The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Trophy Guide
Guide By: dcollins22
There are 47 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Difficulty rating thread)
  • Offline trophies: 47 (31, 13, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 - 25 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 (one for each difficulty)
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 (The Lidless Eye, Friend of the Woodland Realm, Friend of the Ring Bearer and Eagle Savior
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, there are three trophies related to completing the game on different difficulty settings.
  • Do trophies stack?: No, the game must be completed 3 times, once for each difficulty (Normal, Heroic and Legendary).
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Credit and Special Thanks

Lord of the Rings: War in the North is an RPG set in the northern regions of Middle-Earth. The story follows three heroes with the events taking place at the same time to those of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the book by J.R.R. Tolkien. You play your part in the war of Middle-Earth by tracking down and facing Sauron's right hand man, Agandaur. You will come across many familiar faces from the film and book throughout the game, including Frodo and Gandalf.

As previously mentioned you play as one of three characters, each having their own type of combat and special ability:

  • Eradan - A Ranger class of character that has a powerful bow used for ranged enemy attacks. His special ability is Stealth which allows him to avoid enemy detection.
  • Farin - A soldier/champion class of character that specializes in melee attacks, being able to inflict large amounts of damage. He also yields a crossbow with a very powerful attack called Explosive Bolt, which once upgraded with a high Dexterity skill will prove very useful on your harder playthroughs.
  • Andriel - A magic class of character that specializes in the use of spells in both offensive and defensive combat. She can heal the two other characters.

Although the game is an RPG, it isn't open world with the game being quite linear in its progression. You can swap between any of the three players at anytime by quitting to the main menu. Each player has their strengths and weaknesses and are useful against different types of enemies. In terms of trophies, there isn't anything difficult if you follow the walkthrough below. You will have to play through the game three times though, one for each of the difficulty settings. Your second and third playthroughs will be easier then your first, because you will be a higher level and have unlocked stronger weapons and skills.

It's worth noting that save files for this game are locked, meaning that they can't be backed up to USB so you will need access to the PS+ Save File Cloud: LINK.

Some people have experience numerous glitches in this game relating to loss of progress and side quests disappearing when reloading your saved game. There are a couple of workarounds for this, I advise reading THIS thread for more information. Credit to dreadnaught_ for creating the thread.

Step 1 - Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty

For your first playthrough you will be playing on Normal difficult and unlocking the majority of the combat and miscellaneous trophies, as well as all story-related trophies. There are trophies related to each of the three playable characters so for this first playthrough you will be playing as two separate characters. First off start with the Lore-Master (Andriel) to unlock the Herb-master trophy then once you have unlocked this trophy, quit to the main menu and continue as the Duendain Ranger (Eraden) to unlock the Seeker trophy. There are a two collectible related trophies in which you should keep an eye on during this playthrough, these include The Lidless Eye and Well-arrayed. There are also four missable trophies in the game so I advise you get them over and done with in your first playthrough.

At the end of this Step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Friend to the Eagles
Tharzog's Bane
Begone, lord of carrion!
Trusted with the Secret
Wulfrun's Bane
In the Dragon's Den
Hero of the North
Friend to the Ring-bearer *Missable*
Friend of the Woodland Realm *Missable*
Eagle Savior *Missable*
Where there's life, there's hope
Sudden Fury
Now for wrath, now for ruin!
Troll's Bane
Like a Thunderbolt
Keen-eyed marksman
Swift-winged Warrior
Warrior Exemplar
Defender of the North
Bane of Mordor
Expert Treasure-hunter
Victorious in Battle
Champion of the North
The Lidless Eye *Missable*

Step 2 - Complete the campaign on Heroic difficulty

Since you have unlocked the trophies associated with two out of three of the characters, I advise you to do this playthrough playing as the Champion of Erebor (Farin). He is by far the strongest of the three and his Explosive Bolt skill will make this playthrough and the next one on Legendary difficulty much easier. There are a few miscellaneous trophies which you probably wouldn't have unlocked during Step 1 which you should keep in mind during this playthrough. These include War-machinist and Seeker. You may also unlock some of the trophies listed in Step 1 during this playthrough and vice versa.

At the end of this Step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Many deeds, great and small
Living Shield
Hero of Legend

Step 3 - Complete the campaign on Legendary difficulty

To make this playthrough as quick and easy as possible, I advise using the same character you used during Step 2. Your main focus of this playthrough will be to mop up any remaining trophies that you missed during your first two playthroughs, including any of the four missable trophies. Make sure you have the Explosive Bolt skill fully upgraded as this will dispatch almost every enemy in the game with a few hits. If there are any trophies you missed during your first two playthroughs, now is the time to clean them up.

At the end of this Step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Against all Odds

Step 4 - Get the online trophy

There is 1 online trophy, Strength of Our Alliance, which you can obtain at any time during your three playthroughs. You will require 2 other players so head over to the co-op partners thread here: LINK to find some other players.

