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Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide
Guide By: Setsuna
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 51 (42 / 5 / 3 / 1)
    • Offline: 43 (37 / 3 / 3 )
    • Online:8 (5 / 2/ 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to : 50+ Hours (Greatly Skill Dependent)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed? Second Controller Recommended
  • Region Locked: Yes


Welcome to Persona 4: Arena a collaboration project between Atlus and Arc System Works. Persona 4 Arena takes place 2 months after Persona 4's True Ending from the PS2 RPG title. Teddie goes missing and so the Investigation Team decide to check up on the midnight channel where they see Teddie in what looks to be a pirate suit advertising a fighting program called the P-1 Grand Prix. Worried about Teddie, the Investigation Team arrive back at June's where they take a leap back into Mayonaka TV.

Gameplay wise Persona 4 Arena holds many similarities to its previous fighters such as Blazblue and Guilty Gear. The mechanics are practically the same, except for a couple new features added here and there. Veteran Guilty Gear players didn't like the "speed" in which Blazblue moved compared to Guilty Gear however Persona 4 Arena seems to have a good medium in speed between the games that make it enjoyable for the GG vets and newcomers alike.

Trophy-wise the game has a lot of the traditional Arc System Works tasks such as Tutorial Mode, Story Mode, Online matches and a couple tedious misc trophies which aren't all that difficult to unlock. Challenge mode has been given a bit of a difficulty boost, opposed to the previous Blazblue titles where we were tasked to complete a certain percentage of them we are now tasked with completing all of them and even though Persona 4 Arena is a bit watered down as a fighter the challenges still prove to be a bit challenging to new comers and regular players alike. The icing on the cake for the game will be Score Attack mode a mode that basically requires you to master each character and go through and defeat every character with enhancements such as infinite special gauges and significantly high attack / health boosts.

Region Lock Notice:
Due to business reasons between Atlus, AtlusUSA and ZenUnited the game has been region locked for each respective region to prevent the loss in sales for the companies of their region. Before purchasing a copy of the game make sure you obtain the appropriate region coded copy.

For those who want an overview of the trophy progress and have no need to review the new mechanics then feel free to skip this section and down to the Trophy Breakdown.

For those who have played Blazblue or Guilty Gear you'll find that a lot of the mechanics are more or less the same on paper however know we have a couple added mechanics added in. Use this as a good quick review to catch yourself up with the mechanics as well as educate yourself on whats new to come.

Burst Gauge

For those coming from Blazblue the way Burst works is much different then it was in Blazblue, however it will feel right at home for those familiar to Guilty Gear. Opposed to Blazblue's system where we are given a Burst per round and one more after losing a round we have a Burst Gauge that refills overtime after you use it. You can use the Burst Gauge for various other things such as Reversal Burst, One More Burst or MAX Burst which will be discussed in detail below. Also keep in mind that under the status ailment Silence or a Persona Break you cannot use your Burst.

Persona Gauge

The Persona Gauge replaced the Guard Primers that were in Blazblue, The Persona Gauge acts as a health gauge for your Persona and is represented through 4 stocks. You lose one stock if your Persona is hit or if you are hit while your Persona is out. Once all 4 run out you are put into a Persona Break status where you cannot do a variety of things such as:

  • Skills
  • SP Skills
  • Burst

Don't fret about fighting a hopeless battle though as the gauge does refill ever so slowly.

Skill Boost
Skill Boost is something new that Arc System Works has added to their fighters and is essentially the same as an EX mode from the Street Fighter or King of Fighters series. Each Skill can be used with a certain rotation and either / or / however with those Skills if you were to input both + or + it would result in an SB variant of that move, it will result in a faster and/or stronger variant of the Skill. When doing this your character will flash blue to show that you have used an SB Skill. Keep in mind that doing these does require 25 meter.

All other new features and mechanics will be laid out under their respective trophies as well within this guide

Fightstick Button Configurations

A lot of regular players of the fighting game genre own a fightstick now, if you are new to Persona 4 Arena and would like to know the proper button config for fightsticks please refer to the display below:

PS3 Controller Button Configuration

In this guide the buttons from the actual game will be used such as ///. You can use the example above to see which input each button is mapped to. If the picture is ever broken please refer to the button legend below:

: (Weak Attack)
: (Strong Attack)
: (Persona Weak)
: (Persona Strong)
: (Evasive Action)
: (Furious Action)
: One More Cancel:

Upmapped Buttons

Within the button configuration consider mapping the following inputs to certain buttons on your controller such as your bumpers to make certain easier then doing it on the face buttons alone (or with the odd default setting):

: Quick Escape, Mini Jump and Air Turn
: One More Cancel
: Reversal Burst, One More Burst and MAX Burst

Doing these on a controller would force you to move your hand in an awkward position therefore are recommended to make it easier to input.


Just like a majority of the traditional fighters there is really no set order of modes you must complete to ensure proper completion of the game. You can tackle whatever modes you want from the start, starting out though it would be recommended to follow the order below to help your understanding of the game better before hitting harder modes such as Challenge Mode or Score Attack.

