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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Trophy Guide
Guide By: TopGunZ and Funkyweed
There are 40 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5.3/10
+ Offline: 34 (21 9 3 1)
+ Online: 6 (3 2 1)
+ Approximate Time: 20 – 30 hours
+ Minimum number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1 but best to do 2
+ Missable Trophies: ‘Ride The Dragon’
+ Glitched Trophies: ‘Damage Inc’ ‘Nothin’ But A Good Time’ ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ part of ‘Digital Man’ is also glitched.
+ Cheats: No cheats available


Mercenaries 2 is an action packed game that combines the two genres action & adventure into one. This game is a free role type game where if you wanted to branch off of the story for a while then you have the opportunity to do so. Just to give you a further idea of what it is like I can compare it to ‘just cause’ that was on the playstation 2.

The majority of the trophies within this game are relatively easy with the exception of a few hard ones and a couple of glitched ones. Some do require you to have online access so take that into account if you are looking for a platinum in this game.

Step1 – 1st Playthrough

This game is actually a possible one playthrough game but will require you to be very careful throughout the whole time in that playthrough. This game is very easy to complete and will be very easy to complete on a second playthrough when you know what to do, so if you feel you want to do it in two then that is up to you. If you decide to do 2 playthroughs then I would forget all about the harder trophies and just concentrate about finishing the game.

Step 2 – 2nd Playthrough (If Needed)

This step is only needed if you didn’t decide to get all the trophies in one playthrough. There can be a few within this playthrough so just take your time and try to finish one before moving onto the other. I would purely dedicate this playthrough to getting the following trophies:

- We'll Burn the Sky – You unlocked all landing zones
- Aces High – You captured all high value targets
- No More Mr. Nice Guy – You pissed off everyone in Venezuela
- ...And Justice For All – You verified all high value targets
- Digital Man – You unlocked all shop items

Please refer to the guide for extra information on these trophies. (Link at the bottom of the page)


Ride the Dragon
– You hijacked the tank in the villa

Right near the beginning of the game you will enter the villa. Shortly a tank will bust through the walls and begin to attack you. To successfully get this trophy you need to hijack the tank, do not destroy it.

Step 3 – Online

The online on this game is exactly the same as the single player campaign except you can play with a team-mate. The trophies are notoriously known as glitchy and will definitely get you frustrated whilst trying to achieve them. There are 6 trophies related to being online but only 3 will actually require boosting with someone. Here are the trophies that require boosting:

1) ‘Wheels of Steel’ – You came in first during a co-op race

This becomes available through Eva in her race challenges. This trophy is actually not that hard but can be frustrating when trying to win. Your car seemingly takes a lot of damage and sometimes even blows up without you expecting it.

The goal here is to beat the other player to the finish line without destroying your car. So to do this easily get into of the two cars available, then ask the other player to let you win the race, simple! I think the other player also has to finish the race though in order for you to get the trophy.

2) ‘Damage, Inc.’ – You used 20 airstrikes in co-op

When in co-op you have to use 20 airstrikes from the ones available to you in your menu. You can not use non-aircraft strikes such as artillery. All 20 airstrikes have to come from you & not your partner.

This is easy to boost. The only reason it needs boosting is to make sure your partner doesn’t leave the session whilst you are in the middle of doing airstrikes because it will end the co-op. So just ask your partner to stay whilst you try and earn this trophy.

NOTE: This is a glitchy trophy and you may not see it pop up as soon as you have used 20 airstrikes. All I can suggest here is to keep using as many airstrikes as it takes for the trophy to pop up.

3) ‘Nothin' But a Good Time’ – You destroyed 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op

Once again this is an easy trophy to boost, and again you just have to make sure your partner stays in the game with you whilst you are in the middle of attempting this. The gunner seat is found on most armoured vehicles. Just get your partner to drive while you get in the gunner seat and start shooting/blowing things up.

NOTE: This is another glitchy trophy and you may not get it as soon as you hit 200 objects. It may require you to reach a lot more so just keep trying and it should pop up.

