Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall Trophy Guide
Guide By: Wozamil. DLC: Dark_Raven666 + The__Noid
There are 47 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 22 (14, 5, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 11 (4, 3, 4)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150-200+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes (Elite Shadow Marshal)
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats but use of AI Bots in MP will disable trophy progress.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the premiere next generation launch title for the launch of the PS4. Set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, you will find the Helghast and Vetkan are living on the same planet separated by a gigantic wall.

The multiplayer really shines in this PS4 version. It runs at 1080p and a full 60fps with support for up to 24 players. The game ships with 10 maps and all future map DLC will be free. The unique thing about this multiplayer is that all weapons and abilities are unlocked to you at the beginning. You can complete challenges that will unlock attachments for the weapons such as flashlights and shotguns and then other challenges that will upgrade your class abilities.

While it's possible to get all the single player trophies in a single playthrough, the truth is that you'll probably need to do a second run of the game through chapter select and more than a few for each of the chapters.

Corrupted Saves - There seems to be a very small number of people who have experienced corrupted saves. This will require you to delete your save game. To do so, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete. This will not delete MP progress as that's saved on their servers. If you are afraid of potential corruption, you can go to Application Saved Data Management and then Saved Data in System Storage and upload to the cloud or copy to a USB Storage Device.

Step 1 - Single Player Hard Playthrough - Start the game on hard difficulty. This is unlocked from the beginning. There are a few sections that might be troublesome, but this isn't the most difficult Killzone game in the series. You can choose to play on a lower difficulty first if you feel that you would benefit from having the knowledge of what to expect.

Make a considerable effort to not shoot any civilians as you play. If you avoid shooting any, you will earn Conscientious Killer. There is a trophy for completing the entire game without any deaths, but don't worry too much about that in this run as doing a second run on the Easy difficulty makes it much easier.

Also, try to get all the collectibles for The Knowledge. Outside of that, there are only a few trophies that you can get that aren't story related. You can attempt these during this playthrough, or get them through chapter select. Those trophies are:

Deniable - located in Chapter 2
New Shadow - located in Chapter 10
Violence is the answer? - located in Chapter 10

This Video Walkthrough of the campaign may help if you get lost at any point. Remember that if you hit , it will show you the objective marker.

Step 2 - Shadows Cannot Be Killed - You will need to complete the entire game with no deaths. Thankfully, you don't need to do a complete run from the beginning to the end without deaths. Deaths are recorded on a per section basis, so you can do this via chapter select. If you go to the chapter select screen it will show you how many deaths you had in each chapter, and then how many you've had in each individual section.

If you know you are about to die, make sure to quickly hit options and then select restart checkpoint before you die. Getting downed and being revived by OWL will count against you and dying to the environment or hitting something during a freefall section will also count as a death.

Step 3 - Multiplayer - This is where you will spend nearly 95% of your total platinum time. There are only two trophies you need to worry about. They are Jack Of All Trades and Weapons Specialist. Spend your whole time going for those. The rest of the multiplayer trophies will come along with them. See each of those trophy descriptions for full details on what you need to do to earn them.

Custom Warzones can make this a little quicker, as opposed to playing the default Guerrilla Games created Warzones. Custom Warzones (listed in white text in the list of games) allow you to tweak different gameplay settings. The problem with them is that only a few of them are well populated. Finding a game with low health settings, aka, Hardcore, can make all the drone kills easier plus make it easier to unlock attachments for handguns or any other gun you don't find easy to use.

If you want to boost, you can find boosting partners in this thread: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!). Just be careful as Guerrilla Games doesn't like boosting and are proactively looking for people who create their own Warzones for the purpose of boosting.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Wozamil For This Roadmap]

Insurgent DLC


  • Estimated Difficulty: 7/10
  • Approximate time: 10-25+ hours
  • Trophy Breakdown: 7 (5, 1, 1)
    • Offline: 1 (1)
    • Online: 6 (5, 1)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1 (Elite Mode)
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes, Like a Boss must be done on Elite Mode
  • Missable Trophies: N/A
  • Glitched Trophies: 1 - New Toys!
  • Cheats: N/A

Important Links:
Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

The Insurgent Expansion is the first paid content for Killzone Shadow Fall, introducing its namesake class: the Insurgent. Alongside the Insurgent, it also introduces a new ability and weapon for the original classes, Online Collectibles, as well as a new difficulty for the main campaign: Elite Mode. Earning the online trophies can be a little tedious, but shouldn't take too long (particularly if you've done the abilities required for the platinum). They can be boosted, which makes some of them considerably easier.

Completing Elite will be doable if you've previously completed the game on Hard, but it still has several hurdles, so can still cause some issues.

Step 1: Elite Mode
Elite Mode is the new difficulty for the campaign available to you immediately, and it's essentially an "endurance" difficulty. Enemy AI are the same as they are on Hard difficulty, except now you only have three lives for the whole campaign, and there are no checkpoints in each chapter. This means if you die during a chapter, you'll have to start it from the beginning. Fortunately there is a workaround to save yourself from losing your lives when you die, making this more a case of trial and error rather than pure skill. See the Like a Boss trophy for details.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:

Like a Boss

Step 2: Online
If you've done the online trophies for the main game, you'll be stepping into familiar territory for these trophies. You'll mainly be tasked with reaching the maximum level for the two Insurgent abilities, as well as the new Scout, Assault and Support abilities. You'll also need to hunt down 25 Online Collectibles as you play, but this shouldn't be too concerning if you actively search for them.

Previously people have been temporarily banned for boosting in Killzone Shadow Fall, but it appears the moderators have eased up in regards to moderating boosters, so you should be safe to boost any of these trophies without issue. I boosted three of them without any issues whatsoever. If you do boost, I recommend the map Penthouse. It is the smallest map, making it a lot faster to get things done.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:

All Flavors
Finders Keepers
Remember Me?
New Toys!

