Ultra Hot!! Pachi Game Spirit CR Evangelion 【激アツ!! パチゲー魂「CRヱヴァンゲリヲン~始まりの福音~」】

Ultra Hot!! Pachi Game Spirit CR Evangelion 【激アツ!! パチゲー魂「CRヱヴァンゲリヲン~始まりの福音~」】 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Aeliana
There are 44 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • stimated Difficulty: 10/10
  • Estimated Time to Platinum: 1000+ Hours
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 100+ 13-Hour Playthroughs
  • Offline Trophies: 44 (28, 12, 3, 1).
  • Online Trophies: 0.
  • Glitched Trophies: 0.
  • Missable Trophies: 0.
Welcome to ?????????? ???????????????????? (Ultra Hot!! Pachi Game Spirit "CR Evangelion ~The First Gospel~", henceforth "Evangelion Pachinko." It is a Pachinko simulation based on the anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," which was a hit in the mid-90s and its success still resonates to this day. I consider it to be import-friendly and it doesn't require a lot of Japanese knowledge; all important translations will be included in this Road Map.
If you are unfamiliar with Pachinko, here is some recommended reading:
As you can conclude from the article, Pachinko has little-to-no "gameplay" whatsoever; in essence, it's a slot machine. Aside from the throttle, which determines the speed at which balls are shot onto the field, a player's influence over the results is almost nonexistent. Evangelion Pachinko happens to be a bit deeper than a lot of other Pachinko machines due to the inclusion of a "chance button" that can influence odds (for better or for worse, mind you) of a desired outcome, as well as a couple mini-games, etc.
On the whole, however, Evangelion Pachinko boils down to a "sit back and watch" (or perhaps, a "let it run overnight and/or while working") passive entertainment experience. It will appeal to 1) Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion, 2) Gambling and/or Pachinko Enthusiasts, and 3) Trophy Masochists due to the 1 out of 20,000,000 odds of unlocking ???????? .
At the time of this writing, no one has the and no one will have it for a long time to come; mathematically speaking (based on the maximum slot spins possible in an hour) it would take 10+ YEARS of running Evangelion Pachinko 24/7 to earn all the trophies. For further perspective, the odds of a $200,000 winning ticket in Powerball, or a $250,000 winning ticket in Mega Millions, are both higher than the odds of ???????? . But despair not, for this Road Map will be [a little bit] of assistance!
Speaking of this Road Map, one might wonder "Where is the Trophy Guide? Why wasn't it included with the Road Map?" The answer is simple - Pachinko is more-or-less a slot machine and all of the trophies boil down to luck and mathematical odds. Some of these conditions/odds are known, some are unknown, and all are out of the player's hands. For instance, if I were to write a description for...
???????????????1000????? would say "Accumulate 1000+ Slot Spins since last Jackpot." Unfortunately, that information doesn't have a practical purpose due to the player's lack of control over it. It's all a matter of chance/luck, so general strategies and translations are much more important in a game such as this one.
Still interested? Then let us begin!
First, do you own a Turbo Controller? You will need one for ??????????!?? . I used the Datel PS3 Turbo Fire Bluetooth Controller (Link) and it worked well; the Hori Pad 3 Turbo (Link) is another option. You will want to set Turbo to the Button (which is the "chance button" I mentioned earlier) and let the game run w/ it enabled until ??????????!?? unlocks.
Second, if your heart's set on the then I have to recommend the purchase of a second PS3. You can let Evangelion Pachinko run on it 24/7 and still use the first PS3 for the rest of your gaming needs. If a second PS3 is out of the question, ensure that the first PS3 is dust-free, in a well-ventilated area, and in a room w/ low ambient temperature so that it doesn't overheat over the course of the innumerable 13-hour marathon sessions you will need to put the system through.
Third, let's make sure we understand all of the information on the game screen:
In the upper-left corner, we have information/stats on the current game:
  • ????? (Play Time)
  • ????? (Total Number of Jackpots)
  • ???? (Total Number of Slot Spins)
  • ?????? (Number of Slot Spins since last Jackpot)
  • ???? (Current Number of Pachinko Balls)
  • ??? (Net Gain/Loss of Pachinko Balls)
  • ???? (Current Amount of Money Invested)
  • ???? (Net Gain/Loss of Money Invested)

Below that, numbered 01 to 08, are the 8 Pachinko machines we can use (we will select one at the start of a new game). The current machine we're on has the word "LIVE" above it. We can also see stats of the other machines; their Total Number of Jackpots, Number of Slot Spins since last Jackpot, and Current Number of Pachinko Balls. This information can help us to determine what the "luckiest" machines are at a given time. In the above screenshot, 08 (the machine I am on) has had 27 Jackpots and would be considered the "luckiest" compared to the others; 01 and 06 both have had 17 Jackpots, followed by 05, 03 and 02 with 8, 7 and 6 Jackpots respectively.

