Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One Trophy Guide
Guide By: mcnichoj
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.8/10
-Offline: 12 (1, 4, 7)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One
-Number of missable trophies: Almost all of them – details below
-Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: None


Welcome to Penny Arcade Adventures – Episode 1, the first in what was supposed to be a four-part series, but never made it past two. It is based on the webcomic by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, one of the most popular and longest running currently online, having been launched in 1998.

Since the best way to 100% this game is to do everything in a single playthrough, the steps in this roadmap outline the important things you must do at each stage of the game. If you miss anything, you'll have to do another playthrough. It's an okay game, but personally I think once is enough, so I suggest doing it right the first time.

Step 1: Save After Every Battle

The Immortal trophy is awarded for completing the game without dying. So after each battle you win in which none of your characters die, save your game. If any of your characters die in a battle, quit and reload your save and try the battle again.

Step 2: Get the Tutorial Trophies

At the very beginning of the game you will be in a tutorial level. Early on you will get the cat support character (Thomas Kemper, which gives you the Stray Cat trophy). After that you will have a few battles. In these battles you cannot die – you will automatically be healed (since it's a tutorial). Thus, they are perfect for getting Nine Lives and Pacifist.

For Nine Lives, use Thomas Kemper's 1 HP attack over and over again until he kills an enemy. It may take up to 10 minutes so just be patient. For Pacifist, win a battle using only counterattacks.

Step 3: Play Through the Game and Do Everything

At this point just play through the game as normal, and make sure to do the following:

Collect all Concept Art and Music Records
Kill every enemy you can find
Collect all bolts
Upgrade your characters to level 15
Use every item at least once in the game (during a battle)
Do a team-up attack with all three party members at once
Reload your save if you die in battle

This will net you four trophies over the course of the game. See the trophy guide for info on collectibles. For enemies and bolts, make sure you look EVERYWHERE – some are tricky to find and are inside objects like boxes and trash cans.

Remember to save after every successful non-death battle!

Step 4: Beat the Final Boss without Healing or Dying

Before you fight the final boss, make sure you have completed everything in Step 3. This is the point of no return, so don't continue until you are sure. Before fighting the boss you should have all the trophies except for:

Pack Rat
A Winner Is You
Silent, But Deadly
Clean Sweep

If you beat the final boss without healing or dying, you will get all five at once. If you're trying to do that, quit and reload your save if any of your characters happen to die. Doing both at the same time is possible – you just need to be able to block well.

Check the trophy guide by mcnichoj here for final boss tips:

Also Antegia made a good guide for Silent, But Deadly:

If you want to beat the final boss without healing, then do it a second time without dying, you will need to make a copy of your save to an external HDD/USB Flash. Once you beat the game, you normal save file will be overwritten and you cannot reload to just before the boss to try it again. So you'll need an external copy that you can copy back. Thanks to chucknorris078 for this tip.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Vyrastas for this Road Map] 

Stray Cat
Earn a support character. 

This is a story based trophy. You will get this at the start of the game.

All Together Now
Do a Team-Up attack involving all three party members. 

A tutorial will prompt you to do this. Just wait for all three characters bars to fill up for the triple attack and use it.

A Winner Is You
Successfully complete the first episode. 

Beat the game. The whole game is the first episode.

Nine Lives
Kill an enemy using the feline support character Thomas Kemper. 

Get an enemy down to 1hp then use Thomas Kempers attack.

Pack Rat
Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game. 

This includes:
12x Concept Art
5x Music Records (1 that unlocks after completing the game)