[PST Would Like to Thank Dark_Raven666 for this Roadmap]

Intercept DLC


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5 1 1 )
  • Online trophies: 7
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-15 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 50 games of co-op
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats


The second DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall is a huge improvement over the first in terms of content, bringing a brand new co-op mode into the mix, complete with its own challenges and trophies. All of the trophies are reasonably straightforward and should all be earned on your path to 50 co-op wins.


Step 1: Role-specific trophies

While you play the new co-op mode, your long-term goal will be to earn 50 wins. I suggest playing the "quick" mode, which only requires a total 1500 banked points per game. You may be thinking "but I need so many banked points...", but don't worry about it. Each 1500 point game will take an average of 10-15 minutes depending on your group. For the purposes of this guide, I am assuming that you are playing with random people. If you have a core group set up, then your progress towards the 50 wins is likely to be quicker.

On the path to 50 wins, you will want to start with the each character-specific trophy, and getting 25 brutal melee kills with each class. As you go for these, the 2500 banked points per class will come naturally. Every trophy is cumulative across games, so just keep working at each one individually. Focus on fulfilling the requirements for one class at a time. So for each class, get their class-specific tasks completed first, while aiming for brutal melee kills whenever you see a solo Helghast (note that you can NOT brutal melee boss characters.)

Upon completion of this Step, you will have the following trophies:

High And Dry
Tactical Triplets
Bare Hands
Wallstreet Banker

Step 2: Focus on winning, quickly

Once you have completed step one, you should only have one more trophy left - 50 co-op wins. Focus up and do your best to earn the wins quickly. See the trophy guide below for tips on speeding up the process.

Upon completion of this Step, you will have the following trophies:

Co-op Captain

[PST Would Like to Thank The__Noid for this Road Map]

Obtain all Killzone Shadow Fall trophies (25) 
The Father
Complete level 'The Father' 

Story related, can't be missed. There are two sections in this level:

  1. This is Our Home
  2. It Won't Protect You Forever
The Shadow
Complete level 'The Shadow' 

Story related, can't be missed. There are three sections in this level:

  1. Clean This Up
  2. You Have The Intel? (Location of Deniable and best spot for Outmaneuvered)
  3. We're Getting Out
In 'The Shadow', operate without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe (11) 

This is in the "You Have The Intel?" section of the second chapter called "The Shadow". You will need to complete all the objectives in this area without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe. You can use OWL to hack the alarm terminals so that the enemy can't trigger the alarm, but you can't disable the security mainframe. The security mainframe is on the second floor of the communications tower on the far right side of the area, so leave that hackable console alone.

There are four alarms in this area that enemies will run towards to trigger an alarm. The monitor on the alarm stations will be orange but will turn blue if OWL hacks it. Surrounding each of these alarm stations will be a group of enemies. As soon as you engage them, one of them will run towards the alarm station, so make sure you target that person quickly. Your best course of action is to have OWL disable each of the alarms while you are killing the surrounding enemies. The alarms look like this:

The locations of them are:

  • Dead center of this entire area in the wooded area.
  • Near the crashed plane with smoke billowing out from it.
  • On the platform just under the AA guns that you need to destroy with C4. Careful with this area, the guy will sound the alarm very quickly.
  • Just outside the main gate heading into the communications tower.

If an alarm is triggered, you can restart checkpoint and try again.
Here's a video guide of all the steps:


The Doctor
Complete level 'The Doctor' 

Story related, can't be missed. There are six sections in this level:

  1. Presumed Dead
  2. Find Another Way
  3. Set A New Course
  4. Restore The Power
  5. She Wants To Defect
  6. Bury The Truth
The Patriot
Complete level 'The Patriot' 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has four sections:

  1. On Vektan Soil
  2. Hunt These People Down
  3. I Want Tyran's Head
  4. He Won't Get Away
The Helghast
Complete level 'The Helghast' 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has seven sections:

  1. We Have To Show Them
  2. You Owe Me
  3. Think You're Special?
  4. Make Him Pay
  5. Hunt The Shadow
  6. Make Your Country Proud
  7. Ready For Extraction
The Agent
Complete level 'The Agent' 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has seven sections:

  1. I'll Protect You
  2. Up And Running
  3. You Can Trust Me?
  4. See What I See
  5. In This Together
  6. Now's Our Chance
  7. Keep Running
The Handler
Complete level 'The Handler' (2) 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has six sections:

  1. They're Not Innocent
  2. I Know What I'm Doing
  3. Bring Me Massar
  4. It's Waiting For You
  5. Secure The Target
  6. Last Stand
The Dead
Complete level 'The Dead' 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has five sections:

  1. Outcast
  2. Fallen City
  3. This Was Our Home
  4. We've Got Company
  5. Tyran Lives
The Destroyer
Complete level 'The Destroyer' (4) 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has five sections:

  1. It Must Be Destroyed
  2. History Will Remember You
  3. It Ends Here
  4. Death To Vekta
  5. The Weak Perish
In singleplayer, get a quadruple kill with a single Frag Grenade (8) 

There's not many opportunities for quadruple kills with Frag Grenades, but there is one good opportunity later in the game at the end of The Destroyer chapter. During the final fight in this chapter there will be two doors on the opposite end of the room, one on the left and one on the right. At the halfway point in this fight after you've cleared the initial group of enemies, you will reach a checkpoint and then shortly after that more enemies will come out of each of the doors.

Wait just outside the door and when it opens send in OWL with a stun attack. To do a stun attack, swipe left on the touchpad and then ( with classic controller setup) to send him in. This will serve two purposes. First, it will remove the shield one of the soldiers is wearing, and second, keep all the enemies grouped up tightly for the kill, as the grenade doesn't have the largest kill radius.

If you fail to get the trophy, hit restart checkpoint. This location is also a great spot to get Outgunned.

You can also get this at the end of Chapter 2 when the drop ships drop off soldiers, or halfway through Chapter 5 in "Make Him Pay" when you are in the market.


