Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw Trophy Guide
Guide By: neosnake101 and Breadskin
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated difficulty: 3.5/10
  • Estimated time to platinum: 25 Hours
  • Offline trophies: 50 (33 , 15 , 1 , 1 )
  • Online trophies: 1 (1 )
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 2, one playthrough on Hard, second on Ranking Mode via Stage Select
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Do cheats affect trophies?: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes, certain collectibles are only available to collect on “Hard”


New SUDA51 madness will put you in the shoes of Juliet Starling, zombie killing cheerleader as a zombie outbreak starts and right on her birthday! OMFG! Now it's up to Juliet to save the day, with help of her family members and boyfriend Nick, so they can make it home for some cake.

As expected of a SUDA51 game, there are some grinding trophies, which are not much of a big deal, as you have to replay each stage numerous times. There are also some stage and boss specific trophies, along with several collectible trophies.


Step 1: Play through the game once on Hard difficulty, collecting all Lollipop Wrappers and saving all classmates.

For your first playthrough, you will be going through the game on Hard difficulty, as well as collecting all the Lollipop Wrapper collectibles and saving all your classmates. Compared to the other two difficulties, aside from facing a few stronger zombies earlier on, it’s nothing to be worried about. You can select the game’s difficulty via the title screen.

Focus on upgrading Juliet’s health and strength first, rather than learning new moves. Also, getting zombies dazed is the key to defeating them easily and quickly. You can groggle them, simply by drop kicking them using + . Dazed zombies become 1-hit-kills with any chainsaw attack that follows. Make good use of Juliet's acrobatic techniques, especially when you're up against hordes of zombies. She is invulnerable every time she performs it, so abuse the button as you please.

The reason you want to be playing on Hard, is that certain collectibles only become available if on Hard difficulty. Please refer to our Collectible Guide for the Lollipop Wrapper locations. You will also be saving all the classmates you come across throughout each stage in this step.

You can also choose to earn some of the Stage and Boss related trophies on this playthrough, but don’t worry if you choose not to. Progress for trophies are cumulative throughout the game, so you go back to them after finishing the game first. We recommend you come back to them later, and just enjoy your first playthrough.

You will also be automatically working towards completing your Zombie Album. You’ll be able to face all zombies except for one as it’s only available in Ranking Mode. Please refer to the “Zombie Fancier” trophy for details.

Trophies earned in this step (in the order you should be receiving them in):

Zombie Hunter Apprentice
Life Guard
Unclean and Uncool
Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead
Accidental Vandalism
Cheerleader Overboard!
Viking Metal Rules!
Dirty Hippy
Rich Hunter
Groovy Hunter
Disco’s Dead
San Romero Knights Savior
Rock‘n Roll Isn’t Here Anymore
Aced Auto-shop Class
Lollipop Addict
I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass
Always On The Phone
Congratulations! Happy Birthday!
Horrid Birthday

Step 2: Replay each Stage in Ranking Mode on Normal, uploading your score to the online leaderboards, and focus on surpassing Dad’s Scores.

You can access Ranking Mode once you've beaten a stage for the first time, via on the Map Screen. In this step, you will want to replay each stage in this mode and choose to “Save Ranking” at the end to upload your score, since you can't do so during Story Mode. Don't worry, you don’t need to do exceptionally well or place in any top rankings to earn the trophy, you just need to upload your score.

Ranking Mode has no continues, checkpoints, or Chop2Shop.Zom access for you to purchase any Lollipops and/or Nick Tickets. Which means you will have to be really careful about QTEs or instant death sections. Use lollipops when necessary to replenish your health. Their locations remain the same and there are plenty to find, scattered around stages.

You will be given a single Nick Ticket at the start of each Stage, except Prologue and the first quarter of Stage 1, which might revive you when your health reaches 0 and if you successfully input Lucky Nick during Nick Roulette.

Your goal in Ranking Mode is to try and beat Dad’s Scores, but more importantly, uploading your score to the online leaderboards. The most important parameter to beat his scores in is the Sparkle Hunting. Not only will you earn bonus points for killing zombies with it, but you also earn bonus Medals and rare Platinum Medals as well. In addition, each stage is divided into several sections in Ranking Mode, which have different achievements that you can accomplish for bonus Zombie Medals. You can beat his scores in Story Mode too, but overall, it is way easier in Ranking Mode.

To see the requirements of each Stage’s bonus medal achievements, please refer to related trophies.

Trophies earned in this step (in the order you should be receiving them in):

n00b Zombie Hunter
Beginner Zombie Hunter
Intermediate Zombie Hunter
Advanced Zombie Hunter
Super Zombie Hunter
Excellent Zombie Hunter
Zombie Fancier
Master Zombie Hunter
International Zombie Hunter

Step 3: Clean-up

With Hard and Ranking Mode out of the way, you should only have a few trophies left to clean up. Specifically, the grinding trophies like getting 10,000 Zombie Medals or killing 3,000 Zombies. Please refer to their related trophies.

You will also want to be working on kissing Nick 100 times when you're grinding for medals during this step.

Refer to the guide as to what trophies you're missing, and just replay any stages to earn what you're missing. If you followed our suggestion and chose to leave Stage and Boss specific trophies for later, earn them during this step.

Trophies earned in this step (in the order you should be receiving them in):

I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!
Watch Out For The Balls
Go, Medal Racer, Go!
Gunn Struck
Legendary harvester
Sparkle Hunting Master
Third Eye
No Fear Of Heights
Critical UFO Finish
Little Sisters Are The Worst!
Endorsed by Cordelia
Elephant Tamer
Love Nick
Perfect Body
Master Sushi Chef
OMG, Music is Soooo Coooool
Millionaire Hunter
Super Shopper
Zombie Slayer?!
Legendary Zombie Hunter


[PS3T Would like to Thank neosnake101 and Breadskin for this Roadmap]

Legendary Zombie Hunter
100% Complete! Thank you for playing! (20) 
Zombie Hunter Apprentice
Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it. 

About halfway through the after rescuing a third classmate in the Prologue stage, you'll run into your very first shop in the game, the Chop2Shop.Zom. They're the computers with a rubber duck and balloons all attached to it. Shops, if that wasn't self-explanatory enough, are where you can purchase upgrades and items for Juliet to use.

Simply buy a combo under the AWESOME SKILLZ tab, cheapest one being the “Chainsaw Stab”, which costs 60 Zombie Medals then perform it. You do not need to do this on a zombie or kill one with the combo.

Unclean and Uncool
Defeated Hazmat in Prologue. 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

You will fight Hazmat at the end of the stage. You will earn this trophy shortly after you beat the zombie with red explosive cylinder at the end of Prologue.

Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead
Defeated Zed. (6) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 1.


Phase 1

Zed is a relatively easy boss. He'll start off the battle by circling around you before performing a guitar jab at you at the end. You can easily counter this by staying locked on to him and strafing the opposite way, wait for him to perform his jab, then attacking back with your chainsaw. He will occasionally jump to the middle of the arena, shout profanities at you, which by the way actually manifests into real actual letters that home in on you. Simply dodge out of the way to avoid damage. His other attacks consists of very simple attacks, so just move out of the way, wait till he performs them, and counter attack at the end of his combo.

Phase 2

Zed will summon speakers at this point, throwing "electric balls" at you atop of them. Destroy the speakers he's standing on and the ones scattered throughout the arena.His electric balls are simple to dodge. Once you've destroyed all of these small speakers, he'll summon one final giant speaker. Run up to it and cut it down, stopping and dodging out of the way when necessary.

Phase 3

The final phase is basically the same as Phase 1, only Zed will become more aggressive in his attacks. He'll have one addition new attack, he will fire two electric balls at you, which has a boomerang effect. Dodge out of the way when he fires it towards you, stand in front of Zed as its making its way back, then dodge out of the way so his balls hits him instead. See "Watch Out For The Balls" for additional info. Repeat your previous tactics against him, and he should go down rather quickly.

Viking Metal Rules!
Defeated Vikke. 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 2.


Phase 1

Vikke is fights similarly to Zed; his attacks are all very straightforward and easy to dodge, and he leaves himself open after every attack. His attacks consists of swinging and slamming his hammer down on you, charging towards you, as well as swooping down on you, so its just a matter of moving or dodging out of the way and then sneak in a few attacks with your chainsaw before he attacks again. He'll occasionally jump to his ship's sail and attempt to strike thunder at you by rocking it on his drums. You can counter this by shooting at him with your Blaster. Don't be afraid in going trigger happy with your Blaster; ammo can be found by destroying the nearby barrels.

Phase 2

Vikke's attack patterns are exactly the same as in the previous phase, but he'll be separated from his legs. Get rid of his legs as soon as possible so you don't get double teamed, please refer to "Cheerleader Overboard!" for more details, and once his legs are thrown overboard, repeat the same strategy as Phase 1. Note that if you don't finish off him fast enough, he can re-summon his legs for assistance.

Phase 3

Because a giant head can only do so much, Vikke will spend most of his time spinning himself around the ship like a top and attempt to slam you with his head. Simply carefully maneuver out of his way and when he stops, counter attack him. Rather than wait for him to come back down when he's hovering in the air, damage him further with your Blaster. His only other form of attack is a laser beam attack which he performs while in the air, so just constantly dodge when he uses it to avoid damage.


Dirty Hippy
Defeated Mariska. 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 3.

Phase 1

Mariska will spend a majority of her time floating in her balloon throughout this phase. Keep strafing around this circular platform to avoid her balloon attacks (see "Third Eye" for more info) and keep firing your Blaster to damage her. Once her health bar is depleted, she'll teleport somewhere on ground level to recover. This is your cue to run up to her and cut her with your chainsaw. Fail to do this before the timer runs out, and she'll recover and you'll have to repeat this process again. Don't worry about going trigger happy, as Blaster bullets are constantly spawned into the arena for you to replenish.

Phase 2

She'll split into four this time, but the strategy is still the same. Only this time, you must figure out which of the four Mariska clones is the real one; only by damaging the real one will you be damaging her. Don't let that stop you from shooting and killing her clones though, as they have their own set of health bars too. Her balloon attacks will get more aggressive, and she'll also start spawning illusions of trucks and tractors, as well as slam her at you chicken crane in the middle of the arena. Keep moving to avoid harm.

Phase 3

This time there will be 8 of her, but once again the strategy remains the same. She'll have slightly new attacks, but nothing you haven't seen already.

Disco's Dead
Defeated Josey. 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 4.

Phase 1

During this stage Josey will be floating around on his small UFO and attack you. You will have a hard time damaging him using your chainsaw attacks due to his mobility and some damaging evasion moves. Chainsaw Blaster will help you a lot during this phase. He generally uses his rainbow beam attacks to damage you, which will follow you around so don't stand still.

When you damage him enough, some colored stairways will appear around the stage and Josey will begin to throw 8-bit bombs at you. During this part, you have to climb the stairs and use Chainsaw Blaster to attack him. If you stay on ground level, it will be pretty hard for you to get a shot at him and he will deflect your shots with a barrier. If he destroys the stairways, he will enter a temporary daze state. Immediately get close and start your attack or simply use Chainsaw Blaster.

Phase 2

This phase is a lot easier than previous one and a lot shorter too. When this phase starts, you will be on a UFO and will have 3 minutes of time to finish the fight.

You can't directly attack Josey at the moment. There will be 5 shining, blue, crystalized emitters on the UFO. You have to destroy them first, to be able to get rid of his barrier. Simply circle around, destroying each emitter. Be aware, that there will be red energy lines on the ground, electrifying them. Don't touch them during that period or you will get hurt. He will also send floating heads towards you which will turn red and explode, damaging you, but at least are easy to avoid.

You might also want to leave at least one emitter and keep dodging until there is about 30 seconds left on timer and finish him in last 10 seconds. Please refer to "Critical UFO Finish" trophy for additional info.

Rock'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore
Defeated Lewis LEGEND. 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 5.

Phase 1

He will start by riding around in circles with his flaming bike, which he seems to have borrowed from Ghost Rider. Attack him when he is up close, using chainsaw attacks while dodging. You can ignore other stationary zombies, as they don't try to attack you. Simply wait for him to drive towards you, with his guitar in hand, ready to strike it down and counter his attack. If you damaged him enough, he will enter a dazed state. Get near him and finish him off.

Phase 2 and 3

He will merge with his bike and turn into metallic elephant/bike thing. He attacks by jumping, with his right arm, which has a saw attached and has long reach, his gatling gun or a charged lunge attack. You can see when this will happen when he combines both his hands in front of him with the saw. You might notice stone pillars around you. When he performs his lunge attack, he may get stuck in one of the pillars and be vulnerable to attacks. Also he will stop for a moment to let off steam after each attack.

After you finish him off once more, he will gain about 10% of his health back and continue with same attacks. Finish him off again to enter next phase.

Phase 4, 5 and 6

During these phases, he will have much more mobility and his speed will increase as well. Most of his attacks during first half will be spinning attacks, that are easy to avoid. He will once again enter dazed state after each attack, but be careful not to attack him to many times as he recovers quicker and counters by spinning. Just keep attacking and dodging until you finish off another phase.

