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Unlock 100%

This trophy is a little tricky. Basically you need to have complete the Campaign, the Challenges, and unlocked all the cards for each deck. Each time you win a game of any type in Single Player or Multiplayer, you will unlock a card for the deck you're currently using. Certain decks are unlocked upon completing the Single Player Campaign. You can press in the main menu to see a list of decks you've unlocked, number of cards unlocked for each deck, as well as change decks and/or customize them to a very limited extent.

Now here comes the tricky part, at the bottom of main menu you will see a % counter that indicates your total unlock progress. The problem is, this counter tracks your overall unlock progress of the Core Game AND DLC if you have it. If you had 90% in the Core Game and decided to install all 3 DLC, your unlock progress tracker will drop to somewhere about 40%. So if you have installed DLC, you obviously have much more to do by completing more campaigns, challenges and even more Decks to unlock and complete.

My advice is to complete 100% of the Core Game before installing any DLC if you want to save ALOT of time.

Note: I can confirm that you can delete the game if you have DLC installed, reinstall the Core Game only then work on this trophy. Don't worry your save file will still contain your DLC progress. As soon as the counter hits 100% the trophy will unlock. Sometimes the game will round up your progress from 90+ % to 100% even if you have not unlocked everything. I had one more deck to complete when the trophy unlocked. You can then re-download your DLCs from PSN store and work on the expansions if you like.

One method of boosting this is to create an online match and trade wins with another player by having one side concede the game upon starting. The winner will continue to unlock cards for the deck he is using, but first he should make sure he has unlocked all the decks via Single Player Campaign.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by twentylemon
Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 03:26:24 PM

To unlock cards faster, go to Custom Duel. Change the settings so that you have 40 life and 9 cards, and the AI has 20 life and 5 cards. I haven't lose a game yet because of the huge advantage.

 Comment #2 by POTTON_2
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 @ 07:35:16 PM

If you buy the Bundle Pack in Playstation Store you get everything unlocked including all 3 DLC plus 80% of your cards are foil. A lot quicker to get 100% for unlocking each card. Only downfall is that you have to complete default campaign and co-op as well as all 3 campaigns and co-op to recieve the 100% trophy. Actually not hard but this is the quickest way to reach 100% depending on your skill.

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