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LittleBigPlanet Karting Trophy Guide
Guide By: January-Embers
There are 45 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
Offline Trophies: 29 – 3 2 24
Online Trophies: 16 – 1 1 4 10
Approximate Time: 40+ hours (dependent on skill)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1+ replaying levels, 100+ online races
Missable Trophies: 0 (all levels can be replayed)
Glitched Trophies: 2 - Online Sampler and The Adventures Continue
Cheats Disable Trophies: No known cheats
Difficulty Affect Trophies: No difficulty trophies
Online Pass: Yes

Welcome to LittleBigPlanet Karting! Fans of the series will immediately feel at home in this title, while new comers to the series will find a welcome environment that is easy to understand and play. The trophies in this game are no particularly difficult. The most difficult thing you'll encounter may be with some of the online trophies since the servers are not the best and can make your online experience tedious. In order to platinum this title you will be spending a lot of time in each of the three main components of the game: single player, create mode, and the online community. None of the trophies for this title are particularly difficult. Compared to previous LBP titles, this one is considerably easier in all respects. If you use this guide then you will have no problem obtaining your platinum trophy in a timely manner, and even if you attempt to do every trophy legitimately then there will be little issue getting in your way. The only words of caution are with the online since the servers are somewhat shoddy. There are two confirmed glitched trophies for community plays which can be found in more detail below. Sackthings, START. YOUR. ENGINES!


Step One: Story

Step one is simple enough: complete the story. Get used to the controls and just have fun going from race to race. You can either play in normal or casual difficulty. Normal difficulty is harder than casual difficulty and fortunately for us, you can breeze through the game on casual without being punished. The only thing that will be affected by playing on casual rather than normal is that your score at the end of the round won’t be posted to the online scoreboards. Either way, you’ll be able to unlock any and all trophies so you can play whichever difficulty you’d like.

Be advised: normal difficulty is tough. The enemies can be quite ruthless and if you don’t go into the races and battles with some good strategy, you may find the game to be rather difficult and frustrating. You can switch to casual difficulty at any time by pressing and going to settings. From there, under the tab Miscellaneous, you’ll see “Story Difficulty” and you can select either casual or normal from there. You can also change whether you accelerate with or directly underneath this section as well.

In order to unlock new races you must complete the previous level in at least third place. After completing this step you should have the following trophies:

Complete LittleBigPlanet
Complete Monster Island
Complete Victoria’s Laboratory
Complete The Progress Emporium
Complete Eve’s Asylum
Complete the Space Bass
Complete Hoard Garage
Flamin’ Skid
The Brave Defender!
Showing Who’s Boss
Road Rage
Big Combo
Kart Mastery
Complete Story Mode

Step Two: Create Mode

Now that the story is over with, the creative juice can flow! Grab your controller from the pod with then go to Me. On the right hand side of the screen you’ll see My Moon, go there and click on any open space. From there you can now begin working on the following trophies:

Scholar *
Just Getting Started
Making the Community
Custom Object
Arms Creator
Creator Maker
Building the Imagisphere

*while not pertinent to create mode, per se, it will teach you how to build things and move around making the creation trophies easier on yourself.

Step Three: Online

Now begins the online grind; while the trophies themselves are not as tedious as in LittleBigPlanet 2m they will take up a decent amount of time. During this step you’ll want to work on:

Playing the Popular
Save This For Later
Get Gathering
Active Recommendation
We Have Good Taste
First Impressions
Better Than You
Crowd Pleaser
Online Champ
Dive In!
The Adventures Continue

Note: Some of these trophies may seem glitched, such as Crowd Pleaser, when in reality they're not glitched. The servers on this game take a long time to update and so ten people may play your level yet you won't see the trophy pop. Give the servers a few days to process and everything should work out in the end. The only confirmed glitched trophies are Online Sampler and The Adventures Continue.

Step Four: Miscellaneous Trophies and Clean-up

Welcome to the end of your journey to the LittleBigPlanet Karting platinum. You should be nearly done with your trophies by now and should refer to them specifically in the guide below for assistance on how to obtain them so that you may get 100% Complete ! At this point the only things you should be missing are some of the bigger trophies like Building the Imagisphere or Story Star which will take time, but at the end of the day aren’t too daunting of a task to complete.


[PS3T Would Like To Thank January-Embers For This Road Map]

100% Complete
Earn all the LittleBigPlanetâ„¢ Karting trophies to unlock this platinum trophy (19) 

Congratulations Sackthing! You’ve fought your way to the top and survived, so here’s a present for all your valiant effort.

