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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 Trophy Guide
Guide By: morg106
There are 33 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
Trophy Breakdown: 15 , 12 , 5 , 1
Approximate Time: 20-30 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1+ Mission Replays
Missable Trophies: 2 (No Restrictions and Peripheral Vision)
Glitched Trophies: None.
Do Cheats Disable Trophies?: No Known Cheats
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Only for Red is Not Dead; See Trophy Description.

A QUICK NOTE BEFORE YOU PLAY THE GAME: When you first insert the game and it installs on your PS3, the install operation will appear to stall at 17%. Don't worry, it is not stuck; it stays at this stage for 6-8 minutes before slowly chugging along again. Just be patient, and you'll be trophy hunting in no time!

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?: If you have played the original H.A.W.X., you will know basically what you're getting - a sequel, except with more mission variations including UAV control, take-off and landings, and precision bombing. The campaign is shorter than the first, and from what I have read, widespread opinion is that this game is nowhere near as good, an opinion I myself agree with. However that being said, I did find this game a lot of fun once I had blocked the little annoyances and glitches out. For fans of the first, never fear - there is NO SITTING DUCKS!

If you never played the original H.A.W.X., this game can best be described as an arcade-style fighter pilot game - you control pilots from 3 different nations in a war over nuclear warheads, pretty basic stuff. On top of the campaign there is a survival mode too. You can also play online in team deathmatch games or do co-op versions of the campaign and survival.

Opinions aside, this game is a fairly fun and easy platinum, with little grinding required (for now anyway, once the online dies down, it may be another story). All trophies are easy to acquire, and if they are tough in any way they can be acquired online; they are easily boostable as you can achieve the trophies in private matches, usually you only need 2-3 players.

So good luck, I hope this guide will serve you well. Happy trophy hunting!


Step 1: Complete the Campaign, to make it easier for yourself play on Recruit difficulty.

NOTE: To avoid missing the two missable trophies, On Mission 2, "Training Day", be sure to obtain No Restrictions and Peripheral Vision by taking off, then switching to 'Assistance OFF' mode (double tap ) and ignoring what the mission actually wants you to do (Shoot an AWACS with your Cannon) and instead, fly from corner to corner on the map, holding to make the Eurofighter Typhoon you are flying go faster than Mach 2. After an hour you will get No Restrictions, and around half an hour later, Peripheral Vision. This is because when you turn, you dip below Mach 2 quite a lot. Mach 2 is around 2450 km/h.

After this, go to mission select and replay 'Stand-Off' on Expert difficulty; this will net you Red is Not Dead.

Step 2: Play as many online Team Battle games as possible, trying to obtain the various remaining trophies along the way. This will be where the vast majority of your time is spent. Here you will be primarily aiming for Veteran but any Team Battle games you play will count, so aiming for the other trophies will constantly get you closer to this. Please see individual trophy descriptions for more information.

Somewhere in this section you should select 'Player Match' and filter the results for Co-op Story, NOT Co-op Mission, and complete a mission here as this will unlock the trophy Team Play.

You should perform the same steps but filter the results for Survival Mode, and complete Level 10 on the respective map with other players. You may want to find boosting partners for this, but it is not essential. This will get you Still Alive.

Step 3: Mop up - most likely this will mean mastering 15 planes, or finishing off the 100 Team Battle games, also some of the tougher trophies that can be easily boosted with others. Find boosting partners here: Trophy Boosting Thread

[PS3T would like to thank Morg106 for this Road Map]

Top Gun
Earned all trophies in the game. 

Nothing new here, obtain every other trophy, and this one will unlock.

If you get this, congratulations!

Crash test
Complete the first story mission on any difficulty 

This is story-related and cannot be missed, provided you complete the campaign. It will unlock after the mission, 'Contact' is complete. This is the first mission.

Eye in the sky
Complete 'The Prisoner' on any difficulty. 

This is story-related and cannot be missed, provided you complete the campaign. It will unlock after the mission, 'The Prisoner' is complete. This is the third mission.

Ground support
Complete 'The Rescue' on any difficulty. 

This is story-related and cannot be missed, provided you complete the campaign. It will unlock after the mission, 'The Rescue' is complete. This is the fifth mission.

Complete 'Thieves in the Night' in any difficulty. 

This is story-related and cannot be missed, provided you complete the campaign. It will unlock after the mission, 'Thieves in the Night' is complete. This is the seventh mission.

Red is not dead
Complete 'Stand-off' on expert difficulty. 