In singleplayer, kill 6 Helghast with headshots within a single adrenaline rush (7) 

See Outsmarted for details on the location. At the end of the Destroyer chapter, you can get 6 headshot kills with a single adrenaline rush. In order for you to be able to do an adrenaline rush, you will need to make sure you have adrenaline packs on you. If the icon is not lit up on the bottom left corner of your screen, you do not have any. Lucky for us, on a table, between the two doors on the opposite side of the room will be two adrenaline packs.

Once you have them, wait back from the doors and just as they open, send in OWL for a Stun attack. There are only six guys coming through this door so you need to make sure you eliminate the soldiers shield that they have on. Once you have them stunned, activate the adrenaline rush with and take aim and score only headshots.

If you fail, just hit restart checkpoint and after a few tries, you should get it. Another place that you can get this is halfway through Chapter 5 when you come up to a market in the section "Make Him Pay". There will be more than enough enemies that will get bunched up just seconds after you're spotted.


In singleplayer, kill 5 Helghast with gunfire while ziplining (1) 

To zipline, you need to first select it from the OWL ability menu by swiping right on the touchpad. While you are on higher ground, you can aim at a spot on the ground below you and send off OWL with . While on the zipline, you need to hipfire your gun and kill 5 enemies. This is cumulative across multiple playthroughs.

An easy spot to get zipline kills is in Chapter 2 at the section called "You Have The Intel?". You will come up to the crashed ship with the smoke and you can get in an overlook position on the guys on the ground below you. There will be two of them. Aim your zipline in between them and on your way down try to take them both out. If you let one of them sound the alarm in this area, you can keep going for zipline kills with the enemies that come from the drop ships. Just avoid disabling the alarm until you get the trophy.

What you can't do is restart checkpoint. Restarting a checkpoint will wipe all progress you have made. What you can do finish out the section and then chapter select this specific section and cleanup any kills you may need.


Elite Shadow Marshal
Complete all missions on Hard difficulty (6) 

Hard Difficulty isn't as bad as it would seem as long as you keep one thing in mind - never forget about OWL. This little robot will go a long way in making sure you reach the end of the game. So here are some tips for completing the game on its hardest difficulty:

  • OWL's Stun not only does a great job of removing shields, but it will stun a group of enemies in an area of effect. If you are pinned down at a location, use OWL and stun enemies. It works great for enemies that are behind cover and you need to get them out in the open for you to take them out. You can make it through some difficult sections just by using him to stun and then waiting for his recharge timer to allow you to do it again.
  • OWL's Shield is overpowered on Hard. You can stand out in the open behind this shield picking off enemies. You can get through most of the game using just the shield.
  • Use adrenaline packs wisely. You can use them at any time to give yourself an adrenaline rush, but you want to save them for difficult sections where restarting a checkpoint puts you too far back. So save them for OWL to revive you and you get a bonus adrenaline rush when you get back up.
  • Scan, Scan and Scan. Not only will the scan ability allow you to see enemy positions (even behind walls and closed doors), but it will also show you the location of all adrenaline packs laying throughout the chapters. It will also reveal to you hidden little vent doors that you can open and climb into.
  • OWL's basic attack is not very effective against the enemy, but it does a good job making the enemy turn their back on you to shoot your drone. He does a good job at drawing their fire and they will often just stand out in the open attacking him.
  • Make sure you have, or find EMP grenades when you meet with the walkers. Killing them without first hitting them with the EMP grenade first is not a good strategy.
Conscientious Killer
Complete the campaign on any difficulty without shooting any civilians (12) 

This isn't that difficult but Chapter 5 can prove to be your biggest challenge as you will be fighting soldiers in a civilian area. So just make sure to keep them in mind and take shots only when you know it's clear. There's also a lot of civilians in Chapter 10, but you can complete that without firing your weapon. There's no tracking to tell you where you shot someone, but you can get this in chapter select and I would start with Chapter 5.

Shadows Cannot Be Killed
Complete the campaign on any difficulty without dying (21) 

Deaths can be at the hand of the enemies or from the environment such as during the freefall sections. If you are about to die you should quickly hit options and then restart checkpoint before you die. If you manage to let a few deaths pile up throughout your playthrough, you can go to chapter select from the main menu and when you scroll down to each chapter, you can scroll left or right and see each individual section where it will tell you how many deaths you have.

You can chapter select any section in which you have incurred a death. This does not have to be done in a single playthrough.

Find 50% of the collectibles in the campaign 

See The Knowledge.

The Knowledge
Find all collectibles in the campaign (5) 

There are a total of 98 collectibles in the game. There are no collectibles in Chapter 1. The game features four different types:

  • (35) Audiologs
  • (19) Dossiers
  • (9) Newspapers
  • (35) Comic Book Pages

You can view which collectibles you have by selecting "Collectibles" at the main menu. In this screen, you can see all the ones you have collected and listen to the Audio Logs and view the Dossiers, Newspapers and Comic Book Pages. The Comic Book Pages when completely collected will give you a full Comic Book issue that you can read. For any missing collectible, it will not only tell you which chapter it is in, but also which section of that chapter it can be found. Again, chapter 1 does not have any collectibles.

You can also view which chapters have missing collectibles in the chapter select screen, although it won't tell you which section they are in. In this screen, you can scroll up and down to select the chapter and left and right to select the section. The collectibles do not immediately save and you'll need to reach the next section in the game, but if you die you won't need to recollect them. Just make sure to reach the next section. You can view what section you are currently in by hitting options.

Chapter Specific Video Walkthroughs
Chapter 2 - The Shadow
Chapter 3 - The Doctor
Chapter 4 - The Patriot
Chapter 5 - The Helghast
Chapter 6 - The Agent
Chapter 7 - The Handler
Chapter 8 - The Dead
Chapter 9 - The Destroyer
Chapter 10 - The Savior

A text guide is available in the following thread: Killzone Shadow Fall Collectible Guide (Audio, Dossiers, Newspapers & Comic Pages)

Complete a match on every multiplayer map (7) 

There are 10 maps in Shadow Fall. You simply just need to complete any game on each of the maps. There are 6 challenges available for playing on each map. You complete a challenge for completing 1, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 games, but to earn this trophy, you just need to complete the first level challenge of playing a single game for each of the maps. Be aware that playing in any Warzone with bots will disable challenges and completing games on maps with bots will not count.