Added to the traditional sets of modes we not have "Long Term" trophies which are trophies that can be unlocked through Arcade mode or Online mode only (which means you cannot use a second controller to unlock these), try to multitask knock these out as you go after other arcade or online related trophies:

Time for the All-Out Attack!
Die for Me!
One More!
Null Physical
Persona Breaker
You Should Leave Him Be...
Victory Cry

There are other misc. trophies that can be unlocked under these modes but are much easier and don't take as much time as the ones mentioned above, the other misc. trophies will be mentioned in another portion of the Roadmap below. Upon starting the game for the first time you will unlock the following trophy:

Tuned In

For this mode you must simply complete the various tutorial missions given to you to help you understand the various mechanics of Persona 4 Arena. Whether you are a regular player of Blazblue/Guilty Gear or a brand new player to fighting games this should always be recommended before anything else, during this step you will unlock the following trophy:

School's Out

For this mode your main concern will be completing it with all 13 characters of the game, while you are doing this it would be wise to work for any of Long Term Trophies that were mentioned within the initial breakdown of the Roadmap. For this you can also switch the difficulty to the lowest setting to run through it much faster, during this step you can unlock the following trophies:!
Belt Collector

What many Persona 4 fans are excited for us the story mode, upon starting Story mode you are only given a couple selectable characters whom you must complete first to unlock the rest of the cast. Unlike Blazblue's story mode you don't have to worry about making decisions of any sort that could alter what kind of ending you receive (except for the exception of 4 characters which will me discussed under the first story mode trophy), just play through it and be done. During this step you will unlock the following trophies:

The Kingpin
The Carnivore
The Captain
The Unconquerable
The Emperor
The Beast
The Detective
The Queen
The Boxer
The Angel
The President
The Elevator Attendant
The End of Everything

One of the two most daunting modes in the game, Score Attack! In previous Blazblue titles Score Attack was quite the challenge for newer players, regular players didn't have too much difficulty with it especially with exploitable strong grappler characters however now we are tasked with completing it with EVERY character. Even with exploitable gimmicks it will still be a nightmare to complete it with characters one if unfamiliar with and unlike the previous ArcSys Score Attacks we can't use a second controller to save ourselves mid match. During this step you will be unlocking the following trophies:

Halfway There
Tres Bien!
C'est Magnifique!

The second of the two most daunting modes in the game, Challenge Mode! For those who remember the previous challenges given to us from Blazblue: Continuum Shift and Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend Arc Sys Works loved to give us the most impractical challenges for each character deeming it one of the hardest challenge modes to complete by VesperArcade himself (a YouTube user who completes EVERY challenge mode in fighting games). Well now with the difficulty influence of Atlus we now have to complete all the challenges of the game however compared to Blazblue the challenges are much more doable. During this step you will be unlocking the following trophies:

I Mastered that One
I Learned a Few Moves
Combo Master
Combo Crazy

For this step you will have to complete a variety of online tasks such as play a certain amount of ranked/player matches as well as reach a certain Grade and Level within your online statistics. Though the ranking and statistics trophies seem tough you can actually obtaining it through boosting means. During this step you will be unlocking the following trophies:

They Call Me...
Replay Reviewer
Amazing, Sensei!
Speak with Your Fists!
Black Belt
Serious Gamer

To get trophies in ranked matches go into custom search and in the first selection there will be the option to look at a list of players. Search for your boosting partner here and increase each others Grade and Level for the respective trophies. If you need a boosting partner for any of these trophies please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Some of these trophies are easily achievable and should unlock while you are doing Arcade or Online Mode. If for some reason you missed any of these you can go back and unlock them now. During this step you will be unlocking the following trophies if you haven't already:

All-Out Attack to the MAX!
Calm Down.
Meat Dimension
Denied Pets
Mystery Food X
I am Thou...

Conclusion to Persona 4 Arena

Overall Persona 4 Arena is an amazing game, it holds mechanics that helps cater to the new players looking at the game because it has the Persona label on it as well as holds mechanics to keep the competitive feel of a fighting game within it (much like Marvel vs Capcom 3). Unlike the previous Arc System Works game, earning the Platinum to this game will be something to be very proud of.
[PST Would Like To Thank Setsuna for this Roadmap]

I am Thou...
You have mastered P4A. (5) 

After completing arguably the hardest fighting game Platinum to date, you will be rewarded with this wonderful trophy image of Izanagi, Yu Narukamis Persona.

You know the Midnight Channel?
Tuned In (1) 

You will automatically unlock this trophy upon starting up the game for the first time.

You completed Arcade Mode with one character. (1) 

Please refer to Belt Collector for more information.

Belt Collector
You completed Arcade Mode with all characters. (1) 

For this trophy you must clear arcade mode with all 13 characters of the P4A cast. Unlike the Blazblue titles, you can speed through this pretty easily. Before going into Arcade Mode make sure you have the following settings on in your options:


  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Time: 30 seconds
  • Rounds: 1

Now at the start of every match run up to the opponent and use your MAX Burst (++) which should then trigger the criteria for the Instant Kill attack that every character in cast has, now input + for the instant kill and if it hits it will end the round. Doing this can make each match less then 10-15 seconds each.