Planet Star
Star a planet in Story mode (1) 

Refer to Story Star for more information on how to get this.

Achieve a 5 hit streak in any Story battle level 

This will either be easy or a bit of a headache. Play your way through the first planet, LittleBigPlanet, until you reach the final level 'King’s Castle'. You’ll need to get five hits on “frenemy” players without taking a hit yourself.

Unfortunately you can’t just boot up with eight human players and let them all sit around while you blast them. There is a maximum of four human players meaning there will be four bots as well. The more human players you have, the easier this will be. If you have human players, have them wait around in the middle while you go pick up weapons and then shoot them. Afterwards immediately drive away to cover so you don’t get hit by a bot, then rinse and repeat until you get a five hit streak. If you don’t have anyone else to play then this will be a bit more difficult for you. The best advice is to do hit and run strategies. If you’re lucky you’ll hit multiple enemies with one attack. It is possible for two players to be close together and both being taken out by splash damage; however, this isn’t a very common occurrence. Just keep playing the level and eventually you’ll get this.

Showing Who's Boss!
Hit 50 Hoard minions in Story mode with any weapon (4) 

This is a very easy trophy. There are a few ways you can approach this one. The first method would be to get it naturally while playing the game which wouldn’t take a very long time at all. The other two methods require a bit of grinding, but no more than thirty minutes worth. If you’re very good at the battle arenas then boot up King’s Castle again and keep playing it until this pops. Alternatively, once you beat the level 'After the Wedding' a level called 'Target Practice' opens up. In this level, your objective is to do nothing but kill enemies who will not return fire or block your attacks. With this method you can get 20+ kills every 2-3 minutes. After playing through the level twice the trophy should unlock. Whichever method you chose to use, it won’t be difficult at all.

Road Rage
Slap another Sackboy on any level (4) 

This is very simple. Again, there are one of two methods to obtaining this trophy. The first method is to simply slap another bot while you’re racing. If you are having trouble hitting them, then turn on a second controller and start any level. Roll up next to the idle character and slap them.

Big Combo
Accumulate a 5x score multiplier in a Story level (4) 

In order to get a score multiplier you must get five score bubbles in a row. In order for this trophy to pop you’ll need to get 25 score bubbles fairly quickly. There are plenty of levels where this is possible. Just aim your kart so you can chain lines of score bubbles together so get the multiplier.

There are many levels where you can obtain this. Some of the later levels are easier than the early levels. There is a minigame near the end called 'Full Tilt' where you can get a 5x multiplier and beyond without any issues at all.

Kart Mastery
Complete all the tutorials on the first planet, LittleBigPlanet 

This trophy is simple enough. Complete the following levels to unlock it:

Karting Lessons
Training Wheels*
Target Practice*
Self Defense*

*prize bubbles can be earned on these levels. See each one for how to get all the prizes. You do not need to get all the prize bubbles in order to complete the tutorial. You will need all the prizes eventually though in order to star the planet.

In 'Karting Lessons', you’ll learn how to accelerate with either or , break with and steer with the . Afterwards, you’ll learn how to drift by holding in either or (respectively), then how to drift and steer at the same time. Lastly, you learn a little bit about picking up and firing weapons, plus defense. The latter tutorials allow you to practice them more. At the end you pick your difficulty of either casual or normal.

'Training Wheels' has you practicing drifting, steering and boosting from drifts through a track in order to reach checkpoints. Crossing checkpoints will net you some extra time. Just keep drifting around the track until the time runs out. To drift, press and hold or (depending if you're using or accelerations respectively) and once your tires are on fire let go to boost forward, then continue drifting again.

'Target Practice' teaches the player how to pick up and fire weapons with the button. Simply get kills until the timer runs out. Hang back and keep hitting the enemies ahead of you.

'Self Defense' is possibly the most helpful of the four tutorials. This one teaches you how to defend yourself against the enemies’ attacks. Once an attack has locked on to you, you’ll see an icon on the bottom of the screen that tells you what’s coming up behind you. Once it turns from red to blue – and the image changes from the weapon type to a shield – pull back on the left analog stick and press to successfully defend yourself. You will need to have some sort of weapon pick-up in order to defend yourself, so keep that in mind during other stages.

Just Getting Started
Spend 30 minutes in Create mode 

Refer to Building the Imagisphere for more information on how to obtain this.