To view these challenges go to the multiplayer menu and select My Career and then tab over with to Challenges. These will be listed under Online Play.

Win a match on every multiplayer map (6) 

This is the same as Tourist with the exception of having to win a game on each of the 10 maps. Again, there are challenges associated with winning on each map, but they have lower requirements of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. Be aware that playing in any Warzone with bots will disable challenges and wins on maps with bots will not count.

To view these challenges go to the multiplayer menu and select My Career and then tab over with to Challenges. These will be listed under Online Play.

On Your Way
Complete 200 challenges 

See Multiplayer Elite.

Multiplayer Elite
Complete 400 challenges (1) 

The game has 1595 different challenges, far too many to list here. Most of the challenges have multiple tiers to them. For example, Total Enemy Kills has 24 challenges associated in that category, that range from 5 kills up to 10,000.

You will complete these on your way to earning Jack of All Trades, so I wouldn't burn any calories thinking about this at all. To view all the challenges, go to Multiplayer, then My Career and the press to tab over to the challenges menu.

The main challenge breakdown is as follows:

Online Play - 233 Challenges
Kills & Headshots - 131 Challenges
Scout Abilities - 62 Challenges
Assault Abilities - 66 Challenges
Support Abilities - 98 Challenges
Missions (8 different ones) - 315 Challenges total
Mission Specials 16 Challenges
Scout Weapons - 52 Challenges
Assault Weapons - 56 Challenges
Support Weapons - 54 Challenges
Shared Weapons - 17 Challenges
Weapon Attachments - 78 Challenges

Be aware that playing in any Warzone with bots will disable challenges and no progress will be earned in those Warzones.

Million Points
Get a total of 1,000,000 points in multiplayer (21) 

You will earn 1,000,000 points on your way to Jack Of All Trades. This will be a long grind, but just keep playing, complete objectives and be a good teammate and this will come naturally, well before you upgrade all the class abilities.

Be aware that playing in any Warzone with bots will not allow any points earned to be counted towards the million.

Max out any upgradable Scout ability (1) 

See Jack Of All Trades.

Max out any upgradable Support ability 

See Jack Of All Trades.

Max out any upgradable Assault ability 

See Jack Of All Trades.

Jack Of All Trades
Max out all upgradable abilities (81) 

This is the trophy that will eat up nearly all your time in Shadow Fall. The Scout and Assault class each have three abilities while the Support class has five. You need to level up each of the abilities to its maximum level. Most of them are just simply time consuming, especially the Drone Buddy. The best tip I can give you is to play on 24 player Custom Warzones and with health set to low. This is the closest we get to Hardcore matches. This will allow any drone to quickly eliminate the opponents and there will be 10 more players on the map (5 on each side) allowing better chances for you to use specific abilities more often.

To view active Warzones, go to Multiplayer and then All Warzones and tab over to Active Warzones. Guerrila Games created Warzones will be listed in Orange and player created ones will be white. It will show you the number of players in each one. If you press , it will allow you to see all game options. Player created ones are often empty, especially during off-peak hours. It's usually only during peak hours that these are viable options.

Here is the full list of all the upgrades for each of the classes:


  • Tactical Echo - Tag 500 enemy players
  • Cloak – Kill 400 enemy players while the cloak ability is active
  • Stun Drone – Stun 300 enemies

Assault Class:

  • Nano Shield – Kill 300 enemy players while shooting through your shield
  • Stun Blast - Stun 500 enemy players with the stun blast ability
  • Drone Buddy – Get 300 buddy drone kills


  • Revive Drone – Revive 500 teammates with the Revive Drone
  • Spawn Beacon – Have 200 teammates spawn on Spawn Beacons you have deployed
  • Turret – Kill 400 enemy players with the Turret
  • Air Support – Kill 400 enemy players with the Air Support Drone
  • Supply Box – Resupply 250 teammates with Supply Boxes that you have deployed

Each of those have 11 levels and the totals listed above are what you need for the final, 11th, ability upgrade. Each level you upgrade will increase the usefulness of the ability by a small margin. You can view the progress of the ability upgrades from the Multiplayer menu, then My Career and then scroll over to Abilities. For tips on specific abilities, F8L Fool was nice enough to provide additional tips here Here.

You may wish to try to boost some of these which you can do in the Boosting Thread.

NOTE: Make sure that you are combining this trophy with Weapons Specialist, both of those should be worked on at the same time. Also, remember not to play any custom Warzone that has bots enabled as that will not allow any progress towards ability upgrades.

Weapons Specialist
Unlock all attachments for all weapons (10) 

Each class has a set number of weapons available and they are all available to the player from the start. Attachments for each of the weapons must be unlocked by completing specific challenges. Most of the challenges consist of killing a certain number of enemies under various conditions.

First, to view the weapon attachments that you need to unlock, go to Multiplayer, then My Career and then tab over to weapons. From here, it's broken down by class starting with Scout Weapons. If you click on Scout Weapons, it will open up and show you each of the weapons along with how many attachments are currently unlocked. If you click the first one under the scout section, which is the StA101 Kameraad, you will see a row of 5 attachments that you can unlock. If you scroll over each of them, you will see below challenges that are required to unlock them.

You can also see where you stand on challenges in the Edit Loadout screen from the My Career menu or from within the game itself. If you're looking at the challenges from My Career, the number of available unlocks will include explosives, however, those are not needed for this trophy. You will need to unlock all the main weapons and all the sidearm weapons.

