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Max Payne 3 Trophy Guide
Guide By: benjamin1802; simula67 and XniresistX (DLC)
There are 68 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)

Offline: 37 (30, 5, 3, 1)
Online: 10 (8, 2)
DLC Trophies: None
Approximate Time to Plat: Single Player (includes NYM): (40-50 hours). Multiplayer (75+ hours)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 3 (+ Chapter Select, NYM, NYM Hardcore)
Number of Missable Trophies: 0 (All trophies can be acquired through Chapter Select)
Glitched Trophies: "You Play, You Pay, You Bastard", see the guide for more info.
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies: Yes
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: No

For Max Payne, the tragedies the took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to Painkillers, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubles past but as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out.

Difficulty differences:
Increased health and Bullet time rewards. A satisfying challenge.
Medium: Moderate health and Bullet time rewards. A stiff challenge.
Hard: Low health and Bullet time rewards. A real test.
Hardcore: Minimal health and Bullet time rewards. Very challenging.
New York Minute: Time has been added. Gets extra time for each kill. If you die then you have to play the Chapter from start again.
New York Minute Hardcore: Same as NYM, just the whole game in one go, no chapter select.
Old School: Last man standing disabled.

Step 1: Complete the game on Hard with Chapter-related and Collectible trophies.

On this playthrough you should focus on getting all collectibles and other chapter related trophies. This playthrough took me about 12-13 hours, getting all the trophies that are listed below. Your next playthrough (Hardcore) is actually easier than Hard. Because you have the tricks and learned how to play this game. I sucked at the beginning on my Hard playthrough.

Here are the chapter related trophies:
Out of the window -------------------------(Chapter 2: Checkpoint 2)
The one eyed man is king ------------- (Chapter 3: Checkpoint 12)
That old familiar feeling -----------------(Chapter 4: Checkpoint 8)
Something wicked this way comes --(Chapter 5: Checkpoint 6)
Amidst the wreckage --------------------(Chapter 6: Checkpoint 3)
So much for being subtle --------------(Chapter 7: Checkpoint 9)
The only choice given ------------------(Chapter 10: Checkpoint 5)
Trouble had come to me ---------------(Chapter 10: Checkpoint 11)
Along for the ride ------------------------(Chapter 11: Checkpoint 11)
Sometimes you get lucky -------------(Chapter 12: Checkpoint 11)
It was chaos and luck ------------------(Chapter 13: Checkpoint 14)
You push a man to far -----------------(Chapter 14: Checkpoint 11)
The road-kill behind me ---------------(Chapter 14: Checkpoint 12)

And Collectible trophies:
An echo of the past
You sure know how to pick a place
A license to kill

Step 2: Complete the game on Hardcore.

This is surprisingly easy. I think that Hard was more difficult than this. It maybe because – on your first playthrough you’re learning, adjusting strategies, discovering the painkiller locations etc. It's very important that you take every painkiller on the way. I never used them manually, I always used them for Last Stand and that worked out really good. See Payne in the ass for tips.

Step 3: Complete the game on Old School.

If you're are wondering what these modes are all about then look at the Difficulty differences in the "Overview" above. Old School Difficulty is quite difficult. Remember to manually use your Painkillers. See Payne in the ass for tips.

Step 4: Complete the game on New York Minute.

This is really easy, it's only the two last chapters that may give you some trouble, just pick up every Painkiller and use them for last stand and you should be fine. See A New York Minute for details.

Step 5: Complete the game on New York Minute Hardcore.

This is where the boys are separated for the men. This is the hardest trophy in the game and the trophy we are going for is only silver! You have to know the chapters in and out, know when the enemies spawn, when to use your Bullet Time, and all the Painkiller locations. For more details see The Shadows Rushed Me.

Step 6: Multiplayer.

This is the longest step. You have to grind towards level 50. If you have played RDR or GTA4 then you will know that this is a pain! Just keep playing! There are some misc trophies for multiplayer, like inviting and play all modes, you'll get this by just playing towards level 50. See Training Complete for XP grinding tips!

*Note: Every video in this guide is made by me*
 [PST Would Like to Thank benjamin1802 for this Road Map]
Local Justice Pack DLC:
- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 5 (1 , 4 )
- Approximate time to 100%: 2-3 hours, depending on skill
- Glitched Trophies: none reported
- Does difficulty affect Trophies?: no
- Do cheat codes disable Trophies?: no cheats available in multiplayer.
- Cost: $5.99 US, or free with Rockstar Pass ($29.99 US)

Overview / Roadmap
Welcome to the Local Justice Map Pack! This DLC features the following:
- 3 new multiplayer maps: 55th Battalion HQ, Imperial Palace, and the Departure Lounge.
- 1 new weapon: M4 Assault Rifle
- 1 new faction: Sao Paulo Police (SPP)
- 1 new item: Light Fingers (faster body looting)

You can earn these trophies in any order. I would recommend that two of them (Air Ace and Express Checkout) be boosted, as you need to have a high level of skill, good use of bursts, and a bit of luck to get them legit. Check the boosting thread here to find partners: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

To make these trophies go as quickly as possible, you will want to play in the Downloadable Content Maps playlist when you log in to the multiplayer. DLC maps WILL come up in the rotation while playing the normal playlists, but depending on who votes for them you may or may not play on them. The 55th Battalion HQ map is available for any game mode. The Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge maps are not available for use in Gang wars - only Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Payne Killer.

