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MotorStorm RC (PS3) Trophy Guide
Guide By: Linkinito
There are 32 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Difficulty: 6/10
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-25 hours, depending on skills
Offline Trophies: 22 (7 , 7 , 7 , 1 )
Online Trophies: 2 (1 , 1 )
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 1
Do Cheats Effect Trophies?: No.
Do Difficulty Effect Trophies?: No difficulty levels.
Missable Trophies: None, as you can earn trophies at anytime.

MotorStorm RC is kinda a "Micro Machines" version of the popular racing series MotorStorm. This is the first game on the series to appear on the PlayStation Vita, but it’s also available on PS3. Buying one version will net you the other for free, and best of all, the lists are stackable, so you can earn two platinums on the same game, if you have a PS3 and a Vita. And if you earn a trophy on PS3, it will also unlock on PSVita, and it also works both ways. Thanks to HC_ja_Niina for pointing this out.

The game is short, but challenging: to make a comparison, the difficulty is just between Apocalypse and Pacific Rift. There are 24 trophies to collect in the game: 8 bronze, 8 silver, 7 gold, and 1 platinum, for a total of 1170 trophy points.

As the PS3 and PSVita versions are the same, this guide applies to both versions.

Road Map

Step 1: Online

I advise to do these trophies first (or as soon as you can), because at this time, you can do them alone without much effort with a secondary account. First of all, with your primary account, do the first race and make a dull time. Then, with the secondary account, make a slightly better time, and challenge your primary account by sharing your time on PSN. Then, come back with the primary account, accept the challenge from your secondary account, and make a better time. You’ll obtain Ghost Busted after that, and if you redo the challenge from your secondary account 10 times, you’ll get Wall Brawl. You can do it at the very end, but beating your best times will be tricky.

Step 2: Getting all 192 medals

After completing the tutorial, just start away with your first event. There are four kinds of events: races, hot laps, pursuit, and drift. As long as you progress through a series of events, the RC cars will be faster and faster. There are 64 events on four different locations, each one based from previous MotorStorm games: Monument Valley, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge, and Apocalypse. You can obtain medals by being on the podium at each event: one medal for bronze, two for silver, and three for gold. Obviously, we’ll try to get three medals in every event.

You’ll obtain The Triple after winning your first event. Also, try to get As Good As New in your very first race, as it will be quite easy. Then, after 8 wins, you’ll obtain Round the Clock. Storm Chaser will follow quickly if you complete an event at each location. Then, Seasoned Racer will be obtained after 16 wins, and Playground Bully after 20 wins (as you need 60 medals to unlock everything in the Playground). Then, you’ll get Eye of the Storm after 32 wins: you will be halfway there. Then, after winning 144 medals (48 wins), new events will unlock, along with a new car class and a trophy: Supercharged. You’ll also surely get Let it Slide during a Drift event, as reaching 2000 points in a single drift is quite mandatory to get all 3 medals.

This car is the fastest in the game, and every event unlocked will be a Hot Lap. Getting 3 medals in “Wiped Out” will award you Wiped Out. Then, after winning your last race, you’ll get Silver Standard and Re-Scaling New Heights.

Now, go quickly in the vehicles menu, to change the livery of one car in each category, to obtain Custom Collection.

Step 3: Playground trophies

You can earn three trophies in the playground. First of all, as everything is unlocked, just ride away to find all 8 vehicles, to get Playful. Then, you’re going to get the two hidden trophies: score 10 goals with footballs (just shoot in the empty cage) and 10 points with basketballs (just go through the hoop from below) to unlock two secret cars, which will give you Rare Reward. Then, go at the second basketball hoop (where there’s a ramp and a gap), and score a point into it to get Swish (if you don’t unlock it right away, go directly at the first hoop and score a point).

Step 4: The 40 minutes

Now it’s going to get tricky. In order to get the five remaining gold trophies, you’ll need to have a cumulative time of 40 minutes on all the events. By getting your medals, you’ll probably get some of these: Monument Valley Champion, Pacific Rift Champion, Arctic Edge Champion, and Apocalypse Champion. With some luck, you may have them all after getting all the medals. However, if we add the times for each trophy, we’re at 42 minutes. So you’ll need to shave 2 more minutes across all the events to obtain the final trophy, RC Champion. To do so, just check the leaderboards and see where you can save a huge amount of time, mostly in races and pursuits. Hot laps won’t be really useful as you’d gain at most one second each, where a race can make you gain several precious seconds. You can check your progression anytime in the main menu. And if you kept this for the last, you’ll get the platinum, Lunatics Unite.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Linkinito for this Road Map]

Lunatics Unite
Obtain every other trophy in the game. (2) 

If you read this guide, it’s surely because you want it. To get it, it’s self-explanatory, you must get every trophy in the game. As always, DLC trophies are not required for the platinum.