If the MAX Burst misses and you don't know how to play the respective character you can always resort to the pound combo by inputting multiple times until the opponent dies.

While you are knocking this trophy out you can also multitask and knock out the following misc trophies as well:

Time for the All-Out Attack!
Die for Me!
One More!
Null Physical
Persona Breaker
You Should Leave Him Be...
Victory Cry

Additional Bonus: After completing each characters Arcade Mode you will unlock their "Roll Call" voice, at the beginning of each round instead of the normal default male announcer you can change it to the characters voice actor (English or Japanese). After you have completed all of the characters arcade modes, Rises voice will be unlocked for Roll Call.

Halfway There
You completed Stage 6 in Score Attack. 

Please refer to C'est Magnifique! for more information.

Tres Bien!
You completed Score Attack Mode with one character. 

Please refer to C'est Magnifique! for more information.

C'est Magnifique!
You completed Score Attack Mode with all characters. (3) 

For this trophy you must complete Score Attack with EVERY character in cast. Unlike the Blazblue Score Attack modes, Persona 4 Arenas throw every character at you in some sort of upgraded form of themselves (similar to Unlimited characters in Blazblue) so essentially Score Attack is Unlimited Mars from Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend and unlike the previous Score Attacks we can no longer save ourselves with the aid of a second controller and there are no continues, the AI in Score Attack may not be that smart but even the smallest mistakes will ruin the entire run for you.

About the A.I of Score Attack:

As mentioned above the A.I difficulty is automatically set to one higher then the games highest difficulty settings within the options. A.I react too well against most offensive approaches so attacking recklessly is never a good idea, the A.I is also very random and holds no consistency so its hard to really "read" them so you're dealing with a random opponent who can read you like a book.

The A.I now actually utilizes BURST in the their system works titles, tech grabs and block overused moves however despite this you can still catch the A.I with various gimmicks once you've figured the tools of the the character you are using as well as put into consideration the tools your A.I opponent has.

Score Attack Order


  1. Yosuke
  2. Naoto
  3. Yukiko
  4. Teddie
  5. Kanji
  6. Chie
  7. Mitsuru
  8. Akihiko
  9. Aigis
  10. Yu
  11. Shadow Labrys
  12. Labrys
  13. Elizabeth

This will be the most difficult trophy in the game to obtain, for more information and tips in regards to this trophy please refer to the Score Attack Mode Guide / Help Thread.

General Score Attack Tips by SolitaryGenesis.

During Score Attack runs or before anyone starting out goes for it, here are some additional advice from my experience. I mentioned these many times in my guides, but worth putting up again.


  • Always keep eye on meter whenever you're facing against Unlimited Yosuke/Naoto/Chie/Mitsuru/Akihiko/Aigis/Yu. These characters will always spend up for SP-Skills whenever you block their combo or if they apporach you. Don't input anything and wait for them to react unless the character you are using has an invincible Furious Action to use. Against Unlimited Yukiko/Kanji/Akihiko/Yu/Labryses, whenever they reach Awakening, chances of them using up meter will increase depending on stage position, sometimes even whiffing out from afar. Take this chances to move for them offense after you evade them. If their meter is close to 50 during their combo, don't do anything and let them burn meter up giving you room for punish.
  • Pressing the button allows breathing space but also continuously inputting pause allows you to scout the opponent's next move and block accordingly. However, they are minor drawbacks when doing this, such as mistiming inputs on SP-skills after releasing pause as well an unexpected follow-up (shouldn't be a problem if you're scouting meter). Nevertheless, this is a helpful tip against some of the most cheapest AI patterns even against Unlimited Elizabeth.
  • Spend time against AI in Versus mode set at "Hell mode". While you can also set the AI in Training by raising their levels to 100, I find it more suited to experience actual combat in Versus, so whichever works. The AI in Score Attack is basically Hell mode but with added buffs. Some characters' patterns are the same in ordinary Hell mode, but others can be tricky or even broken to the point of a level above Hell. Still, take this chance to learn your character of choice against AI before going through Score Attack.
  • Always practice with the character in Training before going through Versus or Score Attack just to get familiar. All characters have more then enough tools to get through Score Attack beyond auto-combos. The best part is you DON'T need practical combos other than the ones listed in each guide. Auto-combos + recommended is all you'll need plus their own attributes but if one of these characters is your main, feel free to add your own combos to best Score Attack with.
  • Take every loss you received as experience, not grief and stress. Learn what you did wrong and what you can do to prevent a repeated mistake and try again.
  • In terms of trophy gathering, I strongly recommend getting all Online-related trophies and save Score Attack for last. This way you have experience with the game's mechanics and familiarity with the entire roster.

Additional Bonus: After completing this certain characters in Score Attack you can unlock Navigators such as Yosuke, Aigis, Fuuka and Nanako.