At the end of this Step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Strength of Our Alliance
Warrior of the North

[PST Would Like to Thank dcollins22 for this Road Map]

Warrior of the North
Earn all trophies for Lord of the Rings: War in the North (13) 

You will unlock this trophy once you have all the others as well. Congratulations!

Where there's life, there's hope
Revive a fallen ally.  

When your allies take to much damage they will go into a downed state and will need to be revived. In order to revive them you need to stand close and hold . You will need to hold this button until the small meter is full, which will only take 2-3 seconds. You will most likely revive your ally's many times throughout your three playthroughs. The trophy will unlock after your first revive of an ally.

Kill 200 enemies in a single playthrough.  

This trophy will unlock quite early in the game. It doesn't matter what method you use to kill the enemies but once you defeat 200 of them, the trophy will unlock.

For more information, please refer to Bane of Mordor.

Sudden Fury
Perform 3 critical hits within 10 seconds.  

A critical hit can be performed once an enemy has been weakened to a certain point. A small yellow triangle will appear above their head. You will then need to hold to perform a critical hit. For this trophy you need to perform three of these within the space of 10 seconds. This will most easily be done when fighting numerous weak enemies at a time, such as goblins and spiders. You will most likely unlock this trophy without even trying and probably quite early on in the game so don't worry about it.

Strength of Our Alliance
Slay one enemy together with 2 other players. (124) 

This is the only online trophy of the game and will require two other players to unlock. You will need to kill an enemy simultaneously with two other players. This can be achieved very quickly on the very first enemy you come across in the game. When an enemy is weakened a yellow triangle will appear above their head. All three players will then need to press to finish the enemy with a critical hit. If performed correctly then a 'Group Kill' notification will appear and the trophy will unlock.

When playing online each player must be on the same difficulty setting. As such your best bet is to leave this trophy till last, then start a new game on Normal and either invite your join your friends game. You can find partners in the co-op partners thread here: LINK

Discover 25 secrets in a single playthrough. (4) 

Secrets refer to hidden passages in the game and can be found by all three characters by pressing at certain locations throughout the game. Each secret passage often leads to a chest that will contain various loot items, including weapons, armor and coins. There is a set number of secrets in each level of the game, ranging from 0 to 5. However, they appear differently to each of the three characters and there is also a different number of secrets available to each of the characters in the game. For example: A level may contain 5 secrets but three of these might only be found if you are playing as Eraden and the remaining two found as Farin, which means if you played the whole level as Andriel then you wouldn't have found any.

Eradan and Farin have by far the most secrets available to them in the game, with about 10-15 each per playthrough. Furthermore each of the scrolls for The Lidless Eye side quest counts as a secret on their own, which will reward you with 21 secrets if you complete this quest on each of your three playthroughs. If following the walkthrough you will play the vast majority of the game as Farin and Eradin so you won't have any trouble unlocking this trophy. However, for your own reference, I have a picture and description of what each secret looks like for each of the three characters.


Secrets for the Ranger (Eradan) are depicted by glowing footsteps on the ground, these will lead to a section of wall with a compass looking symbol. Simply press to reveal the secret. The footsteps are very noticeable and usually extend from the secret, then back to the main path of the level and thus are pretty hard to miss.


Secrets for the Champion (Farin) are depicted by gold and yellow veins at the entrance to the hidden passageway, these are quite large and take up the majority of the wall in which they are located.


Secrets for the Lore-master (Andriel) are depicted by a blue circular glow on the wall. She uses her magical staff to reveal the entrance to the secret by pressing when near the entrance. As previously stated, Andriel has by far the fewest secrets in the game so I advise against using her for this trophy.

Slot an elfstone into an item.  

Elfstones can be found randomly as drops from defeated enemies, as well as from destroying the many barrels and chests found throughout the game. As you kill enemies in the game they will drop a range of items, including potions, armor, and sometimes elfstones. These elfstones can be combined with different items, including weapons and armor and add a modification to that items characteristics. For example: The Elf-stone of Dexterity adds +5 Dexterity to whichever item you equip it to.

Once you find an elfstone, open your inventory by pressing and scrolling right by pressing . Once you select the elf-stone you are then free to add it to a weapon or item of armor/clothing. It's worth mentioning that elf-tones can't be added to every type of item so scroll through the weapons and armor you have and see which is compatible. Once you combine the two the trophy will unlock.

While in Hero Mode, perform a streak of 50 hits. (2) 

To activate Hero Mode you need to kill a dazed enemy (indicated by a white or yellow triangle above their head) with a finishing attack by pressing . You then need to perform 50 consecutive hits on enemies without taking too much damage yourself (roughly 2-3 hits) and without waiting too long between each of your attacks (approximately 2 seconds). If either of these happen, the counter will restart and you will need to enter Hero Mode again and start over.

This trophy is very easy to unlock as there are countless locations in the game where you are swarmed by enemies. I unlocked this trophy during my first playthrough as the Lore-master, when you are fighting numerous waves of goblins at Fornost there will be about 3 waves in total with about 15 enemies in each. Keep spamming to attack and make sure you stay close to your allies as that where the enemies tend to accumulate.