This is a story related trophy, however it also requires you to complete the mission on Expert difficulty. This is the nineteenth mission. This trophy is not missable, meaning after you complete the game on Recruit, you can replay this one level using the Mission Replay option, and ensuring you select the Expert difficulty. It is not too hard a mission, it involves dogfighting against enemy planes whilst keeping enemy ground targets away from the place you are protecting.

If you are having trouble with this mission, it can be completed in online co-op story or online co-op mission mode (with up to 3 online players helping you). Thanks to Blessorship for confirming this.

Till the end
Complete all story missions on any difficulty. 

This trophy will unlock after completing all 20 missions on the game. All in all the campaign is quite short, and can be played on Recruit as mentioned, in order for this trophy to be a breeze.

Team play
Complete any story mission in coop. 

Select 'Playstation Network' from the main menu and then Player Match. Use to filter the results so that Co-op Story mode is selected, and join an existing session, or alternatively press to host your own. Either way, you must play Co-op Story and NOT Co-op Mission in order for this trophy to pop. I know this because I played Co-op Mission and it did not pop, I also tried hosting my own and it still didn't. However it awarded me the trophy immediately after completing a mission in Co-op Story. It does not matter which story mission you actually complete.

I might also add, I joined the Co-op Story session with around 3 bad guys left; the existing players killed them, and the mission ended without me having killed anyone, and being present for about 20 seconds. The trophy still popped straight away.

No restrictions
In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF. 

See Peripheral Vision.

Peripheral vision
Fly faster than mach 2 for 60 minutes in story mode. (2) 

This trophy, along with No Restrictions, are missable, due to the fact that if you haven't met the required criteria by the time you complete the campaign, you cannot do these on mission select. The in-game challenges reward will pop-up, awarding some XP, but the trophies will not. How do I know? This happened to me, and they were my last 2 trophies for plat. There are 2 ways then, to easily get these trophies.

Method 1: as mentioned in the roadmap, is to complete the first mission, then as soon as you take off in Mission 2, called 'Training Day', switch to Assistance OFF (double tap ) and fly as fast as you can, jamming down , from edge-to-edge of the map.

Method 2: if you have already missed these, is to back up your save data on a USB memory stick or external hard drive, delete it from your PS3, start a new game and do the above steps. After the trophies pop you can delete this save and copy back your old one if you need/wish to.

Whichever way you end up doing it, the Eurofighter needs to go above 2450 km/h - without anything unlocked, such as speed increase upgrades for the Eurofighter, the plane will hit a max speed of 2463 km/h in Assistance OFF mode. If you can help it, DO NOT change to units to imperial, because the game is misleading as it says 2463 km/h is around 1330 mph, and Mach 2 is 1522 mph. There must be something wrong with the game conversion system itself.

A few tips: Turning will slow you down and make you dip below Mach 2, therefore while No Restrictions will unlock after the hour is up, Peripheral Vision will unlock afterwards. For me, this was around 40 minutes later! This means that all in all, these two trophies require around 90-100 minutes to unlock. Also, I noticed my plane went 10 km/h faster if I left it in Assistance OFF mode - I have no idea why, but it helps to have a little bit extra when making slight adjustments such as turning etc, so that you are less likely to dip below Mach 2. And finally, you can only track your progress on these two if you are beyond level 10 for XP - go to 'Pilot Records' from the main menu, then 'PEC Challenges'. Under the Level 5 menu, you will find the 'Afterburner' challenge, for tracking how long you have been flying faster than Mach 2, and under the Level 10 menu, you will find the 'No Restrictions' challenge, allowing you to track how long you have spent flying in Assistance OFF mode.

Perform a carrier landing without using the Assisted Approach. 

Pretty self-explanatory really, whenever you get the chance to land on a Carrier during a story mission (you will have to at some point), do NOT press to enable the Assisted Approach. Instead try to land it yourself the way you will be used to, by pressing to initiate the landing, being careful not to press it again after this, slowing down with until you are slow enough for the landing gear to be lowered using , then try to land at a nice straight angle. There is no need to slow down when landing on a carrier, a cut scene will start immediately as you touch down.

You will most likely get this trophy without even realising, so it is usually nothing to worry about. However if you do need to return and get it, you can obtain it easily in the mission, 'Seek and Destroy'. This is the eighth mission. This is an very easy mission involving mainly bombing, a few helos and planes, then returning to land on the carrier.

