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47 kills in a mission
A mission has been completed with precisely 47 kills

For this trophy you must kill exactly 47 people within a mission along with completing it's objectives and extracting, the trophy will pop during the Statistics screen. On the Statistics screen there are two important stats which will require your attention: 'Enemies Killed' and 'Innocents Killed' both of these will give you a figure, if they add up to to 47, you are eligible for the trophy. Your targets, which are represented as a Red coloured circle on your map, will not count as one of your 47 kills. Only guards, VIPs and civilians count.

Note: Not all missions have 47 or more people in them, therefore during your first playthrough you may want to be conscious of this trophy. Even though there is a guide for this trophy for a particular level, you may find another level which is better suited for you. As you play through the game always bear in mind what will be the best level for you. It is strongly recommended that you attempt this trophy after getting All Firearms Collected because you are going to have to arm yourself with loads of weapons. If you do lose any weapons whilst attempting this trophy, then do not save your game! This trophy is easily doable under any difficulty so don't be put off if you are playing on Professional.

Keeping track of how many kills you do can be tricky and tedious. Walking around actively making a mental note of the dead bodies or counting them via your live map can work to some extent but the most reliable way is to count in threes or fives mentally, then pause the game so you can write that number down on a piece of paper as you work your way through. As soon as you get over 30, start writing down the deaths one-by-one on your piece of paper. Either method is fine but I strongly recommend that you use the second one i.e personally keeping note of who you kill. This is because if there is a mixture of civilians and guards the guards may kill some of the civilians when they are trying to kill you. All this means when you count up the deaths on your map or just by walking around, there is no evidence that proves that you killed any of them. You will know when a civilian has been unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire, because at the end of level stats screen there will be a number next to 'Innocents Harmed' and this will not count towards your 47 deaths.

If for some reason you are having difficulties in getting this trophy whilst playing under Professional Mode. Doing it this way you can start a new game on Normal, complete the first mission then attempt it on Mission 2: The Meat Kings Party. Only start a new game if you have collected all the weapons, otherwise you will have to start from scratch and re-earn all of them for the weapon trophies.

Note: If you are playing on a lower difficulty and you save your progress midway through the level then you happen to die and reload, I can confirm this will not prevent you from getting this trophy or any of the other kill related trophies for that matter. Just remember at the time of saving to make sure you know how many people you have killed up to that point.

Traditions of the Trade: 47 Kills Guide
Stock up on lots of weapons so you have full of ammunition which will allow you to unleash hell on the hotel. I recommend using the M60 as it is the most effective/reliable weapon in the game and because it's reload time is faster than any other weapon in the game.

First off shoot everyone at the front door (you can do this at a considerable distance) then people will start running out of the hotel, pick them off as they come out. Keep popping in and out of the Main Lobby via the front door, shooting one of two people at a time then sharply back out of the door again. As soon as you leave more will exit so pick them off as well. Repeat this process until there is no-one left, on a good day you can usually score about 25-30 deaths. Count up either on your map or actively walking round and numbering each body you see, then write that number down on a piece of paper.

Your next move will be to explore all three floors of the hotel and kill everyone you see, make a note of each death on your piece of paper whilst doing this. Also be cautious when lock picking doors as they can take an age to unlock, just be wary of the time it takes and make sure no-one is around. This is because you may get ambushed which will incur an unnecessary loss of health which is the last thing you need. After clearing all of the hallways, you will be a few short of the required target. Try rooms 108, 199, 208 and 315. Inside these rooms will be more victims which you can kill and they will not leave their rooms unless you open the door. When you have 47 kills and completed all of your objectives, extract and the trophy will pop on the Statistics screen.

Also note that if you kill the Ghost for the Ghost Buster trophy, then it will not count as one of your 47 deaths.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by ocelot11snake
Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 12:54:40 AM

My best advice is doing this on Hunter and Hunted, kill all swat in the building, it will be around 30. then save,go outside and keep track of the next 20 kills, end the level and see how many you killed. based on how many you kills youve kept track of, you can reload the last save and then you can adjust the number outside you need to kill

 Comment #2 by ocelot11snake
Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 12:56:50 AM

M60 is great for clearing out the building by the way. Run to the end of the hallway, kill the lights and just mow them down as they come up

 Comment #3 by KARL spurgin
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 06:39:26 PM

Just got this trophy, it was the last one to get for the Platinum. Took me a few attempts on different levels on professional difficulty. Until i decided to start a new game on normal and try do it in every level until i got it. I was lucky enough to get this in the first level. But most levels have more then 47 people to kill so if you don't get it in the first level try in the second then third and so on until it pops up as the worst thing about this game was for me is that you have to repeat the same level countless times

 Comment #4 by kamijordan
Tuesday, March 04, 2014 @ 06:32:41 PM

here is another way and easier way to get it

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