He will once again recover about 20% of his health back and continue attacking you. His attacks will be a little different this time though. In addition of his spinning attack, he will also bash his remaining arm to the ground couple of times to attack you. All of which are easily dodgable.

After he loses his other arm, he will use consecutive ramming attacks. He is much more easy to defeat now, as he only recovers 10% of his health. Simply deplete his health and finish him off for...

Phase 7

...yet another phase. Persistent, this one. This phase will be a little harder compared to previous ones. He will use bombs, mines and rockets to attack you. Also will have some damaging evasion moves, so don't continuously attack him and try not to stay too close to him. He will also have some charged ramming attacks, which can be dodged by circling around him. Continue attacking with everything you have and finish him off for good.

I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass
Defeated Killabilly. (2) 

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy shortly after defeating the boss at the end of Stage 6.

Phase 1

As battle starts, you will be held tightly by Killabilly. You need to use Chainsaw Blaster and shoot his eyes to damage him. Try to get two quick shots, then use to use a chainsaw stab to change positions and avoid his homing attack. If you end up using all your ammo, he will send a couple of flying zombies for you to kill. Simply press to replenish your ammo and continue shooting. There is not much else to this phase.

Phase 2

When you deplete his first health bar, he will let go of you and you will be in an open area. He will put his hands on the ground and summon zombies occasionally. This is when you will attack him. Note that you can cut off his fat fingers while attacking, so you may also unlock "Fingered" trophy in the process as well. After his summoning of zombies finishes, he will step back and throw random explosive strapped zombies at you. Simply finish all zombies off and continue same pattern when he returns.

When you deplete his second health bar, you will have to successfully complete QTEs. After a few cutscenes, you will be inside him. Just continue ahead, passing some more QTEs and enjoy the ending.

Leapfrog girl
Leapfrogged 10 times in a row. (3) 

As you might have already known by the in-game tutorials and gameplay, the button allows you to dodge. You’ll do simple acrobatic flips and rolls if you’re away from enemies, but you’ll perform a leapfrog on them if you’re standing in front or behind a zombie. You also need to tilt towards enemy’s position each time to perform it.

As described in the trophy, you must perform 10 leapfrogs in a row. In a row, meaning you can’t perform other forms of dodging, as that will reset the counter; you can still run around. You can do this anytime, even in the very first stage, Prologue. Simply find an area, kill all zombies leaving one alive, groggle him/cut off its arms, and start leapfrogging.

I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!
Peeped under Juliet's skirt once. (21) 

This is easy. You can manipulate the in-game camera using the . Rotate the camera so its well umm, looking underneath Juliet's skirt. She'll grab her skirt, call you a pervert, and the trophy will pop shortly after.

Because we wouldn’t do so otherwise if not for the trophy, right?

For all you perverts out there, you probably gotten this trophy out of sheer curiosity (cause that’s what we do right?). Heck, this is probably the first trophy you’ve earned.

Endorsed by Cordelia
Get 30 headshots. (1) 

Towards the end of Stage 2, you will earn the “Chainsaw Blaster”. The Chainsaw Blaster is basically your long range weapon in this game. It is extremely powerful, capable of taking out even the most powerful zombies in a few shots. You can bring it out at anytime, by pressing to aim and to shoot.

To score a headshot, aim at zombies and your reticule will automatically aim at the nearest zombie. Simply tilt your gun up slightly towards their heads and fire. If done right, you will pop their heads right off, and send it flying into the air, complete with pink rainbow effect! Repeat this 29 times for the trophy.

A good place to do this is in Stage 5, Cathedral, during the boss fight against Lewis. During the first phase of the fight, there will be regular zombies standing around you, while Lewis does his thing in the background. The zombies here are actually passive, and will not even try to attack you (Oh, the terror!). Weaken Lewis to the point of finishing him off or wait for his counterable attack. If you succeed the QTE, he will enter a dazed state. Rather than attacking him, start popping instead. Simply repeat the process until you unlock the trophy.

Sparkle Hunting Master
Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting. (4) 

Sparkle Hunting is performed when Juliet decapitates 3 zombies or more at the same time using her chainsaw attacks or her Chainsaw Blaster (you can’t get more than 3 kills with the Blaster, though).

You can also automatically perform Sparkle Huntings using Juliet’s Star Soul Mode to make things easier. You can enter Star Soul Mode via when your meter at the bottom left corner of the screen is full and spinning.

During the duration of this mode, any chainsaw attack you perform is an automatic one hit kill to zombies, no health bar and health bar alike.

For this trophy, you must decapitate 7 zombies heads in one swing.

The easiest place to do this is in Stage 3, O’Bannon Farm. You will arrive in an open area filled with red and blue barrels and have to fight 3 waves of zombies. In the last wave you will fight against 32 zombies and they will all come at the same time. Either activate Star Soul Mode and use skills with long reach, like Chainsaw Paradise or Chainsaw Full Swing, or wait until you purchased the Holy Chainsaw skill and perform it without entering Star Soul Mode. Another good method is to use Nick Toss, which will groggle zombies and turn them into 1-hit-kills. You can find a Nick Ticket in the same area, across the entrance.

Similarly you can do this in Stage 5, Cathedral. At the very end, after you've rescued a classmate and Juliet and Nick chat about the final battle, you will have to fight against 32 zombies. Use the same methods mentioned above, hopefully killing 7 zombies in one swing.


Gunn Struck
Struck by lightning 10 times. 

This can be done only in Stage 2, Stadium. When you reach the rooftops and start Chainsaw Dashing, lightnings will begin to strike. You have to be electrocuted 10 times to earn this trophy. As with the other trophies, progress towards this is cumulative; you do not have to get struck 10 times within one playthrough.

Although it does say struck by lightning, we don’t recommend you just standing there waiting for lightning to strike you on the rooftops, as it shaves off too much of your health. Instead, wait until you reach Vikke’s ship and let him attack you. Most of his attacks have an electrocution effect and the damage he inflicts is significantly lower. Combine this by playing on Easy difficulty if need be, with a stash of lollipops on hand, and the damage will be next to insignificant.

Simply get attacked and flash 10 times to unlock the trophy. No, you pervs! We mean the cartoony effect of bones showing up.

Super Shopper
Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom. 

This trophy goes hand in hand with “Millionaire Hunter” trophy. Simply buy all upgrades and skills for Juliet and a single Platinum Medal to unlock the trophy. As described in the trophy description, only purchases that use up Zombie Medals will count. So unfortunately Platinum Medal purchases will not count.

