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Killzone 3 Trophy Guide
Guide By: yewjhin & Yoshi_Girl; TheFlyingToaster, Wozamil
There are 79 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimate difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 41 (35 | 4 | 2 )
Online: 10 (9 | 1 )
Approximate time: 20+ Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats disable trophies: No cheats as far as we know
Difficulty affects trophies: Yes
Peripherals Required: Co-op Campaign - 2x Dualshock/Sixaxis Controllers (Game does not support 2x Move Controllers)

Trophy Breakdown: 44 | 4 | 3 | 1

Killzone 3 is Guerilla Game's sequel to the highly acclaimed Killzone 2 and picks up immediately where its predecessor left off, after Sev's battle with Helghan's Colonel Mael Radec and confrontation with Scolar Visari.
The death of their dictator has left the Helghast Empire in a state of internal struggle. Now, Sev and his comrade Rico are trapped in the cross-fire between the various political factions without any reinforcements and are left to fight alone in order to escape as the ISA struggles to regroup its forces and stop a Helghast invasion of Earth.
Killzone 3 is a PS Move enabled game and also supports 3DTV. It features Offine split screen Coop Campaign for 2 players and sports 3 different game modes for its Online Multiplayer, as well a Botzone mode where where players can set up an offline multiplayer match against AI bots. There are Five multiplayer classes to choose from: Marksman, Engineer, Field Medic, Tactician, and Infiltrator, each with unique class upgrades available for purchase as you rank up online.
Note: If you are using the Alternate controller setup, the Default melee button () is assigned to , and Zoom button is instead. For those using the PS Move, the recommended settings are:
* Deadzone Width: 0%
* Deadzone Height: 0%
* Crosshair Sensitivity: 10%
* Turn Speed: 60%
* Lock Assist: None
* Zoom: Hold
* Crouch: Toggle
Step 1: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty

Important: Most of the offline trophies can be obtained in the Co-op Campaign if you wish to do so, you don't necessarily have to play the Single Player Campaign. However, there have been reports that the Victory trophy (Complete the game on Elite difficulty) does NOT unlock in Co-op Campaign but it still can be obtained in Single Player Campaign. We do not know if this was the intended design or a glitch, thus we recommend you start off with Single Player Campaign instead to be on the safe side.

Three difficulties are presented to you in the beginning: Recruit, Trooper and Veteran. If you wish to speed through the game, play on Recruit. If you would like a decent challenge and prepare yourself for the next step on Elite difficulty, then choose Veteran instead.
Complete the Campaign as you would, while referring to the trophy guide below which has been arranged in the order that you would unlock the trophies under normal circumstances. Each chapter has at least a couple of trophies that are specific to certain sections only and most of the time it's one immediately after the other, so it would be wise to pay attention to them now instead of doing them later on Elite. These trophies are:
Chapter 3 "Pyrrhus Evacuation" - Mopping Up, Sawn Off, and Smoking Wrecks
Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” - Excessive Force and Spread the Love
Chapter 6 "Stahl Arms Infiltration” - Frazzle Dazzle and Shattered
It should take you around 5-8 hours to complete on Recruit. Try to achieve 50 Brutal Melee kills during playthrough to knock out Hand to Hand Master and other related trophies before attempting Elite difficulty, and also kill as many Helghast as you can to work towards 1500 kills required for Fight to the Last trophy.
Step 2: Complete the Campaign on Elite difficulty
Elite difficulty is now unlocked after you've completed the SP campaign once. You are free to use Chapter Select and play the chapters and/or sections in any order you wish. Standard shooter strategies will apply such as taking cover, picking up better guns and aiming for headshots. The difficulty this time has been toned down as compared to its predecessor Killzone 2.
If you have missed any of the Campaign related trophies on your earlier playthrough you can attempt them again this time, or wait to clean them up after completing Elite difficulty.
Refer to the Elite Mode Tips and Strategies section if you're having trouble with certain sections of the game, but be warned that it will contain spoilers.
Step 3: Complete the Co-op Campaign up to end of Chapter 3 "Pyrrhus Evac" on any difficulty [Optional]
This is only required if you have chosen to beat the campaign as Single Player in Steps 1 & 2 above. The Co-op Campaign is an Offline Split Screen mode and requires 2 controllers. You can leave the 2nd controller alone, apart from the Weapons Training section and play the game as you would normally. You do NOT have the complete the entire campaign in Co-op, only till the end of Chapter 3 "Pyrrhus Evac".
Step 4: Complete Online Multiplayer trophies
The Online Multiplayer trophies have been drastically toned down as well this time and are a far cry from Killzone 2's challenges. You should get most of them through normal play. Each class has a specific trophy related to it, whereas the other trophies are more general and relate to normal gameplay. See the Online Multiplayer section for details.
Step 5: Campaign Clean Up and Grind kills for Single Player on Chapter Select
If you have missed any of the Campaign related trophies or still need to attain 1500 kills for the Campaign, you can choose to play them again on Chapter Select. See Fight to the Last - Kill 1500 Helghast trophy for more kill grinding strategies. When you're done with that, just have fun playing Online.
[PST Would Like to Thank Yewjhin and Yosh_Girl for this Roadmap]
Reclaimed Territory DLC:

Estimate difficulty: 3/10
Offline: N/A
Online: 7 (1 | 6 )
Approximate time: 1-5 Hours (Depending on your time to achieve Sergeant 1 Rank)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A (Online Multiplayer only)
Missable trophies: None (Online Multiplayer only)
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats disable trophies: No cheats as far as we know


DLC: Reclaimed Territory (Retro Map Pack) brings back the Salamun Market and Blood Gracht maps from Killzone 2 with improved environments and also modified to fit in with Killzone 3's new mechanics. All the trophies associated with this DLC can only be achieved in Online Multiplayer, not Botzone (and not boostable either). Certain trophies will require you to play on specific maps in order to unlock them

Blood Gracht Map (only available in Guerilla Warfare mode)
Death by Proxies (Requires Rank 10 - Sergeant 1)
Blood Streak

Salamun Market Map (only available in Warzone mode)
Tactical Mastery

Non-Map Specific
Brutal Footsteps (Requires Rank 10 - Sergeant 1)
Little Big Weapons
Automata for People

You can choose to do these trophies in any order you like, and most of it may come naturally in normal gameplay, except for Little Big Weapons. Remember to set your map preferences to the specific map when going for the map-specific trophies.

You may want to start off with getting your profile to the rank of Sergeant 1 first so you gain necessary Skills or Unlock Points required to purchase upgrades that will make your life easier, especially the Proximity Mines.