The number of upgrades for each class (unlocking explosives not required):

  • Scout Weapons - 22
  • Assault Weapons - 24
  • Support Weapons - 16
  • Shared Weapons (usable by all classes) - 3

To view a complete list of all required unlocks and their requirements for each, read the post HERE.

Earn a total of 500 accolades (1) 

Accolades are earned after each completed game you play, which are based on the performance of your round. Accolades are ribbons rewarding you for exceptional play, such as having 5 melee kills, 3 headshots, placing a charge, etc. You can earn numerous accolades for a single round and you can earn the same ones over and over again and they count to the total of 500 you need.

This, much like the 400 challenges you need, is something I would not worry about. You will earn this while going for Jack Of All Trades. You can see how many of each one you have got by going from the Multiplayer menu, to My Career and then tabbing over to Accolades. To view your progress towards 500, under My Career, go to Challenges and then under online play you can view the Total Accolades challenges.

View all accolades, their requirements and how many points each are worth HERE.

Secret Trophies
New Shadow
In 'The Savior', complete the mission without being spotted (7) 

This will require you to complete the 10th chapter without being spotted. There are three ways in which you can be spotted. The first is by the security cameras. They will emit a laser grid pattern on the ground. You can destroy these inside the building by using the spider maintenance bot. When you're outside, just walk around them. The second way you can be spotted is by the soldiers. They will notice you while you are stealth if you get too close. If they path near you, stay still and don't move and hope they don't see you. The third way to get spotted is by the civilians themselves. They have a shorter detection range than the soldiers, but if you hear one say, "What's That?" that's a sign that you've been spotted.

Just keep your distance. You can kill an enemy soldier as long as they didn't see you first. However, I would avoid doing any killing once you are outside. Once you are outside, you will need to shut down two security terminals, grab the sniper rifle and then make your way to your final position. If you get spotted, just hit options and restart checkpoint.

Here's a video of the entire encounter:


Violence is the answer?
In 'The Savior', kill 20 soldiers and still complete the mission (3) 

This is almost the exact opposite of what you need to do for New Shadow. You can easily take out the five guards before you leave the building. Once you are outside, all hell will break loose when you are spotted. You will need to run and gun your way through this section. As such, it's highly advisable that you play this on the Easy Difficulty. You have three minutes to complete the outdoor section once you get spotted.

Once outside, take whatever path you like, but remember that you will still have to hit the two security panels and then grab the sniper rifle. There will be turrets placed in a few locations, but if you're playing this on easy, you should just be able to mostly ignore them. Make sure that you use your scan ability by holding down . This will help you spot the enemies, especially the last few as they are sometimes tricky to spot.

A good alternate strategy provided by F8L Fool is a little more tactical if you want to stealth the majority of it:

Originally posted by F8L Fool:
The second you get the rifle you can walk up and start melee killing people while stealthed. It doesn't break the stealth and if you kill the inner circle of guards in the right order, you can actually get an additional 4-5 kills before they even signal the alarm. So that gets you half way before the three minutes even start. After that just pick people off from the second floor. No need to go search out people.

Here's a video of the trophy using the run and gun technique:


The Savior
Complete level 'The Savior' and prevent the escalation of a new war 

Story related, can't be missed. This level has just a single section:

  1. Shadow Fall (Location of New Shadow and Violence is the Answer?)
DLC: Insurgent
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 7
Reach the maximum level for the Hacking Ability 

The Hacking Ability is one of the Insurgent's two default abilities. It allows you to hack enemy abilities with (much like you would deconstruct them), except once hacked they will turn to your faction. You must do this a total of 400 times to reach maximum level. This can be a little frustrating to do, as it means constantly getting close enough to enemy abilities to be able to hack them without getting killed yourself. Given people tend to stay within close proximity of their abilities, you may find yourself dying whenever you try hack something. If you intend to do this legitimately, then I would recommend attempting this in a Warzone, where people will be distracted by the objectives. Capture Connect and Search & Destroy are probably the best missions to do it during, as people are confining themselves to a certain area.

If you choose to boost this, the best way to do so is have you and your partner place a Tactical Echo Emitter directly next to each other, then kill yourself and change to Insurgent. Once you respawn, simply hack the Emitter with . If the Emitters are close enough together, you won't even need to move at all, just press every so often. Hacking a piece of equipment will reset the timer on it, meaning you won't have to replace the equipment at all. The reason the Tactical Echo Emitter is recommended is because every time one is constructed, it will immediately let off an initial pulse, tagging any enemies within range. Given you'll constantly be hacking them, every hack will result in a tag as well, allowing you to level the hacking ability and the Tactical Echo Emitter simultaneously.

You can hack the following abilities:

  • Spawn Beacon
  • Turret
  • Supply Box
  • Nano Shield
  • E-Pulse Emitter
  • Tactical Echo Emitter
Reach the maximum level for the Stealing Ability 

The Stealing Ability is one of the Insurgent's two default abilities. It allows you to steal the abilities of downed enemies by pressing on them (for both abilities), or / for their respective abilities. You must do this a total of 400 times to reach maximum level. There is no limit to how frequently you can do this, so I recommend you steal abilities every chance you get. You can level this very quickly if you simply run to each downed enemy as they appear and steal their abilities. Boosting this isn't recommended, as it isn't very efficient. If you do choose to boost it however, have your partner place a Spawn Beacon near their base, then just kill them and steal their abilities when they die. Just make sure you steal their ability before they respawn, otherwise it'll take longer than necessary.

All Flavors
Make a kill with all primary weapons as an Insurgent 

For this, you must kill an enemy with every primary weapon, including the 2 DLC primary weapons. The Insurgent acquires weapons by taking them from your foes, so acquiring every weapon can be a bit tedious, as not all weapons are widely used. If you can't find a particular weapon or just want to get them out of the way, you can simply select the respective class with the weapon equipped, commit suicide, then change to Insurgent and pick up your dropped weapon (thanks to chackijhan for this method). There are individual challenges for killing enemies with each weapon, so if you're unsure of which weapons you need kills with go to your Challenges and check under Insurgent Weapons.

