Explodemon Trophy Guide
Guide By: tsugarusatsujin
There are 20 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: N/A
-Offline: 20 (0, 0, 0, 20)
-Online: 0
-Missable Trophies: None
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 2+
-Approximate Amount of Time to 100%: 6-10 hours


An explosive homage to SNES-era platformers with a contemporary physics-puzzle twist, Explodemon is non-stop action mayhem like you've never seen before.

Road Map

Step One: Complete the game while going for S rank in each level

During this first playthrough you will gain the majority of the trophies. You should follow the collectible guide provided by Ultra Mantis. It is important that you focus only on getting an S rank and do not worry about the timed goals for each level. If you make a mistake while going for an Explodicon, then you can easily just restart that area and try again, making it very easy to get an S on each level by only playing through once. You will also want to kill as many enemies as possible and farm them from the spawn pods until they stop dropping credits; this will guarantee that you get an S rating on each level.

The Collectibles Guide can be found here:

Step Two: Random missed trophies and Full Upgrade

It might not be needed, but some trophies such as Duocuple Frag!, Sticky Ball, Untouchable, etc might have been missed in Step One. This would be the time to go through and take your time and aim for each of the trophies that you missed. You might only need to go for one or two if you were going for them all on your first playthrough. This is also a good time to save up the 5000 credits that you will need to buy the Gold Speedcharger from the store if you haven't already, and to fully upgrade your character from the store.

Step Three: Speed runs on each level

I save this for last because in the speed runs I think it makes a huge difference having all 5 Gold Speedchargers and all of your attributes maxed out. Each level has a specific time that you must beat in order to clear that level's time. It is important to do this last because after Step One you should have all of the Gold Speedchargers, making this much easier. You will also not be focusing on collecting anything and just be rushing to the end as fast as you can. Complete each level under the par time to finish out these trophies.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank tsugarusatsujin for this Roadmap]

Trigger Finger
Perform a Counter 

When exploding near an enemy by using the button, you have a chance of performing a counter. A red button flashing to be pushed will appear above you; all you have to do is push the button to explode again and you will get it. I found that the spawn machines are a guarantee to give you the chance to counter. Jump up next to one and keep pushing the button to explode and the trophy will pop. Should be one of the first trophies you get in the game.

Dangerous To Be Around
Level up to Max Level 

You will get this while going through the first level. Anytime you kill an enemy, a red explosion cloud will appear from it and you will collect it. If you need to, you can even camp by a spawn machine and continue to kill them and fill up your bar on the left. As soon as it is filled for the first time the trophy will pop. You have to have this full to get an S ranking so you should be going for this in every level.

The Way It Should Be Played
Complete any level with an A-Rank or higher 

This trophy you should get upon completing the first level if you are following the Road Map. The details on how to get a good ranking are all detailed in the each of the Domination trophies.

Save The Universe!
Complete Adventure Mode 

Upon completing the game this trophy will pop!

Nibia Domination
S-Rank all Nibia levels 

Listed below are my stats for each of these levels. You may be able to get less kills and credits, but if you can get what I did or more then you will get an S rating. Just so you know, I never counted enemies while I was going through any level. I would kill all of the enemies from every spawn pod until they stopped dropping credits, also in some I farmed to make sure I was maxed out. Below is an explanation of each:

Level Credits

These are found throughout the level, dropped by dead enemies, and come from destroyed boxes. It is important to destroy everything and everyone as you proceed through the level so that you can get the most credits possible.


These are hidden throughout every level and a majority of them require you to solve a puzzle in order to gain access to it. The Collectibles Guide link is below and all thanks go to Ultra Mantis for writing it.

Explodicon & Gold Speedcharger Locations

Enemies Destroyed

Pretty self explanatory here. This is the number of enemies that you killed throughout the entire level.

Explosion Level

This is the gauge on the left hand side that fills up as you kill enemies and decreases as you get hit by enemies or take damage another way. It can also be filled up by the explosion tanks that look like orange speedchargers as well. If you are getting close to the end and you are not full, stop at a spawn machine and kill enemies until you are maxed out.

As legndorock pointed out, you don't gain explosion from explosion running through enemies. This move shouldn't be used that often on your S runs to avoid not gaining enough explosion meter. As mentioned before, farming at any spawn point is very helpful because you can get it full early in the level and not have to worry about scrambling at the end.


At the end of each level there will be an expanding and collapsing set of balls that you have to time just right and explode to get them all. It isn't too difficult to get them on your first try, so don't worry. Just be patient and aim to be in the middle of them when they collapse, then explode to get them all.

My Stats


Level Credits - 623
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 77
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 453
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 81
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 429
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 115
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 414
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 72
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9

Arbor Domination
S-Rank all Arbor levels 

See Nibia Domination for tips and info on S-ranking levels

My Stats


Level Credits - 464
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 125
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 389
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 86
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 496
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 90
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 357
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 73
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9

Squall Domination
S-Rank all Squall levels 

See Nibia Domination for tips and info on S-ranking levels.

My Stats


Level Credits - 447
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 98
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 264
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 47
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 292
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 60
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9


Level Credits - 377
Explodicons - 10/10
Enemies Destroyed - 130
Explosion Level - Max Level
Goals - 9/9

Look, 'Mon, I Can Fly!
Explode 10 times in the air without touching the ground 

A very easy trophy and can be acquired in the first world as soon as you obtain the double jump upgrade. Once you have this move and you have full Speedcharger, then you're set to go for this trophy. Jump in the air using and explode with . Continue doing this until the trophy pops. You need to have a fast recharge or you will not be able to stay in the air. I went for it right after I got the upgrade and it was no problem at all.

