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Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Guide
Guide By: smartbomb. DLC: DudeInDistress, Savenger
There are 66 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
Overall Number of Trophies: 51 / 40-, 7-, 3-, 1-
Offline Trophies: 40
Online Trophies: 10
Approx Time to Platinum: 80-100+ hrs
Number of Playthroughs: 1 (Provided you don't miss any missable trophies)
Number of Missable Trophies: 2 - Liberty City Minute and Driving Mr. Bellic
Glitched Trophies: 3 - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic, Cut Your Teeth and Wanted
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies ?: Yes. "Walk Free", "One Man Army", "Finish Him" and "Cleaned the Mean Streets".

For more info on cheat codes and their effects on trophies, check the following link here (credit to ILikeChurros)


Grand Theft Auto IV is not an easy platinum. You will need skill for the likes of "Genetically Superior" and "Fly The Co-Op", determination for the likes of "Endangered Species" and "Key To The City", and a sack load of patience for the likes of "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" (herein referred to as AWP) and "Wanted". Offline trophies are varied enough to stop the game from becoming repetitive, yet still asks for some serious dedication to achieving 100% completion of single player mode to unlock "Key To The City". The Multiplayer trophies, if done legitimately, will truly be a remarkable feat but for reasons I will outline in the multiplayer section of this guide, you are strongly recommended to boost "Wanted" and certainly "AWP"

Road Map

Step 1 - Story Mode / Liberty City Minute.

"Liberty City Minute" is a missable trophy and so should be concentrated on first for those that are aiming for a single playthrough for their Platinum. The requirement for this trophy is to effectively finish the story mode in under 30 hours. See the Trophy Description for useful information on how to maximise your chances of doing this, yet it is actually quite a lenient time scale so wont require too much obsessive restarting. There are 88 Story missions in total, that's just a fraction over 20 minutes per mission including the time it takes you to get from one to the next. It is recommended that you end your story run by choosing the 'Revenge' mission thread close to the end. Choosing the 'Deal' mission thread could disable your ability to obtain a trophy during Step 2. Providing you dedicate your time to nothing but story missions, you should be fine.

There will be occasions where your friends will call you throughout this Step asking if you would like to join them in an activity. This would detract you from your goal, yet if you refuse, their 'like' percentage for you will fall, causing them to begin ignoring you when you need them for Step 2. To combat this, accept any invite that comes your way. Their initial will show up as a marker on your map. However, if you call them straight back and cancel the proposed activity, your friend will accept your apologies and your activity will be called off whilst your friends likeness progression will suffer no repercussions.

**NB - One trophy that you would do well to try for during this step would be "One Man Army", see that trophy description for more details**

Step 2 - Key To The City

This entails obtaining 100% game completion of the single player mode. To see what particular side missions and other activities contribute towards 100% completion, see the "Key To The City" Trophy Description. During this step, you will unlock a number of other trophies which coincide with requirements for this trophy. Provided you followed my advice in the last Step and chose the 'Revenge' mission thread over the 'Deal' mission thread, you will have no trouble with the "Driving Mr. Bellic" trophy. This step can be very time consuming but using a checklist and ensuring you are saving upon completion of each individual requirement will help to avoid any instances where you have either overlooked something or actually completed but not saved afterwards. Again, there are some very useful resources found in the actual Trophy Description.

**Note - Do a Manual save after completing each segment that does not auto-save for anything related to "Key To The City"**

Step 3 - Offline Trophies sweep up.

You may find that you obtain some of these trophies during steps 1 and 2. In fact, some are harder to not obtain. "Liberty City (5)" can be a very confusing trophy for some so plenty detail has been put into that Trophy Description in particular. With this being the exception, the rest of the remaining offline trophies are relatively straight forwards.

Step 4 - Multiplayer

Because GameSpy have closed down, Rockstar have issued an update to remove all traces of them from the game. AWP is now much harder because the "Network menu" has been removed.

Last but by no means least are the online trophies. Over the years there have been many strategies come and go for the most efficient way to complete this section but it really comes down to whether you boost or play legit. This guide will cover you for the legit ways of obtaining all online trophies which are not too difficult with the exception of AWP and Wanted (which you are well advised to boost) but if you insist on setting in for the task of unlocking everything above board then look no further.

[PST Would Like to Thank Smartbomb for this Road Map]


The Lost and Damned DLC:

Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 5 (5 0 0)
Online: 0 (0 0 0)
Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 6-8 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None
Do cheats disable trophies? No
Does difficulty affect trophies? N/A

Welcome back to Liberty City! The DLC is finally here, folks! This time, you'll be playing the role of Jonathan "Johnny" K., a member of the Lost motorcycle gang. This DLC is one part of the two-part "Episodes from Liberty City". The second DLC, of course, is the Ballad of Gay Tony.

Just like the other DLC, this DLC also includes new vehicles, a new radio station, new weapons and, finally, new multiplayer modes. However, in comparison to the sister DLC, the trophies here are much easier to attain; 3 are plot-based and 2 you get from doing simple, yet somewhat time-consuming, tasks. Also, it should be noted that, while there are new multiplayer modes, there are no online/multiplayer trophies.

When you start, the very first thing you should do is press and under "Game" - make sure that the Autosave is on. If you quit the game without enabling saves or even just saving, you'll have to start the DLC all over.

That said, I should add that, as stated in the Overview, GTA IV cheats do work and, as far as this DLC goes, they do NOT disable trophies, so use that to your advantage! Check out this thread: LINK for info on how to activate the cheats (credits go to ILikeChurros for the list). I recommend the following cheats for this DLC (dial the numbers into your cell):

  1. Full health, armor and ammunition - 4825550100
  2. Weapons tier 1 - 4865550150
  3. Remove your wanted level - 2675550100
  4. Spawn Comet - 2275550175
  5. Spawn NRG-900 - 6255550100 (This one is very important for the side missions, as you will need a bike for those).

In total, there are 22 core ("main") missions in this DLC, and in terms of 'format' they do not differ much from the original GTA IV. You will definitely run into Niko a few times, and there will be some overlapping in terms of plot between this DLC and the Ballad of Gay Tony, as they both take place around the same time.

For a mission guide, check out this walkthrough from the official wiki: LINK

In addition there are 25 Gang Wars and 12 Bike Races, both are side missions that you may need to do a few times for two of the trophies, though you do not need to win any of the races and the Gang Wars are rather unnecessary but they do make one of the trophies easier to obtain (See Full Chat for more info).

[PST Would Like to Thank DudeInDistress for this Road Map]


The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC:


Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 10
Online: 0
Completion Time: 10-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None
Do Cheats Disable Trophies? 1: Gold Star. (See cheats below).


The Ballad of Gay Tony is the second piece of DLC released for GTA IV. You play as Luis Fernando Lopez, a Dominican ex-drug-dealer. He is now the personal bodyguard of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, a successful nightclub owner and socialite. After the morose and depressing play in the Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony is a return to the high octane days of Vice City and San Andreas.

Bigger guns, better missions and more interesting characters make this an episode worth checking out. Almost a game in itself, it puts many other companies DLC to shame.


STEP 1: The Main Story
The best place to start is the main story missions. Play the game through from beginning to end. You will unlock everything you need along the way, and earn some much needed cash which you can use for weapons later on. There are 26 main story missions that you need to work through. All you have to do is follow up all the initialled icons on the map. If you are in a rush, use the taxi’s to jump straight to them.

