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Guide By: Samhain
There are 14 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.2/10
+ Offline: 14
+ Online: 0
+ Approximate time: 6-10 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Missable trophies: None
+ Glitched trophies: None
+ Cheats: No cheats

Trophy Breakdown: 1 2 11

Flower is one of the most unique games on the PS3. If you’ve played flOw, you know exactly what to expect. This is one of the most relaxing and calming games you’ll play on your PS3. The idea is that you’re going through the dreams of flowers that are sitting in a window of an apartment in some big city. You start out with one flower petal, and as you bloom more flowers, you grow to a larger and larger chain of petals. You use only the left stick and the SIXAXIS motion sensor to control where your flowers go. You’ll need only one play through if you do everything right the first time and find all the secret flowers, but you can always go back to each of the six stages (even the credits) if you miss anything.

Part 1

The first thing you want to do is decide if you want to search around for all the secret flowers the first time through, or if you want to go back and collect them all later. If you don’t want to go back, then take a look at the “Dreams” trophy in Samhain’s trophy guide since it has all the locations of the 18 secret flowers. The secret flowers are marked by green petals falling into the flower pot for each stage. If you have all the secret flowers for a stage, then there will be three green petals in the pot.

When you start the first stage, sit there for a few minutes so the “Memories” trophy pops up. Finishing the stage and finding all three of the secret flowers will also get you “Discovery” and “Beginning…” After exiting the stage, you go back to the main room with the flowers on the shelf in the window. Sit there and don’t touch the controller for 10 minutes so you unlock “Healthy Play.” At this point, you can quit the game and adjust your PS3’s calendar to get “Welcome Back” or you can keep playing through. You can quit adjust the calendar at any time so the game thinks a week has passed since you’ve played, or you can avoid playing for a week so the trophy pops up normally. The choice is yours. Whether or not you adjust the calendar, once you get “Welcome Back,” all of the secret trophies are unlocked.

Stage 2, 3, and 4 are all about the same. Fly through areas on the wind and open up flowers. At the end of stage 2, you’ll be able to unlock “Palette” by painting the grass different colors. In stage 3, you can earn, “Wind” at the beginning of the stage by activating the windmills and “flOw” towards the end by passing through a certain cave. Again, see Samhain’s trophy guide for more details on these trophies. Stage 4 takes place at night. There are a few ponds scattered around the area and if you fly over one of them, you’ll unlock the “Illumination” trophy. You’ll have most of the trophies by now, but the game is about to take a bit of a turn.

In stage 5, the game stops being peaceful and calm and becomes much more frustrating. This is the only stage you can get damage in. You have to get through the area without taking any damage from the electrical towers in order to unlock the “Pure” trophy. This by far the most difficult trophy in this game and will probably take several attempts to do.
Fortunately, you can go back to this stage and try it as many times as you want.

Stage 6 has the most flowers and the most to do. It may also be the largest of all the stages. The trophy for this stage is to open up all the flowers and destroy all the black electrical towers. Doing so will unlock the “Urban” trophy. Since this stage has the most flowers, this is also a good stage to work on the “Nature” trophy for blooming 10,000 flowers. If you’ve also been keeping up finding the secret flowers, you’ll have the only gold trophy, “Dream” by the end of the stage.

After completing all the stages, there is still one thing left on the shelf, and that’s the picture frame. This is the credits and where you’ll get the “Stars” trophy. All you have to do is go around the level and open up every flower. Opening up a flower releases the name of someone who worked on the game into the air. Also, if you didn’t get the “Illumination” trophy, you can also get that in the credits stage since there is a dark pond.

Part 2

You should have most, if not all, of the trophies by now. If there are any trophies that you missed, go back and pick them up now. If you still need more flowers for “Nature,” then keep playing stage 6 over and over. “flOw” is the most likely trophy that you’ve missed, so go back and play stage 5 repeatedly until you get it. Follow the video in the trophy guide and tips that you may find in the forums.

[PS3T would like to thank Samhain for this Road Map]

Beyond all flowers lies another room. 

Find and collect all three secret flowers in each primary stage. These can be found in the following locations:

Level 1
1. Collect all the pink flowers in the first area to spawn first flowers.
2. Collect all the pink flowers in the second area to spawn next flowers.
3. Behind the rocks behind the dead tree.

