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All firearms collected
All firearms collected and displayed in Hideout.

For this trophy you will have to collect all firearms and have them on display in your Hideout. You do not need to collect the Melee Weapons nor do you need to collect the: WWI Pistol and Custom 1911. If you have played the previous Hitman games then this trophy will sound a bit daunting, but it isn't as Blood Money is probably the easiest one in which to collect all weapons. After collecting all 19 weapons the trophy will pop soon as you complete the mission whereby you have collected the 19th weapon. Here are some key pointers which will shed some light on collecting weapons in Hitman Blood Money.

Hideout and difficulty - To check what weapons you have already collected then you can do so via the Hideout option via Mission Select. Every time you load your game it will list all of the missions and at the top is the Hideout. The Hideout is just an underground basement and on your left is all of the weapons which you have collected are hanged up on the wall. You can replay any level you wish, during or post completing the game to collect any weapons you may have missed. Every difficulty has its own record of what weapons you have collected under that particular mode, thus make sure you don't change the difficulty when using Mission Select else you'll be starting from scratch.

ICA Boxes or Extraction - Collecting weapons in Hitman is not simply picking it up then it's in your Hideout, you have to either carry the weapon to the end of the level or store it safely in a ICA Box. With nursing weapons to the end of the level, make sure you save your game afterwards and it will appear in the hideout. The ICA boxes are marked on your map 'ICA' going to these boxes you can store as many weapons as you like. Please also note, that you have to complete the level and then save your progress in order for your weapon to be stored at the hideout. There are numerous boxes in all levels of Hitman, but the ones marked 'ICA' are the ones which will only work in storing your weapon. Having said this, there are one or two rogue boxes whereby you can store your weapon in and it will appear in the Hideout but as rule I would tend to target the boxes marked 'ICA'. Furthermore you can actually take weapons out of the Prologue Mission: Death of a Showman. You can not extract with them, but you can store them in the ICA Box just outside the target's office and providing you go on to complete the mission then they will appear in your Hideout. Also, you can not collect any of the weapons in the bonus mission "Requiem".

Concealable and non-concealable weapons -11 of the weapons which you will have to collect will be concealable whereby you simply put it into your pocket and pretty much forget about it. It is the 8 non-concealable weapons which may cause you some difficulties. Because you can not conceal them, so therefore you will have them on show for everyone to clearly see. If you are wearing the wrong disguise then this will effectively make you vulnerable to you blowing your cover if spotted by a guard or a civilian. However, there are only 3 weapons whereby you may have to shoot your way to extraction so it is not he biggest worry in the world but just be conscious that the the wrong disguise and with a visible weapon could be a recipe for all hell to break loose.

Losing weapons - If you bring a weapon into a level then drop it for another one, you will lose that weapon which you brought into the level and will consequently have reacquire that weapon.

Weapons Guide (Professional Mode)

You can pretty much factor in collecting all of the weapons bar one or two within your first playthrough. Here is a written/visual guide for all weapons, they have all been collected when playing under Professional Difficulty. Note: The description will only guide you to where it is located, finishing the level with the weapon may be very brief in this guide. You might want to look at the Hitman Blood Money - Professional Guide for how to complete the level in its entirety whilst collecting the weapon. 7/19 weapons are found on the Mission's target and can not be missed. 15/19 of weapons can be collected whilst still getting the Silent Assassin Rating in that particular mission. There is only 4 weapons, which will entail you having to replay a mission again and taking the aggressive path in order for them to be collected. Weapons highlighted in Red denotes that they are concealable and weapons highlighted in Blue denotes that they are non-concealable.

Prologue: Death of a Showman
(0.59) SLP.40 Pistol: Near the start of the mission you will have to kill a gangster who is interrogating a civilian who is riding on a moving horse. The gangster has the pistol so be sure to pick it up, the weapon is also concealable.

(1:55) TMP: After dropping down the lift shaft, you will have to disable a fusebox in order to progress through the room discretely. Your next move will be to enter the toilets, you will be asked to take a gangster hostage and to use him as a human shield. To the left of him is the TMP, this weapon is also concealable.