School's Out
You've aced all the tests. (1) 

For this trophy you must complete all of the lessons in Lesson Mode. This mode goes over everything from basic movement, blocking and normals to game mechanics such as One More Cancel and One More Burst. This is a great mode to start one off and get a feel for the game before actually playing. Here is a list of all the lessons for this mode:


  1. Walking
  2. Crouching
  3. Jumping
  4. Weak Attack
  5. Strong Attack
  6. Weak Persona
  7. Strong Persona
  8. Standing Block
  9. Crouching Block
  10. Air Block
  11. Dash
  12. Backstep
  13. High Jump
  14. Aerial Dash
  15. Air Recovery
  16. Ground Recovery
  17. Auto Combo
  18. P Combo
  19. All-Out Attack > Launch
  20. All-Out Attack > Blowback
  21. Sweep
  22. Furious Action
  23. Throw
  24. Air Throw
  25. Throw Escape
  26. Skills
  27. Skill Boost
  28. SP Skills
  29. Awakening
  30. Awakened SP Skills
  31. Reversal Burst
  32. Max Burst
  33. Evasive Action
  34. Hop
  35. Aerial Turn
  36. Persona Break
  37. Frozen State
  38. Ailment - Shock
  39. Ailment - Panic
  40. Negative Penalty
  41. Guard Cancel
  42. Instant Block
  43. Super Cancel
  44. One More Cancel
  45. One More Burst
  46. Instant Kill
The Kingpin
Yu's Story chapter has been told. 

For these trophies you must simply finish each characters story mode, there aren't a lot of alternate endings and you don't have to worry about getting 100% story completion for any other trophies. For each characters story mode you can press to Quick Skip and go straight to each respective battle. You can also set the game to the easiest difficulty to make the battles much much easier on yourself.

As far as alternate endings go only the following characters have them and will be triggered after selecting the certain decisions during their story:


  • Yukiko: "Maybe I should see if it's okay..." (Scene 8)
  • Chie: "Jump out in search for steak."" (Scene 7)
  • Kanji: "Man, dreams are amazing." (Scene 8)

Also keep in mind you won't unlock all the story completion trophies right away, you will be told to continue the story later for everyone until you have unlocked Labrys story. Once you clear her story the "cliffhangers" will be unlocked for every characters story and you can finish them for each of their respective trophies.

The Carnivore
Chie's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Charge Level
The Charge Level Gauge appears when you use Chies SP Skills Super Charge (+/). The Super Charge gives all of Chies moves a damage increase as well as Fatal Counter properties on all moves that are counter hit. The gauge will turn different colors after you deal a certain amount of damage, with each color change Chie does more damage then the previous level.


The Captain
Yosuke's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Sukukaja Gauge
The Sukukaja Gauge appears after using the Awakening SP Skill Sukukaja (+/) which will require you to be in Awakening State which happens once your health gauge goes below 35%. Under the Sukukaja state, Yosuke has a huge increase in speed and seems like he's teleporting now.


The Unconquerable
Yukiko's Story chapter has been told. (2) 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Fire Boost Level
The Fire Boost Level is on the screen at all times, the gauge increases by 1 every time you use her Fire Boost () Skill or increase by 2 when you use Fire Boost High (+) which takes up 25% Meter. Depending on the level Yukikos Fire Boost her fire based attacks do more damage.

Special Gauge: Fire Break Gauge
The Fire Break Gauge appears after using Yukiko's Fire Break () Skill. Yukiko has a red aura around her and makes the next fire based move used an unblockable move.

The Emperor
Kanji's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

The Beast
Teddie's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

The Detective
Naoto's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Fate Counter
In a match against Naoto, the Fate Counter is displayed under the opposing characters Health Gauge. At the start of every match the Fate Counter starts with 13 stock and decreases with certain moves by Naoto, once the counter reaches 0 a hit confirm from her SP Skills Hamaon () and Mudoon (). The fate counter will only decrease depending on the start move of your combo, anything inside of the combo will no factor into the opponents Fate Counter except for Anti-S SP Pistol Beta and Raid version. If you fail the instant kill the opponent that match while they are at 0 counters they will start the next round with 6 counters opposed to 13. Below are a list of moves and how much stock they take away from the Fate Counter:


  • : 2 Fate Counters
  • 5th Shot in Snipe (+/ > ///): 1 Fate Counter
  • Throw > : 2 Fate Counters
  • Counter Shot (Any button after + counter): 3 Fate Counters
  • Counter Shot EX ( and any button after + counter): 2 Fate Counters
  • Hair-Trigger Megido (+/)
  • Anti-S SP Pistol Beta (): 6 Fate Counters
  • Raid (): 1 Fate Counter Per Hit (up to 3)
The Queen
Mitsuru's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

The Boxer
Akihiko's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Cyclone Level


  • Based on the level of the gauge certain special moves will have increased damage and enhanced properties.
  • To increase the level of the gauge you must special cancel other special moves into each other mid combo.
  • After the combo the gauge will decrease by itself really fast.

Special Gauge: Charging Icon
This gauge is activated when Akihiko uses his Thunder First SP Skill (+). Any hit that Akihiko gets under this state will put the opponent in a Shock state. This gauge will be active until he is hit.

