy 95 more. See the trophy itself for more info. Use those 5 than head back to coin boosting.

Smarty Branches

Step 5 - Clean up.

After finishing up the Zen Garden and all of it's requirements you shouldn't be missing much, if anything. If you are head down to the specific trophies description to see how to get it.

Congrats on that shiny new !


[PS3T Would Like to Thank CyanideHappiness for this Roadmap]

The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations! (4) 
Home Lawn Security
Complete adventure mode (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This trophy will be earned after defeating the final boss in 5-10 and completing the adventure mode.

1 - Garden (Day)
2 - Garden (Night)
3 - Pool (Day)
4 - Pool (Night)
5 - Roof

Master of Morticulture
Collect all 49 plants in the game (2) 

After completing story you will have 40/49 of the required plants. The other 9 must be purchased off Crazy Dave at his shop. See the coin boosting method to earn coins in the quickest way possible.

Credits to xX_shoemaker_Xx for posting this.

The plants you must purchase are as follows:

  • Gatling Pea ($5000)
  • Twin Sunflower ($5000)
  • Gloom-Shroom ($7500)
  • Cattail ($10,000)
  • Winter Melon ($10,000)
  • Gold Magnet ($3000)
  • Spikerock ($7500)
  • Cob Cannon ($20,000)
  • Imitator ($30,000)

You will need a grand total of $98,000 to buy all plants.

Smarty Branches
Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet (3) 

The Tree of Wisdom will be available after completing Adventure mode and is purchased off Crazy Dave for $10,000.

After entering the Tree of Wisdom for the first time Crazy Dave will give you 5 free packets of Tree Growth, each packet grows the tree 1 foot meaning we will need to buy 95 more for $2500 for a grand total of $237,500.

Here's a much simpler and faster way for people who don't want to wait:

There's a trick:

Just use all Tree Growth packets at the tree, leave to the garden, go again to the tree, click on the Tree Growth packets button and Dave will come and give you again 6 (seems to be 5 but are 6) new Tree Growth packets. Use them, go to the garden, then back to the tree and so on...
So you won't have to use any money!

Thanks to maxijod for this info.

Crash of the Titan
Defeat your first Gargantuar 

Story related, cannot be missed!

The Gargantuar first appears on stage 5-8. Simply kill him by any means and the trophy will pop shortly after.


Don't Pea in the Pool
Complete a daytime pool level without using Pea-shooters of any kind. (1) 

The easiest way to go about this trophy is to resort to the coin boosting method. Set up the round as you normally would and let it play pout. Now keep in mind you must finish all 5 flags. After completing all 5 flags the trophy will pop.

Alternatively, head into any pool mini-game or any stage after 2-10 in the Adventure mode (level set 3- Pool daytime) and use any plants but Pea shooters (cabbage-pult, cactus, etc.). You can try using Mushrooms to earn "Good Morning" if you really want.

Alive and Planting
Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity (19) 

To unlock this trophy you must first unlock the Endless Survival mode. To unlock it you must first finish Adventure mode to unlock Survival and than you must complete all Survival missions.

Go to the More ways to play section from the main menu and click survival. Here's a video taken from the original Plants vs. Zombies guide showing how it's done:

Credits to exitmusic123 for the video
Credits to xX_shoemaker_Xx for posting the original guide

Soil Your Plants
Plant your first 10 peashooters 

Story related, cannot be missed! (technically)

Peashooters are available from the start. This trophy is cumulative and will probably be the first you pick up.


Roll Some Heads
Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut. 

This is easiest attempted in the mini-game "Wall-nut Bowling 2".

About half-way through the challenge, zombies will start coming out in large waves. Let one wave reach the red-line indicator and another wave should spawn in behind them. At this point release a Wall-nut and attempt to hit 5. You will know you did it correctly because a gold coin will appear if so. And if done on the second Wall-Nut level you should net this trophy without even trying. Also note that you do not have to kill them, just hit them.

Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb! (1) 

Unlike the PSN version, where you could go into 2-P mode and boost this yourself, there is no 2 player option but there are plenty of ways to get this easily.

The way I did it is to go into the "Last Stand" mini-game and set Tall-nuts to fill up the row as a barrier. Make sure you have Cherry Bombs in your set. Start the wave and as soon as the zombies clump up, place the Cherry Bomb on the 3rd row so it hits zombies in all 3. The trophy should pop easily this way.

Here is another method by MegaHentai:

  • I found the easiest way to bag Explodinator was on the mini-game with the mini-zombies. Just plant a couple of Wall-nuts in two adjacent rows when zombies are coming, let them bunch up and drop the cherry bomb on them.
Close Shave
Survive the zombie onslaught after all lawnmowers have been used. (1) 

This trophy is first available during stage 1-3 and is best attempted there.