At the end of the story, you will have unlocked:
TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
TBoGT: Maestro

STEP 2: Gang Wars
These missions are short and generally involve stealing some form of stash. They can generally be completed in less than ten minutes each, so they won’t take too long. They can get a little boring and repetitive though.

After 25 Gang War missions, you will have unlocked:
TBoGT: Snow Queen

STEP 3: Mission Maximum
Clearing every mission to 100% can take quite a while. It basically doubles the lifespan of the game. But once you get into ‘clearance mode’, they can be rattled off fairly painlessly. It’s a good thing that the missions are good fun though, as replaying bad ones would have been painful. Allow 7 or 8 hours to clear all 26 missions.

After clearing every mission, you will have unlocked:
TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
TBoGT: Gold Star

STEP 4: Miscellaneous
All that is left then is to complete the base jumps, win the fighting championship, hit the flag a few times in the driving range, dance in the clubs and perform the ultimate skydive. These can be completed at any time and in any order. They are all relatively quick to complete. It's just a matter of doing them

After tying up the loose ends, you will have unlocked:
TBoGT: Gone Down
TBoGT: Four Play
TBoGT: Bear Fight
TBoGT: Catch the Bus
TBoGT: Adrenaline-Junkie

Cheats: The trophies in TBoGT are not disabled by the use of cheats. The only drawback is that mission scores are disallowed if a cheat is used during that mission. So keep their use strictly between missions only. They can prove handy at times though, just to keep everything moving. Here are a few that could prove useful:

Full Health: 362-555-0100
Full Health and Ammo: 482-555-0100
Lose Wanted Level: 267-555-0100
Spawn FBl Buffalo: 227-555-0100

They should help you to have full Health, Armor and Weapons before starting each mission. The FBI Buffalo is also a handy spawn car. A good all-rounder, it is fast, stable, toll exemption and has four doors so that you can carry passengers. The siren also helps out from time to time.

[PST Would Like to Thank Scavenger for this Road Map]

Off The Boat
You have completed the first mission.  (15) 

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

One Hundred And Eighty
You scored 180 with 3 darts. (3) 

This trophy is unlocked by playing darts in a pub. This activity can be started by inviting one of your friends who likes to play darts (those who don't will not have the option to play darts when you call them) and starting a match once you arrive at the bar by approaching the dartboard and pressing . In short, the objective of the trophy is to score 180 with three darts. This entails that you hit treble 20, 3 times in a row, in one single turn. The treble 20 is the small red section of the black '20' in the top middle section of the board between the thick end and the thin end. Use to steady your aim before throwing.

You will be required to play darts, and win, against those of your friends who like to play, for a separate trophy ("Key To Liberty City"). Play a few games to practice if you need to get the hang of it. The game is 301 so it makes for short games. For anyone alien to darts, a crash course is that you need to get from 301 to 0 in the least amount of darts possible. You cant go over, you have to land on 0. The outer circle around the board doubles the score of whatever number it landed in, the centre ring triples the score. Finally, you can only get to zero, or 'checkout' as it is called, on a double.

Here's a youtube video if your still struggling :

Pool Shark
You beat a friend at pool. (5) 

As the trophy states, you simply need to beat a friend at pool. The game provides in-game step by step instructions on how to actually play and use the buttons to control your shots. You only need to win 1 game to unlock this trophy. It is quite easy to beat anyone, although your girlfriend Michelle is particularly bad at pool.

Anyone new to pool won't need to learn too much. There are 15 balls. 14 coloured balls, 7 striped balls and 7 solid coloured ones. If your opponent pots a stripe, you are then by default solids, and vice versa. If you happen to pot a ball first, you get to choose and then force your opponent to be on the opposite set of colours, When all 7 colours are potted, the 8 ball is the final ball. If the 8 ball is potted before that players colours have been potted, they lose. Also, if you hit an opponents ball or pot one of their balls, this is a foul and your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere they want for their next turn.

Here's a youtube video if you need more tips :

King of QUB3D
You beat the high score in QUB3D. (15) 

QUB3D is an arcade game which you can play by interacting with the arcade machines in bars and clubs across Liberty City. If your looking for a QUB3D arcade, there's a machine in the bar on the outskirts of Broker where you play pool with Little Jacob early on in the story mode, or there's one in Triangles strip club in Alderney.

The game play is similar to Tetris. Blocks descend from the top in different colours. Your aim is to match 4 colours in any pattern to make them disappear. There is a tutorial on the arcade which goes into a little more depth if you are still at a loss but a few games and a tutorial will put you right. Once you top 10,950 the trophy will unlock.

A video on youtube here offers some playing tips if your still not sure :

Finish Him
You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes. (19) 

A melee counter is an unarmed attack which counters your assailants attack. To do this, start a fist fight with a stranger and lock onto them. Wait for your opponent to take a swing at you and dodge it by quickly pressing and holding it till your opponents arm is still outstretched, then tap to counter their attack. There is a steady supply of strangers at the Heli Tours base in South East Algonquin. It is recommended that you start fights with the fat people, as they are severely slower than slimmer attackers and so much easier to counter. Also, there is a hotdog vendor near the entrance to the queue for the heli tours should you start to fall low on health. If you die, you still carry over however many counters you did leading up to it within 4 minutes of it happening so don't worry too much about it if you get killed.

Here's a video of this being done in the place I describe, credit to 007craft:

Genetically Superior
You came first in 20 singleplayer street races. (10) 

One of the 20 street races you need to win is actually a story mission (No. 1). From then on, you can phone Brucie to ask about Races taking place across Liberty City. You will need to win 9 including No. 1 for the 100% game completion requirement, 3 in Bohan, 3 in Algonquin, and 3 in Alderney. Win another 11 after this to get the trophy. When phoning Brucie for a race, he may occasionally tell you there is nothing going on. In which case, call him a little later or try moving to a different island as it is random times and places in which Brucie has a race lined up. When he does, a starting point will show up on your map. Grab a fast car and head over there. Place first 20 times and the trophy is yours.

Wheelie Rider
You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike. (2) 

Grab any sports bike or a Faggio and head to Francis Airport. You will want to head to the far end of any long stretch of runway and then bomb it down to the other side. Gently hold back on the button to lift the nose of the bike and perform a wheelie. Hold this position until the trophy pops. If you use a Faggio, you can get away with leaning back more, thus making the long distance wheelie much easier to complete.

Gobble Gobble
You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling. (8) 

This trophy requires you to score a turkey in ten pin bowling. You will need to go bowling with your friends for another trophy ("Key To Liberty City") so the chances to bowl are plenty. A turkey is 3 strikes in a row, which means knocking down all 15 pins in 1 throw, 3 times in succession. Many people claim to have a winning formula, but the truth is, there isnt one defined method which works for all, as it's all in the rhythm and timing. There is however, general advice which will help improve your chances of a strike but not guarantee one. Take 2 steps to the left of your starting position, then hold down for 1-2 seconds, and then push up to throw your ball. If done right, the ball should roll dead on the line going down the lane leading just to the left of the foremost pin. More often than not, you should get a strike. Here's a video of someone using this method :

Rolled Over
You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash. (15) 

There are a number of ways to achieve this trophy, but all involve using a fast car. Get hold of a quick car like a Turismo and head for Francis Airport. When you get there, head for the far end of any section of main runway and turn the car around. All you need to do is slam on the gas and hit top speed up the runway while coming onto the grass verge that runs alongside the runway. If you hit any of the yellow distance boards with two wheels, the car should catapult up into the air in a spin.