A quick note about boosting. When the group I played with was trying to get set up, it appeared that the host player's system would freeze whenever the 8th player would attempt to join the party. We got around this by creating a party of 7, sending the 8th player an invite during the countdown, and having him accept once the game started. Using text chat or Skype really helps.
[PST Would Like to Thank simula67 for this Roadmap]

Hostage Negotiation Pack DLC:


- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 4 (1 , 3 )
- Approximate time to 100%: 1-2 hours, depending on skill
- Glitched Trophies: None reported
- Does difficulty affect Trophies?: No
- Do cheat codes disable Trophies?: No cheats available in multiplayer.
- Cost: $9.99 US, or free with Rockstar Pass ($29.99 US)


Welcome to the Hostage Negotiation Map Pack! This DLC features the following:

- 4 new multiplayer maps: Favela Heights, Estàdio do Galatians, Club Moderno, O Palàcio Strip Club
- 2 new weapons: IA2 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle
- 1 new faction: Filhos De Ogum
- 3 new loadout items: Heavy Helmet, Bomb Suit, Intimidation Mask
- 1 new burst: Explosives

You can earn these trophies in any order, and potentially in a single game if you are boosting. To make these trophies go as quickly as possible, you will want to play in the Downloadable Content Maps playlist when you log in to the multiplayer. DLC maps WILL come up in the rotation while playing the normal playlists, but depending on who votes for them you may or may not play on them. The only map you need to look out for is the Club Moderno map.

If you don't feel like paying legit, these trophies are best boosted in a deathmatch mode, and you'll need at least 4 people to do it.

 [PST Would Like to Thank simula67 for this Road Map]
Painful Memories Pack DLC:


  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (personal opinion)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 5
  • Offline: 0
  • Online: 5 (5 )
  • Approximate Time to 100%: 2+ hours (actually doing the trophies and finding the maps/game modes for them)
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Missable Trophies: None

The Painful Memories Pack is the fourth and penultimate DLC expansion for Max Payne 3. The Painful Memories Pack has 4 new maps (Canal De Panama, Marty's Bar, Roscoe Street Subway and Shoot First), 2 new avatar factions (De Marcos Abroad and the United Souls Of The People), 2 new weapons (the UAR-21 Assault Rifle and the IMG 5.56 Assault Rifle), A new burst and 3 new equipment items (Hangover burst, the calculator item, betting slip item and hip flask item) and lastly but most importantly, 5 new silver trophies. All of the trophies are online only and there are no glitched trophies.

Step 1:
Get the non-specific game mode trophies and make sure to choose the Marty's Bar map if you get the chance.

With Long Arm of the Lawless and Welcome Ashore you need to be playing Payne Killer and Gang Wars respectively, instead of worrying about those, choose the Downloadable Content maps option when starting multiplayer and work on getting Bar Brawler, Ouch My Head and Drinker's Revenge.

Step 2:
Play Payne Killer on Canal De Panama for Long Arm of the Lawless and play Gang Wars on Canal De Panama for Welcome Ashore.

It is possible, however unlikely, that you may have gotten Long Arm of the Lawless and Welcome Ashore while trying to complete step 1. If you haven't, now is the time to switch from playing Downloadable Content maps to playing specifically Payne Killer and Gang Wars on the Canal De Panama map.


It is important to note that although another DLC is planned to be released, the multiplayer component of Max Payne 3 is not anywhere near active as it used to be. It is very possible that you may not be able to do these trophies legitimately, this is not because of skill but for the simple fact that no one may be playing the map/game mode you want. It is recommended that you boost these trophies, boosting thread here, however, I will be listing how to do these trophies legit in case you are lucky enough to get into the map/game mode you need. If you do boost this, it's easiest to do this with 8 people for 2 reasons:

  1. Having 8 people will prevent randoms from joining in every game mode except Gang Wars (you do not need to play on the large modes).
  2. Having 8 people will make it easier to boost this quickly and effectively in Gang Wars, where 8 people are only half of the potential players in a round (meaning that 8 other randoms could join).
 [PST Would Like to Thank XniresistX for this Roadmap]
Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC



  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 6/10 (personal opinion)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 5 2
  • Offline: 0 (Challenge Mode has to be played while connected to the PSN)
  • Online: 7 (5 2)
  • Approximate Time to 100%: 6-10 hours (The online trophies will take at most an hour if boosted but Challenge Mode requires you to play through the campaign again)
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Missable Trophies: None
The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack is the final DLC expansion for Max Payne 3. This DLC pack includes 4 new weapons, 1 new projectile, 3 new deathmatch inspired game modes, a horde-mode type co-op experience and surprisingly a new addition to the single player arcade mode.

Step 1:
Through boosting or playing legitimately, play the multiplayer until you've earned the four multiplayer trophies.

Due to the fact that the online trophies for this DLC expansion are weapon specific and not game type or character faction like previous expansions, the online trophies can be earned in any game mode or map you want. Because the pepper spray and stun gun/cattle prod are both one handed weapons, you can duel wield them and potentially earn 3 Blind Mice and Resisting Arrest within the same game. Since the Bouncing Betty is a projectile/grenade weapon, you can also have that in your loadout whilst trying for the previously mentioned trophies. You can also earn Sweaty Betty and Betty Confetti in the same round or even in the same round as 3 Blind Mice and Resisting Arrest. If you're having problems with the multiplayer trophies or just want to boost them, then please use the boosting thread.

Step 2:
Play the co-op until you've earned the one and only co-op related trophy, Breaking and Entering.

The co-op mode in this expansion is known as Dead Men Walking. Dead Men Walking is unfortunately online only. If you need someone to be your partner you can use the boosting thread. There are 2 maps for this mode, one in Hoboken and one in Sao Paulo but it doesn't matter which you choose when trying to get this trophy. Patience and teamwork are the key for getting this trophy done. Having a mic or a PSN text chatroom set up so you know who will open what, makes this trophy all the less frustrating.

Step 3:
Play the single player arcade Challenge Mode until you've completed all 17 chapters for It Looked Easy Enough, while earning Breaking the 4th along the way.