Step 4 – Glitchy Trophies

Apart from the two mentioned above there are another 2 trophies in this game that are said to be very glitch and in some cases unattainable. The two trophies in question are:

1) ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ – Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 million

I am not sure why it is glitchy. I think it has something to do with you playing the game and earning $1 million before the trophy patch came out. A tip in the guide says to make sure the 1st time you play the game and make your $1 million that you are online. It is not hard to earn the $1 million so just be careful.

2) ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ – Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 billion

This is pretty much the same as the tattooed millionaire trophy except this time you have to make $1 Billion instead of $ 1 million. Once again it is crucial that you make sure you are online when you reach the target needed.

Here are two ways to make your money (there are more):

- Winching challenge; Just constantly do this for ages and your wager will keep rising and rising. This is not hard and is definitely the easiest and fastest way to get $1 Billion
- Just keep killing all AN and/or China troops whenever you see them. You get 50k for each kill so you can get money quite fast. I think destroying vehicles also gets you 50k.

3) ‘Digital Man’ – You unlocked all shop items

The only part of this trophy that is glitched is ‘collecting all spare parts’. The good news about this glitch is that it actually helps you to achieve the spare parts more easily. To do it just collect the spare parts as normal, now when you are in a helicopter and fly over the spare parts you have already collected it will register again. If you keep doing this you can farm the trophy. So this is a glitch that actually helps you for a change

Step 5 – Extra Trophies

So after you have done as many playthroughs you needed and after experiencing the glitchy co-op you are almost finished. Now is the time to collect any trophies that you may have missed. There is no rush and if you followed this roadmap then you will mostly have all easy trophies remaining.

Closing Notes

There is a very useful guide in the mercenaries 2 forum so do not hesitate to check in there for a more detailed view for each trophy. Here is the link to it:

Here is a link to another very useful thread which will help you find partners for the online boosting:
If you have any questions regarding this roadmap or even the game then please ask away

[PS3T would like to thank Rockets88 for this Road Map]

World in Flames
You earned all trophies in Mercenaries 2   (3) 

Enjoy the Platinum Trophy!

The Hero and the Madman
You completed Mercenaries 2    

Story related. Finish the game, no matter what side you chose in the second to last mission.

Eat the Heat
You performed a burnout  

Pressing both the Acceleration and Brake/Reverse buttons in any wheeled vehicle.

Shoot to Thrill
You got 25 headshots  (3) 

Aim with L1 and shoot with R1. If necessary grab a sniper (found on guards in sniper towers) and headshot people standing still, on gun enplacements and people in parked cars.

When playing co-op the number is a total of both players. So it might unlock for both people at the same time. Even if the other player did not even get a head shot.

Armageddon It
You destroyed 25 buildings  

Shoot the buildings with a tank, C4, RPGs, or call in a air strike. If you beat the game and it didn't unlock, nuclear bunker bust a city. It should unlock right away. It's also fun to look at.

Hail and Kill
You destroyed 50 objects using melee  

Use Melee attack on Enemies, boxes, pots, everything counts towards the total.

Holy Smoke
You destroyed 50 Objects With a Grenade  

Use Grenades on parked cars and shacks etc. You can also go behind the PMC and grenade the furniture.

Little Savage
You destroyed 50 Objects with an RPG Launcher  

Use RPG's to shoot the back of tanks for an easy kill, use the air-fueled RPG for a one hit kill on anything really. You'll find the air-fueled on Chinese soldiers. You can also go behind the PMC and RPG the furniture.

Balls to the Wall
You mastered the Winching Challenge   (2) 

Beat level 3 of the winching challenge from Ewan. Stack the three large containers near the circle (two red, one white) the one on top of the other and then the toolbox on top of them, even if you catch them from the side and land them on the tall side, you still get 7 metres for the 3rd level. Try not to stack them too near to the toolbox, because you might not be able to catch it.

Gone Shootin'
You completed one of Fiona's challenges   

When you get the villa as pmc, approach Fiona and talk to her. You will be able to do the first challenge at level 1. Complete it to unlock the trophy.