The following weapons are required:


  • StA101 Kameraad
  • StA61 Vultur
  • LS70 Fors
  • LSR44 Spoor
  • StA14 Rifle (DLC)


  • LS21 Valk
  • StA25 Vlug
  • M55 Rumbler
  • StA409 Keyzer
  • LS36 Breacher


  • VC30 Sickle
  • StA59B Pulver
  • StA4 Stova
  • Pnv06 Voltage
  • Vns12A Purger
  • M82 Assault Rifle (DLC)

Once you get a kill with each of the above weapons as the Insurgent, the trophy will unlock.

Finders Keepers
Collect 25 Online Collectibles 

Online Collectibles are little yellow crates that spawn throughout each map that, once shot/meleed, will grant you 2500 points. These are only visible to players with the Insurgent Expansion, and only spawn in Official Warzones. Each Official Warzone will have 25 collectibles available in them, with 1 in every game, until the 25 are exhausted. These 25 are reset every 2 hours, so if all the collectibles in a certain Warzone are taken, you'll either have to wait for the timer to reset (which can be seen from the multiplayer menu), or join a different Warzone. Actually finding the crates can be a little tedious, as every map has 70 spawn locations. The best thing you can really do is just search everywhere for them, being extremely thorough. If you focus exclusively on finding them, it shouldn't be too bad, especially if you're in a lobby with few players. Not many people actively search for them, and if there are few players in a lobby, chances are someone else won't find it before you do. When searching, I recommend using the Scout class with the Cloak ability, so that you can run around without being easily detectable. Some members have posted screenshots of some of the many locations in the following thread, which may prove useful if you're searching those respective levels: Online Collectibles.

Below is an example of what the collectibles look like, courtesy of the official Killzone Twitter:

Remember Me?
Make 25 kills with each one of the Retro weapons 

The Retro weapons are the new DLC weapons for each of the three original classes. The Scout has the StA14 Rifle, the Assault has the LS12 SMG, and the Support has the M82 Assault Rifle. Simply kill a cumulative 25 enemies with each weapon for the trophy. There are individual challenges for killing enemies with each of the three weapons, so if you're unsure how many you need wit each, go to your Challenges and check under Scout/Assault/Support Weapons for the respective weapon.

New Toys!
Reach the maximum level for the E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone (1) 


These are new skills added to the Scout, Assault and Support classes. They are essentially takes on different abilities that you would already be familiar with. Two of the three can be particularly frustrating to level legitimately, thus it is recommended you boost them.

This trophy is glitched, but in a good way. It will actually unlock early, 250 kills/stuns/tags into your third ability. This means that once you reach the maximum level for two of the three abilities, the trophy will unlock upon reaching 250 for the last ability. Because of this, you can choose which skill you would like to level last and cut off a significant portion of the requirements. This glitch won't occur for everyone it seems, in which case you'll just have to finish it off as intended.


  • Guard Drone - Get 300 Guard Drone Kills

If you thought leveling the Buddy Drone in the main game was bad, think again. The Guard Drone is essentially the same, but with a weaker stopping power. This would be extremely tedious to do legitimately due to its horrendous stopping power, so it is highly recommended you boost it. The best place to boost it is on Penthouse, directly underneath the spawn of the sheep. Have the sheep jump off the staircase so that they take significant damage, then the killer can use the Guard Drone to kill the sheep quickly. Repeating this will result in the fastest kills. Once the killer's Guard Drone runs out, commit suicide, return to your boosting area and repeat.


  • E-Pulse Emitter - Stun 500 pieces of enemy equipment with the E-Pulse Emitter

This can be difficult to level legitimately, due to the fact that there isn't often a scenario where the opposition will play several pieces of equipment in close proximity. If you do this legitimately, it is recommended you do it during things like Capture Connect or Search & Destroy, given most players will confine themselves to particular areas. You can also use them near areas with Air Support drones, as the stun effect will stun-lock them until either are destroyed or expire.

If you choose to boost - which I would recommend - have both you and your partner select Support with the Turret ability, then place them in different areas, facing a wall. Once done, kill yourselves and change to Assault with the E-Pulse Emitter, and place them near your partner's Turret. It should stun the Turret until it expires, which at max level is after 100 seconds. Once it expires, simply rinse and repeat. The reason you don't want to have both Turrets near each other is the E-Pulse Emitters can and will destroy each other when stunning. This is best done on either side of the rooftop of Penthouse.

Alternatively, there is another method, that will result in roughly the same time commitment, but removes the hassle of changing classes. Once again, have both players place their turrets, but have them side by side. Then have one player change to Assault and place an E-Pulse Emitter. Once the three are in place, have both players change to Insurgent and have one hack the turrets so as to have control over two turrets simultaneously. The second player hacks the emitter, and as such will be getting stuns from both turrets. After a minute or so, swap so that the person with the turrets has the emitter, and that the person with the emitter has the turrets. Given that hacking resets the timer, neither turret nor emitter will ever expire, meaning you won't need to change classes. This will also give you twice the stuns, except it only levels one player at a time. This would work out to roughly the same time commitment as stated, but it isn't quite as labourious, plus it gives you some hacks too. Credit to M-Easy and yazter for this method!


  • Tactical Echo Emitter - Tag 500 enemies players with the Tactical Echo Emitter

This is insanely easy to level. The Tactical Echo Emitter is essentially an automated version of the Scout's Tactical Echo ability. Once you place it, it will emit every few seconds, revealing the location of every enemy in a relatively large proximity. If you use it in congested areas where players frequently go, you can reach the maximum level very quickly. I was able to get as many as 50 tags in a single game without even trying.

If you decide to boost this, you can combine it with the hacking ability for Hacktivist. Have both players place a Tactical Echo Emitter directly side by side, then change to Insurgent and constantly hack them with . Every time the Emitters are reconstructed, they'll emit once and tag your partner. Doing it this way not only levels both abilities, but it'll level Tactical Echo Emitter faster as you'll get more frequent emissions, plus you won't have to replace it as the timer will never run out.