(2:23) Dragunov Sniper Rifle: After collecting the TMP and holding the gangster hostage. You will have to clear the room of gangsters and then climb a ladder. There is a briefcase lying there, the game will ask you to unpack it and to snipe the 3 gangster outside. The rifle in the suitcase is the Dragunov Sniper Rifle.

(2:55) Desert Eagle: Right at the end of the level you will have to blow up a fixture which will fall onto a group of gangsters. Once they are all dead, check their bodies, one of them will have the Desert Eagle.

(3:32) ICA Box: This level does not allow you to extract with its weapons as unfortunately it will not count. In order to store the weapons which you have found, you must stash them in the ICA Box which located outside the mission target's office. After killing him, the game will ask you to climb out of the window, as soon as you climb through there is a box which contains explosives and a detonator. Store all of your weapons here in order for it to count.

Mission 1: A Vintage Year
(3:57) Shotgun and SAF SMG: Both weapons can be found inside the house. Right at the start, run South through the double doors into the compound and head Southbound till you reach some more doors. There will be some crates which you can climb onto and then hurdle over the wall – do not worry about the civilian who is there, he will not freak out if he sees you on the crates. Once over the wall, run East towards a single door which will lead you into the house. You should catch up with a paroling guard, hold down to start sneaking and head for the single door to your left. Open the door and manipulate the camera to see whether there is a guard to your left, if not, head into the hallway. Turn left and head through the single door at the end. Inside is a guard sleeping, remain in sneak mode and then change into the Indoor Mansion Disguise which is just near the bed then sneak over to the box and pick up the SAF SMG and Shotgun. With the disguise that you have just acquired, you can walk round at liberty with the non-concealable Shotgun.

(4:55) Snub Nose Pistol: This is found on the mission's target who is located on the 2nd floor of the house. This concealable weapon can not be missed.

Mission 4: A New Life
(5:39) Bull.480: This concealable weapon can be found on the mission's target and is therefore unmissable.

(5:39) MP7: This concealable weapon can be found on the ground floor of the house. Soon as you enter the front doors, head straight on through another set, take a left and head into the kitchen. Near the stairs is a single door, go through it, turn left and take the first door on your right. Inside this room, is a box which contains the weapon. I recommend acquiring the FBI agent's disguise for this one, as you can freely walk round the house.

(7:09) Air Rifle: From the mission's starting point, run along the road and pass the house. You will see a dump truck just to your right, if you look just to your left you will see across the road a woman gardening. Go over, run passed her, heading into her back garden and you find a tree house. Climb up it and up there will be the rifle. Now I would recommend getting this weapon after completing all of your objectives and you do not the Silent Assassin Rating. This is because the rifle does not compliment any of the level's disguises, therefore soon as you exit the tree house your cover will be blown, so soon as you have got it, head for the exit and do not look back. I recommend collecting this weapon when going for the 'Special Rating'

Mission 5: Murder of Crows
(8:27) MP9: Is found in a box in the house where you kill one of your targets. In order to enter the house discreetly you have to have the suitcase which contains diamonds. You will be allowed in to see your target, before you go up the stairs, to your left is a box which contains the concealable weapon. Considering you have to enter this house in order to kill your target, this weapon is semi-unmissable.

(8:45) SLP.40.S: This is found on the female target. Considering you have to kill her in order complete your objective this concealable weapon is impossible to miss.

(8:58) Kazo TRG: This is found near the target who is about the snipe the president. He can be in any of 3 places, but he will always have the non-concealable weapon with him. You might get a bit of luck with this one and if he is in the Blues Bar then all you have to do is exit the premise turn right and extract but if he is in the other bars, you may incur one or two difficulties. Theoretically soon as you are on the streets in amongst the crowd, you can have any weapon on show and no one will notice but it is getting from the bar to the middle of the street which is the problem. The best advice I can offer is to take the back entrance out of the bar, this is the most discrete way, compared to running out of the front door. Finally make sure you bring some painkillers into the level, just in case you incur a significant amount of health loss.