[PST Would Like to Thank Yewjhin and Yosh_Girl for this Roadmap]


Steel Rain DLC:

+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
+ Trophy Breakdown: 1, 6
+ Offline: 0
+ Online: 1 , 6
+ Approximate Time To 100%: 3+ hours
+ Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: N/A
+ Number Of Missable Trophies: None
+ Glitched Trophies: None
+ Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No
+ Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: There Are No Cheats


The new Steel Rain DLC for Killzone 3 comes with 7 new trophies, all are for the online multiplayer. I'd say this map pack is definitely more challenging than the first but still manageable. Some trophies are partially luck based and you will need things to go your way to get some of the rest. If all goes well you should be able to knock out the 2 Junkyard trophies, "Jetpack on Exo Action" & "Exo on Jetpack Action", in a game or two on the required map. Then there are the two Stahl Arms specific trophies, "Deadly Threesome" & "I See You". The rest aren't specific to any map but Stahl Arms is as good as any since you should be going for them, especially "Highly Decorated" in Warzone mode. The map is quite small allowing you to always get back into the action quickly.

[PST Would Like to Thank TheFlyingToaster for this Overview]


From the Ashes Map Pack:

- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
- Trophy Breakdown: 13
- Offline: 0
- Online: 13
- Approximate Time To 100%: 4+
- Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: N/A
- Number Of Missable Trophies: None
- Glitched Trophies: None
- Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No Cheats Available


The From the Ashes map pack brings us 2 new maps and 2 reworked classic maps from the previous game. The trophies are straight forward and not difficult. There are a few that will require you to have unlocked certain abilities within the class or a weapon unlocked from the tree. The time to complete all these trophies may depend on how many upgrade points you will need to acquire. You will need 19 unlock points to unlock the necessary skills or weapons if you don't already have them unlocked.


Step 1 - Play each of the four new maps: Lente Missle Base, Mobile Factory, Radec Academy, and Tharis Depot. Each of these maps have two trophies tied to each map. Play one game on each. During this step try working towards each class related trophy. At the end of this step you should have No Go For Launch, Exhausted, Bullet Spam, Mini-Gone, Radec's Revenge, Turn Back time, Jetpack on Jetpack Action, and Frequent Flyer.

Step 2 - Each class has a trophy related to his special ability. Play through on your best map working on each one. This will most likely take several more games. Warzone games will be your best bet as they typically last the longest. At the end of this step you will get the final five trophies which include, Hacker, Tag. You're It, Cloak and Fragger, Taken From Behind, and Immortal.

[PST Would Like to Thank Wozamil for this Road Map]

Collect all Killzone 3 trophies (23) 

You have conquered Killzone 3. Congratulations.

Ready For Battle - Complete weapons training
Completed weapons training in Prologue 

Not long into the first Chapter you will need to undergo a Helghan weapons training program. Complete the objectives as they appear and it’ll pop when you’ve learned how to shoot from behind cover. Aim for the targets that look like a person with hands behind their heads, as shooting the Helghast target will make the Armorer shout at you.

In Your Face - First Brutal Melee
Performed first Brutal Melee move (1) 

Shortly into the 2nd Chapter, you will come up behind a couple of Helghast. Sneak up on them and a prompt to press will appear that initiates a brutal melee kill. The prompt has to appear to count as a Brutal Melee and a Brutal Melee kill is always a mini-cutscene as opposed to the standard melee motion. You need a total of 50 Brutal Melee kills for this and other related trophies, so try to work on some every chapter.

No Witnesses - Destroy all dropships on the Highway
Destroy all dropships on the Highway (5) 

Chapter 2 “Evacuation Orders” – Broken Highway, beginning with the fight where your allies are in Exo Mechs, immediately after defeating the spider-like Helghan machine, run forwards and keep an eye on the bridge in front and above you. Dropship #1, which looks like a hovering aircraft with red lights, will appear very shortly to drop off enemy soldiers on the bridge. You can take it down with the Minigun if you brought it with you from earlier sections or pickup the rocket launcher that is next to the ammo crate and a red barrel on your left just before the bridge. If you fail, you can restart from last checkpoint which puts you back to the part where the Exo cleared a path earlier. Destroying Dropship #1 will create a new checkpoint which you can use to restart from for the later section.

Moving forwards under the bridge, a structure with a bunch of soldiers is to your left, and once you take them out Dropship #2 will appear directly ahead, just before the barrier. The checkpoint created upon completing this task.

Take #2 out and an ally tank will break a path through the barrier and there’s Dropship #3 and #4 immediately one behind the other, which are on the ground behind the barrier and getting ready to lift off, so quickly take them out. Credits to THES79 for the above descriptions.

Video by PowerPyx

Mopping Up - Kill 40 Helghast foot soldiers
Killed 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers on the beach (18) 

Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac”– Senlin Beach, you start ontop of an APC turret, use to fire Shells and to fire the Machinegun. The Shell Cannon is far more destructive and doesn't overheat so keep tapping , aim them at everything that moves or fires at you especially at the APCs that carry enemy soldiers within and you should unlock this by the time you spot two Dropships and destroy them. Enemies are fairly easy to spot because there's always a couple of Rocket Launchers amongst them and you can easily track their rockets’ origin.

Video by PowerPyx

Sawn Off - Destroy all chasing APC's
Destroyed all chasing SawBlade APC's in the Senlin Beach section 

Note: I've seen a couple of videos, played and replayed the section many times and the number of APCs that appears varies depending on how fast you destroy the APCs that you encounter. Meaning up to the point where your vehicle stops briefly before overtaking your ally, you may encounter somewhere between 6-8 APCs. Nevertheless, you will still have to destroy any and all that appear before you.

Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac”– Senlin Beach, shortly after the part above in Mopping Up trophy, you’ll go up a highway and 2 Helghan APCs appear on your right (or left if you’re looking backwards). Destroy them and another 2 (depending on difficulty) appear immediately after them. Destroying the last 2 will spawn 1 or 2 APCs from another path on your left. Keep tapping that button for the Shell Cannon which is very effective here.

Your vehicle moves on again and overtakes the ally vehicle beside you, but keep your sights facing the back as the last 2 APCs will appear behind your ally. Take them out as well, a total of 6-7 APCs, for the trophy.

If you reach the part where a Tank appears before you, you’ve missed the section. Refer to the video in Mopping Up trophy above if you need help.

Smoking Wrecks - Destroy all Tanks on Senlin Beach
Destroyed all the Helghast Tanks in the Senlin Beach section 

Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac” – Senlin Beach, moving on from the part in Smoking Wrecks above, the 1st Tank will appear from behind the debris right in front of you, followed by 2nd tank on your left on the highway further up. Take them out and as you move further forwards a dropship appears and your vehicle will take the path to the right towards a Helghast nest and the 3rd tank will be to the left of it, right beside the dropship that crashes soon enough.

Your vehicle moves over to the left behind your ally who makes an abrupt stop and the 4th tank is directly in front of him. The trophy should unlock right after this point.

Refer to the video in Mopping Up trophy above if you need help.

Turn The Tables - Melee Kill a Capture Trooper
Killed a Capture Trooper using melee 

Early in Chapter 4 "Six Months On" - Jungle Valley, you will have a look at the Capture Trooper in the cutscene where he stabs an ISA soldier, but you won’t encounter him until after activating the uplink later in “Cruiser Wreckage” section. Whenever you see similar enemies dressed like the Capture Trooper, standard or brutal melee kill one of them to unlock this.