Bottom-center of the screen has dynamic stats on the odds of a Jackpot based on what's happening in the game. In the above screenshot, we can see that there is a ??????? (Total Confidence Level) of 0.761851% and it represents the chance of a Jackpot as an outcome of the current battle. The higher the Total Confidence Level is, the better the odds are at a given time.
Finally, on the right side of the screen, there is a handle (with the "chance button" on top) and also the throttle which will control the ball launch speed. I recommend the throttle be set to around 75%, as shown in the above screenshot.
"Okay, okay, that's a lot of information... how do I earn some trophies?" Let's move on to the Road Map.


Step #1 - Start a New Game
From the main menu, we will select the following options:

?? --> ?? --> ?? --> ????

Then choose a machine - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, or 08. It doesn't matter much, but in my personal experience, I've had the best luck on 04, 05, and 08. After that, we will be at the game screen shown in the "Information & Prerequisites" section.

Step #2 - Load Money
Mash the Button until the value for ???? (Current Amount of Money Invested) is over 200000 G. Even if you have horrible luck, 200000 G (50000 Pachinko Balls) is sufficient for a 13-hour session.

Step #3 - Set Throttle
The throttle is controlled via the D-Pad. Increase throttle speed w/ and decrease it w/ . I recommend setting it to around 75% - You want to ensure that it allows balls to consistently land in the "Emergency Gate." Once the throttle has been activated, balls will start shooting onto the field; for each one that lands in the "Emergency Gate," you will be rewarded with a slot spin.

(Step #4 - Turbo Controller)
If you own a Turbo Controller and haven't unlocked ??????????!?? yet, turn it on now and assign Turbo to the Button. Once ??????????!?? has been unlocked, feel free to ignore Step #4.

Step #5 - Sit Back and Watch
...or rather, "go to bed" or "go to work." Evangelion Pachinko will run on its own until it hits the 13-hour time limit. When the time limit has been reached, a text box will appear on the screen and indicate that the game's over; at this point, press and choose ????? to exit back to the main menu. Check out the trophies that were earned, and repeat Steps #1-5 to continue earning more!


After the first few 13-hour sessions, you should have 20+ of the 44 Trophies. That's a decent start, and it was so effortless too! Unfortunately, you will notice that the acquisition rate of new trophies drops like a rock soon, and to combat that, we need to examine the trophy set and understand the game on a deeper level.

The conditions for earning trophies can be broken down into three categories:

1) Reach Trophies
No doubt you have heard "Reach!" over and over in Evangelion Pachinko. It is derived from a Chinese Mahjong term that means "I am one step away from winning," and in Pachinko, it means that 2 of the 3 Slots currently have the same value, ie. the machine is one step away from a Jackpot. The value of the final slot is determined via battle scenes w/ the Angels, synchro scenes, etc. A lot of the trophies are awarded based on common, uncommon, and rare Reaches. Furthermore, there are a lot of Reaches which will only manifest under a certain set of conditions, ie. the current stage (such as Misato's House or NERV Headquarters), the current machine mode (such as Berserk Mode or Kakuhen Mode), and so forth.

2) Jackpot Trophies
These are a little more self-explanatory than Reach Trophies. When all 3 Slots contain the same value, it results in a Jackpot. Jackpots reward you w/ extra balls, a music video (there are 7 Trophies for the music videos, Angel of Doom being the rarest one) and a chance to switch machine modes (such as Berserk Mode or Kakuhen Mode).

3) Miscellaneous Trophies
Everything else that is not derived from a Reach or a Jackpot. Most of these trophies are low-hanging fruit and are earned easily, although like Reach Trophies and Jackpot Trophies, many of them are only obtainable in certain stages and certain machine modes.

So, what's the moral of the story? What do these three types have in common? The current stage and the current machine mode are an important influence over a lot of the trophies. Stages are less of a concern to us than machine modes:
  • ????? (Awakening Mode)
  • ????? (Berserk Mode)
  • ????? (Kakuhen Mode)
  • ??????? (Chance Time)
  • ???????? (Mission Mode)

Also an important influence is the current ????? (Synchro Rate) - It starts out at 0% and rises to 10% after a Jackpot. If another Jackpot occurs while in one of the aforementioned machine modes, it will rise to 20%, then to 30%, and so forth. The higher the current Synchro Rate, the higher the odds of an additional Jackpot. We can use that knowledge to manipulate the odds a little bit.

