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Completed every fragment category.

(This trophy unlocks Serah's Theme for the XMB).

First and foremost, note the locations of the 10x Wild Artifacts that need to be found. Wild Artifacts are for opening Blue Gates that lead to areas not directly related to the main story (but very related to this trophy):

1. A Dying World AF700: Return later and examine the goddess statue next to the gate, obtained after the events (requires Moogle Hunt).
2. Archylte Steppe: In the northwest section of the map, slightly out of view on a cliff ledge you need to angle the camera down to see (requires Moogle Throw).
3. Augusta Tower AF200: Found on Floor 50 (requires Moogle Hunt).
4. Bresha Ruins AF005: In the area near Chocorina (requires Moogle Hunt).
5. Bresha Ruins AF300: Reward for completing a Fragment Mission (Iridium Ring).
6. City of Academia AF4XX: In the southeast section of the map (requires Moogle Hunt).
7. Oerba Village AF200: In the northwest section of the map (requires Moogle Throw).
8. Serendipity: Can be purchased for 10,000 Casino Coins (7,500 Casino Coins if you have the "Deflation" Fragment Skill).
9. Sunleth Waterscape AF300: Around the southern side of the large beast you ride on (requires Moogle Throw).
10. Yaschas Massif AF100: Reward for completing the Time Labyrinth.

Video courtesy of PowerPyx:

Defragmented can feel overwhelming because of the sheer number of Fragments that need to be collected - 160 - but it's not that hard at all due to the fact that the Historia Crux has an in-game counter for both Fragments Collected and Gates Opened in each area, ie. "Neo Bodhum AF003: 1/1 Gates Opened, 2/4 Fragments Collected." It's easy to see where Wild Artifacts need to be used, as well as where to search for Fragments. The fact that the Moogle will scream "KUPOPOPO~!!" and fly straight towards the Fragments a lot of the time is also helpful, if a bit hard on the ears after a while.

Fragments can be found in several ways...

1. Out in the open (may require Moogle Hunt, Moogle Throw, or both).
2. In treasure boxes and treasure chests (as mentioned above, these too may require Moogle Hunt, Moogle Throw, or both).
3. As rewards for fetch quests, defeating bosses, or other NPC-initiated side-quests. As a rule of thumb, if a NPC has a "speech bubble" above his head, he is worth talking to and could have a Fragment Mission for you. Note that there are Fragment Missions that are prerequisites for other Fragment Missions, and also note that to complete objectives, you may need to time travel in between past, present, and future versions of the areas.
4. As rewards from the Time Labyrinth. There are A LOT of these in Oerba Village, as well as a few in Yaschas Massif and other locations; they're not particularly hard, and you have infinite tries to beat them.

...and so forth. As "linearity and not enough exploration" was a common criticism of the first Final Fantasy XIII, I expect that a lot of folks should embrace this task w/ open arms. If you are thorough and explore each and every location to its fullest, 80% or more of the 160 Fragments will be a slam dunk; most are extremely intuitive.

However, there are a few that are less intuitive and deserve mention (most are initiated in City of Academia):

100% Enemy Report
In City of Academia AF4XX, there is an NPC, "Doctor M," who will request 100% Enemy Report in exchange for the "Monster Professor" Fragment; for most people, this will be the last of the 160 Fragments that they obtain. For an enemy to count toward this Fragment, it simply needs to be found, engaged, and defeated; you do not need to Libra scan it or anything else for it to be counted and listed in the Enemy Report. There is a little over 200 monsters in total (note that DLC monsters like Omega do not count) and the full list w/ locations in Japanese can be found here: [FF13-2??] ??????????. Lethal-Hjorth has compiled a list for the English version that can be found here: 100% Beastiary List.

If you were thorough, explored around a lot, and rarely ran from a fight, 90% of the Enemy Report should fill itself naturally. However, there are a few enemies that are a bit trickier to find:

1. The 3rd form of Proto fal'Cie Adam in Augusta Tower AF200, which requires you to intentionally fail the QTEs on the 2nd form.

2. The three monsters in the "Woodwraith" category. All three have the same spawn point, the northeast corner of City of Academia AF500 - It is a circular platform, directly to the right of the where the final boss battle starts. On this platform, one monster can spawn, or a group of two monsters can spawn; these are the three Woodwraiths. However, here's the catch: after you defeat either the 1 monster or the 2 monsters, the remaining Woodwraith(s) will not spawn unless you do a Time Reversal on the area and run all the way back to the northeast corner.

3. The seven Cactuars. One of them, the Metal Cactuar, can be found in A Dying World AF700, the other six all appear in Archylte Steppe under different weather conditions. The tricky one here is "Giant Cactuar." Both a male "Cactuar" and a female "Flowering Cactuar" can be found in Archylte Steppe, and when in battle with the male Cactuar, don't defeat it right away, just defend and heal for a while because there is a chance that it will transform into a stronger form called Giant Cactuar. Also note that there is a rare Cactuar, the "Metal Gigantuar," who will also appear in Archylte Steppe and looks like a "void" similar to Raspatil, Death Gaze, Don Tonberry, and other rare monsters.

4. Geiseric, an enormous Cie'th located around the northwest side of City of Academia AF400. You probably noticed him in Episode 4 en route to the end of the main story, and if you approached him at that time, you probably died a hilarious death. Don't forget to return there to exact revenge (as well as his record in the Enemy Report)!

