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Guide By: Druoxrodest
There are 11 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 9.24 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
Offline (breakdown): 10 (5 , 4 , 1 )
Online (breakdown): 1 (1 )
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-15 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 highly recommended)
Number of missable trophies: 3 ( No Continue, All S Rank Completed, No Repair)
Glitched trophies: None
Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes, the 3 missable trophies can only be earned on the Normal difficulty.
Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheat codes.

"MALICIOUS™ is an action game in which the player inhabits a Spirit Vessel and controls the Mantle of Cinders in order to defeat MALICIOUS, the bringer of disaster to the world.

Each Scene consists of a boss fight. After defeating the boss, the player gains new powers. You can clear the Scenes in any order, but the later Scenes will be more difficult. Think of your own strategy to get the abilities you need to clear each Scene, and lead the world to peace!"

- Malicious Game Manual Page 2, Game Overview

Malicious contains 3 missable trophies: All S Rank Completed, No Continue, and No Repair. It is highly recommended to play and beat the game at least once to develop a feel for it. This will make your S Rank and No Repair playthrough feel much easier. If you are able to beat the game on Normal, then there is a good chance you are able to 100%.

Step 1: Play and beat the game
Before starting Story Mode, go to Controls at the Title Screen and set the camera speed to 5. If you do not like inverted camera controls, set them to Reversed. This will save you some trouble. You can also customize the controls if they feel too awkward for you. This guide will use the default controls. Whenever is used in this guide, you must hold it until the combo ends.

Start a new game on Normal. This will prepare you for All S Rank Completed and No Repair. You can either focus on having fun (select Easy) or go for No Guard, Counter Master, 100 Chain, and 1 Kill Cleared if you want. If you happen to get stuck, see the S Rank and No Repair Walkthrough for strategies. Be aware that if you decide to play in an order of your own, you may give yourself an unexpected, unnecessary challenge and may not be able to earn Counter Master (and possibly other trophies). I recommend you play the scenes in the following order:

  • Forsaken Library ( No Guard, 1 Kill Cleared)
  • Forbidden Floor
  • Royal Battle Escort ( 100 Chain)
  • Battlefield of Yore
  • Triumphal Square
  • Edge of the Abyss ( Counter Master )

This is the best and easiest way to play and earn Counter Master (see the trophy for more information).

Upon completion of this step, you will have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Slayer
  • Story Completed
  • No Guard
  • Counter Master
  • 100 Chain
  • 1 Kill Cleared

Step 2: S Rank and No Repair Playthrough
In this step, focus on achieving all S ranks and do NOT heal nor use a continue.

Upon completion of this step, you will have unlocked he following trophies:

  • No Continue
  • All S Rank Completed
  • No Repair

Step 3: Cleanup
Gather up any trophies that you may have forgot about, skipped, and have left using Free Play Mode.

Upon completion of this step, you will have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Ranking Debut
  • 10,000 Kills

[PS3T would like to thank Druoxrodest for this Road Map]

You've put down a power holder.  

Story-related, unlocks after defeating your first boss.

Story Completed
You've completed the story mode.  

Story-related, unlocks after defeating the final boss.

No Guard
You've cleared a scene without any guard. (1) 

Select scene Forsaken Library. Forget the button even exists and beat the boss.

Note: You have infinite continues doing this in Free Play Mode.

Counter Master
You've succeded in all of the counter actions. (3) 

During a fight, you may be prompted to do one of these. A counter attack can only be performed by pressing both when prompted while having a certain form of your mantle active, when a boss has a significant amount of health, is in a certain part of the area, a certain distance away from you, and can only be done once for a specific attack once per fight.

Each boss has one attack which can be countered with the exception of the flying knight having two and the final boss having four, making a total of 10. All counters take part of a boss's health down (final boss is exempt from this damage). It is worth your while to counter every chance you get. Your counters count between Story Mode and Free Play Mode.

Forsaken Library

Required: Fist (Available from the start)

This boss can only be countered when you are on the bottom level and during the 2nd phase of the fight. When it starts to climb to the highest level, quickly head to the center and wait for the prompt.

Triumphal Square

Required: Sword (Must have cleared Forbidden Floor)

This can easily be done when you are damaging the boss as most of the time you will be prompted. You must be on the ground.

Royal Battle Escort

Required: Lance (Must have cleared Forsaken Library)

This guy has two counters and can only be done during the first phase of the fight when its cannon part of the shield is not destroyed. You must destroy the shield until only the cannon remains. You will then be prompted to counter when it uses the gatling gun. After doing the first counter, you will shortly be prompted for the second so do not put that controller down!