Level 2
1. Follow the winding path of red/yellow flowers to spawn the flowers.
2. In the area with the different colored grasses, complete the area and before leaving, circle round to the beginning to see a new branched area, follow to flowers.
3. In the final area, follow the left side of the opening towards the valley top and you'll encounter the flowers just short of the top.

Level 3
1. In the first area of the level, the flowers to collect are indescribable as there are so many, so just go after every flower you can until you see the flowers.
2. In the canyon area with the flOw cave entrance, bear left in that area as approaching the cave and you'll see the flowers. (Thanks to Shemsen!)
3. Just after the canyon area, after being freed, turn to the left and it's on a cliff wall.

Level 4
1. Behind a haybale in the first area. follow the paths in the level to find it, it is far away from everything.
2. Approach the overturned wagon to make them appear.
3. Before completing the final "puzzle", illuminate the pond closest to it. From the spiral puzzle, face the over-turned wagon and the pond is just to the right. The flowers will appear after illuminating it. (Thanks to Landulf!)

Level 5
1. At the start, turn around and follow up the hill then follow the section that turns into a valley. The flowers are in the valley. (Thanks to madcrabs!)
2. In the area with the three towers, collect flowers from the non-key towers. This will cause some of them to fall over. (CAUTION: if they fall on you, you will take damage!) At the base of one of the fallen towers will be newly spawned flowers. (Thanks to Landulf!)
3. After the part with the three towers, enter the maze area and keep taking the right path and looking behind you as you do, the flowers are tucked away in a small space. (Thanks to madcrabs!)

Level 6
1. In the second area with the playground set, fly into one of the tallest buildings, with the hole in the roof and find them on the horizontal beam.
2. On the expressway area, follow the road to the under ramp to the underground area where the green flowers will be.
3. In the area with the buildings with giant twisted pieces of metal jutting out of them, just before the ending, behind one of the air conditioning units.

(Thanks to madcrabs, Landulf, Shemsen and FlyyMartyyMar for putting together the locations.)

Bloom 10,000 flowers. (4) 

Just as it says; bloom 10,000 flowers. The trophy will be awarded after completing a stage. Stage six has the most flowers, so play that one again and again.

Completely awaken the city. 

In stage six, the small pink flower on the right, you need to not only open the flowers but there will also be areas that need to be flown over such as playgrounds. Just make sure that in any area you are in, the grass is completely green and there are no colorless areas.

Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room. 

While playing any stage simply stop playing. The game will enter a screensaver mode and cycle through various images of the current stage until the trophy is awarded. The screensaver can also be brought up by pressing select.

Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors. 

Towards the end of the second stage, the red flower, there is an open field with a number of rock formations. Bloom the flowers around the outer ones which will cause them to open up and reveal a colored current of air. Flying into these currents temporarily changes the color of your petal collect allowing you to “paint” the grass when you touch it.

Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times. 

In stage three, the pink flower on the far left in the main room, after activating the windmills simply move into the air and allow yourself to be caught in the wind and blown through them.

Light a darkened pool. 

In stage four, the blue flower, there are two different small ponds which you will come across. After your petals have been lit up, simply fly across these close to the waters surface until the trophy registers. You can also find a pond in the credits level.

Journey to the city unscathed. (3) 

Complete the fifth stage, the purple flower, without being zapped by the downed electrical poles.

RegorTtenneb has provided a link for the following video which should help those having difficulties obtaining this:


Release all of the names to the sky. 

In the final "stage", the picture on the table, every flower has the name of the staff for Flower and all you need to do it open them like in any other stage.

Life could be simple... (2) 

In the third stage, the pink flower on the far left, after activating the windmills in the first field you will be caught by the wind and taken into a canyon. Stay to your left and you should see that it branches off. Follow this path into a series of caves, then stay to the right and the trophy should activate. This will also take you back into the field you started in.

Secret Trophies
Welcome Back
Play the game after a week long break. (4) 

After playing for any length of time, you could wait a week or complete this much quicker. Just adjust the date setting by a week or more, start playing Flower again and the trophy will be awarded.

Healthy Play
Take a ten minute break between any dreams. (1) 

Accomplished by being in the main room after completing a stage and not playing.

The dream has just started... 

Find three secret flowers in any stage. In the main room you can tell how many you’ve found by the number of petals in each plant.

Find and bloom a secret flower. 

These are green flowers that are found in every stage. Some of them are hidden away while others are awakened by blooming flowers in the right order. You only need to find one to get the trophy.

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US November 15, 2013
Europe November 29, 2013

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Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone
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