Like a Boss
Finish the campaign in Elite mode (8) 

Elite Mode is the new difficulty for the campaign available to you immediately, and it's essentially an "endurance" difficulty. Enemy AI are the same as they are on Hard difficulty, except now you only have three lives for the whole campaign, and there are no checkpoints in each chapter. These means if you die during a chapter, you'll have to start it from the beginning. Fortunately there is a workaround to save yourself from losing your lives when you die, making this more a case of trial and error rather than pure skill. Whenever you die, simply press the Options button and quit to the menu. You'll retain your lives and be able to try again. If you have , you can also back up your savefile to the cloud after each successful chapter, so that in the event of losing any lives, you can download your cloud save and maintain your three lives. If you don't have , you can also simply import your savefile to a USB drive.


  • You can still use Adrenaline Packs, so always ensure you have two on you. Use your Tactical Echo to locate some if you're running short on them.
  • Your OWL is your best friend. Use and abuse the shield and stun abilities, as they will save you on multiple occasions.
  • Take it slow. Don't rush through sections if you're forced to fight enemies, just keep a distance and hide if you need to heal.
  • Slightly contrary to the above tip, not all enemies need to be killed. Some sections can be skipped entirely by rushing to the destination. This isn't particularly recommended, but it is an option if you're stuck.
  • At the end of Chapter 7, The Handler, you'll have to protect the doctor and fend against waves of Helghast. The best way to complete this section is to stay on top of the stairs, placing laser tripmines on both staircases so you don't get flanked. Then simply use the Pnv06 Voltage to take out the enemies, while using your OWL's shield for cover. When you enter the attack ship's turret, focus on the ATACs and chaingunners first, as they can deal the most damage. Thanks to SandeProElite for this strategy!
  • At end of Chapter 9, The Destroyer, you'll have to go through two rooms of Helghast before reaching the final elevator. Once again, take the Pnv06 Voltage from the hallway and use that to defeat the enemies. Before you enter the second room, try and kill as many enemies as possible from the doorway, as once you go through the door will remain shut. Attacking from the doorway allows you to take cover, and you won't get flanked. Once the enemies stop spawning, rush in and head to the back doors and take out the groups of Helghast that come through those doors before they get a chance to spread out. Thanks to mattigummi for this strategy!
DLC: Intercept
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 7
Get 250 kills with the Assault's Breacher automatic shotgun in co-op 

The Breacher is your secondary weapon, and is available right from the start for the Assault class. The range, damage, and spread of this shotgun are all ridiculous, and on top of that, it deals damage over time with its incendiary rounds.

The best way to farm out these particular kills is to get in close to the beacon points when they are full of Helghast, and take cover behind a wall. Move out from behind the wall, facing the mass of enemies, and go to town. Up close and personal will be your play style for this weapon.

Remember to use your Buddy Drone to help cull the herd, as doing so will help you stay alive. You will also be using your personal healing ability a lot. Don't be afraid to be aggressive if you have a good Medic on your team. Odds are they'll be happy to take the heal and revive points - just don't go getting yourself killed with a huge amount of unbanked points.

High and Dry
Get 250 kills with the Marksman's LS70 sniper rifle in co-op  

The LS70 Sniper Rifle is the Marksman's best friend (and secondary weapon). The only real downside to the weapon is its relatively low ammo capacity of 10, but it's explosive rounds more than make up for it.

Position yourself as high as possible, preferably with a good view of all three beacon points. Each map has a central area that you can climb to the top of - become familiar with how to get up there (a hard-to-find ladder in many cases), and make this your home. If you can communicate with your team, make sure they know ahead of time that you'll be requiring ammo every so often, and hope that they're cooperative (it IS co-op after all).

You will want to focus primarily on groups of enemies. By all means, take shots at single enemies when you get the chance, but if you see a group, prioritize them over singletons, and try to aim for the center. Even if you shoot the ground near enemies, the explosive rounds will mean that this trophy should come with little real effort on your part.

Revive 50 Team mates in co-op (1) 

This co-op mode is least kind to its Medics. If you're doing well as a team, odds are you'll be feeling kind of useless, with your healing drone being stuck to your side, and your supply crates only earning you two points per friendly use. That said, if you're playing with randoms, odds are you'll be king of the hill with points coming from every which way.

This class trophy will require the most focus on your part. I personally was a bit of a jerk when going for this, and didn't use my Heal Drone when I saw friendlies in trouble - I let them die like the sadist I am, and then giggled with glee as I sent off my Revive Drone - one point closer to the trophy.

If you feel like it, you CAN boost this with a partner, but I would suggest letting it come with time. 50 isn't a huge number, and people WILL die.

Tactical Triplets
Get 250 kills with the Tactician Turrets in co-op  

The Tactician class gets THREE turrets to place, which is conveniently the exact amount of positions you need to defend.

You will want to familiarize yourself with the enemy spawn points, and focus on placing your turrets in the choke points where you know enemies will be coming to. Place them facing toward your beacons, rather than right at spawn points, so you know enemies will be coming right to you, rather than you coming to them. Another handy trick is to protect one of your turrets with your fourth ability slot - the Shield. Place your shield in front of a Turret, and that thing will mow down enemies for practically the entire game.

On average, playing as the Tactician, and purely using Turrets while hanging out in the base, practically AFK, I earned ~50 kills per game or more. This should come easily, as long as you're facing the turrets at the enemies. Have fun playing Armchair Napoleon.

Bare Hands
Get 5 brutal melee kills as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op (2) 

Brutal Melee kills occur when you get right up in an enemy's face and stab them, snap their neck, or somehow interact with them in a cutscene-style kill. This trophy in particular can be a bit of a pain, if only for that you need to get right up to the Helghast, which can be especially dangerous when they're grouped up.