Battlefield of Yore

Required: Wing, Lance (Must have cleared Royal Battle Escort and Forsaken Library)

This one is simple. You just need to be in front of its head, float (hold ), and wait.

Note: If you do not have the Wing, you will still get the counter prompt if you have Lance but it will fail.

Forbidden Floor

Required: Lance (Must have cleared Forsaken Library)

This one is as random as it can get. You must be distanced from Ashlelei and be directly across from her with nothing in the way. The move to counter is her stretch sword grab which is more likely to be countered when behind or on the side of the stairs. Chances are you will get the prompt while making laps around the area and killing the red knights.

Edge of the Abyss

Required: Lance (Must have cleared Forsaken Library)

There are a total of four counters that need to be done here and the good news is, you only need to be in one spot and wait for each one. Fly to one of the higher blue platforms and wait for the prompts. The moves to counter are: punch (right hand), swipe (left hand), swipe (right hand), and tentacle jab. You may have to jump if the prompt does not appear when it is about to do the attack.


Ranking Debut
You've made a debut in our ranking.  

You need to unlock either Score Attack or Time Attack to do this. I do not know the exact requirements to unlock these, but both modes unlocked for me when I completed the S rank and No Repair playthrough.

Go into Free Play Mode and select any scene with . You will be able to use to choose the mode you want to play. Select Score Attack, start the scene and wait for the time to run out. The trophy unlocks at the results screen.

10,000 Kills
You've killed 10,000 enemies in total. (1) 

In Free Play Mode, select either Battlefield of Yore, Royal Battle Escort, or Triumphal Square as these have a high number of enemies. Now run around and Fist all the enemies you can find. Feel free to kill until the time run out as you will respawn with 5 minutes every time the clock runs out. Be sure to kill the boss to save your kills if you are not going to continue farming for whatever reason.

Note: Your kills are shared in both the Story Mode and Free Play Mode.

100 Chain
You've achieved a chain of 100. (1) 

A chain is where you kill an enemy with an attack utilizing and the result ending with the enemy exploding, killing another nearby enemy which will also explode and kill another nearby enemy and will stop if there are no more enemies nearby. Your chain will end if you take too long to continue adding to it.

The best and easiest scene for this is Royal Battle Escort; head down to the level where the huge cannons are. Right here will have doors which open rather quickly and they are nearby other doors. The average spawn is 5, but the timing of each spawn seems to be luck based. Anyway, max out your aura points and aura release level 3. Use Sorcerer Bullets to dispose of the spawning knights and try to build your chain. See the following video by PsChbox if you have trouble.


No Continue
You've completed the story mode on Normal difficulty without using a continue. 

Missable! See No Repair for details.

This trophy unlocks at the end game results screen. You are given a small gold star on the right for not using a continue.

All S Rank Completed
You've completed all scenes of the story mode on Normal difficulty at S rank.  

Missable! This is the hardest trophy in the game and unlocks at the end game results screen. For S rank, you must earn a grade combination of SSSS, SSSA, SSAA, or SSSB. It does not seem to matter which places you earn the A's or the B. Here are the following categories you are ranked in:

  • Clear Time
  • Enemies Killed
  • Max Chain
  • Parts Lost

See the S Rank and No Repair Walkthrough for more details.

1 Kill Cleared
You've cleared this scene by defeating the power holder exclusively. (1) 

Select scene Forsaken Library as the enemies in that scene will not hurt you. Kill the boss with a safe mantle form like Fist. At the results screen, it should say no more than 1 kill (the boss). If the boss kills any of its minions it will not count against the trophy.

Tip: It is best to waste all of your aura at the start, and not instant guard. The reason for this is in case you kill an enemy, you will gain aura. If you die, you will gain 400 aura points for each respawn. You can go ahead and instant guard for aura to help end the fight quickly, but if you cannot keep track of your aura count then you may not know if you have killed an enemy accidentally or not from one of your attacks.

No Repair
You've completed the story mode on Normal difficulty without repairing the Spirit Vessel or using a continue. (2) 

Missable! This must be done in one playthrough on Normal. This is best gotten along with All S Rank Completed as you will be guaranteed an automatic S rank in the Parts Lost requirement, so it saves you the unnecessary playthrough. You must not repair any of your limbs throughout the playthrough nor use a continue.

See the S Rank and No Repair Walkthrough for more details.

This trophy unlocks at the end game results screen.

Game Info


US July 24, 2012
Europe February 08, 2012
Japan October 27, 2010

Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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