Whether you love that there are new single player trophies or hate the fact that you have to play through another round of Max Payne 3's campaign, to complete this step you're going to have to play Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is a new arcade mode for Max Payne 3 that can best be described as a combination of New York Minute and Score Attack. Like New York Minute the beginning and ending cutscene of every chapter has been removed, this makes it feels like there is more emphasis on gameplay then there is on the narrative. Note: To play the Challenge Mode you need to have beaten chapter 1 of the main campaign, you also need to be connected to the PSN to play this DLC.

 [PST Would Like to Thank XniresistX for this Roadmap]

Platinum Trophy
Unlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies (36) 
Feel The Payne
Story Complete [MEDIUM] (11) 

Self explanatory.

Serious Payne
Story Complete [HARD] (10) 

Self explanatory (Can't be gotten through Chapter Select. Do a New Game, everything carries over). Hard can be a challenge from time to time. I died many times! If you are stuck at a checkpoint, the game will reward you with more ammo and painkillers. See Payne in the ass for tips.

Maximum Payne
Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL] (7) 

Self-explanatory (Cant be gotten through Chapter Select. Do a New Game, everything carries over). This unlocks after completing the game. For you guys that don't know what "Old School" mode is it's the same playthrough just without the "last-stand", be sure to have some painkillers up your sleeve! Use them whenever you are low on health. See Payne in the ass for tips.

Payne In The Ass
Story Complete [HARDCORE] (31) 

(Can't be gotten through Chapter Select. Do a New Game, everything carries over). This is surprisingly easy. If you completed the game on Hard before this, then you won't find it difficult. It's because you get a lot of practice after completing the game on Hard. I have some tips that you should use in all of your playthroughs with minor exceptions.

- Search like a bloodhound. Find every Painkiller on the chapter and never use them by pressing , use them for last stand (Except if you're playing on Old School).

- Choose your pistol! The pistol is without a doubt the best weapon in the game. Never dual wield! Waste of ammo! The pistol is one shot one kill (Headshot). In the later levels you will encounter the armored dudes, they take two shots to the head. They can take like 20 bullets to the body so just go for the head.

- Slow down! Using Bullet Time with your pistol is the best way of completing this game, also crucial for your NYM playthroughs. If you don't have any bullet time left, then shoot dodge, it will make it go bullet-time but only shoot dodge if there's few guys left.

Personally... it was easy going through the game using these tips, and fast! There were few times where I was stuck at certain checkpoints... last note: Will be making videos for Hardcore and Old School playthrough .

Part I Complete
Complete Part I Of The Story (6) 

Unlocks after completing chapter 5.

Part II Complete
Complete Part II Of The Story 

Unlocks after completing chapter 10.

Part III Complete
Complete Part III Of The Story 

Unlocks after completing chapter 14.

A New York Minute
Finish In A New York Minute (13) 

NYM unlocks after completing the game. This isn't difficult, just a bit time consuming, depending on how good you are at headshots and remembering spawn locations and of course – how many times you die. I recommend that you use FREE Aim for this. You have to play through each chapter without dying, on time. Use some of the tips that are listed under Payne in the ass. Use your pistol, Bullet Time when you can, easiest getting headshots with free aim and picking up all painkillers. A headshot gives you 6 seconds, normal kill 5 seconds and a explosion kill will give you 10 seconds.

The Shadows Rushed Me
Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore (33) 

NYM Hardcore unlocks after beating NYM. This time the difficulty is raised and it’s the WHOLE game without dying. After the first chapters you'll find yourself with some spare time, like 10-15 minutes, so time isn't the real problem here. Look at A New York Minute and Payne in the ass for tips. You should only be scared for chapter 13 and the boss fight at chapter 14. I will make a video series when I get this accomplished.

Out The Window
Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM] (10) 

This trophy can only be gotten on Mission 2: Checkpoint 2. Max will jump out of a big window and Bullet Time will be triggered, kill 6 enemies before you hit the ground and you'll unlock the trophy. Remember to set aiming as FREE. Try to take the first enemies to your right and then work left and up:

The One Eyed Man Is King
Cover Passos With Perfect Aim (19) 

This trophy is achievable on Chapter 3: Checkpoint 12. You have to cover Passos without missing a single shot. There are 13 enemies to kill, miss one and you have to quit, and get back in via chapter select:

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM] (10) 

This trophy is achievable on Chapter 5: Checkpoint 6. Be sure to have your aiming set to FREE. Pretty simple trophy, when you get spotted will Max automatically jump to your right and bullet time will trigger. Kill 7 enemies or more before hitting the ground:

That Old Familiar Feeling
Clear The Hallway Of Lasers (6) 

This trophy can be gotten on Chapter 4: Checkpoint 8. If you're looking down the hallway you'll see some lasers going through the windows. It's the enemies, aim through the window and kill them all (notice the 3 enemies by the end of the hallway, take them out first):

Amidst The Wreckage
Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom 

This trophy is achievable at Chapter 6: Checkpoint 3. You will be in a room with windows to your right and a long table to your left. There are 5 models in this room, just shoot them and the trophy will unlock:

So Much For Being Subtle
Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM] (5) 

Another kill trophy. This time it’s just when you are being pulled up by a chain. This is achievable in Chapter 7: Checkpoint 9. This is one of the harder ones in my opinion, you need to have a good aim. Remember that it have to be set at FREE AIM:

The Only Choice Given
Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM] 

This is achievable on Chapter 10: Checkpoint 5. Got it on first try, all of the enemies spawn from the same area, really easy:

Trouble Had Come To Me
Clear Everyone On The Bus Ride (7) 

