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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin HD Trophies
All Melee Weapons collected
All Melee Weapons collected and displayed in Hideout

For this trophy to pop you need to have all 5 Melee Weapons on display in your shed. Apart from the 3 Knives, Melee Weapons are not concealable. See All Firearms Collected for an enhanced explanation for collecting weapons.

Golf Club (0:53): This can only be found in the Opening Mission: Anathema. Make sure you are armed with the Silver Ballers SD, because you will have some shooting to do. Kill your target whilst he is in his office and take the East door. Immediately kill the guard in the hallway and go through the nearby double doors. Continue West through some double doors and kill the guard in the room. Continue West through another set of doors and deal with the guard who is stood stationary. Head South and through one final set of double doors and inside will be the Golf Club. Make sure all your kills are done with a silenced gun. Backtrack to where you killed the mission's target and exit onto the balcony. Take the car key (See the R93 Sniper Rifle if you're unsure how to get it) complete your final objective and extract via the car. Providing you do not get too close to the other guards, you are at liberty to carry the Golf Club without having your cover being blown.

Fire Axe (5:45): This can only be found in Mission 10: Basement Killing, it is located in the fire department – should indicate on your map of the whereabouts of the department. It is advisable to take the stealthy path, first you are going to have to pick up the bombs from the Agency Drop Off and then set them off in laundry room. This will clear out the fire department, go inside and take the Axe. Make sure you change into the fireman's disguise, so you can walk at liberty with the Axe. Then complete your objectives – See Basement Killing in the Professional Mode Guide for a more in-depth explanation.

Combat Knife (8:53): This can only be found in Mission 4: Tubeway Torpedo. The Knife is on the mission target – the general. He is located on the second floor of the basement, see the Professional Mode Guide if you are not sure how kill to the General.

Scalpel (9:52): This is unique to Mission 18: Terminal Hospitality. It can be found in the basement of the hospital. Just before you carry out the assassination, there is a room where you can turn off the electricity, just opposite it is another room which has a sign with 'Anaesthetist' written on it and inside you will find the Scalpel.

Katana Sword (11:02): This can be found in all the Japan Missions, but due to picking up two handed weapons in the other missions; Mission 9: Shogun Showdown is the next most convenient place to acquire this weapon. The sword can be found on the target who you have to kill at the end. This is perfect, providing you can get the Ninja's disguise as it is part of the their uniform. Then extraction is just 2 minutes away. See Shogun Showdown under Professional Mode Guide for a more in-depth explanation.

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Game Info
IO Interactive
Square Enix


US January 29, 2013
Europe February 01, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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