Also, a nice tip for this trophy is to keep the button held down at all times. If you roll the car 3 times, but keep on the gas without a pause, and hit another ramp and roll twice, the trophy will unlock. Credit to Vuule for the tip.

Here's a video showing this method working like a dream (credit to x iLLuZioNzZ):

Another method is to hit the Alderney freeway and gun it southbound. As you approach the industrial sector in the South West, there's a coned off gap in the safety rail. Charge through it but try to catch it at an angle as you hit the gap to make the car spin.

Walk Free
You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating. (7) 

This isn't as bad as it sounds if you plan ahead. Make sure you have Roman's Taxi ability unlocked and call a cab from your phone. While you wait for it to arrive, bring up your map and set a waypoint for another island. Once your taxi shows up, shoot some people to get a 1 star wanted level. When the cops show, gun them down for a 2-3 star wanted level. Jump into your taxi and have it go to your waypoint. Instead of skipping, start shooting at the chasing police from the back seat of the taxi. As soon as you have 4 stars, skip the journey by pressing and you will immediately arrive at the other side of the map, free of police, and your trophy will unlock. Note that using a standard yellow taxi wont work as the driver will bail out as soon as you get a wanted level.

If the above method is causing you trouble in any way, hail a cab from Roman and enter a police precinct to trigger an instant 4 star wanted level, the one directly south of your Algonquin safe house just off the Broker/Algonquin bridge is as good as any. Simply walk in, trigger the wanted level, jump in the cab and skip the journey as described above. Credit to MMDE for the tip

Courier Service
You completed all 10 package delivery jobs. (2) 

This trophy requires you to complete 10 delivery missions for Little Jacob. After completing 'Concrete Jungle', a story mode mission, LJ will call you to offer you a sideline delivering some 'packages' for him. From this point, your mobile will have 'Jobs' in the menu when calling Little Jacob, allowing you the freedom to instigate them in your own time. If LJ has any jobs available when you call him, a blue blip will appear on your map marking the starting point of the mission. Deliveries do not have specific mission names and also appear in a different order each time. Complete all 10 deliveries to unlock this trophy.

Here is a checklist for LJ's delivery missions : CHECKLIST

Chain Reaction
You exploded 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. (9) 

For this trophy, head to the industrial sector in Alderney armed with a rocket launcher and a few rockets. There is a car park just by a factory in the very top left of the bottom section of the map which keeps at least 10 cars in it during the day. Head over there and start to pool all the cars in the car park together. Its quite desolate so cops shouldnt be a problem. Once you have at least 10 cars all squashed together, get to higher ground on one of the raised walkways surrounding the car park and let fly with your rockets.

Here's a video showing the location I mean and doing this exact method :

One Man Army
You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes. (11) 

If you followed the Road Map and came here to do this trophy during Step 1, well done, as you can now do this the easy way. Get to the Heli Tours in South East Algonquin anytime *BEFORE* you unlock Alderney. Steal a chopper and head over to Alderney to initiate an instant 6 star wanted level. Now simply fly around in circles at high altitude for 5 minutes, job done. When the trophy pops, reload your last save to erase the time lost doing this trophy and continue on with Step 1 of the Road Map.

If you unlocked all the islands before this trophy, then things are now a little more difficult. Get your hands on a carbine rifle, plenty of ammo, and some armour. Now head to your safehouse in Middle Park, Algonquin, the one in the North East just by the bridge leading to Broker. Cause trouble to get a 1 star wanted level. Shoot the cops that turn up til your wanted level goes up to five. Now back into the safehouse lobby and shoot police as they come through the entrance doors til you get a six star level. Now just back up to the yellow arrow to enter the lift and into your safehouse. Now all you need to do is stay here for 5 minutes **NB stay away from the balcony, cops can shoot at you here so stay indoors**. Once the trophy pops, go to bed and save to lose the wanted level.

Order Fulfilled
You completed all 10 Exotic Export orders. (8) 

These are Brucie's side missions and are available via email. Visit any tw@ cafe and check for any emails from Brucie that mention a vehicle he wants you to jack. By responding to his emails positively, you are then given a location to travel to which marks your chosen vehicle. Jack the vehicle and drive it back to Brucie's lockup in the Docks. Once you complete a mission, check your emails again for your next order. Complete all 10 orders to unlock this trophy.

You completed the most wanted side mission. (1) 

After completing the story mission 'Portrait Of A Killer', you will have the ability to access police computers when parked up in a police car by tapping . From here, you can access the Most Wanted. If you are short on police cars, dial 911 on your cellphone and ask for the police. Soon after, a squad car will turn up close by and the officer will get out to look around, leaving the door wide open for you to steal it. Expect a light 1 star chase, but nothing serious. Once you've evaded the police attention, access the computer and select 'Most Wanted'. There are 10 targets on each island, making 30 in all, to deal with. Take them all out and the trophy will unlock.

Cleaned The Mean Streets
You caught 20 criminals through the police computer. (2) 

After completing the story mission 'Portrait Of A Killer', you will have the ability to access police computers when parked up in a police car by tapping . From here, you can access 'View Current Crimes'. You are then set a target to eliminate and a time limit to reach them by. You must kill 20 criminals in total. Once you eliminate a target, you must re-enter the police computer to get your next target.

To easily replace a damaged cop car on the verge of ruin, select a new target and get to them asap, thus stopping the timer. You can then go on a carnage spree to attract more police. Quickly shoot them and then your target which will reset your wanted level to 0, leaving you with a shiny new patrol car to comandeer courtesy of the police you just shot.

It'll Cost Ya
You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping. (5) 

A very easy trophy, simply enter a taxi as a passenger by holding down when you approach it and take it to another island without skipping. To save time, try to get a taxi near a bridge that goes over to another part of the city and set a marker for just over the other side. As long as you dont skip the journey, the trophy will pop.

You have taken all variations of the helicopter tours of Liberty City. (9) 

Head down to the Heli Tours in Algonquin and take all 5 tours of Liberty City. To take a tour, approach a helicopter and hold down . There are 5 choppers in total each taking you on a different tour so you need to take one tour in each. You can skip the tour if you want and it will count towards the trophy. Bear in mind that you may find that not all choppers may be available as they do actually take the citizens of LC on tours too, so wait for it to return.

Warm Coffee
You were invited into your girlfriend's house. (3) 

This trophy can be obtained by dating any of the games girlfriends long enough by taking them to places they like in cars they prefer, but for ease of reference, go with Michelle. Michelle is available to date after the story mission 'Three's A Crowd'. She will call you at random intervals between missions to ask if you want to go on a date. Its best to accept, then call back and cancel if your going for "Liberty City Minute". This keeps her keen. When you're ready for this trophy, call Michelle to take her on a date. Wear Russian clothes (shop in Broker where you had to buy clothes from during 'Three's A Crowd') and use one of Roman's Taxi's, although a Merit, Voodoo, Banshee or Blista will also suit her. Darts and Pool are near her apartment and also happen to be her favourite activities so do either one of these. After a few successful dates, Michelle will invite you in for a 'coffee' when you take her back home. Accept and the trophy is yours.

Half Million
You have amassed a fortune of $500,000. (7) 

If you fully complete the story mode, this trophy will be unlocked by the end, as there is at the very least $617,430 to be made on story missions alone. Couple this with the fact that you get paid for just about any extra side missions and you should see this trophy pop somewhere near the end of Chapter 3.