This trophy is achievable on Chapter 10: Checkpoint 11. You have to kill all enemies that you come across while on the bus. I recommend you use hard or soft lock, I did it on FREE :

Along For The Ride
Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM] 

The Zipline is on Chapter 11: Checkpoint 11. Just kill all the guys to trigger the bullet cam, pretty easy:

Sometimes You Get Lucky
Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors (5) 

Another chapter related trophy. On Chapter 12: Checkpoint. This is truly luck based. I got it on the big guy at the end. I went into last stand when the ground started shaking and then – headshot! Just play the checkpoint over and over, you will get it at some point but it is pure luck:

It Was Chaos And Luck
Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM] (1) 

This is gotten on Chapter 13: Checkpoint 14. After clearing the first room and going through, Max will jump on a push cart. Kill all 6 enemies at the rooftops and the trophy will unlock:

The Road-Kill Behind Me
Total Everything On The Runway (1) 

Chapter 14: Checkpoint 12. You'll get in a car and have to chase down a plane. Destroy all the Humvees, Police cars, and the Helicopter. Be sure to aim in on the vehicles "paths" in front of them (Because there's travel time) and aim slightly up (due to gravity). If you miss something – restart the Checkpoint:

The Fear Of Losing It
Survive A Level Without Painkillers (3) 

This is one of the easy ones. Play Chapter 1 on Easy difficulty with hard or soft lock. Then just play through the chapter without using your Painkillers. If you don't know how to tackle this, look on the video:

It's Fear That Gives Men Wings
10 Bullet TimeĀ® Kills In A Row (25) 

This can be done on the bus at the end of chapter 10. Wait for your Bullet Time meter to be full and use soft lock and play on Easy:

You Might Hurt Someone With That
Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades (1) 

This will unlock naturally. Can also be grinded at Chapter 10: Checkpoint 12 if you aren't patient:

One Bullet At A Time
300 Headshots 

Unlocks over time. The headshots are cumulative, every headshot from all your playthroughs count towards the 300.

You Play, You Pay, You Bastard
100 Kills With Melee (10) 

To do a Melee kill, walk up to an enemy and press . Get 100 melee kills and the trophy is yours. This can also be grinded as many other trophies, simply just be at a checkpoint with a lot of easy melee kills, then go up to their face and hit them, after most of them are dead – reload the checkpoint. See the video under All of the above a for grind location. For some this trophy unlocks around 100-150 Melee kills, it can glitch but no worries, it will unlock eventually.

With Practiced Bravado
100 Kills During Shootdodge (2) 

To shoot dodge press , while Shootdodging, kill 100 enemies, and the trophy is yours. You will get this over all your playthroughs. If you don't have this yet, look at the video under All of the above for the grind location.

Colder Than The Devil's Heart
Kill 30 Enemies In 2 Minutes (5) 

See the video under Trouble Had Come To Me.

A Few Hundred Bullets Back
Use Every Weapon In The Game (8) 

There are two weapons that can be easily missed, the sawn-off shotgun in chapter 7 and the LAW in chapter 13. Destroying the armored vehicle won't net you the trophy. Pick another LAW up and kill the guys that come out of the gate in front of you. There is a total of 26 weapons.

Here's a full list of every weapon:
-DE. 50
-.38 Revolver
-608 Bull
-Micro 9mm
-Auto 9mm
-LMG .30
-G6 Commando
-SAF .40
-M4 SUPER 90
-Super Sport
-Rotary Grenade Launcher

Past The Point Of No Return
Take 100 Painkillers 

This should unlock while playing through the different difficulties. Got it on my first playthrough. See video under All of the above for the grind location, can also get "back from the death" grind at the same time.

An Echo Of The Past
Find All Clues (2) 

Here are all the collectibles:

You Sure Know How To Pick A Place
Discover All Tourist Locations (6) 

There are five tourist location. One in chapter 2, two in chapter 7, one in chapter 13 and the last is in chapter 14. See An Echo Of The Past for videos.

A License To Kill
Collect All Golden Guns (7) 

See An Echo Of The Past for videos.

All Of The Above
Finish All Single Player Grinds (14) 

This will unlock while playing. There’s a few of them that you may have to grind to get. Like kills while laying on your back. You can see which ones you haven't completed under Single Player => Grinds.

Here's a full list of the SP Grinds:

Collect all golden gun parts - See the trophy "An echo of the past".
Bloodbath - 2500 kills (You will easily get this naturally over time)
Head Master - 1000 head shots (This should unlock by playing normally. On the harder playthroughs you'll need to get headshots for bullet time and easy kills).
Arms Dealer - Shoot 250 enemies in the arm (Shoot people in there arms, use bullet time if you cant hit)
Leg Payne - Shoot 250 enemies in the leg (Shoot people in there legs, use bullet time if you cant hit)
Below The Belt - Shoot 250 enemies in the groin (Shoot people in there "private area", use bullet time if you can't hit)
Dodge Brawl - Kill 1000 enemies during Shootdodge (To shootdodge - press . The kill counts if you are in the air and not laying on the ground.)
Artful Dodger - Shootdodge for 50mins (Just keep shootdodging, can be done in a cleared area, easy to grind)
Take Your Time - Kill 1000 enemies during Bullet time (Most will get this by playing normally.)
Bullet River - Shoot 25,000 rounds. (Unlocks though natural play)
Take A load Off - Shoot 250 enemies while prone. (You get prone after a Shootdodge, while laying on the ground kill 250)
Slow drive - Perform a 8 sec Shootdodge. (Get this on chapter 3, when outside, jump out from the top of the stairs)
Cam Lover - Watch 750 Bullet cams. (Unlocks naturally)
Wreckage - Blow up 200 vehicles (Best place to blow up vehicles is in chapter 14 at he last checkpoint)
Double Damage - Kill 1500 while dual wielding. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Blow Out - Kill 250 enemies with explosions. (Last checkpoint in Chapter 14, just shoot everyone up with your Grenade Launcher)
Guesswork - Kill 250 enemies with Blind fire. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
The Turtle - Kill 1500 enemies from Cover. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Back from the Dead - Win 250 Last Man Standings. (You will get this on you 2nd playthrough, if not - use the location from the video)
Fireworks - Shoot 250 Explosives out of the air. (The boss fight at the end of the game is best for this, shoot the explosive and reload checkpoint)
Scrapper - Melee 250 enemies (Press to melee an enemy. Grind this on easy)
Pharmacist - Use 1000 Painkillers (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Fall Guys - Cause 250 enemies to topple over railings. (See the video for a really good location)
Keep it Simple - 1000 kills with hand guns. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Shotgun Dues - 1000 kills with shotguns. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Rapid Fire - 1000 kills with sub-machine guns. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
If it Ain't Broke - 1000 kills with rifles. (Can be grinded almost anywhere)
Eagle Eye - 100 kills with sniper rifles. (Can be grinded at the "The One Eyed Man Is King" location)
The Lounger - Kill 1000? enemies while laying on your back. (Jump backwards and while laying on you back kill 1000 enemies. Can take some time to grind)