But hey! Don’t let that stop you from adding sexy costumes to Juliet’s wardrobe.

Love Nick
Kissed Nick 100 times. (6) 

You will gain the ability to “use” Nick during gameplay as part of the story. You will need (Nick Tickets) in order to activate Nick Roulette, which can be scavenged throughout stages, as well as purchased in Chop2Shop.Zom for 30 medals.

Press to activate Nick Roulette, providing you have Nick Tickets. Successfully stop the roulette at one of Nick’s ability, and Juliet will kiss Nick on the forehead before using it. Do this 100 times for the trophy to pop.

Due to the amount of tickets required, its best to leave this trophy for last when you have spent all your medals on the other items first.

A great method in grinding this trophy post-game:

Originally Posted by HYPURED33N3R 

Best spot I've found is at the beginning of Stage 5 Cathedral. Start with 9 tickets first, use them all on the first set of zombies. Now head to the shop right after blowing up the truck, dont go too far or the game will save! Buy 9 more tickets then step forward to save the game. Pause, quit, restart level with 9 tickets. Rinse and repeat.


This method works really well, due to Chop2Shop.Zom being located right at the start of this stage after the initial wave of zombies. Note that, you don't actually need to let the game save and quit if you already have enough medals. Simply use up all your current tickets and then buy a new set, and repeat the process until you unlock the trophy. You can then quit without the game saving so the game doesn't recognize you having wasted all those medals for Nick Tickets.

If you do want to start using Nick Roulette earlier on, be careful not to land on the pink X marks. It will stop the roulette and waste one of your tickets. That's why it is best to wait till you have more powers and techniques for Nick to use before wasting tickets; it lessens the chance you land on pink X's.

There have been mentions by others that this trophy will randomly pop before you've even kissed Nick 100 times. Whether this works in your favor or not, keep smooching your boyfriends head until the trophy unlocks.

51 successful dropkicks. 

To perform a drop kick, press +.

Dropkicks are useful as they groggle weak zombies (dazed state), allowing you to kill them in one swing with your chainsaw or blaster. Simply dropkick 51 different zombies, to unlock this trophy. You will most likely unlock this naturally anyways through your regular course of gameplay.

SUDA51, JULIET51. Get the reference?! No? Okay...

International Zombie Hunter
Registered in world leaderboards for all stages. (13) 

You will be working towards this trophy alongside the Dad's Score related trophies. See "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

For this trophy, you need to select Ranking Mode by pressing on the map selection screen, beat each stage again, and accept to upload your score when asked. You don’t need to be number 1 or inside any top rankings. You just need to upload your score. You can only upload your score in Ranking Mode, you cannot do so in Story Mode.

You can select any difficulty you want except for Easy. Each difficulty will have have their own set of rankings. There are also three ranking modes available: Score Attack, Medal Attack and Time Attack. Medal and Time Attack ranks you based on your total Zombie Medal count and how fast you finished the entire stage respectively. Score Attack on the other hand is a mixture of both and much like in story mode ,Sparkle Hunting and Platinum Medals affect your overall score as well.

Ranking Mode differs from Story Mode a little bit. You won’t get any continues and there won't be any checkpoints. If you get killed, you will have to start from the very beginning. That’s why you should be extra careful during QTEs or instant death sections.

Complete each stage on Ranking Mode, and upload your score for all seven stages to unlock this trophy.

Groovy Hunter
Kill 500 zombies. 

See “Zombie Slayer?!” for details.

Zombie Slayer?!
Kill 3,000 zombies. 

Through the course of finishing the game, trying to beat Dad’s Score, getting all collectibles and going through Ranking Mode, you should come close to netting your 3,000th kill.

Once you've done everything else, you will want to grind this trophy along with "Millionaire Hunter", and replay Stage 3: O’Bannon Farm to rack up some kills. Each run will earn you about 500+ kills. You will also be wanting to be playing through this stage on Hard, as you'll want to take advantage of the increase of medals you can earn when a Sparkle Hunting is performed. You'll come across an area where you'll face multiple waves of zombies. Rather than using the explosive barrels to defeat them, perform Sparkle Huntings here instead.

Kill your 500th and 3,000th zombie to unlock each respective trophy.

Rich Hunter
Pick up 1,000 zombie medals. 

See “Millionaire Hunter” for details.

Millionaire Hunter
Pick up 10,000 zombie medals. (2) 

You earn Zombie Medals from destroyed objects, rescued classmates, minigames and of course, through zombie kills.

Most zombies won’t reward you with these medals, if you kill them one by one. This is where Sparkle Hunting comes into play. When you kill 3 or more zombies with a single strike, or at least in very short intervals between kills, you will see a special scene, where zombie heads fly into the air and their bodies explode because of sheer awesomeness and create seven colors of rainbow while reaching the stars (Yes, Sparkle Hunting is THAT cool!). This will enable you to earn medals, squared amount of zombies killed (i.e 4-Zombie SH = 16 Medals) during the action, in addition to Platinum Medals. If you add special named zombies or zombies with health bars into the mix, you will get increased special medal bonus. Unfortunately it caps at 99 medals.

You can also buy Nick Shake skill for Nick and select it during Nick Roulette, whenever you have a Nick Ticket. A timer will appear and you will need to mash face buttons (except ) to earn medals. This will also make several lollipops appear, so get them if you need health. You can earn at least 120 medals using this, but Nick Shake will become disabled until you reach next section of a stage.

A good place to farm zombie medals is the at the beginning of Stage 5. Start the stage and clear out the initial wave of zombies using Sparkle Hunting (you should know how awesome it is by now). Most zombies here will be strong and add a bonus to your Sparkle Hunting, increasing the medals you can earn. After clearing them out, walk pass the shop so the game saves, then quit back to the map screen and restart Stage 5. Repeat. (Credits to HYPURED33N3R for the method)

Another good place for zombie medal grinding, albeit more time consuming compared to the first method above, is during Stage 4. When you reach the Building Dungeon arcade game (the one like a 2D side scroller with elevators) you will eventually reach to a point, where you have to jump on the heads of 4 zombies using QTEs in order to progress. Instead of crossing the gap, choose to fail the first QTE so you can drop down and fight the zombies, then once you've defeated them, go back up the elevator again and repeat as necessary (you won't be able to pass this section until you succeed the QTEs). Try to perform Sparkle Hunting to get 9 or 16 medals each time. This method is much more of a grind compared to the other method, but at least there won't be any loading screens, so that might ease the pain.

San Romero Knights Savior
Rescued All Classmates. 