Video by PowerPyx

Spiky Personality - Kill a Helghast using a Burster
Killed a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant 

Chapter 4 “Six Months On” – Jungle Valley , a Burster is one of the orange plants with small sacs at the top, which explodes if you shoot it. It's different from the yellow Claw looking plant that hits you when you're close. If you follow your partner’s instructions while sneaking around the jungle, you should get this automatically by shooting a Burster when two Helghans stop just beside it while you are in the shadows.

Video by PowerPyx

Minigunned - Destroy all targets
Destroyed everything while using the Minigun on the Intruder (2) 

Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” – Frozen Shores, your primary target during the opening section should be to target everything that looks like a blue cylinder, or a vessel next to pipes marked by blue stripes, as well as the 2 dropships that appear at/after the second Oil Rig. Ignore the troopers and go for the indicated targets instead. The trophy should unlock during the brief conversation between Sev and Rico after passing the second Oil Rig. We recommend you do this on Recruit difficulty as there are no crosshairs when playing on Elite difficulty.

Video by PowerPyx

Quick Exit - Escape the Oil Rig quickly
Got off the 2nd rig within 2 minutes. 

Story related. Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” – Nilfrost Rig, after you plant the two charges on the Oil Rig, you're given 4 minutes to escape the oil rig. What you need to do is get to the main deck and jump off a ramp. Follow the objective marker all the way upwards while you get rid of enemies along the way and the trophy will unlock when you reach the point where Sev jumps off the Oil Rig in his Jet Pack. We recommend you play this section on Recruit difficulty, just ignore the enemies and head straight to where the objective markers tell you to go (press for marker)

Video by PowerPyx

Shattered - Destroy all glass in the Labs
Destroy all glass panes in the Stahl Arms South laboratories 

Chapter 6 “Stahl Arms Infiltration” – Ward 5, Starting from the point you rescue Narville, in the next room you will find 10 transparent Glass Panes in the middle of the room with the Stahl logo on it (disconnected triangle). These are the glass panes you need to destroy. You DON'T have to personally destroy them all, it will still count even if your allies or the Helghast destroy them.

Move on into the refrigeration room, destroy 4 glass panes on your right, into the next room and up the stairs. A cutscene will play at the top. After the cutscene, you will be in a fairly large room, and you have to destroy 64 glass panes scattered throughout the room on the ground and on the upper floor. The tricky ones are:

? From where you enter this room, on the upper level in front of you there are 4 glass panes to the right and 3 glass panes on the far left.
? The last wave of enemies spawn on the deck above where you entered this room. Go to the the far end of the room (don't enter the room Rico opens), look at this deck and at the far back left corner there are 4 glass panes. You may need to grab the Sta-14 to be able to zoom and spot these.

Credits to THESE79 for the above descriptions. Video by PowerPyx

Pinpoint - Kill the Heavy with an StA-14
Killed the Heavy using the StA-14 rifle 

Chapter 7 “Scrapyard Shortcut” – Blind Yards, immediately after the area as described in Power Spike trophy above, you’ll come to a large yellow structure on your right and an ammo box beside a weapon rack containing the StA-14. Grab this while you can because shortly after you move forward a cutscene dialogue between Rico and Jammer will play, followed by your first encounter with a Heavy.

The Heavy is a heavily armored Helghast with a chaingun. The weapon rack is blocked after the cutscene so you’ll have to restart the section if you didn’t grab the gun prior to the cutscene. Aim for the Heavy’s head a few times to make him turn around, and quickly shoot the horizontal red canisters behind his back. Repeat this a couple of times and you’ll take him down.

Video by PowerPyx

Victory - Complete Campaign on Elite
Completed every mission on Elite difficulty (13) 

Complete the game on Elite difficulty. After your first playthrough on Recruit or any difficulty, you are free to play any Chapter/Section you wish on Elite difficulty, it doesn’t have to be in chronological order. As a reminder, you can NOT unlock this trophy by completing the Co-op Campaign, it must be in Single Player Campaign.

Refer to the Elite Mode Tips and Strategies section if you're having trouble with certain sections of the game, but be warned that it will contain spoilers.

Evening The Odds - Kill 500 Helghast
Kill 500 Helghast 

You should have this trophy by the end of Chapter 7 of your first playthrough on Recruit. Seize the opportunity to kill as many as you can on your first playthrough if playing on Recruit.

Now It's Personal - Kill 1000 Helghast
Killed 1000 Helghast 

You should have this trophy somewhere in the middle of your playthrough on Elite.

Fight To The Last - Kill 1500 Helghast
Killed 1500 Helghast (8) 

All your kills across multiple playthroughs and Co-Op mode will count towards the 1500 requires for this trophy. By the end of your playthrough on Elite, you are probably somewhere around 1200-1300 kills. Play through the game again on any chapters that you wish and continue to grind kills until you reach the 1500 mark.

You can choose to play the opening section of Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac”– Senlin Beach up till you destroy the dropships and get over 40 kills for a couple of minutes work, or play the Salach District section of the same chapter, get to the part where they tell you to kill the 2 machine gun guys. Simply ignore what they're saying and start popping the ground level Helghast off as there will be infinite enemies until you kill the 2 guys manning the machine guns. Credits to SAS_Smithy_1986.

Cagefighter - Kill 10 Helghast using Brutal Melee
Killed 10 Helaghast using Brutal Melee 

See In Your Face - First Brutal Melee trophy

Close Quarters Killer - Kill 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee
Killed 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee 

See In Your Face - First Brutal Melee trophy

Hand To Hand Master - Kill 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee
Killed 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee 

See In Your Face - First Brutal Melee trophy

Frag Out - Kill 3 Helghast with 1 Frag Grenade
Killed 3 Helghast using 1 fragmentation grenade 

Chapter 2 “Evacuation Orders” – Rooftop Showdown, after a cutscene you’ll go down a stairs and manually open a door (Rico mentions “I got you covered”) and appear behind a lone Helghast. To his right beyond some debris there are 4-5 enemies shooting towards the streets, cook a grenade while going over the debris and throw it at them. You need to be fast as they will spot you instantaneously when you go over the debris. If you fail, you can restart from last checkpoint, then cook the grenade immediately after you open the door and throw it at the target location before dealing with the lone Helghast in front of you.

Tip: You can observe how long you've cooked the grenade by looking at the bars on the grenade when you're holding it.

Video by PowerPyx.

One Each - Kill 3 Helghast with Shotgun Pistol, no reloads
Shot and killed 3 Helghast using the Shotgun Pistol without reloading or switching weapons (2) 

Chapter 2 “Evacuation Orders” – Dead End, you can pick up a Shotgun Pistol from one of the Helghast that drop it during the fight in an open area, where you also rendezvous with some ISA stragglers and a ISA vehicle. You can only fire 3 shots with the pistol before you need to reload, but the gun is pretty powerful and can instant kill enemies even from hip-fire on Recruit difficulty. If you can’t get the trophy in this area, keep the gun with you as there will be more fights coming up with more than enough enemies.