At the start of the round, let the zombies walk up to the house so that they trigger the lawnmowers while you collect sun. When one gets tripped make sure to set up your defenses so they don't reach the house through that path. After all 5 are gone simply play and win the round as you normally would.

Go trunk driving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. 

This will come naturally when working towards every other trophy in the game such as buying the Tree of Wisdom, all plants and slots for the missions. $25,000 might seem like a lot but it's really not in this game.

To earn coins:

  • Zen - Water and grow your plants in the Zen Garden, a fully grown plant will give $1-2k after the last fertilization. Than can be sold for $5-8k. Mid-grown plants sell for $3k
  • Mini-games and Puzzles - Completing a mini-game, puzzle, survival wave, etc. will reward you with some decent cash. Play a few for a quick buck.
  • Marigolds - Marigolds spawn coins so if you'd like to implement them into your play style feel free to.

There's many more ways to make money but don't worry about this, it will come naturally.

Nom Nom Nom
Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nur, and Chomper on any level. (1) 

This is first available on stage 1-8 after unlocking the Chomper.


First, start by placing 2 or 3 Sunflowers in the back so you have some form of sun-income. After getting enough place a few chompers, I suggest placing 2 rows in case the first Chomper is eating. You can place more, though. Make sure to have a row of Wall-nuts in front of the Chompers to protect them while they're eating. If a Chomper is going to slow for your taste you can dig him up and place another one. The trophy will pop after winning the round.

Defeat a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants. 

This could be a bit frustrating but a little strategy and it will come. First I suggest attempting this on stage 5-2 because you will have access to the flower pots at this point (in case you lose some and need to rebuild your defenses).

The way I did was with this set-up

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Peashooters
  3. Squash
  4. Snow Pea
  5. Cherry Bomb
  6. Jalapeno
  7. Wall-nut
  8. Potato Mine

First, place a few Sunflowers so you gain Sun. When you see the first zombie, place a Potato Mine near your side of the field and on the row the zombie is walking. Keep placing Sunflowers until you're filled up on the bottom column. If a second zombie walks in feel free to start placing your Peashooters. I suggest your rows to look like this:

Imagine this from the zombies point of view:

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Peashooter
  3. Peashooter
  4. Snow Pea
  5. Wall-nut
  6. Potato Mine (optional)

If a zombie gets close than you'd like, use one of the 3 "back-up" plants. The Squash, Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno to get rid of them. After finishing the round the trophy will pop.

Easier way for Grounded.
Level 5-1 and do this...

First of all put nut where first zombies are beginning to appear and flowers of course while waiting for the rest of them. Behind nuts put Chomper. When you're waiting for nut to respawn and zombie is coming you can use Squash instead.

After first line behind the nuts is full, just fill the third with Chompers and that's it.

Only in the end you can use a cherry bomb when you're run out of chompers on any line. Just wait for zombies to eat the nut and put cherry immediately

Discover the Yeti zombie. (4) 

Story related, cannot be missed!

The Yeti zombie is the secret "Easter egg" zombie of the game. He appears during the Stormy Night mission (4-10) during your second run of the Adventure mode.

Yeti Zombie

Penny Pincher
Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear. 

Simply pick up 30 coins in a row without letting one vanish. This will most likely come through natural story progression but if not, it will easily be obtained when farming for gold.

To pick up money either tap the coin on-screen, shake the Vita or place a gold magnet (you will need a Magnet-Shroom first).

Sunny Days
Accumulate 8,000 sun during a single level. (2) 

See "Wall-Not Attack" for more information.

Popcorn Party
Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level. (1) 

This is easiest attempted on stage 5-8 or 5-9.

First and foremost, you will need Kernel-pults and Cob Cannons which are purchased off Crazy Dave for $20,000. Now, set up your Sunflowers and defenses and such. We're going to need A LOT of Sun. Kernel-pults cost 100 sun and Cob Cannons cost 500.

To place a Cob Cannon, you first need two Kernel-pults lined up like so:

Once set, place your cob cannon over them to transform them. Now, just wait until the Gargantuars appear and the Cannons will take them out no problem. Just make sure the Cannon kills them and not another plant!

Good Morning
Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans. (1) 

I did this on Adventure mission 1-1 but can easily be done in the mini-game "Last Stand".

All I used were the Puff-Shroom, Sun-Shroom and Coffee Bean. The rest are optional. I started by gathering up some Sun for when the zombies came. I than planted a Puff-Shroom on the row the first zombie walked and used my sun to wake it up. Now, you want to start placing Sun-Shrooms. Once you have enough to wake them up do so, but if you need to add a line to your defense I suggest doing that in case you get run over at one point. Once you have all 5 Sun-Shrooms awake you're basically set. Just keep planting your defenses as needed and win the round.

