Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Trophy Guide
Guide By: yewjhin
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimate difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 12
Online: 0
Approximate time: 10-15 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+ (Certain levels may require more)
Missable trophies: None (Level Select)
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats disable trophies: No cheats as far as I know
Difficulty affects trophies: No

Trophy Breakdown: 7 4 1



Lara Croft is back and this time she teams up with a 2,000 year old Mayan warrior named Totec. In present time, Lara has just found an ancient Mirror that legends speak of and was promptyly ambushed a local warlord and his mercenaries. The leader of the mercenaries unknowningly releases an ancient evil spirit known as Xolotl, the Keeper of Darkness. Totec, a brave warrior who fought against Xolotl and his army of darkness 2,000 years ago awakens as well and teams up with Lara to seal Xolotl back into the Mirror of Smoke before the first light of dawn, or all of humanity will be lost.
Step 1: Playthrough 1 - Obtain all Collectibles/Score Ranks and Co-Op Trophies
Lara's newest adventure has her traversing 14 different levels, each level containing its own list of challenges, weapons and hidden artifacts. There are no difficulty-related trophies, so feel free to play on Easy.

Use this first playthrough to explore as much as possible. Play cautiously, avoid getting hit or dying and aim for the highest Score Rank. Attempt as many of the Rewards Challenges as possible, such as collecting 10 Red Skulls in every level, completing Challenge Tombs and so forth.

Follow the collectible guide linked under the Tomb Raider trophy to see a list of collectibles in each level and text walkthroughs as well as videos for each challenge/item, courtesy of Tyger7 from X360a.
This step ultimately serves to familiarize yourself with each level so you get an idea of how to tackle each one in the fastest possible time later in Step 2. Collecting as much items as possible will also unlock better weapons, artifacts and relics which makes taking down enemies easier and provides various stat boosts or abilities.
If a challenge is too hard or takes abit of luck, come back and do it later with Level Select instead of repetitively dying and reducing your score.
The Co-Op trophies are very easy and you can do them Locally (with a friend or by yourself using 2 controllers) or Online (when the patch comes). It won't take more than 5 minutes to obtain Leap of Faith, Jump Jump, Return to Sender and A Friend in Need.


Step 2: Playthrough 2 - Complete Time Trial Reward Challenges
In every level there will be 1 or 2 Time Trial which either requires you to complete a task within a time limit or finish the level under record time. Keep in mind that you should be rolling with all the time which is much faster as opposed to walking. Most of the combat can be skipped and you can ignore the enemies. You should also have accumulated powerufl weapons, artifacts and relics from your previous playthrough which should help you dispatch enemies with ease, as well as increasing your speed. Check the Collectibles Guide which contains a few speedrun videos.


Step 3: Clean-Up
If there are any remaining trophies, challenges or collectibles that you miss out, use Level Select to go back and obtain them.
[PS3T would like to thank Yewjhin for this Road Map]

A Friend in Need
Play Co-op mode 

This trophy can be achieved simply by starting up a Local/Online Co-Op game and it unlocks automatically. You don't have to complete the level/game. For Local Co-Op you'll need 2 controllers.

Leap of Faith
Catch Totec with the grapple while he is jumping over a death fall (3) 

This can only be achieved in local/Offline Co-Op mode. Player 1 MUST be using Lara. Move both characters over to an edge. Player 2, using Totec should attempt to jump to his death, and Lara has to immediately press to grapple him while in midair. An ideal location to do this is early on in Level 3: Spider’s Tomb after defeating the initial wave of spiders. This can also be done by yourself using 2 controllers easily.

Video showing how its done, courtesy of Achievaholics


Return to Sender
Reflect an enemy's projectile back to him using Totec's shield (4) 

This can only be achieved in Local/Online Co-Op mode. Player 1 MUST be using Totec. Hold to raise your shield in front of you and face any projectile throwing enemy. The shield will reflect the projectile back towards the direction you’re facing. The projectile has to hit the actual originator for the trophy to register. The earliest opportunity to achieve this is in the Level 2: Temple Grounds against a bunch of Demons that appear early in the stage and throw Light Spheres. Easily done by yourself, controller 2 doesn't need to do anything

Video showing how its done, courtesy of Achievaholics


Three birds, one stone
Kill 3 enemies with one bomb (1) 
This trophy is easily achieved near the end of Level 2: Temple Grounds. When you have managed to open the entrance to Spider’s Tomb, a swarm of spiders will rush you down the staircase. Lay a remote bomb using on the staircase and run backwards. Press again to detonate the bomb when the spiders pass over it and Boom!

Video showing how its done, courtesy of Achievaholics


Jump Jump
Jump from Totec's shield while he is jumping (1) 

This can only be achieved in Local/Offline Co-Op mode. Have the player using Totec hold to raise his shield as a platform, then have Lara jump on top. Next, Totec then jumps first followed by Lara who jumps in midair. This can also be done by yourself using 2 controllers easily.

Video showing how its done, courtesy of Achievaholics


Beat a Better Mousetrap
Activate all of the spikes at once in the Spider Tomb spike field 
This can only be achieved in Level 3, Spider’s Tomb. As you progress, you will eventually come to a point where a group of spike panels are laid on the floor. All you need to do is run across and activate all of them making sure you don’t die.
Here’s a video showing how, courtesy of Achievaholics:


Earn the top score objective in any level (2) 
See “Tomb Raider” trophy below.
Seeing Red
Collect all 10 red skulls in any single level (1) 

See “Tomb Raider” trophy below.