Another good location is also early in the game when you are heading towards the Citadel. Using the Rangers bow will help keep your counter going by hitting enemies at a distance if there aren't any in your immediate area that you can attack with melee.

Thanks to TrophiesAchieved for the video:

Now for wrath, now for ruin!
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously. (5) 

For this trophy you will need to kill 4 enemies at once from a single attack. All three characters have an area of effect attack which will deal damage to any enemy that is within reach of that attack. They can be performed by pressing + . By far the most effective of these is the explosive bolt attack by the dwarf (Champion). If you have been following the walkthrough in the Road Map then you will have already been focusing your skills towards this skill during the end of your first playthrough or during the start of your second playthrough. As you can guess it is easiest to kill 4 smaller and weaker enemies with one attack the it is with larger stronger enemies. As such there are numerous locations to unlock this trophy, your best bet is against spiders and goblins as they are usually in large groups and do not have a lot of health.

Troll's Bane
Slay the wild snow trolls.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

During the first level of Chapter 4 you will be progressing across Mount Gundabad. At a certain point along this route, a troll will emerge from a cave, after you defeat it there will be two more inside the cave. They aren't very hard to defeat, just keep dodging by pressing to avoid their heavy blows.

Once you have defeated all 3, the trophy will unlock.

Unlock every active-cast ability in one character’s skill tree. (1) 

Each player has varying abilities that can be performed by pressing and holding either or and pressing either , , or depending on the ability and the character. For this trophy you will need to unlock each one of these skills for a single character. Below is the list of skills you need to place a skill point in for each character in order to unlock this trophy.

  • Ranger - Evasion, Ranger Strike, Heavy Shot, Onslaught, Dual Strike, Cleave, Elusive Foe, Assail, Volley and Piercing Shot.
  • Champion - War-cry, Sweeping Attack, Crushing Blow, Shield Bash, Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Heavy Bolt, Shield Charge, Indomitable Spirit and Explosive Bolt.
  • Lore-master - Sanctuary, Word of command, Empower Staff, Tempest, Shielding Light, Smite, Wrath of the Eldar, Heal, Sundering Command and Burst of Light.

The image below shows the arrangement of skill points in which I had for the Ranger when I unlocked this trophy. If you have already distributed your skill points, then you can purchase a Re-spoke token from any vendor for 16,000 coins which will reset your skills so you can distribute the points again. Regardless of which character you choose to do this on, you will only need to be around level 18. Remember to back out of the menu to confirm the placement of your skill points so the trophy will unlock.

Achieve at least 1 rank in a tier 3 skill.  

A tier 3 skill is one that is on the bottom row of either of the three skill trees. You only need to place a single skill point in one of the tier 3 skills, you don't need to max it out. You will unlock this trophy when you are going for War-hardened and Battle-master.

There is potential for your allies to unlock this trophy for you as they will level up along with you and auto assign skill points. However, you will most likely unlock it yourself.

Like a Thunderbolt
Deal 3000 damage with a single ranged strike. (1) 

For this trophy you will need to deal over 3000 damage from a single ranged attack. This is most easily done with the Duendain Ranger (Eraden) using his bow and arrow. To use a ranged attack (this applies to all characters) you need to hold down to aim and press to fire. In order to increase the damage of your ranged attacks you need to focus your stats on upgrading Dexterity, mine was 41 when I unlocked the trophy which resulted in my Ranged attack damage being between 659-722. You can check both of these stats by pressing and scrolling to the stats screen by pressing

As you level up you will also need to focus your skill points on the right hand skill tree, especially for those that increase the power of your shots, thus allowing you to perform a heavy shot by holding and . You should also constantly change what bow you are using to make sure that you always have equipped the most powerful one available. When it comes to actually dealing 3000 damage with a single ranged attack, you can utilize hero mode to increase your attack power. Simply enter hero mode and then use a heavy shot ( + ) to headshot an enemy. If your stats are similar to what mine were then you shouldn't have any trouble getting the trophy. By my second playthrough each one of my ranged attacks with Farin's Explosive Bolt skill was dealing in excess of 10,000 damage. You don't need to worry to much about this trophy as it will unlock as you progress through the game and level up your characters.

Deal 1500 damage in a single melee strike.  

For this trophy you need deal 1500 points of damage in a single melee strike, ranged attacks will not count. This trophy can be unlocked with any player, providing you are using either or to inflict damage. As heavy attack deals more damage, you will have a greater chance of inflicting the required amount of damage with that attack. I unlocked this trophy early in the game with the Lore-master by holding to finish off an enemy when the yellow triangle appeared above an enemies head.

If you fail to unlock it with the Lore-master you will have no troubles on your second and third playthrough when you are using Farin as he has naturally higher strength. Just be sure to add some skill points to strength as you level up. Furthermore, constantly check the power of any new weapons you come across so you are always yielding most powerful ones possible.