Alternatively, you can attempt this in any way you'd like on "Last Stand". Just note that you will need to complete all 5 flags to earn the trophy.

No Fungus Among Us
Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms. (3) 

This trophy could very well be a runner up for the hardest in the game IF I hadn't found an exploit for it. Simply go into any mini-game or Puzzle that takes place at night and complete it. It's as easy as that. I personally didn't expect it to pop, but it does. If you're the adventurous type and want to get it legit, than the easiest would be the first night level during your 2nd Adventure run (2-1).

Just like my other tactics, I suggest placing 2-3 sunflowers to start. Once a zombie spawns place a Potato Mine on the same path and continue placing Sunflowers. Once you have enough start building your peashooters. I also suggest having Snow Peas and wall-nuts for this.

Last Mown Standing
Defeat the last zombie in a level with a lawn mower. 

This can be easily completed on any level that has lawn mowers. Just play the round as normal up until the last few zombies are alive. Start digging up your plants so they don't kill them and just wait for the last one to be run over.

20 Below Zero
Immobilize 20 full-sized zombies with a single Ice-shroom. 

This one is very easy. Head into "Last Stand" and make sure you have these 4 plants:

  1. Lily Pads
  2. Tall-nut
  3. Ice-Shroom
  4. Coffee Bean

the rest are optional.

Place 3 rows of Tall-nuts in the middle of the field and 2 Ice-Shrooms in the back (place more if you feel you might mess up). Start the round and wait for a bunch of zombies to spawn in. The way I know there's 20 is when the Pole Vaulting zombie spawns. When he does, wait a few more seconds and Plant the Coffee Bean on the Ice-Shroom. If you don't get it first try, don't worry. Wait a few more seconds than place another Coffee Bean.

Alternatively here is a tactic by MegaHentai.

A good place for 20 Below Zero is the "Whack a Zombie" mini-game. Go through the level without destroying any gravestones. When the Final Wave hits, drop an Ice-Shroom to freeze around 30 zombies at once.

Flower Power
Keep 10 Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level. 

See "Wall-Not Attack" for more information.

Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies. (6) 

See "Wall-Not Attack" for more information.

Lawn Mower Man
Kill 10 zombies with a single lawn mower. (2) 

This can be attempted on any level with Lawn Mowers but I found it easiest on the mini-game "Column Like you See 'em". At the start of the round do absolutely nothing and just let the zombies reach the lawn mower. You will mow over well more than 10 with this tactic.

Chill Out
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you've one level to destroy 3 bobsleds, its Jalapeno time! (2) 

The best level to do this on is 3-10 as there are a lot of Zombonis which result in a lot of Bobsleds spawning. Jalapeno's will appear on the conveyor rather frequently and the trophy will come easily so long as your lawn isn't filled up with nowhere to place the Jalapeno.

Another good place but a bit more challenging is the "Bobsled Bonanza!" mini-game. If you're using this method, make sure to have the Jalapeno and the Imitator. When the first Bobsled appears (considering you have enough sun) place the Jalapeno to get the first kill. Next wait for the Imitator to ready up and use that to get the second kill. Now you can do one of two things - you can wait for one of them to ready up again, or restart the level, get one more kill and still earn the trophy. Your choice.

Defcorn 5
Build 5 Cob Cannons in a single level. 

This can be very hard if done the normal way so instead, go into the mini-game "Last Stand" place 2 Kernel-pults, one in front of the other and than place the Cob Cannon.

You don't even need to start the round as once all 5 are placed, the trophy will pop.

Monster Mash
Crush 5 zombies with a single Squash. 

The easiest way to go about getting this is the "Column Like you See 'em" mini-game. Finish the first wave as you normally would and save your Squash for the 2nd wave, when the Gargantuars come. Now, at this point a LOT of zombies will rush you so plant your Squash up front and you should easily get 5 crushed.

Blind Faith
Complete an extremely foggy level without using Planterns or Blovers. (7) 

This will come naturally so long as you don't use any of the 2 mentioned plants during the fog levels. Just play the round as you normally would and you shouldn't have any problems.

Pool's Closed
Complete a pool level without using water plants. (3) 

This is easiest attempted in "Big Trouble, Little Zombie" mini-game.

Simply play the level as you normally would but do not put anything in the pool! If you do you will need to restart. The only way to kill zombies that go in the water is to use Cherry Bombs so make sure they're grouped up!

Melon-y Lane
Plant a Winter Melon on every lane. 