Going tough
Inflcit 4000 damage on enemy players in a single Team Battle game. (1) 

This trophy is probably the hardest one in the game, more so if you want to attempt it legitimately. This trophy is best off boosted, finding partners here: Trophy Boosting Thread.

The method involves you killing the enemy team over and over as much as possible, you on your own, and all your boosting partners (preferably 2+) on the opposing team. The way I obtained it was during a private 15 minute Player Match, me against 2 others, with XP set to realistic, on the Open Range map. I killed them over and over, the trophy popped around 3 minutes from the end of the match after I had approximately 3900 points amassed. If I ran out of ammo I flew into the ground or wherever I could nearby, in order to stock up quickly. It was very easy this way.

If you are having trouble getting this, Elathril has provided a very nice guideline of the settings and strategy to use:


Start a 3 on 1 game. damage set to realistic.

Map doesn't matter, but not the Oil Fields one...


If you don.t have the Copycat trophy, make sure all of your opponents have the same plane as you... If you already have Copycat, have your buddies pick a slow lightly armoured plane; most of the Air-to-Ground planes (e.g. F-117 Nighthawk, EA-6B Prowler). The A-10A will work just as well even with its heavy armour, if you score a full hit. Tailpipe hits will only take 80% of the Thunderbolts HP.


Pick a plane with a custom weapon pack and preferably a big payload, but good Air-to-Air capabilities ( F-22 Raptor, Su-47 Berkut), let the payload consist of as many Multi missiles as the plane can handle. That's 13 missiles for the aforementioned planes.


All your buddies have to do is stay within 6,500m of you, aside from that, they only need to fly straight, with their respective basic speed. (If they're packing Precision Bombs, they can enter bombing mode, to actually slow down to about 350km/h). They can do bombing runs, as long as they keep their altitude up and don't swerve too much, so that every one of your shots hits.

You should be able to pick them off easily, just lock and fire, then kamikaze into whatever is closest.

Again, thanks to Elathril for providing this.

Spoils of war
Win a Team Battle game. 

This is absolutely nothing to worry about, and if you are going for plat, you are absolutely certain to win at least one match on the way.

Can I keep it?
Fully master a plane. 

See Hard Work Pays Off.

Hard work pays off
Full master 15 planes. 

Mastering a plane involves obtaining XP while using a particular plane, in order to upgrade it a certain amount of levels (usually 5 or 6), to a maximum XP target. As soon as the maximum XP target is reached, the plane is 'fully mastered'. To check your progress on any plane, from the main menu select 'Pilot Records' and then 'Plane Mastery'. You can master a plane using XP earned either online or during campaign, however there is a trick to farming XP to make mastering planes a very quick and easy affair.

Firstly, complete the campaign, because you will need Mission 19, 'Stand-Off', to be available via Mission Select. Pick Recruit as the difficulty and then pick Custom settings in order to pick the plane and load-out. I personally started with planes that had a few missiles for the air targets, but my priority was bombs for the ground targets, preferably cluster bombs, unguided bombs and precision missiles, but whichever you find the easiest to use is best. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NOTED HOW MUCH XP IT TAKES TO MASTER YOUR CHOSEN PLANE - it varies between 3000-6000 XP, so just make a note of the target you will need to hit.

Start the mission, fight off the first wave of fighters, then the next few waves of fighters, then tanks, then choppers, then tanks, then a few more planes, and eventually there will be a cut scene where you are instructed to destroy some bridges. THIS IS THE ALL IMPORTANT CHECKPOINT.

This is where the farming begins - there are unlimited waves of tanks from now on, some in groups of between 3 and 7, that give you between 50 and 200 XP each when you destroy the whole lot. DO NOT DESTROY THE BRIDGES as this will complete the mission - instead, keep bombing the tanks. If you run out of ammo, kill yourself, and the checkpoint will load. If you have not reached the required XP, let the time run out, the checkpoint will load. Keep doing this until you have enough XP (you can check by pressing and looking at your score).

For the 1st plane and the 15th plane you master, the trophy will pop immediately as you earn the required XP.

The way I like it
Create a custom weapon pack. 

See Swiss Cheese.

Swiss cheese
Shoot down a player while using a plane equipped with 4 gun pods. 

During mastering the planes, you will unlock features for them, one of which is creating a custom weapon pack. A good example is the Harrier jet; the custom weapon pack for this is unlocked at plane mastery level 2, requiring you to obtain just 750 XP before you can customise the weapon pack. Whichever plane you choose, the way to customise is as follows.