Living Shield
Absorb 25,000 total damage during the course of 1 level. (9) 

For this trophy you must absorb, not block, a total of 25,000 damage points during the course of a single level. This simply means not holding block () so you actually are taking/receiving damage as opposed to blocking. There are multiple ways to go about doing this, but by far the most easiest is during your final playthrough on Legendary difficulty. This is due to the enemies being tougher and thus inflicting more damage on you. The quickest location to get this trophy is during the first level in Fornost when you first come across the exploding fire goblins. Either let them kill you a few times, or melee attack the red bomb that is lying on the ground in this area. I suggest you equip you lowest level armour as well to increase how much damage you take as well.

It doesn't matter if you die and restart from your last checkpoint as total damage taken carries across lives, this makes it much easier as you do not need to regain your health to receive more damage. There is no way to track how much damage you have taken during a level so just keep going until the trophy unlocks.

Many deeds, great and small
Complete 15 quests in a single playthrough.  

Quests in this game a separated into main and side quests. Main quests are completed by simply progressing through the game. However, side quests are found by talking to various A.I characters of the game and offering to help them with whatever they might need. Simply completing the main quests won't be enough to unlock this trophy, you will have to complete a few side quests as well. These quests can be found throughout the entire game, starting from the very beginning of the game in Bree. In total there are 15 side quests in the game. You can check all your active and completed quests at any time in the game by pressing and scrolling to the Log screen by pressing .

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. the 15 quests are accumulative.

Below is a list of all side quests in the game, which will definitely be enough to unlock this trophy. I have provided a walkthrough of the quests in which I completed as well.


Forewarned is Forearmed - This side quest is given to you by Otto Aster who can be found in the Prancing Pony at the very beginning of the game. To complete this quest you will need to leave the Prancing Pony and walk down the path until you come across Grof standing next to his carriage. Proceed through the conversation and then return to Otto to complete the quest.

Otto's Arsenal - This quest will automatically begin once you have completed the 'Forewarned is Forearmed' side quest. Just keep supplying him with weapons you don't need and eventually you will finish the side quest.

Rowlie's Gift - This side quest is given to you by Rowlie Appledore who can be found in the Prancing Pony. You will first need to go to Elmund the blacksmith who can be found right near the Prancing Pony. Once the locket is repaired return to Rowlie to get your I silver coin back and find the location of Idona. Idona can be found on the path leading out of the Prancing Pony, past Grof on the right hand side standing in front of a building. Once you have spoken to her, return to Rowlie to finish the quest.

Sarn Ford:

Athelas - Once you've finished Chapter 1 you will be at the third destination of the game, Sarn ford. To start this quest head inside the large tent next to the blacksmith and talk to Silanna. Exit the tent and head right to travel through the portal and into the Barrow Downs. As you make your way down the path look out for a herb on the side of the track. You can gather/pick it up regardless of what character you are, you do not have to be the Lore-master. Return to Silanna to finish this side quest.

The Last Sons of Cardolan - This quest will automatically begin once you enter the cave after defeating the Barren-Knight mini boss. You will need to clear three tombs of enemies.


Cult of the Lidless Eye - Refer to The Lidless Eye trophy for more details.

The Poet - The side quest is given to you by Bilbo Baggins who can be found sitting on a stone bench. Talk to him and agree to help and then continue up onto the stone bridge and talk to Arwen to finish the quest.

Miruvor - This quest is given to you by Arwen, who can be found on the large bridge going over the waterfall. You will need to find certain ingredients for her in the Ettenmoors. The ingredients you need to find are: 5x Miriloth Bloom, 2x Gilivor Crystals, and 1x Mountain Honey. Once you find these items in the level after Rivendell return to Arwen to complete the quest.

Work of Westernesse - This quest can start at any time during the course of the game. You need to find 4 Westernesse Artifact pieces which are dropped randomly by enemies and from barrels, boxes etc. Once you find all 4 (I found them throughout the Barrow-Downs) talk to the blacksmith at Rivendell and he will create an item for you out of them. Once you have done this the quest will be completed.

Truesilver - This side quest is given to you by Arwen once you have completed the Miruvor quest. Arwen is in search of a rare metal, Mithril, so she can complete a bannaer for Aragorn. You will find the metal ore in a chest during Chapter 4 when you are in the Alpine Pass level.


Gorin's Gratitude - This side quest will automatically start at the beginning of Chapter 5. You will need to speak to Galar who can be found at the bottom of the stairs on the left behind his stall, simply talking to him will complete this quest.

A Gem No Mine Can Yield - For this side quest you will need to find the Black Pearl, which is randomly hidden within a barrel or chest in Chapter 5 - Mirkwood. Once you find it the quest will begin. Speak to Buri at Nordinbad when you return there to complete the quest.

The Captive - For this side quest, refer to the Friend of the Woodland Realm trophy.