In each stage of the game, you have the option of rescuing your fellow classmates that have become stranded, in the midst of becoming a victim to zombies, etc. Simply kill the zombies around them, then go up to them (make sure you do this, or the game won't count them as rescued!) and they’ll thank you for rescuing them, rewarding you with medals. Some of them will even add you on Facebook! You will know when you’ve reached a classmate in peril by the atop of their heads.

As this game is relatively linear, it is impossible to miss running into any of your classmates. You will however, have to be careful in not letting your classmates die. Should they die, they will come back to life in the form of a much more powerful zombie. Unless you've saved this classmate already, you will want to restart your checkpoint and try again.

You can see your progress anytime via the menu, then by pressing (Rescued).

List of number of students in peril for each stage is as follows:

  • Prologue: 3 Students
  • Stage 1: 8 Students
  • Stage 2: 4 Students
  • Stage 3: 1 Student
  • Stage 4: 3 Students
  • Stage 5: 2 Students

Note that you will need to have rescued all possible classmates in order to view the Happy Ending.

Lollipop Addict
Collected all lollipop wrappers. 

Please refer to our Collectible Guide for detailed text descriptions as well as a video guide for each of their locations.

There have been mentions from members saying that sometimes certain Lollipop Wrappers don't show up despite them being in the right location and/or on Hard difficulty. To fix this, try restarting your checkpoint, restarting the stage entirely, or rebooting the game. The wrapper should show up then.

Always On The Phone
Collected all telephone messages. (5) 

This trophy is story-related, and cannot be missed.

You will get phone calls or messages throughout the game, which add a little more personality to Juliet’s family members. You don’t actually need to listen to them to earn this trophy. You will get it shortly after defeating final boss. If you do want to listen to these voicemails, simply access them via the menu, select Juliet’s Stash, and scroll to the Phone tab.

Zombie Fancier
Completed the zombie album. (3) 

Every time you defeat a unique zombie (those with a first name, bosses included), Juliet will record it in her zombie album, which encyclopedia’s every unique zombie you’ve ever fought. To fully complete the zombie album, you have to defeat each named zombie at least once. Most zombies will be available through Normal difficulty but some of them will only appear if you play on Hard. Note that there is also one zombie that only appears during Ranking Mode.

You have to fight all these zombies to advance through the game, so they are technically unmissable, unless you are playing on lower difficulties. So if you're going to be playing on Hard, then Ranking Mode as suggested in our road map, you will encounter every unique zombie possible; you can't miss any.

Note that they will only register in your Zombie Album if the final blow was dealt from your you. If one of them manages to die from exploding barrels or dynamites, you will need to restart a checkpoint.

Here's a list of all zombies you will face, that will be added to the Zombie Album, in order of their appearance for your convenience:

  • #2: Zombie Girl - Mikaela (Prologue)
  • #1: Zombie Boy - George (Prologue)
  • #3: Zombie Hazmat - Jerry (Prologue)
  • #8: Zombie Teacher - Fitzgibbon (Stage 1)
  • #5: Zombie Police Man - Ryu (Stage 1)
  • #4: Zombie Bomber - Jay (Stage 1)
  • #7: Zombie Basket Boy - Juan (Stage 1)
  • #33: Zombie Teacher Lady - Roberta (Stage 1)
  • #6: Zombie Police Woman - Stephanie (Stage 1)
  • #9: Zed (Stage 1 - Boss)
  • #11: Zombie Footballer - Alexander (Stage 2)
  • #14: Zombie Batter - Steven (Stage 2)
  • #12: Zombie Fat Old Woman - Danielle (Stage 2)
  • #13: Zombie Cheerleader - Josephine (Stage 2)
  • #10: Zombie Fire Fighter - Paul (Stage 2)
  • #15: Zombie Pitcher - Uwe (Stage 2)
  • #16: Vikke (Stage 2 - Boss)
  • #17: Zombie Fat Old Man - Mark (Stage 3)
  • #18: Zombie Big Chicken - Chat (Stage 3)
  • #19: Mariska (Stage 3 - Boss)
  • #21: Zombie Geek Woman - Anastasia (Stage 4)
  • #20: Zombie Geek Man - Tobe (Stage 4)
  • #23: Zombie Metal Boy - Lucid (Stage 4)
  • #22: Zombie Break Dancer - Wesley (Stage 4)
  • #24: Josey (Stage 4 - Boss)
  • #25: Zombie Punk Boy - Bill (Stage 5)
  • #26: Zombie Punk Girl - Christina (Stage 5)
  • #29: Zombie Flying Man - Peter (Stage 5)
  • #27: Zombie Rocker Boy - Brett (Stage 5)
  • #28: Zombie Rocker Girl - Samantha (Stage 5)
  • #30: Lewis Legend (Stage 5 - Boss)
  • #34: Zombie Obachan - Marie (Stage 6)
  • #35: Zombie Ojichan - David (Stage 6)
  • #31: Killabilly (Stage 6 - Boss)
  • #32: Chicken - Jack (Stage 6 - Ranking Mode ONLY)

Fill in all entries in your Zombie Album, and the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress anytime as with phone messages via the menu, selecting Juliet’s Stash, and scrolling to the Zombie Album tab.

OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool
Collected all BGM. 

BGMs will be rewarded to you for beating each of the seven stages. Some of them will also be unlocked in Chop2Shop.Zom for purchase aupon defeating a stage boss. The last 7 BGMs will be your rewards for beating Dad’s Score in each stage. You will need at least 33 Platinum Medals to buy them all.

Simply purchase all remaining BGM’s through Chop2Shop.Zomm, which are located under the MP3s section, to unlock this trophy.

Perfect Body
Completely level up Juliet. 

To completely level up Juliet, you will need to completely level up her health, strength, homing distance, and recovery speed to the maximum. This can be accomplished by purchasing the items, food, and equipment through Chop2Shop.Zom.

Health - Increases Juliet’s maximum health per 10% each food item
Strength - Self explanatory, increases Juliet’s strength
Homing Distance - Allows Juliet’s pom-pom bashes to close in on the far away enemies
Recovery Speed - Lessens the amount of times you have to press when Juliet gets knocked down.