Go into the mini-game "Last Stand" and place a Melon-pult in every lane, than place the Winter Melon over each one. You don't even need to start the round. Once all are placed the trophy will pop.

Second Life
Complete Adventure mode a second time. 

Just like finishing Adventure the first time, beat all 5 levels on the 2nd run and you will be awarded this trophy. The same tactics you used then should apply here, just make sure you have 10 seed-slots and all plants as that will make this run that much easier.

Lucky Spin
Get 3 of a kind in Slot Machine (28) 

Be prepared to pull your hair out. This trophy took me an hour and a half of straight attempts, than again I have terrible luck so this might take you 5 minutes. You must first go into the mini-game "Slot Machine". Once there just keep pulling the lever until 3 diamonds pop up. There's no easy way around this, just keep trying until you get it.

Good luck!

Chili Free
Complete Column Like You See'em without using Jalapenos (6) 

This is by far he hardest trophy in the game. The sheer number of zombies is just ridiculous for the requirement of this trophy. First, you must be lucky with the amount of Melon-pults you get at the start. You will need at LEAST 3-4. Make sure to place them all the wa in the back, on your side of the screen. Next, place your Potato Mines on the row closest to the zombies and your Tall-nuts behind them. If you get Chompers you can place them wherever, I suggest behind the Tall-nuts.

Now, the trick is to finish the first wave with as minimal difficulty as possible. One more thing:

This is very important and will come into play as your savior and the only way of possibly getting this trophy.

Once the second wave starts the Gigantuars will appear for the first time. wait until they reach the Flower Pots than place your Squash there. The squash will take out a lot of their health and the Melons will do the rest. You MUST finish wave 2 without losing any roof cleaners. Now, the final wave you can just sit back and relax. Let the plants do their thing and if the zombies break through the roof cleaners will kill them all netting you the trophy!

Collect all Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden plants. (23) 

This trophy is very luck-based and will probably be your last. To get this you need to have collected all 39 Zen Garden plants (excluding Flower Pot, Imitator and all upgrade plants). Just keep playing through Adventure and the mini-games and it will eventually come over time.

Diamond Beghouler
Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled 

To upgrade all plants in the "Beghouled" mini-game you must ear enough Sun by making pairs of 3 to do so. You will need a grand total of 1,750 Sun.

Repeater - 1000
Fumeshroom - 500
Tall-nut - 250

I suggest starting with the Repeater to get it out of the way and working down by price. Keep in mind that you have a set amount of matches and if you meet it you will need to start over.

Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size 

Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size

Simply grow 10 plants to full size in the Zen Garden. You will know they're full sized when 1-2 diamonds pop out after fertilization. If you want more flowers, either buy the Marigolds off Crazy Dave ($2,500) or play the game as they will drop out of random. I suggest working on this as soon as you beat Adventure for the first time so you can spread the course of this out through the rest of the trophies.

Wall-Not Attack
Complete ZomBotany without using Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts or Pumpkins (2) 

This is probably one of the easiest mini-game trophies and using the tactic shown below you can also earn:

Sunny Days
Flower Power

Credit to HolyDragonLX on YouTube for the video.

Beyond the Grave
Beat all 20 mini games 

To unlock all mini-games you must first complete Adventure mode once and continue to beat them to unlock more. Beating all 20 mini-games can be a bit frustrating but there are plenty of videos on YouTube demonstrating how to do them easily. Just take your time and plan out your approach and you should be fine.

Shooting Star
Complete Seeing Stars before the first Flag Zombie appears 

You must fill up the star shaped pattern in "Seeing Stars" mini-game before the first Flag zombie appears. He appears when the words "A huge wave of Zombies is coming" appears on-screen. If you see that just restart the level.

Here is a video with an excellent tactic for this:

Credits to hitoridakeno on YouTube for the video.

Sol Invictus
Complete Last Stand with 2,000 sun remaining (1) 

You must complete the "Last Stand" mini-game with 2000 Sun remaining. Now keep in mind that you get sun for completing each wave so you can dip below 2000 at the start.

Here is an excellent video guide demonstrating how it's done:

Credits to HolyDragonLX on YouTube for the video.

Sproing! Sproing!
Complete Pogo Party without using Tall-Nuts or Magnet-shrooms.  

This is another tough mini-game trophy but here is an excellent video showing a really good technique:

Credits to HolyDragonLX on YouTube for the video.

Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine. 

Technically impossible to miss!

All you need to do is kill 1 zombie with the Potato Mine. There will be many mini-games where it is used, I'm sure people use it as a line of defense. This trophy is impossible to miss unless you absolutely avoid it.

Potato Mine

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US February 21, 2012
Europe February 22, 2012

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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