Full Exploration
You unlocked all the islands.  (2) 

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

You Got The Message
You delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message. (8) 

This trophy requires you to boost 30 cars for an associate of Brucie known as 'Stevie'. After you have opened up the Alderney safehouse and completed the story missions 'No. 1' and 'Smackdown', Stevie will text you with details of a car or bike he wants you to steal for him. You then need to locate the vehicle and bring it back to Stevie's garage in Bohan. Once you complete a delivery, Stevie will wait 6 in game hours before following up with another text for the next one. You can always jog round to your Bohan safehouse to save your game to skip forward 6 hours and get it straight away if you wish.

Here is a map with the locations of all required vehicles courtesy of : LINKY

Complete all 30 deliveries to unlock this trophy.

Here's a checklist to mark them off as you go : CHECKLIST

**NOTE** - There have been a couple of reports that Stevie's texts are not coming through. If this happens, delete the GAME DATA from the XMB and start up GTA IV, re-install the patch and on entering SP, a text should pop up immediately. If it doesnt, check your texts. It will be showing as having been send ages ago but never opened despite it not being there before you deleted the Game Data.

Dare Devil
You completed all the unique stunt jumps. (2) 

There are 50 unique stunt jumps to complete in GTA IV. They are located all over Liberty City and you must complete each one. When you attempt a unique stunt jump, time will slow down and the camera will watch an action shot of your jump, but it will NOT be complete unless a message pops up on screen telling you so. You can keep a check on this by going to the Start Menu and selecting Stats-->Vehicles-->Unique stunt jumps completed.

The majority of jumps can be completed in most cars, but a good few require something with a bit of a kick. I would recommend an NRG900 for every jump, as bikes can be controlled in the air to aid landing (as a requirement for a completed jump is to land on all wheels, if a car starts to spin in mid-air, you can't correct it. With bikes, you can by tilting the button up and down to tilt the nose of the bike back and forwards). These bikes are hard to chance upon, but there is a handy little reserve of them. There's a motorbike shop in Alderney not far from your safe house. Just north and then east is a police station. Come past this and onto the next road which has a huge multi-story car park on it, the bike shop is opposite this car park. Simply smash the window in and hop on. A 1 star chase will ensue, but is easy to lose on an NRG900.

Here's a vid to help locating the bike shop :

Also, here is a map showing the locations of all 50 jumps including video's to show you where the start and end points are, courtesy of : LINKY

Once all 50 jumps are completed, the trophy will unlock.

Assassin's Greed
You completed all 9 assassin missions. (2) 

You will unlock the assassin missions after completing the 'Truck Hustle' story mission. Phil Bell will call you to offer you work as a 'Fixer' and a sniper sight target icon will appear on your map showing the location of a payphone in Alderney which rings constantly until you answer it to start a mission. There are 9 in total and appear in a random order. The objective is simple, kill all 9 targets. On the demise of your final victim, the trophy will unlock.

Endangered Species
You collected every hidden package in the game. (22) 

This trophy requires that you collect (i.e shoot) every hidden package (ie pigeon) in the game. There are 200 pigeons throughout Liberty City at fixed locations, some are in quite open and accessible area's, some are a little less obvious and might only be got at with the sniper rifle with the scope zoomed in. Here is an amazing resource of all the pigeon locations courtesy of LINKY

This link provides a super sizeable map, screenshots of every pigeon's location and also videos of each pigeon shooting. You will not need any other guide.

Under The Radar
You flew under all the main bridges in the game. (6) 

Grab a chopper from the heli tours pad in Algonquin and carefully fly underneath all of the main bridges that pass over water in the game. Below is a map showing which bridges these are. You will see an on screen prompt letting you know when a bridge has been passed under successfully so if you don't see one, you need to do it again. Take extreme care going under the low bridge going from Bohan to Algonquin as there is very little margin for error. Your best bet is to approach the bridge then bring the chopper down to just above the water and steady it. Once you are practically stationary, very gently tilt the button forwards to slowly crawl under the bridge.

Liberty City (5)
Your friends all like you above 90%. (7) 

There are certain story missions which raise your friends likeness percentage, but not enough to push you over the 90% mark. To achieve the remaining percentage increase, you must complete activities with them as a friend. They will either initiate proceedings by calling you to ask if you want to go and do something, or you can instigate an activity by calling them to do something of your choice. Some general things to remember is that friends are happy to commit to an activity if you call them only during certain hours of the day, and you can actually suffer a percentage drop by calling them outside of their preferred hours. Also, it is a good idea to accept all incoming invites to activities, be you busy or pressed for time, and call them back to cancel. This will ensure you dont take a knock on the percentage.

Each friends favourite activities are listed as activities on your cell phone when you are about to call them. As long as you call them when they are not asleep, you should find that your friends are more than happy to join you for a spot of chill. Times to call friends are as follows:

Roman : 24 hours a day
Packie : 3pm til 6am
Brucie : 7am til 1am
Little Jacob : 1pm til 4am
Dwayne : 11am til 3am

Be careful not to ring them outside of these hours, as your percentage will suffer slightly.

**NOTE** The following spoiler should only be read AFTER the story mode is complete. It covers a scenario regarding Dwayne that has had many people asking questions.

Although the trophy title states (5), the requirements only apply to those friends that are still alive. If you happen to kill Dwayne during your story playthrough, you do not need to restart. You then simply have to raise your remaining friends percentages above their respective limits to obtain the trophy. If you chose to kill Playboy X instead, then you will need to raise Dwayne's likeness level to over 90%. Anyone who spared Dwayne but are having trouble rousing him should check their email. Respond positively to his email and the phone should soon begin ringing.

You can check on the progress of each friends likeness percentage bringing up the Start Menu and going to Stats --> General and viewing each respective friends percentage.


Liberty City Minute
You finished the story in less than 30 hours.   (20) 

The story mode must be beaten in under 30 hours. Keep any activity that is not directly story related to a bare minimum. You can keep a track of your progress via the Start menu by pausing the game and selecting : Stats --> General, and then looking at your Playing Time as well as your complete percentage, which will amount to 60% upon completion of the last story mission if no other activities have been completed. Again, as with "You Won!", this will only unlock after the end credits.

Tips to save time :

*Skip all cutscenes. You will miss out on a great deal of storyline here, but it is a sacrifice you will need to forego to come in comfortably under the time limit.

*Use the taxi journey skip at every opportunity. This is a great way to get from the end of one mission to the start of another, saving a huge amount of time. To do this, approach a taxi and climb in as a passenger by holding down . Scroll through the destinations on the taxi's fare meter and select the next mission marker. Then press to skip the journey. You will arrive at your destination for a handful of dollars suffering only the time it took to load.

*The game is by default on Autosave. If you find that you are making a pigs ear of a mission, simply reload your last save and you will begin again from the end of your last mission.

The time limit is quite generous. Using the above methods, you should come in somewhere between 15 - 20 hours. This is an average and this can naturally fluctuate based on your skills behind the wheel and with a gun. As stated in the roadmap, you are averaging 20 mins per mission including travelling time to the marker which initiates it. Use the earlier short missions to build up a cushion to fall back on should some of the later missions present any difficulties.