Watch all of the creation tutorials from start to finish (4) 

To access the tutorials, open up the menu from the controller by pressing . On the right you'll see Me, and then again on the right you’ll see Tutorials. Select that and you’ll find 57 tutorials. All of them are videos and you must watch them all from start to finish. If you’re a veteran LBP player, then the vast majority of the information is already in your mind so just kick back with some tunes or food while they play. If you’re a new comer then try to pay attention to make Building the Imagisphere a little more bearable. This will take roughly two hours and you will know which videos you’ve watch because a check mark will appear next to them so don’t feel obligated to sit through it all in one sitting.

Interior Decoration
Create a custom pod and save it 

This is a really easy trophy. This should be one of the first ones that you get. As soon as you are back in your pod, open up your popit with and highlight the post-it note, that’s the Stickers and Decorations. Click on the first sticker you see, put it against the floor and press to paste it. Exit back to the popit menu by pressing twice, then highlight the rocket ship icon. Click on the icon that has the rocket ship with the box around it to save the pod and then this trophy will pop.

Change your costume and save it 

Open up your popit with and select the Sackboy icon. Press and select a skin, then again to add accessories. Go up to the top and save your creation with the icon that looks like the Sackboy in a box.

Hot Wheels
Change your ride and save it (2) 

Open your popit with and select the Car icon. Press and select a body type, then again to select wheels, seats, and engine noises. Save it at the top with the icon that has a car in the box.

Making The Community
Build and save any level created in Create mode 

Once you’re on the moon, open your popit with and select the icon that looks like a track with a wrench on it. Select whether you want to build a track or arena. If you’re building an arena, then all you have to do is select a shape, save, and pop goes the trophy. If you build a track you have to pave the track out with the track layer (a giant rolling brush). After you’ve rolled from the start point around back to the start point, save and pop goes the trophy.

Celestial Decorator
Create a personalized planet and save it 

Go back to Me, then Decorate on the bottom left side. Simply change the color of one thing, then save it and the trophy will pop. You select whichever layer of the Earth you want to decorate by going up and down with the and then selecting it with to change its color.

Custom Object
Create a custom object inside one of your levels 

See Arms Creator for more information.

Arms Creator
Create a custom weapon in Create mode (2) 

This is actually a really nifty feature. There is a tutorial on how to do this but I’ll give you the basic instructions on how to do it:

Go to the moon and open your popit with . Get an object from the goodies bag – the icon is a bag with a solid white surface – which are on the second page. Place the object in the environment, then go back to the tools bag – the other bag icon with the gears in the middle – and on the second page down at the bottom you’ll find Weaponizers. Simply select whichever one you want and attach it to the object. Go back and get your popit cursor – the icon that’s a stringy line with an arrow point – and select the weaponizer with . Edit it however you please, then save the object by grabbing it with the capture object tool found in the goodies bag. After that, place a custom weapon launcher found on the third page of the tools bag. Select it with the popit cursor to edit what’s inside and put your custom weapon to fire out. This will net you both Custom Object and Arms Creator.

Playing the Popular
Play any level in your Recent Activity (1) 

This is a very simple trophy to get. Go play a level online, then head back to your profile through the Me tab. You’ll see your recent activity under My Profile, so replay the level.

Publish a photo taken from any level (3) 

Open up your popit and go to Stickers and Decorations (the post-it note icon) and at the top you’ll see a camera icon. Select that to take a picture with . After you’ve taken a picture, head back into Stickers and Decorations all the way to My Pictures, highlight the image and then press . From there you’ll see an upload button. Simply upload the image to get the trophy.

Save This For Later
Add a level to your queue (1) 

Go to any level online, highlight and press to go to the planet it’s located on. From there, select the level with again, then along the top you’ll see Queue as a button. Press that and it will be queued up for your enjoyment later.

Get Gathering
Invite three other players into your playgroup (83) 

This is way easier than you’d think. Invite a buddy to your pod and then both of you turn on a second controller. Once the sackthings have spawned you should get your trophy. If you're having trouble getting this method to work, you can go to the Trophy Boosting Thread to find three partners. Invite all three and it will work as well.

Active Recommendation
Complete a level a friend has written a review for (12) 

Have someone on your friend’s list complete a level, any community level, then write a review of it. Then you go in after them to play that same level to completion. Sometimes you'll find that you might want to wait a few minutes after your friend completes the level to make sure that the servers recognize the level has been reviewed. This cannot be obtained with either your level or your friend's level. This has to be community level.