From the main menu select Pilot Records then Plane Mastery - here you can keep check of which planes are mastered, and the XP you have amassed with each plane. Scroll to a plane which has a custom weapon pack unlocked, and then to customise. Select '4 x Gun Pod' from the list, then press to save the weapon pack. It is at this point The Way I Like It will unlock.

After this, join on online Team Battle, pick the plane and scroll down to the new 'Custom Weapon Pack' to select it as your load-out. When you join the match, try and kill someone with your custom weapon pack, making sure only to press to try and get them with your cannons. It is a little harder to kill as you have no guided missiles, but it's not that hard to do after some practice and close dogfighting. If you have trouble it could be boosted easily.

Score 3 kills in 15 seconds in Survival mode. 

This is a lot easier than it sounds, in fact, I got it on my very first ever shot in Survival mode. What I did was start a survival mode game on my own, from the main menu selecting 'Missions' and then 'Survival'. I selected a plane with Multiple missiles, I then started the Moscow map. The first wave involves 4 planes flying straight at you, and they aren't very clever at all. Just take aim and fire when all 4 targets are lit up. This resulted in 3 kills for me, without even trying. There are probably even many more ways of achieving this.

Still alive
Complete any of the Survival mode maps. 

This can be tough if you try it yourself, although it is doable. The easiest way however is to do it with other players online, whether they be boosting partners or just random people. Select 'Player Match' and filter the results for Survival, or host your own game. Either way, the Moscow map is generally regarded as the easiest. You just have to kill 10 waves of varying enemies, both ground and air targets, so be sure to have the weaponry for both, If you have a team that even has half a clue how to play this game, you should be all set. Just be aware that if your team runs out of respawn tickets (shown at the top left of the screen) then you will fail. Also, you must destroy every enemy from every wave, and the sooner the better, because the last wave must be destroyed in 2 minutes - otherwise you will fail. Flying in constant circles won't cut it for this trophy!

It helps if you all have some good team support abilities, such as repair drones - these help greatly with keeping everyone alive.

Complete 5 waves in Survival mode without being shot down. 

This will hopefully come naturally for you when aiming for Still Alive, however if you do miss it, there is an easy way to secure it. Simply start on offline survival game on the Moscow map, then fly constant loop-the-loops; this will ensure that you dodge the vast majority of missiles launched at you. Keep doing this until wave 5 has passed. The trophy will pop immediately and you can then quit.

I, Support
Use 3 different team support abilities. 

You unlock support abilities by using XP tokens earned as you level up (see Still Counting for more details). In a Team Battle game, you pick your plane, then load-out, then you can pick one from all the support abilities and passive abilities that you have unlocked so far. Pick one that counts as a Team Support ability (examples include Team Camouflage, Repair Drones and Team Damage Increase). Then simply use this in the match by pressing or on the D-pad and pressing to activate it during the match. Next match, pick your plane and loadout, then select a different Team Support ability, and use it in the same way. Do it again for the next match and the trophy will unlock straight away.

Repair 90 hp by using repair drones. 

This one is easy to earn in a normal Team Battle game, making sure you have 2 key ingredients - a lot of players, and normal player XP (meaning you can take more damage than realistic XP mode). Just play normally until you notice your team mates and yourself have all taken a bit of damage, then activate the repair drones. You and your team mates will subsequently get repaired gradually by the drones. If you have met the requirements the trophy will pop.

It helps here if there are the maximum 4 players on your team, meaning you will only have to repair 22.5 hp on each team member - just wait until each player is dipping to around the 50-70% mark and it will come easily.

Of course, this is another trophy that can be boosted easily - just have a lone player damage you and a team mate to around 40-50% each then repair away.

Kill 100 opponents that use the same plane as you in Team Battle games. 

There are a few ways to get this. You could either choose a plane that has been chosen by one or more members of the other team and single them out for some abuse. Or to make it dramatically easy, work on this during boosting sessions that only require 2 players, with realistic XP for quicker and easier kills. Make sure you pick identical planes!

Better still, if you boost trophies such as Going Tough and Who Needs Them?, make sure everyone picks the same plane and you will automatically be working on this trophy in the process.

Participate in 100 Team Battle games. 

Do as the description says, play 100 Team Battle games. Both ranked matches and player matches count. I never tried just joining and quitting over and over but I seriously doubt this would work anyway. This will come in time if you boost lots of other trophies, or if you simply like playing online. If you do have leftover games to play, host your own 5 minute matches to make them as short as possible.