The Angel
Aigis' Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Gauge: Orgia Gauge
The Orgia Gauge represents how much "fuel" you have using Aigis's various Mode Chnages and Boosts. The more active you are in Origia Mode the more the gauge will steadily decrease. If you use it too much the gauge will overheat causing a longer reload time. Outside of Origia Mode the gauge will replenish on its own.

Special Gauge: Bullet Counter
At the start of each round Aigis has 120 bullets, these bullets can be used in various normals and specials that has such as , 7th Gen Gatling Blast (+ or ) and 7th Gen Vulcan Cannon (+ or ). Her bullets cannot replenish mid match but will refill automatically at the start of each round.

Trained in Seclusion
You spent 30 minutes in Training in one sitting. Now take it to the streets! (4) 

For this trophy you must spend 30 minutes actively in Training Mode. The game will not register any of the time spent in training mode unless you are moving and inputting buttons. With the aid of a turbo controller (or a rubber band setup) you can make this possible without having to do any work however with trophies such as the following it would be advised to make use of what training mode has to offer:

Black Belt
Serious Gamer
C'est Magnifique!

Practising for Score Attack will be very important if you ever hope to complete it as well earning a Grade C in the games competitive online mode.

I Mastered that One
You have completed all of one character's Challenges! 

While you already have to complete every challenge for Combo Crazy if you are looking to earn this trophy right away the characters with the easiest challenges are Shadow Labrys, Akihiko and Labrys. Please refer to the Persona 4: Arena Challenge Mode Guide and Help Thread for more details on how to complete their challenges.

Additional Bonus: After completing at least one characters challenges you will unlock the Mitsuru Navigator.

I Learned a Few Moves
You have completed 150 Challenges. 

Please refer to Combo Crazy for more information.

Combo Master
You have completed 300 Challenges. 

Please refer to Combo Crazy for more information.

Combo Crazy
You have completed all the Challenges! Funky Student would be proud. (3) 

For this trophy you must complete every challenge in the game, while in the previous ArcSys fighter (Blazblue) the challenges were pretty intimidating however they have been pretty watered down in Persona 4 Arena, the challenges are quite doable with some trail and error. There are a total of 390 challenges, 30 for each character. Here is a quick breakdown of each challenge:


  • 1-10: These are basic normals and special moves, if you can do a Shoryuken motion then you should be able to complete all of these.
  • 11: These are Auto Combos which are done simply by mashing
  • 12-20: Intermediate Combos, they're all short easy BnBs which is also a good base to take example from when you want to learn that particular character.
  • 21-29: These are comprised of both impractical combos and high level combos that may seem familiar to many players who were following the Japanese tech since Day 1.
  • 30 Expert Challenges: These challenges do not have a demonstration preview, it gives you requirements such as "Perform a 10,000 Damage Combo" or gives you a list of supers that you must chain together in the same combo. These challenges are meant to be puzzles for us to solve, once figured out they don't appear as hard as one would think. (Demos for these challenges unlock after you finish it however if you are connected to PSN you can download the "Challenge No. 30 Demonstration" for free so you can preview it for every character



Helpful Features


  • When perform the combo the game will highlight the part you messed up on in purple, you can use this as a mental note of where you're messing up and could possibly be practising on.
  • Always remember the Demonstration with feature which allows you to preview the combo before doing it

General Tips


  • When you are having trouble with longer combos trying doing them in smaller portions first opposed to taking in the whole combo all at once.
  • You can press in between moves if you need to, though it is not needed or recommended for a majority of the combos (if not all)
  • You can push your opponent to the corner if you wish to to avoid any problems you have with combos involving jump cancelling.
  • Remember with All Out Attacks you must mashing out and/or a total of 16 inputs, you can even press both at the same time for two inputs. To get the proper follow up make sure you mash at least that amount during the All Out Attack animation.

Fightstick Question
This seems to be a frequently asked question during each game release and so I will answer it here. Purchasing a Fightstick will not make the challenges any easier. To most players, a Fightstick is much more comfortable, universal and built for fighting games however switching from a controller that your hands are used to to a fightstick is a big change and even after a month of practice your hands still may not execute moves as well as they did on the pad and this process won't happen overnight or even after a couple months unless you really grind out training with the fightstick. In short don't waste $150 on a fightstick unless you really want to invest in for future use, spending the money simply for these challenges is not worth it and doesn't change anything.

For more information in regards to this trophy please refer to the Persona 4: Arena Challenge Mode Guide & Help Thread.

Amazing, Sensei!
You've earned your first online victory! You've bear-ly scratched the surface. (1) 

This trophy should happen naturally on your way to earning Black Belt.

You have completed 100 online matches, win or lose. No bear puns here. Congrats. 

For this trophy you must play a total of 100 online matches, ranked or player matches, win or lose. Once you have completed the amount you need you will unlock this trophy.

This will probably unlock on your way to earning Black Belt or Serious Gamer. If you want to grind this out you can do so with a friend online through player matches. You can set the round to best of 1 rounds under a 30 second time limit.

If you need to find a boosting partner please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Speak with Your Fists!
You've battled against every character in online matches. You're a grizzly'd warrior now! 

