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From Dust Trophy Guide
Guide By: olsen77
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.0/10
Offline: 12 (1 , 4 , 7 )
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-20 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, but a second playthrough is recommended
Number of missable trophies: 1, Safe Journey
Glitched trophies: None to my knowledge
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

From Dust is a strategic adventure game in which the player takes control of the Breath, a godlike figure who watches over the tribe that worships it. Using the powers that you unlock by creating new villages around totems, you protect the tribe and it's villages from the power of nature.

Playthrough 1 - Almost Complete

Playthrough each of the 13 levels paying special attention to the locations of the seven memory stones (detailed in Memories found) and earning 100% vegetation in each level. The good part about the vegetation is that it is done nearly automatically. You have to provide the earth near the vegetation around your villages to spark its growth. If you get your tribe to the portal before reaching 100% vegetation, you can go back to the level via chapter select and bring it up to 100%. You will know if you have reached 100% coverage if there is a leaf icon next to the level in the level select menu. The tutorial level does not count for Green thumb, but the 12 do.

Just by completing the story, you will receive Exhaling, Hell, The end of our journey, and Sanctuary automatically. Those are all story progression trophies and you cannot miss them.

Three of the other trophies Krakatoa, Powermonger, and Amazon are all progression trophies. You will most likely unlock them as you go and progress through the story. However, you can grind them out all at once, if you want to. Lava and the Powers of the Breath first appear in The First Power and you can first move trees in Wildfires. If you happen to miss one, you can go back to any of the levels where lava, trees, or the powers appear and grind through them there.

By the end of your first run through of the game, you should have at least nine trophies and possibly 10 if you went for Safe journey. If you do go for that trophy, then be sure to restart a level as soon as you lose a village. It is riskier to go for everything in one playthrough, but it will also be faster.

Optional Playthrough 2 - Stay Safe My Friends

If you want the easier route for Safe journey, then doing a second speed run will be the way to go. Personally, I would recommend this method as you will know what to expect from each level and you won't have to worry about getting 100% vegetation coverage. The same principles apply though. If you happen to lose a village, restart the level so that it won't count.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to go for a second playthrough, make sure to get Green thumb before starting a new game. It will make things much easier since reaching 100% vegetation will not be a priority on your second playthrough.

The Challenges

Once you are done with the 10 trophies that are related to the story line, it is time to move onto the challenges. There are 30 in all and are unlocked as you progress through the story. As you can expect, the early challenges are quite easy. They do slowly ramp up the difficulty however. By the time you reach the final challenges, you will be experiencing a similar feeling as when you first played through Movements, "How the hell did it get so hard, so quickly?"

That doesn't make the challenges impossible at all though. There are plenty of videos on Youtube to look up if you require help. There is also a Challenge Guide that goes along with Gauntlet to help you get through them.

Clean Up, If Necessary

If you have followed the steps in the road map, then immediately following earning Gauntlet, you will also earn Last Breath to complete your 100%. Last Breath requires four trophies to be unlocked before you can earn it. These are Sanctuary, Gauntlet, Memories found, and Green thumb. If for some reason you missed any of those, then now is the time to clean them up if you want that 100% on your profile.

If you also decided to hold off on the second playthrough for Safe journey, then go back after completing the challenges and start a new game.

Enjoy the game. It is definitely one of the more unique ones that you'll find on PSN.

- Absorb material.
- Release absorbed material.
- Zoom out.
- Speed up cursor.
- Send villagers to totem, Memory stone, Repel stone, or move totem.
Hold and push - Release all absorbed material at once.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank olsen77 for this Roadmap]

Create the Breath of the elements. (3) 

Story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock shortly after starting the game.

Complete the Wildfire territory.  

Story related and cannot be missed. Wildfires is the sixth level of the story. This will unlock shortly after you guide your tribe to the exit.