Eagle Eye - Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill
Shot and killed 6 Helghast using the Sniper Rifle without reloading or switching weapons 

Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac” – Salach District, you come to a part where Sev is on higher ground and speaks to Rico who is on the ground and next to an Anti-Air weapon. A sniper rifle lies in the corner of where you’re standing. You need to take the rifle and kill 6 enemies with 6 shots. After you fire 6 shots Sev automatically reloads the gun. There are plenty of enemies around but try to aim above the chest for confirm kills. The snipers in adjacent buildings are good targets as they go down easier than the ones on the ground. They are easy to spot because their rifles have red laser target designators. There are also opportunities in later chapters for this trophy.

Video by PowerPyx

Power Spike - Nail a Helghast to an exploding object
Used the Boltgun to nail a Helghast to an exploding object 

Chapter 7 “Scrapyard Shortcut” – Scrapyard Perimeter, after the cutscene about the radiation field, you should find a Boltgunn in a weapon rack to your right. After activating the crane to break through an obstacle, you should come to an ammo box and to your right there’s a couple of exploding barrels and enemies will comes from this direction. Zoom in on the nearest barrel, wait for an enemy to come in between you and immediately fire the Boltgunn to nail him to the barrel, killing him and unlocking the trophy.

Video by PowerPyx

Up Close & Personal - Brutal Melee another player
Used the Brutal Melee move against another player 

Go close up to a player of the opposing faction and press when the button prompt appears to execute a Brutal Melee. This works best if you’re able to sneak up on enemies unaware.

Team Player - Play a match as part of a squad
Joined and completed a match as part of a squad (73) 

To unlock this trophy, you need to complete a match with a squad, doesn't matter if you win, lose or draw. It also doesn’t matter if your Game Type is Warzone, Guerilla Warfare or Operations, as long as you complete the match with your squad you’ll receive the trophy shortly after the match ends.

Click here to try and find Squad Partners.

Grand Slam - Win a match in 3 multiplayer modes
Won a match in Operations, Warzone & Guerrilla Warfare modes (1) 

Win at least once in each of the 3 match types available: Operation, Warzone & Guerilla Warfare to unlock this. This can be done in separate sessions and does not need to be completed in one go.

Guerilla Warfare - Also known as Bodycount for Killzone veterans, this is a Team Deathmatch game where the first team to fill their kill quota wins.

Warzone - This is a best-of-7-rounds game that consists of 4 Sub-Missions: Search & Destroy (2 rounds), Assassination (2 rounds), Capture & Hold, Search & Retrieve and Bodycount. To win, your team must successfully complete the objective in at least 4 rounds.

Operation - One team will play as the Helghast defending a set of objectives and the other team will play as the ISA whose target is to blow up the objectives, and the teams will rotate once each map. The team that successfully attacks/defends their objectives at the end of the game wins.

Medic! - Revive another player
Revived a friendly player for the first time 

You must choose the Medic class in order to acquire this trophy. Whenever you see a teammate down with a heartbeat icon displayed above them, approach them and press and Hold to revive them. If you got to them in time (before they were either shot again or they bled out) you will gain 50 points for a successful revive and the trophy if it's your first time.

Handy Man - Repair an object
Repaired an object for the first time 

Objects such as Ammo Boxes and Gun Turrets can only be repaired by the Engineer class. These objects will appear as wrench icons displayed on your mini-map and on screen. Get close to one and press and Hold to begin repairing the object. You will gain 50 points for a successful repair and the trophy if it's your first time.

Players with fully upgraded Repair Abilities will restore equipment much faster than those who haven’t spent any Unlock Points on them.

Now You See Me - Kill using Cloak
Killed another player while cloaked 

The Marksman class is the only class with the ability to cloak himself by pressing . The cloak ability at its basic level only lasts for 5 seconds before it disables and needs to recharge. The ability can be upgraded to provide permanent cloaking that only disables when you fire a shot (or kill), and upgrading it further a second time will maintain your cloak even while you fire (but still disables if it's a kill shot). To do so, you need to spend Career Unlock Points, which are gained by ranking up while playing Killzone 3 Multiplayer Matches. When you have 2 Unlock Points available, you will be able to purchase the first upgrade, cloak yourself and attempt to headshot or brutal melee an opponent to unlock the trophy. 5 Seconds is too short so we recommend you consider upgrading it.

Spy Game - Kill using Disguise
Killed another player while disguised 

You must play as the Infiltrator class in order to acquire this trophy. One your screen you’ll see a mask icon. Press to active the ability which will permanently disguise yourself as a random member of the opposing team. You’ll know if you’re disguised or not because the screen will turn a shade of blue. Your disguise can be blown if you receive damage, or after a very short period of time when you fire a shot on enemies. Experienced players will be able to tell you apart because you won’t show up as an ally on their minimap. Score a kill while you are still undetected to achieve the trophy.

Turf War - Capture a Tactical Spawn Point
Captured a Tactical Spawn Point for the first time (1) 

Tactical Spawn Points can only be captured while playing as the Tactician. On screen, they will be displayed as icons like this and appear as spotlights as shown below. To capture a Spawn Point, simply stand/crouch within its radius until the bar on-screen turns completely green. Some Spawn Points will provide you with access to Jet Packs and Exos on certain maps.

Spawn Point Icon: Spawn Point Object:

Secret Trophies
Time For A Dip - Reach the river
Reached the Corinth River with the convoy (1) 

Story related. Unlocks upon completing Chapter 2 – Broken Highway.

Save The Intruders - Arc APCs destroyed
Successfully assisted with defeating the Arc APCs 

Story related. Unlocks upon completing Chapter 3 Pyrrhus Evac – Salach District.

Never There - Sneak past Helghast
Sneaked past all Helghast in the Jungle without alerting any of them (1) 

You will need play the following sections in one go and will be given a silenced weapon which you should make full use of along with the Bursters. You CAN restart from last checkpoint in the event you are spotted, it will not disable the trophy. Basically you need to make your way to the Satellite Uplink undetected all the way.

Chapter 4 “Six Months On” – Jungle Valley, follow the instructions of your partner as he guides you through the section and you should have no problems getting through the section undetected.

Chapter 4 “Six Months On” – Behind the Vale, in this section you’ll be operating alone. Move forwards until you see two soldiers split up. Melee the one left behind, move along and you’ll sneak up on another one. Melee him and look forwards. There will be a static guard on the left with his back to you, another in the middle on higher ground, a patrolling one moving in a circle clockwise around the area in the middle. Shoot the Burster when the patrolling guard passes it on the right side, shoot the middle guard in the head, then creep up on the static guard on the left. Go through the mini-passage on the right and crouch just before the exit; a guard is standing to your upper right on higher ground, pop his head.

In the next area, you can go left around a waterfall into the grass and melee kill the Helghan on the ground; then shoot the guard on the upper right. Stop at the metal barrier in front and left of you and look forwards to spot another guard in the cave.