We Have Good Taste
Complete a level in Team Picks 

Team Picks are what MM Picks were from LBP2. Simply go to the community tab and you’ll see a tab called Team Picks. Play any level in this section and you’ll get the trophy.

First Impressions
Complete a level with less than 5 playthroughs and leave a review 

Open up the community tab and go all the way down to the bottom to Search More… Select this tab and in the bottom right you’ll see Newest Levels. Under this tab you’ll always find levels with zero plays so go there and complete a level then leave a review after you’ve given it a YAY.

About Me
Completely populate your profile page (10) 

Your profile is located in the Me tab under My Profile. You’ll need all of the following things for this:
Profile picture – at the top of page you’ll see a Change button under My Photo. Click that and select any sticker or photo you’ve taken to make it your profile image.
About me quote – Under My Picture will be big quotation marks. Highlight these and you can add text so people will know something about their favorite level’s creator.
Recent picture – take one picture and publish it.
Recent comment – Highlight Recent Comment and add your own comment to the page.
Latest hearted creation – Simply heart a level.
Latest hearted creator – Heart the creator of the aforementioned level.
Latest review – You’ll get this while doing First Impressions.
Recent activity – Simply play any level, online or single player, to fill this spot.

Better Than You
Beat a score posted by a friend on any community level (4) 

This should come naturally but if you want to boost this it’s quite easy. You and your boosting partner each make a level. Make a short little roundabout with two score bubbles. Now play the level and have your boosting partner get one of the score bubbles then complete the race. Play it again and this time you get both score bubbles. Rinse and repeat on the other player’s level.

Online Sampler
Complete 25 community levels (2) 

Refer to The Adventures Continue for more information.

Finale Star
Star every 'finale' level in the main story (3) 

Refer to Story Star for more information.

Crowd Pleaser
Publish a level and have 10 different players complete the level (160) 

This one isn’t so bad; however, not everyone wants to dump hours and hours into making a really in depth level that will quickly get the plays. Head on over to Trophy Boosting Thread to post your level and get plays.

Online Champ
Place 1st in 25 different online levels with other human players (113) 

This is another trophy that will either come naturally or be quite frustrating. If you want to boost this trophy, then invite at least one friend and search for really short, easy levels. You must complete and win 25 different levels. Playing the same level over and over won't count towards your wins. You must also select Play Online in order for these to count towards your overall win streak. Head on over to the Trophy Boosting Thread to find a partner to boost this with.

Basically what you want to do here is invite at least a friend (more keeps randoms out) then pick an easy track. Play the level and let them win, then vote to replay, and whoever else needs the win let them win until all that's left is you. I recommend the host goes last because then you'll see a 1 at the top of the screen indicating you won so you know when it's time to move on.

Dive In!
Dive into 25 community levels and complete those levels (10) 

Ah, the dreaded dive in trophy. The dive in feature for LBP Karting is functional and works properly. At the top of each levels page you’ll see Dive In! For example: going to community – cool levels – top of page ‘Dive In’ and selecting Dive In will pair you with people that are playing right now so you can have lots of fun together, but the upside is you don't necessarily have to play online. To make it easier on yourself, just dive in and select play on my own then complete the level, return to pod, dive in again. Unfortunately there are no pins in this game so keeping track of how many games you’ve played and how many have registered is a toss-up. To be safe, play a level then leave and dive in again to find a new level.

Creator Maker
Create three cooperative levels and three versus levels (2) 

This one couldn’t be any easier. Go to your moon and select to make a level. Open your popit and select the track and arena edit, then select to make an arena. Select the shape of the arena then exit back to the popit. Go to global settings – icon is of an earth with clouds and a sun – and on the second page you’ll find where you can change the level type. The icon is a white circle with a thin white circle in the middle and it’s open at the top. Have three levels saved to your moon as versus and three as cooperative to unlock this.

Complete Story Mode
Complete the main path of Story mode 

Complete the main levels of the seven planets in order to get this trophy. This may or may not be easy for some players. As mentioned in the Roadmap, the difficulty of the game can either be casual or normal. Normal can prove to be quite a challenge to some gamers, but you do not have to complete the game on normal difficulty for any trophy. I recommend playing on casual because the enemies are a little less ruthless (though they’re still quite tough). All you have to do is place at least third in order to unlock new levels so at least you can hang back and enjoy some carnage while you’re at it.