The Triple
Win all 3 medals on any Festival event. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Storm Chaser
Complete a Festival event in each of the 4 MotorStorm locations. 

Self-explanatory. You need to complete any event in each of the 4 MotorStorm locations: Monument Valley, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge, and Apocalypse. You don’t need to win or be on the podium, but to obtain the platinum, you’ll need to win them all.

Round the Clock
Earn 24 medals within the Festival. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Seasoned Racer
Earn 48 medals within the Festival. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Playground Bully
Unlock all 4 areas of the Playground. 

The playground is composed of four areas: a dirt track, a skate park, a soccer field and a basketball field. To unlock all four, you’ll need to win 60 medals, so on your way to obtain Re-Scaling New Heights this trophy will unlock.

Ghost Busted
Beat a friend's ghost in a Race or Hot Lap event who currently sits above you in the leaderboards. 

See Wall Brawl.

Custom Collection
Customise each of the 8 vehicle classes within your Collection. 

This trophy can be obtained when you’ll have obtain enough liveries for all your cars, but I advise to do it after you got all the medals, as you’ll have plenty of liveries. To get this, just go into the Cars menu, then select a car on each category, change its livery with , then confirm with . Then, change the car class, and do the same thing eight times.

As Good as New
Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Festival Race event without colliding into a competitor or barrier. 

This trophy is also easy. At the very first race, just overtake everyone at the beginning, then take care to not collide into an opponent or a barrier. Just restart if you hit something. As the race is easy (you can even lap some opponents), you should do it without any trouble.

Wall Brawl
Beat 10 times after launching through the Pitwall. (10) 

Do this trophy as early as possible, as it avoids trouble getting it in the end. Because at the end, all your times will be hard to beat, and some times are even harder to beat in the Pitwall. To do it easily, here's a method involving two accounts:

- Do a bad time on any race with your primary account.
- With your secondary account (added as a friend), do the same race and make a slightly better time.
- Share your time on the PSN after the race, and send a challenge to your primary account.
- Then, with your primary account, accept the challenge, and beat it repeatedly. As long you don't delete the challenge message, it'll stay in the Pitwall, and beating it will increase the counter. This will also net you automatically Ghost Busted after the first time you have beaten the time.

On PSVita, however, you WILL need a friend to do this method, as you can't create secondary accounts (PSVita can be linked with only one PSN account). You can, also, do the trophy on PS3, and it will also unlock on PSVita if you have both versions as the progression is kept.

Credit goes to TRAXXAS58 for finding the method, and to LilMaggot for explaining it simply.

Let it Slide
Bank more than 2000 points in a single drift. 

This trophy will come naturally when trying to get 3 medals in a Drift event. To do so, you’ll need to get more than 2000 points in one drift. To bring some advice, try to take the curves as large as possible, so you can keep your speed and have a good angle, which will rack up points quickly. The trophy will pop seconds after the drift reaches 2000 points. You don’t need to finish the event or keeping the drift, just crossing 2000 points is enough.

Eye of the Storm
Earn 96 medals within the Festival. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Played with all 8 vehicles within the playground in one visit. 

This trophy can be obtained after getting Playground Bully and Supercharged. To get this, you’ll need to drive all around the Playground, to find all cars and drive them all by pressing when you're close to them. You can obtain this trophy after restarting the game, you'll be automatically in the playground. Here's the location of all cars:

- You start with the Racing Truck.
- Go to the right inside the skating pool, you'll find the Supermini.
- Go up the ramp, the Buggy is just after it.
- Go to the right again inside the basketball field, the Muscle Car is on the field.
- Go down, you'll find the Super Car between two benches.
- Return to the skate park, and go to the left, you'll find the Monster Truck near the halfpipe.
- Go inside the soccer field, the Big Rig is on the right half.
- Go to the left, and you'll find the Rally Car.
- Ding!