Here's a video showing you some good grind locations for the harder ones:

Full Monty
Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars (11) 

You don't have to complete all playlists under Soft lock and Free aim, just follow the list below.

These are:
Team Deathmatch
Payne Killer
Gang Wars (all game modes).

The game modes of Gang Wars:
Warfare, Showdown, Grab, Takedown, Survivor, Turf Grab, Total Turf, Delivery, Last Stand, Passage, Short Fuse and Siege.

Payne Bringer
Kill 100 Other Players (6) 

A simple "unlock over time" trophy. Just keep playing multiplayer and you'll get this after 5-8 matches. Got it in my fifth match.

Max Payne Invitational
Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list (4) 

Really easy, just invite your friend through the in-game contact list. From the multiplayer menu, press and you'll see your friend list, invite a friend and the trophy will unlock.

Man Of Many Weapons
Unlock All Weapons (3) 

You will unlock all trophies at Rank 40. You don't have to purchase them.

The weapons unlock at these different ranks:
Rank 1 - PT92, M500, .38 Revolver, M10, MPK.
Rank 2 - Flashbang.
Rank 4 - 1911, SAF .40, M972, FAL, AK-47, Mini-30, M4 Super 90, RPD, Tin Can, Grenade.
Rank 20 - 608 Bull, SPAS-15, FMP G35, MD-97L, AUTO 9MM, RPG, Smoke Grenade, Tear Gas.
Rank 40 - Super Sport, MICRO 9MM, DE .50, G6 Commando, Grenade Launcher, LMG, M82A1, Sawn Off Shotgun.

Man Of Many Faces
Unlock All Faction Characters 

You will unlock all characters at Rank 7.

List of Faction characters:
- Tropa Z
- Commando Sombra
- De Marcos
- Cracha Preto
- Punchinellos

Deathmatch Challenge
Winner In Any Public Deathmatch (6) 

Self explanatory. Go into a Public Deathmatch and simply win. You will get this when you are going for the level 50 trophy - That will most of the online trophies. Try to loot bodies for adrenaline and other goodies. Use your Burst wisely! I recommend that you use Trigger Happy.

Grave Robber
Looted A Body (11) 

In any match, go over to an enemy you have killed and loot him/her by holding . I recommend that you loot every enemy that you can, it will give you a lot of good bonuses and work toward different Grinds.

The Gambler
Won A Wager (1) 

You can make a Wager on the game mode Gang Wars. Before the rounds starts press and do a Wager. It's about luck winning a Wager. The Wagers are things like first kill and highest killstreak. I got it on my first Wager, LUCKY ME!

Training Complete
Achieve Level Rank 50 (29) 

Reaching level 50 will take some time. The fastest way of getting xp is playing Gang Wars. I got around 1,000-4,000 xp per match, and you will need 619,500 XP for reaching level 50. This trophy is not actually so time consuming as people think. I got some tips for xp grinding.

- Vendetta: When you are killed by the same player again, you can press to engage a Vendetta. Kill the player again, and you get a "Vendetta settled" bonus.
- Crews: While playing in a crew you'll earn extra xp.
- Grinds: Grinds are really important. You will gain massive XP bonuses. Look under your multiplayer grinds to see the different ones. Try to work towards a couple of these while playing. Do rolls, Shootdodges, loots etc.

Dearest Of All My Friends
Kill Someone On Your Friends List (48) 

The easiest way of getting this is to get you and your friend in a Deathmatch, then simply just kill him/her. This awarded for killing your friend… AWESOME!

Secret Trophies
You Push A Man Too Far
Don't Shoot The Dis-Armed Man (10) 

This trophy is achievable in the very end of the game. You have to shoot the guy with the Grenade Launcher but if you choose not to kill him then he will reward you with this trophy:

Flawless Team Gang Wars Victory (11) 

A Flawless Team Gang Wars Victory is when you win in all 5 rounds in a single game. You don't have to focus on this, and it should unlock when you're doing the Level 50 grind. You are going to play a lot of matches any way so this should come naturally.