For this trophy you must battle against all 13 members character in the cast of Persona 4 Arena in online ranked or player matches. If you have played your 100 matches for Veteran and already finished your Black Belt and Serious Gamer trophies but have yet to earn this you can boost it in a player match with a friend of a member of the site through the Trophy Boosting Thread. Here is a list of the 13 characters of Persona 4 Arena:


  1. Yu Narukami
  2. Yosuke Hanamura
  3. Chie Satonaka
  4. Yukiko Amagi
  5. Kanji Tatsumi
  6. Teddie
  7. Naoto Shirogane
  8. Aigis
  9. Akihiko Sanada
  10. Mitsuru Kirijo
  11. Elizabeth
  12. Labrys
  13. Shadow Labrys
They Call Me...
You've created a Title for your online matches. (2) 

When you enter the network mode menu you will see "Player Title" on the last selection. In this option you will have the option to edit three "phrases" which will make up your online title that can be displayed by all your opponents in online matches. You can also click the "Auto Edit" to give you randomly selected title as well for your trophy.

Black Belt
You have reached Grade C in Ranked Matches. (1) 

For this trophy you must reach a Grade C in Online Ranked. You start off with a Grade F- and you must work your way up by consistently winning matches, unlike the level system for Serious Gamer if you lose matches your points won't decrease as much as they increase. Thankfully though this trophy can be boosted if you don't want to actually work for the trophy.

Please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread if you are looking for a boosting partner.

Serious Gamer
You have reached Level 30 by playing online matches! (4) 

For this trophy you must reach Level 30 on your online Player Card with at least one character. After each match you will earn points depending on the following factors:


  • PSR
  • Basic Win/Loss Points
  • First Attack
  • No Bursts
  • SP Skill Finish
  • Instant Kill Finish
  • Perfect Victory
  • Straight Victory
  • Perfect Match

Playing in a player match will give you less points then if you were to play in ranked. You can never lose points you can only go up, but if you want to increase at a significantly fast rate you need to win more than you lose matches. You must earn 4.25 million points to make it to level 30. You can easily boost this trophy quickly along while you are doing Black Belt and Veteran.

If for some reason your trophy doesn't unlock after reaching level 30 you may have to just keep playing until it unlocks, some have unlocked after facing another player of equal or higher rank, some have unlocked it by winning or losing there next match.

Replay Reviewer
You watched a Replay in the Theater. Are you as good as you remember? (1) 

For this trophy you must simply start a replay in "Theater mode". To obtain a replay you can either play a match online and save the replay of that match or save one from the "Rankings" and watch that.

You have used all the characters in Arcade Mode or Online. Variety is good for you! (1) 

This trophy will unlock naturally as you clear out each characters Arcade mode for Belt Collector.

You performed 100 Auto Combos in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform an accumulative of 100 Auto Combos in Arcade or online. To get progress for this trophy you must perform the full auto combo by hitting 3 times for your easy combo, if you have 50 SP meter you can continue to press to finish it with an SP Skill.


You performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform an accumulative of 100 Furious Actions in Arcade or online. Furious Actions are universal Dragon Punch (Shoryuken-esque) attacks that every character have. You can perform any character Furious Action by inputting +. Every time you use a Furious Action it does a chip of health to your HP gauge however because its blue health it can heal back up in time so long as you aren't hit.


Time for the All-Out Attack!
You performed 100 All-Out Attacks in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform an accumulative 100 All-Out Attacks in Arcade Mode or online. To perform an All-Out Attack you must press + at the same time. This move is an overhead attack so the opponent must be guarding high to block it. It also holds a guard point property to absorb incoming attacks. Each of these that you initiate will count towards the trophy. You do not have to do the follow up for it to count.

All-Out Attack to the MAX!
You finished an All-Out Attack with a Fatal Counter in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

After initially starting up the All-Out Attack, you go through the All-Out Rush and All-Out Finish. During the All-Out Rush you can rapidly hit and to increase the damage and hits from this sequence afterwards you can press or to go into the All-Out Finish. If you press it will knock your opponent in the air where you can finish it with an air combo ender of some sort. If you press it will knock your opponent away from you into the corner, if you got 15 hits from the mashing sequence and initiate the follow up with the 16th hit from the All-Out Rush this will force a Fatal Counter and unlock this trophy.

Remember to keep an eye on your hit count to know when to do the follow up for this trophy and consistently for easy progress towards Die for Me!.

Die for Me!
You performed 30 Fatal Counters in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

To perform a Fatal Counter you must hit the opposing character on counter.. Hit with a move from your character that has Fatal Counter properties. Within each characters moveset, in the cast, is always a move that has the Fatal Counter properties and they all differ and vary between the character, however there is a list of easy ways of getting Fatal Counters.

Refer to All-Out Attack to the MAX! for more information in regards to an easy Fatal Counter.

A VERY easy way to grind out Fatal Counters with with the status aliment fear which makes all hits (not even counter hits) a Fatal Counter. You can inflict this ailment with Elizabeth very easily by throwing the opponent (+) and then poking them with Elizabeth's normals.

