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Use every Gotcha to successfully strike at Bot opponents

Gotchas are special attacks that are activated by driving over a red button on the track. Typically it spawns some type of destructive action a short way in front of you. It is designed to slow the lead Karts and give the stragglers a chance to catch up. Once activated, there is a short recharge period before the button reactivates.

These are not of much use if you are leading the race (although driving over them does prevent trailing drivers from activating it on you), or if you are far behind.

Every track has at least one Gotcha, and a few have 2. You will likely find and use most of these during the course of your Career Cup plays, although not all tracks are raced in a mode which utilizes the Gotcha's, and there is no way to track which you have successfully used.

Note that this trophy requires you to not only activate the Gotcha, but also to attack at least one AI bot (this cannot be done in local MP against a fellow human driver).

I recommend you do these track by track, while doing Single Player Events, working on this trophy and Renegade at the same time.

Track by Track Gotcha List and Description:


  • GOTCHA (Activates water to come out from the pipes as drive through the sunken section): On the left side of the track opposite the pit lane right before the drop into the water filled area.


  • GOTCHA (Activates giant at the hairpin section): At the bottom of the fun slide, right in the middle of the track.


  • GOTCHA (Activates plates to push cars off track at the hairpin): In middle of track right at the end of the circuit before the final hairpin.
  • MOST DIFFICULT GOTCHA IN GAME! (Tip: Set up a 1v1 race v the computer with a few laps, drive over yellow active pads to gain your mines then reverse to hairpin and plant four mines in a line so the CPU has to swing wide of the corner and then reverse up to the Gotcha button and sit on it. Let the CPU drive past you and fire a missile so he start to lose control and with luck it should send him onto the pads - may take a few attempts.)
  • ALTERNATIVE - I did this still in a standard 7 bot race, hang back and use the missiles after activating. It is still luck based, and I would suggest leaving this til last as it is hard to know if you have done it successfully. By leaving it til the end, the trophy will pop as soon as you have a successful strike. The other Gotcha's are pretty obvious to tell if you have succeeded.


  • GOTCHA (Causes dinosaur above track to spit acid down on drivers going underneath): After the big jump with boost arrows, you go down the hill and the gotcha button is on the right side of the track.


  • GOTCHA (Activates mud to fall from bridge overhead): Just before mud pit on left side of track.


  • GOTCHA (Activates dragon to breath fire onto cars passing to the left/right of it): After the snaking left right left right turns its on the left side of the track.


  • GOTCHA 1 (Activates plates to push cars off track): After pit lane, long left, right corner and it's on the right side of the road. Best to shoot some missiles at cars in front once activated so they lose control and drive into the plates.
  • GOTCHA 2 (Activates electric shock coming down from bridge ahead): On right side of road on long straight with the seascape running down the right side.


  • GOTCHA 1 (Activates stampede of cattle running across the track): On right side of track before the final left bend that leads into the home straight.


  • GOTCHA 1 (Activates pads to knock people off the track): With the mill on the left towards the beginning of the race. It is on the right side of the wider part of track. Again, best to use Ram or Missiles to push AI bots into the pads.
  • GOTCHA 2 (Activates flood of water coming across track on bridge): Right before bridge on the right side of the track.


  • GOTCHA (Makes golfer pop up on track blocking drivers going over the jump): On the right corner where the computer will open up a "standard" shortcut for you if you are losing, it is right in the middle of the track just after this right turn.


  • GOTCHA1 (Causes railway crossing arm to come down and hit drivers): At end of first straight on right side of track.
  • GOTCHA2 (Causes dust storm to blow across track from left to right): Where the computer can open a "standard" shortcut, it is tucked tight to the left side of the corner.


  • GOTCHA (Activates flame to come from jet engine above track): From start line: Take the initial S bend of right, then left and straight after that tight left corner tucked away on the left side of the track is the gotcha button.


  • GOTCHA (Closes mountains on each side of jump, blocking drivers): After track narrows and you sweep round the first right hander, the gotcha button is on the left side of the track before the jump.

Credit to interyernan1978 for the excellent list and descriptions.

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Isopod Labs


US November 01, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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