Kill 150 enemies with war machines in a single playthrough. (2) 

War machines are enemy mounted crossbows which you will come across at numerous locations throughout the game. As part of the story progression you will be advised to mount one of these and use it to kill enemies. Simply press to mount it and press to fire. The first real opportunity you have to use one is during Chapter 1 when you split paths with the two elves you meet up with. Another good opportunity is at the end of Chapter 4 when you are protecting two dwarves within Mount Gundabad. War Machines have unlimited ammo so you can simply spam in the direction of the enemies and kill many with a few shots, just make sure you utilize them whenever you come across them during the game.

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. the 150 kills are accumulative.

Equip all parts of an armor set. (7) 

Items of armor can be found throughout the game by either exploring/opening chests, defeating enemies or buying them from vendors. Some items of armor are part of a set, meaning that they have similar properties and appearance. For this trophy you will need to equip all armor pieces from the same set. Items of armor that are part of a set can be identified whiling in the item menu. To access this press and then scroll through the various pieces of armor you have. If an item is part of a set it will be noted in yellow text under the value and durability ratings. Sets of armor include such things as Marksman, Bright-flame, Alliance, Adament and Warlord.

For this trophy I advise that you open every chest you come across, break every barrel, box, crate etc and never sell any items of armor that are a part of a set. Give all your unwanted pieces to your other characters to free up room in your inventory. There are vendors in Bree, Sarn Ford, Rivendell and Nordinbad which you can check what items they are selling. Keep track of what set pieces you are missing to keep an eye out for them at the vendors, their list of inventory will update as you travel between these locations.

As your items carry over between each playthrough, you essentially have three playthroughs to find and equip pieces of armor from the same set. You can also look for another player to trade items with in the co-op thread located here: LINK

Sets of armour include 6 different pieces, one for each equip able part of the body. You will need to have an item from the same set equipped at the same time for the trophy to unlock. These include:

  • Headpiece
  • Shoulders
  • Body
  • Gloves
  • Leggings
  • Boots
Keen-eyed Marksman
Kill 50 enemies with headshots in a single playthrough.  

Although you can perform a headshot with any of the three characters, using the Duendain Ranger (Eraden) is the easiest due to his bow and arrow which can deal a lot of damage. Refer to Like a Thunderbolt for information regarding increasing the damage of your ranged attacks. You can check how many headshot you currently have by pressing and scrolling to the stats screen by pressing . From here, press to access the gameplay stats screen then scroll down the screen by pressing .

You can only perform a headshot using a ranged attack, which for all characters can be performed by holding down to aim and pressing to fire. For a headshot to count the enemy must die from a headshot, not simply be hit in the head with a ranged attack. I found it easiest to only go for head shots on the weaker enemies, because they are more likely to die from a single or a few shots so you don't waste your arrows. Using Eraden's heavy shot ability, + , greatly increases the damage of each ranged attack. This will allow you kill other ranger enemies with a single shot. You will know when you have performed a headshot as the words "headshot" or "bullseye" will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. the 50 headshot kills are accumulative.

Swift-winged Warrior
Summon Beleram 10 times in a single playthrough.  

Beleram is the large eagle you rescue during the first level of Fornost. From this point on you can summon him in battle for assistance by pressing + whilst playing with any of the three characters. You can only summon him when you are outside in open areas and not inside caves, dungeons etc. You can select an enemy in which you wish for him to attack by aiming with . To summon Beleram you must have at least one Great Feather which is an item you randomly pick up from fallen enemies and from breaking boxes, crates, barrels etc. You can check how many Great Feathers you have by pressing and scrolling to the items menu by pressing .

You will likely accumulate dozens of these throughout the game as they are randomly dropped from enemies so do not worry about the trophy. Beleram will prove to be invaluable during some of the tough boss battles and when fighting numerous large orcs at one time. Once you have summoned him for the 10th time the trophy will unlock. If you summon Beleram then reload a checkpoint to do it again, it will not count towards the trophy.

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. summoning Beleram 10 times.

Warrior Exemplar
For one character unlock every skill that provides a modification to War Cry, Sanctuary or Evasion. (3) 

Each of the three characters has a special skill that can be levelled up via the use of skill points which are earnt when you increase your level. In order to unlock the trophy you must unlock the following skills for one of the following characters:

  • Ranger (move - evasion) - Onslaught, Respite, Smoke and Flame, Stealth Mastery and Elusive Foe
  • Lore Master (move - war cry) - Healing Light, Sanctuary Master, Wrath of the Eldar and Forceful Fire
  • Champion (move - sanctuary) - Dwarf-armor, Taunt, Retaliation, Fortitude, Abundant Harm, Indomitable Spirit, Battle-fury and Battle-ready

I unlocked this during my first playthrough whilst playing as the Ranger. If you have already distributed your skill points, then you can purchase a Re-spoke token from any vendor for 16,000 coins which will reset your skills so you can distribute the points again. Regardless of which character you choose to do this on, you will only need to be around level 18 or less.

Defender of the North
Achieve level 10.  

Refer to Champion of the North

Champion of the North
Achieve level 20.  