Unlock the Super Car. (3) 

To unlock the Super Car, which is the fastest car in the game, you’ll need to obtain one medal in every event (but if you are working towards Re-Scaling New Heights, you should have three medals everywhere). At this moment, you’ll receive a message, informing you that you’ve unlocked the Super Car, and 16 other Hot Lap events, which are mandatory to complete on your way for Re-Scaling New Heights.

Thanks to Suarez 16 for pointing that only one medal in every event is required for unlocking the Super Car.

Silver Standard
Earn a minimum of 2 medals across all of the 64 Festival events. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Wiped Out
Beat a time of 17 seconds on the event 'Wipe Out'. 

See Re-Scaling New Heights.

Re-Scaling New Heights
Earn all 3 medals on each of the Festival's 64 events. 

This will be one big part for the platinum. You’ll need to get 1st in every single event in the game: races, pursuits, drifts, and hot laps (including the Super Car ones). As you progress through the events, the cars will be faster and faster, and will become harder to handle. However, there’s nothing impossible. You can restart events very quickly, and some events will necessitate many restarts, especially hot laps. But practice makes perfect, and eventually, you’ll come to it after some time. It should take between 8 to 15 hours of playing, depending on your skills.

Along the way, you’ll obtain:
- The Triple after 1 win
- Round the Clock after 8 wins
- Seasoned Racer after 16 wins
- Playground Bully after 20 wins
- Eye of the Storm after 32 wins
- Supercharged after 48 wins
- Silver Standard after getting your 64th win, along with Re-Scaling New Heights.

One of the challenges will also give you Wiped Out as you need to beat 17 seconds on the 'Wipe Out' event to get three medals.

Monument Valley Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Monument Valley events. 

See RC Champion.

Pacific Rift Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Pacific Rift events. 

See RC Champion.

Arctic Edge Champion
Set a time of 12:00 or less across all Arctic Edge events. 

See RC Champion.

Apocalypse Champion
Set a time of 10:00 or less across all Apocalypse events. 

See RC Champion.

RC Champion
Set a time of 40:00 or less across the whole MotorStorm RC Festival. (6) 

Getting all medals was only a part of the challenge. Now, you’ll need to beat another opponent: the clock. In your way towards the medals, you may have obtained some of the Champion trophies ( Monument Valley Champion, Pacific Rift Champion, Arctic Edge Champion, Apocalypse Champion). However, if you add up the totals for each series of events, it makes 42 minutes. Which is 2 minutes above the objective for this trophy.

So, to make it simple, you’ll need to shave 30 seconds on each series to make it to 40 minutes. So 9:30 for Monument Valley, Pacific Rift and Apocalypse, and 11:30 for Arctic Edge. You can check your progress on the Events menu.

Shaving two minutes might be hard, but a good way to come down to 40 minutes is to check the leaderboards. If you see a significant gap between you and the leaders, it’s worth to take another shot at the race. Also, Races and Pursuits can make you save several seconds, as you won’t gain much on Hot Laps (like 1 second at most for each). You can also optimize your Drift events, but the main focus must be on Races and Pursuits, as they are much longer. You’ll probably gain second after second, but you’ll eventually make it. Just go through all the races, try to get a clean and fast driving, with good trajectories.

Now, here's my complete list of times that permitted me to achieve this trophy (did a 39:57 overall). Don't try to equal them all, it's just an indication for every event. You can do better on some events, and worse on some. The important thing is that you get below 40 minutes overall. This can be useful to compare your times, and see where you can save some seconds.

Monument Valley - 9:28.917
Mixing Bowl (race) - 0:53.923
Eat My Dust (hot lap) - 0:24.729
Night Clubbed (pursuit) - 0:39.636
Mud Plugged (hot lap) - 0:25.402
Plain Dirty (race) - 1:13.532
Rock Skipper (hot lap) - 0:12.368
Rough and Ready (pursuit) - 0:51.348
Hard Rocking (hot lap) - 0:11.899
Vertical Limit (race) - 0:45.107
Scrapped (race) - 1:16.678
Trailblazers (pursuit) - 1:06.331
Rockslide (drift) - 0:28.793
Meat Grinder (hot lap) - 0:09.624
Sandblasted (hot lap) - 0:18.968
Rusting Metal (hot lap) - 0:19.961
Plank Rattler (hot lap) - 0:10.618