Story Star
Star every level in the Story mode (13) 

This is way easier than you would imagine. In order to star one of the main story levels, you must come in first place as well as find all the prize bubbles in the level. You'll know when you've completed these because a golden star, 1, and bag will appear below the level icon to indicate you've completed it all. You also need to come in first in the side missions with prize bubbles as well as collect all prize bubbles in those missions. You can check to see which side missions have prize bubbles by pressing once the level is selected and at the bottom of the description you'll either see No Goodies or x% Prizes. The downside is there won't be a bag or star on the side missions to indicate 100% completion. You'll have to keep up with these on your own.

Note: Purchasing the Timesavers Pack (USD $2.99) makes getting this trophy much easier because then you only need to worry about getting in first place. After purchasing you automatically have all prizes in the game. Thanks to JimmyHACK for this information. If you don't decide to purchase Timesavers pack, then refer to the Prize Bubble Locactions and Mini-Game Strategy Thread provided by TheVarietyGamer with help on getting the prizes.

Building the Imagisphere
Spend 24 active hours in Create mode (29) 

This is by far the trophy that will consume the majority of your time. Create mode for LBP Karting has been tweaked and is sort of different from the other LBP titles. It’s nothing completely different and if you’ve played ModNation Racers then you’ll have an idea of what it’s like. Either make levels legitimately for 24 hours or by using the tapping method from LBP2. luknn has figured out a way to boost this easily. Simply take a rubberband or hair tie and wrap it around the left and right analog sticks so that they point towards each other.


The Adventures Continue
Complete 100 community levels (35) 

Easy enough. Just go online and play levels. Since you need 25 wins online you will likely be playing 100+ levels anyways unless you’re a champion in which case just keep playing levels. You can play either online or on your own to complete this trophy, but since there is a glitch warning it's recommended that you play online to play it safe. You must play unique levels in order to obtain this trophy.

Glitch warning! Online Sampler and this trophy for some people won't pop after completing the required amount of levels. Users are reporting for this trophy having to complete 200+ levels in order for this trophy to unlock. Some people may not be affected by this, but keep in mind when you're playing and you know you've met the requirements that it won't pop. Simply keep playing levels until it finally does unlock. The issue appears to be with the servers not keeping track of how many levels you've completed, so until this is resolved later just keep playing levels until you unlock the trophy.

Secret Trophies
Complete LittleBigPlanet
Complete the main path of LittleBigPlanet 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete Monster Islands
Complete the main path of Monster Islands 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete Victoria's Laboratory
Complete the main path of Victoria's Laboratory 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete The Progress Emporium
Complete the main path of The Progress Emporium 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete Eve's Asylum
Complete the main path of Eve's Asylum 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete The Space Bass
Complete the main path of The Space Bass 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Complete Hoard Garage
Complete the main path of Hoard Sweet Hoard (2) 

Refer to Complete Story Mode for more information.

Aerial Grappler
Chain three different grapples without touching the ground (3) 

This can be done solo. Just go to the moon and make a long straight away then curve it back to make a track. Open the popit and go to the tools bag. On the third page under level kit, place a launch pad which looks like a black square with a pink face on it. Put it in the middle of the track. Now in front of the launch pad you’ll want to place a ton of grapple hooks which are located in the tools back on the same page as the launch pad at the bottom under powerups. You want to have a lot of grapple hooks to make sure that you get one.
Now you need something to swing by, so go back into the tools bag to the level kit section and you’ll see a long cylinder that is yellow. Place one at the apex of the launch pad’s trajectory – you’ll be able to see a yellow line that turns red at the apex – then space out two more after those. You’ll have to play around with the distancing of the grapple sponges but you’ll get it eventually. Save your level and go into play mode then grapple the three sponges without touching the ground and you’re done.

Alternatively, you could go to the community and search for the trophy title and find levels where you can easily obtain this trophy.

Flamin' Skid
Drift non-stop for 10 seconds without stopping in any racing Story level 

You can get this on a story level that technically isn’t a racing level. The first tutorial level, 'Karting Lessons', will be perfect for this. To drift, either press and hold if you accelerate with , or if you accelerate with . The track is an oval and you can continuously drift the entire level without hitting anything. You'll know you're drifting when you see flames coming out from the back of your kart.

The Brave Defender!
Defend against 30 attacks from opponents in any level 

This will come naturally through regular playing; however, if you wish to boost it to get it out of the way, then go to the level 'Self Defense' on LittleBigPlanet. You’ll have to defend yourself from constant attacks and can rack 30 defends in a matter of 2 – 3 minutes.

Game Info


US November 06, 2012
Europe November 09, 2012
Japan January 17, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Everyone
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