DLC: Local Justice Pack
Cost: 7.99 Trophies: 5
Air Ace
Get 2 kills in a single Shootdodge in the Departure Lounge (3) 

Best to boost this in a team deathmatch. Have two people stand at the bottom of the escalators in the main terminal area, or at the bottom of the stairs in the baggage area. Make sure you have the LAW or RPG in your arsenal. Simply shootdodge down the stairs and blow both people up before you hit the ground. This can be boosted in a public match if you don't have a full party, but it's more difficult. If you don't have the LAW or haven't unlocked the RPG, you should dual-wield and soften both of your targets up to around half their health before shootdodging.  If you're trying to do this legit and only get one kill in the air, don't panic. Stay on the ground and kill whatever unlucky guy comes along next. As long as you do not get off the ground after the shootdodge, the game will still count your next kill towards the trophy.

Express Checkout
Kill 4 players within 3 seconds in the Imperial Palace (26) 

The hardest trophy in this set, I thought. There are two methods to do this.

Legit Method
Your best chance at doing this legit is to make good use of the Weapon Double Dealer burst. At level 3, it will cause the other team to immediately drop all their grenades, primed. If you are supremely lucky, you can catch a few of them in cover with this burst. The idea here is to kill one (or two if they are close to each other) normally while running around the map, and then immediately trigger your burst and hope it gets the rest of the team. It's not impossible, but it's extremely difficult to pull off.

UPDATE: If you also have the Hostage Negotiation Pack, you can also get this trophy by using the level 3 Explosives burst.

Boosting Method
Set up a team deathmatch with your group - 8 people. You can obviously set up anywhere on the map, but a nice place to gather is in the empty pool outside. Simply have all four members of the other team stand closely together and nail them with the RPG or LAW. A grenade would also work here.

Long Arm of the Law
Win 20 Vendettas in the 55th Battalion HQ (2) 

For this trophy, you need to initiate and win 20 vendettas on the 55th Battalion HQ map. Vendettas from other players that you survive do not count for this trophy. You can initiate a vendetta on any player that has killed you twice or more without you killing them by pressing at the respawn screen. Do yourself a favor and equip the Vendetta Tracker item in your loadout. This item always shows your Vendetta target on your mini-map, which makes hunting them down a lot easier. The trophy will pop as soon as you kill your 20th target.

M4 Murder
Level up your M4 Assault all the way to level 10 (1) 

You do NOT have to play on the DLC maps for this trophy. I found the M4 to be an excellent all-around weapon. It is comparable to the AK-47 - lower damage but a higher rate of fire. I also found it to be more accurate at distance than the AK. For this trophy you'll just need to keep killing with the weapon. It will take around 400 kills for you to level it up all the way to 10. Remember to equip the weapon mods as you go. My loadout was the silencer, mag guide, and the damage upgrade. You can check the Local Justice grinds to see how many kills you have with the M4. The trophy will pop as soon as your gun hits level 10.

Keep Your Nose Clean
Get 100 Kills as a member of the SPP 

The Sau Paulo Police is a faction that you will be randomly assigned to while playing on the Local Justice maps. I would recommend setting your SPP avatar to be something very distinct so that you always remember when you're playing as them. For this trophy you will need to accumulate 100 overall kills while playing in matches as this faction. The trophy will pop as soon as you hit 100. This should come during normal play if you frequent the DLC maps.

Here's a great tip for making this trophy go a little faster:

I just wanted to note that for the "Keep Your Nose Clean" trophy, you can just set your deathmatch avatar to someone in the SPP. Then play deathmatch and once you get 100 kills, it will unlock. This is how I did it since I was having trouble finding other game modes (like team deathmatch) where it puts you as SPP.

DLC: Hostage Negotiation
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 4
Old School Moves
Perform a 720 spin while prone in Nightclub (1) 

We've had our fair share of difficult trophies in Max Payne 3, but this is by far the easiest. For this you need to select the Club Moderno map. As soon as the match begins, shootdodge forward so that you end up prone on the ground. Then just rotate your camera around in a full circle twice, or until the trophy pops.

Also i would like to say a tip about the "Old School Moves" trophy, (maybe is not usefull but i'll say anyway) actually you can earn it in a private match solo, this can help to anybody that recently bought the season pass (like me) and of course don't find any session (or gameroom) playing this map.

Early Adopter
In a single game, kill the same player with both the M24 and the IA2 AR 

For this you will want to have two loadouts prepared - one with each new rifle in them. The M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle with 5-round clips. It's a one-shot kill and reloads pretty quickly. The IA2 AR is your standard assault rifle. I found it comparable to the M4 or FAL. If you're going for this legit, the best way is to play half of the match with one weapon and then switch to the other. You will likely have killed all of the opposing team by the time you switch.

Get 3 kills from a single use of the level 3 explosives burst (3) 

The explosives burst is new in this pack and does the following at each adrenaline level:

Level 1 - All existing dead bodies on your team are booby-trapped for the enemy.
Level 2 - Gives you explosive ammo for 10 seconds.
Level 3 - Drops a grenade near all visible enemies.

For this trophy you need to not only trigger a level 3 burst, but kill 3 people with it. This means you need to have 3 people visible on your screen and they need to be standing still long enough to be blown up. For legit players, I would recommend doing this in Gang Wars (the map doesn't matter) where you're likely to come across the enemy team camping together for an objective. For boosters, just meet at a central location and trigger the burst when your adrenaline is full.

60 Seconds of Intimidation
Grind 60 Seconds of Intimidation on enemy players (1) 

Also new in this pack is the Intimidation Mask, which you can equip in the head slot of your character. Intimidation causes players within your line of sight to reload very slowly. The trophy requires you to accumulate 60 seconds of extra reload time across any number of matches. It does NOT have to be done in a single match. If you're playing legit you'll probably get this just by equipping the mask and playing the game. Boosting is much quicker. All players should equip the mask and meet at a central location. Stand close together. From here, everyone should shoot a bullet at the floor, then reload, then repeat. It took only a few minutes for most of us to get the trophy doing it this way. It is unclear whether reload time stacks. That is to say, whether causing two players near you to reload effectively doubles the time gained toward the grind.