This level is the first real time that your tribe will be in constant danger from fire. You will be able to move around the water trees (and once you build enough village, the fire trees as well) to help with this. At the beginning, you are left to your own devices. Fortunately, with a few clever alterations, you can easily complete this level.

You will encounter a pair of fire trees immediately after beginning the level. Direct your tribe to the first totem and then remove all of the earth around those trees by holding down . Once you’ve absorbed all that you can, dump it away from those trees. Fire from those trees needs vegetation to spread. Vegetation needs earth to grow. No earth, no fire. On either side of the first totem will be two solitary fire trees. Use the same method of removing the earth from underneath the trees.

Near the second and third totems will be three fire trees standing near on a hill with a river running behind them. Again, you want to remove the earth around them. This time though, removing the earth will isolate those three trees and they’ll be left on a little ridge by themselves. You can do the same for another group of three near the second totem.

The last group of fire trees is simple. Once you build a village around that totem, you’ll be able to move the fire trees wherever you want. Place them in water to easily take care of them.

The end of our journey
Complete the Movements territory.  

Story related and cannot be missed. Movements is the 12th level. This will unlock shortly after you guide your tribe to the exit.

Movements is the most complex and difficult level in the game, by far. Everything up until now will seem pretty simple by comparison.

As soon as you begin, direct the tribe to the first totem and start moving the water trees away from the village. It’s the only way your tribe won’t drown immediately. I recommend zooming out with so that your cursor moves much faster. After moving out the water trees, grab the explosive trees from the rim of the crater and start placing them around the volcano to start to build a channel that will direct the lava away from all of the villages. If by some chance that your village doesn't survive the flood, then restart. Alternatively, you can make a break for the Evaporate totem on the far side of the volcano. If you can get there, then use the Evaporate power as soon as the rains start.

Either way, your next goal is the same, get to the Repel Lava/Fire stone and bring it back to whichever village you started at. If you placed your first village at the Evaporate totem, then you have further to go. No matter what though, you will have to build a small bridge using the lava to reach the stone. Reaching the other totems is simply a matter of building bridges and connecting them together.

This level is very frantic though as the water will continually build up because of the rains. Well timed uses of Evaporate may be necessary to keep your villages from drowning. Taking advantage of Amplify Breath and building up walls and channels to keep the lava away from your villages is also necessary.

At a certain point in the level, there will be a bit of surprise and lava will come from more directions than just the center vent. To prepare for this, build up walls around your villages, being careful not to burn the villages down, to keep the lava out.

Another method that you can use is to go straight for the Infinite Earth totem and use that power to build up the land underneath the villages to make them high enough that the water and lava won't have much of an effect on them. Combining Infinite Earth with Amplify Breath will make this process much quicker and get your villages out of danger that much faster.

Create a sanctuary for the tribe.  

Story related and cannot be missed. This is the final level.

This is a very strange level in that it is entirely up to you what you do. You have to use the powers of the breath to create the land where the tribe will build their villages. Once three villages are up, you will be prompted to create a sanctuary. Once you do so and guide the tribe there, the game will end

Safe journey
Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages. (7) 

(Missable) This is the only missable trophy in the game. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to avoid. If you end up losing a village, then pause the game and select “Restart map.” Any villages that you lost will not count against you this way. If you lose a village and complete the level, then it will count against you. Once you reach five, you are locked out of the trophy and will have to start a new game to try again.

Some tips for helping earn this:

  • Be especially wary of volcanoes. They do give you a bit of warning before an eruption. You are able to absorb lava and move it around. Use it to build walls and channels to direct the lava away from your villages.
  • If you see a small totem with a light coming out of the top and an icon over it, send a villager there as soon as you can. This will be “Repel water” or “Repel lava.” These powers are invaluable when it comes to protecting your villages. Any village that has this will see the water/lava pile up around it as if there is an invisible wall protecting it. Both Repel powers can be activated at the same time.
  • Take advantage of the powers of the breath. If a heavy rain or large wave is incoming and your village is in danger, jellify the water or evaporate all of it. Jellify water use in combination with Amplify the Breath can clear out large amounts of water, very, very quickly.
  • When using Amplify the Breath, switch it on while you’re absorbing and once you’re done, switch it off. This greatly reduces the cool down time and lets you absorb more material quicker.
  • If there is a volcano and therefore lava on the level, then you can build walls around your villages to protect them from eruptions or build channels so that the lava is directed elsewhere. You can do this by absorbing the lava like water and placing it wherever you need to. Just be careful where you do place it. If you place it too close to one of your villages, you can accidentally set it on fire and you can end up losing that village.
  • After Wildfires, you can move the totems to new locations like you would a regular tree. This can get a village out of a danger zone and into a more protected area.
Memories found
Complete the Memory of the tribe.  

The Memory of the Tribe is the closest thing to a collectible that there is in this game. You will unlock most of these as you go, but some you will have to find in the levels. There are 44 memories in seven categories. If you are going through for all of the trophies, then the only ones that you have to worry about are finding the memory stones in The Ritual, The Thousand Sources, Wildfires, Waves, The Tears of Stone, The Raging Earth, and Emergence.


  • The Destroyer – Memory stone in The Thousand Sources. From where you start, find the Jellify Water totem. The memory stone will be sitting on top of a small plateau to the left of the totem. You will have to build a ramp out of earth to help the villagers reach it.
  • The Planter – Unlocked from the beginning of the game.

The Journey

  • Music – Unlocked from the beginning of the game.
  • Knowledge – 50% vegetation coverage in The Roar of the Sea.
  • The Breath – Unlocked from the beginning of the game.
  • The Portal – 50% vegetation coverage in Origins.
  • The Totems – 50% vegetation coverage in The Roar of the Sea.


  • The Earth – 50% vegetation coverage in Waves.
  • The Rock – 50% vegetation coverage in Emergence.
  • The Sources – Memory stone found in The Ritual. This stone is very near the second totem. Next to this totem will be a mountain. The memory stone is slightly buried, but is on the way to the top of the mountain.
  • The Volcano – 50% vegetation coverage in Movements.
  • The Tide – 50% vegetation coverage in High Tides.
  • The Tsunami – 50% vegetation coverage in The First Power.
  • The Caldera – 50% vegetation coverage in Tears of Stone.


  • The Breath – Complete The Breath.
  • The Ritual – 100% vegetation coverage in The Ritual.
  • The Roar of the Sea – 100% vegetation coverage in The Roar of the Sea.
  • The First Power – 100% vegetation coverage in The First Power.
  • The Thousand Sources – 100% vegetation coverage in The Thousand Sources.
  • Wildfires – 100% vegetation coverage in Wildfires.
  • Waves – 100% vegetation coverage in Waves.
  • High Tides – 100% vegetation coverage in High Tides.
  • Tears of Stone – 100% vegetation coverage in Tears of Stone.
  • The Raging Earth – 100% vegetation coverage in The Raging Earth.
  • Emergence – 100% vegetation coverage in Emergence.
  • Movements – 100% vegetation coverage in Movements.


  • Amplify Breath – Build a village around the first totem in Waves.
  • Jellify Water – Build the second village in The First Power.
  • Put Out Fire – Build a village around the first totem in Wildfires.
  • Evaporate – Build the second village in The Thousand Sources.
  • Infinite Earth – Build the fourth village in High Tides.
  • Engulf All – Build the second village in High Tides.


  • The Tree of Water – 50% vegetation coverage in The Thousand Sources.
  • The Explosive Tree – 50% vegetation coverage in The Raging Earth.
  • The Tree of Fire – 50% vegetation coverage in Wildfires.
  • The Palm Trees – Build the second village in The Ritual.
  • The Coral Plant – Memory stone in Wildfires. After you build the second village, you will be directed to move that totem up on top of a hill. Nearby, a little further up and on a flat outcrop, will be this memory stone.
  • The Prickly – Build the second village in Waves.