As you progress through the game you will earn experience points for finishing quests and defeating enemies. Your level transfers between playthroughs so you essentially have three playthroughs to reach level 20. I reached level 20 around halfway through my first playthrough don't worry about this trophy. By the time you obtain the Platinum you will probably be around level 40 or above.

Create 15 potions in a single playthrough. (7) 

For this trophy you must create 15 potions from ingredients found throughout the game. It does not matter which 15 you create, so feel free to mix and match. Although all three characters can craft/create potions, only the Lore-Master (Andriel) can gather the ingredients from the environment. However, there have been bugs reported with trying to craft potions with Farin and Eradan so I suggest just using Andriel for the entire trophy. Ingredients/herbs are scattered randomly around the place and can be identified by a distinctive blue glow. For example: You will find numerous ingredients as you make your way through Fornost which is the first area you arrive in after leaving Bree. In order to gather an ingredient, simply press when the prompt appears on the screen when standing nearby. In order to create a potion, open your inventory by pressing and scroll to the items section by pressing . You will notice a crafting symbol flashing on top of the items/herbs that can be used/ combined with other items/herbs. Simply create 15 potions to unlock the trophy.

In total there are 14 different potions that can be created (it's worth nothing that I am not sure if the Healing Cake counts as a potion so you might want to ignore creating that one) from the ingredients/herbs found in the game. Each potion has a different effect on the player, these include:

  • Elixir of Learning - Increases Experience earnt by 100% for the duration of 1 minute
  • Healing Cake - Small healing increase
  • Health Potion - Large healing increase
  • Hero's Potion - Each strike performed during Heroic mode gives +1000 damage for the duration of 2 minutes
  • Potion of Might - All attacks have a minor area of damage effect, and enemies are slower in speed. Duration is of 2 minutes
  • Potion of Quickness - Temporary increase in speed when attacked by an enemy. Duration of of 5 minutes
  • Potion of Resurgence - Provides player with a single auto-revive upon being killed. Duration is of 2 minutes
  • Power Potion - Large power increase
  • Rejuvenating Cake - Small increase to health and power
  • Rejuvenation Potion - Large increase to both health and power
  • Restoring Cake - Small increase to power
  • Strength Potion - Increase strength by 100% for the duration of 2 minutes
  • Victor's Brew - Player receives orbs upon killing enemies. Duration of 1 minute
  • Warding Potion - 50% of received damage from enemies is absorbed. Has a Duration of 1 minute

Each potion only requires the combination of two different ingredients/herbs, of which there are 16 in total. The following image shows the recipe required to craft each of the above 14 potions (see the forum version here for a larger version LINK):

Bane of Mordor
Kill 600 enemies in a single playthrough.  

This will most definitely unlock through natural progression of the game, by the end of my first playthrough I had over 800 kills. It does not matter what method you kill enemies as every kill counts. You can track your progress by pressing and navigating to the stats screen by pressing . From here press to access your Gameplay Stats.

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. the 600 kills are accumulative.

Amass 25,000 coins. (4) 

For this trophy you will need to have 25,000 coins at one time. Coins can be obtained a few different ways, including finding them in the game by searching chests and breaking barrels, boxes, crates etc and by selling unwanted items, weapons and armor at vendors. You will have no trouble amassing this amount of coin, because you will come across more expensive items to sell as you progress through your playthroughs. I suggest not spending all your money on potions and weapons, because you find plenty of these randomly from chests and enemy drops in the game. During my third playthrough I had over 400,000 coins accumulated as items sell for more coin on your later playthroughs.

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. accumulating 25,000 coins.

Expert Treasure-hunter.
Locate 5 gilded treasure chests in a single playthrough.  

As you play through the game you will come across chests which can be opened by pressing . These chests usually contain rare items such as elf-stones and high damage weapons and armor. Some of these chests are gold in appearance and contain more valuable items inside. These are the chests you need to find and open for this trophy. There are more then 5 throughout the game and they are usually associated with secret areas, see Seeker trophy for more details. I unlocked this trophy shortly after visiting Rivendell in Chapter 3 on my first playthrough, just search everywhere you can in each level which is easy enough as the level designs are very linear. For your reference, below is what a gilded chest looks like:

As with many other trophies a single playthrough refers to a single save file. You have three playthroughs, one for each difficulty setting, to meet the requirements for this trophy i.e. find and open 5 gilded chests.

Victorious in Battle
Complete a playthrough on at least Normal difficulty.  

This trophy will unlock after you complete your first playthrough of the game. Refer to Against All Odds for more details.

Against All Odds
Complete a playthrough on Legendary difficulty. (7) 

There are three difficulty settings in the game i.e Normal, Heroic and Legendary and the game must be completed on each of these settings. The difficulty trophies don't stack because Heroic difficulty is only available after finishing the game on Normal and Legendary is only available after completing the game on Heroic. Fortunately your level and all items, weapons and armor are carried over between each playthrough which makes each subsequent playthrough easier then the previous one. The only difference between Legendary difficulty and the other two is that enemies are slightly more difficult to defeat. Below are tips that will make your Heroic and Legendary playthroughs extremely quick and easy.