Refer back to Step #5 - If you are actually watching the game and not asleep or at work, you can press and choose ??? to create a save file; it can be loaded from the main menu via ?? --> ??. Create save files at strategic times, ie. after a Jackpot when the machine enters Awakening, Berserk, or Kakuhen Mode. Synchro Rate will be 10% after the first Jackpot, and if a second Jackpot doesn't occur which would bump it up to 20%, load the save file and try again. If you continue to save and load at strategic times, you can increase the Synchro Rate to over 100% (the highest I've ever experienced was 240%) which will increase the odds of more Jackpots, as well as enable you to focus on the trophies in a certain machine mode.

That's all there is to it, and I hope it all made sense. Good luck in Evangelion Pachinko!

[PST Would like to Thank Aeliana for this Roadmap]


"Eva Fortune" Complete Domination - Acquired all the Trophies.
Refer to the Road Map.


[Plus Income]
[Plus Income at the end of a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Over 10,000]
[Net Gain of Pachinko Balls is over 10,000.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Over 20,000]
[Net Gain of Pachinko Balls is over 20,000.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Hamari King]

[Accumulated over 1,000 Slot Spins since last Jackpot.]

Refer to Roadmap


['Deep Emotion!!' Mark]
[Earned the 'Deep Emotion' Mark at the end of a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Berserk Mode]
[Entered the Berserk Machine Mode.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Awakening Mode]

[Entered the Awakening Machine Mode.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Intermediate 11 Reach]
[Saw an intermediate 11 Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Lower 2 / Upper 4 Reach]
[Saw a lower 2 Reach or an upper 4 Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Complete Revolution Reach]
[Saw a Complete Revolution Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Sudden Jackpot]
[Saw a Sudden Jackpot.]

Refer to Roadmap


[VS 6th Angel Reach]
[Saw a VS 6th Angel Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[VS 8th Angel Reach]
[Saw a VS 8th Angel Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap



[Evangelion Chance]
[Saw an Evangelion Chance.]

Refer to Roadmap


[UN Army Reach]

[Saw a UN Army Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[2x Multi-Reach]
[Saw a 2x Multi-Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[4x Multi-Reach]
[Saw a 4x Multi-Reach.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Unit 01 Chance Promotion]
[Promoted to Kakuhen Mode in a Unit 01 Chance.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Jackpot Round Promotion]
[Promoted to Chance Mode in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Ending Chance]
[Saw an opportunity for Ending Chance in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Pen Pen's Great Adventure!!]
[Played "Pen Pen's Great Adventure!!"]

Refer to Roadmap


[Pen Pen's Boiling Bath Endurance Tournament!!]
[Played "Pen Pen's Boiling Bath Endurance Tournament!!"]

Refer to Roadmap


[Mission Completion]
[Completed a mission in Mission Mode.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Angel Scene]
[Saw an Angel Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Episode Preview]
[Saw an Episode Preview]

Refer to Roadmap


[Group Scene]
[Saw a Group Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Rei Scene]
[Saw a Rei Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap



[Named Scene]

[Saw a Named Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Continuous Story Scene]
[Saw 2 or more Continuous Story Scenes.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Continuous Character Scene]
[Saw 2 or more Continuous Character Scenes.]

Refer to Roadmap


['Step Up' Horizontal Revolution ]
[Saw a 'Step Up' Horizontal Revolution.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Named Speech Scene]
[Saw a Named Speech Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap


["And Then, Super Lucky?!"]
[Saw the Reach Scene "And Then, Super Lucky?!"]

Refer to Roadmap


[Hangar Scene]
[Saw the Hangar Scene.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Impact Flash ]
[Saw an Impact Flash.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Song of Great Joy]
[Listened to "Song of Great Joy."]

Refer to Roadmap


[Blank Slot Gathering ]
[Saw a Blank Slot Gathering.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Cruel Angel's Thesis]
[Listened to "Cruel Angel's Thesis" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Refrain of the Soul]
[Listened to "Refrain of the Soul" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[To the Garden of Gathering]
[Listened to "To the Garden of Gathering" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Gathering of Fate]
[Listened to "Gathering of Fate" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap

Angel of Doom
大当りラウンド「Angel of Doom」を聴いた 

[Angel of Doom]
[Listened to "Angel of Doom" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap


[Please Give Me Wings]
[Listened to "Please Give Me Wings" in a Jackpot Round.]

Refer to Roadmap

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Japan November 18, 2010

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