A great boosting strategy that Wodenshot put together is available here.

DLC: Painful Memories
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 5
Long Arm of the Lawless
Kill Max Payne in Panama as the De Marcos (4) 

The only way to earn this trophy is by playing Canal De Panama in the Payne Killer game mode. Because you are playing on the Canal De Panama map, everyone who joins will spawn as one of the De Marcos abroad avatar faction. Now let someone have the first kill to become Max Payne and then all you will need to do is kill whoever is Max Payne. Killing Passos will get you nothing so try to avoid him at all costs.

For boosters make sure one person becomes Max at the start of the round, then continue going down the list of your members until everyone has killed Max. If you know for a fact that you killed Max and the trophy didn't pop, make sure you kill him with a gun and not melee or a grenade.

Bar Brawler
Kill someone with a melee strike in the Bar area of Hoboken Bar 

To earn this trophy you must be playing the Marty's Bar map, but you can play it on any game mode. This map is based on Chapter 8 from the main game (morgue and all) but has some liberties added such as a bar area. The bar area is a recycled environment from the already existing Hoboken Tenements Gang Wars map so it will look familiar once you reach it. Once you're in the bar area, simply wait behind the counter or hug a wall until an enemy comes through and press when close to them. Once you've meleed them the trophy will pop. The area located within the circle below is the bar area for this map.

Ouch My Head
Headshot someone with a Hangover (1) 

Hangover is the new burst in The Painful Memories Pack and upon activating the burst, each level does the following:

Level 1 - Enemies will spawn with camera blur, 80% health, and 75 stamina
Level 2 - Enemies will spawn with camera blur, 60% health, and 25% stamina
Level 3 - Enemies will spawn with camera blur, 40% health, and 0% stamina

Hangover works like this: Once activated, for a short time anyone on the opposite team who respawns will be effected by Hangover. Hangover lasts for at most 5 seconds; sometimes it goes away almost instantly. The hip flask item also negates the effect of Hangover if an enemy is using it. Basically once you activate Hangover you have to kill an enemy with a headshot almost immediately after they spawn and the enemy can't be wearing the hip flask or it won't count. You may be thinking that since you need to get a headshot, it won't matter what level burst you use to get this trophy. Although that is partially true, you should use level 3 as it completely drains the enemy's stamina and, in-case they are wearing head protection, the lowered HP will still make it so a head shot is a one hit kill.

For boosting this or trying to get it done legit, I recommend using a small map (like Branco Headquarters or Shoot First) or a map with lots of tight corridors (like Hoboken Alleys, 55th Battalion HQ, or Club Moderno). You may also get lucky and get into a room where no one has the Hip Flask item, there is no way to tell who has it but playing maps that are not in this map pack may make it easier to get this trophy.

Lastly, here is a quote that may prove useful to those of you out there still trying to get this trophy legit, credit to sandman for this tip:

I just got the Ouch My Head trophy legit on the Marty's Bar map when I wasn't trying for it. I never used the Hangover burst, so I must have earned the trophy from someone else's use of the burst.

Welcome Ashore
Kill a player on the yacht from the observation platform of the Panama Canal (1) 

To earn this trophy the player who will be killing needs to be in the observation deck and have a weapon that can be used for long range such as the LAW, RPG or a sniper rifle (point A on the image below in the video) and the person being killed needs to be on top of the yacht (my personal opinion is to get on top of the closed Jacuzzi, point B below). Now as long as no-one kills you whilst you're in the observation deck and no-one kills your partner on the closed Jacuzzi then this trophy will be yours.

This can be done in Team Deathmatch (although getting the map with both sides is rare) but more than likely you will need to do this in gang wars. You need to be playing on the Canal De Panama map.

Drinker's Revenge
Kill the sniper who broke your Hip Flask in the same life (3) 

The Hip Flask is one of the new items that comes with this map pack. The Hip Flask does two things:

  1. The Hip Flask prevents a sniper from doing any damage to you for one shot regardless of where they shoot you. If a sniper hits you with a sniper bullet then the Hip Flask will break and you are no longer safe from snipers (it doesn't protect you from any other type of weapons).
  2. As long as it hasn't been broken, the Hip Flask will also prevent you from suffering the effects of a Hangover.

To get this trophy a sniper needs to have you shot you at least once to break the Hip Flask, then need you need to kill that same sniper before they kill you. It doesn't matter if you kill them with a grenade, gun or even melee but you need to kill them before they kill you or you will have to try this again with a new respawn. For boosting just find a remote area and shoot once to break the Hip Flask, and then have your boosting partner shoot and kill you. Reverse the process and both players involved will earn the trophy. This trophy can be earned in a private match.

DLC: Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 7
3 Blind Mice
Blind 3 players simultaneously with the Pepper Spray (4) 

Pepper spray is one of the new weapons that you can use in this DLC expansion. Unlike previous weapons, both regular and DLC, the Pepper Spray can be used to not only kill your opponents but it can also be used to stun them. This makes it easy for you to get away and have a teammate kill your enemy or even to just mess around and make the enemy mad. To get this trophy you need to attack 3 players at the same time with the Pepper Spray; the spray shoots like a normal gun does in Max Payne 3 but the spray comes out at a constant arc and has only a maximum range of a few feet in front of you.

You will also know when you have blinded someone with it because they will perform an animation of putting their arms/hands in front of their face and they will not be able to move. This means that you need to spray 3 people very close to each other within seconds of each other. Playing on a smaller map is ideal for getting this legitimately.