  • Play predominately as the Champion "Farin" because he has the most powerful attack in the game i.e the Explosive Bolt which is a ranged area of effect attack using your crossbow.
  • When levelling up, focus all your skill points on Dexterity and Stamina because this will increase the damage of your Explosive Bolt attack. My Dexterity was over 100 during my Legendary playthrough which allowed me to kill pretty much every enemy in the game, including trolls and bosses, in around 2-3 hits.
  • Carry plenty of Power and Health Potions. Your Explosive Bolt skill uses Power (the blue meter on the bottom left of the screen) so to prevent yourself from running out, make sure to buy Power Potions from vendors whenever you come across them.
  • Utilize Beleram during tough battles by pressing + , he is extremely useful and will take out any normal enemy in a single hit.
The Lidless Eye
Complete the investigation of the Cult of the Lidless Eye. (9) 


The Cult of the Lidless Eye is a side quest that starts early in the game and can easily be missed. The quest involves collecting 7 unique scrolls throughout the game which are obtained from chests or dropped by defeating specific enemies and bosses. If a scroll does not appear at the locations described below, you will need to immediately quit the game before you advance to a checkpoint and then reload the game and try again. For me personally, I did not need to do this, but just keep it in mind whilst you are playing. To start the quest you need to talk to Elrond when you get to Rivendell. Just be sure to pick up the first scroll before you get to this stage of the game. See the below walkthrough for more details. Once all 7 scrolls have been collected return to Rivendell and speak to Elrond to complete the quest and unlock the trophy.

Note: You can't pick up a scroll then reload the checkpoint, pick it up again and expect it to count as a second scroll as each scroll is unique. You must collect all 7 of the scrolls below.

Scroll 1: Fornost: Battlements - At the start of this area you will have an objective to take take out two war machines (mounted crossbows). When you get to the first one there will be a sorcerer/mage enemy. He will drop the first scroll once you kill him.

Scroll 2: Ettenmoors: Coldfells Area - Early in the level you will come to a large open Orc camp where you will fight numerous enemies including a troll. At the end of this fight you will talk to Beleram before continuing on. At the next section you will see a stream on your right with a gold gilded chest, this will house the second scroll. However, to get to the chest you will need to continue up the path on the left, take out the enemies and then drop down the ledges and backtrack down the creek to your right:

Scroll 3: Ettenmoors: High Moors Area - A sorcerer/mage will drop this scroll. he will be located over a small stone bridge along with a few other enemies.

Scroll 4: Mount Gundabad: Mountain's Interior - After you break the level and the chain starts to fall you will make your way up a tower and then cross over to another one via a wooden bridge. When you get to the bottom of this second tower there will be a doorway on your right and left. Head out the left one and open the chest on your left. The scroll will be inside.

Scroll 5: Mirkwood - At the very beginning of this level you will fight the Wulfrum boss. After defeating him he will drop the scroll, just walk over his corpse to pick it up.

Scroll 6: Urgost Lair - During this level you will enter a cave area before you emerge onto a stone bridge with two sorcerers/mages at the other end along with ranges orcs and other enemies. The mage on the right hand side will drop this scroll.

Scroll 7: Urgost Lair - This scroll will be dropped by the Carn Dum Captain who is the boss at the end of the level.

Thanks AH Community for the video:

Hero of Legend
Complete a playthrough on Heroic difficulty. (1) 

Once you have completed the game on Normal difficulty, Heroic difficulty will become available. On completing your second playthrough, the trophy will unlock.

Refer to Against All Odds for more details.

Secret Trophies
Eagle Savior
Defeat Agandaûr without the aid of Beleram.  


For this trophy you must not summon Beleram (press + ) during the final boss battle of the game against Agandaur. I highly recommend you do this on your first playthrough on Normal difficulty, this is the lowest difficulty in which you start the game on. It's best to defeat the final boss on this difficulty without the aid of Beleram, because in later playthroughs on higher difficulty settings this can be tricky to do.

Friend to the Eagles
Help free the Great Eagle Beleram.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

Once you leave the tunnels fighting the goblins in the first Chapter of the game you will come across an open area with a large eagle chained to the ground being attacked by many goblins. Once you have killed all the enemies and freed the eagle, a cutscene will begin and you will begin talking to Beleram. After the conversation has finished, the trophy will unlock.[

Join forces with the sons of Elrond.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

During Chapter 1 you will come across your first troll. Once you defeat him a cutscene will play and you will meet up with two elves. After the conversation has finished and you begin the Inner Wards section of the Chapter, the trophy will unlock.

Tharzog's Bane
Defeat Agandaûr's lieutenant Tharzog. (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Towards the end of Chapter 1 you will have to fight a mini boss called Tharzog, along with many of his orc minions. He isn't very difficult to defeat as his attacks are very slow, just spam melee attacks and when he is about to attack press to evade. Once you have defeated him the trophy will unlock.