You captured all outposts for a single faction   

When you first meet a faction you get start a chain of missions resulting in securing one by one all the outposts of that faction. When you first meet the faction you get the first outpost mission, then after you've secured that first outpost you get the mission for the second and so on.

Heavy Metal Thunder
You successfully completed 10 action hijacks  

This includes all the buton-sequenced hijacks (armored vehicles and helicopters). You might do a couple hundred of those before finishing the game. Just make sure the tanks or APCs gunner is dead before you try it, It won't let you hijack if he's alive.

Be Quick or Be Dead
You sniped 50 enemy vehicle drivers (1) 

Use one of the sniper rifles (chinese, russian, anti-material, the other weapons don't count) on faction drivers, not civilians. Don't forget that the hummer AN jeep needs the anti-material sniper rifle to get past their armored windshield.

No More Mr. Nice Guy
You pissed off everyone in Venezuela   (2) 

When you have unlocked all 5 factions, go to each faction HQ. and open fire. Let them call for back up. Once it's hostile, move on the the next faction. You can also destroy an outpost. That will make a faction automatically hostile. If necessary Nuclear bunker bust the HQ's.

Tattooed Millionaire
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 million   

As there are mentions of glitches, BE SURE that the first time you play the game you are online, as it will unlock in the first half hour of gaming.

Billion Dollar Babies
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 billion   (10) 

Again be sure to be connected when you reach one billion. Ways to get easy money if required:
-Winching challenge. If you get the wager going up you will eventually get up to 9mil a pop. The wager DOES count wagers over $9.9million providing you DON'T manually adjust the wager amount and just let it increase by its self and after a while you'll hit $50 million a go. (Thanks to Terminator for the clarification). If you practice you can get it every time in 1:30 minutes, 2 in the worst case.
-Start killing AN or China troops in Caracas. For 50k a pop for infantry and vehicles you get some easy money.


...And Justice For All
You verified all high value targets   

You have to either kill and photograph or capture and load on a helicopter every HVT that every faction gives. Towards the total number some story characters also count, like Blanco or Carmona. For more info check "Aces High".

Digital Man
You unlocked all shop items    

This trophy has many game requirements including:

-Destroying 50 billboards for the P.L.A.V.
-Unlocking all outposts (outpost securing missions)
-Advancing the storyline to the end, it doesn't matter if it's pro AN or pro China, to get the Nuclear Bunker Buster
-Complete every faction challenge up to level 3. PMC challenges are not needed. BE CAREFUL: UP has a challenge that can't be done after a China mission.
-Find all Spare parts for Eva. Here there is a very useful glitch! If you have found a spare part and then you fly above it in a helicopter it registers again! So even if you don't find all 100 of them you might get well above 100/100 in the statistics. Luckily, the glitch counts towards unlocking Eva's creations.
-Clear all bounties. You have to kill 50 assets (vehicles and personnel) of one faction to fulfill the bounties of another. Pretty straightforward, especially with China and AN you will eventually count hundreds, even thousands of kills.
-Verify all faction HVT's. Check "Aces High".

We'll Burn the Sky
You unlocked all landing zones   (1) 

You must be in good standings with each faction and capture all of their outposts to unlock the landing zones. There are 4 for PLAV and AN. 3 for the Pirates, 5 for China and UP, and 1 for the PMC. You must have them all unlocked before the last mission, as one of the factions will loose a landing zone.

If you have all of the outposts and still didn't get the trophy, be sure to do the first HQ mission for China. It will unlock after the cut-scene.

Highway to Hell
You completed 3 races 

Races are considered the various challenges that require you getting from point A to B with a vehicle, like the UP sports car challenge or Eva's challenges. Complete 3 of them.
(Tip: For the destruction race, drop off a friend into the field to shoot at the objects instead of from the gunners seat. It's much easier that way. You can do all three this way if you like.)

Partners in Crime
You've experienced co-op 

All you have to do is join a co-op game or invite someone to join yours.