Next you come upon two mechanical Crawlers and a bunch of guards. Don’t shoot them but instead crouch and stick to the grassy path against the right wall until you enter a dark cave and from here on there are no enemies.

Chapter 4 “Six Months On” – Cruiser Wreckage, a cutscene follows where an ISA soldier is executed. Kill the soldier before you after the cutscene, move right into a cave. Near the exit, wait for the guard nearby to move next to the grass and turn his back before you melee kill him, but be careful not to be spotted by the patrolling guard on the left. Pop that guard’s head and another patrolling guard should appear on your right. Head to the objective after that and a cutscene will play and the trophy will unlock after that.

Video by Powerpyx

ISA TV - Establish communications
Made contact with Earth 

Story related. Unlocks upon completing Chapter 4 “Six Months On” – Cruiser Wreckage, after the cutscene when you reach the uplink panel.

Aerial Superiority - Kill 5 Helghast while in the air
Killed 5 Helghast while airborne using the Jetpack (1) 

Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” – Akmir Rig, after you have put on the Jet Pack and make your way to the Oil Rig, kill 5 enemies with while hovering in the air using . You don’t have to kill 5 in a single jump, just a total of 5 throughout the game. There will be opportunities later if you don’t happen to unlock this in Chapter 5.

Into The Lair - Reach the cable car
Reached the cable car and gained access to Stahl Arms South 

Story related. Unlocks upon completing Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” – Providence Station.

Jail Break - Liberate Narville
Liberated Narville from Stahl Arms South 

Story related. Unlocks in Chapter 6 “Stahl Arms Infiltration” – Ward 5, once you’ve rescued Captain Narville from execution.

Go Down And Stay Down - Destroy the ATAC
Defeated the ATAC outside the Stahl Arms facility 

Story related. Chapter 6 “Stahl Arms Infiltration” – Assembly Line #17, unlocks after you destroy the ATAC which is a mobile flying turret. There’s a couple of Jet Packs as you exit the factory which you should utilize to make short work of the Helghast in the area as well as the ATAC.

Iced - Destroy all Ice-Saws and Dropships
Destroyed all 4 Helghast Ice-Saws and all 6 Dropships (1) 

Chapter 6 “Stahl Arms Infiltration” – Sharp Pursuit, for this section you’ll be riding a Snow-tank of some sort, for Machinegune and for Homing Rockets. Your vehicle will automatically lock-on to enemy bikes (Ice-Saws) and Dropships so keep spamming Homing Rockets and this’ll unlock as soon as a subsequent cutscene starts to play.

Video by Powerpyx

You Drive - Drive the Mobile Factory
Took over the controls of the Mobile Factory 

Story related. Unlocks after completing Chapter 7 “Scrapyard Shortcut” – Belly of the Beast,

This is after you’ve destroyed the AA guns, gotten rid of the enemies on the main deck and reached the main control room of the Mobile Factory.

Bring It Down - Defeat the MAWLR
Defeated the MAWLR defending the Space Elevator 

Story related. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 8 “The Reckoning” – Ashen Skies, by destroying the Cooling Vents on the MAWLR which is the big four-legged Machine your flying around on the Intruder.

Completist - Destroy everything on the MAWLR
Destroyed every destructible weapon on the MAWLR while on foot and on the Intruder (18) 

Chapter 8 “The Reckoning” – MAWLR, after the cutscene between Rico, Sev and Narville, you’ll start on foot against the MAWLR. Take note of the gun turret on the legs of the machine and take them out with the WASP in the bunkers. There are ammo boxes in each of the bunkers to refill your ammo.

Take your time during the on-foot section to destroy all gun turrets and do NOT be in a hurry to destroy the Cooling Vents. You can camp on the left most section of this area, below and in front of the last bunker for dealing with any Helghast soldiers that appear and avoiding the Laser Beam from the MAWLR as well, only running to a bunker whenever you need ammo.

• Start off with destroying the turret on each of the knees of the MAWLR. Your allies may take them out; particularly the ones on the far sides. You can destroy the Cooling Panel that appears first on the right.
• A group of turrets will appear on the right side under the panels. Take them out. Wait for the MAWLR to rotate 1-2 times to ensure you got them all, then destroy the left most Cooling Panel.
• Turrets will appear on the lower right and left, about 3-4 on each side. Destroy them, wait 1 round to double-check, then destroy the right-most Cooling Panel.
• Turrets will appear under the second-from-left Panel, take care not to accidentally destroy the panel. When you're done and sure you have all turrets, go for the panel.

Once you’ve destroyed the Cooling Vents from the ground, you'll need to clear a small fire fight section with more Helghast soldiers, proceed up the stairs to higher ground and board the Intruder.

Aboard the Intruder, you will now have control of the Minigun. Your objective is to destroy all gun pods on the MAWLR as they appear and before they close themselves off again. This section is relatively fast paced and gun turrets will NOT reappear unlike the on-foot section so you need to be quick and precise. It will take a number of tries for this trophy so try to memorize the location and order in which the gun turrets/pods appear while on the Intruder. When a turret is destroyed it will either be on fire or spew out smoke, so you'll know. This is the order they appear:

• 3 Turrets will appear on the one side of MAWLR, in the middle
• 3 Turrets appear on the lower right (front) of MAWLR
• 3 more turrets appear just above the last group, **Intruder moves to other section**
• 2 turrets appear at the front, and 2 more quickly beneath those
• 2 Turrets appear on the right side of this section, 2 more just beside the last group. **Cooling panel is revealed but ignore it and let your allies destroy it
• 2 Turrets revealed to the left of the Cooling Panel **Intruder moves back to previous section**
• 2 Turrets appear on the front section
• 3 Turrets appear behind the last group, followed quickly by 4 groups of 3 turrets each one to the left of previous group **Intruder moves to other section**
• 3 groups of 2 Turrets appear just above the last Cooling Panel, ignore the Panel and go for the turrets **Destroy laser cannon**
• Finally, shoot everything you see on top of the deck.

For a step-by-step visual walkthrough, please refer to this post.

Video by PowerPyx

Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser
Destroyed Stahl's Cruiser and left the planet on any difficulty 

Complete the game on any difficulty.

The final battle is more of a Star Wars Fighter fight in space. All you need to do is to destroy the targets that appear within your sights with your weapons Laser and Homing Missiles . When attacking Stahl's Cruiser, aim for the Red missiles he launches at you and take them out to prevent yourself from dying, then launch the Nuke when you're given the order at the end with

Frazzle Dazzle - Kill 3 Helghast with one shot from the StA5X Arc Cannon
Used the StA5X Arc Cannon to kill 3 Helghast with one shot 

The StA5X Arc Cannon is the weapon you first obtained after rescuing Narville, which shoots green radiation balls that can pass through matter and disintegrate enemies instantly. Hold to charge and release when you see 3 Helghast in close proximity or in a line to kill them and achieve this. There are also opportunities to do this in later chapters.