Pacific Rift - 9:34.839
Sand Surfin' (hot lap) - 0:22.031
Going Down (pursuit) - 0:34.865
Beach Wrecker (race) - 1:07.592
Over Easy (pursuit) - 0:58.422
Plane and Simple (race) - 1:06.053
Out of the Frying Pan (hot lap) - 0:18.986
Drenched (hot lap) - 0:12.627
Wave Breaker (pursuit) - 1:00.424
Make a Splash (race) - 0:41.546
Burned (race) - 1:19.069
Overflow (drift) - 0:39.004
Nervous Wreck (hot lap) - 0:17.477
Wipe Out (hot lap) - 0:16.582
Crash Landing (hot lap) - 0:14.828
Into the Fire (hot lap) - 0:15.533
Wet and Wild (hot lap) - 0:09.800

Arctic Edge - 11:25.813
On Thin Ice (hot lap) - 0:26.152
Frosty Reception (hot lap) - 0:21.669
Easy Glider (race) - 1:02.753
Sharp Chuter (pursuit) - 1:03.094
Break the Ice (race) - 1:09.541
Thawed Out (race) - 1:44.986
Snow Drift (drift) - 0:42.708
Cold Pursuit (pursuit) - 0:58.089
Rink About It (hot lap) - 0:14.221
White Wash (hot lap) - 0:13.342
Ice Capades (pursuit) - 1:10.634
Slip Hop (race) - 1:19.493
Glacial Shift (hot lap) - 0:20.810
Permafrost (hot lap) - 0:15.400
Piste de Résistance (hot lap) - 0:11.025
Rink Again (hot lap) - 0:11.896

Apocalypse - 9:28.141
Lane Changer (race) - 1:04.021
Multi-storey Mayhem (pursuit) - 0:30.260
In The Ship (pursuit) - 0:52.383
In-The-State (hot lap) - 0:19.728
On The Edge (hot lap) - 0:13.754
No Barriers (hot lap) - 0:19.705
Dock and Roll (race) - 1:15.471
Sky High (drift) - 0:28.560
Play and Display (race) - 1:04.594
Bad Altitude (race) - 0:59.534
Ready to Ship (hot lap) - 0:22.135
Cracked (pursuit) - 0:57.621
Freeway (hot lap) - 0:13.987
City Brake (hot lap) - 0:16.664
Hot Water (hot lap) - 0:18.854
Watch Out Below (hot lap) - 0:10.870

TOTAL TIME - 39:57.710

Secret Trophies
Successfully leapt through the two red basketball hoops within the playground in one session. 

This trophy can be obtained after getting Playground Bully. There’s two basketball hoops in the playground: one in the skate park, near the soccer field, and one in the basketball field. You’ll need to go through both in one session to get the trophy. For the first one near the soccer field, it’s very easy, you can enter it from below, as long as you’re straight, it will count as a point. Then, go to the other with a powerful RC car, and jump by using the ramp into the second hoop. You don’t need to do both jumps back-to-back without failing, so take as many attempts you need to get through both hoops.

Rare Reward
Unlocked 2 of the secret vehicles. 

This trophy can be unlocked in the Playground. You'll need to unlock two secret vehicles, and there's many secret vehicles in the game:

- Two secret vehicles after scoring 10 and 20 goals at soccer in the Playground
- Two secret vehicles after scoring 10 and 20 points at basketball in the Playground
- Two secret vehicles after playing 1 and 2 hours in the Playground
- Two secret vehicles after beating 10 and 20 times in the Pitwall (getting Wall Brawl will unlock one secret vehicle automatically)

The easiest way is to score 20 goals in the empty cage, so you unlock quickly two new vehicles, along with the trophy.

Credit goes to shaunnn191 for pointing that more secret vehicles could be unlocked.

DLC: Pro-Am Festival
Cost: 2.99 Trophies: 4
The Triple Double
Win all 3 medals on any Pro-Am Festival event. 

See Dedicated Stormer.

Half-way House
Earn 24 medals within the Pro-Am Festival. 

See Dedicated Stormer.

Dedicated Stormer
Earn all 3 medals on each of the 16 Pro-Am Festival events. 