Health Upgrades (These will become available as you earn Platinum Medals)

  • Magic Beans - 60 Medals
  • Crunchy Monkey Cereal - 90 Medals
  • Fruit Poot Juice - 135 Medals
  • Donkey Fruit Parfait - 205 Medals
  • Rodent Chow Mein - 250 Medals
  • Octopus Roll - 310 Medals
  • Sirlain Steak - 360 Medals
  • Toro Sushi - 410 Medals
  • O’Bannon Turkey - 470 Medals
  • Tofu Burger - 590 Medals

Strength Upgrades

  • Power Dumbbells Lv.1 - 70 Medals (Stage 1)
  • Power Dumbbells Lv.2 - 140 Medals (Stage 3)
  • Power Dumbbells Lv.3 - 550 Medals (stage 5)

Homing Distance Upgrades

  • Homing Sneakers Lv.1 - 60 Medals (Stage 3)
  • Homing Sneakers Lv.2 - 120 Medals (Stage 4)
  • Homing Sneakers Lv.3 - 480 Medals (Stage 5)

Recovery Speed Upgrades

  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv.1 - 80 Medals (Stage 1)
  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv.2 - 130 Medals (Stage 1)
  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv.3 - 510 Medals (Stage 5)
Master Sushi Chef
Collected all combos. 

Like other things, combos can be purchased through Chop2Shop.Zom for Juliet to use. Combos opens up, well, new combos that Juliet can perform by mixing up her pom-pom and chainsaw attacks.

Purchase all available combos, which will become available to you as you progress through each stage of the game, to unlock this trophy.

Below is a list of all possible upgrades available for purchase, and when each combo is unlocked:


  • Chainsaw Stab - 60 Medals
  • Chainsaw Chain - 210 Medals

Stage 1

  • Armadillo Spin - 120 Medals
  • Chainsaw Full Swing - 140 Medals
  • Cheerleader Chain - 100 Medals
  • Nick Shake - 210 Medals

Stage 2

  • Final Chainsaw Power Attack - 740 Medals
  • Maelstrom Spin - 150 Medals
  • Lolli-O-Copter - 200 Medals
  • Chainsaw Strike - 190 Medals

Stage 3

  • Chainsaw Paradise - 180 Medals
  • Jump Stab - 280 Medals
  • Butt Attack - 210 Medals
  • Chainsaw Drill - 300 Medals

Stage 4

  • Zombie Grab - 170 Medals
  • Body Bash - 210 Medals

Stage 5

  • Holy Chainsaw - 999 Medals
  • Brutal Cut - 300 Medals
Watch Out For The Balls
Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times. 

You will fight Zed, a boss at the end of Stage 1.

For this trophy, you have to be in third part of the boss fight against Zed, right after you destroy his gigantic speaker. During this part, Zed will occasionally attack you with his Electric Balls. You can tell when this is going to happen, as he will push you away while he is charging the attack. Dodge his attack and walk around a little bit, while still dodging his melee strikes and you will be prompted with a counter. Do this 15 times to unlock the trophy.

Note that this trophy is cumulative and you don’t have to dodge his attack 15 times in one battle.

Cheerleader Overboard!
Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke's ship. 

You will fight Vikke, a boss at the end of Stage 2.

Shortly after defeating Vikke’s first phase, he will split into two, torso and legs. During this second phase, have Juliet stand near the edge of the ship, then wait for Vikke’s legs to come and attack you. He will knock you overboard, which you will then be prompted to complete a QTE; fail and you’ll get a game over, succeed and you’ll knock his legs off the ship and get back on-board, as well as unlocking this trophy.

Third Eye
Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle. 

You will fight Mariska, a boss at the end of Stage 3.

Throughout the whole fight, Mariska will hover and float all over the place, attacking you with range through her balloon attacks. For the purpose of this trophy, you must not get hit at all by these bubbles. Getting hit from her other attacks however, is fine. Dodging her balloons is relatively simple. Continually strafe around the arena while locked on to her, and press to dodge whenever a balloon is closing in on you; you're invulnerable while performing it and while in the air.

If you get hit, either let yourself get killed and select continue if you don’t mind losing some points, or restart. If you quit accidentally, select the same stage again and choose to continue from last checkpoint.

Critical UFO Finish
Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds. 

You will fight Josey, a boss at the end of Stage 4.

During the second phase of this boss fight, you’ll be taken atop of Josey’s UFO. A countdown timer will begin, and you must destroy the light bulbs pegged onto each side of the ship in order to take down the force shield protecting Josey in the middle.

For this trophy, you must rip Josey a new one, all the while only having less than 10 seconds on the clock. It takes about 5-6 seconds minimum give or take, depending on your mashing speed in finishing the QTE. Deal the final blow with less than 10 seconds on the clock, and the trophy will unlock.

Elephant Tamer
Counter Lewis' attack 10 times. 

You will fight Lewis, a boss at the end of Stage 5.

For this trophy, you have to counter 10 of his attacks. During the first phase of the boss fight, he will be on his bike, occasionally riding back towards you and attack you by swinging his guitar. Simply block his attack with , then mash it to counter back and win the duel. Repeat this 9 more times to unlock the trophy.

If by any reason you finish him off, you can counter his moves during next phases as well. Even though he will have slightly different moves and attacks, blocking them and countering them is done the same.

This trophy, along with other number specific trophies, is cumulative; you don't need to counter 10 of his attacks in one battle.

Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight! (1) 

You will fight Killabilly, a boss at the end of Stage 6.

During the second phase of this boss battle, you will be in an open rooftop with Killabilly in the background. He will constantly be slamming both his hands onto the ground before and after each of his attacks. As you might have guessed it, aside from shooting this ugly mug with your Blaster, attacking his hands is the only way to damage him. Each time you damage his hands, you will cut off a finger, which will magically regenerate back a few moments later for you to cut again. You will have to cut 20 of his fingers to earn the trophy, which will more than likely come naturally.

If for some reason, you couldn't cut 20 of his fingers, you will earn it during Ranking Mode. This trophy is cumulative, so you don't need to cut them all in one battle.

Life Guard
Rescued all classmates in Prologue. 

There are only 3 classmates in Prologue.

The first two classmates can’t be hurt or missed as you can’t advance the story until you've saved them. The third one on the other hand will be susceptible to zombie attacks after you've earned his first batch of medals as thanks for rescuing him from the initial wave of zombies. You will have to protect him for several more waves after this as he makes his way towards the school bus. He seems to have a high enough defense to sustain damage, but don’t leave him alone for a prolonged period of time or zombies may gang up on him. Not only will that cause you to lose your chance to earn this trophy, but he will also turn into a stronger zombie for you to deal with. If that happens, simply restart. If you accidentally quit, return to the Title Screen and choose to continue from your last checkpoint.

If you managed to protect last classmate, you will get this trophy during the cutscene with the helicopter.

Please refer to ”San Romero Knights Savior” trophy for additional info.

Accidental Vandalism
Destroyed 300 objects in the game. 

Almost all environmental objects can be destroyed in the game. It is in your best interest in destroying them even after this trophy has popped as most of them yield Zombie Medals, such as the white trash bins and the vending machines, that you can use in Chop2Shop.Zom.