Video by PowerPyx

Excessive Force - Kill a lone Helghast with the WASP secondary fire
Used the secondary fire function of the WASP launcher to kill a single Helghast 

Chapter 5 “Icy Incursion” – Providence Bay, when the section starts, run to the other end, clear the area and go up the stairs in the building. Clear out all enemies and you’ll be asked to take the WASP, which is a mobile rocket launcher, to destroy the Gun Nests. Detach the WASP, press to zoom and let the gun autolock on any lone Helghast and fire away to your trophy.

Spread The Love - Kill 5 Helghast at once using the WASP's secondary fire
Killed 5 Helghast at once using the secondary fire mode of the WASP launcher 

This is a pretty tricky trophy. Similar to where you get the WASP launcher in Excessive Force trophy above, a dropship will hover nearby the first Gun Nest and drop 5 Helghast onto the ground. You should destroy the Gun Nest first to prevent your gun from auto-locking onto it. What you can do is wait for the Helghast to drop to the ground (jump off the railing and run forwards if you wish to have direct line of sight of them) and fire the launcher at their estimated location. This method is a bit of trial and error and luck.

Video by PowerPyx

Alternatively, you can obtain this after Jammer is asked to return. From here you will be fighting uphill. After destroying the first tank and going up the first slope, a 2nd tank will appear on the next slope. Destroy the tank, and move forwards on the left side to trigger 2 enemies to appear. Shoot but don’t kill one of them to make them notice you. Run back to the building at the bottom of the slope to make them come forwards. Now run back to where you were, and on the right side you should probably spot 1 Helghast behind a crate/wall, and another 4 on the right side of the tank. Throw a grenade uncooked at the lone Helghast to force him to run forwards towards the 4 guys, then quickly switch to the WASP and use the secondary fire on them. This method is shown in the video below by NextGenTactics

Double Trouble - Reach the river in Co-op
Made it to the Corinth River in Co-op mode 

You will need 2 controllers to be able to play Co-op. You can leave the 2nd Controller alone for the most part, except for the Weapons Training in the 1st Chapter, as the 2nd player will automatically ‘catch-up’ with you as you progress. The trophy should unlock upon completing Chapter 2 “Evacuation Order” - Broken Highway, after you clear the bridge of Helghast.

Stranded Together - Reach the Extraction Point in Co-op
Made it to the Extraction Point in Co-op mode (2) 

Make it to the Extraction Point at the end of Chapter 3 “Pyrrhus Evac” - Ground Zero, in Co-op mode and you’ll unlock this trophy.

Pilot's Wings - Mid-air kill
Got a mid-air kill using the Jet Pack in any multiplayer mode (11) 

You must play on the Turbine Concourse SE-6 map in Warzone game mode in order to acquire this trophy. Jet Packs are located on each side of the map for both the ISA and Helghast and at Tactical Spawn Areas. You’ll find them folded up inside of what looks like a rack. Approach the equipment and press the button to grab it. To activate it, press and hold .

Press to launch yourself into the air. While airborne you can press the button to dash forward. This is especially useful to avoid enemy fire or to try and reach ledges/platforms otherwise out of your reach. Pressing fires your machine gun. Take care not to fire it for too long or you’ll overheat your weapon thus leaving you vulnerable. You must be airborne (ie; not touching the ground) in order for the kill to count.

Video by PowerPyx with ingame Map Location for Jetpack at the Tactical Spawn

Iron Man - Get a kill with the Exo
Killed a player using the Exo in any multiplayer mode (21) 

The Exo is found only on the Corinth Highway map in Warzone game mode. There are 2 of these, 1 on each faction’s base for the ISA and Helghast. This devastating piece of equipment is very lethal, particularly in the hands of a skilled player. The armor can hold up to a modest amount of abuse and the weapons (Machine Gun & Rocket Launcher) are extremely accurate. Again, is for the Machinegun, and are the Rocket Launchers. Although the Exo provides you with some decent protection, be aware that you can still be killed very quickly by headshots and explosives

Video by PowerPyx with Ingame Map Location of Exo at Helghast base

DLC: Reclaimed Territory
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 7
Demolitionist - Destroy objectives
Demolish both buildings by winning Search & Destroy as ISA and Helghast in Salamun Market 

Salamun Market is only available in Warzone matches. You can set Salamun Market as your preferred map for Warzone in the Main Multiplayer menu. Your faction(s) will need to successfully complete the Search & Destroy objective as the attacking side, once as the ISA, and again in the next game as the Helghast, therefore you need to play a minimum of 2 games. Once you or your team has completed the objective as the second faction, the trophy will unlock. You don't have to personally plant the charges, just as long as your team wins that objective.

Tactical Mastery - Help capture Tactical Spawn Areas
Be playing at the moment your faction secures all four Tactical Spawn Areas simultaneously in Salamun Market 

Salamun Market is only available in Warzone matches. You can set Salamun Market as your preferred map for Warzone in the Main Multiplayer menu. The Tactician is the only class that can capture Tactical Spawn Areas. When your faction manages to accomplish the feat of capturing all four Tactical Spawn Areas in Salamun Market, meaning whenever you control all 4 points at any time, the trophy will unlock. You don't have to capture them personally, just as long as your team controls all 4 areas.

There are 2 Spawn Points on the first floor of two separate buildings, both overlooking the Search & Destroy objective, and a Spawn Point in each of the alleyways behind the large 3 story buildings in the middle of the map, as shown below.

Death By Proxies - Proximity Mine kills
Using Proximity Mines, kill two enemies within one minute in Blood Gracht 

Blood Gracht is only available in Guerrilla Warfare matches. You can set Blood Gracht as your preferred map for Guerrilla Warfare in the Main Multiplayer menu. Proximity Mines are automatically unlocked when you achieve Rank 10 - Sergeant 1. Equip this ability at your class selection under the "Explosives" option.


You spawn with 1 Proximity Mine in your inventory but you can replenish and hold up to two at any time from an ammo box. Plant any amount of Proximity Mines in the bottlenecks of the two buildings on the map and as long as you get two kills using Proximity Mines within one minute the trophy will unlock. Proximity Mines also remain where they are and the kills will count even if you die in the process. You get 150 points for each kill using Proximity Mines.

Blood Streak - Kill streak
Get a 5 kill streak in Blood Gracht 

Blood Gracht is only available in Guerrilla Warfare matches. You can set Blood Gracht as your preferred map for Guerrilla Warfare in the Main Multiplayer menu. Your will need to achieve 5 kills without dying in this map. This map is very small so there plenty of chances to get cheap kills with grenades and Proximity Mines.


If you're new to the map, play it for a couple of rounds and you'll get a hang of where the common firefights occur and you'll learn a trick or two from the in-game players. You can also get some cheap kills leaving multiple proximity mines all over the map and playing as the Marksman, abusing the Cloak ability. Having a Medic with the Triage+ ability around will also save you from bleeding out if you're mortally wounded, retaining your killstreak at the same time. You are awarded 100 points for achieving a 5 kill streak.