Key To The City
You completed GTA IV to 100%. (20) 

This trophy is the the most time consuming Single Player trophy in GTA IV. Completing the game to 100% requires completion of the story mode, and numerous other side quests and activities to achieve this milestone. 100% completion is broken down into the following criteria:

Full completed story mode: 60%
Procedural missions: 8%
Car Thefts: 2%
Friends: 10%
Games: 5%
Random Characters: 5%
Most Wanted: 2.5%
Vigilante: 2.5%
Flying Rats: 2.5%
Unique Stunt Jumps: 2.5%

Here's a rundown of each requirement to achieve the percentage of each specific criteria:


Pretty self explanatory but nonetheless, this requirement is to complete every story mission and will give you a 60% game completion stat. Here is a printable checklist of all Single Player story missions: CHECKLIST


Procedural missions are side missions that are not directly associated to the storyline. The 8% completion procedural missions gives you is broken down into four 2% increases from the four different procedural mission strands that are as follows :

Little Jacob Drug Deliveries - See "Courier Service" trophy description: worth 2%
Brucie's 10 Car Exports - See "Order Fulfilled" trophy description : worth 2%
Brucie Races - See "Genetically Superior" trophy description: worth 2% (NB - The "Genetically Superior" trophy requires 20 wins. You only need 9 wins for this 2% to be classed as completed)
Assassination Contracts - See "Assassins Greed" trophy description: worth 2%


Car thefts is the missions where you boost 30 cars for Stevie via text message

See "You Got The Message" trophy description.


Be careful with this one and use the checklist provided, as this particular aspect of the overall 100% completion is often overlooked, leaving plenty of people stuck on 99.5% complete and asking what they haven't done. Although Roman and Dwayne are considered friends, the requirements for this percentage apply only to Brucie, Packie and Little Jacob. You do not need to do anything with Roman, Dwayne or Michelle for this aspect of the percentage increase.

First off, you need to have unlocked the special abilities associated with Brucie, Packie and Little Jacob. See the trophy descriptions "Thats How We Roll!", "Retail Therapy" and "Dial B For Bomb" for more on these requirements. You don't need to keep them available, just unlock them once for them to count towards the 10% for this part.

Secondly,you must complete every activity available with each friend. Not only that but you must beat each friend at every competitive game. This means beating Packie, Brucie and Little Jacob at Pool, Darts and Bowling. There are a couple of exceptions whereby one of your friends may not be into playing one of the competitive games, but so long as you complete and win each competitive game and also complete all non competitive activities such as Eating or going to a Show, you will achieve this 10% increase.

Here is the checklist for the activities. it it highly recommended you use it: CHECKLIST


Games are categorised as activities that involve you beating something or someone. There are 4 requirements to make up the total 5% progression for this part. Luckily, 3 should already have been covered in the above section 'FRIENDS' as they are defeating either a friend or computer opponent at Bowling (must be a full game), Darts and Pool. The only other requirement is to beat the high score playing QUB3D. See "King Of QUB3D" for more details on how to beat the QUB3D high score.


For this particular 5% progression, you need to complete ALL random character encounters. Some characters have more than 1 mission for you and it is required that you complete each one. For random character locations and story mission prerequisites to trigger their appearance, see the "No More Strangers" trophy description where you can also find a map showing their locations.

**Note that Missions relating to Jeff, Ivan, Clarence or Cherise do not count towards this progression and so do not have to be completed towards 100%.**

Here is a checklist for the random character missions: CHECKLIST


See "Manhunt" trophy description


See "Cleaned The Mean Streets" trophy description


See "Endangered Species" trophy description


See "Dare Devil" trophy description

Once you finally complete all these requirements, you will have achieved 100% completion!

You killed 5 opposing team members.   (52) 

Set up a Team Deathmatch and make sure there are at least 5 opposing players. When the match gets underway, concentrate on killing each different player. You will not get this trophy for 5 kills on the same person, it has to be 5 different people. It may take you a few tries but you will get it with time. Try hosting a public Team Deathmatch and setting the timer for longer to increase your chances if you are struggling.

Cut Your Teeth
You were successfully promoted up a rank in multiplayer.   

Play any multiplayer game mode and earn $1000 cumulative, this will promote you to rank 1 and the trophy will unlock.

Join The Midnight Club
You won a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much.   (14) 

To win a multiplayer race without taking too much damage, host a race and turn the traffic to 'off' in the settings menu and note that vehicle damage should be set to 'Normal', choose the race 'Drag Kings' and set to 1 lap. This race is a flat out sprint for the most part, with only a few neat turns to have the track come back on itself. Be careful through the turns and you should be fine.

A great tip to make this easier is setting the private slots in your lobby to 14 to ensure that there is only 1 remaining slot to be taken by a random, one car is alot easier to avoid than 15. thanks to ProfBambam55 for the tip.

Fly The Co-op
You completed 'Deal Breaker', 'Hangman's NOOSE', and 'Bomb Da Base II' n time.    (108) 

The times you need to beat are as follows :

Hangman's NOOSE - 2:32
Bomb Da Base II - 5:34
Deal Breaker - 7:03

These game modes are all co-op based and require the team to clear all objectives under the times stated. The times are quite unforgiving for the inexperienced player but very achieveable once a proper strategy is applied. At this point I will fill you in on what is required to pass the missions with a brief outline of what each person should be doing but I would urge you also to refer to the GTA IV Magnificent Multiplayer Mega-Guide if you are getting nowhere with random people and then grab some boosters from the boosting thread and run them through it so you can turn a chaotic uncoordinated mess into a well oiled machine.

And so, onto the descriptions:

Hangman's NOOSE

Kenny is held up at the Airport and you need to hold off NOOSE Agents and fly Kenny to the designated drop off. Worth noting is that Kenny is in the aeroplane you spawn by and you need to kill AT LEAST 15 NOOSE before Kenny will exit the plane. One of the players will have stolen the Tug by the baggage trolley and went off to locate the Annihilator Choppers at the bottom of the adjecent runway and returned with one to act as your getaway. Once all remaining players and Kenny are safely in the Chopper, the pilot flies everyone to the landing zone on the map to end the mission.

Bomb Da Base II

You blow up a ship in this one but there's more to it than this. Begin by jacking the cars you start with and make your way to the marker on your map which is a security can escorted by 2 cars full of bad dudes. Sweep the cars and blast the van doors which will open, then blast the driver through the open doors to jack the van and make your way to the drop off point at full speed. NB:- the security van spawns at 3 separate locations which is randomly decided for you when you start. If it spawns in the North East point of the Alderney section of the map, just restart. I've yet to see anybody complete this mission in the required time with this spawn. Anyway, when the helicopter comes, fly to the ship on the map and have somebody drop out of the heli by the back of the ship near the cabin so they can storm it and plant the first bomb. The second guy will scrap the heli and do the following glitch:

The success of the above glitch is a little inconsistent depending on where you stand before you perform the glitch. The above video shows the action performed in parallel to the light fixture on the container. Stading just a touch to the left centre of the light generally works much more frequently than it does in the video, a couple of practice runs to find the 'sweet spot' may be advisable.

If all went well, exit the ship by jumping the rail (either side will do) to end the mission.

Deal Breaker

Taking into account a few factors like how many people start the mission and what enemies spawn once all the drugs packages are picked up will determine pretty much what is going to pass and what will ultimately fail but as a general rule, try to make it so that by the time the Angels of death spawn that there are only 2 players active as there will only be 1 spawn to deal with to give you a fighting chance.

When you begin, take the car to the helipad just north east of where you begin which should be on a helipad in a back yard (restart if it has not spawned). Fly down to the construction area in South Alderney indicated on your map and you will see the enemies display on your radar when you make your approach. Empty your partner/s on the ground while the pilot heads for the roof of the building. The ground guys clear the place of enemies and pick up any drugs the bad guys drop before they make their way up floor by floor, the roof/pilot guy does the same and gradually makes his way down the building taking out enemies and picking up drugs as he goes. Once the last package is picked up, the Angels of Death will spawn in one of a few locations. Track them down and kill them as fast as you can before returning to base by chopper and enter the garage to end the mission.

