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Combo Crazy
You have completed all the Challenges! Funky Student would be proud.

For this trophy you must complete every challenge in the game, while in the previous ArcSys fighter (Blazblue) the challenges were pretty intimidating however they have been pretty watered down in Persona 4 Arena, the challenges are quite doable with some trail and error. There are a total of 390 challenges, 30 for each character. Here is a quick breakdown of each challenge:


  • 1-10: These are basic normals and special moves, if you can do a Shoryuken motion then you should be able to complete all of these.
  • 11: These are Auto Combos which are done simply by mashing
  • 12-20: Intermediate Combos, they're all short easy BnBs which is also a good base to take example from when you want to learn that particular character.
  • 21-29: These are comprised of both impractical combos and high level combos that may seem familiar to many players who were following the Japanese tech since Day 1.
  • 30 Expert Challenges: These challenges do not have a demonstration preview, it gives you requirements such as "Perform a 10,000 Damage Combo" or gives you a list of supers that you must chain together in the same combo. These challenges are meant to be puzzles for us to solve, once figured out they don't appear as hard as one would think. (Demos for these challenges unlock after you finish it however if you are connected to PSN you can download the "Challenge No. 30 Demonstration" for free so you can preview it for every character



Helpful Features


  • When perform the combo the game will highlight the part you messed up on in purple, you can use this as a mental note of where you're messing up and could possibly be practising on.
  • Always remember the Demonstration with feature which allows you to preview the combo before doing it

General Tips


  • When you are having trouble with longer combos trying doing them in smaller portions first opposed to taking in the whole combo all at once.
  • You can press in between moves if you need to, though it is not needed or recommended for a majority of the combos (if not all)
  • You can push your opponent to the corner if you wish to to avoid any problems you have with combos involving jump cancelling.
  • Remember with All Out Attacks you must mashing out and/or a total of 16 inputs, you can even press both at the same time for two inputs. To get the proper follow up make sure you mash at least that amount during the All Out Attack animation.

Fightstick Question
This seems to be a frequently asked question during each game release and so I will answer it here. Purchasing a Fightstick will not make the challenges any easier. To most players, a Fightstick is much more comfortable, universal and built for fighting games however switching from a controller that your hands are used to to a fightstick is a big change and even after a month of practice your hands still may not execute moves as well as they did on the pad and this process won't happen overnight or even after a couple months unless you really grind out training with the fightstick. In short don't waste $150 on a fightstick unless you really want to invest in for future use, spending the money simply for these challenges is not worth it and doesn't change anything.

For more information in regards to this trophy please refer to the Persona 4: Arena Challenge Mode Guide & Help Thread.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by knight16
Monday, July 23, 2012 @ 12:45:18 AM

This will be hell...Im excited to at least learn some combos.

 Comment #2 by BT5Z
Saturday, September 29, 2012 @ 11:48:02 PM

Wouldn't be a fighting game without "these" kinds of requirements...

 Comment #3 by victor1500
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 @ 04:03:34 AM

I have huge troubles for Yukiko's 27 on the second-to-last hit: after I connect the second maragi successfully and then jump on to the 5 air commands, I manage to connect J-A, J-B, the second jump and then J-A again without troubles, but Yu ALWAYS recovers before the second J-B connects and it's driving me nuts (I'm even pausing there to see my timing and I can tell you it's the same as both solutions). The only flaws I can detect on my combo comparing to the demonstration is that the second maragi hits Yu without him touching the floor, but that's it (personally I don't think this is a problem cuz I've been following another guy's solution on corner and he managed to connect the entire thing flawlessly with the same maragi issue, this is the link:

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Arc System Works


US August 07, 2012
Europe May 10, 2013
Japan July 26, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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