Brutal Footsteps - Silent killing
With the Silent Footsteps skill active, Brutal Melee an enemy player 

The Silent Footsteps skill is automatically unlocked when you achieve Rank 10 - Sergeant 1, which requires a total of 30,250 points. Equip this ability at your class selection screen under the "Skill" option and your footsteps will be silenced. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with the Marksman's Cloak or the Infiltrator's Disguise ability to sneak up on enemies and Brutal Melee kill them for the trophy.

Little Big Weapons - Kill with secondary weapons
Get 15 kills using secondary weapons in a single match (1) 

First you will need to spend at least 1 Unlock Point to unlock the first sidearm - Sta18 basic Handgun for the class you wish to play as. More powerful sidearms such as the M4 Revolver, VC8 Shotgun Pistol and the silenced M66 Machine Pistol and can be unlocked if you have sufficient points for them. It's best to attempt this while playing Warzone which will provide you with ample time to get the 15 kills.


The Infiltrator and Marksman are the best classes to do this because of their ability to Disguise or Cloak, especially when paired with the VC8 Shotgun Pistol in close quarters or the silenced M66 Machine Pistol from mid-range. Go up to 15 opponents and quickly kill / headshot them with your sidearm. You will be awarded 75 XP for 15 kills with sidearms and the trophy will unlock.


Note (Patch 1.04): VC9 Missile Launcher and Sta2 kills now count towards this trophy.

Automata For The People - Automata destruction
Destroy an enemy Sentry Turret, Sentry Drone and Medi-Droid in the same round 

This can potentially be a tricky trophy. Here's a breakdown of each object and how it appears.


• Sentry Turret - This is a stationery gun turret that is deployed on the ground by the Engineer that can fire bullets or rockets.
• Sentry Drone - This is a flying turret that moves around independently away from the Tactician, and fires bullets when it spots enemies or comes under attack.
• Medi-Droid - This is a hovering droid that follows the Field Medic everywhere he goes and it can fire bullets at enemies. An image is attached below.

Not all enemy classes you encounter will have these Turrets/Drones around them, because they need to have spent the necessary Unlock Points to acquire the ability first. Therefore it is best you attempt this while playing Warzone which will provide you with ample time to locate them. You get 50 points for successfully destroying each type of droid. Destroy all 3 types in the same round and the trophy unlocks.

DLC: Steel Rain Map Pack
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 7
Jetpack on Exo Action - Destroy Exoskeleton
Destroy an enemy Exoskeleton with your Jetpack while in flight in The Junkyard 

This is definitely the harder of the two Exo/Jetpack trophies in this DLC. This has to be done on the Junkyard map in Guerilla Warfare mode. Getting a Jetpack shouldn't be a problem as they are dispensed all around the map. The problem is you need an enemy to take control of one of the two Exos located at either end of the map, you then need to get the killing blow on the enemy as he is controlling it. Ideally you want to wait until the Exo is damaged (you can see when it's damaged as sparks and smoke will appear to be coming from it) as they take alot of fire from the Jetpacks' weapon to go down from full health. Always approach them from behind too. Be sure to deal the killing blow while flying or it wont get you the trophy. This one may take a few attempts to achieve.

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

Exo on Jetpack Action - Kill a Jetpack
Kill a flying enemy Jetpack with an Exoskeleton in The Junkyard 

This should be easier than the previous trophy. You just need to get in one of the two Exos located at either end of the map (see the Exo locations on the map below). The Jetpacks are plentiful and there will always be enemies on the map using them. You have to make sure it's a mid air kill though, so if you come across an enemy with a jetpack you need to wait for them to fly upwards before killing them. Actually killing them shouldn't be a problem as a quick burst of the Exos machine gun will take it down.

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

Deadly Threesome - Triple Kill
Get a triple kill while playing in Stahl Arms (10) 

A triple kill is where you need to get three kills in quick succession, and like the description says, it needs to be done on the Stahl Arms map. I can't be sure of the exact time window you have between kills but it wont be more than a couple of seconds. You will be notified on the screen when you do a double and then triple kill as you get bonus points when you do. Whilst playing normally your best chances are probably a well placed grenade on an occasion where enemies would be bunched up together, for example their spawn point. Or during an objective mode there will usually be a few people around an assassination target, or next to a search and destroy objective. Basically any occasion when enemies would be bunched up together is a good opportunity, especially if you can flank them.

I managed to get this through being sneaky, by flanking enemies and catching them unaware. In the middle of the map there is a tactical spawn point, the higher up one near the maps minigun. If the enemy has hold of this they will spawn there and pour out to the mini gun placement. There are two paths from either side to this spawn point that are perfect for flanking. You still need a bit of luck but if you can come up behind a few enemies the trophy should be yours. See "I See You - Minigun a Marksman" for a map of Stahl Arms to get a better idea of what I'm talking about. The spawn point nearest the minigun is the one i'm referring to. Catering your class to this can also help, for example being an Infiltrator may give you that extra split second advantage over the enemies so you can get your kills.

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

I See You - Minigun a Marksman
Kill a Marksman with the Mounted Minigun in Stahl Arms (1) 

There is only one Minigun located in Stahl Arms and it's located in the centre of the map on the higher up section. There is a long thin area that runs down the middle and it's at one end of that. This is another trophy that will require a bit of luck, mainly because as you get on the Minigun you are leaving yourself quite exposed and you need to hope that a Marksman wanders into your field of view. Ideally you would want your team to have control of the tactical spawn point just behind the gun to avoid enemies being right behind you. You will probably need to be an engineer to repair the gun if it is damaged or gets damaged or if it's under enemy control then make sure you destroy it first and then repair it for your team.

Here is the location of the Minigun:

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

Highly Decorated - Unlock Ribbons
Unlock all Ribbons in a single match while playing Operations or Warzone (4) 

There are 5 ribbons you need to get for this trophy. This is better done in warzone since the matches tend to last longer and there are more opportunities to complete an objective. It can also be done in any map but Stahl arms is recommended, the map is quite small so it never takes you very long to get back into the action. The 5 ribbons you need to earn are below, there is also information on how to earn each of the 5 ribbons:

Double Kill XP - To get this you need complete an objective. This can be any number of things in a warzone match but the easiest would probably be in the Capture and Hold round. Run straight to one of the points located on the map that your team are about to capture and you should get this if you are there when the bar gets to 100% full. It's not enough for just your team to blow up a target, it needs to be you personally that planted one of the bombs. This ribbon only lasts 60 seconds, after the60 seconds are up it will then disappear from the side of the screen but it will still be valid trophy wise for the rest of the match.

Increased Accuracy - You need to get 5 melee kills in one round for this one. The best way to get this is to try and flank the enemy and surprise them from behind. The Infiltrator class is a great one to choose to rack up melee kills, especially if you have the disguise ability maxed out as performing a brutal melee won't break the disguise. The Marksman class can also be good with a permanent cloak. This ribbon will pop up on the screen when you get it and it will remain for the rest of the match.