Labrys has a special gauge known as the Axe Gauge which represents the status of her Axe, the higher the level of her Axe the more damage she does but at last level which is represented with the color red all her counter hits become fatal counters so unlike Chie, you do not have any time restraints. However, the Axe Gauge does decrease on its own if Labrys stays idle (she must always be swinging her Axe in some way to maintain its higher levels). An Easy way to increase her Axe Level is to just perform her Auto Combo (repeatedly hit ).

One More!
You performed 20 One More Bursts in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform 20 One More Bursts (cumulatively) between Arcade Mode and online. Do not confuse One More Burst with One More Cancel as they hold different effects and properties.


A One More Cancel (++) cancels attacks during its attack animation where as One More Burst (++) will blow the opponent up into the air allowing you to continue your combo. Keep in mind though the One More Burst does require you to have a full Burst Gauge to use it.

Null Physical
You performed 50 Instant Blocks in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

For this trophy you must perform 50 Instant Blocks in Arcade Mode or online. To perform an Instant Block you must block an incoming attack as its about to hit you, if you perform a successful Instant Block your character will flash white. The benefit in Instant Blocking is that it reduces the block stun on the attack you blocked giving more frame advantage against attacks that are normally safe on block otherwise.

Doing this alone in Arcade mode might be a bit difficult unless you're an experienced player and even then the A.I is too random to read correctly, boosting this online would be heavily recommended if it is possible.

Character Choices to Grind Instant Blocks
Boosting this online; you can have your boosting partner either choose Labrys who has very slow startup normals which you can grind Instant Blocks out of or mash the the down back position against Naoto or Aegis's projectile skills such as Naotos Aim Stance into Snipe (/ > //) or Aegis's Type-7 Blast Gatling (/). Finally you can do the same against Akihikos Kill Rush (/) as you would projectiles by spamming the down back position to block.!
Have you burned your dread? Or reached out to the truth? (1) 

This trophy unlocks when you enter awakening for the first time.

Awakening is Persona 4 Arenas "comeback" mechanic, it seems a lot of newer fighters are implementing their own mechanic to help players come back from a losing situation. Awakening activates when your character is at 35% health and is returned to a neutral position meaning once you are able to move yourself again (there are ways to skill off a character before they hit Awakening). When a character Awakening activates a portrait will flash in the middle of the screen zooming in on the characters eyes, the character will do take on the following effects:


  • SP Gauge maximum amount and remaining amount will increase by 50
  • Increased Defense
  • Awakening SP Skill will become available


Persona Breaker
You created 10 Persona Breaks in Arcade Mode or online. (1) 

In the game players have what is known as their Persona Gauge which represents their Personas health in the form of 4 card shaped icons. A stock of the Persona Gauge can be emptied by hitting either the character or the Persona while the Persona is still on the screen from a Persona attack, once hit the card will gray out on the gauge. Once the Persona Gauge runs out of stock from repeated hits it will cause a which is make make players unable to use Persona Normals, Skills, SP Skills and Bursts.

While going for Belt Collector you can probably obtain this alone so long as you react to Persona attacks regularly in a majority of your fights however if the A.I doesn't seem to cooperate you can ask for the assistance of another person through the Trophy Boosting Thread.


Calm Down.
You suffered a Persona Break in Arcade Mode or online. It happens to everybody... 

Playing in arcade mode this may be a difficult task alone as you cannot control or predict the reactions of an A.I opponent. Set the difficulty to its highest settings and just continuing use Persona Attacks until the A.I breaks reacts and hits you or your Persona enough to break them. Alternatively you can also ask for the assistance of another person through the Trophy Boosting Thread.

You Should Leave Him Be...
You were afflicted with every ailment in Arcade Mode or online. Not even Mr. Edogawa can help you. 

For this trophy you must get afflicted with every ailment status in the game. When facing certain characters in the game some of them have moves that can put you under a bad status ailment. Here is a list of all the bad status ailments in the game:


  • Poison
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Silence
  • Enraged
  • Shock
  • Charmed


(In order of the list, a visual example of how each status ailment looks)

While a lot of characters can inflict these various ailments you don't want to run down the list trying to figure out who can inflict which one and waste unneeded time. Below is a quick run through of the characters you can fight against to inflict yourself with the ailments.

Meat Dimension
You defeated an opponent in Arcade Mode or online before he Awakened! Now, that's a real challenge! (1) 

For this trophy you must defeat an opponent in arcade or online without triggering his Awakening, to do this you must use a super move or combo that will kill them for more then 35% health and kill them without the Awakening triggering.

You can easily do this in Arcade Mode while going for BAM!, using the MAX Burst to get full SP meter you can land a Instant Kill at the beginning of the round and kill your opponent way before triggering the Awakening.

Victory Cry
You won 30 Rounds in Arcade Mode or Online by using SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills. 

For this trophy you must finish 30 rounds by finishing off the opposing character with an SP Skill or an Awakened SP Skill, both of which require 50 SP Meter to use any of them. SP Skills are usable at any time so long as you have 50 SP meter, Awakened SP Skills however require you to enter an Awakened state first which happens after your HP Gauge has been reduced to 35% or less and returns to a standing position on the screen. The input for every characters SP Skills are generally the same, here is an example using Yu Narukamis SP Skills are an example:


  • Ziodyne:/
  • Cross Slash:/

Also keep in mind that if you have 50% SP meter if you use a full Auto Combo which is done by repeatedly hitting it will end in that character SP Skill which will also count towards this trophy.