  • Concept Art 1 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - In your neighbours mailbox.
  • Concept Art 2 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - Mailbox on the opposite side of the road to 1205.
  • Concept Art 3 Location - Desperation Street - The Orange Tree - Mailbox in front of 1121 Desperation St.
  • Concept Art 4 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - The photo above the window.
  • Concept Art 5 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - The bed side lamp.
  • Concept Art 6 Location - Hobo Alley - Cheswick & Grove - The wanted poser on Witch-B-Gone.
  • Concept Art 7 Location - Hobo Alley - West Chesnut Park - Rubbish Pile (Behind three animate trash enemies from the trash collector mission).
  • Concept Art 8 Location - Hobo Alley - Grove Bend - Poster on the pub's window.
  • Concept Art 9 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole - Picture next to the entrance.
  • Concept Art 10 Location - Pelican Bay - Tollbooth - Ice cream sign just north of flying pricks darts mini-game.
  • Concept Art 11 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - Red Poster to the left of where the floor is striped red and black.
  • Concept Art 12 Location - Pelican Bay - Permonade - The Heavy Anchor in the middle.
  • Music Record 1 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - Unlocks When you first approach T.Kemper.
  • Music Record 2 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole - Meat Grinder in the robot room.
  • Music Record 3 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - Behind Anne-Claire on the shelf.
  • Music Record 4 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - Unlocks when you've solved the "Entertain Us" fortune (The second fortune in the Mistress Mysterious Case).
  • Music Record 5 Location - Unlocks when you complete the game.
Steel Devils
Find and destroy all the robots in the game. 

To check to see if you have missed any robots, check the map to see if you are missing any weapon parts from any of the levels/zones. Once you have got all weapon parts from each level/zone you will unlock this trophy.

Win one battle using only counterattacks. 

Do not use any attacking moves during a battle. Just keep blocking the attacks. If you time the block perfectly you will perform a counterattack.
You could also use distraction items such as Oranges or Mime Traps to win the fight.

Silent, But Deadly
Beat the final Boss without healing. 

Make sure you block as many of the attacks as you can to reduce the amount of damage you take during the fight.

How to kill Silent God without using HEALTH items.

Fill up your HOT TODDYs (8x320 damage), EXPLOSIVE CLOWN NOSEs (4x160 damage) and DYNAMITEs (2x1260 damage). You'll need one final ingredient; all 5 DOUBLE MILD WEAK SAUCEs to reduce his attacks to almost nothing.
You'll also need some (or all) of your Support Characters ready to keep the battle flowing. (This is not vital as they will charge-up during the battle.)

  • Use up ALL of your explosive items. This will bring him down to around 38500HP.
  • His first move is always INCREASE ATTACK, so use your first DMWS to reduce it. (He doesn't seem to ever do INCREASE ATTACK again for some reason.) Make sure you use the item AFTER he has done the INCREASE ATTACK, otherwise your DMWS will be canceled out.
  • Attack with normal attacks, remembering to keep an eye on the PINK status icon above his strength bar and blocking any attacks he squeezes in. (Each attack will do around 600 damage.)
  • (I tried using 3x Team-Up move, which does 3500+ damage to him, but you need to be good with your blocking as you'll be waiting ages between attacks.)
  • When you see the PINK status icon disappear from his strength bar, just get one of your party to use another DMWS to decrease his attacks.
  • At about 38000HP he falls to his waist and at 24000HP he's down to just his head! This is where the FUN begins. (You should still have over 300HP for every character. If not, don't worry. You can lose a character and still get the trophy.)
  • From 24000HP onwards, you need to be good with your BLOCK when he charges you. The timing is pretty precise; he will lift a tentacle, then just as you see it move down, hit a TRIGGER button to COUNTER-ATTACK. You'll probably be down to your last DMWS and once it goes, your timing is crucial. (You cannot COUNTER-ATTACK his other move, you can only block it.)
  • Keep pummelling and COUNTER-ATTACKing away until he's finally defeated! (Give yourself a pat on the back!)

The real trick to this strategy is to try and keep the battle flowing as much as possible. If you're attacking him, he can't attack you! (The same applies to all enemies in the game.) So try to join the Support attacks with your Normal ones to minimise his opportunities.
It took me three attempts to get the trophy and at the end Tycho still had 300+HP, the other two had 400+HP.

Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat. 

This trophy is easier than it sounds because you can save before every battle. If one of your characters dies during combat, just reload your save game and try again.

Fight 'Em With Items
Use every combat item at least once in the game. 

Use all the combat items in the game (The second row, going from left to right).

Level Awesome
Get all party members to Level 15. 

Get all three characters to level 15. You will get this during the course of the game and while trying to get "Clean Sweep."

Clean Sweep
Kill all enemies in Episode 1. 

The enemies are easy to spot in the panels; just make sure you don't skip any fights and you kill all of them.

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Hothead Games


US October 23, 2008
Europe October 23, 2008

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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