Discover what happened to the missing Rangers.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the Barrow Downs level of the game. The final battle can be tough as you have to fight a Barrow Wight along with numerous skeletons and ghosts, be sure to evade and use ranged attacks. Once you have defeated him the trophy will unlock.

Begone, lord of carrion!
Defeat the Barrow Wight Lord.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

You will unlock this trophy when you defeat the Barrow Wight Lord at the end of Chapter 2. He isn't difficult to defeat once you know how to attack him. When Kilarin (person who is being controlled by the Lord) jumps over to your area attack him as quick and hard as you can as this will in turn inflict damage to the Barrow Wight Lord. When Kilaran is on the same side as the Lord then don't bother attacking him, just focus your attention on the zombies that have spawned around you.

Trusted with the Secret
Learn of the Ring of Power and the plan for its destruction.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

Once you reach Rivendell you will automatically begin a conversation with Elrond, Gandalf and Aragon. Once this conversation ends, the trophy will unlock.

Slay Bargrisar the stone giant.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

At the end of Chapter 3 you will have to fight a stone-giant. This boss battle is very easy, just spam your melee attacks at the giants feet to weaken him. He has a few attacks that can deal a lot of damage but don't worry to much because if you do go down, there is plenty of time for your comrades to revive you. Once you have defeated him the trophy will unlock.

Help destroy the citadel within Mount Gundabad.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

At the end of Chapter 4 you will have to protect two dwarves as they activate an ancient weapon to defeat the orcs. Make sure you man the war machine mounted crossbow. You will have to fight an array of enemies so focus on the larger ones first, e.g. trolls before taking out the smaller goblin enemies.

Wulfrun's Bane
Defeat the Sorceror Wulfrun.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

When you first travel to Mirkwood at the start of Chapter 5 you will immediately begin this boss fight, he isn't very difficult just make sure you dodge his ranged magic attacks by pressing . Once you defeat him the trophy will unlock.

Friend of the Woodland Realm
Free the elf from his captors in Mirkwood Marsh. (6) 


This trophy can only be obtained during the Woodland Marshes level of Chapter 5.

After you obtain Rhadagast's staff you will enter the Woodland Marshes. The path you are looking for is located on the right hand side of the main path you are on. Just before you come to it you will pass through a blue checkpoint. After defeating the enemies keep to the right and you will pass under a tree and into an opening with water and a small hill in front of you. At this point the side quest 'The Captive' should begin, just defeat all the enemies in this area then proceed to the back to find Glorihirin the captive elf. Once you free him the trophy will unlock.

Slay Saenathra. (2) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Saenathra is the boss at the end of Chapter 5. She is a large spider and relatively easy for a boss fight, just spam your melee attacks on her from side on and she won't be able to attack you. If you find yourself facing her front on or from behind move away as you are open to being attacked here. Once you defeat her the trophy will unlock.

Friend to the Ring-bearer
Speak with Frodo in Rivendell.  


Frodo can only be found on your first visit to Rivendell at the beginning of Chapter 3. Once you return to Rivendell later in the game, Frodo will no longer be here thus preventing you from unlocking the trophy.

You will arrive at Rivendell after rescuing the Rangers at the Barrow-Downs and after defeating the Barrow Wight Lord. Once you arrive at Rivendell you will automatically begin a conversation with Elrond, Gandalf and Aragon. Once this has finished, continue down the path on your left behind Gandalf. Enter the building in front of you where there is a large dinning room table. Continue through to the outside area and you will find Frodo on your right standing against the railing. Press to talk to him and continue through the conversation. It doesn't matter what dialogue options you choose, because once the conversation has finished then the trophy will unlock.

Thanks to TrophiesAchieved for the video:

In the Dragon's Den
Meet a dragon and survive.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

At the end of Chapter 6 you will have to fight a boss, Carn Dum Captain. He is quite difficult since he spawns many tough minions which you will also have to fight. I suggest using Beleran to either attack the captain or take out the heavy armored orcs that spawn. Once this battle is over you will enter Urgost's Lair where you will talk to the Dragon. At the end of the conversation you will make a deal with him and the trophy will unlock.

Help weather the siege of Nordinbad. (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will probably be the toughest fight you will encounter during the game. You will have to fight numerous waves of enemies at Nordinbad whilst protecting the main doors that lead to the inner sanctuary. Make use of the war-machines when they are available as you can quickly take out the tougher enemies before they get closer to you. When the trolls come I suggest spamming the Champions Explosive Bolt skill and keep the trolls in the general area of where they spawn. This is so they don't have time to get up to the doors, it only takes 3 hits from them for the doors to break and fail the mission.

Hero of the North
Defeat Sauron's Lieutenant Agandaûr.  

Story related, cannot be missed.

You will fight Lieutenant Agandaûr during the final level of the game in Chapter 8 at Carn Dun, he isn't very difficult even for being the final boss battle of the game. All types of attacks work on him, just be careful of his area of effect magical attacks during the second fighting sequence.

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