Sweaty Betty
Trigger and avoid a Bouncing Betty by Shootdodging (2) 

To use a Bouncing Betty, you need to throw it like you would any other explosive/projectile (hold or depending on your layout, and throw with or ). However, unlike other explosives it needs to be in the proximity of an enemy before it will explode; the Bouncing Betty will remain on the ground and only launches upward and explodes when an enemy player comes in contact with it. Once you've deployed the Bouncing Betty, wait somewhere close to it until an enemy comes by and activates it. Once the Bouncing Betty is activated, you'll know because it'll be in the air, shootdodge backwards and away from it. Done correctly, this trophy will pop with no problems.

Betty Confetti
Kill a player with the Bouncing Betty (2) 

To know how to use a Bouncing Betty, to know what a Bouncing Betty is or even how to kill someone with it, please see Sweaty Betty.

Resisting Arrest
Stun 10 players with either the cattle prod or stun gun 

The cattle prod and stun gun are 2 more of the new weapons that this DLC expansion brings. I'm going to be listing pros and cons of both weapons below, also note that this trophy doesn’t have to be completed in one round.

  • The stun gun acts like a normal gun does (aim with and fire with ).
  • It only has 3 stun darts, unless you’re using the ammo pouch which brings it up to 4. Getting the trophy with one life is improbable unless someone else has a stun gun.
  • The darts only have an effective range of a few feet in front of you.
  • The cattle prod behaves more like a melee weapon then a gun.
  • It has plenty of power, which means you'll be able to stun more people in one life then with a stun gun.
  • Since it is essentially a melee weapon it has no range whatsoever, you need to be right next to your enemy like you would be if you were trying to melee them.
Breaking and Entering
Open 15 Containers or Doors in a single game of Dead Men Walking 

In Dead Men Walking, to open anything (doors, health cabinets, ammo crates, weapon cases and weapon containers) you need to fill your grit meter so that you can open the container/door you want to. In the bottom right corner of your screen you will see a meter with 4 boxes, this is your grit meter and depending on how many boxes are filled depends on what you can open.

  1. The first box fills up brown and opens health cabinets, ammo crates, and a few doors.
  2. The second box fills up grey and opens the remaining doors as well as weapon cases.
  3. The third box fills up gold and opens up one of the few weapon containers throughout the map. Weapon containers contain the best possible weapons you can obtain in co-op.

Your grit meter also stacks so say you had both the brown and grey boxes filled, you could open one health cabinet and then one ammo crate or even another health cabinet (as long as they are brown). To get this trophy, you need to kill enough enemies to fill your grit meter and open a total of 15 doors and containers. Below are some additional notes you should know:

  • There is no way to keep track of how many doors and/or containers you've opened unless you are personally keeping track.
  • You have to be the one to open the door/container. The trophy will not pop if you and your partner have opened a combined total of 15.
  • Once a door has been opened, you cannot re-open it. However, once a container has been opened, after a set amount of points have been earned (the game will tell you if stand next to the container) you can re-open it and will count as an additional opened container.
  • If both you and your partner die, then the doors and containers you have opened will not count on your next try. This has to be done in one playthrough of dead men walking.
It Looked Easy Enough
Complete the Challenge Mode (12) 

The Challenge Mode is a new addition to the arcade modes in Max Payne 3. It can best be described as a combination between New York Minute (not Hardcore) and Score Attack. Whilst being neither harder nor easier then either, Challenge Mode has you going through each of the campaigns chapters, like New York Minute but instead of having to continuously kill to keep your time from becoming zero you need to complete challenges that the game tells you to. They are not missable, as the game will freeze and state what has to be done while making sure you press to continue. Each of the challenges has a set goal (like kill x amount of enemies or kill enemies with no cover and no painkillers) and a set amount of time to do it in. If you fail the conditions or run out of time for that challenge, then you will be have to replay that challenge; It will not make you restart the chapter if you fail.

Below are some general tips for Challenge Mode, as well a link to a thread that I will be posting a video walkthrough of each chapter as well as a text description (along with the video) on how to best complete each challenge. Challenge Mode Walkthrough.

  • Pay close attention to the challenges. If you are tasked with killing x amount of enemies while prone, then having the option to use bullet time negates the need for cover (and makes the challenge ridiculously easy). While if you’re supposed to kill X amount of enemies prone without bullet time, then you’re going to have to readjust your strategy and pay attention to your surrounding for cover.
  • When not having to clear a challenge, stick to using a one handed weapon (mainly a pistol). You never know what challenge is around the corner, and using a pistol outside of challenges saves you ammo for your 2 handed weapons which help out tremendously during challenges.
  • As soon as you finish a challenge, heal yourself. A lot of challenges state that you cannot use pain killers, and you never know how close or far apart challenges are from each other.
  • If you fail a challenge, you won’t be forced to restart the entire chapter so use your failures as a way to understand there is a better way that this can be done; instead of using failures as frustration.
  • When not in a challenge, always aim for the head. You want to use as little ammo as possible outside of challenges and a headshot is the quickest way to deal with this problem.
  • Stick to free aim. It may not be ideal but pulling off headshots and aiming for particular body parts (like the groin challenges) will be way harder than they have to be if you’re using soft lock.
Breaking the 4th
Earn a x4 multiplier in Challenge Mode 

This is probably the easiest trophy in this DLC and can be obtained in any chapter of Challenge Mode. Since Challenge Mode is like a combination of New York Minute and Score Attack, you will have a score multiplier in the top left of your screen throughout each chapter. As long as you don't mess up any of the challenges, (your score resets to zero if you do), the multiplier will continue to increase. As soon as you hit a x4 multiplier the trophy will pop. For reference, I was able to get this in the first chapter, as soon as I made it into the underground parking garage and cleared the first bunch of enemies.

Game Info
Rockstar Games


US May 15, 2012
Europe May 18, 2012
Japan September 06, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-16
ESRB: Mature
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