5. Dreadnought, who can be found on the south side of Vile Peaks AF010 in the metallic tunnels. He is not technically a rare monster, but his spawn rate is incredibly low and it took me ~30 minutes of running back and forth until he appeared.

100% Map Completion
In City of Academia AF400, in the southeast section of the map, there is a NPC who will reward you w/ a Fragment for each of 9 locations (Bresha Ruins, Yaschas Massif, Oerba Village, Sunleth Waterscape, City of Academia, Augusta Tower, Archylte Steppe, Vile Peaks, and A Dying World) if you bring her a 100% Completed Map. In addition to those 9 Fragments, a 10th Fragment - Paradox Professor - will be awarded after completion of all 9 locations.

100% Map Completion can (and will) require travel between all the various times that a location exists in, as some sections of a map can be blocked off in one time, but are accessible in a different time. Some sections of a map require Chocobos in order to reach, as Chocobos jump farther than the characters can; Archylte Steppe is the best example, there is a pillar on the southeast side of the map that has to be reached via a Chocobo jump. You can check an area's Map Completion % via looking at the map itself ( button) and/or the map item listed under Key Items.

Captain Cryptic ("Daddy Bear" in the JP Version) and the Quiz Machines
In City of Academia AF4XX, there are 9 Fragments related to Quiz Mini-Games. 4 are from Quiz Machines and 5 are from Captain Cryptic, an NPC who requires Moogle Hunt to detect and randomly teleports to one of a dozen different locations around the city upon success/failure of one of his quizzes. Quiz questions are about Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy XIII, and even the Final Fantasy series as a whole. They're delivered at random, but there is a finite number of quiz questions (they will often repeat themselves, so pay attention and take notes) and you have infinite tries to beat them.

The hardest part is FINDING Captain Cryptic himself in the massive city, but fear not! There is a map of his spawn points at the following link: FF13-2 ????????????13-2? ???? | ?????.

Skyripper has also compiled a comprehensive list of all quiz questions and answers, which can be found here: "Daddy Bear" and the Quiz Machines Questions/Answers Guide.

Paradox Endings
Refer to Anomalous for more information. There are 8 Fragments (and a lot of free CP) to be earned via Paradox Endings.

There are 5 Fragments to be earned in the casino, Serendipity. 1 Fragment can be found out in the open (search in the Chocobo Racing tent) and 3 Fragments can be bought - note that the "Chaos Crystal" Fragment, once obtained, should be immediately taken to City of Academia AF4XX. Talk to Hope in order to receive Odinblade and Odinbolt, Noel and Serah's strongest weapons when maxed out at 160 Fragments. Odinblade and Odinbolt are "Fragment Weapons" and their stats depend on the number of Fragments in your possession; one of the two Fragment Weapons can be received on the spot for free, the other will be available for Casino Coins at Serendipity.

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 Comment #1 by Reign420
Thursday, February 02, 2012 @ 02:51:34 AM

I'm not going anyware near Final Fantasy themes, the Fang theme glitched my Treasure Hunter Trophy in FFXIII. I'm on my THIRD playthrough and still dont have the one plat I've always wanted. Farm farm farm, grind grind grind!
Cannot wait for this game!
( Will be creating many guides for this game, check my You Tube channel

 Comment #2 by Pi-Chan
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 05:31:07 PM

Another list with every monster in this game, but in english:

 Comment #3 by DAFP
Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 03:37:21 PM

Check this post is awesome.
Has 100% bestiary and the locations of every monster.

 Comment #4 by DAFP
Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 03:38:45 PM

I forgot is in ENGLISH!!!

 Comment #5 by Hagun0086
Sunday, April 01, 2012 @ 12:35:05 PM

Sigh.. that Bestiary part of this sucked the life outta me

 Comment #6 by AkatsDeidara
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 03:00:11 AM

i got a question now the trophy guide says you dont need every stat for every monster so i killed all the monsters and when i go back to the guy he keeps saying its not as good as his so do i actually need all stats for all monsters to get this trophy?

 Comment #7 by PratikH
Saturday, June 02, 2012 @ 09:30:47 AM

Any tips for the Lucky Coin fragment?? I used tape to hold down L1 overnight twice and I haven't gotten it yet.

This is the only fragment that I'm missing.

 Comment #8 by TruEDGE67
Thursday, June 14, 2012 @ 10:53:06 PM

lucky coin fragment is a pain in the a**!

 Comment #9 by Snowstorm 98
Saturday, December 01, 2012 @ 02:47:52 PM

It took me 2 hours but I finally got luck coin fragment ...

 Comment #10 by gunslingerdaz
Monday, June 17, 2013 @ 10:31:03 AM

where the heck is the floor 13 key for augusta tower???

 Comment #11 by rb3128
Thursday, July 11, 2013 @ 01:15:19 PM

The Lucky Coin Fragment was one of the last ones I needed. Thanks to the Beginner's Luck bonus though I ended up getting it fairly easily.For anyone else having trouble with it, close Serendipity's gate and you'll automatically get a passive bonus while playing the slots called Beginner's Luck. It makes it so much easier.

 Comment #12 by DarkRikuXIII
Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 02:14:23 AM

Can anyone help me out on this? My game won't let me enter Bresha Ruins -005- AF anymore. If i close the gate I can get as far as the Atlas fight then nothing. And if i don't close the gate it is stuck in a loading loop

 Comment #13 by Plobble
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 @ 09:13:39 PM

I hate this trophy...

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