Taking It For The Team
You were on the winning team in all multiplayer team games.   (55) 

This trophy requires you to win in at least once in all team games. The team games are:

Team Mafiya Work
Team Deathmatch
Team Car Jack City
Cops' N Crooks (each side)
Turf War

For all of the above, try to put yourself with the crew that looks the strongest and let experience stack the odds in your favour. You will get better at each mode the more you play it but take them on with a buddy if you have one or try to pick someone up in the boosting thread to further increase your chances of winning.

Top Of The Food Chain
You successfully killed 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch.   (19) 

Host a Deathmatch and choose the max amount of time to ensure you get the best opportunity and choose a small map like Happiness Island, and naturally, select pistols only for the weapons. Now simply gun down 20 people (headshots drop people faster so aim slightly higher than the default chest area the reticule sits at when you pull up your aim) and the trophy is yours.

Top The Midnight Club
You won 20 different multiplayer standard races.   (11) 

This trophy will unlock during your progression towards unlocking "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic"

You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer.   (118) 

It used to be that this trophy would take months of pure, solid grinding, indeed I myself am a product of the school of playing over 1000 games of Hangman's NOOSE to get to $5m. These days there are various shortcuts that could feasibly earn you the trophy in a week of casual but focused boosting which are again covered in the GTA IV Magnificent Multiplayer Mega-Guide so I would encourage anybody who doesn't really feel impelled to grind their thumbs down to the bone to refer to it.

Again though, if you want to earn your bread legit then you can make money playing just about any mode with the level of pay generally being in line with your performance but even then it is still shambolically small on a per game ratio. Replaying Hangman's NOOSE on Hard to my knowledge is still without the use of glitches about the best rate of pay to be cost effective but this will still take weeks if not months to grind.

It should also be noted that this trophy should be the last one you go for online, as every other trophy you unlock will be paying rewards to come off the $5m total.

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
You won in all variations of multiplayer games.    (212) 

As author of this guide, I will make every effort to provide accurate descriptions of how to earn each trophy in a legitimate way, but above all others, I cannot stress enough how much better off you will be if you boost this one. Once again I would refer you to the GTA IV Magnificent Multiplayer Mega-Guide and the boosting thread for a detailed guide of how to optimise your chances of this not glitching on you and finding a like-minded buddy.

If you choose to proceed alone the legit way then here's some things you need to know. First off is the connectivity issue which may result in one, some or indeed all of your 'wins' not registering on the Rockstar server, for which there is no way of checking other than keeping your own meticulous record. The next thing you're up against is finding players these days willing to compete in every single mode. Not only that but you have to then beat them, AND for them to still be playing when the menu comes up for the next game, that means people willing to go through a whole game mode or race, especially cannonball runs, and lose, without quitting. If you can handle all that then do yourself a favour and snap out of it and use the links above, but if that still doesn't work:

The term 'winning' can be defined by the following, taken from Rockstar's support site:

You must have:
The highest point total at the end of the game for all points based games

Achieved the best race time (at the end of the race) for all Race tracks (including Helicopter races, Boat races, Free races, and Cannonball Runs)

Achieved the best race time (at the end of the race) for all GTA Race tracks (including Helicopter races, Boat races, Free races, and Cannonball Runs)

Below is a checklist of all games which require you to win in order to unlock this trophy:

This can be done in stages so remember where you left off before starting your next session.

Very best of luck, you're going to be on with this for quite some time....

Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie
You killed a Rockstar in multiplayer.  (8) 

This is a viral trophy and is actually harder to avoid than it is to unlock. The requirement is to kill anyone in multiplayer that has this trophy unlocked, thus unlocking it for you. It will be a minor miracle if you dont unlock this, yet every other online trophy, so pay no attention to it as it will come naturally.

Secret Trophies
Taking A Liberty
Sorry for taking liberties with your time. (44) 

The Platinum! A very proud achievement awarded for unlocking all other trophies. Sit back and enjoy!

Credit to Gtamen for helpful tips included in this guide.

*In addition to this guide, you may find the following thread helpful: LINK

Driving Mr. Bellic
You unlocked the special ability of Roman's taxi.  (7) 


To unlock Roman's taxi ability, you need to befriend Roman to an extent that his likeness percentage reaches 60% or above.

For a detailed guide of what activities Roman prefers to do, see the "Liberty City (5)" trophy description.

Progress can be tracked by going to the Start Menu and going to Stats --> General and viewing 'Roman Like'

Although this trophy is missable, it is only so by a narrow margin. It is only if you reach the end of the story mode with Roman's likeness never having been at or above 60% and you choose the 'Deal' mission thread that you will not be able to obtain this trophy. The only way to guarantee it is unlockable is by choosing the 'Revenge' mission strand near the end of the story mode.

Retail Therapy
You unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob. 

To unlock Little Jacob's special ability, you need to raise Little Jacob's likeness percentage to 75% or above.

For a detailed guide of what activities Little Jacob prefers to do, see the "Liberty City (5)" trophy description.

Progress can be tracked by going to the Start Menu and going to Stats --> General and viewing 'Little Jacob Like'

Lowest Point
You completed the mission 'Roman's Sorrow'.  (1) 

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

Fed The Fish
You completed the mission 'Uncle Vlad'.  

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

That's How We Roll!
You unlocked the special ability of Brucie's helicopter ride. 

To unlock Brucie's special ability, you need to raise Brucie's likeness percentage to 75% or above.

For a detailed guide of what activities Brucie prefers to do, see the Liberty City (5) trophy description.

Progress can be tracked by going to the Start Menu and going to Stats --> General and viewing 'Brucie Like'

Impossible Trinity
You completed the mission 'Museum Piece'.  

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

Dial B For Bomb
You unlocked the special ability of Packie's car bomb placement. (3) 

Unlocked similarly to "Driving Mr. Bellic" except for with Packie.

This ability allows you order car bombs through your cellphone, same as you can order cabs from Roman, and will be unlocked after you achieve a 75% "Like" level, and will go away if you drop below 30%. Packie is awake from 3pm to 6am. See "Liberty City (5)" for advice on what activities will help raise his "Like" level the best.

You can check your progress:
Start--> Stats--> General--> Packie Like
**Can be done after completing story mode**

Gracefully Taken
You completed the mission 'I'll Take Her'.  

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here

No More Strangers
You've met all the random characters. (12) 

In order to unlock this trophy, you are required to encounter every random character in GTA IV. Random characters are people who play no hugely significant part of the storyline, yet still require Nico's help in some way. Their appearance on your map will only be shown when you are approaching their location and only after you have completed specific story missions. The following people are the random characters in question and the missions you need to complete in order to have them show up :

Badman - shows after completing the story mission 'Shadow'
Brian - shows after completing the mission 'Its Your Call'
Mel - shows after completing the mission 'Escuela of the Streets'
Ilyena Faustin - shows after completing the mission 'Escuela of the Streets'
Cherise - shows after completing the missions 'Ruff Rider' and 'The Holland Play'
Jeff - shows after completing the mission 'Photo Shoot'
Clarence - shows after completing the mission 'Holland Nights'
Marnie - shows after completing the mission 'Three Leaf Clover'
Pathos - shows after completing the mission 'Escuela of the Streets'
Hossan - shows after completing the mission 'The Puerto Rican Connection'
Sara - shows after completing the mission 'The Puerto Rican Connection'
Eddie Low - shows after completing the mission 'Three Leaf Clover'
Ivan - shows after completing the mission 'Three Leaf Clover'
Gracie - shows after completing the mission 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'

Here is a handy map showing the locations of the Random characters after you have completed the corresponding story mission courtesy of : LINKY

It is worth mentioning that some characters may not appear in their location even after completing the story mission which enables their appearance. This is nothing unusual, and you should find some other business to attend to before coming back a good few in game hours later as they will definitely appear sooner or later.