  • The Shaman – Gain the Repel Water power and survive the first tsunami in The Roar of the Sea.
  • The Village – Build the second village in The Ritual.
  • The Power of Water – Memory stone in Emergence. This stone starts off underwater. It is basically between where you start and the first totem, Amplify Breath. If you zoom out with and follow the rocks just below the surface, you’ll see a little discoloration where the stone is. Once you build the village, use the lava to build up the rock so that you can reach the memory stone.
  • The Power of Lava – Memory stone in Tears of Stone. On the opposite side of the level from where you start is a volcano. Past the opening, to the right and up the hill a bit is where you’ll find this memory stone. If you can find the Repel Water stone and move the cursor straight up over the map, you will come very close to the stone’s location.
  • The Masks – Memory stone in The Raging Earth. The stone is to the right of where of you start, below the Repel Lava/Fire stone. It’s sitting on a rock outcrop between two waterfalls.
  • The Men – Unlocked from the beginning of the game.
Green thumb
Cover each map with vegetation.  

This goes hand in hand with Memories found. By completing each map to 100% vegetation, you are unlocking Memories of the Tribe. Anyway, in order to reach 100% vegetation coverage on a map, you will have to spread earth around the map. Vegetation growth starts around the villages and expands outward from there. As I said under Hell, no earth, no vegetation. Absorb as much earth as you can with and place it around your village to allow for the expansion of the plants. As long as there is earth and water nearby, the plants and trees will expand automatically.

On the bottom left of the screen is what I’ll call the growth-meter. It charts your current level of coverage by vegetation on the current map. You will receive a notification when you reach 100% coverage.

From the Resume Story menu where you can level select, any level that does not have a little leaf icon next to it does not have 100% coverage. You can go back to play it after you have completed it and continue on from where you left off in order to reach full coverage. If for some reason your progress does not save this way, you can restart the level without affecting your progress through the rest of the game.

Complete every challenge. (1) 

There are 30 challenges in all and they are unlocked as you progress through the game. As you can expect, they progress in difficulty from easy to hard. The challenge guide is below. One helpful tip is that you can move around in the few seconds that the screen is black. If you know where you need to go, you can get a small head start in those challenges that are frantic.

For a complete and comprehensive challenge guide visit the forum guide HERE.

Last Breath
Complete every challenge, every territory, the Memory and every secondary objective. (3) 

This is a completion trophy. You will need to have Sanctuary (territory), Gauntlet (challenge), Memories found (Memory), and Green thumb (secondary objective) unlocked in order to earn this trophy. If you have followed the road map, then this will unlock after you have earned Gauntlet. No matter which order you decide to do things, this trophy will unlock right after the fourth of the four trophies listed above are completed.

Absorb a massive amount of lava during the game.  

A “massive amount of lava” isn’t clearly defined. When you see lava pouring out of a volcano, absorb it with and place it elsewhere with . Once you unlock Amplify the Breath, this process will speed up as you absorb much more. The levels with active volcanoes are The First Power, Tears of Stone, The Raging Earth, Emergence, and Movements. You can absorb and place lava over and over from the same volcano until you unlock this. Movements is chaotic enough with enough lava that you shouldn't need to do that though.

Use the powers of the Breath 100 times.  

This trophy can be confusing. What it is referring to are the powers that you control with the d-pad. The six powers that you control this war are Amplify the Breath, Jellify Water, Put Out Fire, Evaporate, Infinite Earth, and Engulf All. The first level where you can use the powers are the fourth level. It is coincidentally named The First Power.

Uproot and replant 100 trees during the game.  

Once you reach Wildfires, you can uproot and replant trees. Move the cursor to the base of a tree and hold down . Move it where you want and push to replant it. From Wildfires on, you will encounter plenty of trees of all three types that can be uprooted (fire tree, water tree, and explosive tree). And yes, if you are so inclined, you can uproot and replant the same tree 100 times.

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US September 13, 2011
Europe September 14, 2011

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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