Bullet Damage - You need to get 5 assists in a match for this one, you will be relying on your team mates for the majority of this ribbon. Just aim for the legs of the enemies and avoid lethal blows, particularly when you have your team mates around you as they will likely then get the killing blow. This ribbon will pop up on screen when you get it and it will remain for the rest of the match.

Faster Aim - For this you need to get 5 kills while aiming down the site of your gun. Not a whole lot of tips I can give for this one. Just concentrate on the first 3 ribbons first as I'd say they are the most difficult to try and squeeze in at the end of the game if time is running out. This ribbon will pop up on screen when you get it and it will remain for the rest of the match.

Faster Reload - For this ribbon you need to get 10 kills whilst firing from the hip. This should be the easiest ribbon of them all as firing from the hip is usually the best way to handle most encounters. Like the one above concentrate on this ribbon last but obviously don't pass up any easy kills if you can't manage to melee them. This ribbon will pop up on screen when you get it and it will remain for the rest of the match.

Note: These don't unlock in custom matches.

5 for 5 - Lots of guns
Kill 5 enemies with 5 different primary, secondary, or explosive weapons in a single match 

This one should cause you no trouble at all. Just pick a class and a weapon before spawning, get a kill with that current weapon and then change your class or weapon each time you spawn. You can either do that or pick up weapons from dead bodies, just make sure they are different to the one you just got a kill with. Once you have got one kill with 5 different weapons the trophy will unlock. Like it says, grenades and proximity mines do count but melee doesn't.

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

Jack of All Trades - Kill all careers
Kill one enemy of each career type in a single match 

This one is kind of out of your hands. You just need to kill kill kill. You are relying on the enemy team choosing a mixture of all classes, which thankfully is usually the case. You shouldn't need to concentrate on this so just ignore it unless you have all the other trophies in the DLC.

There are 5 different classes in the game that you need to kill. Field Medic, Engineer, Tactician, Marksman & Infiltrator. As long as you rack up a decent amount of kills in a match you should be able to earn this trophy. I managed to this on my fifth kill, this shows that people do use all of the available classes in the game. It's also better when the game lobby is nearly full.

Note: This doesn't unlock in custom matches.

DLC: From the Ashes Map Pack
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 13
No Go For Launch - Deactivate missile launch
Deactivate the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base (1) 

Every once in awhile a missile will attempt to launch from one of the silo's located in the center of the map. You will hear the alarms when it's beginning it's liftoff phase as notice the silo hatch doors are not open. Located in the second floor of the building on the south side of the map is a console which will turn green when you can deactivate the launch. It is the same room of the Tactician's respawn marker.

Exhausted - Get killed by missiles
Get killed by the exhaust from the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base 

Opposite of the above trophy, you need to get caught in the exhaust that comes out of the missile. Shouldn't be too hard as it spreads pretty wide. This trophy appears to glitch in a positive way and can be awarded without dying and at random times.

Bullet Spam - Kill with the Minigun pickup
Get 5 kills with the Minigun pickup in a single match while playing in Mobile Factory 

This map has two minigun pickup locations. Find one of them and just wait until the gun is available for pickup. It will always respawn there in the event you perish. One is located on each end of the ship. From the ISA side (left side) it will be in a room with red lights coming out from the floor. From the Helgast side, it'll be in the open, a level above the large spinning object near the far end. They are both sitting on top of a table.

Mini-Gone - Kill a player with the Minigun
Kill any player that is using the Minigun pickup in Mobile factory 

Camp out near either of the two Minigun pickup locations and shoot any player that dares pick up the gun.

Radec's Revenge - Kill the ISA
Kill 5 different ISA players in a single match while playing in Radec Academy (14) 

While on the Helgast team you will simply need to kill 5 different enemy players. There's nothing to it. Just make sure you're in a game with at least five opposing players.

Turn Back Time - VC9 Missile Launcher kill
Get a single VC9 Missile Launcher kill in Radec Academy 

The Tactician and Infiltrator classes each have the VC9 Missile Launcher available as the third unlock under Secondary Weapons (6 points). Unlock this and get a single kill on Radec Academy. Shouldn't be too hard to get a kill with this. If you're having issues, just camp their spawn point.

Jetpack on Jetpack Action - Jetpack killer
While flying in mid-air, shoot down and kill another flying Jetpack player in Tharsis Depot 

This shouldn't be to difficult as many players will grab a Jetpack. You can find the Jetpack littered everywhere. Try to boost up to the highest point you can to avoid enemies on the ground and keep an eye out for enemy players with the Jetpack. Both players must be in the air when you make the kill.

Frequent Flyer - Fly for 60 seconds
With a Jetpack equipped, fly for 60 seconds or more in Tharsis Depot 

Grab a Jetpack and keep boosting until the trophy pops. The time is cumulative across one single match.

Hacker - Hack turrets
As an Engineer, successfully hack 3 enemy turrets in a single match (6) 

Using the Engineer's hacking ability, find 3 enemy turrets. This can be a little frustrating at times as you're completely helpless while hacking and getting killed during the hack is common. Use Armor to help give you extra time. I recommend Radec Academy. Engineers like to place them around the outside of the middle courtyard. Use to hack.

This requires you to purchase Repair Tool ++. This is the third unlock in the Engineer's Secondary Ability and will cost a total of 6 unlock points.

Tag. You're It. - Kill using the Recon ability
Kill 3 enemies within a single activation of the Recon ability while playing as a Tactician (2) 

This shouldn't be too difficult. Activate the Recon ability with and kill three people. It lasts a fair amount of time. The trophy will unlock after the third kill.

This requires you to purchase Recon. This is the first unlock in the Tactician's Secondary Ability and will cost 1 unlock point

Cloak and Fragger - Kill Marksmen
While playing as a Marksman , kill 5 enemy Marksmen in a single match 

If you have the Cloak Suit ++ and the VC32 Sniper rifle unlocked, this shouldn't be too hard. If you don't, I recommend playing Radec Academy. Marksmen like to hide on the upper balcony. You can try killing them with headshots from your starting gun, or pick up another gun and run up to them. It doesn't need to be 5 different Marksmen, it can be the same guy.

Taken From Behind - Brutal Melee from behind
Brutal Melee 3 enemy players from behind while disguised in a single match while playing as an Infiltrator (1) 

Another one I recommend playing on Radec Academy. If the enemy holds the position with the mounted gun turret overlooking the center courtyard, you can sneak up there and knife people in the back easily. Having Disguise ++ helps, but it's not necessary.

Immortal - Survive bleedout
With the Field Medic Triage ++ ability active, survive bleedout 5 times in a single match 

Surviving a bleedout is simple provided you don't die in view of an enemy turret or Air bot. Try to take position away from the action, but still in line of sight of the enemy and wait for someone to kill you.

This requires you to purchase Triage ++. This is the third unlock in the Medic Secondary Ability and will cost a total of 6 unlock points.

Game Info
Guerilla Games


US February 22, 2011
Europe February 25, 2011
Japan February 24, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2-24
ESRB: Mature
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