(11:54) SG552: This weapon is found near the table where you kill one of your targets who is located inside the house. You are going to upgrade your Silverballers to the max and bring them into the level. Make sure you have the diamond briefcase and the crow disguise in order to enter the house stealthily. Go up the spiral staircase were a guard will continuously walk from the room to the landing. When he stands still near the stairs, sneak behind him and kill him with the Fibre Wire, then go and kill your target who remains in the room. Pick up SG552 near the table then make your down the stairs, pass the door that your entered and head left through another door. On your right is a single door, open it and there will guard, immediately kill him with your hyped up Ballers. One or two guards will run into the house so kill them then go through the single door and head across the yard, on the left is a box. Store the weapon there and go and complete the mission like normal.

Mission 7: Death on the Mississippi
(15:05) FN-2000: This can be found on the ship's 2nd floor. There is a locker room whereby you can acquire the Purser's Disguise, the room next to this has a suitcase and it will contain the FN-2000. I recommend picking this weapon up after completing all of the objectives, if you are unsure of whereabouts then refer to the Hitman Blood Money - Professional Guide.

Mission 8: Till Death do us Part
(17:30) Six Shooter: can be found on a guest who passes out right at the start of the mission. From the start make your way out of the shooting ranch and onto the the front garden of the house. To your left will be a small isolated ranch which is pitch black. Go inside, wait for a guest to walk in, he will pass out and on him will be the concealable weapon.

(18:10) Elephant Rifle: Acquire the Priest Disguise and kill one of your targets by pushing him into his grave, see the Hitman Blood Money - Professional Guide if you are unsure about how to do this. From the grave, head North into a small ranch, inside there is a door to your left so stand either to the left or right of the door and keep opening it. Watch the guard as he sits down, soon as he moves, sneak inside the room and kill him with either your Fibre Wire or Syringe. Take his disguise and return to the main lobby of the House. Head up the stairs, turn left and head West through the single door at the end. Now take the first door on your left, turn right and pick lock the door South East of your position. Enter and on the wall will be the non-concealable rifle. Deal with your final target and extract. Obtain this weapon only if you do not need the Silent Assassin Rating, because it virtually impossible to achieve both the rating and the weapon.

Mission 10: A Dance with the Devil
(21:28) MP5: This can be found on one of the mission's target. When you enter the basement your target, who stands behind a bar, will invite you to a shoot-off. Once he's dead, pick up the concealable weapon. Considering you have to do this in order to complete the mission, this weapon is therefore unmissable.

Mission 11: Amendment XXV
(22:04) M14: This weapon can be found on all US Marines. You will need their disguise in order to discretely negotiate certain parts of the level. To get the gun and to still get the rating do the following:

1. At the start of the mission head North West and make your way into the White House. Place your suitcase onto the conveyor and turn left to head into the toilets. Drop your Mine just to the right of the toilet, open the door then a guard should come in to investigate. If he does not then run out, bump into him and he will turn to face you. Head back to the toilet, stand just left of the door, wait for him to come in to investigate. When he does, close the door and sedate him with the syringe now take his US Marine Disguise and drag his body and gun to the left before exiting. Proceed to complete the mission's objectives.

2. After completing all objectives, return to the toilet in the US Marines' Disguise. Pick up the gun from the toilet, exit the White House and store it in the ICA box which is just North when you exit the White House. Then go back and change into your suit and extract. For further information refer to the Hitman Blood Money - Professional Guide.

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User Comments
 Comment #1 by Agent 47
Saturday, February 23, 2013 @ 12:53:45 PM

Ive completed the game an still have a few weapons missing.when i go back into missions to pick them up they do not show up in the hideout ?

I also cant earn any more money for weapon upgrades ,since the i've finished the game. any time i got back into level's an complete them i get no money from the contracts ?

 Comment #2 by Agent 47
Sunday, February 24, 2013 @ 09:41:05 AM

Ok ive went back an re-colectted all the weapons today,however i still have no dragonov in the hideout. id completed the first mission (Death of a showman) many times ,trying to aquire the sniper rifle. I GOT THE TROPHY in the end up though lol i went back an played that mission an stored the sniper rifle in the box that you pick up the bomb an detonator an the trophy popped up upon completion of the mission.

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