It should also be made clear that you are required to have simply 'met' these people. You need only do so once to qualify as having met them despite some random characters having more than 1 mission for you to partake in.

**NOTE** The spoiler below should be read AFTER you complete the story mode and concerns a few of the Random Characters, as it is possible that some may not be available at all depending on choices you made during story mode.

Ivan, Cherise and Clarence may not be available as random characters if you decide to kill them during the story missions they appear in. You can kill Ivan during the 'Ivan the not so Terrible' mission, Cherise during 'Ruff Rider', and Clarence during the 'Holland Nights' mission. Rest easy, as these characters do not count towards this trophy saying as you effectively DID meet them just before you murdered them, if that is what you chose to do

That Special Someone
You completed the mission 'That Special Someone'.  

This trophy is story related and unmissable.

Link to the Walkthrough here
**Note** - After this mission, you will go and speak to Jimmy. After the dialogue, you have the option to choose how your story ends by choosing either the 'Revenge' mission strand, highlighted on your map as a Red Dagger marker, or the 'Deal' mission strand, highlighted on your map as a Green Dollar marker. As advised in the road map, choosing 'Revenge' is the best option. This will save you a potential second playthrough.

You Won!
You have completed the story.  (5) 

This trophy is story related and unmissable. Be patient as it will only unlock after the closing credits end. Once they are over, you return to Liberty City in Free Mode, allowing you to proceed to collect all of the other offline trophies.

DLC: The Lost and Damned
Cost: 9.99 Trophies: 5
TLAD: One Percenter
Help Billy get his bike back. (The Lost and Damned) (2) 

This is a plot-based, unmissable trophy. You will unlock this after the very first mission.

TLAD: The Lost Boy
Become the leader of The Lost. (The Lost and Damned) 

Another plot-based, unmissable trophy. As the description says, become the leader of your gang. You will unlock this trophy automatically at the end of the 11th mission ("This Shit's Cursed").

TLAD: Easy Rider
Finish the story. (The Lost and Damned) 

Yet another plot-based, unmissable trophy. You will get this after the final mission ("Get Lost"). However, this trophy will pop after the credits (you can choose to skip the credits, the trophy will unlock when you return to the game).

TLAD: Get Good Wood
In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat. (The Lost and Damned) (4) 

After Mission No. 4 ("Liberty City Choppers"), you will unlock Bike Races. They will appear on the map as red circle icons with a white engraving of a helmet. During these races, you will be using a bat to knock off other bikers.

As the description says, you have to do this while you're in a race and on your bike. The great thing about this trophy is that:

A) You can do it in multiple races, the number will add up.
B) You can knock off the same person over and over.

To knock someone off, hold (to charge) and release or to hit your left or right side, respectively. Just find someone, knock him off then wait by his bike until he mounts it then knock him off again. If time runs out, no problem, you can continue in another race. One you have knocked off 69 bikers, the trophy will pop.

Here's a video showing how it's done (credits go to Rooster Teeth):

TLAD: Full Chat
Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%. (The Lost and Damned) (7) 

Terry and Clay are members of your gang. They will join you 'automatically' during various core missions, and they will be accessibly by phone during the "Liberty City Choppers" mission. However, I suggest you leave this trophy until you finish the DLC, because by the time you finish the final mission, their toughness should automatically be at 60%. Now, there are 3 ways to increase their toughness to 100%:

1) Quick but somewhat annoying method:
Engage in Gang Wars. There are 25 Gang Wars in the game. They are very easy to do. After each Gang War, Terry's and Clay's toughness will increase by 2-4%. As such, the trophy will pop between Gang Wars No. 11-13. Gang Wars will become accessible after Mission No. 9 ("Coming Down") and will appear on the map as red circle icons with a white engraving of an 'explosion.'

2) Easy but time-consuming method:
You can just call up either Terry or Clay for 'backup.' Call either and both will come to your side. Drive around the city, for every minute or so of driving their toughness will increase by 1%. (Thanks to Daware from for this tip). Just make sure you don't hit anything, don't fall off or abandon your bike and definitely do not die. This will be time-consuming and may take around 40 minutes or so of driving to unlock. To add insult to injury, at certain times Terry and Clay will not be accessible when you call them.

3) The ridiculously easy way:

There is a much easier method for TLAD: Full Chat. Essentially, it's simply calling Terry or Clay during every story mission that allows them to accompany you. Doing this, you will hit 100% Toughness on or before the last mission. I didn't invite them out on 1 or 2 missions and got the trophy after completing the final mission, without the need of driving around with them at all or doing any Gang Wars.

Credit to Dark_Raven666 for this info.

You can track their level of toughness from the main menu. Press , go to "Stats" and under "Player" you should see their names and the level of toughness next to them. Iif in the course of one of the Gang Wars either Terry or Clay die, do not worry, they will 'respawn.' Just finish the Gang War, kill yourself and then do another Gang War (or call them if they're accessible) and they'll return.

DLC: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Cost: 19.99 Trophies: 10
TBoGT: Gone Down
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) 

There are 15 different base jumps spread across Liberty City. They can be broken up into three different jump types:

- Target Jumps: hitting a single target a distance from the jump point.
- Chopper Jumps: hitting several checkpoints after leaping from a chopper.
- Vehicle Jumps: targeted landings onto a slowly moving vehicle.

Target Jumps: These are the easiest and most straight forward of the three jump types. It is just a matter of hitting a target in the distance as close to centre as possible. Since speed is not really an issue in these mini-missions, (you only have to complete them, you don’t have to be fast), open your parachute early. Line yourself up so that the target is in the triangle created by the chutes cables. You should be able to tweak your height with small up and down movements on the stick.

If you find you are falling short of the target, have Luis lift his feet. This will help you lose as little height as possible. If you still find you are falling short, try to open your chute earlier in the jump.

Chopper Jumps: This is a slightly trickier jump type. You jump for a chopper, and have to float through several circular targets on the way down.

My big tip: open the parachute almost right away. You will need time to set yourself up for each target, and you cannot rise back up once you drop below the level of a target.

They are often set up at awkward angles, particularly the first one you have to hit. If you open up the Chute early, you can often circle around to give yourself a better run at the checkpoint. You can keep an eye on where the next target is by pressing .

Vehicle Jumps: These are a slightly harder variation on the target jump. Most of them will have you land on a flatbed truck. The same technique will work for these. Open early, and try to keep the target vehicle in the triangle or the chute cords.

A couple of the jumps are started on a bike. It is important that you try to leave the bike as it reaches the top of its arc in the air. This is important for two reasons: You need to height to make the target and you need to cover distance before leaving the bike.

Note: You do not need to have a parachute in your inventory for these events. You are automatically given one when you start the jump.

Also: once a jump has been successfully completed, it will turn grey on the map.

TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed if you play the whole story. Once you finish the mission Not So Fast, this one should pop.

TBoGT: Four Play
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) 

The driving range pier is unlocked after you complete the Practice Swing mission for Gay Tony. You can head there any time afterwards, and play against one of your mates (Armando) or be paired against an AI competitor. The flag will move randomly around the range after each shot.

Firstly, you should use the button to zoom in on the targeting reticule. Make sure the centre spot of the target is placed directly on the bottom of the flag stick. Once that’s done, press to start the swing meter. Let it rise to the top of the bar, and then try to hit just as it passes the line marker on the way back down.

The shots always fly straight, so this distance marker is the only variable. Hit it on or near the money, and you should be pinging flags at least half the time. Hit four, and the trophy is yours.

TBoGT: Bear Fight
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) (9) 

After you complete the mission Mommy’s Boy, where you sort out Santos the loan shark, you will be able to enter the Liberty City Cage Fighters.

If you enter and decide to compete, you can take part in the L.C. Cage Fighters Championship. It is broken up into six rounds. In each round you will face three different fighters one after the other:

Round 1: Boxer – Boxer – Boxer.
Round 2: Boxer – Boxer – Boxer.
Round 3: Boxer – Batter – Knifer.
Round 4: Batter – Boxer – Knifer.
Round 5: Batter – Boxer – Knifer.
Round 6: Knifer – Knifer – Knifer.

Your health will carry over from each round to the next. You will heal a little between each round, but only between a quarter and a third of a bar. This means you really have to try to keep your damage to a minimum.

You have a few basic moves:
= standard punch.
= alternate punch.
= kick.
= block and dodge.

You can also counter attack. If you can time it right, a press of at the same time as your opponent attacks will give you a dodge. Quickly follow that with a press of or will perform a powerful counter punch. And if the opponent is wielding a weapon, you will take the weapon off them. This can be tricky to pull off, so be careful.

Taking on a Boxer: Just lay into these guys. If you keep on top of them, and keep the punches flying, they will go down nice and easy. If you find they are getting a few hits, use a kick to throw them off their stride.

Taking on a Batter: Be careful of these guys. One good hit for them will take almost a third of your life bar. The key to keeping them at bay is a simple combo:

- - - - BACK OFF – Repeat.

The idea is to make them come to you. Once they enter your range, go straight for the kick to the knees. Follow that quickly with a three or four punch combo. Then back the hell off. Right after your combo finishes is the most dangerous time to be close to your opponent. Drop back so they have to come to you, leaving them open to a repeat performance.

Taking on a Knifer: Be REALLY careful of these guys. Once they get a single hit in, they can then take you out in a second or two. Use the same tactic as shown for the Batters above. Make them come to you, go straight for the kick to the knees, punch combo, and back the hell off. Do it right, and they may not even get one hit in.

TBoGT: Catch the Bus
Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) (7) 

As you should already know, Tony owns two clubs: Hercules and Maisonette 9. Go to Hercules first. Start to dance with the woman on the dance floor. And try to keep the beat as well as you can. The key to this one is not to cock it up too badly. It does not have to be “perfect”, you just have to keep the meter rising.

The movements are on a loop, so it will always go: move the stick to the beat, hold the stick, and follow the beats with and . It will repeat four of five times.

Once you max out the bar, and haven’t made too many mistakes, a small cut-scene will start. A dude will challenge you to a dance off. Just follow the directions on screen. It’s not too difficult.

Once you have seen him off, you will return to dancing with the girl. Again, max out the bar. If you do all this correctly, a mass dance set will start. Keep following the on screen prompts. Once it’s complete you will hear a voice say that the Bus-stop is complete. That’s one down, one to go

Head on down the street to Maisonette 9 and repeat. If memory serves me, you will not get challenged by a dude here. But the rest still applies. Once you finish the Bus-Stop dance, the trophy should pop.

TBoGT: Snow Queen
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) (2) 

The Drug Wars missions are mini-missions that you take part in with Luis’s childhood friends Armando and Henrique. They will be unlocked early in the main story.

These missions boil down to three main types:
- Stash Stealing.
- Deal Breaking.
- Vehicle Hijacking.

Stash Stealing: This generally involves going to a location to take a drug stash. It may or may not be guarded. And it may or may not be in a vehicle already. If it’s guarded, it is usually a bag that needs to be taken. If it’s a vehicle, you have to try and get that vehicle back to the drop off no matter what. You will often have to lose the cops first though.

Deal Breaking: These are fairly straight forward. They are supposed to be a double bonus, as you are going after the stash and the cash. The cash is not really important though. Once you get the bag, you can leave.

Vehicle Hijacks: You have to chase down a car or boat and kill the driver. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, hop in and head to the drop off.

Use the taxi’s to jump to a random Drug War mission quickly. They can each be completed in around ten minutes. After the first mission is completed, there will always be two or three Drug Wars missions scattered across the map.

Note: you do not have to wait for Armando and Henrique. Once you get the stash vehicle, head for the drop off. They will magically appear once you get there. This can be a huge time saver.

TBoGT: Adrenaline-Junkie
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) (4) 

For this one, you have to jump from the highest accessible point in the game. This basically means getting a chopper and flying it as high as it will go. You can get a chopper at the heliport if you need one, or you could spawn an Annihilator using the following mobile number: 359-555-0100.

If you need a chute, give Armando a ring and you can buy one off him. Alternatively, there will be chutes available at the Buzzard Helipad and in your apartment after you finish the main story and the gang wars.

The idea is to maximize the time you spend in freefall. I’d advise that you do this over a beach. The sand will be as low as land can be, and you will have something to gauge your height by. When trying this over water, it can be hard to tell what your height is.

Make sure the chopper height is maxed out. Then eject and dive to your target landing zone. Pull the chute at the last possible second. It may take a couple of tries to get the timing right.

Alternatively, his trophy can also be earned during a few of the main story missions. The easiest is the mission This Ain't Checkers. If you delay your chute opening until the last second and land on Liberty Island, you should get it.

TBoGT: Maestro
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) 

You will receive this trophy when you complete the last mission Departure Time for the first time. Completing the story for the first time will not take long. Most will finish all 26 missions in less than ten hours, especially if the secondary side missions are avoided.

TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) 

Once the story has been completed for the first time, an option to retry them will appear on your mobile. Each mission has certain targets to hit. As you tick them off, your score will improve.

For strategies for each mission, see Gold Star.

TBoGT: Gold Star
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony) (11) 

Each mission in TBoGT is scored to certain criteria: player damage, accuracy, time, etc. You can improve the score by replaying the missions by selecting them off your phone. This option opens up after you complete the main story for the first time.

Thankfully, you do not have to complete each mission requirement in a single run through. They are accumulative over every run you do. This means you can do a mission as fast as possible and not worry about accuracy, or take your time and get those headshots you need. Once the target has been hit, it will be ticked off and you will be one step closer to 100% on that mission. You will probably unlock at least a couple of criteria for each mission when playing through them during the main story. You can then go back and clear up the rest later.

You can see your stats for each mission in the stat menu. Missions that have 0% completed will not show up in the stats though. In the end of mission summary, NR stands for New Record.

Important Note: a mission score will not count if:

- You use any cheat code during the mission.
- You take a taxi cab during the mission.
- You ''replay'' the mission after a failed attempt.

Please see the trophy guide for a walkthrough of all missions.

Game Info
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US April 29, 2008
Europe April 29, 2008
Japan October 30, 2008

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 1-16
ESRB: Mature
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