You can earn this trophy as early as Chapter 1. Each locker in the hallways counts as one object, and inside of each one almost all contain medals and lollipops. Destroy them to work towards this trophy, as well as amass a small fortune for yourself. Two birds with one stone! Destroy your 300th object and the trophy will pop.

Go, Medal Racer, Go!
Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash. (3) 

This trophy can only be earned on Stage 2, Stadium.

Around halfway through Stage 2, Juliet will jump out the windows and you'll land on the rooftops. You will be required to use your recently acquired Chainsaw Dash in getting through the next few sections of this stage. For this trophy, you will need to collect all the zombie medals in the next few sections that are scattered throughout each rooftop and suspended in the air which you will need to make use of the dash ramps to reach them. You must pick each medal up while in the act of Chainsaw Dashing; you cannot just pick them up just by running into them. Fortunately, you do not have to grab them all in one Chainsaw Dash (that would be madness!). You can cancel out of your dash by hitting a attack button or dodging, then take your time in each rooftop stopping in between dashes to collect every medal.

The part where most of you will have trouble completing, is the final ramp in this section. You must take the right ramp in order to collect the final bunch of zombie medals, but you'll be racing against time as a building to your right will begin to collapse on top of you. Even if you think you've made it to the ramp with several milliseconds to spare, you'll still end up getting crushed. So what's the trick? Simple. You will want to hit the ramp more so to the left, so that you'll be grabbing all the medals in the air and on the ground. Do not touch the controller at all during this part! You'll be hitting the next ramp in the back without having to move Juliet at all. Don't get what I mean? Then please refer to the video posted below.

If you've grabbed every medal possible, the trophy will pop shortly after you've reach the baseball field.

Legendary harvester
Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3. 

Around halfway through Stage 3, you'll be forced into a "minigame" per say, which has you driving a tractor, requiring you to use it in running over zombies to meet the requirement before you can move on. By harvesting, they really mean to just cut all the grass. Make sure you save one or two zombies for last as reaching the 100 required amount of kills automatically ends this sequence. Harvest all the wheat, wait for the trophy to pop, then proceed to kill the remaining zombies before moving on.

You can only unlock this trophy in the first field, not the second. Be thankful we don’t have to harvest everything while maneuvering red barrels.

No Fear Of Heights
Beat the Gondola game without shooting. (15) 

This trophy can only be earned on Stage 4.

Near the end of Stage 4, you will come across another “arcade game”, which has you climb up a building in a gondola. Zombies will be throwing barrels and cars at you, neon signs will be falling on you, heck even CD’s will be firing electrified cows at you. Certain panels on the building will fold up as well, knocking you down if you happen to be standing on top of them when they’re flipping up.

While you can destroy all these projectiles with your chainsaw and just breeze through this section with ease, you are not allowed to do so if you want to earn this trophy. Items are thrown at you are at random, so there is no definite strategy that you can use aside from your own intuition in deciding when its safe to move up or not.

Little Sisters Are The Worst!
Do not get hit by Rosalind's wrecking ball. (1) 

This trophy can only be earned on Stage 5.

When you are about halfway through Stage 5, Cathedral, you will run into Rosalind. Because wrecking a perfectly fine school bus wasn't enough, she decided that it was a good idea to help you out by operating a wrecking ball. You must not get hit by her wrecking ball once to earn this trophy.

This is actually easier than you think, and quite easy to accomplish. In the first area, Rosalind will be swinging the wrecking ball rather slowly, so just dodge out of the way when you see the ball coming towards you. Lure zombies in front of it to automatically groggle them, then finish them off with your chainsaw. During the second part, when she gets ambushed, simply stay in one of the corners and defeat the zombies with your Blaster. The wrecking ball won't have a far enough reach to hit you.

Aced Auto-shop Class
Clear all the Kill Car QTE's in a row. 

This trophy can only be earned on Stage 6.

Right at the beginning of Stage 6, Killabilly will be throwing cars at you from afar. In order to cross the gap in front of you, you must create a bridge for yourself using the cars he's throwing at you. To do so, stand in front of a car's projectile path, and press at the correct time to knock it back and deflect it. For this trophy you must create both bridges without failing and without any cars hitting you throughout this section. It is perfectly fine to avoid the cars but if a car is coming towards you and you get hit, it will void the trophy forcing you to restart.

The trophy won’t unlock immediately after you created both bridges, though. Proceed through the stage until you reach the alleyway to earn it.

n00b Zombie Hunter
Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad's score. (4) 

Dad's Score to Beat (Prologue):

  • Time: 00:11:04
  • Score: 119,700
  • Sparkle Hunting: 20
  • Zombie Medals: 401
  • Platinum Medals: 15

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 0-1

  • No Damage
  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued

Stage 0-2

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • Speedy Finish: Street Battle
  • No Damage: Hazmat

Beat Dad's Score for Prologue, and the trophy will unlock shortly after the statistics screen at the end of the stage.

At the end of each stage, you’ll be judged in the following:

  • Zombie Medals
  • Platinum Medals
  • Sparkle Hunting
  • Completion Time
  • Continues

For the following next few trophies, you will need to have a base score that's higher than Dad's in order to unlock them. Your score is dependent on the number of zombie kills, but most importantly and you the amount of extra points you can earn based on your performance from the parameters listed above. Keep in mind that the most important one is your Sparkle Hunting rating, as it affects all other parameters. That means you can do worse in Time and/or Zombie Medals earned compared to Dad's, but if your score at the end is still higher than his, you will unlock the trophy.

You can try to beat his scores during Story Mode, and it’s definitely possible in doing so while, but it’s better to leave these trophies to do during Ranking Mode. That is because in Ranking Mode, the mode divides each stage into smaller sections, giving you a chance to earn extra medals, provided you achieved what was needed during that particular section. All your Juliet, Medals Collected, and Items purchased are all shared on one save file, so add that to your already overpowered Juliet from your first playthrough, beating Dad's scores should be a breeze.

You will also be working towards “International Zombie Hunter”, as you will be uploading your score to the leaderboards each time you complete a stage in Ranking. So even if you manage to beat Dad's Scores through regular play in story, you will need to replay them again anyways in Ranking Mode as only Ranking Mode allows you to upload your scores to the online leaderboards.