(This is an example of Yu Narukami's Cross Slash)

You used every character's Instant Kill move in Arcade Mode or online! (1) 

For this trophy you must use every characters Instant Kill move in arcade mode or online (cumulatively), the input for every characters Instant Kill is +. To use a characters Instant Kill you must meet the following criteria:


  • 100 SP Gauge
  • Must be match point for you (if you win the round, you win the entire match)
  • Must be able to use your Persona, can't be in the Silence status effect or a Persona Break

Once you meet this criteria the character portrait on the top HUD will start flashing indicating that you can use the Instant Kill attack.


A fast easy way to build the 100 SP meter is to use a MAX Burst which is done by hitting ++ simultaneously , if the yellow shockwave from the MAX Burst hits your opponent and pushes them back it will fill your SP meter to max.

Special Notes:

Elizabeth's Instant Kill is a counter attack and your opponent must do 3 attacks during the counter animation against Elizabeth. You can increase the difficulty in Arcade Mode to influence the A.I to attack you more however if you still find trophy with this you can find a partner through the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Shadow Labrys must input + twice (one for the activation and then again as a command grab for the Instant Kill)

Aigis must input hers in the air, the initial bullets she shoots after the input must hit in order for the Instant Kill to initiate.

Credit to TheGameTagerZ for the video.

You had a perfect victory in Arcade Mode or online. 

For this trophy you win a round without taking any damage to your characters HP Gauge in arcade mode or online. When you have successfully won the round meeting this criteria it will state the character victory and then a Perfect victory for that round as well as pop your trophy.


You'll have many chances to earn this while grinding out Belt Collector so long as you reduce the difficulty to its lowest setting. If for some reason you're having trouble doing this trophy offline you can also asking for the assistance of another person through the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Secret Trophies
The President
Labrys' Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information. This will be the first story mode related trophy you unlock.

Special Icon: Axe Icon
Labrys special icon, the Axe Icon, changes in color depending on how often you swing her axe. The higher the color the more damage and hit-stun your normals and specials will do. The colors go in order like this:


  1. Gray
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Red

The gauge will always pull itself towards the middle (green) so from gray it can only go up and from red it will go down despite whatever you are doing. The level of your icon will go down if you get hit by your opponent. Under the Red axe her moves have Fatal Counter properties. The level of her axe carries over at the end of each round.

The Elevator Attendant
Elizabeth's Story chapter has been told. 

Please refer to The Kingpin for more information.

Special Icon: Invigorate
This is an icon that stays active at all times, with this icon she will constantly gain SP meter no matter what she is doing. If Elizabeth uses SP at all during a combo she will go through a "cooldown" and not gain anymore SP for the duration of the combo.

The End of Everything
You have seen all the Story endings. (2) 

For this trophy you must basically complete the story mode to every character in the cast, once you have unlocked the following trophies this one should unlock with the last one:

The Kingpin
The Carnivore
The Captain
The Unconquerable
The Emperor
The Beast
The Detective
The Queen
The Boxer
The Angel
The President
The Elevator Attendant


Mystery Food X
Mystery Food X is yours! (1) 

To earn this trophy you must use be using Teddie in arcade mode or in an online match (you can fight against him too). Mystery Food X is one of Teddies line of items that appear with either or . The item is the 12/13 drop from his list of items and will cause poison to the one who picks it up. After picking it up the trophy will unlock.


Here is a list of Teddies item order so you know when to expect it if you were to fight against him at any point in time:


  1. MF-06S Brahman
  2. Dr Salt NEO
  3. Dry Ice
  4. Smart Bomb
  5. Oil Drum
  6. Vanish Ball
  7. Firecracker
  8. Ball Lightning
  9. Muscle Drink
  10. Pinwheel
  11. Heavy-Armor Agna
  12. Mystery Food X
  13. Amagiya Bucket
Denied Pets
You lost in Arcade Mode or online before you Awakened... That's sad. Here's a consolation prize. (4) 

This trophy is the same as Meat Dimension, however you must be on the receiving end of it. Trying to earn this trophy on your own against even Hell Difficulty A.I might be frustrating as you can never tell when they'll do anything to significantly damage you and kill you off before you hit awakening. If you were to try this by yourself using Elizabeth against an A.I Kanji would be your best bet and hope he uses his Awakening Super Burn To A Criisp!! command grab, it does 4321 unscaled damage, against Elizabeth mere 7500 you can probably get yourself killed off easy before you hit awakening at around 50% health.

Besides this method it would be highly recommended to just boost things with a friend in a player match, have it set to 1 round to win and have your opponent use MAX Burst and then his Instant Kill for your quick trophy. If you need to find someone to boost this with please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

Game Info
Arc System Works


US August 07, 2012
Europe May 10, 2013
Japan July 26, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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