That said, if you just want this trophy, go for it - run in and go crazy.

The best method in the long term is to do this trophy after the class-related trophies. Just focus on winning, and take every opportunity you get to take down a Helghast with a Brutal Melee, and this will come in time.

Wallstreet Banker
Bank 2500 points as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op (2) 

2500 points is a surprisingly and happily low amount of points to have to earn for a silver trophy. That said, some clarification may be required on just what this means. Not every point you gain counts towards this - you have to actually BANK the points. In order to bank points, you have to first earn some points via kills, heals, revives, supplies, or what have you. Once you have some points built up, you have to go to your base in the middle of the map, and stand for about a second in the yellow ring on the first level of the base. When you get near the bank, it will appear on your HUD.

You should also be aware that this trophy is entirely separate from weapon unlocks. When levelling up a class' tier, you must complete challenges. When you complete all of the challenges for a tier, a new set of challenges are issued, and one of them will be "Bank X Points", and it will say that you are currently at 0. This is separate, and does not effect your trophy progress in any way. You WILL however receive a "Challenge Complete" message when the class you're playing reached 2500 points banked, so just look for that to pop up whenever you're banking points in order to keep track of which classes you've done.

Check out Co-op Captain below for some tips on earning more points, faster.

Co-op Captain
Win 50 co-op games (4) 

This is it, the long haul - the reason the 100% will take so long.

In order to win a game of co-op, your team has to bank the required amount of points for the game mode you are playing. There are three modes: Quick, Regular, and Long; they require 1500, 3000, and 10000 respectively. For the purpose of this trophy, you will be playing the 1500 "Quick" mode.

The only requirement of course is to win 50 times. For your convenience, I have created the following guide to help you get the most points possible on a per-class basis. Naturally, if you can get 3 like-minded and skilled people together, you can knock this out much faster than with random people online.

I do suggest that once you've gotten the rest of the trophies, you pick a class and stick with it. Keep things interesting by continuing to complete challenges, to unlock weapons, making things even easier.

Every Class / General Tips:
One very important thing to make note of is the Petrucite containers available to you as you bank points. At the top-right of your HUD is a countdown, which says "Next Petrucite (symbol) in: ###". The number is how many points you must currently bank in order to get a petrucite container. Once you've fulfilled this requirement, grab the container that will appear on your HUD, typically nearby, and place it in the containing unit in your base. Once you've done this, access the screen on the unit to see a list of bonuses.

The first thing I would suggest grabbing is the Jetpack. This will significantly improve your mobility, as well as your firepower. Another benefit to the Jetpack (over the Minigun) is that you can refill it's ammo with a friendly supply crate, giving you a renewable source of high firepower. Use to fly for a short boost.

After you have a jetpack, the rest of your petrucite should go into Miniguns. Miniguns are the ultimate powerhouse of weaponry available, and can mow down large groups of enemies in a second, even from across the map.

Another important thing to be aware of is the potential score multiplier. As you play the game and accumulate points, you will notice that in the top-left of the HUD is a countdown timer to your "next multiplier". When the countdown completes, you will gain a multiplier level, which gives you more points for everything you do. If you bank your points, or if you are downed by an enemy, your multiplier will be reset, so if you choose to maintain a single high score and a high multiplier by not banking your points, be sure to stay alive no matter what, lest your efforts be completely wasted.

Lastly, the Mortars and Defensive turrets that you can get from the petrucite containers can be helpful in clearing out enemies from the beacon points, and the points you earn are immediately added to your team's banked points. Note though that this does NOT add to your personal banked points, and won't help towards challenges or trophies. That said, in the long run, you'll more than likely be playing more games long after having gotten the rest of the trophies, so the Mortars can definitely be helpful. (Thanks Brandon_2535 for pointing this out)

The assault is the power-house class, but remember that you're not invincible. Having a medic nearby can help a lot though. Your grenades can be a HUGE boon to getting more points faster. I've actually gotten a challenge complete for killing 15 enemies with a single grenade before, which is a good idea of the power of your weaponry.

Your weapons of choice will be situational, as you are equipped with an automatic rifle and a shotgun, you will be well-equipped for long and short range fights.

Remember to have your Drone Buddy out at all times when available to keep yourself safe.

Another benefit to the Assault class is the ability to pick up the weapons of your fallen enemies (an ability that the Medic and Tactician lack!). I suggest picking up a Pulver is you see one lying around, or a Sickle if you like getting up close and personal.

Much of your points will come from using the LS70 Sniper Rifle, since it's simply so overpowered. Do as I've mentioned for the High And Dry trophy, and you'll amass a huge amount of points in no time. Since you'll be camping at the base, you'll have the best opportunity to take advantage of the score multiplier detailed above (General Tips section), so just hang out and soak up the points.

While practically useless in online MP, the Guard Drone can actually be a good source of points for the would-be pro Marksman. Place your drone at a beacon and let it do its thing while you go to town elsewhere. Don't go out of your way to keep it up though - it's only an added benefit.

Being that you have the weakest weapon, it will be your main goal to get the Jetpack going as soon as possible. Focus on playing support at the beginning of the round - place a Supply crate near the bank in your base, for instance. Run around with the Assault, providing healing and revives when necessary, as well as taking what shots at the Helghast you can.

Once you've got the Jetpack, then you can join the fray, and focus on upgrading to the Minigun, which will put you on equal terms with your teammates, with the added bonus of support abilities. The Medic typically will do best for points in longer games, so I suggest trying to use another class where possible if you just want the 50 wins trophy.

The tactics that I outlined for Tactical Triplets applies here. Place your turrets at each beacon and soak up the points while staying safe in your base. Provide the occasional fire support with your guns when you can, but don't go getting yourself killed. Similar to the Medic, once you have the Jetpack/Minigun, you can help out a bit more personally.

Game Info
Guerrilla Games


US November 15, 2013
Europe November 29, 2013

Resolution: 720p, 1080p
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-24
ESRB: Mature
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