Wheels of Steel
You came in first during a co-op race   (3) 

Talk to Eva and chose the "Race challenge" option (if it's not unlocked you must complete a level of the destruction race first). Run to one of the two cars and beat the other player. You can wait at the start and once the other player gets all the goals, drive to the finish.

Damage, Inc.
You used 20 airstrikes in co-op    (3) 

You can't use non-aircraft strikes (eg. artillery), you don't get both player's airstrikes added together and you have to do all 20 of them in one co-op session. Choose a cheap costing but mostly in fuel strike, like cluster bomb, enter a co-op and bombs away.

Nothin' But a Good Time
You destroyed 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op    (3) 

Just get in a tank and bomb away. You don't have to sit in the gunner's seat, if your vehicle has weapons fire them away. Go downtown Caracas, choose a side (or go against both AN and China) Hop from tank to tank, and from armed APC to armed IFV and you will get this in no time.

Secret Trophies
School's Out
You completed the tutorial    

Story related, you get all three by the time you get the villa.

The Rage
You completed "Rescue Carmona"    

Story related, you get all three by the time you get the villa.

Hello, Hooray
You acquired the PMC    

Story related, you get all three by the time you get the villa.

Runnin' with the Devil
You verified Blanco    

Story related, he counts towards the "Aces High" trophy.

You Better Run
You verified Carmona    

Story related, he counts towards the "Aces High" trophy.

No Compromise, No Regrets
You battled for Caracas    

Finish the Battle for Caracas mission for any of the two factions. Keep in mind that the respective enemy leader counts towards "Aces High".

Wild One
You recruited Ewan    

Story related, during one of the first missions you get saved by Ewan.

The Analog Kid
You recruited Misha    

Finish the Misha mission when available. Pretty straightforward mission, toss the bunker busters at first chance to get rid of many enemies.

Oil and Gasoline
You recruited Eva    

Finish the Misha mission when available. It's a time challenge with a monster truck vehicle. Use its jumping abilities a lot!

Ride the Dragon
You hijacked the tank in the villa   

When you enter the villa and get attacked inside by a tank, hijack it, don't destroy it.

NOTE: This is a missable trophy at the beginning of the game. At one point, a tank busts through a wall. If you destroy the tank, then you will get nothing, you must hijack it to get the trophy.

Stand Up and Shout
You achieved maximum mood with the Allies   

Just achieve maximum mood with every faction by completing tasks and killing its respective enemies. If you have cash, just bribe them away. Also, if you co-op with someone with maximum mood you will get the trophy.

Forever Free
You achieved maximum P.L.A.V. mood   

Just achieve maximum mood with every faction by completing tasks and killing its respective enemies. If you have cash, just bribe them away. Also, if you co-op with someone with maximum mood you will get the trophy.

Island of Domination
You achieved maximum Pirate mood   

Just achieve maximum mood with every faction by completing tasks and killing its respective enemies. If you have cash, just bribe them away. Also, if you co-op with someone with maximum mood you'll get the trophy.

Longing For Fire
You achieved maximum Chinese mood   

Just achieve maximum mood with every faction by completing tasks and killing its respective enemies. If you have cash, just bribe them away. Also, if you co-op with someone with maximum mood you'll get the trophy.

Dirty Deeds
You achieved maximum Universal Petroleum mood 

Just achieve maximum mood with every faction by completing tasks and killing its respective enemies. If you have cash, just bribe them away. Also, if you co-op with someone with maximum mood you'll get the trophy.

Aces High
You captured all high value targets    (3) 

You must not have any HVT killed, including mission related, like Peng or Joyce and of course Blanco and Carmona. You better turn autosave off and save before attempting an HVT and after succeding in capturing one. You must be very careful for rockets and other explosives as the faction infantry tends to kill their HVT withut much remorse. The best strategy is fast in fast out. Quickly approach the HVT, punch him, tie him, call an extraction helicopter and carry him. While you carry him he can't die, but you can, not to mention you can't shoot or run.

Game Info
Pandemic Studios
Electronic Arts


US August 31, 2008
Europe September 05, 2008
Japan November 20, 2008

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 1-2
ESRB: Teen
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