Complete any level-specific Reward Challenge (1) 
See “Tomb Raider” trophy below.
Tomb Raider
Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons (6) 

As the trophy description says, you need to collect all Relics, Artifacts and Weapons scattered throughout every level. Each level will have a list of Score Challenges and Rewards Challenges that you need to complete to unlock relics, artifacts and weapons. To see a list of challenges and rewards, press ingame. Press or while on that same list to open up your inventory menu to equip/observe your collection of items. Artifacts and relics will give different stat boosts whereas each weapon will have their own stats and usefulness. See HERE for collectible videos thanks to Tyger7/Achievaholics from X360a, and a step by step level walkthrough HERE.

Note: Health/Ammo Powerups are not needed for this trophy. You can replay any level and redo only the challenges you missed, the game keeps track and saves all your progress with each challenge so you don't need to redo those you've successfully completed.

Score Challenge/Relic Meter:
Each level will have 3 Score Ranks, and achieving the highest Score Rank will unlock one of the weapons that you need to collect. Below your health bar/ammo, you will notice a gauge starts to fill as you defeat more enemies and collect gems. This is the Relic Meter. Here's how it works:

• Gems awards 1200 points and increases your Relic Meter
• Killing enemies without getting hit increases your Relic Meter
• When Relic Meter is 50% full, your points are Doubled
• When Relic Meter is 100% full, your points are Tripled
• Getting hit by traps or enemies empties your Relic Meter
• Dying subtracts 5000 points and empties your Relic Meter
• Enter Challenge Tombs (see sub-section below) even if you've completed them previously to encounter more enemies and gems that you can collect for more points.

Note: Getting 100% Full Relic Meter also bestows you with abilities like Health Regen, Ammo Regen, Spread Shots, Increased Attack Power/Speed and so on, depending on which artifacts you have equipped, which makes alot of other challenges much easier to deal with.

As you can see, not getting hit and not dying are crucial towards achieving high scores. The one particular level that is hard is Level 12: Stronghold Passage. There is a very limited number of enemies in this level and you can only afford to lose your relic meter once. Achieving the highest score rank the first time will unlock Breadwinner.

Rewards Challenges:
Rewards are given for completing various challenges available in each level and are separated into 2 types

Task Challenges:
• Each level has 10 Red Skulls, collect all of them for 1 item. Completing this task the first time will unlock Seeing Red trophy.
• Each level will also have a variety of 3-4 tasks like rolling a boulder onto a pedestal, destroy some objects etc... complete each task for an item. Overachiever will unlock for completing your first task.

Timed Challenges:
• Each level also has ONE timed challenge where you will need to complete a section of the level or the whole level within a specific time limit
• Keep Rolling using to move faster
• Avoid enemies/paths you don't need to fight to progress. Completing the score challenges and other reward challenges above should have given you a pretty good idea of what to do in each level.

Throughout each level you will find Challenge Tombs (they have glowing red skulls beside the entrance) that you can enter. These Tombs normally contain Powerups or Artifacts. Some artifacts may also appear on the normal level map areas but hidden away. Please see the video collectible guide for locations.

Secret Trophies
Instant Sushi
Vanquish the summoned beast in the watery depths (1) 

Story Related. This is achieved in Level 8: Jaws of Death. The level is very linear and there is only one way you can go. You can easily be beat this under 2 minutes. All you have to do is keep rolling using and jump the gaps to stay ahead of the beast.

Vanquish Xolotl
Regain the Mirror of Smoke (2) 

Story related. This is achieved by defeating the final boss in the last level, Xolotl's Stronghold. Equipping good Relics and Weapons such as Jade Heart, Chain Gun, and especially Fist of Tezcatlipoca will make this very easy. This boss fight is divided into 3 phases.

1st Phase: You be standing on a floor filled with spike traps. Any tile has a blue circle blinking on it will have a spike trap emerged very shortly after. Xolotl will appear on 1 of the 2 platforms on either side of the floor and you will need to target him to take him down. Spiders will also appear intermittently to disrupt your flow. I find the chaingun very efficient here with its High Damage and Rate of Fire. You will need to takedown his health bar entirely twice here.

2nd Phase: Next, you will move to a section filled with exploding plants. Xolotl will attempt to jump ontop of you. Move near a group of plants and when you see a black shadow appear, move away. He will land near the plants and take some damage. Take this opportunity to fill him with lead. When you have depleted his health bar once, he starts summoning various minons to disrupt you. Once again, I recommend the chaingun. He will eventually start moving around like before and you just need to deplete his health bar a second time here.

3rd Phase: Afterwards, you move on to a section surrounded by Lava. Lava rocks will drop from above intermittently and you just need to roll in a circle to avoid them. Xolotl will appear on a platform to the North, so use the Chaingun and put some holes in him. Deplete his health bar once, and he will summon Lava Golems. Take them out. Next, he starts jumping around like before and you just need to take him out like a routine to send him back to wherever he came from.

Final Boss Video, courtesy of Achievaholics:


Game Info
Crystal Dynamics


US September 28, 2010
Europe September 29, 2010
Japan September 28, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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