Speed Runner
Beat a par time for any level 

This trophy will pop after you complete your first level under the par time. See Speed Runner 1000% !!! for more details.

Super Potential 1000% !!!
Completely upgrade Explodemon and unlock all of his abilities 

You need to purchase all of the upgrades from the store, collect all of the Gold Speedchargers and unlock his abilities from progressing through the game.

Gold Speedchargers

There are four to be found throughout the game and the fifth is bought from the store for 5000 credits. Following the Collectibles Guide makes this a lot easier.

Store Upgrades

The first upgrade for each costs 300 credits and the second costs 800, requiring a total of 5,500 to purchase all of them.

Explosion Power
Time Before Explode
Boost Period
Charge Gain


These are gained as you progress through the story and come free, so nothing to worry about here.

Speed Runner 1000% !!!
Beat the par times for all levels 

I recommend going for this last because these will be the most difficult for most players. Also, you will want to have a fully upgraded character to make your life easier as you dash towards the finish. You shouldn't be going for any extra items since you should already have an S rating on the levels, full speedchargers, and have already bought the upgrades meaning you don't need to collect credits. Below are the required times for each level:

1-1: 3:00
1-2: 3:05
1-3: 3:05
1-4: 2:10

2-1: 4:20
2-2: 5:40
2-3: 2:25
2-4: 7:10

3-1: 4:01
3-2: 4:00
3-3: 2:15
3-4: 9:00

Quintuple Frag!
Destroy five enemies in less than five seconds 

See Duocuple Frag!

Decuple Frag!
Destroy 10 enemies in less than five seconds 

See Duocuple Frag!

Duocuple Frag!
Destroy 15 enemies in less than five seconds 

The absolute best place for this is found in the tunnel right before the goal room in 2-3. You need to break the three barriers along the way and try not to kill any of the enemies. I used the aim explosion to knock boxes out of the way and then waited until all the enemies were at the other end to explode the second and third. You then need to jump down into the goal room and come back up. At this point the spawn generator should spit out more enemies. Go back to the right and come back to this tunnel again. It should be filled with enemies and an explosion run back and forth will net you the trophy.

Thanks to Ultra Mantis for the tip.

Bring it down! Bring it down!
Bring down a Vortex dropship 

While going for this trophy you will also get the Street Fighter trophy as well. You will need the ability to perform a 3 hit combo first, which is in world 2. Once you have unlocked this ability, as soon as a drop ship starts to appear on the screen you will want to jump towards it and explode at the last second for maximum power (you should be doing this almost the whole game anyway) and then perform the 3 hit combo. It will take more than that but not much and you need to have it destroyed before it leaves the screen. I went for it after I had upgraded everything and it was pretty simple. Just jump at it, spam and it should come easily.

Sizzle Sauce
Destroy 100 enemies by dunking them in acid 

Acid will first be introduced in the third world. You simply need to kill 100 enemies by knocking them into the acid that is found throughout the levels. This trophy is first farmable in world 3-1 after being taught about the acid. There will be a spawner next to it and you can stand to the right of it and blast the enemies into it for a few minutes until the trophy pops.

Thanks to legndorock for the tip.

Street Fighter
Perform a 3-Hit Combo 

You will get this while going for the trophy Bring it down! Bring it down!. However you can get it at any time against some of the bigger enemies. You will see a number appear over your normal counter indicator - 2, 3, trophy unlocks. Just keep pushing and it will pop. It is not difficult at all and you will probably get it without actually going for it, so don't worry too much if you don't get it right away after unlocking the ability.

Sticky Ball
Close Explode the same green sticky 10 times 

Two good strategies are laid out below for this trophy. It is a little tricky, but with some perseverance it shouldn't cause too much trouble.

Originally Posted by legndorock
In Squall you'll find sticky ball enemies that don't die unless you hit them into acid, lighting or explode them with boxes. The first one you find will be in a little pit and it's the best place to get this trophy. A close explode is when the enemy is really close to you and you explode him. You'll know it's a close explode because time will slow down a bit when you explode. Let him jump to you and when he's really close to you push to explode. The first one you see is the best one because you can get a good rhythm going with it when it's in the small pit because it can only bounce off the walls and it can't escape.
Originally Posted by Ultra Mantis
I got Sticky Ball at the end of 2-4. Leave the sticky respawn generators in tact during the boss fight, then once you have won take one of the sticky balls to the opposite generator so there are two under it and exit the room so it saves. Re-enter the room, slide under the generator so you're blocking the gap in the wall and mash the explode button. You might end up close exploding the generator a few times but the area is so small it will hit the sticky balls as well, I managed a 16 hit combo from this.
Defeat Absorbemon without taking any damage 

I got this in the second fight with him in world one. As the trophies says, just defeat him without getting hit. If you do get hit, you can restart from last checkpoint (which will be the start of the fight) and try again. I would recommend going for it on the earlier levels because he is much easier so this shouldn't pose much difficulty.

If you don't get it by the time you finish the game, then go back to world 1-2. He will start in the middle - jump towards him and jump away and he will begin to pull everything towards him. After this, get to the top platform and knock the purple explosion crates into him below. It should only take a few hits then jump down, use your aim and blast away. Repeat this and you shouldn't have much trouble beating him without getting hit. You can also just knock the purple crates into him if you want. If you do this fast enough he won't even have time to do any damaging moves to you.

Weapon of Mass Destruction
Destroy 1000 Vortex 

This will come gradually over time. There is no need to worry because you will get it while playing through. Mine popped while going through world two. You will get this during all of your different playthroughs for each of the trophies, so no need to worry about this one.

Game Info
Curve Studios
Curve Studios


US February 08, 2011
Europe March 09, 2011

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone
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