I found that it helps to have player XP on realistic because people who join get bored easily on these really short matches, having to work really hard to kill other players, therefore they usually quit. I found that Open Range was a popular map too.

Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in Team Battle games. 

This will come during your 100 Team Battle games, whilst you constantly dodge the missiles of other players. If by some miracle you still need this, it could be boosted, or you could just do loop-the-loops (jamming down on the ) in some public Team Battle games. Trust me on this though, you will get this without even trying.

Nice skill, captain!
Using a Mig-23, shoot down a player flying an F-22. 

Select the Mig-23 in a Team Battle game (one of two planes which are given to you immediately) and hunt down a player using an F-22 - it's that simple. This hardest part about this is finding a player who has unlocked the F-22 as it is at the end of the 'Evasion' category on the PEC Reward tree. However, you will come across someone with this plane eventually, as it is regarded as the best - once you find one, single him out and kill him by any means necessary!

Like most other trophies in the game, this can be boosted with another player, albeit someone who has unlocked the F-22. Get in a player match together, shoot him down, and the trophy will pop. You can then quit if you want.

Score 5 player kills in a Team Battle game without being shot down. 

Basically get a 5 killstreak in a Team Battle game - this would come eventually as you get better at the game, but if you just want to get it out of the way, again, this can be boosted with one other player - kill them 5 times in a row, then let them kill you 5 times. This would take maybe, 5-10 minutes maximum. This would also happen naturally if you boosted Going Tough.

Coup de grace
Using only the gun, bring down 10 players that have been damaged by your team members. (2) 

Another trophy that would come with time. If you want to aim solely for this trophy though, look for players on the opposition with really low health (hence, most likely damaged by a team mate) and steal your team mates' kills. A further method is to boost it, 2 people on your team and 1 on the other, your team mate landing a few shots with the cannon and you finishing the job. After killing 10 of these players whichever way you choose, the trophy is yours.

Bad luck
Reach level 13. 

See Maxed.

Reach level 50. (1) 

This will probably come when you aim to master 15 planes, or if you play a lot of mission replays, or if you play the online a lot, as pretty much every action in the game will net you XP one way or another. Either way you will need to amass a total of around 173,000 XP to get to Level 50. If this is an outstanding trophy for you, then a really easy way to rake in around 1000-2000 XP per 2 minutes is listed in the trophy description for Hard Work Pays Off; it is a method involving farming XP on Mission 19, 'Stand-off'. See this for more help.

Getting there
Purchase 5 different upgrades for all your planes. 

See Still Counting.

Still counting
Purchase 5 different team support elements for your planes. 

The way to purchase upgrades and team support elements is to select 'Pilot Records' from the main menu, then 'PEC Rewards'. As you level up by earning XP, you will earn tokens, which you can in turn spend to unlock upgrades, supports elements and new planes. Your token count is shown at the bottom left of the PEC Reward screen.

There are 70 rewards in total, separated into 5 categories, with 14 rewards each. You will get one token per level until level 30, then two tokens per level for each additional level, up to the maximum level 50. This gives you 70 tokens in total, making it possible to unlock everything.

To get these two trophies simply spend the tokens you earn in the different sections to unlock upgrades and support elements. The upgrades you need for Getting There are listed as a 'Passive Ability'; examples include reduced damage taken from the cannon, lock time decrease for anti-ground missiles and damage increase for heat seeking missiles. The support elements you need for Still Counting are listed as a 'Support Ability' and they all have red tiles; examples include EMP, enhanced targeting systems and team camouflage. Each trophy will pop immediately after you have 'purchased' 5 of the respective type of reward.

Who needs them?
Win 10 Team Battle matches while your team is outnumbered. 

There are 2 very easy ways to earn this trophy.

The first way is to boost it with 2 boosting partners - the booster goes on his own against the other two, plays a 5 minute match, and ensures he finishes with a score greater than the other team. Do this by killing them a few times, or for example on the Open Range map, destroy the satellite dishes and other ground targets dotted around. Do this for 10 games, and you have your trophy. This way is my personal favourite because if you do it for each person, you have played 30 games and are 30% of the way to unlocking Veteran. Also, you can have the other team pick identical planes to work on Copycat at the same time.

The second way, untested by myself but proven to work for others, is to host a game, and if you are winning near the end, kick one of/all your team from the server. This way you will finish the game with less players and it will count towards the trophy.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US September 07, 2010
Europe September 03, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Teen
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