Depending on your skills, it will either be a breeze, or something a little bit more difficult. Actually the hardest part will be the Super Car races, as there weren't any in the core game, and the bumpy and curvy tracks will be a bit hard to master at such high speeds. However, it should take you between 30 minutes and 2 hours to obtain this trophy, along with The Triple Double that you'll earn after your first win in the Pro-Am event, and Half-way House that you'll get after 8 wins. And if you're skilled (and lucky) enough, you might also get Pro-Am Champion if you get under 12 minutes overall after getting every medal.

Pro-Am Champion
Set a time of 12:00 or less across all Pro-Am Festival events. 

This trophy will probably pop just before Dedicated Stormer, as getting under 12 minutes is actually not that hard (I did it after getting my 48th medal, without needing to improve any time). Like with the core game events, here's my full list of times for the Pro-Am event, so you can compare if you're still above 12 minutes:

Pro-Am - 11:50.454
Free Ride (race) - 1:02.179
On Deck (hot lap) - 0:21.934
Jumps 'n' Bumps (race) - 1:07.894
Boarder Line (hot lap) - 0:19.447
Grind Over Matter (pursuit) - 0:44.975
Balsa Blitz (race) - 0:58.877
Tail Grab (hot lap) - 0:21.781
Shred Dead (pursuit) - 0:49.848
Stacked It (hot lap) - 0:19.598
Panic Run (race) - 1:02.363
X-Chase (pursuit) - 0:53.284
Race Or Die! (race) - 0:57.005
Master Class (hot lap) - 0:17.387
I got Pros (pursuit) - 1:04.029
Status Pro (drift) - 0:34.467
Bigtime (pursuit) - 0:55.386

DLC: Carnival Festival
Cost: 2.99 Trophies: 4
The Triple Triple
Win all 3 medals on any Carnival Festival event. 

See Perfect Stormer.

Half Loaded
Earn 36 medals within the Carnival Festival. 

See Perfect Stormer.

Perfect Stormer
Earn all 3 medals on each of the 24 Carnival Festival events. 

I might repeat myself from the Pro-Am DLC, but well, the trophies are pretty much the same, except this festival is longer because there is 24 events instead of the usual 16. It should take you between 1 and 3 hours, depending on your skills, to obtain this trophy, along with The Triple Triple that you'll earn after your first win in the Carnival Festival, and Half Loaded that you'll get after 12 wins. Pro-Am Champion should also come naturally after the last event.

Carnival Champion
Set a time of 17:00 or less across all Carnival Festival events. 

This is the easiest "Champion" trophy of them all, as getting under 17 minutes is not hard at all. If you get every medal along the way, you should go way below 17 minutes. But if you still struggle to get under, here's my full list of times for the Carnival events, so you can compare. I obtained 3 medals in every event with these times. You can look the huge gap between my final time (16:19) and the 17 minutes! And I was far away from being perfect in some events.

Carnival - 16:19.250
Treading Water (race) - 1:00.320
Bullyhoo (hot lap) - 0:20.495
Hit the Surf (pursuit) - 0:53.484
Fair Game (hot lap) - 0:18.645
Sink or Swim (race) - 0:46.311
Catch a Wave (pursuit) - 0:57.322
Aquaplaning (hot lap) - 0:17.469
Sideshow Alley (pursuit) - 0:42.330
Cutback Point (race) - 0:55.829
Dodgems (pursuit) - 0:50.370
Tubing (hot lap) - 0:14.460
Smack Your Beach Up (race) - 0:58.771
Power Sliding (drift) - 0:42.874
Gnarly Wave (race) - 0:47.849
Riding the Wave (hot lap) - 0:15.865
All the fun of the Fair (race) - 1:01.715
Circus Skills (drift) - 0:37.903
Splash 'n' Grab (pursuit) - 0:49.680
Circus Freaks (race) - 1:06.253
U-Bends (hot lap) - 0:11.959
Chute on Sight (pursuit) - 0:52.984
You've Been Surfed (hot lap) - 0:18.656
Slide and Prejudice (drift) - 0:29.994
Beach Please (pursuit) - 0:47.712

And with that, you should finally get 100% on MotorStorm RC! If you got the plat and completed the Pro-Am DLC, of course.

Game Info


US March 06, 2012
Europe February 22, 2012
Japan March 29, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Players: 1-4
ESRB: Everyone
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