General Tips:

  • Dodge, dodge, and dodge! As Ranking Mode has no checkpoints or continues, you will have to start over all the way at the beginning should you die. Mash during hordes and use lollipops when necessary.
  • When faced against the more powerful zombies, switch to your Chainsaw Blaster instead. Not only do they pack quite a bunch, but they also allow you to damage them through range
  • Conserve your Star Soul Mode. It is useful, both for defeating stronger zombies and for creating chances to get Sparkle Hunting kills, but only activate it when you're facing 10+ zombies. Of course, if you are in verge of dying, activate it to get out of the tough situation.
  • Conserve your Nick Ticket. This is very important. You will be given only one Nick Ticket at the start of Stages, unless you can find a spare one, due to shops being unavailable in Ranking Mode. When your health reaches 0, you will be given a chance to revive Juliet, only if you have that singular ticket. So, try not to use it on random zombies.
  • And most importantly, Sparkle Hunt whenever you can. As stated above, it is the most important way of getting higher scores. Not only Sparkle Hunting doubles your zombie kill scores, it also gives you extra bonus medals and rare Platinum medals. Not to mention, there are several bonus medal requirements in stages that require you to achieve a certain level of Sparkle Hunting. If you kill special named zombies or zombies with health bars, you will get much more medals, so try to add them to the mix as well. There are several skills you can use, but best move is the "Holy Chainsaw" (, , , , , ), which can be bought for 999 Medals. Try to prioritize it for your shopping needs, along with Strength upgrades.

Please check each trophy below to see the required score you need to beat as well as a list of bonus requirements you can earn for each section. Each achievement will give you Medals based on their difficulty, ranging between 20 and 80 Medals each.

Beginner Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad's score. 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

Dad's Score to Beat (Stage 1):

  • Time: 00:31:33
  • Score: 214,500
  • Sparkle Hunting: 29
  • Zombie Medals: 681
  • Platinum Medals: 20

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 1-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Teacher

Stage 1-2

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Police Officer

Stage 1-3

  • 3Pointers Only: Z-Basketball
  • Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer

Stage 1-4

  • Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
  • No Damage: Bomb Cake
  • Star Soul Mode Not Used

Stage 1-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

Beat Dad's Score for Stage 1, and the trophy will unlock shortly after the statistics screen at the end of the stage.

Intermediate Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad's score. (3) 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

If you're having trouble beating Dad's score for this stage, consider earning this trophy, due to the amount of zombies in this stage being significantly less than the other stages, you might want to up your score via medals collected instead, via Nick Tickets and abusing Nick Shake. Note that during the final section where you have to protect Nick with your newly earned Chainsaw Blaster as he tries to earn homeruns, you can still earn Sparkle Huntings by killing the zombies in rapid succession.

Dad's Score to Beat (Stage 2):

  • Time: 00:26:39
  • Score: 161,100
  • Sparkle Hunting: 20
  • Zombie Medals: 635
  • Platinum Medals: 14

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 2-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • No Damage: Football Zombie
  • No Overheat Experienced

Stage 2-2

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Damage: 4F
  • No Damage: 2F

Stage 2-3

  • Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
  • No Overheat Experienced
  • No Damage: Gym

Stage 2-4

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Overheat Experienced
  • 3 Headshots

Stage 2-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Advanced Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad's score. 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

Dad's Score to Beat (Stage 3):

  • Time: 00:36:31
  • Score: 294,900
  • Sparkle Hunting: 39
  • Zombie Medals: 882
  • Platinum Medals: 27

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 3-1

  • No Damage
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • Speedy Finish: Bus Shoot

Stage 3-2

  • No Damage
  • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
  • No Damage: Bus
  • No Damage: Fat Old Man

Stage 3-3

  • No Damage
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Big Chicken
  • Speedy Finish: Combine Event

Stage 3-4

  • Sparkle Hunting - 7 Decaps
  • No Damage: Big Chicken
  • No Damage: Combine Game

Stage 3-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Super Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad's score. (3) 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

If you're having trouble earning enough points in this stage, consider repeating the second grinding method in "Millionaire Hunter"; repeatedly killing the zombies instead of getting across the gap by jumping on them during the arcade elevator sequence.

Dad's Score to Beat (Stage 4):

  • Time: 00:26:32
  • Score: 127,600
  • Sparkle Hunting: 15
  • Zombie Medals: 583
  • Platinum Medals: 9

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 4-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Alert: Dokuroman
  • Speedy Finish: Dokuroman Game

Stage 4-2

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Damage: Building Dungeon

Stage 4-3

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • Speedy Finish: Block Game
  • No Damage: Pole Room Battle
  • Climber Game: Nothing Broken (Yeah, good luck with it)

Stage 4-4 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Excellent Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad's score. (9) 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

Dad's Score to Beat (Stage 5):

  • Time: 00:45:25
  • Score: 366,800
  • Sparkle Hunting: 39
  • Zombie Medals: 1,888
  • Platinum Medals: 27

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 5-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • Hazmat killed with own bomb
  • No Damage: 3 Hazmats

Stage 5-2

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • Lollipop Not Used

Stage 5-3

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • 3 Headshots
  • Lift Kept Under 900kg
  • All Wrecking Balls Dodged

Stage 5-4

  • Sparkle Hunting - 7 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • No Damage: 4-Pole Battle

Stage 5-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Master Zombie Hunter
Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad's score. (2) 

Please refer to "n00b Zombie Hunter" for details.

Dad's Score to Beat (Prologue):

  • Time: 00:22:47
  • Score: 80,700
  • Sparkle Hunting: 13
  • Zombie Medals: 219
  • Platinum Medals: 8

Bonus Requirements:

Stage 6-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
  • No Overheating Experienced
  • All Flying Cars Dodged
  • All Jump Boards Completed
  • All Killabilly Lasers Dodged

Stage 6-2 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Congratulations! Happy Birthday!
Watched the happy ending. (9) 

In order to be eligible for the happy ending, you will need to have rescued all the classmates you've been encountering throughout the game. If you have done so, you will automatically be viewing the good ending upon finishing the game. If you were not able to rescue all your classmates in your initial playthrough, go back to the stages you messed up on and rescue them, then defeat the final boss again. You do not need to replay the game again.

Please refer to ”San Romero Knights Savior” trophy for additional info.

Horrid Birthday
Watched the bad ending. (10) 

On the contrary, you'll be forced into the bad ending of the game after defeating the final boss if you've failed to rescued all your fellow classmates.

What happens if you've already rescued all the classmates and want to view the bad ending? Simply defeat the final boss again by replaying Stage 6 and choose to watch the Bad Ending when prompted. There also appears to be a glitch with this trophy, if you go right into Ranking Mode as soon as you beat the game. If you failed to rescue a student during a stage, this trophy will for some reason pop during the statistics screen upon beating the stage.

Game Info
Kadokawa Games


US June 12, 2012
Europe June 15, 2012
Japan June 14, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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